MVC 4 DropDownList with MultiSelect Values | web tecnology and information blog
new MultiSelectList(Model.AvailableMovies,
"Id", "Name",
Model.DefaultMovies.Select(m => m.Id)),
new {
multiple = "multiple",
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4 weeks ago
Fastest way to interface between live (unsaved) Excel data and C# objects - Stack Overflow
void AssignArrayToRange()
// Create the array.
object[,] myArray = new object[10, 10];

// Initialize the array.
for (int i = 0; i < myArray.GetLength(0); i++)
for (int j = 0; j < myArray.GetLength(1); j++)
myArray[i, j] = i + j;

// Create a Range of the correct size:
int rows = myArray.GetLength(0);
int columns = myArray.GetLength(1);
Excel.Range range = myWorksheet.get_Range("A1", Type.Missing);
range = range.get_Resize(rows, columns);

// Assign the Array to the Range in one shot:
range.set_Value(Type.Missing, myArray);
excel  vsto  write  array 
10 weeks ago
excel - No Add-In Tab Though Add-In is Loaded and Working - Stack Overflow
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I had similar issue with excel 2013. Add-in tab was missing. I went to Developer>>>Add-Ins and deselected the add-in I wanted. Click OK then repeat the process and select the same add-in. Click OK. The Add-In tab should appear.
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10 weeks ago
How to resolve Excel error “MS Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"
Open your Excel sheet.
Go to File-> Options.
Go to Advanced tab and click 'Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange
hondo  excel  plugin  timeout 
10 weeks ago
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