YouTube -- Black Pigeon Speaks: Why Women DESTROY NATIONS * / CIVILIZATIONS
"Women have been given the vote, and in a democratic society women vote their biological imperative." -- Harem patriarchy
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Freedomain Radio -- #3269: Death by Maternal Instinct - Call In Show - April 22 2016 (MP3)
"There's a theory. Tell me what you think. There's a theory: What are women designed for? Women are designed for raising children. Men are designed for gathering resources and women are designed for raising children. Women's maternal instinct is a wonderful, powerful force in the world. That's why we're all here. And there's an argument which says that because women in the West listened to the lies of the marxists, the lesbians and radical feminists – like: 'I've got to get a job because it's so much more fulfilling than creating life. Answering this phone in a customer support centre sure beats bringing a new brain and consciousness into existence.' So women have few kids or no kids. So they're so much more susceptible to sentimentality because they don't have their own children, either to protect and defend or to lavish their maternal instincts on. And so women in Europe are looking at these migrants like they're children that need a home...If they had their own children they wouldn't be so sentimental about this other stuff. And so their maternal instincts are wrapping into other cultures – even opposing cultures – because they don't have their own children to protect and their maternal hunger is now spilling over is now spilling over into the traditional enemies of their entire civilization... Can't we just buy them some cats?"
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Anonymous Conservative -- Swedish Wing Of Muslim Brotherhood Arming Up
'Not encouraging: "Police in Bosnia have arrested five people suspected of trafficking arms to Islamists in Sweden and seized large amounts of weapons and military equipment, officials said on Friday, after a sixth person was held earlier in Sweden… -- Miljanovic declined to give more details of those arrested, but a police source told Reuters the weapons were attended for the Swedish branch of Egypt’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood." -- The risk is that in the economic collapse, the Muslims will seal off their communities, and create a raiding economy, flooding out into rabbit enclaves, robbing and burglarizing, and then carrying the resources back into their communities. In a resource-restricted society, taking resources from the weak will offer the most free form of resources possible, and thus will likely offer the most r-selected means of resource acquisition short of moving to a wealthy area with generous welfare. -- If that happens, Europe will have to either K-ify fast and take unusually aggressive measures broadly against the entire Muslim population, or steel themselves into a much longer period of instability, chaos, and disorder. -- Clearly at least a portion of the Muslim population is already preparing to exist in a much more violent world.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Venezuela Enters Phase II Of Apocalypse
'...An r-strategist nation needs the government. An r-strategist nation will sacrifice to keep the government, in the hopes it will spread the misery equally. An r-strategist nation will do anything to have a government protect them from freedom. -- I suspect large swaths of America will be different. Large swaths of America have no need for the government. Large swaths have begun to see the federal government as a refuge of scoundrels, and a producer of misery. From healthcare, to surveillance, to environmental regulations, to firearms restrictions, to government targeting based on political beliefs, to forced settlement of Muslim foreigners, much of the federal government these days is at best, a costly non-entity, and at worst a net-negative to freedom and happiness. Personally, if tomorrow the federal government dissolved, and all that was left was local government, my life would be much more enjoyable. -- There was a Russian political scientist who postulated that America would eventually see a debt crisis, and that this would produce a sudden dissolution of the federal government akin to what happened to the Soviet Union in the late eighties. The federal government would not have the money to pay it’s employees, and thus the employees would have to drift away to seek a means of support elsewhere. Once it lacked employees, the authority of the federal government and its ability to act would disappear, and the government would dissolve, replaced by loose amalgamations of states into several regional mini-nations. I crossed paths with an American who lived in Russia for a long time, and he said the Russians all took this ultimate outcome for granted, having seen it themselves from the inside. Looking at Venezuela, and the magnitude of the collapse to come, it doesn’t look as if they were that far off. -- This is the problem the r-strategists face. The more the rabbits panic as things head downhill, and the more onerous they make the government as the Apocalypse approaches, the more the nation will embrace its dissolution as the Apocalypse approaches phase two. -- It will be interesting to see if the removal of the federal government produces a sudden reversal of the decline, by eliminating regulations on industries, and freeing up capital that would otherwise have been scarfed up by the government. If there is one nation in history that will be able to lift itself up and bring greatness back, once no longer encumbered by the cesspool of corruption and incompetence that is Washington DC, it is America.'
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The Daily Bell -- EU Becomes Increasingly Orwellian in Preparation for Possible Brexit
'"A European army is exactly what the EU and UK needs Whether or not Donald Trump wins the US presidency, American sentiment is for the Europeans to do much more to help themselves … Under Nato Euope’s defences remain incomplete and necessitate US involvement" – UK Independent -- George Orwell’s 1984 is coming to pass. -- It is not enough that the US has faux face-offs with Russia and China. Now Europe will build an army too. -- And thus there will be three or four different major powers in the world. -- Perhaps once Europe has an army, it will have a rapprochement with Russia and then Orwell’s prophecies will be mimicked almost exactly. -- Three power centers, all opposed to each other.'
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Progress.org -- Land Rent as a Tax by Fred Foldvary
'Under what circumstances is the payment of land rent a tax? -- We first need to consider land rent in a pure market economy. The rent is collected and divided equally in cash. The purchase price of land is near zero. The rent is based on the benefits of that location and extent of space. Therefore, in such a pure case, the rent is not a tax, as it is just another price paid for the use of land, and on average, people get back what they pay. -- Now consider a zero-tax economy in which a land title holder has all rights to a plot of land, including its rent. As land rent captures the gains from economic expansion, rent and land value rise. The payment of rent is still not a tax, because the higher rent reflects the greater productivity of the location. With no taxes, the landowner must pay for the works that service the land, such as streets and roads, security, fire protection, and utilities. -- After these expenses, suppose some of the site rental is left as profit. As these profits rise, land values rise, and land speculators jump in to flip properties – to buy, hold, and then sell at a higher price. As the purchase price of land removes those of lower income and uncertain credit from buying land, they become renters, and the rent rises even more. This rent increase due to the speculative rise in land values is a tax, as the higher rental is not matched by greater locational services. -- Now consider an economy in which taxes are only on wages. Now the landowners do not pay for public works, as they are financed from taxes on labor. The higher rent generated by public works is an implicit subsidy to landowners, which induces even greater land speculation. The higher rent due to the subsidized speculation is a tax. -- Therefore, rent becomes a tax when there is an increase due to land speculation, especially when the rent is an implicit subsidy from public works paid from taxes other than on land value. -- The only way to avoid rent as taxation is to avoid the excessive land speculation by collecting the land rent and distributing it as either cash or public goods.'
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Progress.org -- Where Does Rent Come From? by Fred Foldvary
Comment: Ben Jamin: 'The Socialist view is that society creates value. Therefore everything of value belongs to society. -- The (fake)Libertarian view is that society doesn't exist, and that value is created by the sum of individual human effort. -- Both these views are wrong and immoral. -- While Society does exist, and society does have value, to say that society "creates value" is as nonsensical as saying "the Sun creates value" or "iron ore under the ground creates value". -- Land does not create value. It is the exploitation of natural resources by living things that creates things of value from it. -- Humans, live in societies, so that we can better exploit agglomeration effects, just as do parts of cells, cell confederations, plants, fungi and other animals. We all do so because by enlarging networks we create economies of scale that allows us evolve and exploit new niches. -- In other words, it is agglomeration effects that gives us aggregate demand (not the sum total of individual effort). When people tap into this demand, (as they do with any other natural resource) producing income and capital, it is private property because that demand has been met by supplying human effort. But it is only "aggregate demand", for a scarce resource supplied by nature, that generates an income/selling price from it. Not anything supplied human effort. -- Only the creation of value and its provenance confers property rights. Thus humans cannot claim sole rights to the value derived from natural resources, and "Society" cannot claim a share of private income or capital.' -- Comment: Andrew Chalkley: 'Land was provided by nature (or god) for all living creatures to share. In ancient villages, land would have been allocated on the basis of need. We have changed to the allocation of land based on the ability to purchase it, which in most cases means the ability to obtain bank credit. The land price rises to equal whatever a bank is prepared to extend as credit. This, in turn, relies on the ability of the borrower to pay interest. In a area of restricted availability of land, the 'land prices' will rise to take a high proportion of the income derived from the land which includes waiters wages and business person's income. As most property is bought with a mortgage, the banks are winners. If the land is wholly owned by the landlord with no mortgage, the landlord reaps the benefit. However his income from land rent is dependent upon the availability of work in the region. When factories close in the district, the business income falls and the rent falls. This is a severe problem with the allocation of land on the basis of money or credit. If you are not born rich or make good money, you will be denied access to the land that was provided freely for all to share. So land monopolization occurs by the better off. This is often disguised as property investment.'
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Progress.org -- Where Does Rent Come From? by Fred Foldvary
'Contrary to popular thought, the surplus of production is not wages or profits, but land rent. -- .... Karl Marx wrote that this surplus is created by labor and should go to the workers instead of to the greedy capitalist. But we see here that the surplus is really land rent captured by the landlord. -- Perhaps a state-socialist would by law set the rent at zero, and distribute the surplus to the workers. But the rent serves an economic purpose. The land rent reflects the scarcity of the space. It the rent were set to zero, everybody would want to use that space, and it would have to be allocated by bureaucrats, perhaps to an official’s cousin. No, best to have an auction where the highest bidder rents the space, as he will make the best use of the location. -- Therefore the efficient and equitable solution is to collect the rent, and then divided it equally among the four waiters and the capitalist, since the owner of the capital goods is a human being and resident also. That’s a net revenue of $3,000 divided by 5, for $600 each. (The landlord lives elsewhere.) Therefore each server gets an income of $800 per day. The surplus is land rent, efficiently and equitably divided among the people involved. -- There are three views of the difference between the average product and the marginal product. The Marxist-socialist view is that it is wages unjustly taken by capitalist profit. We see that this is false, since the capitalist does not keep it, but pays it to the landlord. The conventional view is the same as the Marxist, as mainstream theory ignored land and rent, and so puts the revenue as profit, but without any judgments. Third is the reality that the surplus is land rent. That difference is where much of land rent comes from. The question then is, who should get the rent?'
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Progress.org -- Utilities Monopolize Land by Jeffery J. Smith
'#“Soft Land” Monopolies: While most people spend most of their personal budget on the surface land beneath their home, that’s not the only kind of land people spend a lot of money on. Indirectly, people also spend for farmland, rangeland, and oil land. We also pay, indirectly, for non-solid “land” (as economists define the term); that is, water and the totally intangible electromagnetic spectrum. -- We pay to have clean water delivered to our homes and dirty water taken away. Those systems are like streets, and occupy the land beneath streets. And like streets, those pipes and sewers are natural monopolies; it makes no sense to have a plurality of sewer systems competing for your crap. -- Same goes for electricity, phone, cable, cell towers, and satellites. All those utilities are natural monopolies, and need to occupy certain locations to be efficient. Presently, utilities get to use public space (beneath streets) or common space (geosynchronous orbits) without paying the public much. -- #Enclosures of Common Space: To avoid paying the public, businesses, naturally, prefer to turn public space and common space into their own private property (not that anyone needs privacy beneath a street or in orbit). The cloak of private property is perfect for claiming to not owe the public anything. Poking into the issue of the worth of rights-of-way, you find them referred to as the private assets of private corporations, belonging to them and them alone. -- Anyone who uses a public or common space as their own will come to feel like it belongs to them. Restauranteurs who set tables and chairs on the public sidewalk feel like our right-of-way belongs to them. Homeowners who park their car on the sidewalk feel the same. Whether encroachment by the less powerful among us or enclosure by the more powerful, it’s not an unusual human behavior. -- But there is the matter of scale. The homeowner and cafe owner might not profit much by encroaching while the enclosing corporation will. Getting free use of a location beneath a street or in the EM spectrum or in outer space does save the corporation immense sums, but the savings do not get passed on as lower prices. Since those locations have been actually or in effect privatized, how can anyone lodge a logical complaint? Especially since almost all of us assume the value of property is properly private? -- The only legal standing that corporate utilities have is the government-granted title. They don’t have moral tradition. They’re just lucky that the tradition of the commons has faded enough to have become invisible to modern humans.'
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Progress.org -- The Game of Monopoly versus Equopoly by Fred Foldvary
'...The economic lesson of the game is that a player who, by luck and strategy, accumulates real estate can get rich at the expense of the players who pay rentals. The game’s land is a monopoly in the classical meaning of having a fixed supply. Eventually, the landlords get rich and the tenants become poor, or bankrupt. -- Strategies for winning include holding sufficient cash, following a plan rather than buying randomly, and analyzing cash flow relative to asset price. Thus in the real world, successful speculators know the real estate market and buy properties selling at a discount from average. There is some skill involved in land speculation. But that does not justify keeping all the rent. Success in exploiting some rules does not necessarily justify the rules. If the game is changed so that the land rent is collected periodically, and distributed to the players equally, there would still be a game, but now there is no more gain from a land monopoly, and the players end up in a more equal financial status. The game can then proceed indefinitely. -- In the real world, the economy is in part a repeated, co-operative game. In a co-operative game, everyone may win. But since there are entry-monopolies, in which there is a fixed supply of a necessary resource, the game also becomes rival. The gain to the monopolist is a loss to the payer, such as a tenant. When the land rent is instead distributed equally to all players, then the natural monopoly of a fixed amount of land is no longer rival, as all the players benefit when the rent goes up. The rules no longer let some gain at the expense of others. -- When the rent is shared equally, monopoly becomes an “equopoly”. (The word “geopoly” is already taken; not so “equopoly”.) In an equopoly, all players equally share the gains from a natural monopoly. That’s the game that true progressives should promote.'
