Think a tidy house will lead to a tidy life? Think again by Oliver Burkeman
'...The extreme case of the paradox of control, as Nick Williams explains on his blog The Negative Psychologist, is the abusive relationship in which one person seeks wholly to control the other. If the other person submits completely, the abuser usually isn’t pleased, as you might have predicted, but enraged. Having successfully eradicated the other person’s will, there’s no longer an opposing will for him to dominate, and he’s as lonely and insecure as before. As soon as victory is won, he realises it’s the last thing he wanted. -- As I say: an extreme case. There’s nothing psychologically unhealthy about decluttering and cleaning if done in moderation. But it’s good to remember that the endpoint won’t ever be that you feel completely in control of the clutter. Or of anything. That’s the life-changing magic of knowing when to stop tidying up.' -- https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor
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YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: HBR Talk 72: Wrongthink Boogeyman: A glitch in the matrix
"Information that contradicts a single political position is not, in and of itself, scary, but when it contradicts a part of the foundation upon which one’s entire outlook is based, it’s terrifying. People will do anything to avoid it. A lot of the phenomenon of special pleading in arguments comes from the debater’s inability to wrap his or her mind around a concept that challenges one of those foundational attitudes or beliefs. An individual accustomed to a hierarchy of accountability that places women between men and children instead of on the same level as men simply cannot come to grips with a debate point that relies on gender-equal accountability standards. Evidence of men’s vulnerability will unnerve an individual who only sees them as powerful or strong, or even just treats reliability as a defining male characteristic. These confrontations are the solid object the mind cannot bypass, the door to the closet where the boogeyman hides, ready to jump out and tell you that women are not wonderful, but only human… that men are not gods and devils, but also only human. The resulting mental gymnastics are the discussion version of the holy-freakin’-yucky-spider-heebie-jeebie dance, not just at the ideas, but at the suddenly creepy individual who dares to discuss them. -- By virtue of having your hand on the door, of having pulled up the blankets to stare into the abyss, you’re now infected with whatever it is that your discussion partner cannot bring him-or-herself to confront. -- You have triggered the normie. Prepare for meltdown." -- Be strong for me!
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Quillette -- The Boy Who Inflated the Concept of 'Wolf' by Spencer Case
'...lying is not the only manipulation of language that degrades trust. -- ... We all have the responsibility to be good stewards of the languages we speak. We shape it when we decide to accept or reject new coinages or expressions. -- ... [When] we degrade language [we] make it harder for everyone to communicate. This is analogous to polluting a common resource like the water or air. -- If some way of using a word seems fishy, then take your own reaction seriously and make your concern known. Of course, your linguistic intuitions are no more authoritative than those of any other equally competent speaker. Such disagreement might indicate that a word’s meaning might be unsettled or vague. On the other hand, when the language seems very fishy, and the fishiness of the expression facilitates the speaker’s rhetorical goals, it’s reasonable to suspect sophistry. I’ve given several examples that seem to exhaust the principle of charity in this way. Faced with blatant abuses of language, we should be blunt: Damn your lies, that is no wolf!'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Right-Libertarian “Free Trade” and “Free Markets”: The Exoteric, and Esoteric Version by Kevin Carson
'...Richard Ebeling, in the interview I cited above, chided the Left for their neglect of “What Is Not Seen,” but if anyone has that failing it is self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalists” and “Voluntaryists,” who — in distinguishing “coercive” from “voluntary” interactions — resemble a dog who looks at one’s fingertip instead of the object pointed at. Their criteria for identifying “coercive” or “forcible” actions do not extend beyond the immediate point of interaction, and ignore coercive background and legacy conditions altogether. Any critic of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos on social media is immediately swarmed with replies from right-libertarians indignantly objecting that they “earned” their 12-figure fortunes by selling things that people freely chose to buy, and that their workers can’t be exploited because they “willingly” went to work for them and should “look for another job” if they don’t like it. The idea that there are background conditions that constrain the options available to workers and consumers, to the benefit of capital — background conditions which the state played and continues to play the chief role in creating and enforcing, primarily at the behest of the capitalist economic interests that dominate its councils — never occurs to them. -- At the risk of sounding like Leo Strauss, right-libertarianism seems to have both an exoteric and an esoteric doctrine. The former, embodied in polemics aimed at a mass audience, treats the “liberal” or “free market” order as spontaneously emergent from voluntary human interaction, and frames the only possible choice in regard to state action as whether to “allow” natural inequality and the hegemony of the cash nexus, or “intervene” to prevent it. This is the level of understanding of rank and file right-libertarians, who smugly tell others to “go study economics,” while themselves being ignorant of both economics and history beyond whatever pablum is spoon-fed to them in Walter Williams op-eds, Charlie Kirk speeches, and commentaries at Mises.org. They look at a system whose history is centuries of a boot stamping on a human face, whose core logic is violence, and see only “voluntary interactions.” But Mises himself knew better, and at times admitted it. And we can thank Quinn Slobodian for bringing this esoteric teaching, strong meat of doctrine unfit for babes, to light.' -- Landlordists gonna landlord
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Daily Mail Online -- Vegan parents almost starve 5-month-old son to death by switching out doctor-prescribed formula
'...Since Wednesday, the infant, who is now in DCF custody, has gained a half a pound on fluids alone. -- The baby had been 'lethargic and not crying' when found according to court papers, and 'had difficulties maintaining his temperature and sugar due to dehydration and malnourishment.' 
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The Onion -- Chinese Man Worried You Can’t Have Respectful Debate About How Amazing Government Is Anymore
'BEIJING—Lamenting the country’s widening political divide, local man Lei Chen admitted to feeling worried Friday that you couldn’t even have a respectful debate about how amazing the government is anymore. “We’ve become so polarized between people who believe we’re the best country in the world and people who believe we’re the best in the galaxy,” said Chen, calling for a more nuanced dialogue when discussing how President Xi Jinping will restore the nation to past glory. “These days, you can’t even talk about the sheer brilliance of the Communist party without someone screaming at you. We need to reach across the aisle and calmly discuss our great, virile leader. No matter where you stand, we can all agree that we’re the luckiest people on Earth to live here—we need to unite behind that.” At press time, officials had taken Lei into custody for speaking out of turn.'
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Breitbart -- Delingpole: Yeah, Let's Welcome Back the Jihadi Bride 'Unfazed' by Severed Heads
'...What country in its right mind would jeopardise the lives of its citizens by inviting into its bosom an unrepentant jihadist from arguably the world’s most brutal terror organisation, there to live at enormous expense to the taxpayer, constantly needing to be monitored by the security services lest she radicalises others or plots some new atrocity of her own? -- I’ll tell you which country: Great Britain. -- Already the cries have arisen from the usual suspects: Max Hill QC, the new Director of Public Prosecutions believes that the focus on returning ISIS jihadis should be on “integration”; a lawyer called Tasnime Akunjee has said that Miss Begum – and her other surviving friend, if she makes it – should be treated as a “victim.” -- This is how liberal democracy slowly commits suicide – through the phenomenon known as “pathological altruism.” -- The state is now more interested in parading its moral virtue than it is in protecting its citizens. -- And because that state no longer listens to us, we are powerless to prevent our inexorable decline into chaos and oblivion.' -- Sugar and spice...
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: In the Belly of the Beast! Stefan Molyneux Interviewed by James Delingpole in Brussels - YouTube
'James Delingpole interviews Stefan Molyneux after his speech at the European Union Parliament on Tech Censorship.' -- "When you get rid of love, you get political allegiance. Women still need resources, rather than getting if from their husband, they get it from the state. Which means they use the power of the state to forcibly extract resources from anonymous men to give to them rather than being loved by a man. And that allegiance to the state is why the state programs people to reject love." -- Harem Patriarchy
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'It's clearly evident that the establishment and the elites despise the working class. They view us as thugs or chavs. This is your chance to hear the utter contempt straight from the horse's mouth. This is John Sweeney of BBC Panorama describing the working class as CANNIBALS from a jungle! -- John, those cannibals pay your salary so I suggest you resign in the morning because you know full well that there are plenty more of these to come!' -- Continues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=895JojBZCIQ
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: Parents at Birmingham primary school want to ban lessons on LGBT rights
'A teacher at a primary school in England's second-biggest city says he's been receiving threats for teaching pupils about same-sex relationships. His initiative, which has led some parents to pull their children out of school in protest, has triggered a broader debate in the UK about challenging homophobia.' -- Trolls trolling trolls
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Spiked -- Go to hell, Donald Tusk by Brendan O'Neill
'Tusk’s insistence that Brexiteers are headed for hell sums up the Brussels oligarchy’s elitism. -- It’s useful to be reminded every now and then just how much the Brussels oligarchy hates us. So let’s be grateful to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, for his slipped-mask comment today. He effectively condemned to hell the 17.4million Britons who voted for Brexit. In a press conference with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who chortled along, naturally, Tusk wondered out loud what ‘special place in hell’ there will be for those who ‘those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely’. The diplomatic facade fell and here we had Eurocrat elitism in all its rawness and nastiness: they really do view those who dissent from their illiberal, undemocratic writ as evil beings, sinners, disrupters of decency, destined for the furthest reaches of hell itself. -- Some anti-Brexit campaigners – finally feeling a twinge of embarrassment over this foul bureaucracy they’ve devoted their lives to defending – insist that Tusk was talking about Leave leaders, not Leave voters. His target wasn’t the former factory-worker in Stoke or the hairdresser in Essex who marked Leave on their ballot paper – it was Jacob Rees-Mogg and BoJo and the other poshos who ‘promoted’ Leave without thinking through its consequences. In short, he was ‘punching up’ rather than punching down. Do me a favour. Punching down is what the EU does. It punched down at the Greek working class, punched down at the Italian electorate, punched down at Ireland by imposing economic colonisers to dictate its financial agenda, and now it is punching down at ordinary Brits who engaged in the ultimate ‘promotion’ of Brexit by actually voting for it in June 2016.'
