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FILL: werecat!Jensen, werewolf!Jared, Making a Move on My Territory
Kinkmeme fill. Prompt: Jensen is a werecat. When he shifts he turns into a house cat, cute, fluffy, harmless house cat. It's bad enough that he isn't human, but he isn't even a remotely frightening werecreature. He has spent his life hiding his secret from everyone, both that he isn't human, and that he turns into a house cat of all things. He carefully avoids other werecreatures, aware that he is defenseless against other werecats and werewolves. One day he accidentally winds up in the territory of alpha werewolf Jared. Jared senses a werecat in his territory and confronts Jensen, thinking Jensen is trying to make a power play, or take over his territory. Jensen is sufficiently terrified. Somehow Jared finds out what Jensen really is.
fandom:j2-au  pairing:jared/jensen  werewolves  werecats  schmoop  wip  kinkmeme-fill 
august 2017 by aerten
Blue Toast Productions - The Howling
Every ten years, the people in town sacrifice one of the girls in town to the wolves. This year, the 'honor' falls to fifteen year old Jensen. No one knows what happens to the girls - they're never seen again. Jensen's fairly certain she's going to die. What follows isn't what she - or the leader of the wolves, Jared - expected.
fandom:j2-au  werewolves  girl!jensen  blind!jensen  non-con  dub-con  bestiality  happy-end  author:darth_firefly  genderswap 
december 2014 by aerten
W(h)ere we belong - Chapter 1 - jay_girl88 - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
His whole life, Jensen has never really fit anywhere. Moving to a new school and trying to hide old demons is hard enough, before adding a guy to the mix. A really hot, really notorious guy. One who is, for some reason, intent on Jensen.

Jared has been waiting his whole life to meet someone like the green-eyed boy; now that he has him, he doesn't plan on letting go. But how to get the beautiful boy with the pain-filled eyes to trust him? To see all that he feels for him?

And what happens when the biggest problem becomes a whole lot bigger than insecurities and crazy exes?

What happens when the grand prize is the life of the guy he loves?
fandom:j2-au  werewolves  high-school  abused!jensen  alpha!jared  wip  author:jay_girl88  pairing:jared/jensen 
november 2014 by aerten
Love and Lycanthropes (1/1) NC17
When Jared gets his hackles up there's a specific routine that needs to be followed.
fandom:j2-au  bottom!jensen  werewolves  alpha!jared  pwp  author:saone77  pairing:jared/jensen 
november 2014 by aerten
The Wolf and His Boy - Chapter 1 - spiders_stars - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Twenty years ago the human race decided to wipe out all shapeshifters, scared of a threat they didn’t understand. Thirteen year old Jensen was always fascinated with the creatures but it wasn’t until he met the wolf in the woods that he learned just how different he truly was. When his family and school mates were ready to dismiss him as a weird boy not worth their time, Jensen finds a home with a beast who was simply misunderstood.
fandom:j2-au  werewolves  bestiality  bottom!jensen  author:spiders_stars  nc-17  pairing:jared/jensen  10.000-20.000 
november 2014 by aerten
Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall. - Chapter 1 - Saltandburnboys - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Jensen’s just transferred to Johnson High and as if he didn’t have enough on his plate already, what with being the weird new kid and his difficult home life, he seems to have somehow gotten himself on the radar of the High School badass…so not good.
fandom:j2-au  bottom!jensen  alpha!jared  werewolves  high-school  author:saltandburnboys  pairing:jared/jensen  protective!jared  abused!jensen  abuse  violence  20.000-50.000 
november 2014 by aerten

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