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Progress.org -- Land Worth = More than Enough by Scott Baker
'...However, whatever the inaccuracies of the FRED model, as author Matt Leichter points out, they vastly pale in comparison to the Fed's stated land value of NEGATIVE $4b of non-corporate land, which is due, he says, to over-assessing building values and using a land residual method of valuation. This, as both Leichter and Hudson point out, drastically under-values land and is responsible for the Fed’s trivializing it as a source of potential economic rent (let alone the source to replace all other taxes). The Fed fails to account for repeated depreciation allowances, which is how landowners get so rich, after all. -- That wealth—which is currently powering the supposed populist revolt campaign of Donald Trump—is now mostly, and increasingly, collected by private landowners like Trump, or, more likely, by banks. Interest on mortgage loans is the new land rent, and banks are, with the exception of rentiers like Donald Trump, the new landowners. The vast majority of us, then, are merely renters, even those so-called homeowners, who in reality have only small amounts of equity, while the bank has the rest. -- A much fairer system of taxation would be to collect the value of the land for the public good, since it was the public whose demand created the value in the first place. And there is, after all, as Henry George said, "Enough, and to Spare." Will Donald Trump repudiate the method behind his multi-billion dollar wealth and return the value of the commons back to the people? Would you bet your land on it?'
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Wikipedia -- Hyman Minsky
'#Minsky's financial instability hypothesis: Hyman Minsky's theories about debt accumulation received revived attention in the media during the subprime mortgage crisis of the late 2000s. The New Yorker has labelled it "the Minsky Moment".[10][11] -- Minsky argued that a key mechanism that pushes an economy towards a crisis is the accumulation of debt by the non-government sector. He identified three types of borrowers that contribute to the accumulation of insolvent debt: hedge borrowers, speculative borrowers, and Ponzi borrowers. -- The "hedge borrower" can make debt payments (covering interest and principal) from current cash flows from investments. For the "speculative borrower", the cash flow from investments can service the debt, i.e., cover the interest due, but the borrower must regularly roll over, or re-borrow, the principal. The "Ponzi borrower" (named for Charles Ponzi, see also Ponzi scheme) borrows based on the belief that the appreciation of the value of the asset will be sufficient to refinance the debt but could not make sufficient payments on interest or principal with the cash flow from investments; only the appreciating asset value can keep the Ponzi borrower afloat. -- If the use of Ponzi finance is general enough in the financial system, then the inevitable disillusionment of the Ponzi borrower can cause the system to seize up: when the bubble pops, i.e., when the asset prices stop increasing, the speculative borrower can no longer refinance (roll over) the principal even if able to cover interest payments. As with a line of dominoes, collapse of the speculative borrowers can then bring down even hedge borrowers, who are unable to find loans despite the apparent soundness of the underlying investments. -- #Application to the subprime mortgage crisis: Economist Paul McCulley described how Minsky's hypothesis translates to the subprime mortgage crisis.[12] McCulley illustrated the three types of borrowing categories using an analogy from the mortgage market: a hedge borrower would have a traditional mortgage loan and is paying back both the principal and interest; the speculative borrower would have an interest-only loan, meaning they are paying back only the interest and must refinance later to pay back the principal; and the ponzi borrower would have a negative amortization loan, meaning the payments do not cover the interest amount and the principal is actually increasing. Lenders only provided funds to ponzi borrowers due to a belief that housing values would continue to increase. -- McCulley writes that the progression through Minsky's three borrowing stages was evident as the credit and housing bubbles built through approximately August 2007. Demand for housing was both a cause and effect of the rapidly expanding shadow banking system, which helped fund the shift to more lending of the speculative and ponzi types, through ever-riskier mortgage loans at higher levels of leverage. This helped drive the housing bubble, as the availability of credit encouraged higher home prices. Since the bubble burst, we are seeing the progression in reverse, as businesses de-leverage, lending standards are raised and the share of borrowers in the three stages shifts back towards the hedge borrower.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
'The Russian 19th century novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky deserves our attention for the austerity and pessimism of his vision – from which we can nevertheless gain enlightenment and hope.'
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The Book of Life -- The Impostor Syndrome
'...We know ourselves from the inside, but others only from the outside. We’re constantly aware of all our anxieties, doubts and idiocies from within. Yet all we know of others is what they happen to do and tell us, a far narrower, and more edited source of information. We are very often left to conclude that we must be at the more freakish and revolting end of human nature. -- The solution to the impostor syndrome lies in making a crucial leap of faith, the leap that others’ minds work in basically much the same ways as ours do. Everyone must be as anxious, uncertain and wayward as we are. It’s a leap of faith because we just have to accept that the majority of what we feel and are, especially the more shameful, unmentionable sides, will have a corollary in each and every one of us.'
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Aeon -- Are dreams predictions? by Sue Llewellyn
'...During REM dreaming, our brains are better at identifying the probabilistic patterns that underlie the behaviour of living creatures. These patterns are portrayed in unconscious images, which are retained for the awake state. Whenever fast, instinctive action is required, archetypically in dangerous situations, unconscious images associate past experience to predict the probable significance of, for example, an ambiguous flash of yellow. This gives rise to a somewhat surprising conclusion. In our evolutionary past, we dreamed to survive.'
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Ribbonfarm -- How to Take Your Brain Off-Road
'The difference between orderly and disorderly readers is that orderly readers want to use the territory, while disorderly readers want to see the territory.' -- 'Orderly readers and writers sometimes consider disorderly readers and writers vandals. People who destroy with shallow sophistry what they set out to build with sincerity, but that is not true either. -- Both disorderly writers and disorderly readers are best understood as bullshitters, not in the intellectual sense, but in relation to the social act of creating a public: they neither set out to create a public or not create one, but are just indifferent to whether or not publics form around their reading and writing, and whether or not any publics that happen to form share a true or false consciousness. -- They certainly do not set out to create a non-public, defined as a fragmented group without a shared political consciousness. Neither do they set out to create an anti-public, which I suppose would be the objective of a troll: to foment fear-uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in order to fragment an existing public, and push it beyond fragmentation, into a state of internal Hobbesian conflict. -- But both disorderly writers and readers do set out to see new territories. Whether or not those territories get mapped in the process, and whether or not refined-enough maps emerge to sustain a public, with a true or false consciousness, is a matter of indifference to the disorderlies.' -- 'Inevitably, orderly readers end up being tribalized by their reading. Publics they have joined constitute home tribes. Publics they have left constitute enemy tribes. Opinions of enemy writers and publics are not just suspect, but marked as against all that is good and holy. Orderly readers resist Miller’s Law: “To understand what another person is saying, you must assume that it is true and try to imagine what it could be true of.” And of course the shiftless, gray, disorderly non-tribals are the worst of all.' -- ... 'praxis is orderly reading/writing/doing, particularly in the shallowly lost quadrant, while poiesis is disorderly reading/writing/doing, particularly in the deeply lost quadrant. -- There is a cloud of connotations around each. Praxis is also about doing as production, while poiesis is about making as play. Praxis civilizes according to a plan, poiesis experiments in a snowballing way. Praxis creates a public. Poiesis at best entertains one. -- The poiesis concept seems to encompass play in all its forms. James Carse explores poiesis, in Finite and Infinite Games, in infinite game terms. Johan Huizenga, in Homo Ludens, explores it in finite game terms. I am wary of praxtitioners. I suspect them of being in a hurry to disintertwingle things I’m not done with yet.' -- Te vs Ti
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Anonymous Conservative -- Trump Rattles, Obama Is Rattled By Rattling
'... Rabbits innately recoil at even the faintest air of conflict, under every circumstance. Conflict is always an amygdala agitator. K-strategists don’t recoil at it nearly as strongly, and if their nation is being screwed, conflict is exactly the path to amygdala relaxation that they want to pursue. -- As the Apocalypse approaches, rabbits retreat ever more from the impending amygdala stimulation by neurotically demanding all stimulation be avoided. K-strategist ever more aggressively want to meet the impending stimulation to try to mitigate its effects as early as possible. -- You can see it in the candidates. When things are r, Republican candidates will be liberal Republicans in the model of Bush I or Dole. Democrats will be “moderate” Democrats who at least make a pretense of not being socialists. As things turn K, the Republican’s favorite becomes more K, to the point Ted Cruz appears moderate. Meanwhile the rabbits begin to demand an outright socialist. -- Again, as in all of politics, this is a scale borne of amygdalae looking to find relaxation – rabbits by denying and avoiding reality and wolves by meeting the reality and conquering it as soon as possible. -- We are not at the outer edges of the scale yet. Things are still relatively r, and resources are still freely available, so we have quite some distance to travel as the Apocalypse approaches. If full K were to arrive, such as if the entire world economic system were to collapse, banking were to suddenly become untrusted, violent chaos and anarchy arrived at our front doors, and money inflated to the point of irrelevance, then the wolves would demand conflict to a degree we cannot presently imagine, as the rabbits reached a point they would do anything to avoid having to meet that reality, from genocide to totalitarianism. May you live in interesting times…'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Matt Forney Cover’s Milo’s Rabbit Riot
Comment: Anonymous Conservative: 'The reason the alt-right is dangerous is because it is intellectually adaptable. It recognizes the rules of the rabbits and coopts them for it’s own gain, and that drives rabbits crazy. Game is basically taking the rules of rabbit mating and applying them. Matt uses shame and amygdala triggers. Trump is a good example too. -- The rules of K dictate you either take by force, or abide by the rules of chivalry in organized competition, both of which would lead to defeat against a rabbit like Hillary, who would use those rules against you as she freely broke them. Trump plays by the left’s rules, using game, ridicule, rhetorical manipulation, and shame – all of which seem emotionally silly to a K, even as they are clearly intellectually the superior strategy. Paleo-K’s complain because Trump is breaking their old-K rules. Rabbits complain because he is breaking the K-rules they had hoped to use against him. But he ignores all of them intellectually certain of his strategy, and he wins. -- Adopting the rabbit’s rules is a good strategy to limit the damage when things are r, so we enter K in as powerful a position as possible. Just wait until the real Apocalypse goes down this go around, and we begin from a position of Trump as President. That is the power of corrupting the rabbit’s rules.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Matt Forney Cover’s Milo’s Rabbit Riot
'Some were blaming the cops, but the cops leaked out that they wanted to help, but were ordered not to: "I talked to a few of the dozen Chicago police officers eventually called into the building, and they were irate. They were well-trained, and well-equipped to handle scenarios such as this. They wanted to do their job, and remove the protesters, but administrators demanded they stand passively and watch." -- Yeah – #Blacklivesmatters punks in need of beatings – I’ll bet the cops wanted to get up there and get into it. The real issue is that things are still relatively r, so the cops’ brains calculated their response using a lower level of baseline amygdala agitation. Likewise there were more than a few K’s in the crowd who wanted to run up on the stage and set things straight, but their brains performed similar calculations. Attacking would have been an amygdala stimulant, not an amygdala relaxant. -- That means of calculating responses is a feature, not a bug. If things are r, and you behave in a K-fashion, you will not alter the underlying r-status of the environmental resources, and you will endure the great costs that come from being K in an r-world. The K-cops who acted would cease to be cops, and we’d lose their support when the real shit hits the fan. The K-students who acted would be expelled, and we would lose their support at the university. -- The well adapted K will bottle up his rage, knowing how the story ends. As he does, that bottled rage will reform his brain into a more K-mindset, without him even needing to do anything. One day, real K will arrive and that rage will be allowed to freely burst forth, but for now obey your instincts. They aren’t forged into your brain by accident. -- To understand the K-shift that is coming, imagine if those cops’ amygdalae were lit up for the entire week prior, because five of their brothers were killed in the line of duty by the savages which the #BLM movement supported. Imagine if every day held a threat of running into an armed robber and being killed. Their amygdalae would have been in high gear for weeks on end, reforming their brains, and seeking any opportunity to blow off a little of the built-up steam. Imagine the moment they walked through the door and into Milo’s event. Imagine if the members of the crowd had trouble finding food to feed their families because idiot liberals destroyed our economic system. Imagine they had all gotten IRS audit notices earlier in the day, because the government wanted to rip them off some more so the rabbits could continue to play. All those amygdalae seeking relief would have been a powderkeg in search of a spark. -- Everyone’s amygdala, in high gear already, and then you have these assholes parading around on stage making threats. Imagine what you’d do personally to these assholes, as the reigns of civility slipped, the crowd surged forward, and the rules suddenly gave way to a free flowing melee. Imagine how it would relax your amygdala. -- Patience. ITZ coming.'
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JudgyBitch -- Why are feminist women so fucking pathetic?