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Information Liberation -- Liberal Activist Calls For Steve King to Be Removed From Office For Sharing NPC Meme
'As Paul Joseph Watson noted yesterday, they want to ban our memes:
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Gqjs9UqGk] -- All opposition to the establishment must be shut down in advance of the 2020 election. -- Democrat 2020 favorite Kamala Harris suggested on Tuesday that memes which cause libs offense are a matter of "national security" which need to be "deal[t] with." -- ... This is how desperate they are. -- As Ann Coulter told Alex Jones last year after he was banned from the internet: "Consider how strong liberals consider their arguments. They've got all of the mainstream media, one hundred percent. ABC, NBC, CBS, all the cable, the major newspapers, the major news magazines, they've got Yahoo, AOL. They have the Swamp, they’ve got Hollywood, they have Silicon Valley. And now they're down to the last corners of the internet." -- "Oh no! Conservatives can speak to one another, we must shut it off!"'
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Paul Craig Roberts -- Trump’s Speech: An Assessment
'...A country without defended borders is not a country. If a country has no respect for its borders, why does the country need a military to repel invaders? Clearly, for the Democratic Party the United States is some kind of universalistic place where people from other lands come and go at will unimpeded. Having borders is nationalism, and nationalism has been redefined from the patriotism it once was to fascism. For Democrats, as for Macron and Merkel, patriotism is the refusal to defend the country’s borders. In other words, the Democratic Party is now without any doubt the party of The Camp of the Saints. -- I don’t think that the Democrats’ view of America is shared by the American people. Many commentators attribute the Democrats’ preference for massive non-white immigration to a belief that the immigrants will make the Democrats by far and away the dominant party and bring about an era of one party rule. Possibly Democrats are this stupid, but the likely effect will be that the immigrants themselves will rule. -- As for Trump himself, I think Trump was, and still is, sincere. Whereas the Democrats are now the party of victim groups, Trump focused on the plight of ordinary Americans and on normalizing US relations with Russia. Ordinary Americans, not victim groups, are the backbone of the country. America cannot be great if ordinary people have dim prospects, and a government that is provoking conflict with powerful opponents that it itself has made into opponents has no time, energy, or resources to devote to improving the prospects of its population. -- Nevertheless, sincere or not, Trump is misled on many issues. For example, China has not stolen US jobs. US jobs were exported to China by US global corporations in order to enrich themselves and their shareholders via lower labor costs. It was American firms that took the jobs to China. -- Trump’s worst defeat, a defeat that could result in the destruction of the US and the world, is his defeat on the Russian front. Russiagate has achieved its purpose of forcing Trump off of his agenda of improving the US/Russian relationship. The military/security complex, the Mueller “investigation,” the presstitutes, and the Democratic Party have successfully characterized all efforts to improve US/Russian relations as collusion with the enemy. Trump has been forced to impose more sanctions on Russia, to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, to withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Treaty, and to declare his intent to scrap the last remaining arms control agreement in 2021. -- These agreements to control nuclear weapons and to minimize the chance of their ever being used were the work of many US and Russian governments over decades. They have all now been scrapped at the worst of all possible times.'
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Breitbart -- Delingpole: The EU Is the Mob. Never Get Involved with the Mob.
;I’m loving the BBC’s documentary series Why Voting Brexit Is The Best Thing We Ever Did. -- It’s really called Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil but my title’s better and truer. -- As I mentioned last week, never have I seen a documentary so utterly damning of the EU project, the ruthless technocrats who run it and the complicit politicians who keep their reluctant citizens enslaved within it. Yet amazingly, it was made with these people’s full consent. -- No one tricked Donald Tusk, Nicholas Sarkozy, Timothy Geithner, George Osborne, Manuel Barroso, and co into sitting down in front of a camera and revealing how self-serving and arrogant they are, how utterly contemptuous of the ordinary people they are supposed to serve. If the European Union is a conspiracy against democracy — and it is — it’s a conspiracy in plain sight in which most of the key players are more than happy to boast about their role in it. -- ... The EU’s price for bailing out Greece’s bankrupt economy, in other words, was a Carthaginian peace. Greece was to be crushed so utterly that no matter what it did to rejuvenate its economy, no matter how much it cut spending, it could simply never recover. It would languish in perpetuity as the EU’s whipped slave — an example to all the other southern economies (Spain and Italy especially) as to what happens when you are foolish enough to defy Massa. -- Not unreasonably, the Greek people objected somewhat to this weird arrangement into which they’d been dragged by Tsipras’s socialist predecessor George Papandreou. They wanted out. -- I don’t normally root for governments led by Marxist student types. But on this occasion it was definitely: “Go, Reds! Go!” -- Instead — just like Warsaw ’44, Hungary ’56, and Tiananmen Square ’89 — the uprising was mercilessly crushed. -- Sure the EU doesn’t dirty its manicured fingers with actual killing — no one wants blood on their Brioni suits — but what its commissars did to Greece was all too redolent of the way ruthless powers such as Rome or Nazi Germany treat conquered states. -- Greece was forced to sell its government assets. There was talk at one point that it might even be forced to sell the Parthenon — a particularly cruel twist of the knife. -- It had had its chance to escape — but Tsipras lost his nerve and the country reluctantly acceded. The threat of being driven out of the EU and the Eurozone and becoming what Tsipras called a “failed state” was just too scary for a struggling economy of 9 million people. --Somewhere in a parallel universe, I’m writing a piece about the economic miracle of post 2010 Greece; about how, after taking a massive haircut when it crashed out of the Euro and restored the drachma, and after considerable chaos, Greece was now experiencing an extraordinary tourist and export boom — the result of its cheap currency. Yes, Greece had suffered. But the cradle of democracy had got its pride back. -- Not in this world, unfortunately. -- Don’t let’s be Greece. Don’t let us ever, ever forget what kind of people we are dealing with here. They’re the kind of people who, when the head of the International Monetary Fund threatens to overturn their plans the man gets conveniently arrested under threat of sexual assault charges; the kind of people who chuckle, self-approvingly, at how they put a sovereign nation in its place by reducing it to penury and satrapy. -- These people are the Mob. Never get involved with the Mob. And if you’re foolish enough to do so, get out as fast as you can.'
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6 days ago
Breitbart -- Delingpole: The Commie Masterplan to Make Britain the Next Venezuela
'...The Communist Party of Britain (CPB), it’s true, is not in itself a significant electoral force. In 2017, it had a total of just 734 members; and in the 2015 general election, it gained a grand total of 1,229 votes. -- Unfortunately key figures from CPB, including Andrew Murray — the man believed to have had a hand in writing the 2011 edition of Britain’s Road to Socialism — are now Jeremy Corbyn’s key advisors. -- These also include Seumas Milne, a privately educated admirer of the Soviet Union, now Corbyn’s Director of Strategy and Communications; Chris Williamson, a hard-left cheerleader for the Chavez regime; and, of course, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell — who has made little secret of his violent revolutionary leanings: -- When McDonnell told a gathering of supporters, “I am a Marxist. This is a classic crisis of the economy — a classic capitalist crisis. I have been waiting for this for a generation”, it was this that he was referring to. His praise for students “kicking the shit out of Millbank” (the Tory HQ) as being the “best of our movement” raised eyebrows too but, once again, such sentiments are logical for a Marxist. Marx and Engels defended the use of violence in pursuit of the revolution. Engels wrote that “nothing can be achieved without violence” while Marx declared that “only revolutionary terrorism” could “shorten the bloody birth throes of the new society”. -- How scared should we be? -- Well personally, I think we’re already well past Peak Corbyn. -- In the most recent YouGov poll, his popularity hit an all time low. -- But the worrying detail here is that the decline had more to do with his wavering position on Brexit than it did with his left-wing lunacy. -- ... The reason for Corbyn’s ambiguity on Brexit is that he, like many of his hard-left inner circle, sees the European Union’s regulations as an irritating constraint on his ambitions to implement full Communism in the UK. In other words, Corbyn is secretly as pro-Brexit as Jacob Rees-Mogg but he just can’t admit it. Sure, it would make him more popular in the Labour voting strongholds of the north, but he’s probably got their vote anyway. More important to his strategy is to avoid giving Theresa May’s shaky government any more support than is necessary. So it suits him to sit on the fence: that way, there’s more of that much-needed instability which, he hopes, will lead to the wave of popular frustration which propels him into power. -- If history weren’t taught so badly in schools, everyone would know that Communism — or “democratic Socialism” or whatever fancy euphemisms the hard-left uses to mask its intentions — has failed everywhere it has been tried. -- But a lot of people in Britain either don’t know this or are naive enough to imagine that next time will be different. Corbyn’s PR machine nurtures this delusion by presenting him as a harmless avuncular figure who just wants to bring about social justice in a world brought low by the failed model of capitalism. -- Chavez was just the same. Before he came to power, he was very careful to present himself as a moderate figure — certainly not the type to do anything so radically left wing as nationalise all the industries, confiscate everyone’s assets, and imprison his critics. -- Corbyn probably won’t get as far as Chavez did — and consequently won’t enter nearly the same league of infamy. But it won’t be for want of trying. If the Corbynistas ever get their buttocks on the seat of power, what seems like a joke today will suddenly seem very unfunny indeed.' -- Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, Weak men create hard times.
