Anonymous Conservative -- French Rabbits Order Police To Attack Pegida
'...Due to the rabbit’s cowardice, their overly-triggerable amygdalae have adopted the fantasy that peace with the invaders will be easy, if everyone just gives them whatever they want. As a result, when someone proposes that maybe the migrants ought to be sent home before they get violent, the rabbit’s amygdalae light up with horror at the thought of the violence and they act out to silence the voices speaking such horrors. Or rather, they tell the police forces to do it for them. French police, rabbitized themselves for now, comply, because it is easier than risking their jobs. As they begin to encounter migrant violence, and their amygdalae develop, that will change. -- This is why I link narcissists with leftists. They both need, on an emotional level, to see a certain reality around them. If the reality they need doesn’t match the reality around them, they will delude themselves, and mentally construct a fantasy reality in their mind which doesn’t freak them out as much as the real thing. National debt doesn’t matter. We need every government office. Businesses can just be taxed so everyone can have a living wage. Migrants from war-torn areas which have never integrated historically will do it this time. -- The thing is, they adopt the delusion because the reality is emotionally intolerable to them. As a result, those who threaten to expose them to reality by simply speaking truth will trigger unimaginable emotional forces. The leftist literally has no choice. Given their mental frailty, they will silence the truth-speakers by any means necessary. That is why the rabbits are so genuinely dangerous, and why you see instances of mass slaughter throughout history produced by the left.'
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5 hours ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: ‘Sexual emergency’ Iraqi refugee raped 10yo boy at swimming pool in Austria
'Austrian police have confirmed that an Iraqi refugee was arrested over the rape of a 10 year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna in December. He told police he did it due to a “sexual emergency,” local media reported citing the interrogation record.' -- "The details of this crime are so bizarre. The Iraqi refugee reportedly said that he knew it was wrong but his excuse was he hadn't had sex in months."
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5 hours ago
YouTube -- Renegade Inc.: Eliane Glaser on Fake Authenticity
"...If people are really desperate then they will protest and if they're really comfortable they will also have the time to protest. The problem is in the middle where people are really working hard, they're just getting by and they don't have time to protest...People are discontented, and also apathetic and really tired. And also they know that their choices are constrained. -- What's happened now is this convergence between power and elites and us...It conceals the ways in which we are still dominated, actually, and society is even more unequal than it was before. But we have this sense that we're empowered..." -- Let them eat mortgages!
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Honey Badger Brigade -- Gyno-dominance
'...With acts such as male sacrifice for the benefit of women and the deference of men to women, gynocentrism, whether it went by the name honor, nobility, chivalry, or feminism, its essence has gone unchanged. It remains a peculiarly male duty to help the women onto the lifeboats while the men themselves face a certain and icy death. -- ... We are not simply fighting two million years of genetic programming; our culturally constructed problem of gender inequity is much simpler to pinpoint and to potentially reverse. All we need to do is look at the circumstances under which gynocentrism first began to flourish and attempt to reverse those circumstances. Specifically, that means rejecting the illusions of romantic love, along with the practices of misandry, male shaming, and servitude that ultimately support it. -- Throughout history, we, as men, have cultivated a culture of protecting, perpetuating and increasing female power in relation to men that continues, in an unbroken tradition, in the efforts of contemporary feminism. Along with it, we have suffered emotional agony, shame and sometimes physical violence in the process. Yet, in order to undo the damage, not only do we have to accept the fact that we are to blame for the position that we are in, but we also have to face an onslaught of brethren in order to take back the reigns from the grasp of the women we hold so dear. -- Despite the doom and gloom, it’s not all bad news, far from it. There is a window opened by the internet, which has been seized upon and used to maximum effect. We have inserted a narrative on what gynocentrism is, what men’s issues are, and they’ve enjoyed considerable reach into the culture. Witness any comments section under an MSM article to gauge the new awareness of -and support for- these same issues. And the narrative is growing. -- MHRAs, MGTOW, gamers, PUAs, antifeminists, and a growing coalition of everyday Joes, are poised to drive the nail deeper. We can continue to use social media -in spite of restrictive feminist guidelines- to drive the narrative home : gynocentrism is toxic and we want it to end. And those smart enough to grab their own domains and websites can come down harder with the message knowing there is no Hall Monitor to control our private soapboxes, at least not yet. -- In fact, let’s grow our private websites exponentially so they overshadow PC social media outlets and continue competing with them in the battle for the cultural real estate.'
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: Night at one UK asylum center costs more than most exclusive hotels
'UK authorities have been accused of wasting taxpayers' money on accommodation for failed asylum seekers. Housing at one refugee center has proven more costly than a luxury hotel.' -- A nation of rent-seekers.
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Forbes -- Twitter's Algorithmic Timeline Switch Is All Your Own Fault
'...By liking and retweeting every pointless and inconsequential Tweet in the past we have given the Twitter algorithm an untrue insight into what we really want to see. You will be served up with everything based on your past history this way, not what is truly meaningful. If you surround yourself with celebrities and like everything they say, that’s all you’ll ever see. Conversely, if you like tweets about local affairs and politics, then you’ll miss out on Kim Kardashian’s latest line of elastic band lingerie. It’s not all bad… -- What’s more, “Following” someone will become pretty much pointless since they don’t matter and their tweets will be buried amidst the inane babble you preferred before. The inevitable backlash may force Twitter HQ to implement more features to help filter out the noise. For example, creating a List of users is easy enough but currently there’s no way to arrange what you’ve Liked into anything meaningful to reference in the future. -- If you’ve not seen it before, take a look at the post on Medium where a Facebook user stopped ‘Liking’ everything for 2 weeks. The results were (or weren’t, depending on your tech viewpoint) astonishing. "It seems that the Like function had me trapped in a universe where the environment was dictated by a knee-jerk ad-bot. You like yogurt? You’ll like Extreme Yogurt more! You liked eight cute kitten videos? You’ll really want to see to this graphic image of eight kittens being tortured by scientists!" -- A change in how Twitter serves up your timeline in future may actually change how you treat the platform in the future. We all grew complacent in the decade Twitter has been with us, how it hasn’t altered much, and how our habits will now ultimately define us going forward. Platforms like Cronycle exist for this reason, handing content curation back to humans in order to build an intelligent and balanced picture of the world around us as we consume information. The change may actually make us care about the content we consume again, how the art of content curation is really in our hands, not in the control of a faceless, number crunching entity.'
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2 days ago
The Blackdragon Blog -- 36 Questions Women Have For Men - Answered!
'#24. Why isn’t it weird that there’s a bunch of old white men sitting in a room making legislation about what I can and can’t do with my body? -- Because you elected those old white men despite people like me telling you not to for at least 25 years. These men are called “Democrats” and “Republicans,” and both of these types of men pass utterly ridiculous laws all the time regarding your body (and mine!), yet every time an election comes around you keep voting for these bastards. Therefore, I’m not sure why you’re complaining. Last time I checked, Bernie Sanders is an old white man, and many of you women are having orgasms trying to get this guy elected. -- And by the way, why are you bringing “white” up in the question? What does race have to do with this? If it was a bunch old Asian men or old Mexican men sitting a room making laws about your body, would that make you feel better? What’s with the hate on whites, you racist? -- #28. Why are you so afraid of gender equality? -- It’s not the equality I’m afraid of, it’s the corrupt, incompetent, authoritarian government putting a gun to my head enforcing whatever the those old white men you elected call ‘equality.’ -- #29. Why do I deserve to be paid less than you? -- Because: 1. I work longer hours than you on average. 2. I work more years of my life than you on average. 3. I do more dangerous work than you on average. 4. I choose higher paying industries, jobs, and fields than you on average. 5. I take less sick days than you on average. 6. When I have a child I don’t take a “break” in my career like you often do.'
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2 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: How the 1% owns your comedy, America
'Univision Communications just bought a 40 percent controlling interest in The Onion. They also acquired the option to buy the remainder of The Onion in the future. The Onion is now controlled by Univision, whose co-owner, chairman, and CEO is Haim Saban, close friend to Hillary Clinton. He is also Hillary Clinton’s singular, biggest financial supporter. He’s given Hillary more than two million dollars for political campaigns, and at least another 10 million to her Foundation. His wife sits on the board of Clinton’s Foundation. The Resident breaks down the state of comedy in the world today.'
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6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Why Do Swedish Migrant Men Claim To Be Children?
'Gateway Pundit cites an interesting little fact: “If you’re underage, first of all, you get housing, you get more financial resources. You also have a lot of staff around you helping you with different issues,” says Hanif Bali, a member of the opposition Moderate Party in the Swedish parliament – which is on the centre right of the political spectrum. “If you need food, clothing, everything, you can go to the municipality and demand this money.” -- But there is another even bigger benefit, which Bali believes is significant. “You have the right to family reunification. So you can bring all of your family to Sweden, if you are underage.”" -- Claim you are a child, and you can bring in the rest of your family. What makes it even better is that this will offer Darwinian advantage to the dishonest, who are willing to lie about their age. An honest migrant, unwilling to lie, will actually see his familial genes at a disadvantage. You couldn’t structure things to more effectively dissolve Western Civilization.'
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7 days ago
girlwriteswhat comments on Teenage girl [Lisa] 'made up' migrant rape claim that outraged Germany
'...My calls for caution regarding taking such claims at face value have been consistently criticized by even staunch MRAs. My concerns that tribalism works both ways (that, particularly in conjunction with religious narratives regarding the status of kafir, it can certainly lead to high levels of crime by Muslims against non-Muslims; but that we also engage in tribalistic tendencies that can color our own assumptions about other cultures, particularly those which we, perhaps rightly, view as invading our own) are framed as denying Muslim rape culture. -- /u/skee has not said that every single rape statistic regarding Muslims in Europe is false just because one girl lied. He's trying to warn you about the confirmation bias at work, even in MRAs, that led so many of us to presume her story to be true, and attribute police statements that there was no evidence she'd been raped as an obvious conspiracy or cover-up. ... You all are starting to sound like feminists. Calls for due process and reasonable skepticism are now "rape culture denialism". Why? Because the men targeted by this particular rape culture narrative are out-group men. -- Well, here's the result of rape culture narratives that target out-group men: http://hearingvoices.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/lynch.jpg -- Do you think it's somehow different when it's right wingers rather than feminists who call for the dismantling of due process in sexual assault cases? Do you think those "reforms" won't eventually be used against you?'
