The Rational Male -- The Vetting Process
'...Reverse the genders and this scenario is precisely why women become so hostile when men even hint at ‘judging’ women’s past sexual decisions. There is a very well established operative social convention that the sisterhood will all unanimously get behind; and that is the ruthless shaming of men who would ask any questions about any woman’s sexual past. This is the degree of desperation that women feel during the Epiphany Phase when they acknowledge men becoming aware of their long term sexual strategy. -- They understand that, in their Epiphany Phase, the clock is ticking down to zero. That’s the cause of a lot of anxiety. They are just beginning to understand that their marriageability (Beta Bucks) now conflicts with their previous short-term mating strategy (Alpha Fucks). As I detailed in Betas in Waiting, women of this age cannot afford to have their short term sexual strategy count against them at a time when they are at their most necessitous of what that Beta can provide towards her long term security. -- Again, on some level of consciousness, women understand that were the ignorant Beta she’s decided to marry (start a family with or help her raise her illegitimate children with) becomes aware of what she did in her sexual past he too might expect that same degree of sexual performance. The performance she reserved for the men she perceived as Alpha and freely gave to them. -- Women must keep the details of that past secret and obscured. So grave is this anxiety that men must be punished for having the temerity to be curious about it. It is vitally important because a woman’s capacity to bond with a man is reduced with every new sexual partner. Every new sexual partner is a potential Alpha to be widowed by, but the man who marries her must be kept ignorant of those men if she is to secure his resources and his parental investment. -- This social convention operates on absolving women’s past indiscretions by redefining them as a period of learning who she would become. It was her “journey of self-discovery” and she’s “not that person” any more. Cleverly enough this is exactly the same convention and same rationale of women who divorce their husbands later in life to “take the journey of self-discovery” of Eat, Prey, Love she passed up when she was younger. -- Knowing this, it is also vitally important for men to keep women’s dualistic sexual strategy in mind at every age of her maturity.' -- Comment: Philalethes: 'The whole “monogamy” pattern is an artificial construct that’s been pasted over the basically promiscuous nature of the Homo sap species, which is, as one book title put it, The Third Chimpanzee. Female chimps, when in heat, copulate with all the males in the troupe, both to keep the peace and to ensure the survival of her offspring – since no male can know for sure that he isn’t the father, all males will protect or at least not harm the baby. (Bonobos, of course, copulate at all times, even when not in estrus – like humans, though the function in their case is not pair-bonding but keeping the peace.) -- Pair-bonding became necessary for humans when the brain began to grow exponentially, which necessitated earlier birth (and resulted in a brutal selection process, as those women who carried to full term were killed during the birth by the overlarge head of the baby), and a much longer period of offspring dependence, requiring mothers – who could no longer forage for themselves and their infants as chimps do – to form relationships with males whom they could depend on to provide for them. To do this, of course the females offered the males what every male since the invention of sex (some 1.5 billion years ago) has been most desperate to get. This required females to develop the ability to hide natural signals of biological receptivity – which occurs only once a month – so they could arrange to appear to be (as my Anthropology professor at UC Berkeley put it 50 years ago) “always in heat.” -- Which, of course, they are not. And nor are they naturally monogamous. All of which has led to the very complicated and difficult situation that this blog and others are now elucidating and discussing. Very interesting to see the male of the species beginning to wake up to how it all really works.'
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The Rational Male -- Red Pill Parenting – Part II
'You will never be appreciated for your sacrifices, and certainly not while you’re making them. Your presence is only as superfluous as you allow it to be. While you will never be appreciated for it in any measurable sense, you will be liable for it, so my advice is to make the most of it in a Red Pill respect. Your reward, your motivation, for being a Red Pill parent and a positively masculine example in your kids’ lives needs to come from inside yourself because it will never be rewarded by a feminine-primary social order. If you don’t think you will ever find being a parent intrinsically rewarding, get a vasectomy now because it will never be extrinsically rewarding. -- Understand now, the Feminine Imperative wants you to be despondent about your role. -- Understand this, your presence, your influence, will only be as valuable or as appreciated as you are willing to make it to yourself. Your Red Pill aware influence in your kids’ lives needs to matter to you first, because it will never be appreciated in your time, and in fact will be actively, hostilely, be resisted by a world saturated in feminine-primacy. -- Being a mother and birthing a child is a constantly lauded position today. By virtue of being a mother, women are rewarded and respected in society. Men must add fatherhood to their burden of performance just to avoid the societal default of being vilified. -- The Feminine Imperative wants you to give up and allow the ‘village’ to raise your sons and daughters to perpetuate the cycle of the second set of rules. It wants you to feel superfluous; the Feminine Imperative’s maintenance relies on you feeling worthless. The reason men commit suicide at four times the rate of women is due exactly to this sense of male-worthlessness cultivated by the Feminine Imperative. -- ... ‘The Village’ will raise your kids if you don’t. You will be resisted, you will be ridiculed, you will be accused of every thought-crime to the point of being dragged away to jail in your imparting Red Pill awareness (in the future I expect it to be equated with child abuse). The Village will teach your boys from the most impressionable ages (5 years old) to loath their maleness, to feel shame for being less perfect than girls and to want to remake their gender-identity more like girls. -- The Village will raise your daughters to perpetuate the same cycle that devalues conventional masculinity, the same cycle that considers men’s presence as superfluous and their sacrifices as granted expectations. It will raise your daughters to over-inflate their sense of worth with unearned confidence at the expense of boys as their foils. It will teach them to openly embrace Hypergamy as their highest authority and to disrespect anything resembling masculinity as more than some silly anachronism. -- ...You will notice that root level Hypergamy manifests itself in girls at a very young age. In Warren Farrell’s book, Why Men Are The Way They Are he notes that girls as young as 7 already have a a definition of the (celebrity) “boys they’d like to kiss and the boys they’d like to marry.” No doubt girls’ acculturation influences their preferences, but the Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks archetypes are part of their mental firmware. -- As a father, your primary role will be one of modeling the provider security seeking aspect of the Hypergamous equation. While that comfort and control is necessary it tends to be a trap for most Betas. The challenge most Beta fathers fail at is embracing and owning the very necessary Alpha / Dominant role that makes up the other side of that equation. -- The challenge is exemplifying Amused Mastery with your daughter, but in such a way that it balances Alpha dominance and control with rapport, security and comfort. In my post Myth of the Good Guy I make the case that adult women don’t really look for this balance in the same man. Alphas are for fucking, Betas are for long term security, and men who think they can embody both are neither sought after nor really believable. The root of this AF/BB mental separation of Hypergamous purpose-specific men can be traced back to the impression of masculinity that woman’s father set for her in her formative years. -- Lean too far toward Alpha dominance and you become the asshole abuser who domineered poor mom while she was growing up. Lean too far to the Beta, permissive, passive and feminine side of the spectrum and the future men in her life will be colored by your deferring to the feminine as authority – thus placing her in the role of having to create the security she never expects men to have a real command of. -- The challenge of raising a boy is modeling and exemplifying the positive, dominant masculine role you want him to boldly embrace in spite of the same fem-centric world arrayed against yourself. The challenge of raising a girl is embodying the dominant masculine man you will eventually be proud to call your son in law. Your daughter needs to be able to identify that guy by comparing him to the masculine role you set for her.'
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The Matt Chat Blog -- Richard Bartle Interview Transcript
'Richard: But most people could get to the top if they persevered. And in so doing, they’d come to understand more about themselves. I mean, it was kind of – it was built – I wasn’t aware at the time of this about, you know, journeys to self understanding – well, I knew that they existed, Buddhism and stuff, but I wasn’t aware of the Hero’s journey, that sort of thing, or narrative arcs, how they were structured, but I did have this sense that the more that you got to experiment with who you are, the better feel that you’d have of who you are, and the better you’d be able to become who you are. You could try being a jerk, doesn’t work out, so you don’t. Okay. Some people are jerks, and they like it, so. Okay, well, you’ve reached your level then, haven’t you? -- ... So the, the wizards, most of them, they would hang around for a bit, then they’d – they’d leave the game, which is kind of what we were expecting most of them would do because once you’ve learned who you are, once you’ve reached the end of your journey, and you know, you’ve self-actualized in the game, I suppose, there’s no reason to be there as a Wizard. It’s just a place. It’s no longer some kind of awesome, mysterious world; it’s like the real world but not quite the same. It’s now – you’ve conceptualized it. It’s part of your life and it’s somewhere you go to meet people that you like or you know or something, but it’s not somewhere you go to progress as a person anymore because you’d reached that once you’ve reached Wizard level. So, some of our Wizards, most of them would come in and then they’d what we called drift away, they’d come in less and less often, and then they’d go back to the real world because that was – the, the aim is for – you, you become a better person by – well, not a better person, you become the person you are by playing MUD, and then so there’s no reason you’d need to carry on, except if you occasionally wanted to come back and meet people, so most people, most Wizards drifted away.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Conflict Avoidance and r-selection
'...Notice here, there is no sense of morals, loyalty, patriotism, or honor. Those are urges which might provoke conflict, and for the rabbit, there is one goal – avoid any conflict. They decided inflaming the Muslims was a risk, and inflaming the patriots was not, so they killed the moment of silence. Then conflict arose from the other side when the patriots complained, so the university reinstated the moment of silence. If the Muslims bitched, they’d kill it again. -- It isn’t surprising. If you are a rabbit in a field of free resources, then when another rabbit threatens you, your best choice is to flee and avoid the conflict, at all costs. An r-selected environment will select for individuals that exhibit that conflict-avoidant instinct, above all else. Here, we see the end result. Every decision is measured by how much conflict each side will produce, and whoever is the most conflict prone gets what they want. -- It is why the rabbits always seem to favor Muslims, criminals, whatever race is an out-group to them, foreign interests, immigrants over citizens, and in this case, decent citizens – if the decent citizens threaten enough conflict through out-grouping the rabbit. You can see how as resources snap short and the population grows short tempered, suddenly rabbits can become super-patriots who want to find whatever minority out-group poses the least threat and stuff them in the ovens. The aren’t human. They are human shaped killer puppets who will do whatever will spare them the angst of being seen as an enemy by someone dangerous. -- I think this is also why they tend to protest more than K-strategists. Rabbits are all about noise and flash, like some sort of artistic threat dance, to scare the other side away from the food pile with a showy threat of a conflict. K-strategists don’t really see the noise and the flash as being useful if it is just for show – K-strategists only see outcomes of actual violent conflict. If driven to action, they want to brain whoever threatens their food pile, dispose of the body quietly in a sanitary fashion, and then get on to eating. When K-strategists reach critical mass they tend to want to enact real change, by force, rather than by threat of maybe, kind of, possibly, some sort of acrimony-like sounds somewhere down the line. The problem is critical mass for a K-strategist is when somebody has to die. Until then, they just don’t often act, even to complain.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Poland In-groups
'170,000 strong on the march: "170,000 Polish patriots marched through the capital to end Islamic invasion in their country." -- They are even burning EU flags. -- You didn’t hear of this on the media because the media knows that nothing is as contagious as the beat of the war drum. Once most of the people are out marching, everyone else wants to be there. You don’t want to miss out on all the excitement, or hear about such a massive event second hand. Here is a force larger than most armies, and they don’t even have a clear objective to pursue. -- These are the emotional forces that produce war. It is irritated amygdalae in search of relief – and it terrifies the politicians, sitting in their offices, aware that if the mob rushes the building all at once, anything can happen.'
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Progress.org -- Favors for a Group Or Shares for All? by Jeffery J. Smith
'...Taxes are traps set alongside the flow of the economy to snare the output of the little people, and favors are government-posted detours to guide fat fortunes—composed largely of rents—to safety. The real state is still real estate. -- Many Americans think deducting interest helps them. It doesn’t. It lets sellers and lenders inflate the price of land. Then fewer people can afford land. The seller’s next home+site will cost more. First-timers can’t become homeowners without the help of parents who’re often too old to be risking a new mortgage. -- Rewarding speculators spurs them to hoard land and keep it vacant awaiting a higher price. Vacant lots and under-used parcels cause unemployment, poverty, crime, and ugliness of behavior and the manmade environment and curb supply. As land values rise—sucking more money out of production and consumption—businesses and household cut back. Layoffs, bankruptcies, and foreclosures follow. Every 18 years, people who’d thought tax detours were for them get pinched—or worse—by recession. -- The solution? Recall that owners owe. Nobody made land or its value. All of us—as the local populace—generate the latter. To be just, we should share Earth’s worth. Pay land dues, not taxes on our labor or capital. And receive rent shares, not tax breaks or subsidized programs. -- Back when railroads were riding roughshod over America, Henry George was popular for promoting his version of geonomics. Even people in high places endorsed him. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: “I find it very difficult to disagree with the principles of Henry George ... I believe in the taxation of land values only.” That version failed, lacking a dividend to appeal to rational landowners. Now that we know better, we can abolish favoritism for any group and disburse a Citizen’s Dividend to us all.'
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FMTV -- MicroBirth
'A 60 minute award-winning documentary investigating the latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth. These events could have life-long consequences for the health of our children and potentially could even impact future generations. - Featuring a dozen professors from world-leading institutions,"Microbirth" looks at birth in a whole new way; through the lens of a microscope. The film shines a light on the microbiome, the trillions of bacteria that inhabit are bodies that many scientists believe are critical for human health. -- The film reveals the latest science that suggests there is a narrow window for optimally “seeding and feeding” a baby's microbiome - this window surrounds birth. If you miss this window, there may be consequences later for not just for the lifelong health of our children but potentially, it may also affect the health of future generations.'
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LRB -- Magical Thinking About Isis by Adam Shatz
'...In co-ordinating the strikes with Russia, Hollande is moving in a direction fervently advocated by the French right, which has been suffering from an acute case of Putin envy. But such an alliance could, yet again, play into IS’s hands: other than Assad, there is no figure more reviled by Syrian Sunnis than Putin, so an air war in concert with Russia and in tacit alliance with Assad would fan the flames of Sunni anger, and be further fuel for IS propaganda. -- In a recent interview with Vice, Obama described IS as a child of the Iraq war. It’s true that if it weren’t for the dismantling of the Iraqi state, and its replacement by a Shia-dominated sectarian system, IS would probably not exist. And in its war against the Sykes-Picot frontiers, IS has paid a peculiar homage to the neoconservatives who have always viewed the post-Ottoman borders as artificial constructs, a map to be redrawn in blood, with multi-confessional states replaced by ethnically exclusive, weak statelets: Christian Lebanese, Kurdish and Shia. -- But the problem of IS can’t be laid exclusively at the door of Bush, Blair et al. The war in Libya, and Obama’s accommodation with the Sisi regime in Egypt, have encouraged the spread of IS well beyond Iraq. It is, however, the US’s dangerously incoherent Syria policy that has perhaps done the greatest damage. When Obama called for Assad to step down, apparently confident that his days were numbered because an American president had said so, he raised the expectations of the opposition that the US had their backs, in the event that Assad began firing on them. But Obama had no intention of sending troops, or imposing a no-fly zone. His determination to will the means for Assad’s removal has never matched Russia’s or Iran’s determination to keep him in power. The result was to leave the Syrian opposition exposed to Assad’s war. -- Assad, who read American intentions better than the opposition, was emboldened by Obama’s obvious wish not to be drawn directly into the war, even after the famous ‘red line’ was crossed. Unable to secure direct support from the US, the various, increasingly fragmented rebel groups looked for arms and aid wherever they could find them: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and sheiks and businessmen in the Gulf. The support came with strings attached: namely, ideological guidance, and an increasingly assertive anti-Shia orientation. Thanks to the recklessness of Erdoğan and the Qataris, jihadist groups from Jabhat al-Nusra to IS hijacked the rebellion, while the West turned a blind eye, until it was forced to create its own, ineffectual ‘moderate’ rebels, who didn’t stand a chance against the Islamists. By insisting that Assad step down before any transition, Washington prolonged the war, and made the European refugee crisis inevitable: only so many refugees could be dumped in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. -- All the actors in the Syria cauldron – the Gulf states, Turkey, Hizbullah, the Russians, the Americans – have had a hand in creating this monster, but no one seems to want to fight it, apart from the Kurds. The question of Assad’s fate has prevented the emergence of a unified Russian-American front against IS. Assad’s forces and their allies, including Hizbullah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, have focused their attacks on Syrian rebel groups which, unlike IS, have directly challenged the regime. The Gulf states, whose imams have played no small part in the expansion of jihadist extremism, are too worried about Iran’s nuclear programme and the Houthis of Yemen to lift a finger, particularly if their actions end up strengthening Assad. Erdoğan’s main concern is not IS but the Kurdish rebels. The Americans and the French, until last year, took comfort in the notion that IS was a local actor, loathsome to be sure, but unlikely to strike at Western interests: an irritant, rather than a national security threat. -- Now IS is unrivalled among jihadist groups, and no one knows quite what to do that won’t make the problem worse. Anything that can be done now risks being too little, too late. It’s true that IS is no match, militarily, for the West. The attacks of 13 November were in the anarchist tradition of the ‘propaganda of the deed’, and we shouldn’t fall for it: the social order of Europe isn’t in jeopardy. But it would also be a mistake to underestimate the problem. IS has managed to insert itself, with no small amount of cunning, and with acute sensitivity to feelings of humiliation, into two of the most intractable conflicts of our time: the relationship of European societies to their internal, Muslim ‘others’ and the sectarian power struggles that have engulfed the lands of Iraq and Syria since 2003. -- In an earlier era, these conflicts might have remained separate, but they are now linked thanks to the very devices that are the symbol of globalisation, our phones and laptops. It no longer makes sense to speak of near and far, or even of ‘blowback’: the theatre of conflict has no clear borders, and its causes are multiple, overlapping and deeply rooted in histories of postcolonial rage and Western-assisted state collapse. The attacks in Paris don’t reflect a clash of civilisations but rather the fact that we really do live in a single, if unequal world, where the torments in one region inevitably spill over into another, where everything connects, sometimes with lethal consequences. For all its medieval airs, the caliphate holds up a mirror to the world we have made, not only in Raqqa and Mosul, but in Paris, Moscow and Washington.'