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Breitbart -- Pinkerton: The AOC-ization of the Democrats Boosts Trump in 2020
'#The Cycle of Presidential Elections: U.S. presidential elections follow a predictable cycle, which we can formulate into a thesis, the first part of which runs like this: When a party loses the White House, its establishment is discredited; after all, the establishment’s candidate just lost. And so in the absence of establishmentarian constraints, the party’s base—that is, the activists out in the grassroots, expressing a purer, more zealous ideology—finds itself in charge. Such dominance by the activist base then shapes the next presidential nomination. So in the first “out-year” presidential election—that is, four years after losing the White House—the party’s new nominee is now reflective of the base’s activist ideology. So the base candidate is therefore easily painted as an extremist in the general election, and, as a result, the base candidate loses, often in a landslide. -- ... After the activists run, and lose, in the first “out-year” presidential election, the moderate establishment makes a comeback in the second “out-year” election, most likely leading the party back to victory. After all, national elections are won in the middle.'
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6 days ago
Daily Mail Online -- The rise of female infidelity  
'... While we tend to assume that men like to ‘sow their wild oats’ but women search for ‘the one’ some scientists suggest that it’s women, more than men, who actually need “the new” when it comes to sex. A 2017 study of more than 11,000 British men and women, aged 16 to 74, found women who lived with a partner were twice as likely as cohabiting men to lose interest in sex. -- ... Another survey found that in the first three years of a relationship, women were roughly twice as likely as men to become sexually bored. -- One experiment led by Bio-psychologist Dr Meredith Chivers, involved men and women being shown pornographic films while their physical responses were monitored. -- Fascinatingly, the bodies of women who described themselves as heterosexual responded to just about everything they saw, whether it was straight, gay or lesbian sex. Straight men, meanwhile, had narrower tastes — their bodies more predictably turned on by men and women, or women and women. -- Dr Chivers, told me that not only does recent work in this area suggest that women’s desires are broader than previously thought, but that their libidos are also stronger than we’ve been led to believe. -- In another experiment male and female participants watched an erotic film and then assessed their inclination to have sex. -- Men and women reported almost identical degrees of desire. Another test revealed that female participants were just as turned on by the prospect of sex with a stranger as straight men were. According to Dr Chivers, the key to understanding the difference between men and women, is understanding the difference between responsive desire and spontaneous desire. -- While men may experience more spontaneous desire — they can go from 0-60mph very quickly — when it comes to responding to erotic stimulation women show levels of passion that rival, if not outdo, the men. -- But why would women crave variety? After all since Darwin it’s been accepted that a woman is biologically programmed to seek out one mate who can provide for and protect her while she brings up her babies. -- Meanwhile men are designed to spread their genetic material far and wide. If they have affairs it’s because their evolutionary make up means they just can’t help it. Right? Yet, the latest evolutionary research turns that whole idea on its head. -- In fact, some scientists now suggest that it’s women who need new experiences to keep interested because of how things went in our evolutionary pre-history. -- It turns out, there are sound evolutionary reasons why we are are programmed to get bored making love to the same man and lust after others. -- Forget the popular image of the fur-clad caveman going off to hunt while his woman looks after their baby, there is a growing theory among anthropologists that we evolved not as monogamous pairs but as ‘co-operative breeders’. In this way of life, loose bands of men and women raised their young collectively, and very likely mated with multiple partners. -- For early humans, female promiscuity was, under certain circumstances, a smart reproductive and social strategy. -- A way to increase the likelihood of getting high-quality sperm and maximizing the chance that numerous males might be willing to support her during pregnancy and protect and feed her and her offspring. -- It makes a lot of sense. Sleeping with a number of men, hedged against a single partner with poor fertility, could increase chances of being impregnated at your fertile time.' -- It takes a village...
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6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- News Briefs – 02/06/2018
'China’s fake AI news anchors are eerily realistic [https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/11/09/h7hfB/cgi-news-anchor-china]. I could see a day in the future when people are lied to from birth about this technology even existing, and all of the “characters” they are familiar with on the news, and in movies, and in music, being fake AI-generated personalities which everyone thinks are real, and which say exactly what the government/Cabal wants everyone to hear. I could see everyone online being fully sandboxed – being served a custom AI-produced internet created just for them to simulate interaction, but designed to make sure every opinion you hear is Cabal-approved. So you go to a board, filled with Cabal-AI posts, you comment, and Cabal AI serves you a new page with your comments, and AI responses you think are real. I’ve wondered whether the woke today are being sandboxed. ...'
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6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- News Briefs – 02/7/018
'Oscars will not have a host after previous pick was DQ’d for homophobic tweets. [https://www.nbcwashington.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/Academy-Awards-Confirms-No-Oscar-Host-for-Telecast-505373571.html] It dawns on me that this hyper sensitive environment, where whatever you do the mob descends, is tailor-made for driving the adoption of the new virtual AI hosts. Only an AI character could be programmed to never offend, never say the wrong thing, and if it makes a mistake you effortlessly create a new one, complete with instantly constructed AI-produced social media history going back years, to pick up where the old one left off. Who is going to know it isn’t a real person, if the CGI melding it into the background at the awards show is good enough. AI hosts may actually eventually become the next big thing.'
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6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- News Briefs – 02/10/2019
Yale Newspaper editor urges a Stasi-like informant attitude among everybody, directed at white males, to gather dirt to derail their lives. [https://www.americanthinker.com ...] Ends the article with, “I can’t let things slip by. I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.” “White Boy”'
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6 days ago
Michael Hudson -- Venezuela as the pivot for New Internationalism?
'...#What in your opinion should Maduro do next (assuming he stays in power and the USA does not overthrow him) to rescue the Venezuelan economy? -- I cannot think of anything that President Maduro can do that he is not doing. At best, he can seek foreign support – and demonstrate to the world the need for an alternative international financial and economic system. -- He already has begun to do this by trying to withdraw Venezuela’s gold from the Bank of England and Federal Reserve. This is turning into “asymmetrical warfare,” threatening what to de-sanctify the dollar standard in international finance. The refusal of England and the United States to grant an elected government control of its foreign assets demonstrates to the entire world that U.S. diplomats and courts alone can and will control foreign countries as an extension of U.S. nationalism. -- The price of the U.S. economic attack on Venezuela is thus to fracture the global monetary system. Maduro’s defensive move is showing other countries the need to protect themselves from becoming “another Venezuela” by finding a new safe haven and paying agent for their gold, foreign exchange reserves and foreign debt financing, away from the dollar, sterling and euro areas. -- The only way that Maduro can fight successfully is on the institutional level, upping the ante to move “outside the box.” His plan – and of course it is a longer-term plan – is to help catalyze a new international economic order independent of the U.S. dollar standard. It will work in the short run only if the United States believes that it can emerge from this fight as an honest financial broker, honest banking system and supporter of democratically elected regimes. The Trump administration is destroying illusion more thoroughly than any anti-imperialist critic or economic rival could do! -- ... The U.S. has overplayed its hand in destroying the foundation of the dollar-centered global financial order. That order has enabled the United States to be “the exceptional nation” able to run balance-of-payments deficits and foreign debt that it has no intention (or ability) to pay, claiming that the dollars thrown off by its foreign military spending “supply” other countries with their central bank reserves (held in the form of loans to the U.S. Treasury – Treasury bonds and bills – to finance the U.S. budget deficit and its military spending, as well as the largely military U.S. balance-of-payments deficit. -- Given the fact that the EU is acting as a branch of NATO and the U.S. banking system, that alternative would have to be associated with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the gold would have to be kept in Russia and/or China. -- ... Two international principles are needed. First, no country should be obliged to pay foreign debt in a currency (such as the dollar or its satellites) whose banking system acts to prevents payment. -- Second, no country should be obliged to pay foreign debt at the price of losing its domestic autonomy as a state: the right to determine its own foreign policy, to tax and to create its own money, and to be free of having to privatize its public assets to pay foreign creditors. Any such debt is a “bad loan” reflecting the creditor’s own irresponsibility or, even worse, pernicious asset grab in a foreclosure that was the whole point of the loan.'
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REDEF ORIGINAL -- Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
'...Former Netscape CEO Jim Barskdale famously said that there were only two core business models: bundling (bringing together multiple products and/or services into a single package), and unbundling (the reverse, where you buy just a single thing performing a single task). Fortnite: Battle Royale, at its start, was essentially an unbundle – not just of Fortnite: Save the World, but of gaming overall. There’s no narrative, no characters, no context or story, no “missions”, no other modes, such as a single-player or managed multiplayer experience (i.e. you can’t choose with whom you do or don’t play, nor how many). It was just a 100 person Battle Royale. You land on an island and fight until only one person is left. Rinse, repeat. -- But over the past year, Fortnite has shown an ability to rebundle much of the gaming industry at large. -- Today, for example, Fortnite’s single map includes multiple terrain types (snow, ice, desert, forest, plains, etc.), each of which is typically a distinct map in shooting games. The game also routinely adds limited time modes, such as riffs on capture-the-flag, the ability to become The Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos, and disco domination (in which you win points by dancing on disco floors spread across the map). There are also recurring evolutions related to the game’s seasonal narratives. During season six, which spanned Halloween, the map was overrun with zombie-like creatures generated by purple monoliths spun-off from season five. Every few weeks, Fortnite also adds (or removes) new interaction models (you can race go-karts and do vehicle-based assault, engage in airborne dogfights, use balloons and gliders to float across the map and engage in aerial assault, etc.) In addition, players benefit from individual challenges that earn experience points, awards and apparel – for example, asking a player to race across the map to visit various areas without getting killed. In addition, each of these changes benefit from rapid, data-based iteration. The Fortnite team is able to closely monitor how any change is adopted, its impact on total play time, game duration, performance, and so on. All to make sure it “works” – or alternatively, to keep the game from ever feeling “static” or “solved”. -- These changes – even the games fundamental shift from Save the World to Battle Royale – are what Fortnite was designed for. Fortnite intended to merge specific shooter dynamics with the sandbox nature of Minecraft so that players could define their own style of play. However, this expansiveness threatens a wide variety of games. Why buy a dedicated dog fighting game, for example, when you can already play one in Fortnite (and already do so with your friends). While there will always be a new game format or hit game, Fortnite is uniquely capable of becoming that game, or expanding into it (and it’s worth highlighting that Epic’s Unreal business depends on its ability to build/support all types of gameplay).'