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8 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Russians Lay Waste To Muslim Migrants In Germany
'Russians don’t mess around: "Lisa, on the way to school, was abducted and raped and then for more than 30 hours by a group of Muslim immigrants. A group of more than 400 Russians attacked, with baseball bats and table legs, after learning of the perpetrators in Bruchsal – the Arabs, Moroccan, Syrian." -- Supposedly the Russian immigrants got together, acquired their blunt objects, and then rolled up to the German migrant hostel in over a hundred cars. In true Russian fashion, they exited their cars and proceeded to tear the place apart in an orgy of violence, and beat anyone who looked suspiciously foreign. Germany is desperately trying to keep the whole thing covered up. -- I’ll bet it was fun, exhilarating, and the guys who did it won’t feel bad if it has to be done again. Those types of things can be addictive – it is why war has been so prolific throughout our history despite its innate horror. -- Supposedly Putin weighed in with Merkel, letting her know this could become a major international incident, and he would not stand for any Russians in Germany being treated unfairly. Merkel, as always, grabbed her ankles reflexively and hoped for the best. If only the West showed such love for its own innocent girls, and if only Western leaders showed such loyalty to their own people. -- I expect if Europe doesn’t correct the situation itself soon, you will at some point see increasing covert Russian involvement in trying to help European patriots throw off the migrant hordes, for two reasons. One Putin does not want a nuclear armed caliphate in his own backyard wielding first world weaponry to threaten mother Russia, and two, it offers an excellent opportunity for Russian Intelligence to network with patriotic Europeans against the established European power structure. -- Today’s PEGIDA activist could be tomorrow’s German leader. Putin and the SVR would love to have an established intelligence relationship with such an individual, including the ability to compromise them at some point in the future for working with a foreign intel service, possibly against their own government. These circumstances offer a perfect opportunity to create such relationships. -- If you are a European patriot, it is not just domestic surveillance you will have to watch out for.'
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8 days ago
'Disclaimer: This is a social experiment and no one was hurt. Physical abuse is an issue for many and what we are trying to see here is how people would react, if someone of a different culture and in their country were to abuse someone in front of their eyes. It was revealed to these people that this was for a video and an experiment.' -- "What makes her any different?" -- What makes her grab his hand and escort him to safety?
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8 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Secular State? Spread of Islam puts tough question of what is main UK religion
'The rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in the UK is making some MPs consider whether even the Christian Bible should be read out loud in public. The fear is it could incite religious hatred amid already tense times.'
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8 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Europe’s Right is Under Surveillance
'...Why aren’t they spying on the Muslim crime gangs and rapists you ask? He who holds the office deploys the surveillance. Those in office view the Muslims as potential supporters, and maybe even potential muscle. To them the Muslims are not the problem. PEGIDA, and anyone who thought what happened at Cologne was bad are the problem. -- They’ve literally lost half the foreign invaders/rapists in their own country, but mark my words – they will now have a file for each member of PEGIDA which will contain extensive imagery, frequently traveled routes and destinations, all contacts and associates, a detailed itinerary minute by minute of daily activities for at least a week and maybe several months, a detailed data file of all electronic/online/mobile/phone monitoring, as well as detailed records of every item they purchased in person, including dates, prices (if you only buy butter on sale, that is important for prediction), and where they were purchased. -- Because of that, surveillance awareness will be the single most important survival skill for any who think they can join with countrymen to try and oppose the collapse of Western Civilization – in any way, including peaceful protest, or simply voicing an opposing view. Without it, I expect most liberty-minded patriots will at some point either be ruined out of the blue, with no idea how it happened, poisoned with the food they purchase, or maybe even rounded up and imprisoned or killed. -- I have no idea of the full scale of what is coming, but it appears quite impressive in scale. Take nothing off the table of possibilities, and never forget the worst horrors of the past. -- If ever they are to return, this will be when.'
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8 days ago
The Atlantic -- How Your Social Life Changes Your Microbiome
'...Moeller showed that the chimps’ gut microbes are mainly passed horizontally from peer to peer, rather than vertically from parent to child. Although they get their first microbes from their moms, these are eventually overwhelmed by those they pick up from friends. -- During seasons when the chimps were more sociable, their microbiomes started to converge. And the most sociable individuals, those who spent most time grooming, touching, or otherwise hanging out with their peers, had the richest diversity of species in their guts. -- Jenny Tung and Elizabeth Archie found similar trends among two groups of wild baboons in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. Those that groomed each other more frequently ended up with more similar microbiomes. As a result, the two groups ended up with their own distinctive communities, even though they lived in overlapping areas and ate the same food. Their separate social networks carved a gulf between their microbial communities. -- “These animals are eating food covered in dirt and drinking from muddy waterholes, but despite that, we saw signatures of contact with other animals,” says Archie. “You could argue that the effect would be even stronger in humans because we live in such sterile environments. Our major exposures are probably each other.”'
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9 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- British Cucks Give More Benefits To Those With Multiple Wives
'Good article here [UK commits suicide: Muslims with multiple wives to get extra welfare benefits], but just unbelievable: "But the UK recognizes polygamy if the marriages were in countries where they are legal, i.e., Islamic countries… -- And so in 2008, the Blair government gave the go-ahead for husbands with multiple wives to claim extra welfare benefits, so long as the weddings had taken place in countries where polygamy is legal. -- As if that isn’t bad enough, a new UK welfare reform will further reward polygamous Muslims with even more welfare benefits… -- under the new Universal Credit welfare system… a man’s additional wives will each receive welfare as a single person — which is higher than what they now get in reduced allowance… -- A leading Islamic family lawyer warned that the increase in Sharia ceremonies among the 2.7 million-strong Muslim population in Britain was also behind a growth in ‘secret polygamy’…” -- It has been claimed that Muslim men in Britain are having up to 20 children each because of polygamy and the rise of “religiously-sanctioned gender discrimination” under Sharia Law. Under Universal Credit, there will be more welfare benefits for those children, in addition to existing welfare called Child Benefit:"'
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9 days ago
Progress.org -- Covering Up Bounty (#4)? Where’s a Good Conspiracy Theory When You Really Need One?
'The best way to hide a treasure is to not let anyone know it exists. Unaware of it, nobody seeks it. Conversely, if people know there is a treasure hidden somewhere, somebody will keep looking, and the treasure won’t be safe. -- One powerful way to hide anything is to not have a word for it. If your lexicon includes “The Big Dipper”, a glance at the night sky will reveal it. If you don’t have that phrase, then a nighttime skyward glance won’t reveal anything special. -- A more relevant example is we lack a colloquial term for paying another person for their labor (or capital) vs. paying them for their permission. The latter payment could go by the name “rent”. By lacking the term, we neither see nor feel the difference. -- Along with lacking a term, a term could lack some features in its definition. For instance, you can not live without somewhere to live, yet “land’s” definition lacks this feature of essentiality. Conversely, a term could have an extra, distorting feature in its definition. For example, many people’s definition of capitalism includes freedom yet the success of capitalists relies squarely upon government interference in the market on their behalf, as with corporate welfare, failure to enforce environmental rights, etc. Favors are just the opposite of freedom. -- No one’s to blame for this linguistic mess. Languages evolve in a haphazard fashion (as does the rest of the universe). That said, some clever people use these techniques to mislead others, influence them subconsciously, and win something from them. -- Confucius said he who defines the terms wins the argument. The redefiner can also limit the range of the discussion. When the topic under discussion is crucial—such as the worth of Earth — that deprives society as a whole of the realistic worldview it needs in order to progress. -- Another tactic that polemicists use is to define a term one way at the start of the discussion then switch the definition later in order to arrive at a misleading conclusion—like “bait-and-switch”. Offer a natural diamond for sale but supply an artificial one to the buyer. Or, use “rent” to mean payment for land — which is huge — then switch to meaning payment for buildings — which is not so grand. -- Both subterfuge and the paucity of vocabulary have combined to make it difficult for analysts to find out the worth of Earth in their nation, an amount that upon reflection should be impressively immense. -- What’s so hard about keeping track of the money that society spends on the nature it uses? Is it myopia? Incompetence? Or politics? It’s already hard enough to discover something new but when the topic is controversial then politics make it even harder. -- Are those few who capture the largest shares of rent determined to keep their gravy train flowing? Could they be worried that a critical mass will put two and two together? It is conceivable that upon learning of the immensity of rent, people would reflect upon the facts that nobody made Earth, everybody needs Earth, and it’s society as a whole who make locations valuable. Hence, to keep society in the dark may explain the data silence; keeping that collective giant sleeping could be just one more favor by the state for the elite. -- It is hard to picture current beneficiaries at all worried, and the idly curious, even the seriously curious, as threats to the status quo. However, the powers are working overtime when it comes to burying Earth’s worth. The lack of an exact answer, the dissemination of garbled answers, and the promotion of illogical explanations of phenomenon such as the business cycle all point to politics at work, not science. -- ...To put too fine a point on it, controlling the flow of information is a way to lie by omission. It’s a way to censor and to marginalize those who seek answers. It not only defeats the investigators—for a while—it also impoverishes culture, since knowing and understanding how one’s world works is a huge part of any culture. -- The officials who collect the data have neglected rent for as long as they have been collecting data. How much longer can they continue their oversight? Is it necessary for a critical mass of the public to grow curious? -- Getting close to an accurate answer may earn one the disapproval of some very powerful people. If you’re a professor, your reputation would be at stake. If you’re a reporter, your job would be in jeopardy. That pretty much leaves the quest for controversial knowledge up to the iconoclast. As usual.'
