Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World
Updated Feb 21, 2018 *You can contribute to this map by commenting here: http://bit.ly/2d13csJ *Offline version of this map, WiFox: iOS http://apple.co/2b7BatI - Android: http://bit.ly/2dDeaaN
february 2018
Fixing tethering on Android KitKat
Enable developer mode (Go to Settings -> About phone, and click on the build number until the developer mode is enabled).
Enable USB debugging under Settings -> Developer options
Connect the device with a USB cable to a computer with the Android SDK platform tools installed
Start an adb shell: adb shell
In the adb shell, run this command: settings put global tether_dun_required 0
november 2016
How to solve Laravel storage permissions
chmod -R gu+w storage
chmod -R guo+w storage
php artisan cache:clear
laravel  storage  errors 
november 2015
Start ssh-agent on login if not started

function start_agent {
echo "Initialising new SSH agent..."
/usr/bin/ssh-agent | sed 's/^echo/#echo/' > "${SSH_ENV}"
echo succeeded
chmod 600 "${SSH_ENV}"
. "${SSH_ENV}" > /dev/null

# Source SSH settings, if applicable

if [ -f "${SSH_ENV}" ]; then
. "${SSH_ENV}" > /dev/null
#ps ${SSH_AGENT_PID} doesn't work under cywgin
ps -ef | grep ${SSH_AGENT_PID} | grep ssh-agent$ > /dev/null || {
so  ssh-agent  devops 
october 2014
Mavericks Power Key Behavior
I've found a way to change the behaviour of the power button.
Copy the following file on your desktop
Open it with a plist or text editor
Search for the following keys (there are several):
<key>Sleep On Power Button</key> <integer>1</integer>
Turn them all to 0
Put the com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefaults.plist file on your desktop back in:
You'll be asked for your user password
Display(s) will turn black but computer won't sleep (just like pressing "Shift + Control + Power" )
mba  macbook  macbookair  mavericks  osx  powerbutton 
december 2013
SSH AutoComplete on OSX
_complete_ssh_hosts ()
comp_ssh_hosts=`cat ~/.ssh/known_hosts | \
cut -f 1 -d ' ' | \
sed -e s/,.*//g | \
grep -v ^# | \
uniq | \
grep -v "\[" ;
cat ~/.ssh/config | \
grep "^Host " | \
awk '{print $2}'
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${comp_ssh_hosts}" -- $cur))
return 0
complete -F _complete_ssh_hosts ssh
ssh  autocomplete  osx 
november 2013
Shortcat - Keyboard productivity app for Mac OS X
Keep your hands on the keyboard and boost your productivity! Shortcat is a keyboard tool for Mac OS X that lets you "click" buttons and control your apps with a few keystrokes. Think of it as Spotlight for the user interface.
mac  osx  keyboard  shortcuts 
june 2013
HTTPie: a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans
HTTPie is a command line HTTP client. Its goal is to make CLI interaction with web services as human-friendly as possible. It provides a simple http command that allows for sending arbitrary HTTP requests using a simple and natural syntax, and displays colorized responses. HTTPie can be used for testing, debugging, and generally interacting with HTTP servers.
cli  http  python  webdev  curl  debugging 
january 2013
Imagick::newImage() results in segmentation fault on 64 bit machines
Limit Imagick to using only 1 thread.
Add this code before newImage:

$img->setResourceLimit(6, 1); // 6 means "limit threads to"
imagick  php  bug  imagemagick  segfault 
november 2012
php5-imagick: Segmentation fault
As a workaround we added this line into /etc/environment:
imagick  segfault  debian  fix 
november 2012
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