'...Let’s be honest here: women demanding access to Muirhead is really women demanding access to men’s informal power networks. It’s an underhanded way of accessing male resources, without contributing one goddamn thing to building those resources. Women can’t be arsed to go and build their own networks, because trying to build a professional networked that can be leveraged with other women is almost impossible. No one will tear a professional women down faster than other women. An informal women’s network would consist of backstabbing, spreading slut rumors, undermining other women’s confidence, passive-aggressively calling other women ugly and stupid, mate-poaching and just generally competing to see who can be the biggest cunt. That’s what women tend to do. -- There’s a reason all-male spaces have endured for hundreds and hundreds of years. They’re functional. -- Women want to access men’s resources and networks, but why should men allow the toxicity of femininity into the spaces they have crafted precisely to avoid that kind of poisonous game playing? Male spaces are places where men can go to support one another in ways they simply cannot do in the presence of most women. Women like Laura Bates imagine that all-male spaces are places were men go to teach each other the finer points of rape, wife-beating and how to demean women, which tells us a whole lot more about Laura’s ugly little mind than the men she describes. -- Laura considers men violent, sex-crazed, consumed with hatred and envy, insecure, brutish and prone to every injustice one can possibly conceive of. If you leave men alone in groups, they formalize and solidify this evil, and then use it to oppress everyone around them. Except it’s not true, is it? Men don’t do that. Women do.'
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Why Women Support Socialism
"A woman's physical vanity ... her level of attractiveness is enhanced in her own mind the more free stuff she gets from men. So when a male politician comes along and says 'I can get you free stuff' ... Free stuff for women is like free sex for men. It's very very hard to resist." "...women generally chose security over freedom which is why when women get the vote you get a welfare state within 10 to 15 years. It's almost inevitable." "The only women who are for the free market are those who are happily married which is why, if you want to destroy the free market, you have to separate men from women because then women will vote against the free market and for the security of state handouts which destroys the free market..."
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YouTube -- Honey Badger Radio 56 | Rantzerker 58: #ELBOWGATE (and other forms of femfearmongering)
'The most effective tool used by political partisans, in the media, politics and academia is the "Threat Narrative". Join us as we examine the ways threat narrative is used on both men and women to keep them in line, and keep the narrative alive!' -- Karen/GirlWritesWhat: "The problem is, the reason the government is willing to fund this [threat narrative] is the government is part of the reason this kind of thing can even exist. The only reason why women are capable of feeling this way about men in general – are able to be convinced to feel this way about men in general – is because they are no longer dependent on men on an individual level. You can have sex, you can have birth control, you're not going to be saddled with illegitimate children, if you are you have welfare, the government will help you pay for that – the government is going to help you every step of the way. The government has stepped into the role of the man-of-the-house. Why wouldn't the government promote this kind of propaganda? Because the government is now competing with individual men for women. The government has a harem of women who are essentially living off the government's dime as if he's the Sultan of Brunei – we're all 800,000 welfare concubines in the Sultan of Brunei's palace...and we don't have to care about these men because we don't need them... We do need to look at the possibility that...it's only through their dependence on men that [women] give two shits about them." -- Alison/Typhonblue: "Well, all I can say is that's a minor issue when it comes to how I feel about that fact that when this started, women weren't in the streets saying 'Shut the fuck up. There's no way you're going to be projecting war propaganda against my relatives!' They just accepted it. It's just boggles my mind..." -- Karen/GirlWritesWhat: "The problem is men did too, men swallowed it too."
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Freedomain Radio: #3280: Hispanic Family Values - Call In Show - May 03 2016 (MP3)
'Question 3: [2:01:12] - '...My insistence of the danger presented by Islam has been tearing apart my family as my wife told me yesterday ‘I would not have married you had I known you were such a hateful person.’ My own mother also stated, ‘I don't feel safe in my own house when you are talking like that.’ ...' -- "Men are there to perceive threats, not women. Because women have an evolutionary advantage – young, fertile women, in particular, have an evolutionary advantage in conflict in that they can surrender their vaginas to the invaders and survive. Men can't. What does the new male lion do who is the king of the pride? He kills off all the male competitors and their children – and then mates with the females. ... So women, evolutionary, are not that interested in protecting borders because they can't compete against men when it comes to combat. ... So the fact that women don't perceive a threat is not shocking at all. And that fact that the only threat that women perceive is your perception of a threat is also not shocking. ... At the moment, the societies that most put women on a pedestal are dying off, and the societies that subjugate women are spreading, flourishing and aggressively confident in their expansions. ... And because women are more socially reliant - you need a village to raise a child (or satisfy Bill Clinton) – women need to be more horizontally-integrated than men. Men can go out a compete against each other in war and hunting, but women have to cooperate to raise the kids. So women are more susceptible to verbal abuse than men are. ... Words wound women in a way that they don't wound men. ... A lot of women in the West live in this completely unreal world. They've got governments catering to their every whim. They've got a media that constantly tells them they're superior to everyone around them. If you subsidize unreality, don't be surprised if you end up with more unreality. And men's deference to women combined with the power of the state has created an unreal world for a lot of women. And I view them as almost being force-fed disorienting drugs through the media... They have been very heavily propagandized and kept away from basic reality. ... Can you imagine growing up as a woman in the West – especially an attractive woman? ... I can't imagine what that's like to not be challenged, to be always be deferred to, and to have every obstacle removed for me and to be told I was all-powerful on the one hand – the complete equal if not superior to a man – and yet at the same time have zero moral agency and that I'm always a victim. I'm superior to men but if something happens that I don't like, I'm a victim and men must be blamed and attacked for it. ... Having empathy for people who don't have a lot of empathy for you is tough, but it's important. Try and picture what it's like growing up where everyone takes your side, everyone attacks your enemies, everyone excuses your behaviour, everybody says that you're all-powerful in that which benefits you, and you're just a victim in that which you regret. How disorientating would that be?"
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Global Research -- Russia Has Not Seen Such Amassing of Hostile Military Forces on Its Borders since 1941
'Russia has not seen such a major military buildup close to its borders since 1941 when the Third Reich sent the Wehrmacht to conquer the Soviet Union, Professor Stephen F. Cohen said in his recent interview on The John Batchelor Show, referring to NATO’s increasingly assertive strategy in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. -- “We have been watching for nearly a month a steady buildup of American and NATO forces along near Russia’s borders – on land, on sea and in the air,” he said. “There has been nothing like this on Russia’s borders, such an amassing of hostile military force, since the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.” -- ... Russian officials and experts have also questioned whether it was reasonable to build a shield that is supposed to protect the West against Iran’s ballistic missiles considering that Tehran does not pose any threat to its neighbors and beyond. -- The Islamic Republic is not the real target. “The majority of our missile defense installations … are directed at Russia. They are not directed at Iran, that’s a fairytale. The government puts it out, but nobody believes it,” the analyst noted.'
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Childhood Experience and Adult Reproductive Strategy
'Traditionally, pubertal timing has been viewed as the product of genetic and nutritional factors. Belsky, Steinberg, and Draper (1991), however, have proposed that menarche (the first menstrual cycle) is determined to some degree by social cues that are experienced by individuals during childhood. They contend that pubertal onset and patterns of adult sexual behavior reflect reproductive strategies that are contingent upon the social milieu in which an individual develops. Young girls who are reared by mothers with no single long-term partner tend to enter puberty earlier, become sexually active earlier, and have more sexual partners than girls coming from households having both mother and father. According to Belsky et al. (1991), the ability of these individuals to form lasting and strong pair bonds and their earlier sexual maturation reflect evolutionary strategies designed to cope with environments where resources are inadequate or unreliable and adult pair bonds are not enduring. Thus, growing up in a fatherless home during the first five to seven years of life triggers a kind of quantitative reproductive strategy. A quantitative strategy pays off by producing more offspring to offset the disadvantages posed by a lack of male provisioning for the young. -- ... Girls reared in father-absent homes reached menarche several months earlier than their peers in father-present homes. The longer the paternal absence, the earlier was the onset of puberty. However, if the father was present but had an abusive relationship with their daughter then the daughter’s menarche was also earlier. The greater the time spent by fathers in child care and the greater the level of father- daughter affection, the more delayed was the onset of menarche. -- The proximate mechanism for delaying the onset of menarche is probably the chronic release of stress hormones. Extremely high levels of stress delay pubertal onset, but chronically moderate levels such as those associated with the experience of a fatherless household produce the opposite effect. Mothers can affect their daughter’s pubertal timing by creating a stressful home environment. In a short-term longitudinal study of 87 adolescent girls (aged 11-13 yrs), it was found that a history of mood disorders in mothers predicted earlier pubertal timing in daughters (Ellis and Garber, 2000). In families where the mother was involved with a male who was not the biological father, interpersonal stress accounted for almost half of the variation in daughters' pubertal timing. -- Ellis and Garber (2000) have proposed that in addition to family stress, a second path to early pubertal maturation in girls is the presence of a stepfather. They hypothesize that pheromones emitted by adult men other than the biological father, such as stepfathers or the mother’s boyfriends activate physiological mechanisms that accelerate pubertal onset in young girls. Their research showed that Stepfather presence, rather than biological father absence, best accounted for earlier pubertal maturation in girls living apart from their biological fathers. -- In addition to entering puberty earlier, girls who are reared by mothers with no single long-term partner become sexually active earlier, and have more sexual partners than girls coming from households having both mother and father (Belsky et al., 1991). The inability to form lasting pair bonds in these individuals may in part be due to the typically impaired orgasmic potential characteristic of many women reared in father absent households (Thornhill & Gangestad, 1996).'
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Why Women And Western Civilization Fall.
'Question: “I'm a 41-year-old white single female who was a ‘bad girl’ in her 20s. I had an absent father, but raised by a loving Christian mom. I've struggled to see how I ended up this way because it went against my core self. Can you help me identify the familial and societal reasons I ended up on this dead end in my personal life, and in the process, maybe help some younger women avoid the same trap?”' -- "If you grow up without a father, you grow up with the characteristics of a prey species which is: early compulsive sexuality, early menstruation, boy craziness..." -- http://www.ulm.edu/~palmer/ChildhoodExperienceandAdultReproductiveStrategy.htm
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Anonymous Conservative -- Feminists Want To be Raped – Amber Amour
'This site has long made the case that as free resources pushes us toward an r-selected reproductive strategy, the most r-women would engage in behaviors designed to secure the most r-strategist men possible as mates. They would do this, because this would see to it that their children would be the most r-strategist children possible, and thus would be as adapted as possible to the r-selected environment we presently inhabit. -- They would not do this consciously. Indeed, they might not even like it. But they would feel driven to engage in the behaviors regardless. In the most r-strategist women, this would manifest as engaging in behaviors designed to get them raped. Rapists are the most r-strategist men. They invest nothing in relationships or courtship. They don’t hang around afterward to raise the child. Instead they leave, looking for more victims to impregnate. Burdened only by the stricture that they must be able to overpower their mate, they can have nearly limitless offspring. A child from such a union could be likely to be a rapist himself, and thereby carry the woman’s genes far and wide in such an r-selected environment. -- Case in point – “activist” Amber Amour: [http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/instagram-removes-post-by-activist-amber-amour-live-blogging-her-rape-a6805491.html] "Amber Amour, who was promoting her “Stop Rape, Educate” campaign in South Africa, shared a picture on her Instagram account with tears running down her face moments after being raped. -- The 27-year-old said she was having a shower with a drunk friend who forced himself on her, in a post which has since gone viral." -- This girl is driven to take a violent guy who is prone to rape, get him drunk, and then hop in the shower with him naked. That is nature imbuing an r-strategist girl with an r-selected reproductive strategy, and not bothering to tell her. Nature probably keeps her clueless to prevent her from overriding her r-strategy with intelligent behavior. In fact, I will bet r-strategists with common sense get culled by Darwin over time. -- In history, when r-strategist girls emerged with common sense, the girl saw the danger of being raped, didn’t get in the shower, and didn’t get impregnated by the guy. As a result, the common sense r-strategist girl had less kids, her kids tended to be less r, and her kids ended up being outcompeted by the likes of the rapist children of this girl. The really r-girls with no common sense, produced rapist children who spread their genes far and wide, and eventually they out-reproduced any commonsense-r-strategists. -- It says something about the r-strategy, that its so loathsome that the only way nature can make human beings further it’s spread is to make human beings so stupid that they get naked in the shower with drunk violent rapists, and then are shocked at how it turns out. -- Now think about the universal cluelessness of liberals, in so many regards, and ask yourself if this paradigm of evolved liberal cluelessness sheds any light on other areas where the liberal is a moron. The cluelessness is actually an integral part of how nature programs them to be r-strategists. In the case of the r-strategy, stupidity is adaptive. -- From the perspective of Darwin, the r-strategist doesn’t have to like the r-strategy, they just have to do it. Given how loathsome the r-strategy of liberalism is, the more clueless they are, the better.'