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9 days ago
Progress.org -- Burying Bounty (#2)—the Data Vacuum
'Looking the Other Way: Science is a quest for knowledge. Yet there’s no knowledge of Earth’s worth. And outside of a few ignored exceptions, nobody with conventional training is questing it. -- This gap in our knowledge occurs despite the fact that how much societies spend for the nature they use is a useful number to know. “Rent” reveals the state of the business cycle. And it shows the bounty of the economy. -- So why are economists AWOL when it comes to acknowledging, measuring, and watching this specific flow of spending in action? Are they not curious? Are they incompetent? With apologies to “the dismal science”, are incurious, non-questing economists non-scientists? What else can cold, impartial logic lead one to think? -- Whatever, they are not people with any appreciation for the difference between valuable assets that people do produce and valuable assets that humans do not produce. -- Is that why it’s so hard to get the answer from people who should be in the know? -- ... Economists and bureaucrats have one obvious reason to keep themselves and others in the dark re rents. What they’d measure is property, and property is inherently controversial. -- This episode of capping data would not be a first. Historically, it has been illegal to teach literacy to slaves, and anti-social to teach women how to read and write, and a capital offense to translate the Bible. Monopolizing knowledge is what elites do. -- The first thing some revolutionary governments have done was to educate the masses—except about the size and role of rents, rents being a blindspot to rebels, too. -- The watchdogs and the lone voices in the wilderness reveal all sorts of facts and fancies about corporations, dynastic families, and government coverups. Yet none of those muckrakers take any interest in landlordism, absentee ownership, or the oldest and most powerful “unearned income” (unearned by an individual owner but it must’ve been earned by someone) — rents. -- That amazes me. Activists sympathetic to labor are eager to do battle with apologists for capital but are indifferent or unaware of the power of the landed gentry and resource owners. Such a blindspot! -- The entities who now capture the flow of “rents”—the technical terms for our payments for land, resources, electromagnetic spectrum, ecosystem services, etc—wield enormous power. They contribute mightily to electoral campaigns and receive legal favors worth beaucoup billions annually. -- ... While it’s true nobody’s telling, it’s also true that nearly nobody is asking. In the absence of demand for answers, the absence of supply of answers makes a certain sense. No one who could dares rock the boat. -- By keeping data secret, whether intending to or not, both number-crunchers and academics become guardians of the status quo. Or of a rival ideology that nevertheless reinforces the industrial paradigm. And even without their orders being made explicit. -- The officials who collect the data have neglected rent for as long as they have been collecting data—and likely will until economists feel the urge to become scientists.'
economics  geoism  land  landlordism  parasitism  complianceprofessionals 
9 days ago
Progress.org -- Count Bounty (#1)—Is Trillion the New Billion?
'Interestingly, while the size of the US economy is published regularly (now $18 trillion), the size of the largest spending stream within the US economy is not. That would be our spending for things that nobody ever produced—land and resources. That number is not known and not officially knowable — yet. -- Many of us can’t wait to find out. The worth of Earth in America must to be huge. It’s all our spending for downtown locations, for farmland, forests, for oil and other minerals, for the electromagnetic spectrum, even for ecosystem services. How could such spending be less than several trillions in the US annually? -- We’d be much better off knowing “rent” (the jargony term). Such spending drives the ups and downs of the business cycle. Both individuals and governments should like to know when to shift their portfolios. Further, if the electorate so decided, natural value could fund a dividend, as it does in Alaska and Singapore. How hefty might your share be? And among other uses, the figure is needed in order to settle certain court cases. It’d be exciting to learn rent’s dimensions. -- ... Long ago, some Indians on Manhattan accepted beads for the island. However, they did not sell the land. They couldn’t. Their definition of property differed. Law professor G. Edward White saw the Indians “not relinquishing the island, but simply welcoming the Dutch as additional occupants.” For example Massasoit, leader of the Wampanoag when the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in 1620, said "What is this you call property? It cannot be the earth, for the land is our mother, nourishing all her children, beasts, birds, fish, and all men.” (BTW, the tribe who dealt with the Dutch, the Canarsee, actually lived in Brooklyn and probably were happy to accept hi-tech art for an island that belonged to others.) -- The Dutch should’ve known better. As good Christians, they were prohibited from buying land. In their Bible, their God said, “thou shalt not own the land forever, for the land is Mine, you are My tenants.” (Leviticus 25:23) And wise Solomon claimed that "the profit of the earth belongs to all." (Ecclesiastes 5:9). Further, the New Testament quotes Jesus saying, "the meek shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) On the meekness scale, those accepting trinkets from intruders surely are the more deserving. -- Since the Indians did not sell Manhattan but merely “leased” it, and ours is a litigious society, imagine descendants of the original inhabitants trying to collect in court many trillions due. There’d be a pre-trial deposition when the attorneys for the Indians could demand a precise accounting of the worth of that corner of the earth. Once they’re told the totals, the numbers would become public knowledge, satisfying the curiosity of some, even if not righting the wrongs of suffered by others. -- Since government doesn’t tally the data, private parties must take a stab at it. Three researchers have estimated the selling price of Manhattan. At $1.4 trillion, the rate of return since the Dutch settlement in 1626, 388 years ago, would be 6.4%. Since land price is a cumulative projection of land rent, the actual value might be $700 billion annually.'
economics  geoism  land  rent  rentseeking 
9 days ago
Progress.org -- Counting Bounty (#0)—a Biopsy on an Economy
'There are plenty of good reasons to feel something different when paying for land than when paying for, say, a car. When you buy or hire a car, part of that payment rewards labor (people who made it, delivered it, sold it, etc). When you pay for land, you never reward labor... So as land grows more valuable, and your income does not keep up, then you have less money to spend on cars and other things that reward the labor of your neighbors. Over time, the imbalance becomes great enough that some of your neighbors declare bankruptcy and recession follows, with depressing regularity—and that regularity is yet another blindspot! -- Here’s another reason to feel differently about paying cold cash for earth. Because that payment stream is so immense, it attracts a lot of rational investors. Some of those investors and owners make money by putting nature to good use. Others make money by not using their land, etc, at all, while waiting for its value to rise. Even in Manhattan, where a parcel can make one a fabulous fortune, you see vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and under-utilized locations. -- Such waste of good urban land costs everyone else in the city in many ways. Those eyesores do not foot their share of the bill for police and they displace businesses and residents to less central, less desirable locations, where fewer workers can be hired and smaller profits can be made. -- ... For now, remember that other blindspot? About the regularity of recessions and of other phases of the business cycle? It’s why economics is not a science. It’s a social study. Like sociology. Like history. Like mythology. It’s even less scientific than astrology, John Kenneth Galbraith joked. -- For a field to belong to the noble endeavor of science, its practitioners must be able to predict. Economists can not predict. Ergo … one needs to turn to non-economists for reliable predictions, to researchers like Hoyt, Harrison, and Anderson. They’re far more accurate than the Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting the weather, which in turn is far more accurate than mainstream economists (who, as the joke goes, have called eleven out of the last nine recessions). -- There are exceptions. Fred Foldvary, when teaching at Santa Clara University, predicted the most recent recession about a decade in advance. Did he receive the ersatz “Nobel”? No, but two guys who did back in the 1990s nearly brought the financial house down by persuading the rich and powerful to invest in their hedge fund that went belly up. Sort of funny, isn’t it?'
economics  geoism  land  landcycle  rentseeking 
9 days ago
Anarchist Standard -- Subjective Meaning and Objective Ethics – Why Existentialism Is Anarchism
'...Does our uncertainty about our spirit nature extend to ethics? Or could that uncertainty actually convert into solid ground when it comes to ethics? Could the philosopher’s radical subjectivity about metaphysical (spirit related) questions convert into radical objectivity on questions of ethics? To restate this critical question: Are ethical questions the domain of the causal world, possessing clear, discoverable objective answers, or are ethical questions similar in nature to metaphysical questions, ultimately unknowable and up to each individual’s interpretation? -- Answering this question should lead existentialists to become anarchists. Anarchists do believe that there is an objective ethical system, one that is consistent with the duality of human nature. It is self ownership and the corollary ethical principle of non-aggression. The political system implied by this ethical system is anarchism. Anarchism does not permit anyone to act on their negation of the existence (in the existentialist sense) of another. If a person chooses to negate the existence of another, and attempt to see him as an instrument of another’s will, anarchism would prevent the harm of that negation from “spilling over.” Anarchism allows a person to shield himself against the negation of others by saying “You can negate my existence all you want, but we both know you cannot aggress against me.” Because anarchists promote this strict governing principle, everything else a person believes about his life: his meaning, his purpose, his understanding of the questions at the root of his spiritual nature, even his understanding of his reason for being remain protected, solely his own to determine. In an anarchist future, there will be no need for a person to run into the safety of a religion or a system that requires him to accept others’ false answers to the questions posed by the spirit, just to be safe. He will be free to explore them himself, unmolested. -- Therefore, from the radical subjectivism inherent in trying to understand our spirit nature, anarchists construct a correspondingly radical objective system of ethics. Our ethics are objective and “true” exactly because they derive from our understanding of the extreme subjectivity that characterizes the human condition. We insist on protecting the subjective. That is why we insist on an objective ethics. We demand an ethical scaffolding that will protect what is unique in each person. We do not permit anyone to impose their answers to the questions of our spirit on anyone. Nor do we allow them to act on their negation of the existence of others. Nor, does our ethical system require any blessing from a mind in the sky to give it legitimacy. It is a system of ethics deducible by human reason, predicated on the uncertainty of the spirit nature of every human. Our ethics are the rock, on which we lean. Our ethics give us the only certainty we need to govern our relations with others. In the extreme subjectivism inherent to our spiritual nature, which can be difficult and frustrating, we do have something to which we can secure ourselves: ethics. -- Like existentialists, anarchists claim that each human life is a trial. No human can evade it and remain human. Each person must struggle to try to understand themselves and their purpose. We cherish that struggle and want to protect it, and even amplify it. We know it is the source of all meaning in the world. It matters, as much as anything does. We want each person to realize that they are naturally philosophers. That is their nature. We want them to master the fear that drives them to believe that someone else knows better than they do what their purpose is. We insist that the only truth and absolute guide each person must respect is the integrity of the boundaries existing between themselves and others, particularly property boundaries. -- Our future, the world we hope to create, will not be an immediate utopia. Human beings will continue to struggle to understand their spirit nature. That is inherent to being human. As long as we are, we will carry this burden. Because, if we ever did objectively understand our spirit, we would no longer be human. That knowledge would change us. In that case, we would transcend into something different.'
