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Memory Is a Fickle Friend - TheDragon - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Memory is a fickle friend.

Sometimes, it keeps from us our most prized moments in life, and sometimes it gives them back when we least expect it to.
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  merlin:post-series  reincarnation!au  amnesia  author:TheDragon  5.000-10.000 
february 2019 by aerten
These Ghosts Might Be Mine - PeaceHeather - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is pretty sure he died, so why is he waking up in his own bed in Camelot, and how did he end up ten years in the past? And where the hell is Merlin?
fandom:merlin-bbc  merlin:post-series  merlin:season1  time-travel  pairing:merlin&arthur  author:PeaceHeather  50.000-100.000 
may 2018 by aerten
Future, Past, Present - whitedatura - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
By the end of their first decade together, it's clear that neither of them is aging. They rarely stay in one place longer than a year, so it isn't a problem so much as it is disconcerting. They've seen much, but there is still more, and Arthur is just as delighted now to find new creatures, new forests, new seas as he was ten years ago. Merlin will never tire of the satisfied look on Arthur's face when they break new paths where no one else has been. The fear that Arthur will be snatched away in the blink of an eye has eased greatly.

By the end of their first century together, Merlin has stopped worrying.
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  merlin:post-series  happy-end  headcanon  author:whitedatura  5.000-10.000 
september 2017 by aerten
Evermore; Still Never Enough by LillaW
He’ll live countless lives and find Arthur in every one of them and lose him all over again. But this will always, always be what he lives for…
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  pwp  nc-17  marathon!sex  reunion  reincarnation!au  merlin:post-series  author:LillaW  1.000-5.000 
august 2017 by aerten
a half of a whole (cannot truly forget the other) - Steamcraft - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
From the majority of the patients in Camelot Mental Health Institute, Colin Morgan - or Merlin as he insists to be called - seems the most normal aside from the delusions. Bradley only wishes he'd stop calling him Arthur for gods sake because now he dreams of legends.
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  pairing:gwen/lancelot  pairing:bradley/colin  pairing:morgana/leon  pairing:gwaine/percival  mental-hospital  mental-illness  hurt/comfort  hurt!merlin  depressed!merlin  merlin:post-series  reincarnation!au  author:Steamcraft  wip  50.000-100.000 
august 2017 by aerten
Don't Listen To A Word I Say - agirlnamedtruth - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Post 5x13 fic where Merlin can't let go of Arthur and convinced that Camelot need is greatest, Merlin accidentally brings him back using the Horn of Cathbad. However, once he's back, it's Arthur than can't move on.
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  pairing:gwen/leon  pairing:gwaine/percival  pairing:arthur/gwen  merlin:post-series  angst  grief  ghost!arthur  depressed!merlin  author:agirlnamedtruth  50.000-100.000 
june 2017 by aerten
Do Not Go Gentle - kianspo - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He will go out and stare up into the sky, at the ground beneath his feet, at the tree tops, and the wind, and he’ll yell in a language no one can understand anymore and ask when it’ll be enough, when it’s finally the time.

No one will answer.

He doesn’t really expect it, and that’s perhaps the hardest part.
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  merlin:post-series  reincarnation!au  angst  author:kianspo  5.000-10.000 
march 2017 by aerten

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