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The Book of Life -- On Defilement
'...Sex in which two people can express their defiling urges is, for Proust, at heart an indication of a longing for complete acceptance. We know we can please others with our goodness, but – suggests Proust – what we really want is also to be endorsed for our more peculiar and unrespectable impulses. The discipline involved in growing up into a good boy or girl seeks occasional alleviation, which is what sex can provide in those rare moments when two partners trust one another enough to reveal their otherwise strictly censored desires to piss, hurt and insult. -- Getting turned on during defiling sex is a kind of thrill at the idea that, contrary to all normal expectations, the other person does still like you, even though you are using appalling language, scratching them and offering to soak them in urine. These are all the things we have been taught, since earliest childhood, we must never ever do around others; yet these desires are still a part of us that continues to exist and to seek some kind of endorsement. Though defiling sex seems on the surface to be about hurting another person, really it’s about asking if they’ll put up with us, it’s a quest for intimacy and love – and a delight that, for a time at least, we can be as bad as we like and still turn out to be the object of another’s affection.'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Humans Have a Moral Claim on Land and Its Resources and This Necessitates the Rental of Both by Fred Foldvary
'...Jason disagrees with forcibly collecting rent from tenants or title holders. By geoist ethics, the rent properly belongs to the people in equal shares. If a tenant refuses to pay that rent, force is justified because the rent is not his property. Think of a house fully owned by the title holder who rents the land from a landlord. The owner dies, and the heir now owns the house, but inherits the leasehold. He can be forced to either pay rent or transfer the leasehold to someone else, because his right of land possession was conditional on paying the leasehold rent. -- The “natural opportunities” geoists speak of are those of natural resources, which are prior to and apart from human beings and human action. Since, in geoist ethics, human beings are morally self-owners, the aspects of personhood that come from nature, such as one’s genes, belong to oneself. Thus the equal benefits are only of non-human natural resources, and not from products of human action. -- The fact that paying rent puts land to its most productive use is a benefit of geoism, but it is not a justification of collecting the rent. After all, a doctor who chooses to work only part-time would be pushed to work full time if his leisure time were taxed, but geoism rejects that. -- Jason asks for “an argument that justifies drawing a hard moral distinction between property in land and property in other things.” The premise is human equality, by which each person is equally a self-owner, and therefore owns his labor, wage, and products. But self-ownership does not apply to what the self did not create — land. Thus equality implies an equal ownership of the benefits of land, which is measured by rent. -- The moral alternative is the homesteading principle. Geoists should give homesteading some respect; the problem is that homesteading is used to justify the status quo and eternal property rights that derive from conquest. Outside of native Indian lands, the current title holders of land in California should not be able to claim all rights to the lands they hold just because the natives were all murdered long ago. Human equality thus justifies an equal sharing of the rent by all who occupy conquered lands, with the rent due to nature shared globally and the rent due to local conditions shared locally. Since politics now prevents the global ideal, the next best option is for the natural rent to be shared as widely as feasibly within existing institutions.'
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2 days ago
JudgyBitch -- Refusing to talk about violent women hurts women more than it hurts men
'...Women count on men to not hit them back. How is that not a sexist assumption? The feminist writers at Jezebel reported not a single case of men fighting back, yet seem utterly oblivious to the fact that they make a profoundly sexist assumption when they hit men, and furthermore, that assumption contradicts the entire narrative of feminism! The Jezzies hit men, men did not hit them back. Whelp, there goes the whole toxic masculinity narrative. It seems to me that these women assume men are good, kind and decent, and then abuse the inherent goodness of men by hitting men, knowing full well they can generally do so safely, because most men won’t hit women. -- That’s some pretty toxic masculinity right there. I suppose, in a way, it is toxic. Men should not have to accept physical violence from women in order to define themselves as men. I fully support Bash a Violent Bitch, and keep your eye on that ‘violent’ word. Any adult who hits another adult should expect to get hit right back. -- ...if feminists in Australia and elsewhere are not interested in discussing women’s violence, even if this puts more women at risk of death and serious injury, then what are they interested in? It’s clearly not ending domestic violence or protecting women, never mind protecting men and children. They are interested in peddling a narrative of fear to women: men are the enemy. Australian men hate, and want to hurt, Australian women for no reason other than ‘men are bad’. Why do feminists do this? Well, a lot of them earn a paycheck based on that narrative, whether they work in the media or in the domestic violence industry, and I would guess a lot of them have had bitter, acrimonious relationships with men, to which their own toxic personalities contributed nothing, naturally. -- You would think feminists would be proud so many women are violent! At rates equal to men! But I guess that’s not the kind of equality feminists are interested in – it’s always about equality of outcome, and when it comes to getting into fisticuffs with men, women’s outcomes are bad. Sane people can see that perhaps discussing that reality with women tempted to solve problems with their fists is a reasonable strategy to address those unequal outcomes, but not feminists. Nope. Men are to blame, full stop. All men must accept violence from women because apparently, chivalry isn’t dead. -- Hitting men on the assumption they will not hit you back is sexist. It’s also really stupid. Wanna end domestic violence? Teach women not to hit. Not children. Not other women. Not men. Not anyone. Refusing to even think about this possibility means more women will be injured, and more women will die. Feminists are more interested in hating men than protecting women? -- Gosh, who knew?'
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2 days ago
JudgyBitch -- Rape is not a feeling
'...When I ask a Twitter feminist if I am a rapist for having sex with my husband when he can’t legally drive, the sputtering begins. That simply isn’t the scenario they imagine. The victim is always a woman, and the rapist is always a man. But they refuse to admit that #YesMeansYes consent standards are a weapon feminists encourage women to wield against men who have disappointed them in some way, because even feminists understand that to openly state they are weaponizing a devastating crime to punish men is a really shit move. And it amuses me to no end that even those Twitter feminists who do think I’m a rapist still insist it only counts as rape if my husband feels it was rape. No objective standards that apply equally, just his feelings. How am I supposed to know his feelings? Well, he has to tell me, duh…..isn’t that #NoMeansNo? -- The screaming really begins when I explain that consent is assumed between the two of us, unless one of us explicitly and openly says no. Yes, we can wake each other up with sex. No, we don’t have to ask. There is no way feminists will get behind the way the vast majority of relationships work. Feminists quite seriously think that any and all sex that does not include explicit, verbal, on-going consent is rape. But only when the ‘victim’ is a woman. I have never, ever asked for permission to have sex with a man. Not ever. Not once. According to feminist rape theory, I am a rapist. A serial rapist. But actual feminists stumble around grasping at any straw they can find to avoid calling me a rapist. They get stuck in a trap where either #NoMeansNo applies, or consent under the influence of alcohol is still consent, and that takes the edge off their ability to use rape accusations as a weapon. -- ... Feminists do real, tangible harm to actual victims of rape with their inane demands that virtually all sex be retroactively defined as rape, depending on how the woman feels about it in the sober light of day. As usual, feminists don’t care about actual victims of rape. Their mission is to create a world in which any man can be brought to his knees on the word of a single woman, supported by no evidence more strenuous than her feelings. If that harms actual women (and men) who have been raped, well, too bad. -- Feminists might be willing to throw rape victims under the bus to promote their radical plans to punish and control men, but we shouldn’t be. Refuse consent classes. No one needs to learn that rape is bad. Everybody already knows that. Including rapists. They just don’t care. Actual rape is a horrible crime, and we should not allow feminists to turn rape into a he said/she felt trivia game. For shame, feminists. For shame.'
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2 days ago
JudgyBitch -- A teenage girl’s best weapon against slut-culture? Her dad.
'...the author of this article is critical of fathers who are absent, but neglects to mention the fact that most fathers who are absent have been removed forcefully from their daughter’s lives by family courts that tend to award custody to female parents with little to no consideration of what might be in the best interests of the child, following a break down of the parent’s marriage. If anything, the article strongly suggests that older children SHOULD be with their fathers rather than their mothers, particularly girls. Be aware of this serious omission before you click through. -- His number one piece of advice is to have a devoted, loving father present. “For a girl, Dad is her personal ambassador from the Planet Male. If she has a good relationship with him, she’s unlikely to settle for less from the other males in her life, or allow herself to be manipulated. Put very simply, psychologists have discovered that it’s good mothers who make girls feel secure – but it’s good fathers who are vital for their self-esteem”. -- ... It’s interesting that feminism is so vested in destroying the first relationship a girl has with a man. ... Single motherhood, divorce, rape culture, slut culture. It’s all part of teaching women that men do not matter. That they are dangerous predators who cannot be trusted. That they are worthless and useless and irrelevant, unless they submit, from childhood, to the whims of women. -- Why are young girls facing a crisis? Why are they lost and lonely and depressed and despairing? Because their mothers have made sure they have no fathers. What goes on in our house has a name: it’s called patriarchy. The rule of the father. Feminists insist this means that the father rules his adult partner, and obviously, that is a Very Bad Thing ™, but it doesn’t mean that at all. It means the father is acknowledged as the person who governs children as they pass from childhood into adulthood. Patriarchy isn’t the husband ruling the wife. It’s the father ruling the children. -- Without that rule, girls are lost. Boys are, too. Without fathers, everyone is lost.'
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2 days ago
Spiked -- Cultural appropriation will eat itself
'Those who rail against microaggressions are using power to make others feel ashamed and inferior, and make themselves feel righteous. In this manner, the cry of ‘microaggression’ is itself a microagression. This is itself invisible power being exerted on ‘the Other’.'
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Aeon -- What does the zombie say about who we are and what we fear
‘...zombies do for us what we cannot not do ourselves – they invest the monster with personality, creating a path for reconciliation between the outsiders and us. -- Voytek explains that zombie aggression could result from a breakdown in the orbitofrontal cortex, which helps us with self-control. Zombies might forget feelings for loved ones because of damage to the amygdala, the centre of emotion in the brain. Yet plasticity should help these damaged zombie brains to heal. ‘If a zombie can exist in our fictional world, then it has the potential to become a zombie with personality,’ he says. -- And that is where the zombie stands today – a tragic figure, trapped between a craving for human flesh and a desire to regain human form. Unlovable, sexless and alone, the zombie’s only means of reproduction is eating humans, especially their brains. Zombies conscious enough to witness their own disgusting acts evoke our greatest fears, but also real compassion. A zombie in such a predicament makes us more conscious as well. -- At the heart of the zombie metaphor lies our need to understand our own personhood: can we extract good from all that darkness? Can we come back from the depths of despair and retake the world of light? We still have our share of monsters, like the skulking, mindless killers on the long-running US TV series, The Walking Dead. But more and more, viewers want to see zombies such as R from Warm Bodies and Camille from Les revenants who are just as confused, angry and unsure about their place in the world as we are.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Sweden and the Coming Apocalypse
'...You can almost see a mechanism conserved by evolution there. Flood a group with dopamine and their amygdala shuts off. They begin to act exactly like hypnotized automatons, accepting suggestions and doing as they are told by the group. Thereby the group continues to do what they are doing presently under the current leadership – they continue to do what is bringing all the dopamine that is shutting off their amygdala. Not everyone falls under the spell, but a large enough mass of those prone to hypnosis do, and suddenly that mass will believe anything. -- Bruce Jenner is a woman – and she is beautiful, and vibrant, and courageous. A 20 year old criminal who tried to stab a cop was actually an innocent child deserving of sympathy until that evil officer shot him. Bringing in Islam, the scourge of Western civilization for centuries, is a great idea, and we need more of it. There is nothing wrong with transgender men, the apex of sexual freakishness, being allowed to shower with little girls in locker rooms. Up is down. Left is right. The hypnotized massed will believe anything, if you hypnotize them enough with dopamine. -- Pull the dopamine, and their amygdalae light up. Suddenly each individual begins to think for themselves. Bruce Jenner is not a woman – and he is kind of gross. The cops are the good guys, and the criminals are the bad guys. The King has no clothes. Think about that last story, and ruminate on how the person who created it had lived through exactly what we are seeing. The King was fully naked, and yet all the tools of society didn’t just say he was wearing clothes. They actually thought he was wearing clothes, even as they were looking at his junk. You don’t even have to ask. That author lived in a time when the people were hypnotized by dopamine. You know it just as you know night follows day. He was thinking exactly what we are thinking now. -- None of this is new, not even in scope. It is forged into the mechanism that is the brain, through r/K adaptivity, and on the deepest level we know all about it. We wine and dine people we want to agree to our desires, to shut off their amygdala, and make them more agreeable. If you would take a hot date out to a fine restaurant, after buying her chocolates and a tennis bracelet, you understood hypnosis on some deep level, without even knowing it. The only difference between you and Milton Erickson is he realized he could do the same thing with words and visualization, and if he focused his efforts, the effect could be heightened. People bribe officials to shut off their amygdalae, and those who accede are “the corrupt.” The dopamine corrupts them by shutting off their amygdala. War is produced by shortage. Violent crime follows the Misery Index. It is all their in our brain. -- Now the worm is turning. The money, never a limitless quantity, is drying up and people are feeling the pinch. As the hypnosis is turned off and each individual emerges from the dopamine soaked automaton they are presently trapped in, the full horror we see every day will become apparent to them. As they enter dopamine withdrawal, it will appear even worse than it is, and they will freak out. As their amygdalae light up, anything will be possible.'