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Spiked -- Rabid feminists have proved the dictionary right
'What remarkable times we live in when a small minority can influence how the English language is presented in the dictionary. Using the example ‘rabid feminist’ is perfectly acceptable. How ironic that Twitter feminists sought to challenge it by behaving in such a rabid way. -- It may be tempting to write this off as just another Twitterstorm, but there is a sinister, censorious undertone here. Not only did a small group of people feel it was their place to cherry-pick things they didn’t like from the dictionary and demand they be changed, but, worse still, they were pandered to. Cowardly institutions like the OUP are not the kind of custodians the English language needs. -- The dictionary exists to define words, not push so-called progressive narratives. The fact that feminists see the offending examples as personal attacks on women betrays how mired in a false sense of victimhood they are. Let’s be clear, the phrase ‘rabid feminist’ isn’t an attack on all womankind. Feminism is not a gender – it’s an ideology. To give an ideology gendered status is to attempt to place it above critique.'
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JudgyBitch -- Is the Oxford Dictionary sexist? Why, yes. Yes it is.
'Rabid feminists had a fit over Oxford Dictionary using the word “rabid” to describe feminists, which is rather a giggle isn’t it? -- Okie dokie then. I decided to take a look at some of the other words in Oxford’s famous dictionary, and gosh look what I found: /Aggressive/ is a man. /Assault/ is something that men do to women and children. Also, men masturbate. /Men/ are beasts. And drunk. /Beating/ is something men do to women. Also, men are still drunk. /Cavalier attitudes/ are something men show to annoy women. /Cheating/ is something men do. Controlling themselves is something men need to do. /Convicted/ criminals are men, and they beat women. Men are criminals and dangerous. Men harass women. Men leer at women. And they’re still drinking alcohol. Molesting is something men do to women and children. -- Well, my goodness, that’s not very nice, is it? It’s almost the English language has some misandric attitudes associated with how words are used and deployed. Men are leering, drunk, assaulting, dangerous criminals who cheat on their partners. Feminists are rabid. And feminists are the ones throwing tantrums? -- /Misandry/ Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex): 'her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry' -- Oxford, you’ve mastered it!'
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Breitbart -- DictionaryGate: Twitter Feminists Force OED To Review ‘Sexist’ Definitions Of ‘Nag’ And ‘Bossy’ 
'The bossy group rabidly nagged the dictionary over its definitions and descriptions of ‘bossy’, ‘rabid’ and ‘nag’, in what has promptly been dubbed “Dictionarygate” Amazingly, the publisher — who supplies Google with its definitions — has since agreed to review the English language following the feminist Twitter onslaught.'
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YouTube -- Karen Straughan/GirlWritesWhat: Is feminism really dying?
"Feminism, to my mind, represents certain aspects of female nature and the feminine imperative politicised. Women's greater tendency towards sensitivity and apprehension – and their hypergamous instincts – make the vulnerable to these narratives of male dominance and female subjugation or exploitation. And the covert nature of female power – which is facilitated by their greater neoteny – will make us vulnerable to these narratives as well. Our collective feelings about women as deserving of society's protection, provisioning, and support – and bout men, that they are less deserving or not deserving at all – will always be with us to some degree. Our greater ability to to perceive a man as a potential threat than a woman, will always be with us. It just will. Sexism will always exist to some extent in the way our natural sexism pulls us is going to continue to be in the direction of perceiving women as harmless, benign and deserving of care and concern – and perceiving men as none of those things. So, this is not a battle that can be won and then we just put it to bed. We're not ever going to be able to put this to bed. But what we can do and what we can hope for is that the theories: 'the patriarchy' as a system of oppression of women, of the uniform and universal privileging of men that men set up for their own benefit – all of those ideas...I think that maybe we can get rid of those."
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Wisdom
'Philosophy means, in Ancient Greek, the love of wisdom. But the word wisdom can sound very big and forbidding; what does it really mean to be wise? And how might we consciously strive to be a little wiser?'
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YouTube -- TED Talks: Robert Waldinger: What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness
'What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.' -- "It's the quality of your close relationships that matters." "The people who were the most satisfied in their relationships at age 50 were the healthiest at age 80." "The good life is build with good relationships."
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Freedomain Radio -- #3189 Socialist Redistribution of Grocery Bags - Call In Show - January 15 2016 (MP3)
"Multiculturalism is a religion and these people are seeing their moral superiority vanish before their eyes. And that's tough because they've spent years patting themselves on the back and releasing dopamine into their brain – they've become addicts to the multicultural cult, the multicultural religion. And so when multiculturalism fails and people say Angela Merkel said multiculturalism failed, British politicians have said multiculturalism has failed, and well then why do they continue? Well, for the same reason that a drug addict says cocaine is killing me and then goes and gets more cocaine – because he's addicted! They're addicted to the dopamine release of moral self-congratulation. So when you question or push back against the narrative, you're robbing them of drug of choice. Moral self-congratulation is not just a state of mind, it's a physical state, it's a biochemical dependency."
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Anonymous Conservative -- Migrants are r-strategists – Novelty Seeking
'A migrant complains that the food is always the same: "A migrant at the now infamous Lynx House in Wales has complained live on Sky News that the tax payer funded, free food he gets is the same twice a day. He also claims that the accommodation he is given, again at a cost to the British tax payer, is too small, and too dirty." -- ...The idea I would get free food, and then complain that each meal isn’t a unique masterpiece, customized to my taste, is ridiculous. -- But if you are an r-strategists, you’re naturally low on dopamine, because your receptor genes are designed that way. That means you are always kind of down, kind of depressed, and you live for that little burst of distraction and excitement that novelty provides. This is why you hear migrants complaining that there isn’t a lot to do, there aren’t unique meals, they don’t have TV’s, there is no entertainment, they are bored, and so on. If your dopaminergic system is functional, you can almost stare at a wall and be happy. But if your dopamine system is weakened, and your baseline mood is miserable, then staring at a wall becomes amygdala triggering in itself, and you not only crave distraction – you require it. Distraction becomes as much a human right to you as freedom is to us. -- This will not remain static. Eventually, I expect a lot of these depressives will begin self-medicating with distractions, be it gang rapes, muggings, drugs, crime-rings, riots, sexual deviance, or some other activity that is presently verboten. As things come to a head, I expect the asymmetrical civil war which ensues will become a distraction they will need, at which point they will go all in to try and defeat their hosts in bloody conquest. To them the alternative will be sitting around in an alley all day bored, and eating the same free food, and you see how they feel about that. -- What I hope more than anything is that Europe can keep those depressive, migrant, novelty-seeking, r-strategist genes from invading their population’s gene pools. Eventually the migrants will have to be expelled. When they are, they need to take all their depressive r-strategist genetic material with them, or this problem may lurk long after they are gone.'
rkselectiontheory  dopamine  hedonism  europe  conquest 
12 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Swedish Police Attacked While Trying To Save Young Boy From Rape
'The “Wonders of Diversity,” number 567,928: "Swedish police were forced to run for their lives after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers as they tried to relocate amid allegations a 10-year-old boy had been ‘raped repeatedly’ at a refugee centre... --Initially, staff in the centre tried to remove the boy but were stopped by the mob. Instead the staff called police for backup…" -- Nobody even knows if the child was saved. -- Migrants are r-strategists. This is normal to many of them. Now not only aren’t they shamed when called out for being pedophiles – they attack the police for showing up and trying to stop them. -- Imagine how they will treat the local children.'
psychohistory  rkselectiontheory  europe  conquest 
12 days ago
Spiked -- [The Prevent agenda is chilling classroom discussion.]
Comment: Aquinas: 'The inability of officialdom to provide an explanation for Islamic terrorism is due to the ideological constrains of the PC mentality to which it subscribes. -- Terrorism could be explained as a product of Islam religion or at least a segment of it. This cannot be said because minorities are victims by definition and whatever evil they cause is the consequence of their oppression at the hands of majorities and never because of an inherent problem of their own. Europeans must apologise for the crusades, Muslims must not apologise for holy war. -- Terrorism could also be explained in Christian moral terms as the product of sin (anger in this case). This explanation is not acceptable as it uses Christian concepts and the state can never be seen to support any idea other than PC dogma. -- It could also be explained in sociological terms as a cultural clash. That is also unacceptable because our “tolerant” society is meant to be a haven for all ideas and ethnicities. The only groups that are expected not to fit in our diversity paradise are white conservatives who are a sad anachronism or the white working class who are just stupid. Everybody else should feel great in the super duper multicultural party that “empowers” all cultures so much. -- As a result of this, the state finds no way to explain Islamic terrorism within the PC narrative, hence the excruciating somersaults that politicians have to perform in order to denounce terrorism and still adhere to the love of minorities (watch out for the rise of Islamophobia!). If only white supremacists started murdering people. Then the standard package of racism, gun culture, male aggressiveness would be readily available to provide a neat explanation.'
