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step out into the sun
"I gotta talk to you, buddy, real quick," Poe says lowly, and grabs Finn's hand to haul him back out of the mess hall. His pilot friends cheer loudly, Karé yelling something about keeping it decent, and Finn barely has a second to process it before Poe's yanking him away and into a deserted side corridor.

"I can explain," he says quickly, running his spare hand through his hair.

"Well good," Finn snaps hotly, "Because I've had a really fucking weird day."

Otherwise known as: Finn Is An Oblivious Numbskull, or: the one where Finn gets a name, a jacket, a droid, and a marriage out of nowhere in only a few short weeks
fic  slash  Star_Wars  Finn/Poe  pretend_marriage/relationship  pining  hot_like_burning  Rey  BB-8  Jessika_Pava  Karé_Kun  Iolo_Arana  Temmin_"Snap"_Wexley  Leia_Organa  [R]  wc:70_000-75_000  a:plutos 
july 2016 by adelate
Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper)
Eduardo & Mark have to attend some kind of shareholder's/young-and-a-billionaire's meeting in Vegas/Vermont/Illinois. One thing leads to another and they WAKE UP MARRIED. A quicky divorce/annulment would be easy if not for the fact that Mark drunkenly changed his facebook status to MARRIED TO EDUARDO SAVERIN.

Or, Mark and Eduardo get drunkenly married. Chaos ensues.
fic  slash  The_Social_Network  Eduardo/Mark  Dustin_Moskovitz  Chris_Hughes  angst  marriage  woke_up_married  [NC-17]  a:hapakitsune  wc:70_000-75_000 
april 2013 by adelate
This Man's Heart
In the latter part of the 19th century, a peculiar solitary man and an ex-army doctor disfigured at war live in a small village, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. When they first meet, they have no idea their lives are about to change forever and, over the months, they will form an unusual friendship, discover more about each other and themselves, and maybe fall a little in love along the way.
fic  slash  BBC_Sherlock  AU  John/Sherlock  fusion:Beauty_and_the_Beast  fusion:La_ou_la_mer_commence  Mrs_Hudson  Greg_Lestrade  Harry_Watson  Jim_Moriarty  Sebastian_Moran  Molly_Hooper  slow_buildup  books  wc:70_000-75_000  [NC-17]  a:ellie_hell 
march 2013 by adelate
Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death
He takes whatever sleep he can get.

On a bench at the station, tightly folding his arms over his chest and holding his chin in the dip of his collar, he manages a few minutes of rest that—in retrospect—won't contribute anything at all, even if they do feel too crucial to let pass right now. Occasionally, he cracks open one eye to woozily check the hour, vaguely aware of the blurry crowd on the platform: schoolbags, suitcases, sunglasses; heads intermittently jerking up toward to the grand clock hanging above.
fic  slash  Merlin  AU  Arthur/Merlin  modern_day  angst  hot_like_burning  magic  slow_buildup  so_good_no_words  Box_of_Magic:_Merlin_Big_Bang_Challenge  [NC-17]  wc:70_000-75_000  a:derryere 
september 2009 by adelate

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