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7 days ago
Breitbart -- Czech Politician: West Will Have To 'Crush' Islam by James Delingpole
'Islam is a “criminal” ideology which deserves to be ranked with “Nazism, fascism and communism”, is “incompatible with the principles of European law” and, like its totalitarian predecessors, must inevitably be defeated. -- So argues Czech lawyer, activist and politician Klára Samková in a hard hitting lecture she delivered earlier this week in the Czech Parliament to an audience including (some rather bemused) ambassadors from Muslim countries – including the Turkish ambassador who, with several others, walked out half way through. -- Her speech – translated here by Luboš Motl – is well worth reading because it addresses issues almost never aired in polite circles in Western democracies, which find it convenient to dismiss them as extremist or Islamophobic or needlessly inflammatory. -- Is Islam compatible with Western democracy? Is it capable of reform? Can this end happily? -- Samková’s prognosis, on all three counts, is bleak. -- The problem with Islam, she argues, is that it’s not so much a religion as a “totalitarian system of governance”. Unlike Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism or Shintoism, the religious aspect is secondary to the legal one. -- ... Muslims have got very good at exploiting what they perceive as weakness in the West’s liberal values. -- "Islam likes to hide behind the religious mask [for] its permanent, deliberate, and purposeful abuse of the Euro-American legal system and values that the civilizations built upon the Judeo-Christian foundations have converged to. There’s nothing better or more efficient than to abuse the value system of one’s enemy, especially when I don’t share that system. And that’s exactly how Islam behaves. It wants to be protected according to our tradition which it exploits in this way, while it is not willing to behave reciprocally. It relies on our traditions, it claims that the traditions are important, while behind the scenes, it is laughing at us and our system of values." -- In Europe, they justify their demands on the grounds that Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees them freedom of thinking, conscience, and religious faith. But what they – and many lawyers – don’t appreciate as that this Article is subordinate to the one introduced by Winston Churchill, precisely in order to stop the Convention being refused by totalitarian ideologies. -- "Nothing in this Convention may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein or at their limitation to a greater extent than is provided for in the Convention. -- This article was introduced to the Convention by Winston Churchill personally who did it for a special reason, namely as a protection against the totalitarian regimes. He was obviously thinking of the relevant ones of that time, the communist regimes. I have Islam in mind which is equally totalitarian and threatening as the regimes that Winston Churchill was fighting against and which he defeated. The protection by Article 17 correctly applies against any ideology and the fact that the European countries constrained by the Convention decided not to enforce the article so far doesn’t mean that they don’t have the will to do so. These countries are just too kind and benevolent, too aware of the price they have paid while learning about the highest value of the humanity, and too patient." -- So far Islam may have made all the running. But it has reckoned without one thing: despite the West’s apparent weakness, the experience of World War II in fact made it tough as nails. -- "The assumption of the Muslim countries and leaders who have decided to terrorize Europeans by their understanding of the world that the cause of Europe’s inactivity is its weakness, is entirely flawed. Europe has been converging to its opinion and to its world view for the price of tens of millions of human casualties, it has paid by suffering that no Muslim can even imagine." -- This will eventually come to a head – and it won’t be pretty.'
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7 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: 'This is so wrong on so many levels' NYC reacts to interfaith Muslim-Jewish couples
'Actor, writer and producer Karim Metway has conducted an experiment with actors posing as Jewish-Arab couples in various districts of New York City. Residents of these districts had both negative and positive reactions when seeing the two holding hands.' -- Muh identity
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7 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- r-strategists Need To Get K-strategists Killed
'... "Hypeline reports, May 13, 2016, that it received information from a former Towson University “SGA member” that a student presentation, “The historical ties between homophobia in communities of color and colonization,” claimed that “white people are a plague to the planet”." -- The only way to insulate yourself from such rabbit agitation is to either be utterly powerless and weak, pledge your strength to the cause of supporting the rabbit mob’s attack on the successful, or have the power and the will to utterly destroy them. -- Rabbitism’s philosophical underpinnings are not some intellectual feat of genius. They are merely a competitive strategy designed to allow the weak losers to use government and the mob to destroy the successes in a K-selected, free world. -- Notice how inherent to the movement is either a pathological self-perception of oneself as a failure, or a corrupted willingness to sell your power to protect yourself. It is no wonder the movement is so utterly permeated with corrupt evil, and opposed to freedom. -- It is also why it so readily cowers before evil and ruthlessness – and within that fact is the only means to bring the rabbits to heel. -- Be the evil and ruthlessness they fear.'
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7 days ago
Breitbart -- Expert: German Men Have Forgotten How To Fight
'He said the fact that the German men had not come to the aid of the women being sexually assaulted by large gangs of migrants showed a reluctance to be violent and commented: “We see that men in Germany no longer know how to deal with violence,” Stern reports. -- However, immediately following the remark Baberowski, who is a historian at the Humboldt University in Berlin, said “thank god” that German men no longer know how to stand up for themselves or face violent conflict. He claimed that is was good that German men relied solely on the state to take care of them and protect them. He claimed that the New Years’ attacks were a failure of the state to protect its citizens and that if the government can’t guarantee that safety then the confidence the citizens have it it will be shaken. -- The Cologne New Years’ Eve sex attacks, Baberowski claimed, were nothing to do with Islam but rather evidence of a lack of state control in the migrant camps. He said that if the state had more control over the migrant camps then the migrants would respect the law, not commit crimes and be more docile, as he describes the average German man. -- Claiming that a lack of state authority in migrant camps led to the creation of gangs, he said that the solution was simple: “These people should have been immediately put in jail, then they would have learned something for life.” -- Reaction on social media was highly negative of the academic’s remarks though some Germans expressed a desire to attend self defence classes. German right wing magazine Contra called the comments absurd in an editorial on the subject. The author asked how any Germans could have expected that the Tarrarush phenomenon would ever occur on German streets when they had no experience with it. -- They also pointed out that the attacks often happen with gangs of many assaulting very few, often armed with knives and other weapons. They claimed that the “western code of honour”, which includes not striking people on the ground, doesn’t apply with migrants and a fight with migrants can often result not in a beating, but death as was the case of 17-year-old ‘Niklas P.’ last month. -- Baberowski made headlines in December when he claimed that mass migration could change Germany forever saying: “The Germany that we know it will disappear by mass immigration.”'
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7 days ago
Breitbart -- YouGov Poll: Only TWO PER CENT Of Men Aged 18-24 Feel Masculine
'Young men in Britain are reluctant to identify as “masculine” and think the term has “negative connotations”, a YouGov poll has revealed. -- According to the survey, only two per cent of male respondents aged between 18 to 24 described themselves as “completely masculine”, compared to 56 per cent of over 65s. -- The results come at a time when, despite the fact women vastly outnumber men at universities, feminists are demanding male students sign pledges to tackle “laddish” behaviour. -- Both men and women over 25 have a positive impression of masculinity, with very few people expressing negative views. -- Among 18 to 25 year olds, however, the percentage of women with unfavourable impressions of the concept of masculinity jumps from 15 per cent to 27 per cent. Strikingly, more men in this age range felt the word had bad connotations (42 per cent) rather than good (39 per cent). -- There was a notable gap between the proportion of men in the UK and the United States who describe themselves as masculine, with 42 per cent of American men identifying with the term compared with just 28 per cent of British men.' -- I'm sorry I'm white. I'm sorry I'm male! https://youtu.be/_tEiguYmgxA
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7 days ago
The Rational Male -- Tribes
'Women talk, men do. -- [The] intent is to divide and control men’s communication by expecting them to communicate as women do, and ideally to do so on their own accord by conditioning them to accept women’s communication means as the normatively correct way to communicate. -- Because men have such varied interests, passions and endeavors based on them it’s easy to see how men compartmentalize themselves into various sub-tribes. Whether it’s team sports (almost always a male-oriented endeavor), cooperative enterprises, cooperative forms of art (rock bands have almost always been male space) or just hobbies men share, it is a natural progression for men to form sub-tribes within the larger whole of conventional masculinity. -- Because of men’s’ outward reaching approach to interacting with the world around him, there’s really no unitary male tribe in the same fashion that the collective ‘Sisterhood’ of women represents. One of the primary strengths of the Feminine Imperative has been its unitary tribalism among women. We can see this evidenced in how saturated the Feminine Imperative has become into mainstream society and how it’s embedded itself into what would otherwise be diametrically opposed factions among women. Political, socioeconomic and religious affiliations of women (various sub-tribes) all become secondary to the interests of ‘womankind’ when embracing the collective benefits of being women and leveraging both their victim and protected statuses. -- Thus, we see no cognitive dissonance when women simultaneously embrace a hostile opposition to one faction while still retaining the benefits that faction might offer to the larger whole of the Sisterhood. The Sisterhood is unitary first and then it is broken down into sub-tribes. Family, work, interests, political/religious compartmentalizations become sublimated to fostering the collective benefits of womankind. -- ... Game has represented an individualized threat to women’s Hypergamous control, but there has always been a larger majority of men (Betas) who’ve been easily kept ignorant of their true potential for control. However, on a larger social landscape, the Feminine Imperative understands the risks involved in men forming a unitary tribe – a Brotherhood – based solely on benefitting and empowering men. The manosphere, while still effectively a collection of sub-tribes, represents a threat to the imperative because its base purpose is making men aware of their true state in a feminine-centric social order. -- As such, any attempt to create male-specific, male-empowering organizations is made socially synonymous with either misogyny (hate) or homosexuality (shame). Ironically, the shame associated with homosexuality that a fem-centric society would otherwise rail against becomes an effective form of intra-gender shame when it’s applied to heterosexual collectives of men. Even suggestions of male-centered tribalism are attached with homosexual suspicions, and these come from within the collectives of men themselves. -- Men’s predisposition to form sub-tribes and intrasexual competition (“lets you and him fight”) has always been a means of covert control by women, but even still the Feminine Imperative must insert its influence and oversight into those male spaces to make use of them. Thus, by assuring that feminine primacy is equated with the idea of inclusive equalism, all Male Space is effectively required to be “unisex space” while all-female sub-tribes must remain exclusively female. For an easy example of this, compare and contrast the reactions to Harvard’s unisex institution of campus club equalism to the worldwide reactions to, and preemption of, the “Tribe” meetings only attempted to be organized by Return of Kings in February. -- By controlling men’s intrasex communications with each other the Feminine Imperative can limit men’s unified, collective, understanding of masculinity and male experiences. Feminine-primary society hates and is terrified of men defining and asserting masculinity for themselves (to the point of typifying it as potentially violent), but as connectivity progresses we will see a more concentrated effort to lock down the narrative and the means of men communicating male experiences. -- Anything less than a definition of masculinity that fosters female primacy and fempowerment is labeled “toxic masculinity” – literally and figuratively poisonous. -- This is the real, operative reason behind the obsessive, often self-contradicting, need for control of male space by the Feminine Imperative. Oversight and infiltration of male sub-tribes and instituting a culture of self-policing of the narrative within those sub-tribes maintains a feminine-primary social order. -- ...today’s men are conditioned to feel uncomfortable being “men”. That discomfort is a direct result of the ambiguity and misguidance about conventional masculinity the imperative has fostered in men when they were boys. This feminization creates a gender loathing, but that loathing comes as the result of an internal conflict between the feminine-correct “non-toxic” understanding of what masculinity ought to be and the conventional aspects of masculinity that men need to express as a result of their biology and birthright. -- Effectively, this confusion has the purpose of creating discomfort in men among all-male sub-tribes. These masculine-confused men have difficulty with intersocial communication within the sub-tribes they’re supposed to have some sort of kin or in-group affiliation with. Even the concept of “male bonding” has become a point of ridicule (something typical of male buffoons) or suspiciously homosexual, so, combined with the feminine identification most of these men default to, today’s “mangina” typically has more female friends and feels more comfortable communicating as women communicate. These men have been effectively conditioned to believe or feel that male interaction or organization is inherently wrong, uncomfortable or contrived, possibly even threatening if the organizing requires physical effort. Consequently, interacting as a male becomes ridiculous or superficial.' -- Threat narrative: -- Comment: kfg: 'The Patriarchy (the cabal) is more a projection of The Sisterhood onto men than anything else. Women simply assume, since it is innate to themselves, that there is some sort of Universal Brotherhood that men invoke to have each other’s backs. They simply do not understand male social interaction, at all.'
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8 days ago
The New Inquiry -- Social media as masochism
'...The acts of engaging with social media become points of narrowed attentional focus, akin to the masochistic myopia that Baumeister notes in the literature. He cites Elaine Scarry to claim that pain destroys our will to consider symbolic meanings and abstractions — the essential components of social identity. -- Baumeister’s analysis hinges on distinguishing between a qualitatively “high” and a “low” level of self-awareness. Judging by the following description, the “high” level sounds a lot like conventional, neoliberalistic use of social media to establish one’s flexibility, fitness, and capacity for projects by building up a network and an archive of self. The “‘low” level sounds like the zoned-out flow experience Schüll associates with poker-machine compulsives... -- In social media, the archive can take on the roles of what Baumeister calls the “high-level awareness of self” so that we don’t have to and can lapse into self-annihilating flow instead by attuning to its rhythms of checking, updating, responding, waiting. Those rhythms are easier to find if we post a lot and post intense or risky or embarrassing things that can desubjectivze us through humiliation and/or pain. The platform’s constrictions take on the function of bondage, restricting autonomy to a limited set of actions. -- But the key to social media’s masochistic potential is in how it seems to guarantee an audience. Baumeister notes that “use of mirrors or even audiences in S&M probably also intensifies the immediate, low-level awareness of self. Through the mirror or audience, the masochist’s attention is drawn to his or her immediate condition and predicament…the witness confirms the loss of self by conferring social reality.” Social media, of course, is both a mirror and an audience at once. -- Masochistic acts of sharing are meant to invoke an audience, but not for the continuous, archived self — not for the ongoing, identity-signifying connotations of what is shared. Instead the audience is invoked to energize the obliteratingly powerful affect of the present moment by seeming to confirm its humiliating reality, the fantasy identity crystallized in that moment. One puts an aspect of oneself (actual or invented) out there to dream of it being mocked, and that pain of mockery disassociates us from the deeper vulnerabilities of the “real self” that is being deferred and protected for the moment.'