businessmodels  gameplay  gaming  #diversity  #specialization 
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girlwriteswhat comments on... The 4th wave of feminists made me switch sides
'1st wave: get men's rights without men's responsibilities. 2nd wave: abolish women's traditional responsibilities. 3rd wave: place more responsibility on men. 4th wave: normies start to notice a problem.' -- '...We're in a period of incredible acceleration of the feminist/social justice agenda. In the more than 10 years since I've been investigating this stuff, the last 3 to 4 years have been insane. Not in terms of the existence of radicals (they were always there – even in your precious 2nd wave that gave birth to all of this shit), but in terms of the radicalization of our institutions. -- What we are seeing now is the inevitable culmination of a project that began in the 1970s in academia with the birth of grievance studies, first in the guise of women's studies. -- ... They infested academia, gathering tools from certain questionable methods of philosophy. -- #Problematization: a method to infer the intent of a statement so it can be dismissed. It is literally a method that says it's okay to rebut an argument or point by saying, "you're just saying that because you're a man and you want to hurt women." -- #Standpoint theory: there is no objective truth. Everyone has their own truth. But the truths of the oppressed (women) are more truthy than the truths of the oppressors (men). Being oppressed confers epistemic privilege – a deeper claim to knowledge regarding both one's own experiences and motivations and those of the oppressor. -- #Strong objectivity: all research needs to center women's experiences and go from there. -- These were the kinds of women who were handed millions of dollars and asked to create a curriculum. And they did. And now we're seeing the fruits of that. We're seeing "intersectional feminist physics". We're seeing a chapter from "Mein Kampf" that replaced "Jew" with "man" and "Aryan" with "woman" not only pass peer review, but be commended as exceptional feminist scholarship. -- All of this shit we're seeing today was gestated during the first wave, and breastfed, raised and indoctrinated during the second. That second wave you think was pretty okay because of what it accomplished in terms of legal and policy changes (equal pay, etc) and how it conducted itself in public? There was a lot more to it than that. And now we have physics, math and astronomy departments in elite schools having to bow and scrape to the feminist agenda. -- All of that bullshit is now coming to fruition. It started in women's studies. Now it's in physics and astronomy. It started in legal nonprofits with intervenor status. Now it's the bigwigs who write the model penal code. The American Psychological Association stopped short of declaring masculinity a mental illness, but they didn't stop THAT short of doing so, and they described it as "on the whole, harmful". They also recommend practitioners make men aware of their power and privilege, as doing so makes them more likely to participate in social justice activities. -- Like I said in a comment elsewhere in this thread – all the waves of feminism were bullshit. The 4th wave is pervasive enough and overt enough that normies are starting to notice.'
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YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: HBR Talk 71: You make me feel unsafe – the making of a feminist boogieman
'Join HBR Talk as we discuss one of victim cultists' favorite weapons in recent years, the wrongthink boogeymen, wherein they claim to "feel unsafe" merely because something someone has said doesn't fit their narrative, or in the presence of someone who has been slandered by their ideological comrades. This has become the cult's primary means of engagement with any independent thinker they encounter. How powerful of a weapon against dissent will it be?' -- "Ideas are no longer concepts to be evaluated for flaws or validity. They are absolutes with immediate impact on anyone who is exposed to them, an impact that is determined not by the idea’s merits, but by the listener’s reaction to it. They are good or evil, gospel or blasphemy, rightthink or wrongthink, and any discussion around topics related to them must be filtered through that outlook. If an expressed thought contains even a grain of pushback against a rightthink idea or even opens a question not accounted for by rightthink, it is tainted with wrongthink, and is therefore wrongthink itself. That wrongthink then associates it with whatever the aggressor decides is the exact opposite of her position, or the worst prejudices she can imagine, regardless of whether they have anything to do with the original idea, or not. The aggressor’s objections to and fear of the target’s alleged prejudices, along with a supposed “right to feel safe,” are now the body of her argument, exempting her, in her mind, from discussing the idea at all. -- She needs no evidence, just the ability to claim she “feels unsafe.” -- She can’t even deal with you right now because you’re so wrong, it’s scary. She is short-circuiting, in fact, because of you and your terrifying articulation of Things Originating From Outside her Safe, Established Narrative. She can’t answer what you said because it’s beyond consideration. She can’t even tell you why. In fact she can’t even… can’t even finish her sentences, so horrified is she, by the threat of whatever might be on your mind, so she just can’t even! Why, she is probably even literally shaking right now."
threatnarrative  victimhood  emotionalism  crimestop  thoughtterminatingcliche 
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YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: HBR Talk 70: Pathological centrism, the polite barrier to reform
'Moderate viewpoints aren't necessarily wrong, but what happens when an individual simply strives to avoid "taking a side" in a political conflict?' -- "You're not allowed to accurately represent reality." "Not when it's not flattering to women..."
gynocentrism  relativism  slavespeak 
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: How to Cope With an Avoidant Partner
'Many of us struggle to cope with partners who are by their nature emotionally avoidant. Part of the solution comes from recognising the challenges involved, having sympathy for what makes people avoidant and learning to apply some well-tested new patterns of behaviour.' -- "I want you in the house but not in my room...unless I invite you." https://stantatkin.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Addiction-to-Alone-Time.pdf
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YouTube -- The School of Life: Why It's Useful to Think of Yourself As a Sinner
'We're generally taught nowadays to think very well of ourselves - and look with horror at religions' suggestions that we conceive of ourselves as 'sinners'. Yet, paradoxically, thinking of yourself as by nature a little sinful can lie at the origins of some very fine and noble traits of character.' -- [They] suffered from the most terrible of all delusions: they believed themselves to be virtuous. ~ Kenneth Clark, Civilisation (1969) Part 12: Fallacies of Hope
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Breitbart -- Delingpole: Queen to Be Evacuated After No Deal Brexit? Project Fear Strikes Again
'...what possible reason could Britain have for rioting or experiencing civil disorder in the event of a No Deal Brexit? -- No Deal Brexit is what the majority of people in Britain voted for. If and when it comes they will be festive, not restive. And they’ll be more than willing to put up with any minor inconveniences — all of which will emanate, by the way, from the EU, not from Britain — because, as in the war, the Blitz spirit will kick in as we united against a common adversary. --- It’s only if we don’t get a No Deal Brexit — or something very similar — that the trouble will begin. And rightly so, for it will mean that Britain’s Remain-dominated parliament has deviously, anti-democratically overturned the expressed wishes of 17.4 million voters , and of the many millions more who are sick to death of being dicked around by the Deep State and the political class and EU technocrats like Jean Claude-Juncker and who just want out.'
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The Book of Life -- Why We Need to Feel Heard
'The habit of not having one’s feelings properly acknowledged begins in childhood. Parents, even the most loving ones, frequently stumble in this domain. It’s not that they don’t theoretically care intensely for their children, it’s that they don’t appreciate that true care involves regularly reflecting a child’s moods back to him or herself – rather than subtly pushing the moods away or denying that they exist. -- ... There is one reason why we don’t acknowledge as we might: fear. The feelings we push away are all, in some shape or other, emotionally inconvenient, or troubling or upsetting: we love our child so much, we don’t want to imagine that they might be sad or worried, lost or having a terribly difficult time at school. Furthermore, we may operate with a background view that acknowledging a difficult feeling will make it far worse than it is. It will mean fostering it unduly or giving way to it entirely. We fear that if we give a bit of unbiased mirroring to our child, we might be encouraging them to grow cataclysmically depressive, unfeasibly timid or manically resistant to authority. What we’re missing is that most of us, once we’ve been heard, become far less – rather than far more – inclined to insist on the feelings we’re beset by. The angry person gets less rather than more enraged once the depth of their frustration has been recognised; the rebellious child grows more, not less inclined, to buckle down and do their homework once their feelings that they want to burn the school down, break the headmaster’s glasses and abscond to a desert island have been listened to and identified with for fifty-five seconds. Feelings get less strong, not more tyrannous, as soon as they’ve been given an airing. We become bullies when no one’s listened, never because they listened too much.'
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The Book of Life -- Spirituality for People who Hate Spirituality
'...we’re used to thinking of love in a very particular context, that of the circumscribed affection that one person might have for a very accomplished and desirable other. But understood spiritually, love involves a care and concern for anything at all. We might find ourselves loving – that is, appreciating and delighting, understanding and sympathising – with a family of dung beetles or a moss covered tundra, someone else’s child or the birth of a faraway star. An intensity of enthusiasm that we usually restrict to only one other nearby ego is now distributed more erratically and generously across the entire universe and all its life forms. -- ... We cannot persist at a spiritually elevated plane at all times, there will inevitably be bills to be paid and children to be picked up. But the claims of the ordinary world do not invalidate or mock our occasional access to a more elevated and disinterested zone. Spirituality has perhaps for too long been abandoned to its more overzealous defenders who have done it a disservice. It deserves to be explored most particularly by those who are by instinct most suspicious of it. A spiritual experience is neither ineffable nor absurd; the term refers rather to a deeply sustaining interval of relief from the burdens and blindness of being us.'