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Share The Rents -- Clueless Osborne and the Art of Double-speak
'...Strip out the white noise, and we are left with his blueprint for action. His agenda is to pour a further £6.9 billion into the private housing sector. -- He promises 400,000 new and affordable homes by the end of this parliament. What we are actually getting is a further featherbedding of the building industry. Investors were quick to sniff that one out: the price of shares in construction companies rocketed before the chancellor got to his feet. -- The supply of housing from the public sector is being reduced in favour of subsidising private building companies. Those companies have already declared profits of 40%. And they are turning out a record low number of dwellings. -- Each of those dwellings is smaller than anything being built in Europe. Why? Because the more units that can be crammed onto one acre, the greater the profit from the deals in land. -- So the building companies are happy: their primary function is that of land bankers. They blame the town planners for not granting enough permissions to build – but, meanwhile, curb output to levels that maximise their capital gains from land. -- Meanwhile, the skills shortage – tens of thousands of brick layers and roofers were driven out of the trade during the depression – means that the sector cannot turn out more houses, even if it wanted to. -- So what’s it all about? Building the image of George Osborne. The internal mechanism that drives the market economy remains a mystery to him.'
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Antiwar.com -- Turkey’s Stab in the Back by Justin Raimondo
'War is the great clarifier, and in the case of the battle against Islamist insurgents, including ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria, the downing of the Russian war plane by the Turkish military has demonstrated this principle quite dramatically. -- The US and its NATO allies, including Turkey, claim to be fighting ISIS, otherwise known as the “Islamic State,” but the Turks’ main fire has been directed at the Kurds and the Syrian regime itself. Turkey has been the main conduit for aid to the Islamic State, and the Turkish intelligence agency has long collaborated with Islamists in the region. The US, for its part, has attacked ISIS positions, and yet Washington’s insistence that the regime of Bashar al-Assad must go has undermined their ostensible goal of destroying the Islamic State: most of the Americans’ resources have gone into buttressing the “moderate” Islamist opposition. These “moderates” include, incredibly enough, the Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda, who have forged an alliance with US-backed rebels in a joint effort to overthrow Assad. -- On the other hand, the Russians have been unequivocal about their war aims: the elimination of the jihadists from Syrian territory. This has meant supporting the only viable alternative to jihadist rule: the Assad regime. Working in conjunction with government forces, Russian war planes have devastated jihadist positions and aided the Ba’athist regime in its effort to regain territory. -- This incident has revealed what the real sides are in the Syrian civil war: who is fighting whom, and for what. The Russian plane crashed into Syrian territory and one of the pilots was shot from the skies as he parachuted: this barbaric act was captured on video by the rebels, who are being reported as affiliated with the Turkmen “10th Brigade.” This is just for public consumption, however: in reality, the area is controlled by an alliance of rebel forces dominated by the al-Nusra Front, which is the official Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda. The jihadists took control of the area in March of this year, and it has been the focal point of recent fighting between al-Qaeda and Syrian government forces backed by the Russian air offensive. -- Vice is reporting: “Russia sent helicopters to search for the downed pilots. Syrian fighters later fired at a helicopter forcing it to make an emergency landing in a nearby government-held area, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. A Syrian insurgent group, recipient of US Tow missiles, said its fighters hit the helicopter with an anti-tank missile.” -- So here we have it: US-backed jihadists, including al-Qaeda, are using weapons supplied by Washington to fight the Russians and the Syrian government. A cozy arrangement, indeed. -- As I’ve written here as long ago as the summer of 2012, Washington has effectively entered an alliance with al-Qaeda. And as I pointed out here more recently, our “war on terrorism” has turned into a war on Russia, a proxy war in Syria in which Washington is actively aiding its former enemies – the very same people who brought down the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. -- Turkey is a member of NATO, and in any conflict with Russia we are pledged to come to their aid. The danger highlighted by this incident can hardly be overemphasized.'
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The Daily Bell -- Turkey's Jet Shoot-Down Part of Long War With Russia
'...Putin was a good deal blunter. "Today's loss is linked to a stab in the back delivered to us by accomplices of terrorists," he is reported as saying. "I cannot qualify what happened today as anything else. Our plane was shot down over the territory of Syria by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16 jet. It fell in Syrian territory four kilometres from the border with Turkey. Our pilots and our plane did not in any way threaten Turkey." -- Of course, really Putin cannot be blamed for feeling this way. NATO and the Anglosphere generally have been pushing Putin relentlessly. First there was the standoff with Georgia, and then when that was resolved, the West went after Ukraine. Now the West is in Syria, trying to consolidate that country's alliances as it pushes out the Assad regime. -- Syria is the last domino. After that, there is only Russia itself. Of course, Russia is not Libya, Iraq or even Syria. Russia is a big country with a motivated population and advanced weapons. What the West wants, then, is at the very least a military standoff with Russia. -- Presumably this is necessary because the West's economic system is in shambles. Central banking can only create a faux expansion for so long before economies collapse. Bubble economies inevitably give way to recessions and depressions. And that's where war comes in. -- We can see this played out before World War II, when nothing the West tried to do worked. Keynesian remedies were no more utile than any other kind. The only thing that can be done is to let bankrupt firms collapse. -- But in this case, such a collapse would mean the end of the current economic system. And that is not feasible from the point of view of those who run it. And thus, there is a need for war and when it comes to Russia, at least significant military tensions. -- Paul Craig Roberts, whose work we follow, is more cognizant than most when it comes to this particular militaristic paradigm. His recent article, "Turkey Has Destroyed Russia's Hope Of Western Cooperation," deals with the reality of what's actually taking place rather than the rhetoric. "Turkey's unprovoked shoot-down of a Russian military aircraft over Syria raises interesting questions. It seems unlikely that the Turkish government would commit an act of war against a much more powerful neighbor unless Washington had cleared the attack. -- Turkey's government is not very competent, but even the incompetent know better than to put themselves into a position of facing Russia alone. If the attack was cleared with Washington, was Obama bypassed by the neocons who control his government, or is Obama himself complicit?" -- Roberts is speculating here on why Turkey shot down the Russian jet. He doesn't believe for a moment that Turkey was merely defending its borders. -- This is because Roberts sees the Middle East wars in totality. He implies that the disparate military gambits are really part of one effort, writing, "Throughout the entire Washington orchestrated conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine, the Russian government has spoken reasonably and responded in a diplomatic manner to the many provocations." -- Notice the word "provocations." Just as we do, Roberts sees Russia as the ultimate prize. For one reason or another, the US wants to grapple directly with Russia. He is hopeful that the downing of the Russian jet shall finally disabuse Putin of the idea that he should cooperate with the West, and the Pentagon in particular. -- He writes that the "silver lining" of the shoot-down may be to "save" the Russian government from making a mistake by joining a coalition with the West against ISIS. -- "Diplomacy has now proven to be a dead-end," he writes. "If Russia does not join the real game and begin to play its strong cards, Russia will be defeated." -- This is his bluntest statement, acknowledging that the West's various provocations are really part of the long war against Russia itself, and perhaps even China if the West pushes Russia too hard. -- More and more this is an Orwellian-looking strategy that divides the world into three warring entities in order keep the military-industrial complex in business and free markets – and freedom generally – at bay. -- It is certainly not clear that the West wants a thermonuclear war but there are forces in the West that obviously would be pleased to exist in a perpetual state of military tension with other great powers.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Anti-Japaneseism as an Overshoot of the r-selected Leftist Psychology
'...If you want to understand politics at an emotional level, from the perspective of r/K Theory, you can best do it by looking for what this site will refer to as the “overshoots” – the places where the r-strategist urges become so accidentally exaggerated as to be both maladaptive, and unbelievable. Because of an unprecedented run of free resources and lack of threat, we are seeing more overshoots than normal these days, they are grouping together, and their presentation is so extreme as to almost appear as parody. This offers us an unprecedented opportunity to both, better understand leftism, and demonstrate clearly and concisely to the broader populace the aberrant emotional urges underlying it. -- Only when examining the overshoots, can you begin to grasp the depth to which the r-strategist will think and feel completely differently than you would. What the overshoot so obviously feels, the moderate feels as well. The moderate is merely better at masking it because the emotion is not totally overwhelming. -- This method of examination works well because r and K are poles. On one side, the K-strategist only succeeds when their group succeeds. For this reason, evolution bred into the K-strategist a love of their group and a burning desire to see their group, as well as the individuals in it, succeed wildly. Indeed, the entirety of the martial arts exists because guys who mastered it over a lifetime devoted themselves to passing every trick they had down the line, in the hopes of helping other fighters attain greatness. You see it in other warrior disciplines as well, from the military, to the police, to fire/rescue, where old salts relish the opportunity to take young bucks under their wings, teach them all they know, and try to make the young bucks into better warriors than they themselves are. As they do this, they know without doubt, that someday the young bucks will do the same and the art will continue, stronger for their presence in it. The key mover of this strategy is a love for one’s fellow compatriots, and a joy at the sight of their success. -- On the other side is the other pole, where an individual feels nothing but festering contempt and envy for those around them. This evolved in an environment where competition was futile, groups never formed, and you did best not when you defeated others but when others failed, without your intervention or risk. For this reason this desire to see others fail always carries a sense of impotent helplessness. These people do not dare, or pine to strive mightily in free and fair competition with their opposition. Rather they withdraw and fester, periodically grumbling about how everyone should give their possessions away and then commit suicide – for moral reasons of decency and concern for others, of course. It is a striking psychology when you meet it – almost beyond comprehension if you are a group-oriented K-strategist.'
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Medium -- First Timers Only: A suggestion to Open Source project maintainers… by Kent C. Dodds
'The hard part of getting into open source for the first time isn’t the implementation of a feature, but figuring out how to actually contribute code.'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Georgist System is Prudential by Fred Foldvary
'Georgism does not hold the possession of underused land as immoral, because in Georgist ethics, justice is satisfied when the title holder or the tenant pays the community rent. The rent properly belongs to the people, and the title holder has proper rights of possession so long as he pays the rent to the owners. If the title holder chooses to keep the land idle, he is at least compensating the community for his exclusive possession. The title holder is not harming others, because he has paid compensation. Paying a rent that is based on the highest and best use of the land would tend to put land to that best use is a prudential benefit. -- It is possible that a few land holders would possess most of the land and hold much of it out of use, even when they pay out all the rent, but it is not clear why this would be likely. In today’s world, big landowners are highly subsidized. Corporate farms receive subsidies and protection from foreign competition (e.g., import quotas), financial firms get bailed out when in trouble, and, aside from such corporate welfare, government provides the enormous implicit subsidy of higher land value due to its public goods paid for by taxes on workers and produced goods. -- Remove the subsidy and have the land holders pay rent, and it is unclear why they would suffer the losses from underused land. Of course today the landlords, employers, and corporate producers and retailers have the upper-hand and offer contracts of adhesion. But when rent is distributed equally, then a major source of inequality is eliminated, and with the purchase price of land driven close to zero by the community collection of the rent, the exploitation of tenants would not be feasible if people could acquire land at low cost. -- ... Land rent arises from natural features, from population and commerce, and from the provision of public goods. Ideally, the rent from natural resources, including the extraction of oil and minerals, should be distributed to all human beings. The rent from commerce and population is best distributed locally, and the rent from public goods would be paid by the providers, such as a local government. These are the “relevant communities” I mentioned. -- Kevin seeks a direct link between the use of roads and the cost of providing them. Presumably private enterprise seeks to provide services efficiently, so we can examine what hotels and shopping centers do. The hotel and shopping mall offer vertical transit — elevators and escalators — at no user charge. The elevator user has a tiny marginal cost (of electricity), close to zero. The hotel efficiently practices marginal-cost pricing by making the elevator free. The presence of the elevators makes the rooms in upper floots more attractive; thus, the elevator generates a higher room rental. The elevator cost is efficiently paid from the room charge. The entrepreneur who builds the hotel compares the cost of elevators with the expected greater rental from having one more elevator. That creates the link between the use of elevators and their cost. A city providing public transit could do the same: Previse free transit, other than congestion charges, and pay for the transit from the higher city rentals generated by the transit. The same applies to roads: The provider compares the cost of the road to the greater rentals generated by the road. If the rentals are not more than the cost, the road is not built. However, if tolls can pay for a road, there is no objection from Georgists, and heavy trucks should also pay a fee to compensate for the damage they cause. -- I agree that civil society has become atomized. Both the Georgist reform and the occupancy system favored by Kevin would be more feasible with a radically decentralized governance. We can bring back the village by replacing mass democracy with small-group voting for neighborhood councils, in a bottom-up structure. The enforcement issue is an institutional matter that can vary. Of course in panarchy, many types of social structures would co-exist, including communal and Georgist communities. But the issue here, for me, is the justice of the land tenure system as a whole.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Why Is Soros Funding Muslim Immigration In The US?
'...Rabbits can’t force equality – they are too weak and impotent. So they try to create a socially-pressuring argument that others who succeed and have more must give it up to those who do not. Whether it is the leftist arguing to import poor foreigners and give them welfare, or a racial activist seeking to make whatever race has money give it to whoever does not, it is the same strategy – using a sort of proxy-competition to degrade the successful without initiating open conflict and competition with them. Where they can’t find opposition, they try to simply make the successful abandon attempts to attain the maximal greatness they would otherwise easily attain, by attempting to make their very greatness socially shameful: "The University of Vermont held a three-day retreat so students who “self-identify as white” could confront their own “white privilege.” -- “Examining White Privilege: A Retreat for Undergraduate Students Who Self-Identify as White” took place last weekend, November 13-15, and was “specifically for white students…” -- According to the school’s website, the University of Vermont offered the retreat at no cost to its privileged white students, covering all expenses including meals… -- The University of Vermont does host a retreat for “women of color” as well but it focuses on building leadership rather than confronting one’s own privileges. Aside from the women of color retreat, the university does not appear to offer similar race-specific retreats." -- This serves two purposes, both amygdala assuaging. First it socially demeans the success of anyone who excels beyond the rabbit’s level of accomplishment. Second, it creates an amygdala perception within the rabbit that those who have ignored the rabbit orthodoxy and blatantly succeeded are not successful. Rather, they have done something that degrades their social status, and thus their success isn’t success, but failure. That is a far easier idea for rabbit amygdalae to contemplate than the idea that they are simply losers compared to the successful. -- Among the Frailest Generation, such cognitive hacks are vital to keep the brain from melting down due to amygdala triggers.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Belgium On Lockdown And Other Widespread Attacks Threatened
'"Riding the Paris Metro to the city’s Grand Mosque for prayers, Samia Mahfoudia says people shoot sideways looks at her ‘almost as if they were saying ‘Get off. -- Ahmed El Mziouzi, a Moroccan who has called France home for 42 years, says he’s seen people staring at Muslims like him “a bit bizarrely” since attackers claiming to be acting in the name of Islam massacred 130 people, traumatizing the city." -- Every time your brain does something, it shoots signals along specific neural pathways, like a single electrical charge traveling along one thread-pathway of the myriad of thread-pathways it could choose in a spider web. As that specific pathway is used, it will develop, like a muscle. Subsequent usages require less stimulus to trip the signal shooting down the pathway, the signal sent is stronger, and the result of that signal will grow larger. -- As this happens in the amygdala and the structure develops, it affects in unison all of the behaviors that the amygdala drives – aggression, sex drive, parental rearing, protectiveness of children, loyalty, and intolerance. It affect all of the r/K traits. The most obvious manifestation is in in-grouping and out-grouping. -- Now, the threat has become palpable all over, and it isn’t about to diminish. Each time somebody walks into a room, sees Muslims, and feels a slight apprehension as they size them up, subsequent encounters will require less threat to trigger the apprehension, and the apprehension will grow stronger. As the pathways involved develop, it will become easy to apply them to other similar situations. Suddenly Germans view Italians with suspicion, Greeks want to compete with Spainards, everyone is back in a K-selected state of mind, and the EU is history. "It’s always the things you don’t expect that get you. After banking scandals, currency issues, and a Greek/Portugese/Spanish debt crisis just about every six months, the economic and political partnership that is the European Union seems much more likely to fall apart for an entirely different reason after all… The direct cause is actually an extremely divisive and growing dispute about open borders, immigration, and refugee resettlement." -- This is the mechanism. This is r/K Selection Theory.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- The Frailest Generation Wants Speech Censored
'New poll shows the Frailest Generation’s desire for limits on free speech: "A new Pew Research Center poll shows that 40 percent of American Millennials (ages 18-34) are likely to support government prevention of public statements offensive to minorities. It should be noted that vastly different numbers resulted for older generations in the Pew poll on the issue of offensive speech and the government’s role. Around 27 percent of Generation X’ers (ages 35-50) support such an idea, while 24 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 51-69) agree that censoring offensive speech about minorities should be a government issue. Only 12 percent of the Silent Generation (ages 70-87) thinks that government should prevent offensive speech toward minorities." -- Again, these are undeveloped amygdalae which cannot tolerate any sort of angst, because they are conditioned to lives of total ease. They need safe spaces and trigger warnings, and a life lacking in any stress whatsoever. If resources were free, this would lead them to flee danger avoid any hardship which might slow their reproductive rate. They would never risk of themselves for anything else. All of that is the best strategy to survive and procreate at the highest rate possible in that environment. -- The ultimate answer is Apocalypse, but until then a good dose of as much ridicule as you can possibly heap upon them will help immeasurably. The diminution of social stature that will ensue by labeling them the Frailest Generation will go a long way to triggering their amygdalae whenever they contemplate publicly demonstrating their weakness by demanding some form of amygdala assuaging."
