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The Theory of Narrative Causality - Masterpost
Sherlock and John are BNFs in Sherlock Holmes fandom. Together, they fight crime. (Always.) And write porn, incidentally.

[my comment: I can't even begin to think of the time it took to code this thing. And it is SO. VERY. META. Also, the word count is an approximation having used a wordcounter tool online but some of the fic is in pictures.]
fic  slash  BBC_Sherlock  AU  John/Sherlock  Mycroft_Holmes  Greg_Lestrade  Mrs_Hudson  Molly_Hooper  Jim_Moriarty  Harry_Watson  Clara  Mike_Stamford  Sarah_Sawyer  Sally_Donovan  Anderson  meta  fandom  wc:30_000-35_000  [NC-17]  a:falling_voices  masterpost 
april 2013 by adelate
Always The Best Friend - Masterpost
Kris Allen is tired of always being cast as the best friend in other people's lives. When he first meets Adam Lambert and actually manages to ask him out on a date he thinks things will be different, but history repeats itself all over again and Kris is stuck pining over a guy that just wants to be his friend. But is it really only friendship Adam wants, and is Kris really just going to take it this time when there's so much at stake?
fic  slash  AI_RPS  AU  Adam/Kris  doctors  grand_romantic_gestures  Brad_Bell  Cassidy_Haley  original_characters  Cale_Mills  wc:15_000-20_000  [NC-17]  a:jeyhawk  masterpost 
november 2011 by adelate
The Secret Life of Daydreams - Masterpost
When the wealthy Dustin Moskovitz arrives in Meryton with two companions in tow, he throws the quiet lives of Christopher Hughes and Eduardo Saverin into chaos. Christopher finds himself falling in love with the charming, affable Dustin while Eduardo and Mark never cease arguing long enough to realize that they may be a good match.
fic  slash  The_Social_Network  Chris/Dustin  Eduardo/Mark  fusion:Pride_and_Prejudice  wc:40_000-45_000  wc:40_000-45_000  [PG-13]  a:alexthegreat  masterpost  has:a  has:fusion  has:wc 
september 2011 by adelate
No Wealth and No Ruin - Masterpost
In which Mark Zuckerberg gets a job, learns important life lessons, makes friends, finds the love of his life, and dies. Not necessarily in that order.
fic  slash  AU  The_Social_Network  Eduardo/Mark  fusion:Dead_Like_Me  angst  so_good_no_words  crossovers  Supernatural  Jessica_Moore  original_characters  awesome  made_me_cry  wc:75_000-80_000  wc:75_000-80_000  [not-rated]  a:antistar_e  masterpost 
august 2011 by adelate
The Giraffe Notes - Masterpost
"The first note is an impulse, a quick scribble and a badly drawn giraffe, slipped into Andrew's locker when no one is looking (as if anyone ever looks)."