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8 days ago
Aeon -- Why watching people take selfies feels so awkward
'I’m having dinner with my flatmates when my friend Morgan takes a picture of the scene. Then she sits back down and does something strange: she cocks her head sideways, crosses her eyes, and aims the phone at herself. Snap. Whenever I see someone taking a selfie, I get an awkward feeling of seeing something not meant to be seen, somewhere between opening the unlocked door of an occupied toilet and watching the blooper reel of a heavy-handed drama. It’s like peeking at the private preparation for a public performance. -- Why do we so often feel compelled to ‘perform’ for an audience? The philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre suggests that narrating is a basic human need, not only to tell the tale of our lives but indeed to live them. When deciding how to read the news, for example, if I’m a millennial I follow current events on Facebook, and if I’m a banker I buy the Financial Times. But if the millennial buys the Financial Times and the banker contents himself with Facebook, then it seems the roles aren’t being played appropriately. We understand ourselves and others in terms of the characters we are and the stories we’re in. ‘The unity of a human life is the unity of a narrative quest,’ writes MacIntyre in After Virtue (1981). We live by putting together a coherent narrative for others to understand. We are characters that design themselves, living in stories that are always being read by others. In this light, Morgan’s selfie is a sentence in the narration that makes up her life.'
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8 days ago
Ribbonfarm -- How to Think Like Hercule Poirot
'...keep your psychology complex, but your morality simple. Otherwise you’ll never get anything done.'
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Ribbonfarm -- Examining the Accidental Life
'By definition, off-season means most humans don’t like these places during these times. Most waterfront businesses are closed. There are no peak-season activities on offer. You’re out on a mostly empty, slightly chilly, grey, and cloudy beach. It’s a satisfyingly atemporal environment. -- Something about such outings deeply relaxes me. And after years of doing such trips, I think I am beginning to understand why. I think it is because my natural home state is being peacefully lost. Going to a place that, temporarily, doesn’t know what to do with itself, is one good way to be at peace with being lost. An environment that doesn’t know what to do with itself, and is in no particular hurry to find out, is an an environment that doesn’t know what to do with you. And much of the stress of being lost, after all, comes from the environment pestering you to do stuff. -- I like not knowing where I am, where I am going, why, or how I am going to get there. And I like it when the environment leaves me alone in that state. -- I don’t like the line not all who wander are lost. The implication is that being lost is an undesirable state. Looking back at my life, the important turning points have been my successful attempts to lose myself and stay lost. The main point of wandering is to get lost. Feature, not bug. -- Getting lost, by the way, can be a cunning plan to not get won, even though that’s just a side effect of the state. People spend way too much time worrying about winning and losing. They should worry more about being won and being lost. In a finite game, it is better to win than to lose. In an infinite game, where the goal is to continue playing, it is better to be lost than be found. Because being found is often the same as being won by somebody else in some annoying game they’re playing.'
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The Art Of Manliness -- Courage Vs. Boldness: How To Live With Spartan Bravery
'...While both Sparta and Athens had their particular strengths and weaknesses, by the time of the Peloponnesian War, the latter had forgotten the apothegm attributed to their mythological law-giver Solon: “Nothing in excess.” Athenian virtues and ideals were taken to such extremes that they became vices. Love of individual liberty and expression degenerated into narcissistic, hyper-individualism; robust commercial enterprise morphed into unhinged avarice; hardiness and restraint were replaced with softness and debauchery; active and healthy democracy devolved into mob rule and demagoguery. -- Even the great philosophers of Athens — Socrates and Plato — became increasingly critical of Athenian degradation, contrasting the discipline and virtue of the Spartans with the civic and moral decay of their fellow citizens. They looked on with dismay as a once thriving culture was slowly eaten by the cancer of decadence. -- What was the core difference between Athens and Sparta, then? We’ve dissected external differences between the city states, but was there a deeper, foundational quality that the Spartans maintained, and Athenians lacked, that led to the latter’s decline and ultimate defeat? -- In Tides of War, Pressfield uses the Spartan naval admiral Lysander to give answer to this question. In perhaps the most stirring scene in the book, Lysander stands before thousands of Spartans and their allies in the lead-up to the Battle of Notium and gives them a rousing speech. In it, he lays out the differences between Athens and Sparta and makes the case for why the Spartan way of life is superior, and why, in the end, his men will prevail. -- For Lysander, the heart of what separates Spartans from Athenians is this: “We, Spartans and Peloponnesians, possess courage. Our enemies possess boldness. They own thrasytes, we andreia. Pay attention, brothers. Here is a profound and irreconcilable division.” -- Andreia, or courage, was the dominating quality of the Spartans; thrasytes, or boldness, was the dominating quality of the Athenians. For the Greeks, the word andreia meant both courage and manliness. Courage was the sine qua non of being a mature man; the two qualities were inextricably intertwined. Thrasytes, on the other hand, was more of a boyish trait. -- “The bold man is prideful, brazen, ambitious,” Lysander explained. “The brave man calm, God-fearing, steady.” -- While Lysander set up a stark dichotomy between boldness and courage, acting with the former can occasionally be useful even for a grown man; sometimes impulsive, even reckless action is needed to seize a fleeting opportunity. -- But where boldness exists, it must always be coupled and harnessed with courage; courage must be the prevailing quality of a man’s character. Why? -- In his speech, Lysander elucidates the difference between men who primarily act from boldness, and those who primarily act from courage, and details “what kind of man these conflicting qualities produce.” - Below I highlight Lysander’s words from Tides of War, and explore how they applied both to the Spartans, and equally well to men today: #Boldness Is Impatient and Fickle; Courage Is Steady and Enduring" “Boldness honors two things only: novelty and success. It feeds on them and without them dies.” “Boldness is impatient. Courage is long-suffering. Boldness cannot endure hardship or delay; it is ravenous, it must feed on victory or it dies. Boldness makes its seat upon the air; it is gossamer and phantom. Courage plants its feet upon the earth and draws its strength from God’s holy fundament.” “The enemy’s weakness is time. Thrasytes is perishable. It is like that fruit, luscious when ripe, which stinks to heaven when it rots.” “Those qualities most pleasing to heaven, we believe, are courage to endure and contempt for death.” -- The Athenians were masters of the sea, a type of warfare that involves bold moves, surprise attacks, and quick, decisive battles. The Spartans primarily waged war on the land, and were prepared for long marches and prolonged combat. In a sea battle, Athenians could either sail away when the conditions weren’t right to engage, or strike the enemy on their own terms; a warship, Lysander notes, “accomplishes nothing holding the line.” The Spartans, on the other hand, had to stay ever ready to fight, and be willing to engage the enemy even when it wasn’t convenient. This difference in martial strategies amounted to a difference in mindset as well: The Athenians lost heart when victories didn’t come quickly and easily, while the Spartans were prepared to slog it out — to hold the line — no matter the challenges or conditions. They possessed the courage of endurance. -- Many men today often approach their own battles with an Athenian mindset. They get a great idea for a business or feel fired up about tackling a new goal. For a few weeks they feel a burning passion and excitement to do what it takes to make their new venture a reality. At first there’s lots of “sexy” stuff to do — pick a band name, choose a weight lifting plan, design their new website. They may find a little initial success, and feel as though they’re skimming through the water, the foam from the waves flying in their face. It’s exhilarating. Victory seems just around the corner. -- Then setbacks arrive. Their initial success reaches a plateau. It starts taking a lot longer for things to get going than they anticipated. And there’s a lot more work than they expected. Hard work. Boring work. -- Time goes on. They start working on their project less and less. Then they start ignoring it altogether. They make excuses. It feels like a slog, and shouldn’t something you’re passionate about be fun? They decide the problem isn’t their work ethic but simply that they’re pursuing the wrong thing and need to do something else. They get another burning idea; the excitement returns. For awhile. And then the cycle repeats itself. -- These guys have thrastyes but not andreia; they have the boldness to start things but not the courage to finish them. When the hot sun of hardship and doubt rises over their project, their motivation evaporates. They have not developed the patience to stick with something when the initial excitement fades — the grit to push through difficult plateaus. They ravenously feed on newness and instant success, but have not learned how to sustain themselves on the sustenance of incremental progress — to switch from the fuel of beginning to that of building. -- Swift and clever tactical maneuvers can certainly be keys to winning a battle; Lysander, in fact, was responsible for creating a strong navy for the traditionally infantry focused Spartans, and this fleet would help turn the tide of the Peloponnesian War. Yet victory, regardless of chosen tactics, ultimately depends on having a grunt mindset — the willingness to not only make bold moves, but to hold the line when such moves are met with resistance. -- “Boldness is a mighty engine,” Lysander tells the Spartans, “but there is a limit to its reach and a rock upon which it founders. We are that rock…Our rock is courage, brothers, upon which their boldness breaks and recedes. Thrastyes fails. Andreia endures. Imbibe this truth and never forget it.” -- Boldness Is Covetous; Courage Is Content: “The bold man covets; he sues his neighbor in law court, he intrigues, he dissembles. The brave man is content with his lot; he respects that portion the gods have granted and husbands it, comporting himself with humility as heaven’s stewards.” -- The greatness of the Athenians required them to constantly expand the reach of their empire. To fund lavish public works projects and maintain their impressive navy, the Athenians needed to bring as many city-states under their rule as possible. These subject peoples were required to send yearly tributes back to Athens, or were quickly and severely punished. -- The Athenians’ lust for power, influence, and empire put them in quandary. Much like a cancer, survival of an empire requires constant growth. But we all know the typical end result of cancer. It kills its host. -- The Spartans, meanwhile, were content with being a small, rustic city-state. Their lifestyle was simple, minimalistic, and frugal. They had no taste for luxury or designs for empire, so they didn’t have to constantly find new sources of treasure to fund their civilization. They had the courage of contentment — the ability to say “enough!” Many historians credit this Spartan contentment to the durability of their democratic republican government, which lasted at least 580 years — making it the longest-lasting government with a democratic component in human history. -- We’ll all face moments in our life when we’ll be tempted to go for more. More money, more prestige, more status. But it’s a hunger that can never be satisfied, and only grows the more you feed it. The siren call of power and wealth wafts with the promise of greater freedom, but ends up shackling your liberty. The more you crave status, the more likely you are to compromise your principles to get it. The more you buy stuff you can’t afford, the more you get into debt, and the fewer choices you can make in regards to your career and lifestyle. The more you take other people’s money, the more they own you. -- Being content with little gives you the courage to say no to marketing propaganda, to ignore the Joneses, to keep your personal principles, to act when you wish and not from compulsion. In living, well, Spartanly, you gain true power, independence, and freedom.'
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Psychology Today -- 5 Instant Energy Boosters You May Not Know by Loretta G. Breuning
'#1. Divide a task into chunks: Your brain releases dopamine when you see the finish line, and it feels great. But when the end is not in sight, your energy may drop. You can spark your dopamine by dividing big tasks into small chunks. This may seem illogical, but your mammal brain is not a logic machine. I learned this trick from a cycler who told me he bikes up a mountain by dividing it into quarters and celebrating each milestone. He doesn’t stop to rest; he just celebrates neurochemically. That sounded dumb to me until I learned about dopamine. Now I divide my long hauls into chunks! -- #4. Sincerity: Have you noticed that your energy spikes when you work on a project you believe in? That’s because your brain releases dopamine when you approach a reward that meets a need. Of course it’s more complicated- if you worked on your passion project all the time, you would not approach rewards all the time, and your dopamine would sag. This brain we’ve inherited is always trying to meet needs, both social and physical. We all have frustration because rewards are unpredictable and not within our control. Sometimes you have to give up one reward to pursue another. When you’re frustrated, it’s good to know that it only takes one step toward a reward to stimulate your dopamine, as long as you find a step you believe in. Maybe it’s hard to believe. Maybe the last step didn’t work. But you have inherited a brain designed to make course corrections again and again.'
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Evolution Counseling -- Lying To Your Therapist
'...on the surface we have a battle for supremacy. But unconsciously what this battle is really all about is fear, the fear of being authentically seen, the fear of being authentically known, the fear of shedding all those layers of psychological and emotional armor to expose the true human being underneath. -- The dimensions of that real person are protected at all costs because the thought of that real person being exposed and then judged unfavorably by the therapist seems catastrophic. We have to remember the symbolic undertones of the client-therapist relationship, the transference that compels the therapist to wittingly or unwittingly take on the role of primary caregiver, teacher, judge, god. If it’s a purposefully distorted image that’s judged unfavorably no big deal. But if it’s the real person who’s judged unfavorably that’s a huge deal. -- The irony in all of this is that all of those psychological and emotional layers built up over the years to hide and protect the true Self from negative judgments in the world at large are responsible for the dysfunction that brings people to therapy. And it’s shedding those layers, finding a healthy relationship where the authentic Self is validated and encouraged to grow, that is responsible for cure. This is where all the risk and all the reward are centered in the therapeutic hour, in summoning up the courage to drop the act, to drop the lies, rationalizations, repressions, and projections used to sustain oneself out there in the world, to trust that the therapist will not turn away in disgust from the real, flawed, hurt, authentic person crying out to be known and understood. Because until that real person is given a voice and allowed to flourish life will remain business as usual, the therapist will be just one more person who sees and responds to a false veneer, and the therapeutic endeavor will be a waste of time and money.'