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Anonymous Conservative -- Resource Restriction Produces Conservatism – Example #15,784
'The NY Times is baffled while contemplating how as areas grow poor, people reject the offer of handouts: "It is one of the central political puzzles of our time: Parts of the country that depend on the safety-net programs supported by Democrats are increasingly voting for Republicans who favor shredding that net… It’s enough to give Democrats the willies as they contemplate a map where the red keeps seeping outward, confining them to ever narrower redoubts of blue. The temptation for coastal liberals is to shake their heads over those godforsaken white-working-class provincials who are voting against their own interests… it also keeps us from fully grasping what’s going on in communities where conditions have deteriorated to the point where researchers have detected alarming trends in their mortality rates." -- ...The long-term welfarites are by and large r-strategists. They have no loyalty, little motivation, they won’t vote unless you pay them, and even then they will skip voting if they can, after they get paid. Since the level of bribery has remained the same, so has their participation. They aren’t refusing to vote because they desperately need the welfare, and it will go away if they don’t vote. They aren’t voting because you can’t make their amygdalae think about future consequences. The wiring isn’t there. -- The people a rung up on the ladder voted Democrat when resources were flush and they were exhibiting a more r-psychology in response. They are now paying two to four times what they were paying for food, housing, health insurance, etc, so it is as if their stagnant wages have been cut in half. As a result, they have become K-ified – more aggressive, more competitive, and less tolerant of being slighted unfairly by the government they fund.'
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Psychology Today -- Why Are So Many People Unhappy? by Loretta Graziano
'...This is how attachment evolved. A big surge of oxytocin at birth causes attachment between mother and child, and that attachment transfers to a larger group over time. Oxytocin makes a mammal feel safe in the company of others, but it makes a lack of social support feel like an urgent survival threat. -- You don't consciously scan for predators, or seek safety in numbers to keep your babies alive. But you were born helpless and vulnerable, and needed social support to survive. The pain of your youth connected neurons that turn on your cortisol today. The pain you experienced before age eight and during puberty build the superhighways in your brain because they were paved by myelin, a brain chemical that flows in those years. The pain you observed in others during those years built superhighways thanks to your brain's natural mirroring ability. Every one of us builds pain pathways because our brain is cleverly designed to avoid touching fire more than once. -- Each brain strives to avoid pain using the neural pathways it has. Your mammal brain and your human cortex work together to promote your survival, but your inner mammal defines survival in a quirky way. It cares about the survival of your genes even though you don't consciously care about them; and it relies on circuits built in youth when you lacked the sophisticated survival knowledge you have today. This is why a bad hair day can feel like a survival threat despite your best intentions. A social threat is a survival threat to the mammal brain once your basic needs are met. -- But life is in a herd of mammals is not all warm and fuzzy. Each brain is focused on its own survival needs, and an animal can get bitten if it reaches for food or mating opportunity that a bigger critter had its eye on. Natural selection built a brain that avoids pain by holding back when it sees that it's weaker. It does this by constantly comparing itself to others and releasing either happy chemicals (serotonin, dopamine) when it seems safe to assert, or cortisol when it seems best to hold back. If you get fed up and want to leave the group, your inner mammal makes you feel like a lone gazelle in a world of lions. It's not easy being a mammal! Your brain makes social comparisons as if your life depended on it. -- This brain we've inherited is designed for survival, not for happiness. It releases the bad feeling of cortisol when it sees anything related to a bad feeling in your past. All animals have cortisol, even clams! All mammals manage it with the same basic structures, like the amygdala, the hippocampus and the hypothalamus. We humans use this ancient limbic system together with our big cortex to promote our survival. That means we have billions of extra neurons to find potential threats. When your cortisol turns on, your big cortex looks for signs of threat, and it is good at finding what it looks for! That triggers more cortisol, which triggers more threat-seeking. You can end up in a bad loop. You are able to stop it when you understand the operating system we've inherited.'
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"Understanding Marshall McLuhan" by Howard Gossage, Ramparts Magazine, April 1966
'If you are one of those who read McLuhan and find that your independently arrived-at theories not only are confirmed by, but fit neatly into his far broader structure, it is very heady stuff indeed. -- It can also be maddening. For right there, in the middle of a paragraph, you are likely to find an apparently extraneous thought of the kind he calls a "probe." The "probe" is apt to be a flat and final pronouncement about a subject on which the reader just happens to be the World's Greatest Authority. How could McLuhan possibly have known? And as long as he was at it why didn't he amplify it into the 5,000 words it deserved? -- (Note on Marshall McLuhan as a conversationalist: when you expound one of your own abstract ideas, he is all rapt attention; it is possible that he also listens. If he wore a hearing aid you would wonder whether he had turned it off. As a non-listener, he is excelled only by Buckminster Fuller, who does wear a hearing aid and does turn it off. Fuller is the champ: one time he interrupted me in the middle of a question with, "Do you want an answer or don't you? Very well . . ." He then answered the question; I only wished it had been mine.) -- McLuhan's defense of his random "probes" is that if he stopped to develop them he'd never get on with the main body of his work. They occur to him there so he puts them in there. Perhaps he, as an old teacher, also feels pupils ought to have something to do besides register his conclusions. If so, he is roaringly successful. He is the only author I know who writes a paragraph that one can read for two hours profitably. -- The probe technique does not always work out orally, particularly with small groups. A World's Greatest Expert is liable to grab the probe and run like hell for his own goal leaving the rest of the group — and the ball — up field somewhere. Also, when he is in exceptionally fine probing fettle, he has probes sticking out of him like a porcupine, which is somewhat baffling to the uninitiated. At such times, a lot of Marshall goes a little way. -- Those who find McLuhan most compatible are those who have already figured out a structure and wonder where it fits in the larger scheme of things. The generalist area looks like this, a circle: The dot in the middle is you. The area within the circle is your field of specialization; therefore any problem solution (save one by a greater specialist) which fits inside will be unacceptable because you already know all about it, and have probably tried it, and it doesn't work. On the other hand, anything outside the circle is incomprehensible; any solution placed there will simply be inapplicable. The generalist problem-solving area has got to be right on the circumference itself: close enough in so that you get it, far enough out so that you can't pick it to pieces. McLuhan's terminology accommodates this concept and improves it by expanding it into a process. He would call the inside of the circle "environment," and the outside "anti-environment." You can't really recognize things inside your environment, and you can't really see things outside it; so there we are sitting on the circumference again. The thing that is added by this change in terms is this: you solve problems by expanding the environmental area, by moving the circumference out. -- "Cliche to Archetype," McLuhan's main title, deserves an explanation here too. "Cliche" means any environmental element, omnipresent, unnoticed. It becomes noticed when the environment changes. At this point, as it becomes "content" of the new environment, it also be- comes an art form. If you live in a room that has cabbage rose patterned wallpaper, you will notice it at first but after awhile, it will become just wallpaper. What was once fresh and new turns into a cliche and assumes its role as part of the environment. Now let us suppose that when you repaper the room, you decide to save a square of the old stuff and have it framed. As a picture it is no longer wallpaper, but content for the new environment. -- Something else has happened too: it has become an art form. If it is successful as an art form and is admired and copied — or at any rate persists so that eventually it be- comes the one and only from which all others emanate — it constitutes an archetype. Today's archetype was yesterday's art form, day before yesterday's cliche, and the day before that it was the last word.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Splintering Among Syrian Refugees
'Everyone’s amygdalae is on edge: "The leader of a Syrian-American community organization on Monday voiced concerns about political differences between refugees and families long established in and around Allentown. “I don’t care if it’s my brother,” said Aziz Wehbey, president of the Catasauqua-based American Amarian Syrian Charity Society. “We have to keep our eyes open on anybody that comes from a tough neighborhood.”" -- This also is a sign of the K-selection approaching. If money was flowing like during the dot-com bubble, you would not hear this. Instead Muslim civic associations would quietly assimilate the immigrants, and hope to not attract attention. Instead, even Syrian Muslims are looking at other Syrian Muslims with suspicion and distrust. -- They may also have a better idea of the extent to which ISIS will be coming over among the newcomers, and they are trying to distance themselves from the horrors approaching."
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: The Truth About The Syrian Refugee Controversy
'Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees Per Capita by Location: Middle East $1,057; United States $12,874'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Community Land Tax Negates True Ownership …and Indirectly Reinforces State Capitalism by Kevin Carson
'...Even so, a number of questions remain about the nature of the authority collecting rent. I have no fundamental philosophical problem with the idea of the community having some residual collective property claim on the land, reflected in a right of compensation for taking it out of the common. After all, I have argued in the past for — and still defend — the near-universal practice of communal land ownership in the agrarian world since neolithic times, almost up to the present in some areas. -- But the institutions governing that communal ownership, in the open field villages and Mirs of the world, were rooted in the custom of actual social units that had existed time out of mind. In contrast to this, I’m not sure what Fred’s idea of the “relevant community” actually attaches to — whether it would be coextensive with actually functioning non-state social units, whether it would require the imposition of authority by some administrative structure over and above such social units, etc. To a large extent, such social units — civil society itself — has atrophied and become atomized under centuries of rule by the state, such that it will have to gradually reconstitute itself from the multiple-household or neighborhood level up to fill the vacuum left by the retreat of the state and the large corporation. So even though I am sympathetic to Georgism and its motives, and am open to a panarchy in which it is one of the choices among which communities choose in setting their land tenure rules, I would feel far better with assurances that it can be implemented as part of an organic social collectivity without recourse to a statelike enforcement mechanism.' -- "Statelike"?? "I would feel..."??
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The School of Life: The Book of Life -- St. Benedict 
'Monasticism puts forward the bold thesis that people can actually lead the most fruitful, productive and happy lives when they get together into controlled, organised groups of friends, have some clear rules and direct themselves towards a few big ambitions. The ideal of the monastic community is that living collectively enables people to accomplish more than would be possible by individual effort. Many big undertakings of the modern world could be pursued so much more effectively from within a monastery: a great graphic design company, a biotech corporation, a television production firm. Communal life can be much more enjoyable and less stressful than the nuclear family, with all its disappointments and pressures. We keep imagining that happiness lies in finding one other very special person (then rail against them for not being perfect enough) or else that it must be about becoming something extraordinary ourselves – rather than joining lots of other very ordinary people to make something superlative. We’d generally be so much better off joining a team. We’d be able to do things on a grander scale and get them done more easily – and more often have our minds in proper focus.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Monasticism
'Not many people take off to go and live in monasteries nowadays, but the institution of monasticism has much to teach the modern world, which perhaps places rather too much emphasis on the idea of living in couples.'
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Progress.org -- ​Welcome, Income Stranger—Why Have People Unemployed by Jeffery J. Smith
'...Prince Albert, back in the days of the British Empire (the 1800s), complained about this fact. When he got back to England after touring his empire, someone asked him how he liked his dominion Canada. He replied he hated the place. There was so much free land, he could not find a man to polish his boots. Today in wealthy New York, a shoeshine guy is somebody Wall Street traders can find every day, every hour. But back then, one of the most powerful men on the planet could not overrule natural law—how land means self-esteem, opportunity, and high wages. -- OK, firms need affordable metro land, but city dwellers need something, too. Now that very few of us are farmers but mainly urban workers, what could replace free land? The answer is free “rent”. Herein, technically, “rent” means the flow of money that society spends to own or use land or resources. -- Try this. Pay everybody a share of all the rent that’s spent in the region. When each resident gets a share of that flow of spending, then each one can sit tight and negotiate higher wages—even without unions and minimum wages. Or more quickly save up and start a business. Or take the time to acquire a skill or invent a better mousetrap. -- Everyone is entitled to land value, not as owners but as residents. None of us created land while all of us—as the region’s populace—do create the value of land, simply by needing locations for homes and businesses. And the more of us who want to live in the same area, the more we have to pay. Land costs most where density is highest; witness New York, San Francisco, etc. -- The source of an extra income apart from our labor, or capital, must be land. Sharing land rent does not divert any earnings from anyone, since no human made land. Thus nobody is forced to work for anyone else involuntarily. Instead of paying a seller or banker for land, you’d pay all your neighbors in the region. -- And there’s another reason nobody is forced to work involuntarily. When land rent is disbursed society-wide, that keeps employers and employees on an even footing, so workers can’t be exploited. Getting an income apart from our labor makes our labor more valuable to others.'
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Nautilus -- What Oedipus, Epigenetics, and Behaviorism Have in Common
'Science Is Proving That Tragic Curses Are Real. Epigenetics and behaviorism suggest the ancient Greeks were right. -- ...On the face of it, the principles of the Enlightenment are directly opposed to those of Greek tragedy. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that “everything is good as it leaves the hands of the Author of things; everything degenerates in the hands of man.” Like other Enlightenment thinkers, he believed that mankind’s nature was pure and uncorrupted, and that it was society and other men who spoiled it. Across Europe in that “long 18th century,” philosophers like Voltaire, Thomas Paine, and Adam Smith championed reason and self-determination over what they believed to be the old-world vulgarities of religious orthodoxy, superstition, and holy wars. Theirs was an ideal of self-improvement, rationality, and diligently employed free will. Through the Enlightenment lens, mankind was freed of the past. -- The protagonists of the major Greek tragedies, on the other hand, are prisoners of fate, forced to play out hereditary curses and ancestral traumas. Their lives are anything but manifestations of free will and self-determination. And even when a hero does appear to exert agency—Sophocles’ Oedipus being the perfect example—it is only to ultimately reveal his powerlessness, or what Christopher Rocco calls “all the ambiguities and ironies of enlightenment itself.”8 The further Oedipus stretches his power of will, the harder it snaps back to his preordained destiny. It is not that the Greek tragedians were strangers to free will and self-actualization. They just understood that the traits that would eventually be glorified by the Enlightenment could not be accepted unilaterally; other forces were always at work.'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Georgist Occupancy with Rent by Fred Foldvary
'If we broaden the concept of “occupation and use” to include the payment of community rent rather than physical occupancy by the title holder, then the Georgist collection of rent, and its distribution in equal shares to the members of the community, is compatible with that criterion.' -- '...The initial appropriation of unclaimed land is indeed occupation and use, but human equality requires the application of the Lockean proviso that if land of equal quality is not available for free, then occupancy is not sufficient. Locke did not elaborate on what would be sufficient, but the missing link was filled in by Henry George, who, in both his moral and economic treatment of land, stated that the payment of rent to the relevant community would be sufficient for justice. -- Illegitimate appropriation should be handled either by returning title to the previous holder, when feasible; or by compensation; or by recognizing the current title holder as legitimate so long as he pays the community rent. Compensation should exclude the value of the improvements made by subsequent owners, and the increased value of the site due to the growth of population, commerce, and civic goods. -- Communal neighborhood property is morally subject to the same rules as individually held titles. The neighborhood organization should pay the community rent to the greater community. The owner of park land, such as a municipality, would also pay community rent, but the community may well rebate that rent back to the park authority. The payment of the rent puts the social cost in the budget, and then the members may decide whether it is worth the cost to pay that rent back to have the park or preserve wilderness. -- Kevin Carson writes, “under a Lockean system, a tenant who cultivates land on a rental property must abandon whatever improvements they make to the soil during their time of tenancy.” The status of improvements depends on the contract between tenant and landlord. The contract could specify that the market value of the improvements be paid to the departing tenant. -- Carson also critiques the Georgist payment of community rent as putting land users in a “precarious position,” lacking security of possession. Georgists have three responses. First, a guaranteed title to the current user, without the payment of community rent, endows those with better lands a superior status. They get richer by capturing the greater implicit rent due to the growth and development of the economy. Georgism puts everyone in an equal status with respect to natural opportunities. Moreover, if the current occupant is not putting the land to its highest and best use, he is wasting a scarce resource and making others poorer. -- Secondly, for special cases such as retired folks who have little income and face an increase in the land rent, a humane application of Georgism would allow for a postponement of the extra rent payment until the property is transferred. Third, after the community rent is established, rent insurance markets would arise, so that a tenant could purchase insurance against an unanticipated large rise in the rent.'