marxism  victimhood  politicalcorrectness  thoughtpolice  UK 
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Anonymous Conservative -- European Migrant Madness Beginning to Turn
'...European amygdalae are getting regular exercise all over. -- You can see how amygdala is infectious. Once one person (or nation) is triggered, the triggering has a way of spreading, as the triggered seeks to trigger another to relieve their own strain. Greece was relieving its own amygdalae in between bailouts, sending all of its migrants on to greater Europe and watching Europe squirm. But then greater Europe was triggered, and as it looked around it saw Greece fat and happy, and decided to take action to ameliorate that. Now Greece is about to be triggered by all of the rest of Europe’s future migrants being trapped within their borders. That will probably come back to haunt the rest of Europe when Greece’s next budget crisis hits, and it announces it will not be paying any creditors because it has to spend all of its money on the Greek migrant crisis, which it will blame Europe for. Rumble Rumble. Apocalypse is on its way.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  collapse 
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Freedomain Radio #3179: [Question 2: 1:05:45] - Call In Show - January 13 2016 (MP3)
"...Women aren't taught their susceptibility to this ... When it comes to experiencing danger from The State, the idea that women will be afraid of The State is incomprehensible because they want what The State has to offer, they want and are incredibly susceptible to the free stuff offered by The State... What percentage of government growth can be explained by the rise in women's suffrage? In women getting the vote, what happened to the size and power of the government? Well, it went through the roof. Because women are biologically programmed to respond positively to high-status men offering them free stuff. It is as close to irresistible as you could imagine...And because of that basic fact, it is really tough for women to look at The State and say 'Oh yeah, that's really dangerous. That's really bad.' In the past women used to be more skeptical of State power because they could send their husband to war and The State could raise taxes on their husband...but since women have now bypassed the husband for the sake of The State, the reality has completely changed." -- "When you say 'We need guns to protect ourselves from The State', a lot of women are going to experience that as 'What? You're going to shoot my Sugar Daddy? Are you crazy? Why would you shoot my boyfriend? Why would you shoot the guy who is giving me free stuff?'" -- "Wouldn't a Strong Independent Woman™ reject money taken from other people by force and delivered through The State?" -- "One of the reasons women like voting is that you don't actually have to do a lot of nice stuff for a politician; you've just got to go vote for the guy and he'll give you stuff. Now, if you want a man to give you stuff, you've got to be nice, you've got to make him a sandwich, you've got to rub his feet, you've got to listen to his problems – it's lot of work to get stuff out of guys but politicians will just give you stuff for 'free'. There was a comment I saw on the video that I did about the New Years Eve sex attacks that occurred throughout Europe, it appears now: hundreds and hundreds of women that were groped, sexually assaulted, raped, and so on. And I think it was a woman who was saying 'Where were the German men? Why aren't they taking on these Muslims? Why aren't they fighting them? Why aren't they pushing them back? Why aren't they doing all these things that men are supposed to do to protect women?' And that's a fair question. And, do you know what one of the guys said – it was brilliant – he said 'Okay. And what extra privileges do men get in society for taking on this dangerous role?'" -- "'Man up!' doesn't work anymore. 'Man up!' is not going to work on these guys." -- "One thing that seems pretty true of the Middle East is that there are a lot of stay-at-home moms. A lot of times women aren't allowed out to pursue careers or get an education and so on. So, a lot of stay-at-home moms. Now, these young man who attacked these women...Have you heard anyone in the world say 'What kind of moms did these young men have that this is their view of women? What values were these young men taught by their stay-at-home moms that have them treat women this way?' Have you heard anyone ask that question? They won't because the role of women in the cycle of violence can never, ever, ever – ever – be acknowledged. Because that would be to give women genuine agency in the wheel of evil that crushes the world." -- "So, yeah, I think that's an important question for men to ask: 'So, okay, you want us to step up and risk our lives? I'm not getting paid for it. Not only am I not getting paid for it, and not getting respect, I'm getting endless condemnation from society. I've had my balls beaten out through my ass repeatedly with all this endless propaganda about how bad men are. And now you run and tell us you need men to protect you. Are you fucking kidding me?! I thought I was evil incarnate and now you want me to protect you?! And risk my life?! Are you kidding me?'" -- "At some point the good European women are going to get that they're in the grip of insane political correctness...And at some point, the good European women are going to have to turn and scream at the extreme feminists and say 'Do you want us to get raped? Is that your goal? Is that your plan? Do you want us to be as fucked up as you are? Do you want us to get raped because you're setting up environments and situations where our lives are going to be destroyed.'"
rkselectiontheory  psychohistory  women  hypergamy  feminism  statism  sacifice  men  * 
14 days ago
Honey Badger Brigade -- Credit Sesame: The Citizen Game by Hannah Wallen
'China has a new system, Credit Sesame, which links to citizens’ social networks and rates their behavior based on government approval or disapproval with a running score. This gamification of citizen loyalty even imposes guilt or approval by association, altering citizens’ scores based on the scores of their associates. In other words, it’s not only designed to control behavior using a point system, it uses that point system to control social acceptance of diverse behavior. Conformity is rewarded. Nonconformity is punished with a lower score, one which encourages the rest of the “players” to ostracize those who the government disapproves. -- Don’t think a system like that could possibly work? -- ... Would you disconnect from neighbors with bad scores? Friends? Family? -- How about your dating habits? Credit sesame scores are also being used on China’s biggest dating site to determine which accounts get displayed preferentially to other users seeking a date. Citizens with scores reflecting a higher level of obedience are more likely to be seen, and therefore make connections. That kind of selective profile display on a dating site is tantamount to selective breeding… for compliance. -- Before you think to yourself, “Well, I just wouldn’t participate,” answer this question: Have you ever unfriended someone on facebook or unfollowed someone on a social networking site because you were tired of seeing posts you disagreed with? Have you ever selectively presented posts on a social networking site like facebook, using privacy controls to decide who can or cannot see it, to avoid conflict? Would you still do it if you knew connection with you affected people’s credit scores? This system uses these perfectly normal behaviors… to control behavior… by controlling what is accepted as normal. How long do you think it will be before other authoritarian powers are using this, or a system like it?'
thegamingofeverydaylife  socialengineering  goodthink  reputation  nudge  status  statism 
15 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Germans Ordered to Ban Alcohol and Not Dress Like Sluts By Muslim Group
'Coexistence is futile: "Germans must ban ALCOHOL if they want to prevent further sex attacks and help North Africans integrate, says Muslim group -- Germany needs to ban alcohol if it wants to prevent further sexual violence and to help North African migrants integrate into society, a Muslim pressure group has claimed… -- The group complained that the female victims had brought the unwanted attention to themselves by dressing in a manner that North African men were not accustomed to…" -- ... Notice, Muslims are baffled by the idea that a woman could wear a skirt, and men around her wouldn’t immediately rape her – the very idea is unimaginable. When they are challenged over it, they act as if the rape is a simple fact of biology – and they assume this will make sense to European men, who they assume are themselves closeted rapists. In their mind, European men will see that, and say, “Oh yeah, I’d rape those women too. I understand their position. They have a point. Our biology makes us uncontrollably rape.” -- What is most marked is the lack of appreciation. Germans are trying to help the migrants. Yet the kinder they try to be, the more the migrants see weakness, and try to move in for the kill. If you don’t see the similarity with the SJW’s increasingly ridiculous demands to be shielded from every possible triggering stimuli, as campuses already enforce the most ridiculous of politically correct standards upon the students, you aren’t looking carefully enough. -- It does highlight how r-strategist SJW’ism progresses though. I couldn’t imagine SJW demands could get worse, but as I contemplate SJW’s demanding the right to rape and blame the victims simply because they felt horny and the victim was dressed attractively, or maybe even murder people who they disagree with, I do see how they could. -- You can extrapolate where all of this is heading, just from that. -- Migrants are r-strategists. Fortunately, the world is turning K – and not a moment too soon.'
rkselectiontheory  politicalcorrectness  europe  conquest 
15 days ago
Breaking Smart -- The Internet is One Big Grey Pill
'#23/ Red pill addicts tend to be hedgehogs who latch on to one Big Idea after another, and being disappointed each time to find that each new world is contained within its own invisible limits and consensual lies. -- #24/ Not all possess the capacity for being grey-pilled, and fewer still desire it. There is no satisfying Aha! moment of arrival to a new consciousness and a dramatically changed life. -- #25/ In the view from below in the spiral diagram I've sketched, what Scott Alexander calls the "grey tribe" in this great post can seem ennervated, exhausted, unchanging and passionless. A post-everything blahness. -- #26/ But this is deceptive. It is only the early stages of being grey-pilled that are marked by cynicism, depression, apparent constant "greyness" and establishmentarian incrementalism. -- #27/ Once you're done mourning the death of your simpler past selves and regain an appetite for life, you experience an almost imperceptibly slow, but steadily compounding, takeoff into an intellectually alive life. -- #28/ Your life gets recentered around generative curiosity and openness to experience, you resist the temptation of limiting patterns of affiliation. -- #29/ In such a state – ideal for immersion into online streams – there is no pre-judgment of information as trivial or deep, true or false. -- #30/ Instead, you learn to learn and grow from every encounter with novelty, be it a new cat picture, a new red-pill philosophy book at the center of yet another online subculture, or a non sequitur new factoid. -- #31/ Instead of looking for one "big" life changing dose of profundity that you hope will be the last, you learn to craft your own path, out of changes big and small, -- #32/ You embrace the idea that idea is not to "win" by red pill, but to continue playing by grey pill. -- #33/ To extend our grand mixed metaphor, to become grey-pilled is to become your own compounding (pun intended) pharmacist, fishing for your own grey growth pills out of the chemical information soup of the Internet. -- #34/ You might even say, "give a person a red pill, and they will grow for a day, teach a person to grey-pill themselves, and they'll grow for for a lifetime." ...'
internet  #processing  cognitivesurplus  infinitegame  INTP  ENTP 
16 days ago
The Art of Manliness -- Podcast #171: The Dying Experience — Myths and Answers
'Show Highlights: #How death used to be a part of everyday life and how we cordoned it off in the 20th century #A detailed walk through the stages of dying by disease or old age #How you can tell someone is days or hours away from dying #Why “people die like they live” #What do you do when you know a loved one is dying #What you can do to make the dying experience of a loved one more comfortable'
life  death  disease 
16 days ago
The Book of Life -- In Praise of the Quiet Life
'...A number of poets of the Tang dynasty went through periods of seclusion. Bai Juyi (772-846) wrote a poem lovingly describing the hut he’d bought himself on the edge of a forest, listing its plain and natural materials (a thatched roof with ‘stone steps, cassia pillars, and a fence of plaited bamboo’). The poet Du Fu, living in Chengdu in the Sichuan province, wrote a poem titled ‘My Thatched Hut Ruined by the Autumn Wind’. It wasn’t a lament, more a celebration of the freedom that came with living so simply, a storm might blow over your house. -- Our days are limited on the earth. We may – for the sake of true riches – willingly, and with no loss of dignity, opt to become a little poorer and more obscure.'