The impossible love story of a mouse and a giraffe featuring a crush that last a decade, a very grateful movie star, the fine art of falling in love over the internet, a possibly naughty tattoo, three awesome friends, cats, nerves, and a spectacular first date.
fic  slash  AU  TSN_RPS  Andrew/Jesse  high_school  adorable  actors  copy_editors  e-mail  online_dating  Emma_Stone  masterpost  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [NC-17]  a:jeyhawk 
august 2011 by adelate
In The Groove - Masterpost
The staff of In The Groove looks like one of the most laidback group ever from the outside but nothing's further from the truth. Owner, David Cook, is head over heels for the owner of a local candle shop, Carrie Underwood. Considering how often he seems to make an idiot out of himself, he's sure nothing will happen. New hire, Allison Iraheta, is in town trying to find the man she believes to be her long lost brother, Chris Daughtry. And Megan Joy, a single mom, is coming to terms with her own feelings for Anoop Desai, who's been making his interest known for over a year.
In the midst of all this, Kris Allen has fallen for his best friend, Adam Lambert, though the timing never seems to be right for them. Now is no exception since he's beginning to also have feelings for a man he's never met but talks to all the time online.
Of course, what Kris doesn't know is that Adam not only feels the same way about him but he's also in the same position of falling for someone else at the same time.
fic  slash  AU  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  fusion:Ten_Inch_Hero  Cook/Carrie  Allison_Iraheta  Anoop/Megan  adorable  meeting_online  kradambigbang  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  [R]  a:blue_icy_rose  masterpost 
december 2010 by adelate
Baby, There's No Other Superstar - Masterpost
His publicist sounded scornful. "I'm a professional bullshitter. And this is heteronormative bullshit that the public is going to gorge themselves fucking stupid on, okay? You want to be yourself, stop being a fucking celebrity. Do you think Angelina wanted to adopt the fucking UN of orphaned children? We had to do something about the vials of blood and the incest. Stop complaining, all you have to do is marry a hot guy."
fic  slash  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  AU  awesome  angst  arranged_marriage  pretend_marriage/relationship  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  a:yekoc  masterpost  kradambigbang  [NC-17] 
december 2010 by adelate
Tightly Knit - Masterpost
College student Adam Lambert doesn't really believe in the magical powers of knitting needles until he meets Kris Allen, knitting shop owner by day and gay erotica writer by night. Kris is an enigma wrapped in an adorable package and Adam finds himself wanting to strip away his layers (literally as well as figuratively), but at the end of the day will that be enough to make Adam mess with his carefully laid plans, or will his desire to "make it" stand in the way of true love?
fic  slash  AU  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  kradambigbang  schmoop  knitting  adorable  angst  awesome  college!fic  dense_boy(s)  firsts  hot_like_burning  kissing  socute  Matt_Giraud  original_characters  Leila_Lambert  [NC-17]  wc:25_000-30_000  wc:25_000-30_000  a:jeyhawk  masterpost 
august 2010 by adelate
Two Weeks Notice - Masterpost
Arthur is a prattish Executive VP of the Pendragon Corporation with a disturbingly non-ironic love of Demotivational posters. Merlin is a tree-hugging barista with a "magic" tongue. Morgana's a peeping Tom and her breasts have superpowers. Gwen and Lancelot get married. Owain is the company bicycle. Arthur attempts to steal Merlin's affections from Will through epic DDR combat. Merlin gets drunk a lot. There is a pillow fight, and a helicopter ride, and rooftop confessions, and Arthur decides Merlin really is his destiny, whether he likes it or not.
fic  slash  AU  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Gwen/Lancelot  Uther_Pendragon  Morgana  reel_merlin  fusion:Two_Weeks_Notice  [NC-17]  wc:35_000-40_000  wc:35_000-40_000  a:ras_elased  masterpost 
october 2009 by adelate
2009 Big Bang Masterlists
Sam/Dean, Other Supernatural Slash, Gen, Het, RPS, Art only
fic  het  slash  gen  art  AU  archive  spn_j2_bigbang_2009  masterpost  Dean/Sam  Jared/Jensen 
august 2009 by adelate
A Day In The Life [Future Unknown Website]
Um, hi guys. Sorry for taking so long in between blogs, haha. I guess that was kind of an uncomfortable episode? I mean, like, Cook and I watched it back... | Well, hello there! Archie reminded me this morning that neither of us had managed to blog since the last episode, as we’ve been really busy with... | Guys… this isn’t real. As much as you might want it to be, haha. Go read Nat and Meg’s totally awesome tv!verse fic to find out what it’s all about! Again, JUST A COMPANION TO THAT VERSE. NOT REAL. So…

I own nothing, especially not them. THIS IS FAKE, GEDDIT?
fic  slash  pre-slash  AI_RPS  Archie/Cook  reality_tv  [PG]  wc:wip  a:ficllusion  a:hopefulgenius  a:surrepticius  a:starafar  masterpost  Future_Unknown  Jared/Jensen  CWRPS  a:epicflailer 
august 2009 by adelate
Future Unknown - Masterpost
This is a collaboration between myself and my hugely, gorgeously talented wife, [info]hopefulgenius - which, ha, I am actually jealous of myself right now, my life is so awesome. The premise: the boys star in their own reality TV show.
fic  slash  pre-slash  AI_RPS  Archie/Cook  reality_tv  [PG]  wc:wip  a:ficllusion  a:hopefulgenius  a:surrepticius  masterpost  Jared/Jensen  CWRPS  Future_Unknown  a:epicflailer 
august 2009 by adelate
Take This Sinking Boat, Part 1/2
Kris is actually pretty impressed they make it as far as they do.

It starts with the tour, then the move to LA to make the album (only temporary, Kris tells her, even though they both know that Kris isn't long for small town life). They make it through album press, and a totally trumped-up scandal involving photoshopped pictures, and his first headlining tour. They make it nine years (together), or almost three (of marriage), or nearly two (post-Idol), but eventually Katy misses Conway and hates California and hates touring, and their fights become so routine that Kris barely registers them anymore.
fic  slash  Adam/Kris  angst  Kris/Katy  Kris/Brad  future_fic  awesome  hot_like_burning  Take_This_Sinking_Boat  [NC-17]  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  a:ink_like_blood  masterpost  AI_RPS 
july 2009 by adelate
Merlinella, Part 1/4
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a boy called Merlin.

When Merlin had been very little, his mother, his only parent, had died, and instead of being taken in and looked after by the rest of his village - the usual way when a child was orphaned - a great lady, who called herself Nimueh had swept down upon them and 'taken a fancy' to the young Merlin.

"I've always wanted a little boy," she said, one hand on Merlin's head, and he looked up at her, sensing the lie in her words. "And Merlin will be like a son to me. The little son I have never had."