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In a remote corner of Romania, neighbours kill each other over tiny strips of land. Betrayed by their rulers, these rural communities have resorted to violent assertion of their rights. By Adam Nicolson
'Every year in Maramureş neighbours kill each other for these contested slips of territory. At times there have been 40 such violent attacks in 12 months, and week after week, much as road accidents are described in other parts of the world, the local press reports another man – always a man – killed for a hand’s breadth of land. -- After the act, the murderers usually give themselves up, shocked at what they have done, going back into their kitchens to wait for the police to arrive and, when the case comes to trial, pleading guilty, as if something had burst up within them for which they were not responsible. -- Every piece of land is important here. People in Maramureş, with an inheritance of poverty and crowdedness, are what they are because of the land they have. Land is a constituent of the person. To enter another man’s land, particularly the yard around his house, is as intimate a penetration as putting your fingers in his mouth. A sophisticated, multilingual journalist in Baia Mare, who did not want to be named, told me that if someone came “into his land” – that was his expression, as if the land were an entirely enclosed space – he would kill him. “It is a border he has crossed. And when he sees my eyes he would understand. It has happened to me, men coming on to the land with guns. I told them they had to leave within 10 seconds. ‘If you enter again, I don’t give you the chance.’”'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Refugees Are r-Strategists – More Evidence
'Yet more evidence: "More than 90 percent of recent refugees from Middle Eastern nations are on food stamps and nearly 70 percent receive cash assistance, according to government data." -- ...You attract them with the promise of free resources and lack of threat. You adapt them to the free resources, and let them begin to over-consume ( a natural r-strategist trait), to the point the free resources are used to maximize dopamine (and amygdala-relaxation) through illicit drugs. Then basic needs like housing and food are threatened. Now their amygdala is on edge often, only temporarily sated periodically through drugs. -- While it is on edge, you promise the ultimate in free resources and amygdala relief – Paradise. Free sex with virgins, bliss, happiness, no worries, you’re proven as not a bad person, etc. All they have to do is violently attack outsider people – an activity which will also give vent to their frustrated amygdala, particularly if they have the in-bred, kin-selection trait common in the Middle East. -- By assuming the sale on death, and making entry to Paradise actually contingent on it, you remove all amygdala aversion to the attack. There will be no punishment, there will be no cost, and at the end of this murderous, amygdala-assuaging spree, lay the ultimate in free resources and no amygdala-stress. If they are r-strategist enough, they will believe it, specifically because if they believe it, their amygdala will shut off. Like the deluded liberal, they will believe something false because their brain needs to believe it. Every other belief involves pain/aversive stimulus. Suddenly, there is no downside to missing that next rent payment, they aren’t a failure, and all they have to accomplish is to finish something any idiot could do (namely shoot unarmed innocents and then die themselves), and they have won. -- I am quite sure if you modeled it fully in your brain you could begin to write a counter-code, designed to trip the amygdala here, short-circuit the amygdala-deactivating aspect there, and make it seem a bad idea. You’d have to understand how to trigger salience, and how to assume the sale, and use other persuasion techniques, but I’m sure it could be done. -- However having done that you are still stuck with an r-selected asshole looking to bleed the system. Until you address the fundamental nature of the immigrants you attract, you have only exchanged a very bad problem for a bad problem.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- K-Strategists Want To Shoot Back
'...Unfortunately, as the K-strategist instinctually in-groups, he will leave his rear flank open to the r-strategists in his population, who, having no in-grouping instinct, view him as more of an enemy to be defeated than the foreigners who are killing people: "Germany’s interior minister on Saturday made a plea against linking the terror attacks in Paris to the record influx of asylum seekers into Europe. “I would like to make this urgent plea to avoid drawing such swift links to the situation surrounding refugees,” Thomas de Maiziere said, noting that there have already been “appalling scales of attacks against asylum seekers and asylum seeker shelters”. Besides beefing up police presence and border controls, the minister said after a crisis cabinet meeting that security forces will also keep a close watch on far-right extremists." -- Notice, political conservatives, who would protect their own people by keeping the enemy outside the gates, are seen by the rabbit as being as much of an enemy as the guys with AK’s, grenades, and suicide vests who are killing people. Who does the rabbit send after the loyal domestic K-strategist? Other loyal domestic K-strategists. From an evolutionary standpoint, K-strategists are as much of a reproductive threat as the terrorist, because they are superior in every way – morally, intellectually, competitively. In an honest world where free competition determines outcomes, no woman wants Woody Allen when she could be with Bruce Willis. -- Rabbits want to kill K-strategists, be they cops, soldiers, firefighters, or just patriotic citizens who love their own nation. If they can pit them all against each other, all the better. Never let them tell you otherwise.'
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Global Guerrillas -- Some notes on how ISIS is advancing Open Source Warfare
'...ISIS is using the unmonitored person to person communications of the Playstation Network (PSN) to coordinate attacks across the world. Wrote about something like this over a half a decade ago. Further >> Call of Duty and other games are also better training simulators for attacks than the simulators used by Western governments.'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Geo-Mutualism Offers Inter-Community Dispute-Resolution by William Schnack
'Why should these communities that have different standards respecting the claims of the other, if one has claims to high-rent land and others do not? In what manner can these disputes be addressed in a non-arbitrary fashion?' -- '...My original criticism involved arbitrariness. There needs to be something more objective, more concrete, when it comes to the manner in which decisions are made between different groups that have different forms of consensus between them. It is here that the dangers of “anarchy” show up, the anarchy which means “chaos.” Communities are units which have methods of revolving disputes between their members, and which have a considerable amount of agreement. They agree not just in a general sense, but using very specific, particular, procedures that the members find mutually agreeable, leading to predictable resolutions. Each community is different. How are these communities, each with different standards, to get along, not just in a general sense, but in the same sense members get along within their communities? Sovereign communities exist due to explicit or tacit agreement — binding by law — between individuals, which keeps them from warring, and allows them to live and trade. Short of a similar standard of property rights held between communities, and procedures for making decisions and settling disputes between them, as is done with individuals, what is to keep these communities from warring? We suggest that communist individuals belong in communist communities, and capitalists belong in capitalist communities, so how are we to say that communist communities and capitalist communities are to get along without themselves being a part of an even larger community? If mutual toleration is the goal, then a positive and specific proposal needs to be put forward, in the same manner that the proposals of industrial direct-democracy bring together anarcho-syndicalists of differing personalities, that private property brings together capitalists of varying characteristics. What will be the objective mediation between the communities, the way property is for capitalists, and industrial democracy is for syndicalists? Something must play this role. Geo-mutualist panarchism provides a non-arbitrary solution: Possession secured by compensation, priced by bid. Compensation is to be non-arbitrary, the way pricing is, because it is to be set by open bid of the members. The highest bid is not a subjective, but an objective, matter, able to be comprehended by all, and set by supply and demand, and so is non-arbitrary. -- How are diverse property systems to exist in a polycentric legal system, in which their boundaries often overlap? Perhaps this is not what is meant. Carson says, "I stated quite clearly that the differing land tenure rules would coexist only on the level of separate communities, with each community internally applying one or the other based on majority mores — I certainly did not argue for more than one set of land tenure rules coexisting within a single community." -- However, Kevin seems to understand this as a form of polycentric law: "And whatever the institutional arrangements for deciding disputes in a polycentric legal system — arbitration between protection associations, juries of the vicinage, etc. — I would expect a local body of law to develop in each community based on judicial precedents, in the specific area of land tenure disputes reflecting whatever principles had majority support." -- I find it quite difficult to understand how monocentric property systems are compatible with polycentric, overlapping systems of law, unless they are subject to a meta-principle like geoism, which secures space for the communities using a common means. -- It is my understanding that law is a matter applied to one’s own territory. I’m asking what is to be done between these territories on disputed land. “They’ll come to an agreement” sounds nice, and it may eventually be true, but this will only be true after something substantial, something positive, is brought to the table: An agreeable resolution. What will be the terms under which they come to agreement, and without knowing these terms now, how can we so confidently support their future existence? We agree that an agreement must be reached, so the question now becomes, Which philosophy offers the most agreeable solution? I believe success will be found in the system which includes the least arbitrariness and subjectivity of all. Carson’s variety of occupancy and use does not offer a means by which decisions will be made (as syndicalism does with democracy), or propose a mutually-agreeable subject matter for the final resolution of the decisions (as capitalism does with property rights) between the groups, but leaves these both up in the air. Libertarian varieties of Georgism, however, do offer a means by which decisions may be made, and a matter of their resolutions. -- According to the best of the Georgist views, decisions regarding economic rent are to be set according to bid, and the matter of the bid is the economic rent. This is very much similar to the non-arbitrary manner in which items are exchanged under the price mechanism: Those who are willing to sacrifice the most for the thing under dispute, in order to compensate the original bearer of its costs (either production or abstinence costs), receive it. In the case of markets for labor and goods, it is proper that compensation goes to the maker, but as none have created the land (it is a common inheritance), it is proper that compensation be given to those who share in its title, but who go with less.'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Are We All Mutualists? by Kevin Carson
'#V. Mutualism vs. Georgism: I should begin by expressing my admiration for a great deal of Georgist analysis of rent, even if I’m lukewarm at best about their proposed solutions. The Ricardian theory of differential rent, which (expanded to include differential location rent as well as fertility rent) is the basis for Georgist analysis, is a contribution of classical political economy that marginalist economics — in subsuming land under capital — discarded to its own detriment. The Ricardian/Georgist theory of differential rent performs an important explanatory function, and modern marginalism is inferior to classical political economy insofar as it has abandoned it for the sake of theoretical elegance. -- And virtually every Austrian critique of the Georgist position that I’ve seen displays a fundamental failure to grasp what the actual Georgist arguments are. The most common such Austrian critique, by far, cites things like multi-story buildings and offshore platforms as examples of “new land” being created, as a challenge to the classical assumption that land — or rather, locations favorably located to any particular area — is finite. In fact, multi-story buildings and offshore platforms are illustrations of exactly what Henry George meant by differential rent. When the existing supply of prime locations, which can be used as-is with little or no additional cost in labor or capital to make them usable, are used up, it becomes necessary to expand the margin and develop previously unused locations that become usable only with greater outlays of labor and capital (by such means as adding more stories to buildings at a greater cost per square foot than the first story). The greater the cost in labor and capital in making this so-called “new land” compared to the original locations which were provided free by nature, the greater the unearned differential rent accruing to those original locations. -- Nevertheless, I part ways with the Georgists when it comes to their preferred solution of socializing land rent by such means as land value taxation. I don’t rule out, as a matter of principle, the possibility of community land ownership and community collection of rent in a stateless society. But, because it would make everyone’s continued possession of the land they occupied and used contingent on their ongoing ability to pay land rent to the community, it would in practice put the entire community of occupier-users in a permanently precarious position. My goal, in giving the occupier-user security in possession against the absentee landlord, is not to put them instead in a new position of insecurity of possession in relation to the community. -- I believe that most of the benefits of a land value tax could be achieved more simply by 1) immediately throwing all vacant and unimproved land currently held out of use open for homesteading, and thereby effectively shifting the margin of cultivation inward; and 2) closing all positive externalities that result in rising land values. -- ... Of course some residual amount of differential rent, both from superior fertility and favorable location, will always exist. But I believe that opening up vacant land, together with eliminating subsidies to sprawl, will reduce the amount of differential rent to acceptable levels. The remaining rent will be “unfair,” in the same sense as the higher incomes that continue to go to those with unearned superior innate abilities even after legal privilege is abolished. But the use of land value taxation to eliminate this residual amount of rent, in my opinion, would be a cure worse than the disease.' -- '#VI. Enforcement: ...All forms of governance carry transaction costs. States (and state-protected economic ruling classes) differ mainly in their ability to shift those costs to third parties, and thereby make the enforcement of their authority and privileges artificially cost-effective. -- So for example, a mutual defense association or an-cap private security firm in a Lockean community will probably have an exclusion clause against enforcing the collection of absentee landlord rent against an occupant in a mutualist community, or protecting landowners against collection of land rent in a Georgist community — or for that matter, restoring a dispossessed factory owner in a syndicalist or communist community. Likewise, mutual defense associations in occupancy-and-use communities will likely refuse to protect occupants of land in a Lockean community against rent collectors. -- And occupancy-and-use is the likely default for most thinly populated rural areas simply because the likely economic potential of land in such places will be insufficient to justify the costs of enforcing absentee title against squatters. -- #Conclusion: I consider a system avowedly based on occupancy-and-use, in which a piece of land becomes open for homesteading after some reasonable period of vacancy, to be the most desirable because it explicitly takes occupancy-based ownership as its goal and facilitates it with a minimal amount of ajudication or other complications. Nevertheless, I believe that a principled Lockean system with even a relatively high time threshold and burden of proof for constructive abandonment, by opening up all vacant and unimproved land for immediate homesteading, would go a long way towards reducing the average rent of land and enable a significant share of the population to live free from rent altogether. The combined effect would increase the difficulty of acquiring large contiguous tracts of land, and greatly reduce the “compound interest” effect of land rent growing on itself. In so doing, even a strictly Lockean regime would make the engrossment of a majority of the land by absentee landlords much less likely than at present.'
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Center for a Stateless Society -- Panarchy Flourishes Under Geo-Mutualism by William Schnack
'...Communities or their agents are necessary for the protection of property. It’s important to remember that no matter the property system set into place, the system will be maintained through judicial enforcement springing from norms and customs of a given community, often after having practiced under the guidance of an entrepreneur or founding group. Without rough community agreement on an issue, whether innate or guided by uncommon but respected foresight, property norms are unenforceable. However, both the neo-Lockean perspective and Kevin Carson’s flavor of occupancy and use must admit some degree of arbitrariness as it relates to the line of demarcation between absentee-ownership and abandonment, leaving communities with little means of reaching an intersubjective understanding of the situation. Lacking a means of explicit agreement, communities cannot enforce dictates, and jurisprudence becomes a matter of private interpretation and tacit consent. That is, lacking agreed-upon laws — and leaving a vacuum of collective irresponsibility and lack of mutual understanding in their stead. Non-agreed upon laws will be enacted by the personally responsible until they are overturned by collective responsibility. -- ... The two positions balanced in Kevin’s proposal — his flavor of occupancy and use and neo-Lockeanism — are left without a resolution. One is left with the opinion that the groups can get along, without addressing the mechanics of how. We can understand that each group has its customs that present a framework in which differences are addressed, but we are left with the question of what kind of framework would allow neo-Lockeanism and Carson’s occupancy and use to co-exist, particularly when it regards spaces of high value which may be under dispute. What happens when a Carsonian mutualist homesteads the absentee acreage of a neo-Lockean? Ultimately, a dispute arises, either between the two groups when each comes to defend its members’ expressions of their customs, or between a member and their community, upon the picking of sides. Arbitrariness is conflict in the making. -- While Carson suggests that a Georgist community can exist within the framework of mutualism, in my program for geo-mutualist panarchism I suggest the opposite is more appropriate, and that geo-mutualism would provide the means for any style of community to exist at its own costs. This cannot be said of Carsonian occupancy-and-use, nor of neo-Lockean property norms, as both assume the consent of the community toward the privatization of economic rent as a matter of “common sense.” Let us not forget that it is considered common sense to be patriotic, that the mob’s torches and pitchforks are guided by common sense. What is to be done when common sense to one says that property is for claiming, while another suggests that it’s to be retained?'
