Unjudge someone - The Human Library Organization
Human library people books talk diversity share experiences
2 days ago
Rakuten TV - Your cinema at home
Rakuten movie film streaming service online redeem voucher vouchers super points perkbox
16 days ago
Hire trusted local service professionals - Bidvine
Get custom bids from local service professionals for events, home, learning, fitness, wellness and more in hours. Hire the right pro for the job.
job  hire  builders  carpenters  domestic  cleaning  jobs  professional  tasks  taskrabbit  alternative  builder 
11 weeks ago
A Year of Books - Home
Year of books mark Zuckerberg Facebook book recommendations club
july 2019
Project Tiny C# Preview available - Unity Forum
We’re very excited to share with you the first preview of the new Project Tiny that uses C# as the programming language. We’ve been hard at work...
unity  preview  project  tiny  dots  ecs 
june 2019
EDITOR: Want to check all prefabs in a project for an attached MonoBehaviour - Unity Forum
I want to delete a script that I think isn't being used anymore. Is there a way I can get a list of every prefab in the project? I just want to run...
unity  check  every  all  prefab  prefabs  monobehaviour  script  scripts  attached  project 
may 2019
Book 1 - The End of Power by Moises Naim — A Year of Books
Zuckerberg's Book Club First Pick - The End of Power by Moises Naim. 
mark  zuckerberg  year  of  books  facebook  book  list 
may 2019
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