Unable to protest against a lady, the villagers had reluctantly agreed to her demands; when Nimueh left the village, she took Merlin with her.
fic  slash  AU  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Morgana  Gwen  Nimueh  Uther_Pendragon  Gaius  genderswap  fusion:Cinderella  fusion:fairytales  reel_merlin  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [PG]  a:xaritomene  masterpost 
july 2009 by adelate
Kings Don't Always Need Advice (And Particularly Not This Much) - Masterpost
“Uther Pendragon is an elitist old fool,” Her Highness said sharply, sighing in anger. “But he has a point. So long as the law stands, you are required to comply, or the crown will be forfeit.”

“To Uther?” Merlin said, shocked.

“No, no, don’t be foolish.” Grandmother gave an impatient wave of her hand. “Have your history lessons taught you nothing? He has no more claim to the throne than most commoners, despite what he likes to think.”

“But unfortunately, his nephew does, through an indiscreet relationship between your father’s first cousin Igraine and Uther’s late brother. If you were forced to abdicate for any reason, his genetic claim, bastardized though it may be, places Uther’s nephew directly in the line of succession.”
fic  slash  AU  reel_merlin  fusion:The_Princess_Diaries_2  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Gwen/Morgana  Merlin/OFC  Uther_Pendragon  [NC-17]  wc:30_000-35_000  wc:30_000-35_000  a:mariamme  masterpost  modern_day 
june 2009 by adelate
Wouldn't It Be Nice to Live Together/In the Kind of World Where We Belong
He crashes into him in Camelot Cafe, dangerously late for a seminar, an unfinished assignment due in an hour or so, and still half asleep.

There’s an almighty collision of skin and muscle and really hot coffee and Arthur looks from his wet shirt to the profusely apologetic boy holding an empty cup and promptly decks him one before leaving.

Arthur goes into university, way past late with his best fucking pair of jeans stained and a personal vendetta against skinny looking art boys with odd hair and funny ears. Arthur Pendragon is an unforgivably cranky bastard in the morning.
fic  slash  AU  Merlin  reel_merlin  fusion:50_First_Dates  Arthur/Merlin  amnesia  angst  Gwen  wc:01_000-05_000  wc:01_000-05_000  [PG]  a:ginnystar  masterpost  modern_day 
june 2009 by adelate
I'll be the Platform Shoes
Merlin took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Most likely he’d stubbed his toe while kicking things in the belief that enough brute violence would make anything bend to his will and the photocopier was making that angry hissing noise that meant bugs had set up housekeeping in it, again. This would mean some soothing noises, and an ice pack from the fridge down the hall and then a morning spent elbows-deep in ink and stray bits of printer trying to extract a dead earwig. But it could not possibly be as brutal as he was imagining it to be.

The Honourable Arthur Pendragon, Member for Brent East, Liberal Democrat and enormous dolt was sitting at his desk, wrangling a very expensive (Merlin would know, he’d bought them) shoe while glaring at the printer in the corner. It was not hissing, but its owner looked close to it. The shoe came off and Arthur wiggled his foot.
fic  slash  AU  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Morgana  humor  masterpost  [PG-13]  schmoop  Uther_Pendragon  politics  personal_assistant  wc:05_000-10_000  wc:05_000-10_000  a:raphaela667  modern_day 
june 2009 by adelate
The Kingdom of the Blaggers, Part 1/3
The problem with being the son of Uther Pendragon, legend of stage and screen, winner of Emmys (twice), Tonys (once), Oliviers (multiple), BAFTAs (twice), Oscars (once) and People's Sexiest Man (twice) was that nobody was ever going to take Arthur seriously as an actor in his own right.

If Arthur stayed in London, his success was always going to be down to nepotism, name recognition or latent star fucking. At least this was the excuse Arthur gave Merlin when he packed his bags three weeks before he was to finish his Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts course and moved to Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for Merlin, he was sprawled on the bed with his trousers down around his ankles since Arthur had just sucked his brains out through his cock, and thusly he wasn't exactly in the best position to offer a proper argument.
fic  slash  femslash  AU  crossovers  Merlin  Entourage  Entourage/Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Gwen/Morgana  humor  awesome  Uther_Pendragon  [NC-17]  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  a:hackthis  masterpost  modern_day 
june 2009 by adelate
Drastically Redefining Protocol (DRP 1)
As a rule, Arthur had given up on chafing at the near-constant swirl of people that came along with his shockingly over-scheduled days. Still, once in a while the itch and suffocation of being monitored twenty-four hours a day grew too much, and he found himself tiptoeing down mostly deserted hospital hallways trying to hide from his handlers.

He'd made his break as his entourage had turned a corner, all the press running out ahead of them to capture heroically well-lit images of Arthur striding into the pediatrics ward of St. Bart's—he'd stopped short of going round, pivoted on his heel, and gone for the nearest, darkest hall he'd seen.

