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keep me intact, by verity
Summary: The last time Mako was inside Gipsy Danger was six months ago. She's standing over them in the mess now, cleaned and polished, already looking more statue than amazon.
ty:fic  f:pacific.rim  r:mako.mori/raleigh.becket  r:newt/hermann  th:gen(ish)  rt:general.audiences  wc:1k  th:warstory  a:verity  y:2013 
november 2013 by adastra03
How to Train Your Kaiju, by psikeval
Summary: “You don’t wanna hurt me,” he repeats, and steps forward, holding out his hand.
ty:fic  f:pacific.rim  r:newt/hermann  rt:teen&up  wc:21k  th:warstory  a:psikeval  y:2013 
november 2013 by adastra03
the world ablaze, that's the best for me, by postcardmystery
Summary: He hates you, so thoroughly, so viscerally, that it almost hurts, but he sees you, and when he hates you his hate encompasses all that you are and have the potential to be.
ty:fic  f:pacific.rim  r:newt/hermann  rt:teen&up  rt:mature  rt:explicit  wc:9k  a:postcardmystery  y:2013 
november 2013 by adastra03
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), by redorchids
Summary: Kill Bill meets Pulp Fiction meets about a 1/10 or so of John Grisham’s The Firm. Spencer is a hit man, working for the Deadly Cobras. A certain Brendon Urie keeps getting in his way.
ty:fic  f:bandom  f:pacific.rim  r:brendon/spencer  th:au  rt:teen&up  rt:mature  wc:7k  a:redorchids  y:2009 
september 2013 by adastra03
big teeth small kiss, by magneticwave
Summary: It takes Raleigh three accidental meetings, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and an economics textbook to fall for Mako Mori harder than he’s fallen for anything else in his entire life. Yancy, predictably, laughs his ass off about it.
ty:fic  f:pacific.rim  r:mako.mori/raleigh.becket  r:newt/hermann  th:au  th:school  rt:general.audiences  wc:8k  a:magneticwave  y:2013 
september 2013 by adastra03

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