Fat Cat Software – iPhoto Library Manager
Can repair iPhoto libraries if all else fails.
iphoto  mac  sysadmin 
8 weeks ago
iPhoto Library Upgrader 1.1
Can update (and possibly repair) old iPhoto libraries to be used with newer versions of iPhoto.
sysadmin  mac  iphoto 
8 weeks ago
WHMCS | The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution
Recommended by SiteHost as integrating with them and providing reseller functionality.
nz  sysadmin  hosting 
8 weeks ago
Creative Woodcraft - Wildlife homes
Houses for bees (bumble & native solitary bees), butterflies, bats, bird, weta and lizards.
nz  animal  house 
november 2014
Devel::Trace - search.cpan.org
Lets you do the equivalent of bash -xv with Perl scripts.
perl  programming 
october 2014
FontFabrik Fonts TheSans Typewriter
A nice type writer font that isn't American Typewriter.
october 2014
Permaflorae - Permaculture plant database
Downloadable version of Plants for a Future database with a nicer front end.
pfaf  permaculture  trees 
june 2014
HomePage - Aneuch Wiki
Similar to OddMuse, looks interesting but a one man show.
opensource  perl  wiki  software 
march 2014
Goodnature - Rat, Stoat & Possum Kill Traps
NZ made traps which have been reducing pests to undetectable levels.
nz  pest  trap  animals 
march 2014
HiFX - Currency Exchange, Foreign Exchange & International Money Transfer Specialists
NZ company, might be able to provide US/UK bank account for Amazon accounts.
nz  usa  uk  money 
february 2014
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