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The Book of Life -- When Do You Know You Are Emotionally Mature? 26 Suggestions
'#24. You recognise how your distinctive past colours your response to events – and learn to compensate for the distortions that result. You accept that, because of how your childhood went, you have a predisposition to exaggerate in certain areas. You become suspicious of your own first impulses around particular topics. You realise – sometimes – not to go with your feelings.'
psychology  individuation 
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IAPP -- How to verify identity of data subjects for DSARs under the GDPR
'... #What should be specifically avoided? -- Asking for a copy of ID document, passport or other official, government-issued document, such as a birth certificate, as a standard way of verifying the identity of data subjects should be definitely avoided. -- The obvious reason why is because it is disproportionate and not always relevant. The less obvious reason is that this is not considered a secure and efficient method of authentication, and the level of assurance as to the real identity of a person, in contrast to what some might think, is quite low. -- Authentication in an online environment is widely disputed, and most people will tell you that you should not use the information that basically stays the same for all your life or for a long period of time, such as Social Security numbers or government issued identifiers, as it is likely that such data may already be in possession of unauthorized persons, simply because they exist for a long time. Also, if this would be a prevalent practice, many companies would be, and sometimes already are, in possession of such information, and they very often fall pray to breaches and hacker attacks. -- Last but not least, by collecting such information, you will create additional risks for data subjects, as such data may be used, for identity theft or fraud, for example, and you will need to protect it with higher security measures than for the innocuous data that is subject to the request itself, e.g., history of purchased items or the like. Quite likely you would need, under the GDPR, to conduct the data protection impact assessment before implementing such method of authentication.'
GDPR  data  security 
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Michael Hudson -- Trump's Brilliant Strategy to Dismember U.S. Dollar Hegemony
'...The Neocons who Trump has appointed are accomplishing what seemed unthinkable not long ago: Driving China and Russia together – the great nightmare of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They also are driving Germany and other European countries into the Eurasian orbit, the “Heartland” nightmare of Halford Mackinder a century ago. -- The root cause is clear: After the crescendo of pretenses and deceptions over Iraq, Libya and Syria, along with our absolution of the lawless regime of Saudi Arabia, foreign political leaders are coming to recognize what world-wide public opinion polls reported even before the Iraq/Iran-Contra boys turned their attention to the world’s largest oil reserves in Venezuela: The United States is now the greatest threat to peace on the planet. -- Calling the U.S. coup being sponsored in Venezuela a defense of democracy reveals the Doublethink underlying U.S. foreign policy. It defines “democracy” to mean supporting U.S. foreign policy, pursuing neoliberal privatization of public infrastructure, dismantling government regulation and following the direction of U.S.-dominated global institutions, from the IMF and World Bank to NATO. For decades, the resulting foreign wars, domestic austerity programs and military interventions have brought more violence, not democracy. -- In the Devil’s Dictionary that U.S. diplomats are taught to use as their “Elements of Style” guidelines for Doublethink, a “democratic” country is one that follows U.S. leadership and opens its economy to U.S. investment, and IMF- and World Bank-sponsored privatization. The Ukraine is deemed democratic, along with Saudi Arabia, Israel and other countries that act as U.S. financial and military protectorates and are willing to treat America’s enemies as theirs too. -- A point had to come where this policy collided with the self-interest of other nations, finally breaking through the public relations rhetoric of empire. Other countries are proceeding to de-dollarize and replace what U.S. diplomacy calls “internationalism” (meaning U.S. nationalism imposed on the rest of the world) with their own national self-interest.'
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Spiked -- Sadiq’s rent controls are not the answer by Tom Westgarth
'...Rising land prices have been the true driver of increases in the price of housing. Just holding on to land can make a tax-free profit, with residential property now overtaking the tech sector as the UK’s most valuable asset. Instead of investing profits, many landowners are simply sitting on billions of pounds worth of assets. -- Introducing a land-value tax, which is a levy on the unimproved value of land, would be a more sensible move than rent control. Often described as the ‘perfect tax’, it collects vital revenues from rent-seekers failing to invest profits productively.'
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Twitter -- @Stefan Molyneux: "The leftist playbook is generally to ignore a scandal on their side...
'The leftist playbook is generally to ignore a scandal on their side - and if they can’t, the perpetrator issues a heartfelt apology, and then the left says that it’s time to “Move On” – and if you don’t, you are obsessed, heartless and unforgiving.'
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Breitbart -- Delingpole: Brussels in Denial over Impending No Deal Brexit
'...Something has to give, though, if Britain is not to “crash out” – as the Euro weenie propaganda would have it – with No Deal. -- It’s a question of which side blinks first. -- My bet – or rather my hope – is that it won’t be Theresa May. -- Yes she’s useless but the one quality she does have is bovine stubbornness. And I think, in this, she has the full support of the British people (who right now are being very poorly represented by their parliament). -- As Nigel Farage told the EU parliament when he was finally allowed to get a word in: “Unelected bureaucrats have been talking down to and humiliating the leader of our nation and the British public don’t like it.”'
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Daily Mail -- Fire service is accused of discrimination amid claims it has made entry tests harder for white men
'...A fire service has been accused of discrimination after it was claimed that white men have to score higher in recruitment tests than women and people from ethnic minorities. -- When applying for a role at West Midlands Fire Service, they have to score 70 per cent in a verbal and numerical reasoning test to get through to the next round. -- But women and people from black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups need only 60 per cent. -- Bosses are also spending £2,500 a month on Facebook adverts targeted specifically at women, a whistleblower has claimed. -- The source, who did not want to be named, said the recruitment programme, introduced in late 2017, cost £100,000 a year. ‘This directly discriminates against white men,’ he said. ‘Not only are they discriminating against large parts of my community, but they are also using huge amounts of public money to do so. -- ‘It’s not fair on the members of the community who rightly expect the best people for the job will be selected to serve on the front line. It’s difficult to swallow knowing people have not been able to achieve their dream careers because they are too white or too male.’ -- The fire service, one of the biggest in the country, wants 60 per cent of new recruits to be women, and 35 per cent to be from black and minority ethnic (BME) groups by 2021, a leaked memo showed. -- The source claimed that, in a bid to reach the target, the pass rate had been altered to make it easier for people from those groups to get through the test.' -- Bigotry of low expectations
UK  racism  bigotry  victimhood  politicalcorrectness  pathologicalaltruism 
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The Onion -- New Mom Self-Conscious About Scar Where Baby Punched Its Way Out Of Stomach
'MILTON, WI—Saying that she was still adjusting to the physical aftereffects of her difficult childbirth, new mother Tina Quinn admitted Friday she was still a bit self-conscious about the scar where Skyler, her healthy 7-pound, 8-ounce newborn, punched his way out of her stomach. “I know it’s kind of a silly thing to worry about, but I feel like it looks weird—I just don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini anymore,” said Quinn, lamenting that numerous home remedies, including vitamin E and coconut oil, had thus far failed to reduce the severity of the scar network webbed across her lower abdomen. “It was still the best day of my life, and I’d happily have my Skyler claw and gnash his way out of me again in a heartbeat, but it’s been challenging. Especially when some people judge you for not choosing to give birth the ‘traditional’ way.” Quinn also expressed gratitude that she suffered less scarring than a close friend who has yet to be released from the hospital after an 18-hour labor during which her baby slowly head-butted his way out of the womb.'
TheOnion  women  vanity  satire  rkselectiontheory  psychohistory 
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apenwarr -- Forget privacy: you're terrible at targeting anyway
'...Someone who works on web search once told me that they already have an algorithm that guarantees the maximum click-through rate for any web search: just return a page full of porn links. (Someone else said you can reverse this to make a porn detector: any link which has a high click-through rate, regardless of which query it's answering, is probably porn.) -- Now, the thing is, legitimate-seeming businesses can't just give you porn links all the time, because that's Not Safe For Work, so the job of most modern recommendation algorithms is to return the closest thing to porn that is still Safe For Work. In other words, celebrities (ideally attractive ones, or at least controversial ones), or politics, or both. They walk that line as closely as they can, because that's the local maximum for their profitability. Sometimes they accidentally cross that line, and then have to apologize or pay a token fine, and then go back to what they were doing. -- This makes me sad, but okay, it's just math. And maybe human nature. And maybe capitalism. Whatever. I might not like it, but I understand it. -- My complaint is that none of the above had anything to do with hoarding my personal information. -- The hottest recommendations have nothing to do with me.'
internet  algorithms  malgorithms 
14 days ago
The Book of Life -- On the Loss of Reputation
'...Those with a particularly strong need for applause tend to be those with a weak sense of their own acceptability. The cheer of the crowd is asked to compensate for an innate feeling of shame. We seek the validation of the world when we are inside unconvinced that we are quite deserving. The more we have been humiliated, especially when young, the more the good will of strangers will matter; and – conversely – the more we have tasted genuine affection, the less interesting reputation can be. -- Reputation is gossamer thin; or like a soapy bubble or an unstable chemical compound, some metaphor to suggest the ease with which it can be torn or destroyed. It is so prone to disappear because it isn’t based on knowledge or experience of one’s deep self, it’s made up of the candyfloss of hearsay and third hand gossip. It’s the unconscious supposition of people who haven’t thought very deeply about who one is and have absolutely no wish to do so either; it’s what people who don’t care about us think about us. This is what makes reputation so delightful when it is going our way. Our nobility becomes part of the unthinking common-sense of the community. But this is also what makes things so tricky when reputation falls apart. The only way in which our good name might be rescued in the minds of others is if they gave us some thought – which is precisely what they have never done before and won’t now begin to either.' -- The strong seek strength, the weak seek power.
