In Praise of A.D.H.D. - The New York Times
The disorder can be an asset in our frenetic world.
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2 days ago
Project Nimble: Region Evacuation Reimagined – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
We are proud to present Nimble: the evolution of the Netflix failover architecture that makes region evacuation an order of magnitude faster. At Netflix, our goal is to be there for our customers…
netflix  failover  aws 
9 days ago
(1) My LMS Mini Mill | The Hobby-Machinist Forums
I decided to finally post the mods I made on my LMS Mill, even though it's a few year old now.

I ordered my mill with the power feed they offer, and...
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11 days ago
model engineering, wildlife photography, astronomy, things to make and do
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11 days ago
Reading bits in far too many ways (part 2) | The ryg blog
(Continued from part 1.) Last time, I established the basic problem and went through various ways of doing shifting and masking, and the surprising difficulties inherent therein. The "bit extract" style I picked is based on a stateless primitive, which made it convenient to start with because there's no loop invariants involved. This time, we're…
article  bit  twiddling  performance 
17 days ago
Protocol aware recovery for consensus-based storage | the morning paper
Protocol aware recovery for consensus based storage Alagappan et al., FAST’18 Following on from their excellent previous work on ‘All file systems are not created equal’ (well worth a read if you haven’t encountered it yet), in this paper the authors look at how well some of our most reliable protocols — those used in…
acolyer  paper  recovery  paxos 
17 days ago
Implementing a TCP server in C | OpsTips
Writing a TCP server in C can teach many things. Check out how to implement a TCP server and understand some of the syscalls involved in the process.
tcp  server  howto  network  linux  programming 
17 days ago
Five Things I Did to Change a Team’s Culture – zwischenzugs
Culture - Be Specific! People often talk about culture being the barrier to adoption of DevOps, but they are rarely specific about this. This was succinctly put by Charity Majors here: What to Do? Here I discuss a few things I did to try and change a culture a few years ago in a demoralised and dysfunctional…
devops  culture  change 
17 days ago
Kubernetes… by Bilgin Ibryam et al. [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
A minimalistic and focused guide with common use cases, patterns, principles and practises for developing Cloud Native applications on Kubernetes.
book  kubernetes 
17 days ago
How to Design a New Chip on a Budget - IEEE Spectrum
Hardware guru bunnie Huang talks about the open-source tools he uses to design circuits, and why he wants to build his own ASIC
ieee  bunnie  hardware  howto  chip  design 
17 days ago
Product management in infrastructure engineering.
The foundation mode is a game of execution, focus and limiting work-in-progress, whereas the innovation mode is about listening to users, exploring solution spaces and an eternal focus on validating solutions as early and cheaply as possible.
management  product 
17 days ago
The books I read in 2017 – Signal v. Noise
Last year about this time I extracted all my answers to our monthly Basecamp check-in question of What are you reading? So I thought I’d do the same again. These are the books I read in 2017, as I…
dhh  books  reading 
17 days ago
BURGEONING LADS OF SCIENCE | Okay, so: Latin has this word, sic. Or, if we want...
Okay, so: Latin has this word, sic. Or, if we want to be more diacritically accurate, sīc. That shows that the i is long, so it’s pronounced like “seek” and not like “sick.” You might recognize this...
awesome  history  language 
23 days ago
A battery fed MQTT weatherstation – Arduino & ESP8266 stuff
(Note: if you consider building this... I am working on a similar station with a bare ESP12 and a BME280 for even better energy efficiency) Weatherstations are a popular build for DIY-ers and with the ESP8266 WiFi capabilities that has become very easy. Here I will present a simple weatherstation (DHT sensor BMP sensor for…
mqtt  esp8266  project  computing 
5 weeks ago
Managing and Operating Kafka Clusters in Kubernetes
Nenad Bogojevic, platform solutions architect at Amadeus, spoke at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2017 Conference on how to run and manage Kafka clusters in Kubernetes environment. He talked about provisioning Kafka clusters and configuring them using Kubernetes custom resources or ConfigMaps.
kafka  kubernetes 
5 weeks ago
How to learn Deep Learning in 6 months – Bargava – Medium
It is quite possible to learn, follow and contribute to state-of-art work in deep learning in about 6 months’ time. This article details out the steps to achieve that. - You are willing to spend…
deeplearning  howto  computing 
5 weeks ago
ZX Spectrum Next Laptop
Here is my initial 3D render of my ZX Spectrum Next Laptop which I'll be 3D printing in the coming weeks when I receive the final PCB.
awesome  retrocomputing  zxspectrum 
5 weeks ago
Project: 2ine | Ryan C. Gordon on Patreon
Official Post from Ryan C. Gordon: You have no idea how much effort went into getting this stupid white square on the screen.I thought I’d explain what all this is about in more detail, since I mentioned it in the December wrapup. This is a long and technical post about weird low-level stuff and you can totally skip this if you don't
emulation  os2  linux  retrocomputing 
5 weeks ago
Battle Scars
Amir Rajan tells the success story of his mobile game called "A Dark Room", which hit #1 on the App Store and grossed over $800,000.
awesome  business  gamedev 
5 weeks ago
What’s Going to Happen to Ikea Founder’s Billions? - Bloomberg
When Ikea’s Ingvar Kamprad died Saturday at age 91, he was ranked No. 8 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index thanks to his control of a global retail fortune valued at $58.7 billion.
ikea  economics  ownership 
6 weeks ago
So How Do I Really Do An Atomic Swap – hotshot⚡ – Medium
Crypto, Crypto, Crypto ,this is what most talk about nowadays , the demise of crypto, the revolution of crypto, but in the post we are not going to talk about it but rather do it , use it . I will…
blockchain  atomicswap 
6 weeks ago
PIC, PIE and Sanitizers · Mathieu Ropert
Position-independent code (PIC) and Position-indendendent executables (PIEs) are nothing new, yet they are still a bit obscure compile toggles that you ignore until you can’t. Luckily for my readers, I had too un-ignore them to make things work. Here’s the after action report.
pic  pie  compiler  technique 
6 weeks ago
The Faery Tale Adventure: A personal history – Talin – Medium
The Faery Tale Adventure was a computer game that I created for the Amiga in 1987. It was moderately popular for it’s day, and was ported to a number of platforms, including MS-DOS and the Sega…
gamdev  retrocomputing 
6 weeks ago
Update 19 – CRPG BOOK RELEASED! – The CRPG Book Project
Four years ago I began a journey. On Feb 5 2014 I posted the results of the RPG Codex's Top 70 poll, in which we elected the best CRPGs of all time. But I felt that a simple list was too dry... more than the ranking, I was interested in WHY these games were good.…
awesome  history  retrocomputing 
6 weeks ago
ESP8266: Watchdog functions | techtutorialsx
The objective of this post is to analyse some of the watchdog functions available on the Arduino IDE libraries for the ESP8266. Introduction The objective of this post is to analyse some of the watchdog functions available on the Arduino IDE libraries for the ESP8266. A watchdog is a timer that, when not reset before…
esp8266  watchdog 
7 weeks ago
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