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Nautilus -- How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution
'A healthy gut hosts a number of microenvironments. A fatty diet lacking in fiber causes some of our internal, ancestral microbes to devour a mucus lining, potentially leading to inflammatory bowel disease. -- We need that mucus. It maintains a necessary distance between us and our microbes. And as it erodes with a poor diet, the lining of the gut becomes irritated. Microbial detritus starts leaking through. One of the more striking discoveries in recent years is that you can see this stuff, called endotoxin, increase in the bloodstream immediately after feeding people a sugary, greasy, fast-food meal. The immune system responds as if under threat, leading to the “simmering inflammation” the Sonnenburgs think drives so many Western diseases. -- We need inflammation to combat infections, or aid tissue repair. But chronic inflammation—a danger signal blaring indefinitely—can lead to all manner of cellular dysfunction, contributing to many degenerative diseases. -- I came away from Sonnenburg’s office with a sense that I’d glimpsed a principle underlying our relationship with microbes. Wringing calories from wild, fibrous fare required a village—microbes specialized in distinct tasks, but each also dependent on its neighbors. The difficulty of the job encouraged cooperation between microbes. When you withheld fiber, though, you removed the need for that close-knit cooperation. The mutually beneficial arrangements began to fray.'
health  bacteria  microbiome 
15 days ago
Aeon -- Embodied love: A swerving road can twist your romance
'...In our first study, we had some people complete a questionnaire on the stability of other people’s relationships – for instance, the Obamas – while sitting on a chair and table with a slight wobble; the other group completed the same questionnaire at a chair and table that were stable. Sure enough, participants who were in a physically unstable environment rated the relationships of others as less likely to last: they were letting their physical stability influence their judgments of relationship stability. -- In a second study, we asked people to rate the stability of their own romantic relationships. When people were physically unstable, they reported less stability in their personal relationships, compared with their physically stable counterparts. And those people who rated their relationships as less stable also indicated lower satisfaction with those relationships. -- We wanted to go one step further – would physically unstable participants be more likely to act in ways that could harm their relationships? In one study, we had participants sit either on a wobbly inflatable cushion or a stiff wooden board. As before, when participants felt physically unstable, they rated their relationships as less likely to last. We added a key task: people had to send their partner an e‑card saying how they felt about their relationship. When people felt physically unstable, they perceived their relationships as less likely to last, which in turn led them to write less lovey-dovey messages.'
psychology  embodiedcognition  bias 
15 days ago
Aeon -- Is it a coincidence that many great philosophers loved walking?
'I went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.' ~ John Muir
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16 days ago
Aeon -- Video: Nick Lane on why life is the way it is
'Chimeras and lightning bolts: a radical, compelling perspective on the importance of energy in the evolution of complex life from bacteria.'
biology  bacteria  evolution 
16 days ago
Share The Rents -- Tesco and the Art of Buck Passing
'...For years, Tesco systematically cornered the prime locations in localities where it wanted to operate: it functioned not as a retailer, but as a classic land speculator. -- It built up its land bank, helping to curb cost-cutting competition from High Street retailers and other supermarket chains, and pocketing the capital gains as land prices soared. -- It expanded overseas, East and West, as if there was no limit to its operations. -- ... Lewis wants to shift the costs of the public services which Tesco needs to use, onto the shoulders of other taxpayers. -- “Over the last five years property values have fallen and profits are down,” he bleats, “but business rates have risen quietly but dramatically.” -- Well, Tesco made a major contribution to pushing up those property values. And it did not complain, as it marked up the rising value of its land on its books. But now, as the welfare costs have soared as a direct result of the disaster caused by property speculators, someone has to pick up the bill. -- Why push those costs onto the innocent victims? Why not place the costs on those who, like Tesco and the bankers, connived to create the chaos in the first place?'
economics  geoism  landcycle  land  rentseeking  FredHarrison 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Apocalypse Greece
'...This is the anger, but it lacks the desperation. Nobody is starving, people aren’t being evicted in large numbers, and everybody knows it will be back to normal tomorrow. The real apocalypse will be tinged with a sense that there is no going back, and there is nothing to fear, since it can’t get any worse. -- You can see how shortage produces homogeneity and eliminates diversity. Right now they don’t have a noticeable out-group to look at and take their rage out on. So they rampage in the streets, and attack buildings, and cars, and government representations. That is amygdalae using violence to assuage their angst, even without anything to focus angst on. -- Now imagine if there was a class of entitled, obnoxious, demanding Muslims who were attacking innocent women, and demanding that the government hand over the citizen’s money to them. -- Imagine immigrants who just showed up and expected the good life be handed to them. -- Even better, imagine there are entitled SJWs trying to make everyone just take whatever little torments they are demanding that everyone take. Imagine pathetic weaklings massing in the streets, and threatening to sic “muscle” on everyone if their neuroses are not immediately satisfied. Imagine them demanding free access to government money, power, and authority when nobody else can get any. -- The presence of out-groups would instantly focus all that rage upon them, like a magnifying glass focusing sunlight on ants. What was directed at buildings and cars would immediately be focused on people, with zeal. -- Then add in a few gangs, some random savages, some highly-trained well-armed psychopaths who are on their own program, racial violence, hate violence, no-EBT-card-violence, vigilante violence, revenge violence, spur of the moment violence, anti-government violence, anti-anti-government Fedguv violence, crazy sniper violence, and just blow-off-steam violence, as well as entire city populations with no food because any truck within 20 miles of a city gets hijacked. You can begin to see how the apocalypse could make 20,000 people throwing firebombs look like a kiddie parade through Disneyland. Everybody’s amygdalae will be on fire, and the violent relief it will seek will be commensurate. It could easily turn into Balkans 2.0.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  collapse 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Rabbits Try To Make Wolves Fight Each Other
'...In r-selection this would be a smart move, because every guy would go, “Oh, Oh – A fight – I’d better run away.” She wouldn’t even need to get anyone. Then the guy would run away to a field of endless grass somewhere else, and get his grass without the risk. -- In K-selection however, the only choices would be to run away and starve, or stay and fight. The only people who would survive would be those who stayed and fought. This professor would get knocked around until she fled. If not, she’d be killed, and the guy would take the food for his own family. Obviously single mom’s don’t last long in K-selection either. -- The funny thing is, this all appears to be programmed. Nobody will have to die, and violence will not even need to make its appearance to begin the process of reprogramming everyone. Indeed, it has already begun in many places. Just restrict the dopamine a little, and introduce a little threat. Maybe somebody got mugged at your subway station. Maybe migrants were moved into your town and they look a little shifty. Maybe you can’t afford your cable bill, and it angers you that you missed the last episode of Game of Thrones. -- Suddenly there isn’t even any violence or real K-selection, but when this professor tries this trick, the angry gaze of death you lay upon her sends her running in the opposite direction, and now her amygdala is being reprogrammed too. -- It makes you wonder how fast the shift will be when the apocalypse gets under way.'
rkselectiontheory  violence  gynocentrism 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Calais on Fire
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_France -- 'All throughout Europe, rabbits will see Muslims, and their amygdalae will light up. Germans will get on a train, see military aged migrants with large backpacks get on laughing, and the German’s amygdalae will light up. Frenchmen will go to a movie, see a group of shifty looking military aged migrants, and their amygdalae will light up. You can’t leave amygdalae lit up forever, because that sensation of unease will develop, like any brain skill. Sooner or later something has to be done to attend to the stimulating circumstances. On the other side, the migrants will in-group back. -- Now imagine if this attack happened in Greece, with everyone already enraged from the most minor of shortages, and already marching around looking for something to blow up or light on fire, as they were just the other day. -- Now imagine what it will be like if an attack happens on innocent citizens while the country is in the midst of the full fledged angst of an apocalypse. Imagine what will happen once that in-grouping takes hold on both sides, and there are leaders of the indigenous populations who had supported the out-group. -- The whole nation will change, from top to bottom.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  collapse 
16 days ago
The Art of Manliness -- Podcast #153: Victimhood Culture and Microagressions
'...society has transitioned through 3 stages — from an honor culture to a dignity culture, and now to a new victimhood culture.' -- "[Honor culture] still exists on a nation-state level...And I guess it's because at a nation-state level there isn't a higher authority that you can [appeal] to." -- "States, oddly enough, exist in a stateless society. There is no common court system they can go to. There are international organisations but they have little authority of any kind. And so states still show this concern with maintaining their reputation and with being able to respond to aggression in an aggressive manner." -- On weaponized victimhood: "When you have a mixture of very easy access to third-parties such as superiors, to the public opinion as a whole through the electronic mob, this facilitates relying on complaint to third-party perhaps to the point of becoming over-reliant ... – people might lose their ability or willingness to respond verbally to something they find awkward or offensive... And so complaining becomes more attractive as a strategy." -- "Victimhood becomes a kind of status rather than honor."
rkselectiontheory  victimhood  sociology  statism  vigilantism 
16 days ago
Sherry Turkle: ‘I am not anti-technology, I am pro-conversation’
'...experience solitude, experience boredom. Boredom is your imagination calling to you.'
boredom  solitude  SherryTurkle  quotes 
16 days ago
Longreads Blog -- Relearning How to Talk in the Age of Smartphone Addiction :
'Jessica Gross: Can you talk more about the value of solitude, and why you argue that if we don’t learn to be alone, then we’re guaranteed to be lonely? -- Sherry Turkle: The capacity to be alone is the capacity to know enough about yourself and who you are, and be comfortable enough with that. That way, when you are with another person, you’re not trying to make that person into somebody you need them to be in order to buttress a fragile sense of your own self. You can actually turn to a person and see them as another person, and have a real relationship with them. -- Now, the person who can’t do that is going to be one of these people who nobody wants to be with, because when you see them coming, you know that they’re going to use you to make themselves feel less terrifyingly alone. Those people are very lonely, because they can’t form relationships. They’re using other people as spare parts. -- The capacity to be in a relationship requires the capacity for a genuine solitude. One of the gifts of a successful childhood is that you develop this capacity for successful solitude. And you learn it, paradoxically, by a caretaker being with you, but able to leave you a little bit of space. -- I remember walks with my grandmother to Macy’s in Brooklyn. And we were just quiet together. Every once in a while there’d be a word, but we were just side by side in our thoughts, and sharing a thought once in a while, and you knew that there was someone there protecting you as you learned to think your own thoughts. People have many different models of what that was: sitting together sewing or reading or playing or giving a child a bath and letting them have the privacy of their thoughts. These are the moments of childhood where children are not abandoned, but they learn to be alone with. And that capacity means that when they come to other relationships, they can form them successfully. If instead of that, you put them in a baby bouncer that has a slot for an iPad or an iPhone or a laptop, they’re always mirrored in some other outside thing and they’re not brought back to their own self and their own resources and their own mind and their own imagination. -- There’s a wonderful idea that you have to learn that the most interesting thing in the environment is your own mind. And if you never learn that, it’s not good.'
psychology  technology  ambientimmediacy  attachment  projection  narcissism  relationships  solitude  SherryTurkle 
16 days ago
The Art of Manliness -- Podcast #155: Reclaiming Conversation [with Sherry Turkle]
On declining empathy: "We don't want to share much of ourselves if we feel we're going to be interrupted." -- "Solitude is when you're content with yourself. And solitude is not that easy to achieve. You achieve solitude, actually, by being in conservation – ideally when you're young – with someone who leaves you with space for your own thoughts. So gradually you become more at peace with being with your own thoughts." -- "...solitude is the pathway to conversation and relationship because if you're content with who you are, you can listen to another person and really hear what they have to say instead of needing to project what you need to hear... We instinctively stay away from people who don't know who they are and want us to somehow tell them who they are. And we're comfortable with people who know who they are and who can listen to us and be in relationship with us because they let us be who we are. And that's what you want to achieve to be in relationship. And that's what you're looking for in conversation. And so the pathway toward relationship passing through a capacity for solitude."
psychology  technology  ambientimmediacy  attachment  projection  narcissism  relationships  solitude  SherryTurkle 
16 days ago
FT.com -- How the Mad Men lost the plot
'...A senior marketer at the drinks company Diageo, where Sharp’s book has been influential, put it to me bluntly. “After 10 or 15 years of f***ing around with digital we’ve realised that people don’t want to ‘engage’ with brands, because they don’t care about them.’ -- What if you were to invent a way of getting light buyers to recall your brand just as they are about to choose? Ideally, it would reach millions of people who aren’t particularly thinking about your product. You’d want them to see the same thing at around the same time, so that they can talk to each other about what they’ve seen, reinforcing each other’s memories of it. You would need to sneak up on them, since they have near-zero interest in hearing from you, indeed don’t want to. You’d need a form of content requiring negligible mental effort to process: one which comes in bite-sized chunks, but which is still capable of moving and delighting. It turns out there is an app for that: the TV ad...-- ...“the most effective advertisements of all are those with little or no rational content”, and that TV is the emotional medium par excellence. An online banner ad, however smartly targeted, is unlikely to make anyone grin, gasp or weep. -- Don Draper’s successors instinctively understood the commercial value of fame, emotion and consistency. But they never quite defined it. We now know that brand advertising, at its best, does something very different to a salesperson, a search result, an email or a Facebook update. It injects a brand into the cultural bloodstream and, by doing so, books a spot in the most important media of all: people’s brains.'
advertising  marketing  salience 
16 days ago
YouTube -- BBC Radio 1Xtra: Fire In The Booth – R.S. (aka Roll Safe)
'Triple threat artist and star of Hood Documentary, R.S. steps into the booth to bring that *cough* Fire!'
hiphop  uk  satire 
17 days ago
Personality Hacker Podcast -- Episode 0012: Sex, Women and Slut Shaming
"Women feel [there's] a value in their sexuality – almost like a currency ... and there's this unspoken rule that if one woman or multiple women begin to give away this currency ... in a casual way, it devalues the power or the value of that for everyone else. It's like flooding the market..." -- 'Those who slut shame are often guilty, themselves, of seeing women as only being valuable for what they can offer sexually.'
women  sexuality  pricefixing 
22 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- To r-Strategists, Anything Short of Total Supplication is Hate
'...The best response to this was uttered by a Freeper, who said something to the effect that, “If women are supposed to have no problem with a biological man whom they don’t identify with in their restroom, why can’t the biological man have no problem with using a bathroom with other biological men with whom he doesn’t identify with?” -- Liberals are r-strategists, and thus have an expectation that every urge they have must be satisfied. Here, they simply expect women to give in to their demands that they accept men in their restrooms. Any opposition to this triggers the leftist’s amygdalae. To the lefitst, this triggering is unnecessary, and thus it must be being done with malice and hatred. -- People often write of selfishness and self-absorption, viewing it as willfully ignoring the wishes or interests of others. In reality, it is most often an amygdala that is overly triggerable and which yields an outsized aversive stimulus, beneath which all other aspects of a circumstance are totally buried and thus unnoticeable. From a theoretical standpoint, it is easy to dismiss responsibility for such selfishness, but from a practical standpoint there is simply no living with it. Either the individual must become acclimated to and tolerant of adversity, or you simply must eliminate all interactions with them. -- Sadly, leftists will never willingly train themselves to become tolerant of any sort of adversity. The only way their brains will be developed to tolerate the autonomy of others is by the force of apocalypse.'