psychology  shame  narcissism  reputation  selfesteem  power  Nietzsche 
20 days ago
The Book of Life -- Whether or not to have Children
'Making a good choice simply involves focusing on what variety of suffering we are best suited to – rather than aiming with utopian zeal to try to avoid grief and regret altogether. -- ... The insight that all choices are, in a sense, hellish, was best expressed by the early 19th century Danish Existential philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, who summed up our options in a playful, but bleakly realistic and exasperated outburst in his masterpiece, Either/Or: “Marry, and you will regret it; don’t marry, you will also regret it; marry or don’t marry, you will regret it either way. Laugh at the world’s foolishness, you will regret it; weep over it, you will regret that too; laugh at the world’s foolishness or weep over it, you will regret both. Believe a woman, you will regret it; believe her not, you will also regret it… Hang yourself, you will regret it; do not hang yourself, and you will regret that too; hang yourself or don’t hang yourself, you’ll regret it either way; whether you hang yourself or do not hang yourself, you will regret both. This, gentlemen, is the essence of all philosophy.”' -- ... For those of us contemplating whether or not to have children, the message is dark but consoling in its bleakness: you will be at points very unhappy whatever you choose. With either option, you will feel that you have ruined your life – and you will be correct. We do not need to add to our misery by insisting that there would have been another, better way. There is, curiously, relief to be found in the knowledge of the inevitability of suffering. It is, in the end, never darkness that dooms us, but the wrong sort of hope in that most cruel of fantasies: ‘the right choice’.'
philosophy  choice  humility  decisions  Kierkegaard  regret  pessimism  * 
20 days ago
Childhood Emotional Neglect -- Why Every Adult in the World Should Watch the Still Faced Parent Video
'...In the Still Faced Parent video, you get to see how it affects a child when her parent’s emotional attunement is suddenly withdrawn from her.  In the video, you will watch a parent interact with a child in a loving, attentive and emotionally attuned way. The infant laughs and squeals in delight, showing the kind of pure joy that warms one’s heart to watch. This is an example of an emotionally attuned parent with a secure attachment to the child. -- Keep watching, however, and as part of the experiment, the parent turns away from the child for a moment, and then turns back with a “still face.” Meaning the parent’s face is like a blank wall, looking at the child but completely unresponsive. -- As you watch the video you will see the child become ever more distressed, and begin to attempt to re-engage the parent ever more desperately. -- You will see the infant go into extreme distress. And once you see this video, it will change you.' -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apzXGEbZht0&t=2s
psychology  attachment  affectregulation  parenting 
20 days ago
Psychology Today -- Expecting a Crisis? by Loretta G. Breuning
'We mammals evolved to seek safety in numbers. A mammal relaxes and lowers its guard in the safety of a herd or pack or group, but it must run when its herd mates run to survive. If a mammal insisted on seeing the predator for itself, it would be weeded out of the gene pool. We are descended from mammals who trusted their mates' alarm calls. -- ... Animals stick together when predators lurk, and disperse when the threat declines. They'd rather be dispersing because it brings more resources with less effort. You'd rather be dispersing too, but alarm signals from your troop keep bringing you back. What's a big-brained mammal to do? -- You are told to be empathetic so you watch the news and feed your brain endless alarm signals. You feel threatened constantly, and you're sure the threat is real. -- It is real in the sense that real cortisol is flowing in your veins. You will suffer endless cortisol if you keep going with the flow. -- But you have a choice. -- Now that you know how your brain works, you can resist the urge to treat every alarm signal as a real threat. You can do nothing and live in the unknown for a moment. -- This feels awful at first. -- Resisting perceived threats feels scarier than running from them. Your inner mammal feels like you'll be eaten alive. You'd rather relieve this sense of urgency by sharing the alarm with a herd. -- If you refuse to react to alarm signals in the usual way, you don't know what to do. You are stuck in the unknown. This feels dangerous because your brain has no proven response. But if you linger in the unknown, your inner mammal learns that it doesn't kill you. A new pathway builds and your cortisol eases. It takes time, but it's worth the effort. -- You will be so thrilled when you build this new pathway that you will want to share it with everyone. But they may not be interested. It feels horrible to have your new insights ignored. It feels like endless isolation to your inner mammal. You may even be tempted to re-join the crisis-mongering herd. But you still have a choice.' -- Why Aren't You an Anarchist? http://freeliberal.com/archives/001869.php
psychology  fear  cortisol  herd  statism  anarchism  * 
20 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: Welfare State + Low Fertility = Migrant Crisis (TFM 42O)
"Basically there are no countries left to draw from which aren't Muslim. Islam is the only place where they actually have a good fertility rate because they're not feminist. So if you're wondering why all these immigrants are coming from the Middle East and Africa, that's why. Because they have a high fertility rate because they didn't empower their women." "To get rid of welfare you have to take women's rights away because women get 70% of welfare. You'll never get women to along with any sort of welfare reform. Nothing gets fixed as long as women vote. Nothing. So if you don't like the immigration, the grooming gangs and the violence ... basically, this ends with women losing their rights. There are only 3 scenarios: #1. You sit on your hands and do nothing until Islam takes over; they will kill you and they take women's rights away. #2. You rise up against your government and overthrow them, establish a Japan-like ethnostate which slowly goes extinct over a hundred years and then someone else takes over and they take the women's rights away. #3. Or you take women's rights away. And the best part is, objectively, taking women's rights away is the most humane, lest violent, best objective answer. No need for civil war, no need for race war, no need for forced removal, nothing. Just take women's rights away and get your fertility rate back up. Get rid of the welfare state and most of the immigrants will simply leave. They're only there for the welfare. Take women's rights away, get rid of welfare, and the immigrants leave. There. Simple. Peaceful. Bloodless."
rkselectiontheory  decadence  welfare  statism  gynocentrism  feminism  population  migration  conquest  collapse 
20 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: Patriarchal Peer Review
"Once you give women the right to vote they vote for big government. It's their biological imperative. Once you give women the right to vote, that's all they vote for – it's not their money, it's men's money – so of course they're going to vote for free shit. And women live longer and everything, they are the majority of the population, so the day they get the vote, your country's government will never shrink again. Never. It will only get bigger because women will keep voting for bigger stuff. This crazy train has no brakes. So, yes, shrinking the government would help, but shrinking the government, by necessity, requires you take women's voting rights away. You can't shrink the government so long as women vote."
women  gynocentrism  statism  welfare  parasitism  collapse 
20 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: Stop Spinster Shaming
"When a woman says she hasn't found the right partner yet, that means she was monkey-branching; she was looking for a better deal; she didn't want to settle for the guy she was dating; she thought she could do better and she wasted her youth. Now, that was a choice she made, but the reason women don't want to accept that as a choice is because to a woman – and also to a child, by-the-way – if they didn't see and choose the outcome then they're a victim." "What they mean is: I made a poor choice but I didn't appreciate it would have a negative outcome, and because I didn't actively choose the outcome, I didn't make a choice."
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20 days ago
YouTube -- Alexander Grace: Scientific Study Reveals The TRUTH Of Men's Happiness
Masculinity Report, USA 2018: https://s3.amazonaws.com/harrys-cdnx-prod/manual/Harry%27s+Masculinity+Report%2C+USA+2018.pdf -- 'The strongest predictor of a positive mindset in men – by far – is satisfying employment. Hard work is the cornerstone of a contented man that all else is built upon.'
20 days ago
YouTube -- Honey Badger Radio: The new, improved pay gap myth | HBR Talk 69 opener
The Work Gap Truth: "...For a variety of reasons women are making less lucrative career choices. Once again, this is not evidence of unequal pay for equal work but that the work itself is unequal and the pattern of compensation matches. It is not the responsibility of employers to make up for the financial end of that by compensating based on politics instead of productivity. Maybe if more feminists majored in business economics instead of gender studies, we wouldn’t have to tell them that." -- 'The single biggest cause of the gender pay gap is occupation and industry sorting of men and women into jobs that pay differently throughout the economy.' https://www.glassdoor.com/research/app/uploads/sites/2/2016/03/Glassdoor-Gender-Pay-Gap-Study.pdf
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21 days ago
Dave Trott's Blog -- IF THE HAT FITS WEAR IT
'...By the turn of the century, Stetson was making 3.5 million hats a year. -- Around that time, they began making moving pictures in Hollywood. -- The equipment and technique were crude, they needed simple stories and simple images. -- Cowboy stories were simple (good guys v bad guys) and cowboys could easily be shown by putting them all in big, distinctive Stetson hats. -- By the beginning of the twentieth century, it was adopted by Hollywood as the symbol of the Wild West, shorthand for a cowboy. -- And from that time, the image was born that all cowboys wore Stetson hats. -- So the history that exists is not the fact, but the image. -- And today, every film star cowboy, and every superstar country singer, must wear a Stetson for credibility. -- Every foreign politician visiting America must be given an authentic Stetson as a treasured symbol of America’s tough self-made past. -- The lesson for us is that reality is irrelevant. -- What the mind believes is reality, becomes reality. -- So our job is to create reality, which means our media is the mind. -- When Roosevelt asked Churchill how he thought history would remember them, Churchill said “History will be kind to us, because I will write the history”. -- And he did, and it was.'