It wasn't that Arthur was particularly against bald cancer children or that he was heartless enough to resent how much of his charitable time they consumed, but he'd been around the world already that month and seen too many children with haunted looks on their faces, girls who'd been trafficked into prostitution, boys who'd survived landmines. They'
fic  slash  AU  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  good_giggle  awesome  Gwen  Morgana  Uther_Pendragon  Drastically_Redefining_Protocol  [R]  angst  wc:45_000-50_000  wc:45_000-50_000  a:rageprufrock  masterpost  modern_day 
june 2009 by adelate
If We Weren't So Down (We'd Up And Leave)
"There was this city called Knottingham once," he starts and his fingers stroll the strings again, seeming to make his words echo even though he's not playing anything really. "Shining beacon of plenty, a beautiful place."

The hush has changed now, from scolded to expectant.

"Man named Jeff Morgan, known to friends as King and a real entrepreneur had wrestled that place out of the muck with a lotta cash and a private police force. He loved that city and after a grudging tap-dance, it loved him right back. The citizens started to hope, but hope is a dangerous thing."

He takes a moment to sip at the beer resting on the stool next to his.

"But King left, chasing some kind of personal crusade. He took his money and his manpower and Knottingham fell from grace. Hope thrashed and mewled but slowly started to die."
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  Jared/Jensen  j2_everafter  fusion:Robin_Hood  awesome  Chris_Kane  Steve_Carlson  Chad_Michael_Murray  [not-rated]  wc:05_000-10_000  wc:05_000-10_000  a:kellifer_fic  masterpost 
june 2009 by adelate
I'm Not Ifrit of the Dark, Part 1/2
"My mother thinks you're evil," Lane says. She's half in, half out of Rory's window. She drops to the floor with a grunt and brushes snow off her mittens. "Roughly on a par with Britney Spears, but not quite as bad as Satan."

"I'll take that as a compliment. I think," Rory says. "The not as bad as Satan part, anyway."
fic  gen  het  Supernatural  Gilmore_Girls  Gilmore_Girls/Supernatural  crossovers  Dean/Rory  Lorelai/Luke  Sam_Winchester  Dean_Winchester  Lane_Kim  fusion:Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  [PG-13]  a:oxoniensis  masterpost 
june 2009 by adelate
Paved With Hearts - Masterpost
Jared Padalecki has been shuffled from home to home for most of his life until one summer he's left with the black sheep of the family, his unsocial Uncle Jeff, up in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. He unexpectedly finds a home and a family there, but when the summer's over he's torn away from it and placed with a family in the city; in return for having a good school to attend to finish his senior year, he's asked to befriend their shut-in son, a young man named Jensen who hasn't had an easy time of it either.
fic  slash  AU  CWRPS  Jared/Jensen  Jared/Brock  fusion:Heidi  angst  schmoop  j2_everafter  awesome  socute  Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan  Chad_Michael_Murray  Samantha_Ferris  [PG-13]  wc:45_000-50_000  wc:45_000-50_000  a:cjmarlowe  masterpost 
june 2009 by adelate
The Seahorse - Masterpost
For [info]spn_j2_bigbang! Everything is going fine for Dr. Jensen Ackles, a successful 3rd-year resident in obstetrics and gynecology at Grace's Heart hospital in San Francisco. But when a 22-year-old art student shows up at claiming he's pregnant, Jensen is completely certain he's crazy. After a bunch of tests, a sonogram and a bizarre story about having invoked the wrath of a ram-headed Egyptian fertility god, it turns out that Jared Padalecki isn't joking: he really did get knocked up! And when Jared insists on having an OB-GYN of his own gender, Jensen's long stretch of successfully not falling for one of his patients is finally at an end.
fic  slash  AU  CWRPS  Jared/Jensen  Chad/Jared  Jensen/Tom  Mike/Tom  mpreg  schmoop  spn_j2_bigbang_2008  masterpost  [NC-17]  wc:35_000-40_000  wc:35_000-40_000  a:memphis86  Katie_Cassidy  Samantha_Ferris  Sandra_McCoy  Milo_Ventimiglia 
april 2009 by adelate
Apple Blossom Lake, Chapter 1/5: Lost Boys in Frozen Places
After the death of his parents, Jensen Ackles is grieving, planning to winter in the family lake house. But when he gets taken in by the friendly guy next door, Jensen begins to think that maybe he’s not as alone as he thought... | Most people say that Jensen has absolutely lost his mind when he quits his job, rents his apartment out to some kids who will almost definitely destroy it and tells everyone he’s going away for the winter.

The night before he leaves, his new tenants have already moved in – a couple of noisy art students who seemed to already be arguing as he walked out – and he has to stay with one of his friends. Christian Kane is the biggest asshole on the planet unless you get to know him. As it is, Jensen thinks they might have been in love once. Maybe. If Chris wasn’t so determined to be straight. He lies with his head in Chris’s lap and drinks three beers in a row.

“You know Christmas is a popular time to kill yourself,” Chris tells him bluntly.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  Jeff/Jensen  Jared/Sandy  angst  Christmas  deathfic  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [PG-13]  a:not_refined  Apple_Blossom_Lake_verse  masterpost 
march 2009 by adelate
Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam, Part 1/3
Jensen Ackles generally considers himself to be a pretty self-aware guy.