life  ownlife  solitude 
16 days ago
The Book of Life -- The Wisdom of Rocks: Gongshi
'Here landscape is reduced to its barest essence – scattered rocks that recall mountains surrounded by the stone fragments of raked gravel in symmetrical wave-like patterns that suggest flowing water. The only greenery is the bed of moss in which each rock is set.'
art  sculpture  nature 
16 days ago
The Onion -- ONN Future News
'Thousands Celebrate National Sex Day By Having Government Place Their Genitals Inside Another Person’s Genitals #NewsIn2137'
TheOnion  statism  sexcrime  gynocentrism  satire 
16 days ago
The Blackdragon Blog -- Prostitution
'...It’s been said, not by me but by many others, that “all” women are prostitutes. The women we call prostitutes are the ones that demand direct payment of cash for sex. The women who demand cash paid to a restaurant or bar for sex are called normal. The women who demand cash paid to restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing stores on a regular basis for sex are called girlfriends. The women who demand their bills paid and their kids taken care of for sex (at least for a while before they get bored) are called wives. -- Regardless, the saying goes, all of these women are prostitutes. The only women who aren’t prostitutes are the ones who have sex with you for no payment at all, because they love sex.' -- Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap
men  women  sexuality  prostitution  grifting 
16 days ago
BBC News -- Man ordered to tell police if he plans to have sex
'A man cleared of raping a woman has been ordered to give police 24 hours' notice before he has sex. -- The man, in his 40s, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was acquitted in 2015 at a retrial after claiming the alleged victim had consented. -- An interim sexual risk order, initially imposed in December, has been extended for four months by magistrates in York. -- It requires the man disclose any planned sexual activity to the police or face up to five years in prison. -- The order – which was drawn up by magistrates in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, and extended in York – reads: "You must disclose the details of any female including her name, address and date of birth." -- "You must do this at least 24 hours prior to any sexual activity taking place." -- Sexual risk orders were introduced in England and Wales in March last year and can be applied to any individual who the police believe poses a risk of sexual harm, even if they have never been convicted of a crime.'
1984  sexcrime  threatnarrative  gynocentrism  UK 
16 days ago
Privilege Grant
'We are pleased to announce the creation of the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant, a scholarship exclusively available to white men who wish to pursue their post-secondary education on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic minority classmates.'
victimhood  politicalcorrectness  satire 
16 days ago
girlwriteswhat comments
'...How the histocompatibility thing works is that when fertile, a woman really likes the smell of men who are genetically different from her in terms of their MHC. She's turned off by the smell of men who are genetically similar to her (close kin, who are more similar to her in terms of their MHC). When pregnant, genetically compatible men still smell good, but men who are genetically incompatible (close kin) also smell good. Not in the same way, necessarily (she doesn't want to start banging her brothers or father, exactly), but their smells cease to be repellent to her. This makes perfect sense, as pregnancy makes a woman infertile (there's no reason to avoid close kin) and vulnerable (there's every reason to stay close to the men most likely to protect you). -- When women are on the pill, this change in her ability to detect compatibility through smell mirrors the change that occurs during pregnancy. -- Because the smells of women's close male kin (and those genetically similar to them) are no longer repellent, she loses that built-in protection against mating with close kin and other men with the same MHC as herself. -- The pill doesn't impede women's ability to avoid breeding with genetically inferior men, it impedes her ability to avoid breeding with Dad (and men genetically similar to dad). -- It doesn't turn her into someone who can't tell a good genetic specimen from a bad one, it turns her into Cersei Lannister.'
women  ovulation  contraception  genetics 
16 days ago
JudgyBitch -- Women use medical school as an elite dating service
'...It’s one of the great ironies of feminism: by accepting, uncritically, that whatever men do is automatically better than what women do, and that if women don’t do the men things, women are inferior, feminists created male supremacy and then blamed men for it. To be fair, this is something modern equality of outcome feminists accept, and not something equality of opportunity feminists supported. Opportunity feminists wanted women who genuinely wanted to study quantum physics to have the opportunity to do so, and there is no denying that for a significant part of our history, those rare women faced a battle to do so. -- ... Outcome feminists are not interested in women, what they want, what they desire, what they prefer, what they are actually inclined to do: outcome feminists demand equal outcomes no matter how little women agree with them, but, and here’s the big kicker: only if the outcomes are beneficial to women. This is why you will hear outcome feminists howl about women in high-paying corporate positions, in positions of power and control and influence, but not a word about equal numbers of women in dangerous, dirty, poorly paid, labor intensive positions. There must be equal numbers of women in parliament, but not equal numbers of women in the sewers. Outcome feminists have decided that women’s actual interests are unacceptable, because women’s interests are not the same as men, and since men’s are better…. -- One of the key things outcome feminists don’t understand, and opportunity feminists do is that asking whether there are equal numbers of women in X prestigious field is the wrong question. The question is not are there equal numbers of men and women but rather are women being prevented from entering X field because they are women? The answer to the second question is no. Governments have thrown millions upon millions of dollars at women to encourage them to take up men’s interests. They’re not interested. -- ... So let’s get back to the doctors marrying other doctors situation. Women are essentially using medical school as an elite dating service, so they can marry partners who can afford to keep them at home while their children are small. This, by the way, is a financial luxury fully 84% of women surveyed by Forbes Magazine aspired to: to be at home with their children and not stuck in a cubicle working for the man, instead of their man. How do we know it’s not the other way around? Half of all women doctors work either part time or not at all. I wonder if this could be the same half that married other doctors? -- My real point today is that there is nothing wrong with this situation. Women who are clever enough to make it through medical school are precisely the kind of women we want to have three or four children with men who are equally or even more clever, and do a good job raising those children. Now the world has two doctors, and four children who are likely to be happy, productive, clever and useful citizens. Once mommy has finished raising the children to school age (which is where she is very likely to find her greatest happiness), she can go out and work as a doctor, on a timeline that suits women’s biology, and still offers all her skills and abilities to serve the public. When we respect women’s choices, interests and biology, we end up in a win-win situation. -- This is respecting women and not assuming that whatever men do, it must be better. Opportunity feminists would cheer these women. Outcome feminists will cry and complain that taking years off to raise children hurts women and is unfair. It doesn’t hurt women to respect their choices, to allow them the freedom to raise children at home if that is their choice, and to raise those children before turning her attention to the work she has chosen.'
men  women  hypergamy  feminism  politicalcorrectness 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- More Muslim Mayhem
'Carol Brown tries to do a weekly rundown of all of the muzzie madness, and fails: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/01/midweek_news_roundup_of_muslim_maniacs_and_western_wimps.html: "I set about gathering reports on the Islamic advance across the West with the plan to write up one week’s worth of information. However, at the mid-week point it became clear that the post would be much too long if I went the entire week. So I stopped. What you find below is a sample of overt and abject barbarism; stealth advance; and Western weakness, stupidity, and dhimmitude that unfolded in just under four days." -- People will only stand for this so long as they have enough stuff that losing that stuff is seen by the amygdala as a significant cost. If you take away the stuff, you take away all impediment to action within the amygdala. It is the origin of the phrase, “He has nothing to lose.” -- I look out today on government doing things which I literally cannot fathom the costs of, and seemingly doing them all over. We know the whole thing is coming down – you can’t fight the mathematics. Soon everyone will have nothing to lose. -- Now, imagine what would happen at that point, if all these Muslims hadn’t been imported. Imagine if when the curtains rose on the stage of the apocalypse, it was just us and the corrupt politicians and cronies who had literally destroyed the greatest nations on earth to enrich themselves. -- Suddenly everything makes sense. Based on the rush to import Muslims, my bet is if you saw the real no bullshit numbers, Apocalypse is much closer than we think.'
rkselectiontheory  collapse  migration  conquest  LYAHF 
16 days ago
The New Observer -- White Refugees not Allowed in Germany
'According to the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper, of the more than 7,000 Ukrainians who applied for asylum in 2014 and 2015, only 5 percent have been granted that status, and all the rest will be sent back to the Ukraine – even though there has been a full-scale war there since April 2014. -- The Frankfurter Rundschau said that many of the refugees come directly from the Donbass region war zone, where their houses and livelihoods have been destroyed – identical to the claims made by the “Syrians” currently pouring into Germany.'
europe  conquest  collapse 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- SJW Victim-Status Relevance-Weighing In Punishment
'...It is funny to see that the Muzzie immigrants still don’t have enough victim status to allow them to attack trannies at will. Now if it was a fight between Muslim Immigrant Trannies, and Native German Trannies, that would be a different story. -- More than likely, the cops are looking for an excuse to arrest migrants, but if they only attack normal Germans, the SJW’s won’t view that as significant enough of a crime to warrant arresting the migrant, and the cop’s career would be threatened. Here, a migrant arrest forces the SJW leadership to weigh whether the rights of the trannies are important enough, to overcome the rights of the migrants to attack people while copping man-boob feels. The resulting SJW cognitive dissonance is enough to keep punishment at bay for the police. Also: "The two women said that their attackers tried to grab their hair and breasts during the confrontation." -- Again, migrants are r-strategists with diminished mate selectivity, and forcible rape with anything that moves is a prevalent mating strategy many are programmed to engage in. -- ... I suppose when you are designed to rush into a vulnerable village, steal whatever you can carry, destroy whatever you see, beat whoever you can, and impregnate as many women as possible before running away, this is just about the best psychology possible. You impregnate everything from Heidi Klum to Lena Dunham, and leave them all with shiners to boot, so the next time they don’t talk back.'