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Evolution Counseling -- Authoritarian And Permissive Parenting Styles
'...In the existential sense the total lack of boundaries and the total lack of freedom are equally unbearable states because they both engender feelings of helplessness. It’s easy to visualize why the total lack of freedom engenders feelings of helplessness. You have no power of your own, you don’t have the chance to make your own decisions, to walk your own path, to do what you want to do with your life, to be you. But the total lack of boundaries engenders feelings of helplessness too because without some sort of reference point you’re adrift, lost, alone. It’s like finding yourself in the middle of a vast wilderness without a compass or a map or a guide. -- So the paradox is that kids, and adults for that matter, need freedom and structure at once, they need to feel free but experience this freedom within known boundaries. In the context of parenting allowing for free thoughts, emotions, and behaviors within the context of known limits, having clearly laid out and agreed upon rules that if transgressed are followed by clearly defined consequences, is called the authoritative style of parenting and the whole psychological field agrees that it gets far superior outcomes to permissive or authoritarian styles. -- Freedom and boundaries are the two sides of the same good parenting coin. When they appear in concert the result is kids who feel safe to explore their worlds, kids who at once feel supported and feel in charge of their own lives. Painful existential anxiety cued off by feelings of helplessness in a hostile world is kept at a minimum and in the process maximal psychological and emotional growth take place.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Austria Heads K
'You can already see a big step toward K across Europe, but what it still lacks is resource scarcity – to the point where someone must do without. When dopamine is put in short enough supply by the economic collapse, then you will get the shifts in moral, reproductive, and rearing behaviors. -- Still, it is surprising that this is hitting when resources are so high. Clearly importing violent savages is a powerful K-stimulus which is not good for leftism. Yet another ironic aspect of politics. Implementing r-ideals produces K-selection and K-ideals, just as implementing K-ideals will produce r-selection and r-ideals.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Rabbits Are Obsessed With Image
'"One story in his arsenal is about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s reaction to former President George W. Bush telling Woodward that he doesn’t think about his legacy. “History, we won’t know. We’ll all be dead,” Bush said. -- Woodward told a National Association of Realtors meeting that Clinton was irked by those words, suggesting she would be more in control of her biography. -- “George Washington would never think and talk like that. Thomas Jefferson would never think and talk like that. Bill [Clinton] would never think and talk like that,” she told Woodward, smacking her fist into her palm." -- Notice the difference. When everyone survives because resources are so plentiful that nobody will be denied, what determines reproductive success? Status. Reputation. Image. In the massive crowd, you need status to draw attention. That gets you mates. And here we see a human rabbit who cannot fathom being oblivious to one’s reputation. -- When K-selection rules, succeeding at surviving gets you mates. Succeeding at the task at hand is essential. Nobody cares what people think – you need to win. -- Bush, who did embody many K-traits outside of his establishment status, was focused on the task at hand, and didn’t bother caring how people thought of him. To him, caring about how people would view him was ridiculous. He had a job, and he didn’t want to fail at it. -- To Hillary this is so foreign that she just assumes everyone else thinks like her, and Bush is the bizarre aberration. To her, everyone would lead with a constant eye on how people will view their decisions. To her, George Washington was more concerned with how people would view him, than he was with the task of leading the new American republic. To her, he didn’t care about the republic – he only cared what everyone else would think about him one day. -- This is why understanding the liberal rabbit mind is so powerful. They have amygdala triggers which true conservatives can’t imagine. Those triggers so mold and control their behavior that if you can understand the triggers, and set them off in response to behaviors you want to discourage, you can force the rabbit to act less rabbity. You can control them, shut them up, make them do things, and even make them unable to do things. -- None of that is possible if you assume the rabbit thinks like you. It is why everyone who treats rabbits with respect, debates them with reason and logic, and tries to act civilly ends up watching the rabbits rabbit, and then opining on how illogical and crazy they are. Understand their triggers, understand the logical reasons explaining why they evolved, and everything changes.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Bernie’s Wife Destroyed A College
'...Whether they are the President of a college, the President of the United States, or just grassroots rabbits, r-strategists cannot wrap their brain around the idea that resources might be limited, or that free consumption of whatever is available might have consequences some day down the road. Nor can they realize after the fact that it was their overconsumption of resources that destroyed some entity they had control of. They literally do not have the brain circuitry, in the amygdala. The inevitable result is destruction. -- The other funny thing? Comparing the debt level of the United States to the debt level of that college. The US’s survival is being supported by the massive force of being a Superpower. One day, when that force wanes, the collapse will be nuclear compared to all these pikers. And it will take the entire world with it.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Notes From The Apocalypse – Venezuelan Shopping
'..."A man accused of mugging people in the streets of Caracas was surrounded by a mob of onlookers, beaten and set on fire, who published a pixeled-out but still graphic video of the man burning as mob justice is now the supreme arbiter of who lives and who dies: “Roberto Fuentes Bernal, 42, was reportedly caught trying to mug passersby in the Venezuelan capital and before police arrived at the scene, the crowd took the law into their own hands.” The video can be seen here." -- More and more I see people who could best be described as sub-human. Because society is in a state of r, K-strategists who want to rectify this at the genetic level have to confront that if they take action, they likely will be acting alone, and subject to the legal strictures of the rabbit. -- As K takes over, K-strategists begin to realize that if they act, they will probably be acting within the cover of a group. As the law attempts to catch them, their fellow K-strategists may offer them cover. If they are caught, K-strategists on the jury may very well subvert the legal process in the favor of their fellow K-strategist. -- If you are this guy and attack a child, the worst you will likely endure today is exposure to our legal system: "A man faces multiple charges after he allegedly choked an 8-year-old girl until she lost consciousness in the restroom of a Chicago restaurant last weekend… ...people in the deli who found out what happened held Hartstirn until police officers could respond." -- Once K takes hold sufficiently, such a character may very well end up doused in gasoline and turned into a flaming, flailing torch in the parking lot, as a crowd of appreciative K-strategists cheer and applaud the show. -- The real irony is that we are taught such an environment would be uncivilized. Yet as we force supposed civility, compassion, and empathy on our species, the mean behavior is becoming vastly less civilized, compassionate, and empathetic – and it is certainly a genetic process. No longer is there active selection for civility, compassion, and empathy. So our previously civil, compassionate and empathetic nature is gradually deteriorating. -- Sooner or later, when the collapse goes down, that will be rectified and it will be a good thing.'
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Salon -- Camille Paglia: PC feminists misfire again, as fearful elite media can’t touch Donald Trump
'A boastful, millionaire New Yorker liked the company of beautiful women? This is why NYT can't lay a glove on Trump. -- The drums had been beating for weeks about a major New York Times expose in the works that would demolish Trump once and for all by revealing his sordid lifetime of misogyny. When it finally appeared as a splashy front-page story this past Sunday (originally titled “Crossing the Line: Trump’s Private Conduct with Women”), I was off in the woods pursuing my Native American research. On Monday, after seeing countless exultant references to this virtuoso takedown, I finally read the article—and laughed out loud throughout. Can there be any finer demonstration of the insularity and mediocrity of today’s Manhattan prestige media? Wow, millionaire workaholic Donald Trump chased young, beautiful, willing women and liked to boast about it. Jail him now! Meanwhile, the New York Times remains mute about Bill Clinton’s long record of crude groping and grosser assaults—not one example of which could be found to taint Trump. -- Blame for this fiasco falls squarely upon the New York Times editors who delegated to two far too young journalists, Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, the complex task of probing the glitzy, exhibitionistic world of late-twentieth-century beauty pageants, gambling casinos, strip clubs, and luxury resorts. Neither Barbaro, a 2002 graduate of Yale, nor Twohey, a 1998 graduate of Georgetown University, had any frame of reference for sexual analysis aside from the rote political correctness that has saturated elite American campuses for nearly 40 years. Their prim, priggish formulations in this awkwardly disconnected article demonstrate the embarrassing lack of sophistication that passes for theoretical expertise among their over-paid and under-educated professors. -- When I saw the reporters’ defensive interview on Monday with CNN anchors Kate Bolduan and John Berman, I felt sorry for the earnest, owlish Barbaro, who seems like a nice fellow who has simply wandered out of his depth. But Twohey, with her snippy, bright and shiny careerism, took a page from the slippery Hillary playbook in the way she blatheringly evaded any direct answer to a pointed question about how Rowanne Brewer Lane’s pleasantly flirtatious first meeting with Trump at a crowded 1990 pool party at Mar-a-Lago ended up being called “a debasing face-to-face encounter” in the Times. The hidden agenda of advocacy journalism has rarely been caught so red-handed.'
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Spiked -- The tyranny of the trans movement
'Movements that begin with dreams of liberation end up in bullying and the pursuit of vengeance. It is thus with grim inevitability that one observes how the struggle for sexual liberation on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has started to assume illiberal tendencies. -- There was a need for gay liberation when homosexual acts were illegal and gays were beaten up on account of their sexuality. But ever since homosexuality became normalised – gay marriage cementing this transformation – and now homosexuality and gender fluidity is fashionable among the young, there is no rational need for a sexual liberation movement any more. -- Yet still it continues, driven by its will to power. -- ... This year, however, the LGBT movement has turned to the dark side in earnest. The corporate, governmental and celebrity bullying of North Carolina’s decision to forbid people with penises using public toilets designated for women might prove to be significant. And now, this week, news comes that businesses in New York City will face fines under a new law that makes it a violation of someone’s human rights not to use their preferred gender pronoun. Henceforth, employees, landlords and businesses who refuse to refer to transgender people with terms such as ‘ze’ and ‘hir’ will be in violation of the New York City human-rights law. -- ‘Where will it end?’, you may ask. To which the answer is, ‘it won’t’. Christian churches will be next in line, then gender differentiation in schools and hospitals. Those who fight in the name of liberation will always demand more, even when the revolutionary movement has surpassed the boundary of reality into fantasy – in this case, the state enshrining in law, with penalties for those who disobey it, someone’s belief that ‘he’ is a ‘she’ because he simply believes it so.'
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Breitbart -- Cucked by Zuck: Conservatives In Pointless Meeting With Facebook by Milo Yiannopoulos
'...Another Facebook employee who wears their progressivism on their sleeve is COO Sheryl Sandberg. Everyone knows about Lean In, the career-feminist book subject to relentless adulation in the progressive media, but even that book is moderate compared to the wacky feminist thesis she wrote during her time at Harvard, which Breitbart exclusively obtained and published this weekend. -- Most damningly, there’s Zuckerberg’s appetite for government diktat, such as the authoritarian stance of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, towards her own people’s justified concerns about immigration. At the height of the refugee crisis, Facebook and other social networks openly teamed up with the Germany government to quash critics of the country’s open-door policies. -- Well, congratulations on the spread of ravaging rapefugees, Mark. Zuckerberg felt emboldened to do the same with the U.S. election but is quickly learning that Americans are cut from a different cloth. It is very dangerous to drink your own Kool-Aid and think you’re the smartest man in the room. Just ask Glenn Beck! -- When Facebook can’t suppress critics of open-door immigration outright, they can still hamper the growth of their communities. Earlier today, we published an exclusive account of the difficulties critics of immigration have faced on the platform. -- In one case, an anti-amnesty filmmaker saw 4,000 “likes” artificially removed from his page, only to have them restored after he made legal threats against Facebook. One sales rep at the social network allegedly told him he had “never seen” a business account treated the same way.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Overcoming Childhood
'Our childhoods have a deep and often seriously troubling impact on our adulthoods; what happened at 5 will still be colouring how things are for us at 55. It's something we need to learn to adjust to.'
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9 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Germans In-group, And Out-group
'Germans decide Islamists don’t belong in Germany: "The number of Germans who say that Islam is not a part of Germany has risen sharply over the previous two years, a new poll shows. -- For 60 percent of Germans, Islam does not belong in their culture, with only 34 percent of respondents saying that, yes Islam does have a place in Germany, a poll published by Infratest dimap on Thursday shows. -- This is a dramatic sharpening of public hostility to the Mohammedan faith since ex-President Christian Wulff famously stated in 2010 that “Islam is now also a part of Germany”." -- This is a starting point, not an end-point. Given how resources are still everywhere, and the fact that the Muslims have not yet united as a group to turn on native Germans, it is amazing it has already gone this far. Right now everyone is trying to make it look as if everyone wants to get along. Muslim leaders preach tolerance, the government preaches tolerance, leftist grassroots activists preach tolerance, and yet none of it is working. -- Wait until resources restrict, Muslims begin in-grouping and sending criminal gangs out to rob and steal from Germans, and then protect the criminals when they return into their segregated enclaves. Wait until Germans retaliate against Muslims with violence. The Apocalypse hasn’t even begun.'