He's a nerd. There's no denying this; honestly, he doesn't want to deny this. His mother will sometimes tell him that nerds are in, in a kind of worried, encouraging way, but that's not why Jensen doesn't mind being one. He doesn't care about being in. He cares about living a happy life, and being a really ridiculously advanced physicist and nerd is an important part of that happy life, because he's validated by getting awards.

Jensen knows he'll never be the most popular guy in a room, but he's got friends and colleagues a job and a life, so he doesn't worry much about the rest of the world.

Then, a new guy moves in across the hall.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  Jared/Jensen  fusion:The_Big_Bang_Theory  humor  schmoop  [NC-17]  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  a:with_a_kay  masterpost  Chad_Michael_Murray  Tractorbeam_verse 
march 2009 by adelate
The Queens of Samarkand, Part 1/3
The court of Sultan Malik abd el Suleyman known as the Beneficent is a beautiful place, Arthur is forced to admit. It has gardens, and fountains, and exotic birds; Arthur should be impressed. Or rather, he would be impressed, if he wasn't so damn hot. It's twilight, and not a whisper of the heat of the day has dissipated yet; even out here in the colonnade, open to the court out of which his chambers bud, the coloured tiles are warm against his shirtless back. The fountain hidden among the greenery plays, almost breaking the oppressive heat; but not close enough. Arthur has half a mind to go and sit in it. He's already called for Merlin to draw him a bath, but nobody seems to know where the useless oaf has gone; Arthur sent him out without thinking, and now he's stuck with the Sultan's servants, who barely speak a word of English and don't seem to feel the heat. He really is going to get into that fountain, he decides; propriety be damned.
fic  slash  het  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  masterpost  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  [PG-13]  Uther_Pendragon  Gaius  a:doomcanary  Melinna_verse 
march 2009 by adelate
When Arthur Does That
Merlin has an awful lot of fun at Arthur's expense in the couple of weeks following Melinna's “visit”. Arthur's constantly aware of his responsibilities as the crown prince, and Merlin starts to develop a really finely-tuned sense of when he can drop in a look, a word, or a smile, and make Arthur's back stiffen and his face flush with embarrassment. It's no crime around Camelot for a noble to indulge himself with a servant of either gender – Merlin's seen plenty of men and women staggering back from the main wings with messy hair and smiles on their faces in the mornings. But Arthur has a bit of a thing about the fact that some day he's going to have to get married and produce an heir, and Merlin is unable to resist playing with that. He likes to linger in the room when he's dismissed, and ask whether there's anything else Arthur feels he needs; any sweetmeats or luxuries, perhaps.
fic  slash  pre-slash  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  [PG-13]  Melinna_verse  Uther_Pendragon  masterpost  wc:01_000-05_000  wc:01_000-05_000  a:doomcanary 
march 2009 by adelate
And That Word Must Be Clear, Part 1/2

“Go away!”

“You've been in there three hours, Merlin, is everything all right?”

“Fine! Go away!”

“You don't sound all right, Merlin,” says Gaius, his tone growing suspicious. “Open the door.”

There's a scuffle and a thud, and then the door opens a crack, showing one of Merlin's blue eyes, and a bit of floppy dark hair. It looks longer than it did this morning.

“See! I'm fine. Now leave me alone!” says Merlin. “There's something I have to -”

Gaius unceremoniously shoulders the door wide open.

“I don't believe it,” he says, putting a hand over his face.

“It's not my fault!” Merlin wails, wrapping his arms across his chest. “I swear I didn't know this would happen!”
fic  slash  femslash  het  genderswap  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Morgana  Gaius  Uther_Pendragon  Gwen  masterpost  Melinna_verse  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  [NC-17]  a:doomcanary 
march 2009 by adelate
Three Tasks, Part 1/5 - Part 1/2
Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court.

(In light of the sentence above, the following may not appear to be a truthful statement, but: not as cracky as that makes it sound. Really.)

This time: Arthur arbitrates a dispute (with heretofore unforeseen wisdom); Merlin observes.
fic  humor  funny  awesome  slash  crack  [PG-13]  crackfic  original_characters  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Uther_Pendragon  Morgana  Gwen  a:syllic  masterpost  wc:30_000-35_000  wc:30_000-35_000 
december 2008 by adelate
Quickening Days, Part 1/3
"Arthur! Are you awake?"

As a person who had owned many dogs since childhood, Arthur knew how to encourage desirable behaviour through reinforcement, and so the day Merlin actually learned to knock, Arthur thought that he might do something nice for him. Something like...not immediately revising his plans for that evening's feast to include the feathery hat which, no matter what Merlin said, was still hilarious.

Today did not seem to be that day.

"I am now."

"Sorry," Merlin said, not looking it at all. "You should get up. Something's wrong with Morgana."

Arthur struggled upright, ignoring the abrupt chill in his stomach. "What do you mean by wrong?"

