SABnzbd.org - The free and easy binary newsreader
Supposedly the best Usenet client for Mac as of 2017. Supports NZB which I'd never heard of.
opensource  nntp  mac  windows  linux  client  web 
14 days ago
Why My Former Employees Still Work for Me
"We owe Semco’s survival to workers who ask: Why can’t we do it better?"
management  mananon  hero  business 
27 days ago
The self-build guide - L’Atelier Paysan
FarmHack, but better (and in French).
farm  hack  tools  diy 
may 2016
Astropad for iPad | Graphics Tablet App
Use an iPad as a drawing tablet (like a Cintiq).
apple  mac  ios  software 
september 2015
Fat Cat Software – iPhoto Library Manager
Can repair iPhoto libraries if all else fails.
iphoto  mac  sysadmin 
april 2015
iPhoto Library Upgrader 1.1
Can update (and possibly repair) old iPhoto libraries to be used with newer versions of iPhoto.
sysadmin  mac  iphoto 
april 2015
WHMCS | The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution
Recommended by SiteHost as integrating with them and providing reseller functionality.
nz  sysadmin  hosting 
april 2015
Creative Woodcraft - Wildlife homes
Houses for bees (bumble & native solitary bees), butterflies, bats, bird, weta and lizards.
nz  animal  house 
november 2014
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