rkselectiontheory  narcissism  unwarrantedselfimportance 
23 days ago
Melting Asphalt -- Social Status II: Cults and Loyalty
'...mutual admiration, in fact, is the very mechanism by which teams divvy up the spoils. Everyone needs to get paid, somehow, and admiration (commensurate with prestige) is how we do it. -- Incidentally, we can reformulate this in the language of friendship rather than teams. -- Due to natural variation, people differ in their personal qualities, and some people make better friends/​allies than others. A prestigious individual, then, is someone many others would like to be friends with, someone highly sought after as a friend. And this is where market dynamics take over. A person has only so much friendship to offer; supply is limited. So when the demand goes up, the price has to go up too. Prestigious individuals, then, are those who can command a high price for their friendship. -- Now consider the problem of how to make and keep a friend. To earn someone's friendship, you need to make it worth his while. If the two of you are equally prestigious (equally valuable on the friendship market), you can simply barter in kind: your friendship for his. But if he's more prestigious than you, your friendship alone won't pay for his, and you'll have to make up the difference somehow. Those additional payments are what we've been calling admiration. -- ...One possible explanation for long-distance admiration is that it helps us keep track of people who are worth admiring up close, in case we ever get the chance. And since long-distance admiration doesn't cost much, why not? -- But this doesn't explain the intensity of the admiration that Musk and Bieber arouse in us; it doesn't explain why we become such rabid fans. So Scott suggests there might be group-signaling effects here, and I think he's right. By gushing about Elon Musk on my Facebook account, for example, I'm not trying to tee up a friendship with the man himself. (As it happens, we aren't FB friends.) Instead, it's more likely that I'm signaling to other Musk supporters — showing that I'm aligned with them and their values, for example, or that I'm smart and enlightened enough to appreciate Musk's contributions to the world. -- In other words, Musk himself — the man on the hill — isn't the primary target of my long-distance admiration, but rather the people down here in my local social circle. -- All this group signaling works to create a kind of cult[2] around the admired figure. But note that cult objects aren't always living, breathing humans. We also get whipped into a frenzy of group signaling around: #Dead people like Jesus, Confucius, and Shakespeare. #Abstract symbols like "God," "America," and "Apple." #Concrete symbols like idols, totems, and flags. #Values or ideals like liberty, justice, and love. -- ...prestige has two components: a general-purpose "global" component and a team-specific "local" component. Global prestige includes everything valued on the outside market: skills, knowledge, money, relationships with outsiders. Local prestige includes everything not transferable to the outside market — trust, relationships with teammates, and team-specific knowledge and skills. -- ... Religions often take these processes to an extreme. Adherents scramble to signal commitment as a way of jockeying for local prestige. In this context, everyone is anxious to do and say the right things. Schelling points for "proper" beliefs and behaviors are established quickly, resulting in capricious orthodoxies and bizarre ritual practices. And because loyalty is what's at stake, the group will tend to prefer beliefs and behaviors that are costly to maintain and perform. Orthodox Jews spurn food from non-Kosher kitchens. Fundamentalist Christians deny evolution. Christian Scientists refuse blood transfusions. Mormons wear special underwear. And every religion asks for weekly devotion. In each of these "transactions," adherents sacrifice their status with outsiders as part of a calculated gambit to earn greater status among their co-religionists. -- And when the conditions are just right — when the incentives to signal loyalty are strong enough, and the countervailing incentives weak enough — a community can undergo something like gravitational collapse. These groups then become perfectly insular communities, social black holes from which escape is all but impossible.'
status  signalling  ritual  groups  cults  loyalty  trust 
23 days ago
'Stop Windows 7 through 10 Nagging and Spying updates, Tasks, IPs, and services.'
malware  spyware  countermeasures 
24 days ago
'Decomment allows you to read comments which were deleted by moderators from web-sites like reddit.com, vc.ru, nytimes.com, theverge.com -- Interesting comments are frequently deleted because of political correctness, web-site’s policy or even moderator’s bad mood. So, I decided to create a service that would allow users to read all comments, even deleted ones.'
internet  politicalcorrectness  comments  memoryhole  undo  discourse 
24 days ago
The Onion -- Economists Estimate Human Civilization Still Years Away From Turning Profit
'Human civilization has been operating at a loss since its founding in 10,000 BCE.'
TheOnion  absurd  satire 
25 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- The German Refugee Crisis Deteriorates – The Rise of the Neo-Nazis
'...What amazes me is the violence to come will be as much due to leftists as it will be attributable to the collapse. What leftists do not understand is that the choice for normal citizens here is not one between tolerance and intolerance, or leftist and neo-Nazi, or even nice and not-nice. This is a choice between survival and death, between self-immolation and self-preservation. -- To any educated individual, there is no difference between a neo-Nazi and a leftist, beyond the fact that a neo-Nazi is hostile to outsiders, whereas the leftist is hostile to his own people. Given that choice, people will always choose the neo-Nazi, and the one making them do so is the leftist. If the leftist understood how reviled they will become, we could avoid a lot of pain later. Unfortunately, they can not.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  collapse 
25 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- When Amygdalae Trigger – Why the Triggerable Are Mentally Ill
'...This is the same mental problem the feminists, SJW’s and liberals have, and are trying to justify as normal. It is a hyper-sensitive amygdala prone to freak out at insignificant stimuli, and drive all sorts of unbalanced emotional responses. Not only are the rabbits crazy – they revel in their crazy. During the 4Chan raid on feminist websites, feminists were tweeting and posting videos of themselves freaking out and cutting themselves, each trying to out-crazy the last. -- The only difference is the degree of mental illness, but as we have written before, the rabbit brigade is trying to normalize this in our society in Fabian fashion. Worse, should they gain the ability to wield the levers of government punitively against those who trigger them, you can bet it will not stop until those who trigger them are dead. -- When you combine the triggerable amygdala with the leftist’s statist tendencies, you get tyranny.'
rkselectiontheory  hysteria  joycamp 
25 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux
"The way that society used to contain the spread of the r gene set was to severely punish the mothers who engaged in r-style behaviour and then move the children out of the r-selected environments so that the children's epigenetics [wouldn't turn r] ... It's like containing a contagion."
rkselectiontheory  sociology  StefanMolyneux  epigenetics  civilization 
25 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- How Long Darwinian Selection Has Been Gone
'"A freaky felon is back behind bars while accused of raping his fiancée’s 12-year-old daughter while out on parole in Georgia." -- This is a measure of the stupidity that has built up in our society, but I really view this simply as rabbit-like animals designed to proliferate like tribbles, by any means necessary. Yes the single mom has amygdala deficiency. Yes, it means she will be more sexually driven and unable to perceive threat. Yes, she is probably very triggerable and impossible to be around, and thus prone to have short duration relationships. Yes she probably sees Republicans as “squares.” -- But at its core, this is behavioral programming designed to provoke reproduction as effectively as possible. To that end, this woman made the smart play for an r-selected environment. As time goes on, crimes like rape will be ever less frowned upon. Already, being convicted of rape is no reason to deny one employment. In Europe, rabbits not only do not want to discuss the high rape rates among Muslim immigrants – they actively lobby to import more of them. -- When you remove the disadvantage of societal punishment for rape, what is left is a raping reproductive machine that can impregnate at will. Mixing her genes with that is a smart play. Her genes in her offspring will impregnate at will, and in an r-selected environment there will be no punishment. -- Obviously you see this more today than you did in the fifties. There is a reason for that, and it is called free resource availability triggering the r-selected psychology in humans.'
rkselectiontheory  predation 
25 days ago
Koanic Soul -- r/K Selection – The Forbidden Theory
'** Who’s more warlike: K’s or r’s? -- K’s get a bad rap because they’re warriors. But warriors do less fighting than cowards, at the end of the day. Here’s why. ** The pyschopathic leader problem of r-societies -- One of the main reason r societies tend to commit so much government violence is that they are dominated by psychopaths. These psychopaths must stay in power, despite ruling an incompetent population that demands perpetual abundance. The solution is always to kill a bunch of people. -- AC writes of Communism/Socialism/Marxism: “…every such movement has its leaders chosen by individuals with deficient amygdalae, who cannot see the threat until it confronts them openly, and are programmed to appease any such threat once it is perceived.” Hello, Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot/ *snort* Kim Il Jong. -- *** K’s are not the war party -- AC (AnonymousConservative) identifies K’s as the War Party. This is not quite correct. K’s are not AFRAID of war. r’s are. However, r’s will tend to engage in far more war than K’s. This is because K’s are fundamentally isolationist, while r’s are fundamentally universalist. -- When you combine r’s universalism, tendency to promote predatorial leaders, and general incompetence, you get a recipe for psychopaths misdirecting attention from home misrule by blaming and demonizing the Other and engaging in endless wars of aggression or internal democide. -- The same pattern simply does not occur in K-dominated societies. A rational K is unlikely to engage in wars of aggression unless he possesses an overwhelming military advantage that renders cost negligible. An r will engage in wars regardless of cost. And a K will never commit democide because it violates chivalry and sanctity of life, while an r values neither. -- The classic example of a supposed K-driven war is the 4th Reich’s blitzkreig, eventual overreach and collapse. One could also point to the Napoleonic wars. However, these were actually patinas of K-rhetoric painted over heavily r-driven societies. Both were broken, weak, heavily socialist, and needed misdirection to permit the psychopaths at the top to maintain power over the r masses. For comparison, the Soviet Union was far bloodier, despite employing a purely r rhetoric. -- More accurate examples of K driven wars would be European colonization of the territories of the low-IQ races, and the Mongol conquest of Asia. These were rationally justified wars supported by the rhetoric of competitive superiority. Likewise, we can see in Sparta a strong K-selective pattern, while Athens in its fall was seduced to stupidity by r dynamics which led to the rise of a foolish and predatory leadership. -- The mainstream conservative movement in America employs a mixed r- and K-rhetoric to justify a mostly r platform, that is only K by comparison to the American leftist movement, which employs purely r-rhetoric to justify a more extreme version of the same thing. Contemporary America does not have a mainstream K movement, because it is a decadent empire. -- *** Liberals practice total war, Neanderthals practice chivalry -- Amongst themselves, K’s engage in ritual limited combat and abide by the results without envy, to permit the fittest to breed. -- Liberals are programmed to break such rules. Thus their wars are total, and they frequently practice both genocide and democide on unspeakable scales. -- r’s do not value life, since it is easily replaceable by promiscuous breeding. K’s value life, since they want to keep their group strong to defeat other groups. -- The exception – K’s are willing to genocide inferior populations, as in colonialism and the Mongol hordes. r’s are psychologically horrified by genocide for inferiority’s sake (except when under the extreme duress characterized by modern socialist fascism), but will eagerly genocide in the name of righteousness, fairness, equality, etc.'
civilization  history  rkselectiontheory  statism  socialism  war  pathocracy 
25 days ago
YouTube -- Honey Badger Radio 25: Where have all the good men gone?
Karen/GirlWritesWhat: "Men and women are different in their emotions. They're not different in the sense they have different emotions, they are different in how they express them, they are different in whether they express them, they're different in how safe they feel in expressing them. They are different in how well they can master them ... We have this idea that because men conceal their emotions, or master them, overcome them, that they don't have them...so you have this situation where all emotions are measured on this metric of what-would-women-do? And if men do something that women don't do then men are doing anything at all, emotionally; if they don't express their emotions they way women do then they don't have any emotions." -- Hannah: "We've been talking about men walking away from how society is today on the basis of why women would do it in men's position rather than how men respond to things. And while you talk about the fact that just because men don't respond to their internal emotions the same way that women do means they don't have them, I need to point out just because women make their emotions their reason for doing things as opposed to - women act on their emotions sometimes more than on their logic, in fact quite frequently more than their logic – in the Men Going Their Own Way spectrum...there is a pretty big contingent that aren't doing it out of anger or resentment or hurt or fear or any other emotion, but because they have analyzed the current situation, analyzed the current system under which society operates, the mechanics of society, and realized that any participation in that system contributes to that system and actually worsens the problem. So it's not apathy or upset or anger or any emotional response that leads them to do this but an analysis and conclusion that their most beneficial way, their most benevolent way that they can potentially contribute to modern society is walking away from that, ceasing to contribute to it and not becoming part of the problem. ... Women think of things in terms of how does this benefit me, how does this affect me, how does this affect my family? They don't necessarily think of things, they not conditioned not encouraged or forced to think of things in terms of what is my role in society, how am I contributing to society, what affect am I having on society? Men are more likely to take that approach than women are, and it's important not to forget those men because, yeah, even though they are justified for leaving for emotional reasons, that's not necessarily the case. They're actually doing something very functional..."
men  women  emotion  rkselectiontheory  solipsism  sacrifice 
27 days ago
Girls With Game -- Seven Annoying Things Women Do To Screw Things Up With Men by KryptoKate
'#1. Claiming to want equality while expecting men to pay: This is a giant pet peeve. Look ladies, you have a choice: either you can require that men pay your way and expect men to contribute more financially than you, or you can be equal. You can’t have it both ways. If you want men to pay, that’s fine and it’s your prerogative. But don’t then turn around and claim to be independent or equal to men. This goes for everything where you expect a man to pay all or more than you: dinners, vacations, engagement rings. If he’s paying and you’re not, you’re selling him something. Please be honest with yourself about what that is. -- #2. Taking constant selfies; #3. Chasing men; #4. Acting entitled to monogamous commitment; #5. Demanding “we need to talk”: First of all, never use that phrase. The only reaction a reasonable person can have to hearing “we need to talk” is dread. It never means anything good. If a man said “we need to talk” to me, I would be trying to find ways to avoid him. It’s a terrible phrase and it’s pushy and demanding as well – I don’t need to do anything, and neither does he. -- Second, it’s often both unnecessary and unhelpful to “talk” about everything in a relationship. Most of the time, “talking” does not communicate anything both people don’t already know. Despite the modern-day worship of “communication”, what the person demanding to “talk” is usually doing is trying to negotiate for more power in the relationship. People sense this deep down, even if they don’t realize it consciously, which is why many people dread hearing the phrase “we need to talk.” -- It’s also why “talking things out” rarely actually works, other than temporarily, to solve problems, whether the talking occurs in a therapist’s office or over the dinner table. Most relationship issues are rather simple and can be communicated simply without needing a big, long talk: I want you to change X, I want you to stop doing Y, I want you to Z. If someone needs an hour to explain themselves, it’s because they want to frame things in their favor to manipulate the other person, not because it’s actually complicated. -- #6. Overplaying the sympathy card: You know what I’m talking about ladies. Sympathy is often the first ploy a woman turns to when she’s not getting her way, she wants something, or she’s been caught doing something she shouldn’t. And that’s because it’s often effective. Most people can’t stand to be guilt-tripped and will capitulate to tears. But don’t be the girl who cried wolf. People will eventually get skeptical and sick of sob stories. People respect accountability, and using victimhood to play on people’s sympathy will eventually erode respect and your credibility.'
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27 days ago
YouTube -- Honey Badger Radio 25: Where have all the good men gone?
On the Bumble dating app [The app only permits women to start a chat with their matches.] -- Alison/Typhonblue: "I wonder if they're doing something really sneaky and potentially rather intelligent considering the business they're in ... When women have to get out there and do the actual approaching, they invest more in who they've chosen to approach. So if they are the ones who have to message and face the rejection, they're going to invest more in that man. Which means, potentially, they're not going to flake to the same degree they would on other dating services because they're getting so many messages in, which would tend to encourage flaking because 'Oh my god, I've got like 100 potential suitors!' instead of 'Oh, I don't have any potential suitors because no man is allowed to message me, all I have is three potential prospects, all three of which I've had to message.' If one of them messages me back, I'm going to be far more encouraged to take this to the next level, which, incidentally, would make the service more useful to people because it might actually result in a relationship or a date. And they may have identified that women are the bottleneck and the problem in this [process]. And you're going to have to force the women to a little goddamned work to make them invest."