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21 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Amygdala Deterioration and the Death of Beauty
'...I am beginning to think just as ugly, shocking art is the realm of amygdala-dysfunction, if you control the culture and swamp it in ugly, shocking art, with fingers inserted in the ends of penises, and feces smeared on paintings, and pedophilia, and so on, you can degrade the amygdala’s function and force r on even those who would naturally be resistant. Indeed, it may be that those who are most K, and who most recoil from that imagery will either break down and remove themselves from society, or they will have to go r, because their brain will be less able to tolerate it than most. And it is everywhere. Soldiers who volunteered to serve kill a terrorist and end up imprisoned for life. Cops shoot a criminal and get imprisoned, as the criminal is given millions as if they won a lottery ticket. Corrupt politicians do anything criminal, and never even get investigated – and they get lauded as wonderful leaders and almost elected President. Laws get passed telling innocent people they are criminals, and leftist citizens cheer. Laws get passed telling parents that male sexual deviants have a right to get naked in locker rooms with their young daughters, and if they speak out about it, it is hate speech and they will be prosecuted. Illegal foreigners kill our citizens, and other citizens take the foreigner’s sides and help them break the laws we all agreed on. The one man who stepped up to try and turn the tide is portrayed as the public’s number one enemy by the media with false story after false story. I could go on almost forever with all the amygdala-over-stimulation in society. You cannot function in that environment with a normal amygdala. You have to degenerate.' -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_too_shall_pass
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21 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Macron-Merkel Alliance in Era of Brexit
George Galloway: "It seems strange that a trading block should need an army."
europe  empire 
21 days ago
Breitbart -- Delingpole: Remainers Don't Love the European Union, They Loathe Britain
'George Orwell famously wrote in his essay The Lion and the Unicorn that there’s a certain type of Englishman who loathes and despises his own country. -- In 1941, Orwell referred to these people as the “intelligentsia.” Today, you might more accurately refer to them as the “Remainer elite”. -- "England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during “God save the King” than of stealing from a poor box."'
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21 days ago
Spiked -- The crusade against masculinity by Frank Furedi
'...The invention of toxic masculinity is really an attempt to pathologise masculine identity. Our era is characterised by the flourishing and celebration of a growing number of identities, but it makes an exception for male identity. That cannot be celebrated. Indeed, male identity has all but become what the sociologist Erving Goffman, in his classic study Stigma, characterised as a ‘spoiled identity’. -- A spoiled identity is one that lacks any redeeming moral qualities. It is an identity that invites stigma and scorn. What is perhaps unique to the spoiled identity of masculinity is that it has not only been morally devalued – it has also been medicalised. The American Psychological Association, for example, recently published guidelines for dealing with boys and men which explicitly present masculinity as a medical problem. -- According to the APA, traditional masculinity is ‘marked by stoicism, competitiveness’; it casually couples these values with ‘dominance and aggression’. It says that the bad habits associated with masculinity, ‘like suppressing emotions and masking distress’, often start early in life and are ‘psychologically harmful’. -- Psychology has a long history of denigrating identities by medicalising them. Until the 1970s, homosexuality was broadly treated as an illness. Today, it seems, it is the turn of masculinity to be cast in the role of a dangerous pathology. -- These guidelines reflect a wider cultural crusade against masculinity which is aimed at re-engineering boys and young men. As one of the authors of the guidelines, Ryon McDermott explains, ‘If we can change men, [then] we can change the world’. From this standpoint, masculinity is the moral equivalent of a disease that must be eradicated.'
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21 days ago
Spiked -- Man up, Diane by Brendan O’Neill
'...Labour is horrified by what happened on QT because it exposed the yawning chasm that now separates the Labour elite from the party’s old grassroots support base. This was writ large on QT – the anti-Brexit, anti-No Deal Labour luvvie coming face to face with ‘red-faced’ (ie, working-class) men and women who love Brexit. It summed up Labour’s aloofness and its patrician style. Abbott absolutely embodies the party’s patrician style. She is a master in the art of talking down to people. The closed eyes, the slow, patronising speaking style, the barely disguised disbelief that she must once again explain some perfectly simple point to us cloth-eared plebs who just won’t listen. The superciliousness, the finger-pointing, the open disgust with the ‘red’ men who voted for Brexit: if Abbott is unpopular, it isn’t because of her race – it’s because her demeanour speaks volumes about where Labour is at right now. -- The now infamous episode of QT wasn’t about Bruce vs Abbott: the real divide it illuminated is between the Labour leadership and working-class Labour supporters; between the woke bourgeoisie of the Labour elite and the community-oriented, pro-national independence electorate in old Labour strongholds; between a Labour machine that wants to sell out Brexit entirely by keeping Britain in a permanent customs union and tied to the Single Market and working-class people who want out of the EU, deal or no deal. Abbott and her online cheerleaders aren’t angry with Bruce – they’re angry with the lower orders, the gammon, the riff-raff.'
UK  politics  socialism  elitism  unwarrantedselfimportance 
21 days ago
Spiked -- This is a new low for the Twittermob by Brendan O’Neill
'...We now know that what was said about the boys wasn’t even true. A longer video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3EC1_gcr34&feature=youtu.be] has emerged showing what really happened at the Lincoln Memorial. It was the boys who were subjected to bigoted abuse, not Nathan Phillips. One of the Native American activists says to the boys: ‘White people, go back to Europe.’ They hurl the F-word at the boys. For more than an hour the boys, who were waiting for their school bus, were subjected to obscenities by a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites, a black nationalist religious outfit. The boys were called crackers, faggots, paedophiles, the products of incest. They are told, ‘Your president is a homosexual’. The boys do not shout any insults back. Nathan Phillips enters the picture after the boys had suffered an hour of racialised and homophobic abuse and he starts banging his drum in the boys’ faces. Here is the worst thing about the Twittermob’s globalised naming and shaming of these boys: they were humiliating the victims of the strange events at the Lincoln Memorial. -- ‘A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes’, someone once said (though probably not Mark Twain). That’s what we have here. These boys have been lied about and misrepresented and unnecessarily demonised on a global scale. Courtesy of a media that gets off on attacking Trump supporters and a virtual sphere that does with tweets what older mobs once did with rotten tomatoes, Sandmann and his friends have had their reputations trashed. ‘Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them… these fuckers’, said comedian Kathy Griffin, not stopping to think how hysterical it is for adult society to want to crush children, harass children, punish children in public. No one stopped to think. That is the problem in the Twittermob era: the supposedly virtuous get carried along on a wave of collective fury in which the thrill of slaying demons comes to override reason and judgement and, yes, common decency. -- The irony would be funny if this situation were not so serious: these boys were accused of being bigots, but it is their unhinged media harassers and Twittermobbers who are the true bigots. They pre-judged these boys on the basis of their skin colour and their background, they made things up about them, and there was more than a whiff of anti-Catholicism in the hatred they heaped on these kids. Surely this will give the public-shaming lobby pause for thought. Surely they will realise, now that they have conspired in the global humiliation of teenagers who hadn’t even done anything wrong, that this new bloodsport, this virtual witch-hunting, is immoral and dangerous.'
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21 days ago
YouTube -- Lauren Rose: Late-term abortion made LEGAL in NYS
'Governor Andrew Cuomo of NYS signs the Reproductive Health Act into law. Abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy. Legal protections of born babies have been removed.' -- "These people have no shame."
rkselectiontheory  decadence  abortion  feticide  infanticide  psychopathy  pathocracy  psychohistory 
21 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- News Briefs – 01/14/2018
'US Government has terrabytes of internal Wikileaks data [https://gizmodo.com/the-u-s-government-has-amassed-terabytes-of-internal-w-1831640212]. This maybe clears a little up. The government has tons of internal WikiLeaks data, including communications which identify sources. Suppose Cabal set Assange and Wikileaks out there, as a lure for leakers who could reveal things about Cabal’s corruption of our governments. They give it a big media push at the outset, and then WikiLeaks would shitcan the really damaging Cabal-intel and give Cabal the leakers who supplied it, while actually leaking classified data that helped Cabal somehow, like by damaging non-Cabal contractors, or by damaging NSA or Mil Intel like Snowden and Manning, and so on. Assange, probably paranoid, assembles his deadman’s switch, hoping he will never have to use it, and now he and Cabal have begun to go sideways. One thing leads to another and now he is a liability who could reveal the whole thing, including Cabal’s existence, so Assange heads to Ecuador’s embassy and holes up, dropping the CIA Vault leak which maybe was one of his blackmail files, just to show Cabal he is serious. Now Cabal wants him dead. He could align with Trump and Q, but that entails first giving them the final blackmail files which he is hoping will keep him alive, and admitting he basically was a total fraud who helped something that burned and betrayed decent people who saw their governments taken over by a hostile foreign force that fostered crime and corruption as it enslaved each nation’s citizenry. So Assange is in neutral, trying to figure out what to do, and Trump and Q are preparing a case to drag him back, because they aren’t going to give him a choice. It would fit with the evidence, from the initial media push indicating he was Cabal, to his present sideways status with Cabal. It is also possible a lot of the leakers who supplied actual classified government data that got published were Cabal acting on orders, to give WikiLeaks the imprimatur of a genuine whistleblower website.'