"She won't wake up."
fic  humor  slash  [R]  angst  masterpost  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  groundhog_day  casefic  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Uther_Pendragon  Morgana  crossdressing  Gwen  Gaius  a:mercurial_wit  awesome  hot_like_burning 
december 2008 by adelate
Nature's Agency, Part 1/?
Arthur knew something was wrong – or wronger – when he came back from his lunch break early to find Gwen and Morgana huddled around the closed door that went to the toilet, casting worried glances at each other and biting their thumbnails like they were waiting for the result of a pregnancy test.
mpreg  fic  funny  awesome  [not-rated]  slash  crack  wc:wip  good_giggle  crackfic  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Morgana  Gwen  Lancelot/Merlin  a:leupagus  masterpost 
december 2008 by adelate
Getting Dressed in the Dark - Masterpost
Jared and Jensen—mortal enemies throughout high school—never thought that they would eventually end up as stepbrothers when Jensen’s divorced father asks Jared’s widowed mother out to dinner. Becoming a family takes more than sharing a house, but when the boys discover that they’re not as different from each other as they might have thought, being related gets a whole lot more interesting. High school and college bring their share of troubles with girls and schoolwork. But as Jared and Jensen’s perceptions of each other change and grow into something more, will they be prepared for the fallout?
fic  slash  CWRPS  Jared/Jensen  het  [R]  angst  Jared/Sandy  high_school  masterpost  college!fic  wc:60_000-65_000  wc:60_000-65_000  spn_j2_bigbang_2008  Jensen/Kristen  a:sazzlette  Jason_Dohring  Chris_Kane  Steve_Carlson  Chad_Michael_Murray  hot_like_burning 
december 2008 by adelate
Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say 'No', Part 1/2
“Arthur wants you to pretend to be him so that he doesn’t have to get married to Princess Helena?”
fic  slash  angst  [PG-13]  a:paperclipbitch  masterpost  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Morgana  Gwen  trading_places 
december 2008 by adelate
Don't Forget To Breathe Tonight, Part 1/2
It happens on a Tuesday, and really, Dean’s not surprised. Bad things have a tendency to happen to him on Tuesdays. Some girl, a pretty blonde with legs to the sky, told him once that Tuesday is Dean’s tahk in German. It’s not spelled that way, he’s pretty sure of it, but that’s what it sounded like to him. Dean’s tahk, Dean’s day, Tuesday; the stupidest fucking day of the week. One would think that when you get your own day it’d be a good day, but good things rarely happen to a Winchester; so Tuesdays, in general, suck.
fic  slash  Supernatural  Dean/Sam  het  h/c  angst  schmoop  awesome  hot_like_burning  [NC-17]  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  a:jeyhawk  masterpost 
october 2008 by adelate
Family Affairs - Masterpost
A misunderstanding leads to Jensen adopting the role of fiancé to the currently comatose Jeff Padalecki - Jensen's unrequited crush. While Jeff's family welcomes their newest "addition" with open arms, it's Jeff's brother Jared who really turns Jensen's world upside-down.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  Mike/Tom  hot_like_burning  angst  domestic  pretend_marriage/relationship  schmoop  fusion:While_You_Were_Sleeping  a:astri13  Chad_Michael_Murray  Chris_Kane  [PG-13]  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  masterpost 
september 2008 by adelate
The Lesser-Known Fox River State Penitentiary Blues, Part 1/2
Sam's hated this idea since the moment Dean came up with the stupid thing, and had he been more sensible, he thinks now, he'd have run far away before Dean had finished saying, "Okay, so first we get arrested." But they had a debt to repay, and people were dying, and Dean kept assuring him that it was okay, it was all going to be fine, he had a sure-fire escape plan in place.

After all they've been through, Sam thinks, they should probably have realised that nothing is sure-fire.

Here's the problem: the escape plan hinged on Deacon, and Deacon is dead. He suffered a mysterious heart attack hours after the Winchesters were admitted to his prison. With no way for them to avoid it, the date of their hearing has come and gone, and now they're both doing life in Fox River State Penitentiary.

There's no supernatural problem they need to solve at Fox River State Penitentiary. More importantly, they've got no way of getting out of Fox River State Penitentiary.
fic  gen  crossovers  Prison_Break  Supernatural  Prison_Break/Supernatural  Sam_Winchester  Dean_Winchester  Michael_Scofield  Sara_Tancredi  Lincoln_Burrows  Fernando_Sucre  Theodore_Bagwell  [PG-13]  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  a:rionaleonhart  angst  brothers  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
And The Last Shall Be First
It is not a joke: you need a lot of sleep. Most nights, after a show, you politely beg off when the others suggest clubbing or a movie, and the guys roll their eyes and let you go. Some times, it’s true, you will go out with them, early in the evening, but you are always in bed – and asleep – hours before the others stumble into their hotel rooms.

You sleep with your back to the door, and almost nothing can wake you.