rkselectiontheory  politicalcorrectness  marxism  victimhood  conquest 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Phone Call Anxiety and the Amygdala
This sounds weird. But you have to understand, when your amygdala doesn’t regularly encounter stress and fearful circumstances, it loses the ability to cope, and that causes ever more minor stresses to seem insurmountable. Here, this probably began with bad social interactions when she was young, which she then avoided to get amygdala relief, rather than engaging in them more to desensitize herself. When phone calls became stressful, she moved to texts. Because she texts all the time now, they are tolerable. But if an easier way to communicate came along, like telepathy via an anonymized wireless neural network, she would get a text, her pulse would rise, she’d begin to freak out, and she’d complain about people who still text, when they could just send out brain waves anonymously that didn’t matter. -- If the girl who wrote the blog spent her days trying to evade Saber Toothed Tigers, phone calls would be a relaxing and pleasant diversion from a life of fear and terror. You can see how as she avoids that which she finds uncomfortable, she makes the situation worse. -- ... Just like a junkie needs to hit rock bottom, where the cost of their addiction is so painful it makes their addiction intolerable, so do these people. When the real world consequences of this amygdala weakening and baby-ing reach the point that their pain is worse than that which is motivating the avoidant behavior, these amygdalae will conclude it is less painful to just use the phone or check their email, rather than flunk out of college or miss a call for help from a dying relative. -- The answer to avoiding all of this is to find a way enjoy the amygdala burn. If she could learn to feel the anxiety, view it as similar to the painful burn you feel lifting weights, and visualize the feeling as building strength in her mind, she might have a better chance of welcoming the pain, and then overcoming it. It is a strange quirk of the amygdala. If you embrace a painful stress, you view it as good, you make yourself want the changes which it will bring, and you try to force yourself to feel it, that stress will disappear, and fade back into the background of your life. The more you let yourself panic in the face of it, the more you try to push it away, the stronger it becomes. It literally is just like a guy who views lifting ten pounds as so painful he avoids it, and pretty soon he can’t lift five pounds. -- Until you learn to feel stress intellectually, willingly, and embrace it, and link it in your mind with acquiring strength and power, it will completely own you. You can wait until Apocalypse forces your hand, or you can do it before then, when the pain is smaller and the force required to overcome it much less. -- I’d choose less myself.' -- Anxiety seeks to become fear. ~ Rollo May
rkeselectiontheory  psychology  anxiety  stress  avoidance  resilience 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump
Comment: Anonymous: '...I can see it in my industry as well. I work in Information Technology. I have worked for established corporations and startups. I even worked in a company was a startup and was bought by a large corporation. -- In the startup, K’s are everywhere. They have to be, because the startup cannot bear the costs of too many not-billable personnel. When I joined it, there was an open-door policy between myself and the CEO. I could knock and walk in. People were driven, highly productive, and dedicated to the success of the company. When the large corporation bought us out, there was a *MASSIVE* ‘r’ type invasion where process overtook nimbleness and innovation. All of a sudden we had departments not related to being billable and value driven and politics rather than production became part of the environment. I didn’t have access to the new CEO, being shielded by layers of bureaucracy. -- What happened? There was a ‘K’ exodus out of the company. Within a year, all of the original personnel left. We often joked how it was the most amount of money ever paid for 30 laptops because at the end of the year, there was no-one behind them.'
rkselectiontheory  panarchy  gervaisprinciple 
16 days ago
Seth's Blog -- The client and the customer
'The customer buys (or doesn't buy) what you make. The client asks you to make something. -- The customer has the power to choose, but the client has the power to define, insist and spec. -- [Worth noting: Software and the internet let us disrupt a market by transforming clients into customers and customers into clients. People who used to have to take what was an offer can now get a customized version almost as easily. And people who used to pay extra for the bespoke version can now have the convenience and economy of merely buying what's on offer.]'
16 days ago
Michael Hudson -- The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia
'...Imagine the following scenario five years from now. China will have spent half a decade building high-speed railroads, ports, power systems and other construction for Asian and African countries, enabling them to grow and export more. These exports will be coming online to repay the infrastructure loans. Also, suppose that Russia has been supplying the oil and gas energy for these projects on credit. -- To avert this prospect, suppose an American diplomat makes the following proposal to the leaders of countries in debt to China, Russia and the AIIB: “Now that you’ve got your increased production in place, why repay? We’ll make you rich if you stiff our adversaries and turn back to the West. We and our European allies will support your assigning your nations’ public infrastructure to yourselves and your supporters at insider prices, and then give these assets market value by selling shares in New York and London. Then, you can keep the money and spend it in the West.” -- How can China or Russia collect in such a situation? They can sue. But what court in the West will accept their jurisdiction? -- That is the kind of scenario U.S. State Department and Treasury officials have been discussing for more than a year. Implementing it became more pressing in light of Ukraine’s $3 billion debt to Russia falling due by December 20, 2015. Ukraine’s U.S.-backed regime has announced its intention to default. To support their position, the IMF has just changed its rules to remove a critical lever on which Russia and other governments have long relied to ensure payment of their loans. -- ... The IMF rule that no country can borrow if it is in default to a foreign government was created in the post-1945 world. Since then, the U.S. Government, Treasury and/or U.S. bank consortia have been party to nearly every major loan agreement. But inasmuch as Ukraine’s official debt to Russia’s National Wealth Fund was not to the U.S. Government, the IMF announced its rules change simply as a “clarification.” What its rule really meant was that it would not provide credit to countries in arrears to the U.S. government, not that of Russia or China. -- ... #The blowback: America’s unilateralist geopolitics are tearing up the world’s economic linkages that were put in place in the heady days after World War II, when Europe and other countries were so disillusioned that they believed the United States was acting out of idealism rather than national self-interest. Today the question is how long Western Europe will be willing to forego its trade and investment interests by accepting U.S.-sponsored sanctions against Russia, Iran and other economies. Germany, Italy and France already are feeling the strains. -- The oil and pipeline war designed to bypass Russian energy exports is flooding Europe with refugees, as well as spreading terrorism. Although the leading issue in America’s Republican presidential debate on December 15, 2015, was safety from Islamic jihadists, no candidate thought to explain the source of this terrorism in America’s alliance with Wahabist Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and hence with Al Qaeda and ISIS/Daish as a means of destabilizing secular regimes in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and earlier in Afghanistan. Going back to the original sin of CIA hubris – overthrowing the secular Iranian Prime Minister leader Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953 – U.S. foreign policy has been based on the assumption that secular regimes tend to be nationalist and resist privatization and neoliberal austerity. -- Based on this assumption, U.S. Cold Warriors have aligned themselves against democratic regimes seeking to promote their own prosperity and resist neoliberalism in favor of maintaining their own traditional mixed public/private economies. That is the back-story of the U.S. fight to control the rest of the world. Tearing apart the IMF’s rules is only the most recent chapter. Arena by arena, the core values of what used to be American and European social democratic ideology are being uprooted by the tactics being used to hurt Russia, China and their prospective Eurasian allies.'
history  america  empire  dollar  petrodollar  IMF  puppetry  MichaelHudson 
17 days ago
Cashkurs -- CK*wirtschaftsfacts in conversation with Michael Hudson
"...Basically, the US runs a balance of payments deficit that's military in character."
history  america  empire  dollar  IMF  puppetry  war  MichaelHudson 
17 days ago
The Onion -- Obama Gently Guides Michelle’s Hand As She Maneuvers Drone Joystick
'“Careful now, not too steep! That’s it—steady, steady. Whenever you’re ready, just aim at your target and discharge the Hellfire missiles.” At press time, sources confirmed that the president and first lady could be seen locking eyes intensely and smiling after they pressed the unmanned aerial vehicle’s launch button in unison.'
TheOnion  pathocracy  satire 
17 days ago
typhonblue comments
'how can I accept your moral condemnation to your satisfaction?'
philosophy  morality  * 
22 days ago
YouTube -- TED Talks: Jae Rhim Lee: My mushroom burial suit
'Can we commit our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death? Naturally – using a special burial suit seeded with pollution-gobbling mushrooms. Yes, this just might be the strangest TEDTalk you'll ever see.' -- Time pulls us back down to dust.
death  pollution  decompiculture 
23 days ago
TED Talks -- Alison Killing: There’s a better way to die, and architecture can help
'In this short, provocative talk, architect Alison Killing looks at buildings where death and dying happen — cemeteries, hospitals, homes. The way we die is changing, and the way we build for dying ... well, maybe that should too. It's a surprisingly fascinating look at a hidden aspect of our cities, and our lives.'
death  architecture 
23 days ago
YouTube -- TED Talks: Alison Killing: What Happens When a City Runs Out of Room for Its Dead
'"If you want to go out and start your own cemetery" in the UK, says Alison Killing, "you kind of can." She thinks a lot about where we die and are buried — and in this talk, the architect and TED Fellow offers an eye-opening economic and social perspective on an overlooked feature of our towns and cities: the cemetery. Speaking specifically to UK laws, she unpacks the fascinating, sometimes funny, often contradictory laws about where you can be buried.' -- "In the UK, only around 30% of people have ever talked to anyone about their wishes around death."
land  death 
23 days ago
YouTube -- Alison Tieman/Typhonblue: I hate Muslim Man
'Come gather round! See the spectacle of the Islamophobic Islam Apologist! I'm tired of this threat narrative sandwitch. Islamophobe on one side, Islam apologist on the other. And our cultural values – justice, rule of law, secular humanitarianism – throttled in the middle.' -- "Threat narratives make slaves of us all. A threat narrative will make you its slave and make you sacrifice everything and anything in service to it including morality, including your own rights, including your life. It will turn you into a hateful, violent extremist taking revenge for your honour. It will make you into Muslim Man."
threatnarrative  morality  vengeance  commonenemy  disgust 
23 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: The Secret About Government Power
'Question: "If people do not have control over their government, then why have you placed blame on the Baby Boomers for the United States financial crisis? I don’t disagree with you, but it seems like an inconsistent position."' -- "The State is horizontal. It only profits vertically because we're willing to attack each other horizontally...The willingness to attack people who tell the truth creates the value of The State, the profitability of tax-farming through governments."
statism  slavespeak  politicalcorrectness  crimestop  babyboomers  StefanMolyneux 
23 days ago
YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Goethe
'Goethe is one of the great minds of European civilisation, though his work is largely unknown outside of the German speaking countries. He deserves our renewed attention.' -- "The Faustian idea is that in order to develop fully, we have to flirt with things that are quite dangerous but hold on to a sense of higher purpose."
philosophy  life 
23 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Banning Refugees: Recent sexual assault allegations give rise to anti-migrant sentiments
'In western Germany, a public swimming pool in one town has forbidden entry to male refugees aged over eighteen. Anti-migrant sentiments have been evident elsewhere in Europe since the start of the year. In Austria, a bar in a small town in the east of the country has banned all refugees.'