wikileaks  flood  misdirection  honeypot  vanishingmediator  conspiracy 
28 days ago
The Spectator -- The cheer on Question Time that will terrify Corbyn’s Labour by Brendan O'Neill
No Deal Cheer on Question Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwk3YMSoMI8 -- 'How brilliant was that cheer on Question Time last night? Isabel Oakeshott said Theresa May should just walk away from the EU. Fiona Bruce asked her if she meant we should pursue ‘No Deal’. ‘Yes’, said Oakeshott and there it was, instantly, contagiously, the loudest cheer I can remember hearing from a Question Time audience. This was no polite applause or murmur of approval. It was a statement — a noisy, rebellious statement of the people’s continuing and profound attachment to the idea of leaving the European Union, deal or no deal. -- It was a cheer that should echo through the nation. That will chill the bones of the political establishment. Which will rattle a commentariat that ceaselessly pumps out columns on how awful No Deal would be. For this cheer — from an audience in the largely working-class, Labour-leaning city of Derby — was a stark reminder that there are people out there, a great many people, who do not share the political class’s fear of No Deal. Who haven’t been won over by the non-stop fearmongering about No Deal. Who flat-out refuse to buy the media’s horror stories about how No Deal will lead to medicine shortages, and food riots, and chaos in Dover, and plagues of locusts. So much for Leave voters being ‘low information’, easily misled idiots who can be brainwashed by adverts on buses and Facebook memes — this cheer was proof that these people are more than capable of thinking for themselves and resisting the establishment’s ideology of fear around No Deal -- ... Some will say — they already are, in fact — that this cheer proves how self-destructive the Brexit outlook is. These poor, not very well-educated people don’t realise how much harm No Deal will cause, apparently, including in their own lives and communities and on their economic opportunities. Such foul paternalism! This boils down to saying that the plebs don’t know what they are doing; they’re killing themselves with their own stupidity and it is down to us, the enlightened folk, to save them from themselves. Stop this. The support for No Deal is actually entirely rational. People know what ‘taking No Deal off the table’ really means — it means taking Brexit off the table. People feel that No Deal is now code for Brexit itself, and that anything that restricts the UK’s ability to walk away from the EU will threaten Brexit in its entirety. They are dead right to feel this. -- That cheer told us so much about the state of the nation. Jonathan Swift said: ‘It is the folly of too many to mistake the echo of a London coffee-house for the voice of a Kingdom.’. -- This is our establishment today. They think their chatter, their fearmongering, their tweeting is the view of the nation, but in many cases it is the precise opposite.' -- London. No Future.
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28 days ago
JudgyBitch -- Going after my children is too much for me
'Of all the things I have contended with in my life, watching grown adults stalk and harass my children online has been the most difficult to deal with, not the least because there is really nothing I can do.  When I started writing the blog in 2012, there were few other voices questioning the dominant narrative. We wanted to change the narrative, and make space in the popular culture for other ideas to emerge, and I think that everyone involved in the whole dark web endeavor has been successful. Our push against the totalitarian and authoritarian dogmatism of leftist and feminist ideology drew zealous and fanatical adherents out to spew poison and bile and none of that particularly bothered me. But I naively assumed I could protect my children. -- I can protect my children in real life. That is not the issue. It’s protecting them online, from adults, that is proving to be impossible. How do I counter a group of adult women in Los Angeles who mount a campaign against my teenage daughter participating in a national charity? How do I counter an adult man in Chicago sharing their names with the clear intention of inviting harm? How do I mitigate against adults trying their level best to hurt a ten year old girl? These adults have no arguments to offer against me. No points to make. No counter factuals. No data to share. Only their rage, which does nothing against me, but terrifies children. -- And I can do nothing. -- And so I surrender. -- I am forced to choose between my blog and the safety of my children, and that is no choice. I feel enormously blessed to have shared this journey with you and I have enjoyed our many raucous debates. Many of you I consider personal friends. -- I will miss you all. -- Janet'
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28 days ago
The Daily Bell -- Why I Would Never Send My Kids to Public School
'Everything about school is designed to break kids and mold them into adults who are submissive to authority figures. The lack of physical activity in schools is responsible for “diseases” like ADHD and childhood obesity. The constant bells and alarms, the endless issuance of useless paperwork, and the panopticon of constant adult supervision don’t help children become productive or independent. Work is something children do because they must, and isn’t done for its rewards. Constant monitoring by adults hampers independent thinking and conflict resolution skills. -- School also undermines whatever moral instruction parents provide. Any parents who hold values that are either Christian, anti authoritarian, or socially conservative will find these values harder to transmit once their children are in school. For example, punishing kids for telling the truth incentivizes and rewards dishonesty. Telling kids to share everything dampens their understanding of property rights. The lack of debate surrounding school rules teaches kids that rules are unbreakable parameters determined by the authorities. -- Most nefariously, children are exposed to the toxicity of their peers’ parents. Large schools are bound to have children whose parents are abusive. This abusive behavior is contagious. If a majority of kids are abused, then children who aren’t abused at home will be unpopular. Children who are coercive, manipulative, and vicious will rise to the top of the social dominance hierarchy. -- Of course, all of the really successful people I know are rule breakers. They are people who forge their own paths rather than going down the roads walked by many. Doing the same thing as everyone else will generate the same results – submission to authority is a recipe for mediocrity. Success, either social or financial, is never the result of obedience to authority.'
statism  education  indoctrination  conformity  herd 
28 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- Identity Politics = White Genocide
'The subversion of fact-based science and scholarship by the emotion-based ideology of Identity Politics is laying the groundwork for the genocide of white people. This sounds like an outlandish statement. However, it follows logically from the identification of white people with violence, oppression, and every evil in the world. -- In a number of columns I have reported examples of attacks on scientists for concluding on the basis of their research that race, gender, and intelligence have a genetic basis. As I am not educated in genetics, I cannot attest to the truth, falsity, or extent of genetic differences. My interest is limited to the suppression of scientific findings by ideology. We are reliving the Catholic Church’s suppression of the evidence, and punishment of those who presented it, that the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa. We are reliving the belief in witches that resulted in the execution of innocent people in Salem, Massachusetts, during 1692-93. We are reliving the destruction of Soviet genetics by Trofim Lysenko and Stalin. -- And scientists and scholars are too intimidated to speak out. -- ... It is now commonplace for white people to be pilloried, even by other white people, for innocently using words or terms or allusions long used but given by Identity Politics and political correctness new racist or sexist meanings. Classics are being removed from bookshelves because of “inappropriate language.” People are fired, such as the senior engineer at Google, for stating such obvious truths as “men and women have different traits and are good at different tasks.” Everyone has to be the same, regardless of any facts. Indeed, if a man wants to self-identify as a woman or a woman as a man, that is their right. When a tennis champion said that it is unfair for a person with a penis to self-identify as a woman and be permitted to enter women’s sport contests, she had to apologize. People who have to apologize and who are punished for stating obvious facts are in an extremely weak position. -- This is what has happened to white people. They have been forced into the position that they cannot defend themselves without being branded “white supremacists,” which elicits more demonization of them. Many white people themselves have been brainwashed into apologizing for being white. -- Whereas it is increasingly dangerous for a white person to open his mouth, anything can be said about white people. For example, a student publication at Texas State University declared that white DNA is an abomination and that white people are oppressors who should not be allowed to exist. The Hispanic author went on to write that “white death means liberation for all.” https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-student-newspaper-blasted-over-anti-white-your-dna-is-an-abomination-column So we have a Texas college newspaper that sounds exactly like the radical black leadership in South Africa that demands “death to whites” and sings songs at political rallies about killing whites. -- Imagine the fate of a white person who declared black DNA to be an abomination and that blacks should not be allowed to exist. -- I have reported many examples of the double-standard that exists. The problem with such double-standards is that they create a sub-class of people who are guilty by definition and thereby cannot defend themselves without proving their guilt.'
rkselectiontheory  subversion  racism  threatnarrative  scapegoating  pogrom 
28 days ago
The Onion -- Woman Didn’t Know Progress On Toxic Masculinity Would Turn Boyfriend Into Such A Weepy Little Pansy
'APPLETON, WI—Expressing disbelief at her romantic partner’s dramatic behavioral shift, local woman Emily Kittleson, 30, told reporters Friday that she had not expected her boyfriend’s attempts to recognize and curtail toxic masculinity would eventually turn him into a “weepy little pansy.” “Christ, I know the dope is trying to be conscious of the effects of his words and actions and to be more open and honest with his emotions, but there’s got to be a limit,” said Kittleson of her boyfriend Shane Magnusen, 31, whose efforts to reject toxic masculinity have begun to irritate her as she claims he has evolved into “a fragile fucking flower about everything” in recent weeks. “Of course I’m happy for social progress and all, but this ineffectual shit is not what I signed up for. Instead of suppressing his emotions about major issues in his life, he cries at sad commercials. Our fights used to be him screaming at me for a few minutes and that was it, not great but not terrible. Then last night we get into an argument that somehow turns into me nodding and making comforting noises while he talks about his strained relationship with his dad until well after midnight. Like, come on, I don’t have time to indulge this self-centered crap.” Kittleson was also compelled to interrupt her statements twice, groaning and rolling her eyes while responding to text messages from Shane regarding their couples’ therapy appointments later that week.'
TheOnion  faggotry  feminism  satire 
28 days ago
YouTube -- Paul Joseph Watson: Gillette: The Best an Incel Can Get
"In the long-term, a society that emasculates its men will eventually be replaced by a society that doesn't." -- Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, Normalization
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  feminism  marxism  subversion  threatnarrative  demoralization  shamingtactics 
28 days ago
YouTube -- Rebel Media: White Left: Chinese social media phenomenon rips virtue signalling SJWs -
'If you're Chinese and living in a western democracy, chances are you have heard the term Baizuo. Literally translated for English speakers, it means “white-left”. This term has spread like wildfire in the Chinese community.' -- We're all Chinese now!
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  illiberalism  usefulidiot  satire 
28 days ago
YouTube -- Rebel Media: LEAKED: Google Staffers Condemn “Family” as “Homophobic” Word | Amanda Head
'This has been a long time coming: For years now, jurisdictions around the world have been phasing out words like “mother” and “father” from government documents like birth certificates, in the name of being “progressive.”'
rkselectiontheory  family  conservatism  socialism  threatnarrative 
28 days ago
YouTube -- The School of Life: No One Really Knows
'What often holds us back from taking the initiative is the sense that other people out there must know better than we do. But in a great many cases, there is a more exciting, slightly scary and at heart thrilling idea to discover: that no one really knows.' -- No one knows and no one cares
existentialism  freedom  anxiety  ownlife  individuation  possibilityspace  abyss 
4 weeks ago
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