Some times, someone knocks softly on the door. You wake instantly, for you have been listening for the sound. It is always late, nearly dawn, but Joey has come to see you.
fic  slash  popslash  JC/Joey  wc:01_000-05_000  wc:01_000-05_000  a:tnl  masterpost  [NC-17]  angst  kinda_sad  solemn  touring 
august 2008 by adelate
It's In His Kiss, Part 1/5
Jared woke to the sound of pounding on a wall down at the other end of the hall. He rolled onto his back and stretched his lanky 6’4” body until his muscles groaned. It was already dark outside, probably pretty late since his roommate, Chad, had already gone out. Swinging his legs over the side of his bed, he levered himself up and scratched idly at his belly. What he really wanted to do was roll back over and sleep for another ten hours, but he didn’t really have a choice.
fic  slash  CWRPS  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  Chris_Kane  Steve_Carlson  Mike/Sophia  Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan  Chad_Michael_Murray  Lauren_Graham  Milo_Ventimiglia  Carson_Kressley  Jai_Rodriguez  fusion:Pretty_Woman  [NC-17]  AU  angst  schmoop  wc:25_000-30_000  wc:25_000-30_000  a:munibunny  hot_like_burning  adorable  prostitution  makeover  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
Death on the High Seas, Part 1/8
Hercule Poirot laid a hand on my arm. “Look,” he said, softly. “We are in the presence of a celebrity.” Without in any way indicating the direction of his observation, I knew from the slight pressure of his grip to look to my left, towards Customs. “Miss Jean Spears,” Poirot continued, “the star of Lucky, among other films. I expect that will mean— Hélas, Hastings! We are indeed fortunate: Mademoiselle Spears is traveling with M. Justin Timberlake.”
fic  slash  popslash  AU  Poirot  Poirot/popslash  whodunnit  murder  mystery  JC/Justin  Joey/Lance  AJ/Howie  Chris/Kevin  Britney_Spears  Christina_Aguilera  Lou_Pearlman  Nick_Carter  Brian_Littrell  [not-rated]  a:tnl  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  awesome  masterpost  Hastings/Poirot 
august 2008 by adelate
Where the Fruit Is, Part 1/2
The heavy thump of boots on the grating of the jumper ramp makes Radek glance up from the schematics for the improvements they'd made for Jumper Five scrolling down the screen of his notebook. He blinks, then looks more closely as the man, dressed out in black BDUs, tac vest, and sidearm strapped to his thigh, unslings a duffle from his shoulder and stores it neatly in one of the equipment bins. Radek feels his mouth curve down into a frown. ”Major Lorne?”
fic  slash  Stargate_Atlantis  Lorne/Radek  a:pierson  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  [R]  Rodney_McKay  warm'n'fuzzy  adorable  socute  slow_buildup  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
Stretch Right Up And Touch The Sky - Masterpost
Jared’s life changed forever the day Jensen transferred to his school two years ago. It must have been destiny that brought them together because Jensen was without a doubt meant to be his forever soulmate and the love of his life. Too bad Jensen had no idea Jared even existed.
fic  slash  CWRPS  Jared/Jensen  Jensen/Tom  Mike/Tom  abouttwoboys  fusion:Kærlighed_ved_første_hik!_(Love_At_First_Hiccup)  Chris_Kane  Steve_Carlson  Chad_Michael_Murray  Sandra_McCoy  Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan  firsts  high_school  good_giggle  funny  angst  awesome  rimming  h/c  a:felisblanco  [NC-17]  wc:45_000-50_000  wc:45_000-50_000  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
Can't Fight This Feeling - Masterpost
Jensen Ackles moves to New York to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a songwriter, but achieving his dream isn't as easy as he thought, and a chance meeting with the mysterious Jared Padalecki makes him wonder if he should have been dreaming of something else all along.
fic  slash  CWRPS  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  a:jeyhawk  AU  fusion:Coyote_Ugly  [NC-17]  wc:35_000-40_000  wc:35_000-40_000  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
That'll Give You Bees - Masterpost
Jensen is a hot-shot Hollywood actor, and Jared owns a pet shop in San Antonio. What happens when two completely different worlds literally collide?
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  abouttwoboys  fusion:Notting_Hill  Jared/Jensen  Danneel/Jensen  Jensen/Tom  a:annella  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [NC-17]  Chad_Michael_Murray  Samantha_Ferris  warm'n'fuzzy  angst  adorable  one's_famous_one's_not  pet_shop  Sandra_McCoy  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
My Problem Is You Make Me Melt - Masterpost
Jensen makes a bet that changes his life forever. Loosely based on the movie She's All That. Title taken from "Have You Ever" by Incubus.
abouttwoboys  fusion:She's_All_That  slash  AU  Jared/Jensen  CWRPS  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [not-rated]  a:juice817  Chris_Kane  bet  high_school  hot_like_burning  fic  warm'n'fuzzy  makeover  firsts  angst  masterpost 
august 2008 by adelate
Those Who Appear Smaller from a Distance - Masterpost