23 days ago
Why are Brits so obsessed with buying their own homes? by Agnès Poirier
'In Britain, landlords seem to have only rights, and tenants only duties. I remember rents going up every six months (in France they are controlled), rain pouring through the ceiling over my bed, walls only standing up thanks to the million coats of paint applied by generations of students, and leases so short you needed to move almost every year. The only good thing was flat-sharing with my British friends – a real school of life. And I understood why they longed to own their home, considering the awfulness of renting. A self-fulfilling system, this was. -- Economics and culture are of course interconnected. The British economy is built on this home ownership hysteria and if the government bangs on about cutting the public deficit, it is partly to avoid talking about the country’s stratospheric level of private debt – which it encourages.'
economics  land  landlordism  rent  rentseeking  UK 
23 days ago
YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: Rantzerker 31: "How to be a man" by Emma Watson
'Join Karen, Alison and Mike as they once again take on the terrible spectre of neo-traditionalism, Emma Watson's advice on "how to be man." Because we've never tried chivalry before!' -- Karen: "Stop exploiting men's natural instinct to protect you, Emma. Especially stop doing it whilst simultaneously blaming men for never caring about women enough to protect them...You're simultaneously exploiting men's natural impulse to [protect and provide] while telling them they don't actually have an impulse to do those things. That it's the opposite." Alison: "It's a mindfuck." Karen: "It's gaslighting. It's complete gaslighting on a massive, culture-wide scale."
men  women  feminism  predation  sacrifice  contempt 
23 days ago
The New York Times -- When Philosophy Lost Its Way
'...The act of purification accompanying the creation of the modern research university was not just about differentiating realms of knowledge. It was also about divorcing knowledge from virtue. Though it seems foreign to us now, before purification the philosopher (and natural philosopher) was assumed to be morally superior to other sorts of people. The 18th-century thinker Joseph Priestley wrote “a Philosopher ought to be something greater and better than another man.” Philosophy, understood as the love of wisdom, was seen as a vocation, like the priesthood. It required significant moral virtues (foremost among these were integrity and selflessness), and the pursuit of wisdom in turn further inculcated those virtues. The study of philosophy elevated those who pursued it. Knowing and being good were intimately linked. It was widely understood that the point of philosophy was to become good rather than simply to collect or produce knowledge. -- As the historian Steven Shapin has noted, the rise of disciplines in the 19th century changed all this. The implicit democracy of the disciplines ushered in an age of “the moral equivalence of the scientist” to everyone else. The scientist’s privileged role was to provide the morally neutral knowledge needed to achieve our goals, whether good or evil. This put an end to any notion that there was something uplifting about knowledge. The purification made it no longer sensible to speak of nature, including human nature, in terms of purposes and functions. By the late 19th century, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche had proved the failure of philosophy to establish any shared standard for choosing one way of life over another. This is how Alasdair MacIntyre explained philosophy’s contemporary position of insignificance in society and marginality in the academy. There was a brief window when philosophy could have replaced religion as the glue of society; but the moment passed. People stopped listening as philosophers focused on debates among themselves. -- Once knowledge and goodness were divorced, scientists could be regarded as experts, but there are no morals or lessons to be drawn from their work. Science derives its authority from impersonal structures and methods, not the superior character of the scientist. The individual scientist is no different from the average Joe; he or she has, as Shapin has written, “no special authority to pronounce on what ought to be done.” For many, science became a paycheck, and the scientist became a “de-moralized” tool enlisted in the service of power, bureaucracy and commerce.'
discourse  history  philosophy  intellectualism  hackersvsvectoralists 
23 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Obama Amygdala Hijacked by FBI Director James Comey
'"The president…did a “double-take” following the suggested immigration pause in the face of what is a very real and ongoing terror threat. “YOU SOUND LIKE TRUMP!” -- Mr. Obama apparently sat at the head of the table clearly unhappy for the remainder of the meeting…" -- This is a good sign Trump is deep inside the rabbit’s heads. Rabbits don’t do careful logic and reason. Rather they have emotional touchstones, which become foundational emotional analogies they use to think, perceive the world around them, and communicate with others. Vox is a Nazi. You are a fascist. That is McCarthyism, etc. Those aren’t technical descriptions, they are emotional shorthand. One word triggers designed to elicit the requisite emotion in the listener, and thus communicate the emotional state of the speaker when contemplating the referenced idea. Where logic deviates from emotion in the rabbit, it is an even more accurate (and easy) way for the rabbit to convey their thought process to the listener. This idea – happy, this idea – happy, this idea sad, this idea angry.'
rkselectiontheory  socialism  emotionalism  illiberalism 
23 days ago
Poliisi [Police of Finland] -- Press releases: The police prepared effectively for attacks on New Year’s Eve - all cases of attempted assault should be reported
'Helsinki police supervised New Year’s Eve celebrations intensively and were also prepared for an extensive gathering of asylum seekers. Before New Year's Eve, the police were informed that asylum seekers in Helsinki Metropolitan area may have had similar plans as the men who, according to recent media reports, gathered around the railway station in Cologne. In Cologne, Germany, a group consisting of some one thousand foreign men is suspected of dozens of offences. According to a newspaper in Cologne, it is believed that 15 women were sexually assaulted. -- Iraqi asylum seekers arrived in Helsinki to celebrate the new year not only from reception centres in the city but also from other parts of Finland. Around 11 p.m., up to 1,000 asylum seekers from Iraq congregated in the underground passages around the railway station. The police removed dozens of people from the area, and several persons were already apprehended in the early part of the evening under the Police Act.'
terrorism  conquest  europe 
23 days ago
Honey Badger Brigade -- The false dilemma of the rapacious Muslim narrative by Hannah Wallen
'A gynocentric public, to which men are already disposable, is easy to rally against a group of men accused of getting out of line and abusing women. Every group with an agenda this threat narrative fits is going to take measures to exploit it.'
23 days ago
YouTube -- Alison Tieman/Typhonblue: Shark Infested Waters
"We start with the out-group. We always start with the out-group. We start with demonizing the out-group. And then we start importing that demonization to the men of the in-group."
psychohistory  threatnarrative  hate  poisoncontainer  discourse 
23 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Are Libertarians Wrong About Immigration?
'Question: "The subject I would like to cover with Stefan, is the topic of being a morally consistent Voluntaryism while, at the same time, supporting the current immigration policies that Stefan is in support of, in respect to Syrian and Muslim immigrants. -- I do not necessarily disagree with Stefan but I am having a hard time seeing how I could defend such a policy from the Anarcho-Capitalist, morally consistent position. I have therefore, not committed fully to either side. What I wish to get out of the call, is a conclusion to this that I can explain, once and for all that falls in line with my Libertarian beliefs."'
migration  statism  welfare 
23 days ago
YouTube -- Anarchast #264: Milo Yiannopoulos: Breitbart Conservative Turning Anarcho-Capitalist
'Jeff interviews Milo Yiannopolous, topics include: from conservative to anarcho-capitalist, the nature of conservatism and anarcho-capitalism, government over-reach, the US department of offense, Milo's run in with political censorship via Twitter, the growing clampdown on free speech, trust in Twitter collapsing along with its stock price, Breitbart is a bastion of free speech, a difference of opinion on the existence of the military, the difficulties of communicating socially unacceptable ideas.' -- Jeff: "Well, you can have a [defense] committee without the government." Milo: ... /aneurysm/ ... Jeff: *chuckles*
statism  conservatism  libertarianism  anarchism  voluntaryism 
23 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Oregon standoff: Who are the ‘rightful owners’ of the land?
'RT’s Simone Del Rosario sits down with Burns Paiute tribal chairwoman Charlotte Rodrique, who questions the rancher’s claims of being the rightful owners of the land, positing the hypothetical: “Did the ranchers just drop out of the sky into virgin territory that had never been touched by anybody?” The Paiute tribe had been violently forced off the land centuries ago.' -- Infinite re-aggression
land  property  delusion 
23 days ago
Center for a Stateless Society -- The Pernicious State
'It long been recognized that governments cannot reign merely through brute force. There are too few rulers. So they need help in achieving popular compliance, and they find it in ideology. It is state ideology, the indispensable dogma, that creates the aura of sanctity. Where once people believed the ruler was the deity’s representative, in today’s democratic republics, they believe their rulers are their representatives. But it’s the same scam, perpetrated by rulers and their high priests in the intelligentsia, to maximize subordination and minimize resistance. -- Ideology in this context means something much deeper than what is usually meant. It does not refer to the approaches known as “conservatism” and “liberalism,” or the differences between those who want “big government” and those who want “limited government.” It refers rather to the deeper view that The State with its authority to threaten and wield violence is indispensable and intrinsically virtuous, as nothing else can be. Therefore it is not to be judged as we judge other people and institutions. When someone does wrong in office — a Nixon, say — it is chalked up as an abuse of power. Power itself is beyond reproach.'
statism  truebelieversyndrome  crimestop 
23 days ago
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