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14 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Venezuela At The Verge Of K
'"With dire shortages of basic goods, a looming foreign debt payment, horrific street crime and intransigent political divisions, Venezuela is in danger of collapsing into waves of deadly violence, U.S. intelligence officials warned Friday…" -- As this goes down, you will not want a father catching you making out with his daughter, women will seek strong men and try to monopolize their control over them through monogamy, normal guys will carry arms to kill their first bad guy and they will find it exhilarating, nobody will support outsiders and foreigners moving into their neighborhoods, and the idea of some governmental agency taking what you busted your ass for to give it away will be infuriating. I expect tolerance for the government goons on motorbikes who are beating people with rubber hoses will diminish as well, and that will signal a greater demand for freedom by the populace. -- One strong selling point for r/K is that it will allow the politician who advances it the ability to win more easily. Opposition to Maduro is fractured in part because nobody has cast the fight as one of r vs K. If one politician planted r/K in the public consciousness, and made support for him into a personal identification of oneself as a K-strategist, a lot of people would seek to identify themselves as K-strategists by supporting that politician. r/K is priming, with it’s imagery of shortage, violence, and mortality. It is intellectual, with its support for the purposes of all of the K-virtues. And it is emotional, due to every human’s desire to see themselves as fit and capable of competition. Nobody wants to be the helpless rabbit.'
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15 days ago
Priceonomics -- The Independent Discovery of TCP/IP, By Ants
'...Through careful observation and experimentation, Gordon discovered that would-be foragers wait at a narrow tunnel entrance to the colony. Whenever another forager ant returns with food, it drops off its load and touches antennae with waiting ants. Whether or not any individual forager sallies forth depends on the number of interactions it has with returning foragers and the timing of those interactions. So a complex collective behavior is governed solely through simple individual interactions. -- "A forager won't come back until it finds something," Gordon told National Geographic. "The less food there is [within reach], the longer it takes the forager to find it and get back. The more food there is, the faster it comes back. So nobody's deciding whether it's a good day to forage. The collective is, but no particular ant is." -- If we consider that the ant colony’s goal is to collect more food and expend fewer ants, and a server’s goal is to send a file and avoid congestion or overload, then the similarities are clear. Sending a packet through the Internet is analogous to releasing a forager ant into the wild. Getting an ack of a packet’s receipt is analogous to a forager ant returning with food. If lots of acks come back quickly, this corresponds to good bandwidth availability—just like if a lot of ants come back quickly, this corresponds to good food availability. Good availability means the release of more ants or more packets. And if ants or acks come back slowly, or don’t come back at all, then release is either slowed or shut down entirely. In the case of harvester ants, shut down means foragers stop going out for a while. In the case of the Internet, the connection times out.'
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15 days ago
Center for a Stateless Society -- Kevin Carson: Governing the Commons by Elinor Ostrom
'...Ostrom goes on to consider the unsatisfactory performance of both the state and the market in addressing the problem. -- It should be noted right off that the juxtaposition between “common property” and “private property” put forward by mainstream capitalist libertarians is just plain silly. In cases where parceling out a common resource to individuals is by the nature of the case impossible, Ostrom says, one is hard-pressed to understand just what is meant by “private.” Open fields or common pasture can be divided up into separate plots and distributed to individuals; but fisheries? Common pool resources, by the nature of things, must be owned and governed by some sort of collective institution, whether it be the state, a corporation—or a self-organized, horizontal association of the users themselves. -- Ownership by a for-profit corporation is no more “private” than (or just as “collectivist” as) the administration of a commons by its users. In corporate law, a firm’s property is owned, and its management employed, by a unitary person created under the terms of the corporate charter. No individual shareholder or group of shareholders has any right, severally, of ownership over the firm’s asset or authority over its management. -- Both the conventional “privatization” and “state regulation” approaches amount, when all the legal fictions are stripped away, of substituting the judgment of managers working for some absentee central authority for that of users. So we might expect it to result in the same knowledge and incentive problems that always result from externalizing costs and benefits, when ownership and control are divorced from direct knowledge of the situation. -- On the other hand, we might expect that placing control directly in the hands of those with Hayekian local knowledge of a situation results in outcomes far preferable to either of the other two approaches based on verticality and absentee control. And Ostrom’s findings bear out that expectation. -- ...In all her work, Ostrom never lost sight of one central truth: collective institutions, whether they’re called governments, corporations, or commons, are all framed from the same crooked human timber. Advocates of government activity and critics/skeptics of anarchism, all too often, simply assume a level of omniscience on the part of the state that’s denied to the state, or handwave away the actual problem of detecting and punishing infractions. A good example is the question of how a stateless society would prevent something like the Deepwater Horizons oil spill — when the EPA and its regulations in our actual statist society failed to prevent it. -- But giving an official name to the collectivity does nothing to alter the fact that it’s just a bunch of human beings doing stuff together. And they don’t cease to be fallible, limited in perspective, and influenced by self-interest just because they have official titles or claim to be working in the name of the public or the shareholders.'
economics  property  commons 
15 days ago
Freedomain Radio -- #3259: Fundamentalism of Feelz - Call In Show - April 12 2016 (MP3)
'Question 1: [1:17] - “My Girlfriend and I have had intense discussions when confronting the issue of immigration of Middle Eastern refugees to Europe. The tension arises when arguing about when and when no to help such people. My Girlfriend believes that these people are in need and that they can change.” -- “When I argued that we need to turn the boats to Greece back, I was called a racist, egoist, heartless and cruel. I am usually told that I am too obsessed with immigration, that she is tired, that I am tiring, and I should not make arguments that apply to emotions, such as arguing that a bomb could explode and kill our families like what happened in Brussels recently.” -- “How can we continue as a healthy couple with our respective beliefs? Is it even possible? The disagreements currently are at a point where it’s an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.”' -- "...So she is your Muslim refugee. All the signs are dangerous. All the signs are problematic. All the signs are future disaster. But you 'love her' ... And you complain that *she* has an irrational attachment to something which is destroying her. {I will really seriously confront her about these things.} No! Confront yourself, not her! You're both doing the same thing. You're both sentimental about something which empirically is bad for you. And this is fundamentally the weakness in Europe, is that the men are sentimentalizing the women and the women are sentimentalizing the Muslims."
europe  migration  altruism  emotionalism  conquest  StefanMolyneux 
16 days ago
Telegraph -- Britain ‘sleepwalking to catastrophe’ over race: Trevor Phillips
'Britain risks “flames” of racial and religious conflict because of a “liberal self-delusion” over the impact of mass immigration, the former head of the equality watchdog Trevor Phillips claims today. -- In a startling assault on decades of official multiculturalism and diversity policy, the founding chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission argues the UK is being allowed to “sleepwalk to catastrophe” by leaders too “touchy”, “smug”, “complacent” and “squeamish” to talk about race. -- Drawing a direct parallel with Enoch Powell’s notorious “rivers of blood” speech, he likens Britain’s politicians, media and educated elite in general to the Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned, unable even to recognise the “dark side of the diverse society”. -- “We maintain a polite silence masked by noisily debated public fictions such as ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘community cohesion’. -- “Rome may not yet be in flames, but I think I can smell the smouldering whilst we hum to the music of liberal self-delusion.” -- He pointedly draws comparisons between his remarks and those of Enoch Powell. -- “He too summoned up echoes of Rome with his reference to Virgil’s dire premonition of the River Tiber ‘foaming with much blood’,” said Mr Phillips. -- “This much-studied address is, simultaneously, lauded as an epic example of the use of political rhetoric – and also as a ghastly testament to the power of unbridled free speech. Either way, it effectively put an end to Powell’s career as an influential leader. -- “Everyone in British public life learnt the lesson: adopt any strategy possible to avoid saying anything about race, ethnicity (and latterly religion and belief) that is not anodyne and platitudinous.”'
UK  europe  conquest 
16 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: What Pisses Me Off About Brexit | UK's EU Referendum
'While there are economic scare stories, concerns about international trade complications and fears about the United Kingdom becoming isolated on a world stage – make no mistake that upcoming EU Referendum vote is truly now about Immigration and the European Migrant Crisis.' -- "Two thirds of the Syrians coming into Europe are illiterate even in their own language."
history  europe  UK  welfare  migration  civilization  StefanMolyneux 
17 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Signs Of r-selection – Sex Theme Parks
'The slide toward r is a process, and the present state merely a spot on a scale, somewhere between totally K and completely r. Obviously, we are presently heading in one direction. -- Right now public sex, in front of random strangers who just happen to be there is frowned upon. -- Yet today the federal government has decided that a man in a wig can enter a women’s restroom to watch them go to the bathroom. We have actually seen a pedophile who claimed he felt like a woman, and demanded to be let into a female locker room where young female children would undress – and the law supported him. When confronted, he actually said, “The law has changed. Now I have a right to be here.” And he was right. Our government supports him – openly. -- In the fifties, that would have been as unthinkable to the people back then as we, today, would view a man and a woman just stripping down and having sex openly in a bar in front of everyone. -- Mark my words, if the eggheads manage to stave off the Apocalypse for a couple of decades, or if a post-scarcity technology comes along, public sex will become just as supported by the government as transgenderism is today. Rabbits will do it in front of children just to irk us. -- And don’t think it will be good looking supermodels and athletes when the time comes. It will be an endless stream of sexually unselective, morbidly obese fatties, uggos, and walking physical deformities, all of whom will decry any opposition to their repulsive nakedness and public exchange of bodily fluids as a byproduct of small minds and uptight upbringings. -- You think things are bad now? Mark my words – they can get worse. By the standards of pure r, the weirdness has just begun.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence  collapse 
17 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Thirty Percent of Euro Cash Is Off Radar
'Again, every rabbit strategy is premised around the idea that resources should be freely available. The idea of saving for a rainy day, incentivizing behaviors, structuring a system to strengthen itself by rewarding the strong/stable and removing the weak/unstable, or just the principle that a person’s earned property should belong to them – it is all foreign to the rabbits. They are the locusts, both expecting the free resources they are designed to consume – and designed to consume those resources until there are no more. Morals, logic, reason, common sense – it is all totally foreign to them. -- As the collapse approaches, those locusts will look to raid any store of wealth they can find by any means they can come up with. -- None of us can say we weren’t warned.'
rkselectiontheory  centralbanking  saversvsspeculators  greatestdepression 
17 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Trump Manhandles Mexico, And Mexican Rabbits Cower
'Liberals are fundamentally bullies. In r-selection, fighting is disadvantageous, but bluffing to an easy win without fighting can be highly advantageous. Like bullies, liberals will try to intimidate and ridicule an opponent into submission. If they can easily defeat the opponent they will even engage them. But if the opponent is formidable and does not cow in the face of the bluff, the liberal will quickly retreat, and even seek to curry favor with the opponent, to avoid enduring any consequence of their actions. -- ... This is a key difference between rabbits and wolves. Viewing things from a perspective of right and wrong, this would enrage a wolf. If a wolf treats someone with decency and kindness, and then is treated callously, they will want to fight. It is a matter of principle, and the strength of the opponent will matter little. -- But rabbits are different. Remember, as r-strategists, the rabbits primary driver is the avoidance of conflict, and especially costly conflicts. If someone with power and relative superiority treats the rabbit callously, that is all the more reason to buckle under and curry favor with them. The more callously and disrespectfully they are treated, the more it will appear conflict is imminent, and the more the rabbit will respond with ingratiating groveling to defuse the conflict. -- It is a strange trait, but I have seen it myself. A man who thought nothing of utterly humiliating a little girl, treated with utter scorn and humiliated himself in front of others, responded with an almost reflexive adoration of his tormenter. When you see it, it is so strikingly different from what you would expect to do yourself that you cannot help but puzzle over it. What it is, is the rabbit’s compulsive instinct to avoid costly conflict in the r-selected environment.'
rkselectiontheory  power  conflict  cowardice  obsequiousness 
17 days ago
The Daily Bell -- Anonymous Panama Papers Source Speaks Out, Demands More Government Action
'Who is this anonymous person who believes his vast Panama Papers leak hasn’t triggered enough “action?” -- Why does he want Western governments to try harder to prosecute those who have put assets in places other than their own countries? -- He has it backward in our view. Unfortunately, you won’t find a word in the mainstream media criticizing the decision to steal and disseminate people’s private correspondence.And what exactly does he believe the EU, US and Britain would do with all the extra money they’d presumably receive from individuals who repatriated assets? -- What do Western countries do now? -- The US spends billions bombing other countries, including women and children. -- Women in parts of Iraq have been told not to have babies because the depleted uranium spread by US weapons was causing so many birth defects. -- And Libya is still a chaotic, murderous mess because of US and British intervention. -- The US invasion of Iraq was based on Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn’t exist. And US politicians have taken to admitting that the Libya invasion was a mistake. -- If Mr. Anonymous has his way, the US and other Western countries will have additional streams of revenue to help kill even more people for no reason. -- Meanwhile, the EU’s ridiculous euro has virtually ruined Southern Europe’s economy. Stable work is now a rarity for an entire younger generation. -- Britain can’t efficiently utilize the funds it has either. Its national public health system is a disaster. Women give birth in taxis because the hospitals are full. -- But British hospitals shouldn’t be full because it is unofficial policy not to give old people anything to drink so they die quickly and open up beds. -- It is not a secret. Both the UK Telegraph and Daily Mail among other publications reported on the practice in detail in 2012 articles. It included withholding food as well. -- Many EU countries have significant prisons systems but nothing compared to the US. The US at any given time has six million people in various stages of incarceration. -- Many prisons are privately run and the convicts are little more than slaves. Prison administrators have contracts in place with cities and states guaranteeing them a steady supply of “criminals.” -- Presumably, Mr. Anonymous wants to make sure the West’s prison-industrial complex remains well funded.'
leaky  statism  usefulidiot 
17 days ago
JudgyBitch -- Clever, #Harvard. Very clever. I hope.
