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The Daily Bell -- Assange Fever
'The Assange saga is turning into the single-most astonishing event we have ever witnessed. ...we hope of course that Assange is all that he says is. But his story is almost too dramatic for words. It's a trickster story as we've pointed out; or at least it has the hallmarks of one. The trickster is in fact, someone who brings “order out of chaos” – a figure who is not what he appears to be and is a polarizing but magnetic personage. The trickster figure is tens of thousands of years old; it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, narrative in existence. It has tremendous unconscious resonance for people, whether they realize it or not. The power elite, the Anglo-American axis that orchestrates these dominant social themes, is well aware of the power of such story telling. If the elite is purposefully reducing nation-states to ruin, it will need to offer an alternative. They will need to offer the world a Chosen One.' -- Motoko: "Kuze is becoming extraordinary!"
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december 2010 by adamcrowe
The Daily Bell -- CODA: Sayeth the Chosen One ...
"You thought he was your guy," the senior man said quietly. "But maybe he was in the mix all along." The junior man looked startled. "OK. Or maybe he's gone off the reservation." "He's sure getting news coverage. One article every two minutes at its height. That doesn't happen to everybody. Has to be ... arranged. So perhaps plans have changed. Maybe the idea is to admit a lot more now. And to build this guy up as the other side of the Hegelian dialectic. The trick is to win over those who don't believe. You have to appeal to the ones who DISTRUST the new order of things." "So someone like him—" the junior man said, glancing sideways. "Persecuted - Jailed." "Sure, he becomes the guy, the chosen one." "Someone who turns the Internet upside down—even gives us the rationale to crack down if we need to." "Exactly," the senior man said. "The other half of the dialectic." "I'm not sure I believe it," the junior man said. "That's pretty devious, but also obvious." "Hm-mm—just a thought."'
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december 2010 by adamcrowe
'In 1970 Wattenberg [a democratic party neoconservative strategist] published an analysis of American voting patterns called The Real Majority. It argued that the country was now divided between a liberal elite preoccupied with cultural issues like race, sexual politics and abortion, and a vast forgotten hinterland who were "unyoung, unpoor and unblack". Wattenberg's heroine was the 47 year-old housewife from Dayton who feared and despised the liberal elite. Harness that power, he said, and you can change the world. But then the Neoconservatives got screwed yet again. Richard Nixon, the Republican President, read Wattenberg's analysis and stole all his ideas. And it worked. Nixon won re-election with one of the biggest majorities ever in American history. At the same time a new conservative force was being unleashed across the Islamic world. And, like in America, it was the mass of the new urban lower middle classes who despised the liberal elites.'
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december 2009 by adamcrowe
Scientific Blogging -- Addicted To Being Good? The Psychopathology Of Heroism
'The X-altruistic person [has] a need to live in "a fair and just world", and will go to great lengths to try and maintain that. They are driven by factors outside of themselves, externally motivated drives, such as aiding the plight of society or serving the "greater good". ...the sociopath and the X-altruist, may appear similar in their displays of behavior, and at times, even confused for the other type. If an X-altruistic person is compelled to break rules without remorse in order to help a disadvantaged person, it may seem as if he is acting rebelliously, especially if the motives behind his behavior are not known. On the other hand, a sociopath may donate a large sum of money to a charity, a seemingly altruistic behavior, but his actions may have been motivated by his selfish need to appear better than or more generous than a colleague. The defining characteristic that separates the two personality types is their ability to empathize, either not at all or too much...'
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october 2009 by adamcrowe

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