Sam goes to hell so Dean doesn't have to, but there is no fucking way Dean Winchester is going to let the little shit brood in hell for all eternity, and leave him all by himself topside. He goes through hell (literally) to pull him out, with the aid of h
fic  slash  Supernatural  Dean/Sam  awesome  Dante  Hell  brothers  John_Winchester  Ruby  Bobby_Singer  [NC-17]  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  a:ihearthings_ii  spn_j2_bigbang_2008  angst  masterpost 
july 2008 by adelate
Miss(ter) Congeniality, Part 1/3
San Antonio, TX – After a firestorm of legal battles and bidding wars, a network has emerged victorious from the slew of contenders vying for the legal rights to broadcast the first ever Mr. United States pageant.
fic  slash  CWRPS  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  fusion:Miss_Congeniality  AU  a:ras_elased  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  [NC-17]  masterpost 
march 2008 by adelate
Been Down that Rocky Road
Jared is sort of a disaster - an accident waiting to happen, a jinx. But Jensen knows a few things about those, so he figures he can handle it.
fic  slash  AU  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  CWRPS  a:nevcolleil  [NC-17]  wc:05_000-10_000  wc:05_000-10_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Part 1/5
When Jared desperately needs a date for his brother's wedding, he hires an escort. Jensen's the perfect fake boyfriend, except pretty soon things get a little too real. Based on The Wedding Date.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  Jared/Jensen  abouttwoboys  firsts  fusion:The_Wedding_Date  a:belyste  [NC-17]  wc:35_000-40_000  wc:35_000-40_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Crushed in Cordova, Part 1/2
After losing his wife, Jensen’s determined to be a good father, even though he doesn’t ever plan on dating again. But once he meets Jared, everything changes.
fic  slash  CWRPS  Jared/Jensen  AU  kidfic  abouttwoboys  fusion:Sleepless_in_Seattle  a:aynslee  [R]  wc:10_000-15_000  wc:10_000-15_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Stand By Your Man, Part 1/4
Jared: a wedding singer who can't sing, left standing at the altar. Jensen: a newcomer to town who's having big troubles with his haughty fiancée.
fic  slash  CWRPS  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  AU  fusion:The_Wedding_Singer  a:thehighwaywoman  [not-rated]  wc:30_000-35_000  wc:30_000-35_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
I Don’t Want to Be In Love [But You're Making Me], Part 1/3
Jared knows it’s not normal. He’s never suffered any illusions. Cool water licks across his spine, curls around a bicep, and all too soon he’s sinking…down, down, fingers to the sky and eyes shut tight. Only then does he relax, smiling.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  fusion:Formula_17  a:keepaofthecheez  [NC-17]  wc:25_000-30_000  wc:25_000-30_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Underneath This Texas Sky, Part 1/4
Money can buy popularity but... For Jensen, he just wanted to be a part of the cool crowd. When star quarterback Jared needs help, Jensen sees his chance. What he gets is more than he bargained for.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  fusion:Can't_Buy_Me_Love  a:lostt1  [PG-13]  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Down and Out in Valentine, Texas
Rumbling into Valentine, Texas is easy enough, but leaving proves to be a whole lot trickier than expected...
fic  slash  abouttwoboys  humor  Supernatural  groundhog_day  Dean/Sam  AU  a:kuromatic  [PG-13]  wc:01_000-05_000  wc:01_000-05_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
This Fragile Heart, Part 1/2
Jensen Ackles cursed the overcast sky as the first, fat raindrops started to fall over Los Angeles. Riley would absolutely kill him if he got his nice shoes and dress pants wet and spattered with mud.
fic  slash  CWRPS  abouttwoboys  AU  Jared/Jensen  a:agt_spooky  fusion:Return_to_Me  [NC-17]  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Can't Fight This Feeling, Part 1/4
All Jensen ever wanted to be was a songwriter; he didn’t even have those soon to be forgotten childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut or Indiana Jones. There had been a short period of time in his impressionable teens where he wanted to be a singer, famous and adorned by the masses, but that particular dream had died when he signed up for the annual high school Christmas Show.
fic  slash  CWRPS  abouttwoboys  Jared/Jensen  a:jeyhawk  AU  fusion:Coyote_Ugly  [NC-17]  wc:35_000-40_000  wc:35_000-40_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate
Talking About Love Is Like Dancing About Architecture, Part 1/3
“Can you believe they’re actually getting married? I mean, that’s very gay of them.”

Jensen looked over the edge of his Advanced Theory textbook with a quirked brow, “How is it gay of them if they’re gay?”

“I don't know. I mean, there’s butt fucking and then, there are china patterns,” Chad grimaced, tossing an elegant, navy wedding invitation on the coffee table.
fic  slash  CWRPS  AU  abouttwoboys  fusion:Playing_by_Heart  Jared/Jensen  Chris/Steve  Chad/Sandy  Chad/Sophia  Mike/Tom  a:crackedbuthappy  [not-rated]  wc:20_000-25_000  wc:20_000-25_000  masterpost 
february 2008 by adelate

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