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The Talk, by Sineala
Summary: Even in a world where police officers bond psychically with wolves, Fraser's bond with his wolfbrother is unique, leaving them isolated, shunned by most wolves. It isn't until he meets Ray Kowalski that Fraser realizes he might not be entirely unwelcome.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  chr:diefenbaker  rt:teen&up  wc:2k  f:iskryne.saga  th:mindmeld\soulbond  th:crossover\fusion  a:sineala  y:2014 
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Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps, by etcetera_cat
Excerpt: The thing about Ben, Diefenbaker reflects, is that whilst he seems to have an almost unnatural aptitude for human languages, when it comes to speaking Canine (whether the sparse elegance of the tundra language used by the wolves; the conversational equivalent of gargling raw sewage that passes for communication in certain districts of Chicago; or, indeed, any of the hundred dialects in between) the poor man is only just above the level of the average unilingual tourist.
ty:fic  f:due.south  otp:duet(fraser/kowalski)  chr:diefenbaker  rt:teen&up  wc:u  a:etcetera-cat  y:2006 
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