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27 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Signs of the Apocalypse – British Drive-bys and Gang Warfare
'...Part of me wonders if resource restriction is even necessary for the K-shift. Perhaps a static level of resources is all that it takes to drive a population toward a natural state of K. Perhaps as with drugs, a resource glut only creates a temporary high initially, which eventually gives way to tedium and dissatisfaction with the status-quo. To maintain the r-state, an additional dopamine surge is necessary. Absent a constantly increasing dopamine surge, the individuals of a society gradually grow dissatisfied with the status quo, and K begins to set in.'
rkselectiontheory  violence  dopamine 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- More on Sweden’s Muslim Rape Epidemic
'...Rape is a rabbit phenomenon – it is a search for an easy dopamine rush without cost. It is also notable that it is only tolerable to rabbits – conservatives would never stand for this. r-selected women, from an evolutionary standpoint, would be well advised to seek to rear rapist children. In an r-selected society that tolerates rape, rape is a highly successful reproductive strategy, so it wouldn’t surprise me to find that r-selected women are programmed on some level to seek out the likelihood of being raped, and support conditions that will get them raped. -- I would suspect if you could register the level of offense at being raped, conservative girls would genuinely find rape traumatic. Judging by the left’s lack of outrage at the Muslim rape situation I would assume leftist women at the least are not bothered by being raped, and in many cases may even enjoy rape, probably viewing it as some Fifty Shades-esque adventure that they can later claim outrage points over, as they rear the rapist children who will eventually rape others and carry their genes forward.'
rkselectiontheory  violence  dopamine 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- More on the Austrian Arms Race
'...This is a K-shift. Lots of other attitudes will begin to change along with that mental preparation to do violence. From reduced promiscuity, to more desire to rear children, to increased competitiveness, to decreased tolerance for government betrayal, it is all on its way – and the collapse hasn’t even happened yet, nor has the real violence started. "A Viennese sociologist, Roland Girtler, said: ‘Migration, in all of human history, comes with many worries. ‘Many see danger in these foreigners among them. But this fear is unfounded.’" -- This is a reflexive denial of an idea his brain literally can’t consider. If he tried to accept the idea that the migrants could pose a threat, his brain would melt down – it is just too painful. So it assuages the discomfort by saying, “But why would they do bad things if we are being nice to them?” -- Sadly for him he won’t last long. Some stupid just needs Darwin to intervene. -- There is one risk in all of this. At the level of the populace, are citizens who are beginning to turn K, even off of the minimal resource restriction we are seeing now. At the top of the leadership, resources are still flowing freely, and as a result the leaders are still heavily rabbitized. As the collapse unfolds, it is possible this will produce a serious divide. There will be a combination of an increasingly desperate, rabbitized leadership willing to resort to any level of totalitarianism to maintain their shielded position, and an increasingly desperate K-ified population willing to do anything to survive. -- That growing divide could portend some real chaos on the European side. An epic economic collapse, mixed with the wildcard of insane Muslims demanding societal dominance, a criminal class running wild, desperate leaders willing to stomp down with totalitarianism to avoid dealing with the consequences of their own stupidity, and a population of angry wolves willing to set a match to it all. Europe may have a real mess on their hands.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  collapse 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- r/K Selection in a Picture
'...You can see here, how free resources flip switches in the brain that trigger the r-selected psychology. I find it amusing that one inherent aspect of that switch is a tendency to assign females to positions which require aggression, fearlessness, and a callous disregard for human life. It obviously makes sense for women to be more aggressive in r-selection, since in r-selection fathers are too busy with promiscuity to father, so moms have to rear their kids alone. But how that innate predisposition is coded in the structure of the brain I cannot imagine. -- Who would have thought the Soviet collapse at the end of the cold war would only have made that nation stronger, and made the West turn so weak and ineffectual. Of course in the West, K-selection is about to make a comeback.'
rkselectiontheory  civilization  panarchy 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- K-selection Advancing
'...Muslims are getting antsy too: "Roughly 500 members of the Islamist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) gathered in Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen on Friday, calling for Shariah law for European countries, as well as “jihad” to “free” the Palestinian territories. The march, which took place on Friday, appears to have garnered little media attention, as has the shooting which took place in the same location just 24-hours later at a Shia Muslim ceremony… -- And just 24-hours later, there were clashes at a memorial march for Imam Hussein, a descendent of prophet Muhammed whose life is mourned every year by Shia Muslims around the world. -- Gun shots rang out towards the end of Saturday’s event, just a few streets away from the mosque at which it was due to conclude. Reports suggest that a 29-year-old man was arrested following an altercation with another group." -- Muslim immigrants will be more rabbit than wolf. But here their behavior may be wolf-like in the beginning, since the local populations have been rabbitized. The invader’s amygdalae are being irritated by the signs of violence in the Mideast, and not cowed by overt threat in their local sphere. When this happens with r-strategists you see opportunist violence – that is violence they feel they can get away with. It lasts until indigenous K-strategists rise up and introduce real-world threat to cow the rabbit’s tendency to relieve their amygdala angst through direct-action against the vulnerable. -- It is so obvious where this is going. All we need to light it up is the match of a big economic collapse. The conflagration will be like nothing we have ever seen.'
rkselectiontheory  violence  europe 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Rabbits Get Rabbitier As The Collapse Approaches
'...When K-amygdalae encounter unpleasant future realities, they create feelbad, and that feelbad drives the individual to correct things, and shut off the feelbad. When rabbits encounter the same stimuli, their brain’s reflexive response is to deny the feelbad is possible, and then double-down to prove that the feelbad was wrong. The result is that they assuage the amygdala angst produced, by actually rebelling against the common sense the K-strategists espouse. As the situation degrades and anger builds, they rebel with ever more force. -- It is strange when you picture idiots like this, who supported European immigration, and then stood outside on the street only to be set upon by some gang of foreigners for no reason, being beaten and stabbed. "A pro-migrant, open borders activist is reported to be “very sad” after being stabbed twice in the back by a gang of “Arabs” as he stood outside a pizzeria in Dresden, east Germany." -- He literally can’t make the jump to the K-strategy right now because for him, telling himself the beating was an anomaly and the word really is peaceful assuages his amygdala more than acknowledging the risk, and taking measures to avoid it. His amygdala is still trying to choose between Xanadu and the reality of a scary world, and he is choosing the fantasy of Xanadu because it is less scary than reality. Only when it is made clear that Xanadu is unattainable (and that embracing it will garner more beatings and stabbings than simply facing reality) will acceptance of reality become the less amygdala-stimulating option. -- For him right now, importing foreigners is an attempt by his mind to prove that his fantasy isn’t a fantasy. You can see why they get so desperate – they are trying to prove something to calm their amygdala, and we are thwarting them. For them, the alternative is living in a scary world. If we would only give up, they would import all the foreigners, and everybody would be happy forever and ever. They need to believe that. -- It is a curious thought process, but if you imagine a world where resources are free, then this type of neurotic drive to avoid the K-strategy and avoid conflict through appeasement is beneficial. This mechanism makes it possible, but the product of the mechanism, the r-selected reproductive strategy, yields real benefit if conditions are r. All of this has been conserved by evolution because it works, under certain conditions. -- It is only when you see the world as a collapse waiting to happen and savages waiting to raid, that this weird drive to import foreigners (even as the economy is declining, jobs are diminishing, and the nation is in decline) appears weird.'
rkselectiontheory  nearfar  truebelieversyndrome 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Group Splintering – A K-selection Effect
'...Crime needs to be broken down into opportunistic r-strategist crime (ranging from burglary to attacking the helpless while heavily armed) and more confrontational/competitive crime (such as gang warfare for turf). Both are going to increase as resources restrict, but competitive/confrontational crime is more K-selected, and will appear more K to observers. -- Two things of interest here. One, gangs are seeing members in-group against each other within the gangs, causing splintering. I take that as a sign the economy is even affecting them. That splintering is irritated amygdalae triggering in response to each other and causing anger. It is the same thing that will set civilized Europeans against the immigrants after the collapse, and it is exacerbated by resource restriction. -- Two, note the heightened amygdala sensitivity triggering violence over ever-diminishing stimuli. I didn’t like that last tweet, so now I’m going to kill you. That doesn’t happen when resources are free and everyone is riding high. -- Compare that with Europe’s borderless society, and lack of any desire to defend itself from invading hordes which adhere to a violent, intolerant ideology. That is resource excess and ease weakening people’s amygdalae. -- In an intellectual society, this splintering should be welcomed among the general populace during time of peace. It is an indication that the populace is ready for battle, and itching to fight – itself a sign of amygdala development and activity, and the drive and motivation this produces. That mindset will accompany heightened productivity and civic responsibility. -- It probably also keeps the amygdala’s edge sharp, by keeping it well exercised with each affront to call up outrage and anger. If Irish and Italians are sniping at each other and quick to offend, they are ready to join forces after Pearl Harbor to brutally kick the ass of anyone who threatens America proper. If during peacetime, Irish and Italians are arm in arm singing some gay Elton John love song then the country might not be ready for war, and I would expect productivity and civic virtue to be lacking as well. If there is an active movement to eliminate all antagonism and insulting behavior between everyone, that is as sure a sign of a degraded society destined for collapse as you will find. -- Of course, none of this is under anyone’s control – it is all swinging off of the pendulum of resource availability, which appears to be heading toward K-selection at the moment. The poorer criminal classes are the canaries in the K-selected violence mine, and what they are telling us is to arm up.'
rkselectiontheory  nearfar  violence  crime  collapse 
28 days ago
YouTube -- [Bill Whittle]: r/K Theory - Almost all you ever needed to know about Liberals and Conservatives
"Why are liberals so comfortable with breaking the laws, changing the laws, changing the rules to suit them all the time, and we don't? Why don't we go to Washington right now with muskets and torches and pull these tyrants out of office? Why don't we do it? Why don't we just violently throw Barack Obama out of office? Why, if we're such competitive K-type individuals, why do we put up with it? Why? It's because he was elected. Because he played by the rules. And we would rather lose by the rules than win by cheating. He won; we're stuck with him. ... So they're using our programming to respect the rules against us. That's what Saul Alinsky said in Rules for Radicals: 'If you want to beat Conservatives hold them up, make them accountable to their own morality – not to our morality – we don't have morality; make them accountable to their own morality.'" -- [“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”]
rkselectiontheory  ideology  politics 
28 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Pressing The Narcissist’s Buttons – Practical Debate Tactics for the Modern Liberal - Additional Research
'...In psychology, one definition of the word “affect” is an expression of emotion in response to the provocation of another. From the time we are babies, we are programmed to seek an emotional response from others, and if we do not get it, we will tend to develop a compulsive desire to seek it. It is this innate desire for affect, from others, which can become distorted by the intense malleability of the young developing mind, and produce aspects of certain personality disorders and psychologies, Liberalism among them. -- Those reading this who don’t care if others pay attention to them or not are probably, in part, that way because when they wanted to elicit emotion in their parents as an infant they were immediately satisfied by a smiling and cooing parent. This satisfied the urge for attention, ending it, and short circuiting the type of long lasting desire and frustration produced by a parent’s ignorance in that circumstance. -- In contrast, a long lasting period of desire for affect, and frustration when not receiving it, would have burned into the brain a Hebbian neurological foundation of a lifelong compulsion to desperately seek attention from those around you, by any means necessary, even if self destructive. I firmly believe this desperation for affect is a foundational Liberal (and Narcissist) trait. -- We maintain here that Liberalism, as an r-strategy, is partly produced by low-attachment/low investment parenting. Often this form of parenting would likely involve a single mother being less than immediately responsive to their baby emotionally. (ie. “I’m in the middle of my mani/pedi – the baby can wait.”) How would this reduced supply of reliable maternal affect condition the developing Liberal, if at all? Here, in this video, we see what is known as the “Still Face Experiment,” by Dr Edward Tronick. This is a difficult video to watch, as it involves a baby being placed under conditions which cause it extreme emotional distress. Were we not about to see our society destroyed by Liberals, and if I didn’t feel it important for Conservatives to be aware of this facet of Liberal psychology, I would not present this video to you. For those who don’t wish to view the video, I will summarize it’s contents below. -- ... Notice how being confronted with an unemotional face, unresponsive to the baby’s efforts to elicit reaction, trips the baby’s stress pathways (probably through the amygdala), and this produces a whole raft of physiological responses, culminating in involuntary muscle contractions and a raw, emotional agony. -- Given the Hebbian nature of neural synapses, if this were to occur repeatedly, these behaviors would find themselves burned into the neurological pathways of the brain. As a result, the emotional and physiological effect would gradually increase, requiring less stimulation to provoke, and producing a more accentuated effect. I suspect this is what occurs, to some degree, in the low-investment model of r-selected parenting, such as manifests in every aspect of Liberal psychology, even down to preference for the smell of coffee over the smell of babies. -- In r-strategists, the low-investment parenting behaviors produces a low level effect in developing Liberals similar to this “Still Face” effect. This conditions the Liberal individual to seek to see emotion in those around them, and this effect ends up being present, even into adulthood. This is why Mike Wallace went mad in that courtroom as a lawyer unemotionally explained what an untrustworthy sleaze he was, and it is why Colonell Connell’s rebuke of him was so traumatic that he could no longer argue on behalf of his debate position. -- This effect probably also serves some sort of adaptive function as well, in the adult Liberal. Perhaps it makes them hyper-driven to elicit emotion in those around them, thereby enhancing their drive to perpetually manipulate the emotions of others while they pursue a strategy of navigating social hierarchies. This would jibe with the study here showing that individuals with low dopamine function (as the Liberal likely possesses), tend to have brains which are more active in areas associated with social behavior and self-awareness than reward/motivation. -- Interestingly, Eric Berne also hypothesized that many of the destructive behaviors he saw in his practice arose from a failure to reliably acquire attention from the mother, or “strokes,” as he referred to them, during the earliest years of life. In it’s most extreme form, this psychological urge to elicit affect becomes a personality disorder such as Borderline Personality Disorder, where an individual will seek any form of drama, by any means possible (from argument, to malicious action, to infidelity), all in an effort to simply acquire affect from their partner, regardless of the longer term effects of their behavior. -- Of course the salient point to draw from this is that if someone is Liberal, they probably have a dysfunctional brain. As a result, they are very likely to have been conditioned to experience some form of amygdala reactivity, just as the baby in this video does, in response to an unemotional countenance, unresponsive to provocation. If that is the case, you can produce a similar reaction within the Liberal, making them feel a sensation of anxiety similar to that experienced by the affect-deprived baby. Combined with additional amygdala stimulation, such as public humiliation and out-grouping, one can often overwhelm the amygdala, triggering a neurological fireworks show unlike anything you would have thought possible while viewing human interaction in purely personal terms.' -- Comment: Anonymous Conservative: '...Part of the problem, I think, is r’s are designed to navigate social hierarchies, and manipulate others into supporting them (as a way of avoiding competition). Another trait the r’s will have is the ability to adopt any reality which suits their purpose. This leaves them tailor made for a life in politics, in a way most K’s aren’t. So if an r has the ability to run as a leader in the Conservative movement, they can regardless of any r-urges, and they will believe they are the most honest, fiercest Conservative ever. Then they will screw over the movement, and view it as a mark of their intellect, open-mindedness, leadership, whatever. That’s the problem when you have a psychology prone to define yourself and your actions by an imaginary perception of how others will perceive you. You have no root or anchor, no underlying principle, and anything is on the table. Fill the Republican Party with such individuals, and next thing you know all the Conservative leaders will tell the grassroots that Romney is the best candidate. Even worse, K’s don’t seem as suited to navigating social hierarchies, pandering, or other political necessities. -- So this theory does break down when you look at leaders of the movements, or policies they produce, etc. But, within the population, are two movements, and they do parallel r and K very closely. It’s just the political system itself favors r in both parties’ leaderships.'
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