'According to Harvard, the all-male social clubs ‘foster a culture that leads to sexual assault’, although no mechanism for how this occurs is specified. And it seems exceptionally odd for Harvard to make such a claim, since the original push was to force the all-male clubs to admit women. Two clubs decided they would do that, and the rest refused. Why on earth would Harvard even attempt to force off-campus clubs to admit women if these clubs are rape training grounds? -- ... There’s this little thing called Title IX that prohibits gender discrimination on college campuses, so when Harvard drafted their little policy, they couldn’t specify that all-male clubs would be banned. Single gender clubs are banned. And voila! All-women clubs are gone, too. Just like that. Poof! Cue the screaming harpies! Today, over 200 women from Harvard gathered to start screaming that the restrictions and punishments should be reserved for men! Only men should be forced to include women. Women only groups should not be forced to accept men, because patriarchy and safe space and vagina and oppression, or something. -- ... Hahahahaha! This makes me laugh. Oh, did your bitter, jealous little fit over the boys turn around and bite you in the ass? Didn’t see that coming? Didn’t think that through? That’s why the men don’t want you in the club, dipshit. You’re dumb. -- The men of Harvard have no doubt already figured this out. Half of them have declared themselves transgender, and presto, chang-o, their clubs are now gender balanced. What? You don’t think they’re really women? You’re a transphobic bigot, clearly.'
men  women  feminism  threatnarrative  socialengineering  faggotry 
17 days ago
YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: Rantzerker 54: Such penis, very fetus, wow!
Karen/GirlWritesWhat: "[Her] vagina has enough value that it can command that the man do the work in order to be able to have access to it. The man is not giving her value, she has that value. And the only way that she can be seen as having damaged her value is if she gives it away for free. This is really the hilarious part: If she gives it away for a single payment, for a single act, she's called a slut or prostitute. So she's giving it away for free – she's not charging for it – she's not charging a lifetime of support and protection for it. Or she's charging for it but for pennies on the dollar compared to what she could get. That's when she's seen as losing value because she could charge so much more! She's looked at as someone who sold her Maserati for the price of a Kia."
men  women  hypergamy  marriage  prostitution  sexuality 
21 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Milo Triggers A Fattie And Creates A Meme
'This Apocalypse is going to be real interesting. We have a ton of genuinely crazy nutjobs whose amygdalae melt down at the most minor of adverse stimuli. What is going to happen when the wheels come off and the savages begin rampaging wantonly in the streets, taking what they want, and killing who they please? -- We all need to be grateful for the proliferation of technology. Perhaps the greatest Apocalypse in history will be filmed and documented from every angle, beginning to end, from the tremors of fatties throwing tantrums that was the ominous harbinger, to the full-on chaos that will go down as things get underway. -- I see tons of great Youtube material coming.'
rkselectiontheory  victimhood  narcissism 
21 days ago
The Book of Life -- Artificial Conversations
'Over dinner with a partner, we might for example work our way gradually yet systematically through a list of difficult but important questions that otherwise we’d likely shelve: ... The aim here is to discover patterns of interaction, and how they look when seen from both sides. We’re trying to identify repeated sequences of emotions. Not to validate or condemn them but to understand them. The premise of this artificial conversation is that we’ll both be unaware of some of the things that go on between us. And that (for the duration of the conversation) no one is held to blame. We’re just learning to notice some problems with how we interact. -- Relationships founder on our inability to make ourselves known, forgiven and accepted for who we are. We shouldn’t work with the assumption that if we have a row over these questions, the opportunity has been wasted. We need to be able to say certain painful things in order to recover an ability to be affectionate and trusting. That is all part of the particular wisdom and task of a more artificial, structured and emotionally-conscious conversation.'
psychology  relationships  RTR 
22 days ago
The Book of Life -- Why True Love Doesn’t Have to Last Forever
'We need to have an account of love which allows that a relationship can end without anyone having viciously or pathologically killed it prematurely, for only against such a backdrop can we reduce the debilitating quantity of bitterness, guilt and blame otherwise in circulation. How we see the endings of love depends to a critical extent on what our societies tell us is ‘normal’. If it was meant to last forever, every ending will by necessity have to be described as a horrifying failure. But if we allow imaginative space for short-term love, then an ending may signal a deeper loyalty, not to setting up of a home and domestic routines, but to a deep appreciation and admiration one felt for someone for a time; we’ll walk away with a fair and generous sense of all that has been preserved and enhanced by the relationship not being forced to last forever.'
philosophy  relationships  loss  death  OttoRank 
22 days ago
The Book of Life -- The Problems of Closeness
'...Rather than requesting reassurance endearingly and laying out our longing with charm, we might instead mask our needs beneath some brusque and hurtful behaviours guaranteed to frustrate our aims. Within established relationships, when the fear of rejection is denied, two major symptoms tend to show up. -- Firstly, we may get distant – or what psychotherapists call ‘avoidant’. We want to get close to our partners but feel so anxious that we may be unwanted, we freeze them out instead. We say we’re busy, we pretend our thoughts are elsewhere, we imply that a need for reassurance would be the last thing on our minds. We might even have an affair, the ultimate face-saving attempt to be distant – and often a perverse attempt to assert that we don’t require the partner’s love (that we have been too reserved to ask for). Affairs can turn out to be the oddest of compliments; arduous proofs of indifference that we reserve for, and secretly address to, those we truly care about. -- Or else we get controlling (what therapists call ‘anxious’). We feel our partners are escaping us emotionally, and respond by trying to pin them down administratively. We get unduly cross that they are a bit late, we chastise them heavily for not having done certain chores, we ask them constantly if they’ve completed a task they had agreed to undertake. All this rather than admit: ‘I’m worried I don’t matter to you…’ We can’t (we believe) force them to be generous and warm. We can’t force them to want us (even if we haven’t asked them to…). So we try to control them procedurally. The goal isn’t really to be in charge all the time, it’s just that we can’t admit to our terror about how much of ourselves we have surrendered. A tragic cycle then unfolds. We become shrill and unpleasant. To the other person, it feels like we can’t possibly love them anymore. Yet the truth is we do: we just fear rather too much that they don’t love us. As a final recourse, we may ward off our vulnerability by denigrating the person who eludes us. We pick up on their weaknesses and complain about shortcomings. Anything rather than ask the question which so much disturbs us: does this person love me? And yet, if this harsh, graceless behaviour could be truly understood for what it is, it would be revealed not as rejection, but as a strangely distorted – yet very real – plea for tenderness. -- ... We’re not frightened of closeness because we’re fools but because closeness involves genuine dangers. We’re alive to how frightening it is at the start, we should admit that the danger is an ongoing issue. It is a challenge to be around another person who might easily hurt us – and to keep on in the relationship despite the fact they they do sometimes use this knowledge to strike out at us. This danger isn’t something that only a few unfortunate people are exposed to. It is a basic feature of every intimate relationship. -- ... Closeness is inherently threatening. It’s not surprising we panic. But we can gradually (with courage and difficulty) replace defence with explanation. We can say we are frightened and why rather than turn cold or controlling. And we can begin to see what our partners might be trying to communicate through their off-putting behaviour. Explanation won’t solve all problems, but it is better than all the other alternatives.'
psychology  defencemechanisms  relationships  attachment  separationanxiety  RTR  * 
22 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- Overcoming Emotional Detachment
'...A solution that makes a lot of sense as a kid, a way of being that under abusive circumstances could be termed adaptive, doesn’t make sense as an adult, it’s a way of being that under your current set of circumstances could be termed maladaptive. Like we said, the first thing to do is honor and celebrate that kid for landing on a clever, adaptive life strategy to get you through a very rough stretch of time. The second thing to do is to return the favor, to make good on what that kid did for you by doing something for that kid, and for yourself. It’s time for you to overcome emotional detachment. By deciding you’re going to face the possible pain and anxiety of letting yourself feel deeply again, by opening yourself up to human connection, you’re giving that kid his or her authentic voice back. -- Now’s the time to overcome emotional detachment, not because you’re being compelled to do so by environmental factors outside of your control but because it’s something you want to do. It’s never too late to become who and what you really are. You knew that truth as a kid, you chose emotional detachment as a way to protect your threatened Self from external meddling. When you recognize the same truth as an adult you’ll choose overcoming emotional detachment as a way to protect your threatened Self from internal meddling.'
psychology  defencemechanisms  schizoid 
22 days ago
Ribbonfarm -- Dares, Costly Signals, and Psychopaths by Sarah Perry
'...Dares offer a tour through the more social emotions: emotions that have associated displays that provide information to others, and that both trigger and respond to other social emotions. A dare offers the daree the opportunity to display his social emotions in front of others, and the daree in turn offers the audience information on his social display. -- A social person will display fear when asked to jump from heights, disgust when eating a worm or a mud pie, shame when violating a social norm in public, guilt when disobeying moral authority or causing harm. The remorse displayed afterwards may be part of the information offered by dares. -- Dares, in other words, are a psychopath test. They allow the opportunity to scrutinize people’s displays of social emotions on demand, rather than having to wait for an aversive event to happen. -- The use (and often excessive use) of alcohol and other mind-altering substances is frequently the topic of a dare. This allows the audience to see the daree in a less guarded state, providing even more information about the daree’s mental state and character. Hintjens claims that psychopaths avoid mind-altering substance consumption to the point of intoxication around others, though they may encourage other to use excessively. -- Of course, if dares worked perfectly in this way, there wouldn’t be any psychopaths. Hintjens’ model is a cycle of predators and prey, with psychopaths preying on social humans for resources. Their numbers relative to social humans vary over time, as with population cycles of foxes and rabbits. Psychopaths are a small but significant portion of humanity; Hintjens estimates that around 4% of humans are psychopaths as a very rough estimate, and posits that both they and social humans have been shaped by each other over the course of evolution. If psychopaths are not able to feel and properly display social emotions, and if avoiding predation by psychopaths has been important in our evolutionary history, then dares may be a kind of evolved Voight-Kampff machine that social humans use to detect and maintain awareness of psychopaths in their midst. -- Psychopaths have many defenses available. As I said above, dares are a negotiation. The psychopath may give dares in a different way than social humans: to control, to harm, to bully, rather than to challenge, get information, and have fun. The psychopath may refuse dares, or may endure the dare with creepy, inhuman stoicism and spin that as courage.'
psychology  psychopathy  voightkampff  immunesystem 
22 days ago
Freakonomics -- How to Get More Grit in Your Life
'The psychologist Angela Duckworth argues that a person’s level of stick-to-itiveness is directly related to their level of success. No big surprise there. But grit, she says, isn’t something you’re born with — it can be learned.' -- "...it is human nature to get bored of things and to seek the novel. And I think that one of the skills that one must develop in life, if one cares not to be a dilettante, if it’s a goal of yours to become expert in something, one of the skills is to learn to substitute nuance for novelty.'
psychology  boredom  securityvsnovelty 
22 days ago
YouTube -- TED Talks: The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds
'Linus Torvalds transformed technology twice — first with the Linux kernel, which helps power the Internet, and again with Git, the source code management system used by developers worldwide. In a rare interview with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Torvalds discusses with remarkable openness the personality traits that prompted his unique philosophy of work, engineering and life. "I am not a visionary, I'm an engineer," Torvalds says. "I'm perfectly happy with all the people who are walking around and just staring at the clouds ... but I'm looking at the ground, and I want to fix the pothole that's right in front of me before I fall in."'
hackersvsvectoralists  linux  LinusTorvalds 
23 days ago
YouTube -- Janet Bloomfield: The Danger of Empathy
Comment: jefaus06: 'Female Empathy is virtue signalling, but it is also a means of establishing and maintaining a social hierarchy. The need to tell others about their charitable acts and their levels of tolerance is pure narcissistic cocaine. Not only can they internalize the idea that they are better that the demographic they are giving to, but also better than their friends who are less giving and less tolerant. Key in deciphering this is the media exposure. Without media exposure to expand visibility of the charitable task, most women would avoid it like the plague, as there is nothing to be gained from supporting a cause that isn't immediately recognizable within her social circle.'
women  altruism  status 
23 days ago
The Atlantic -- Against Empathy: Yale Professor Paul Bloom's Argument
'Paul Bloom, psychologist and Yale professor, argues that empathy is a bad thing—that it makes the world worse. While we've been taught that putting yourself in another's shoes cultivates compassion, it actually blinds you to the long-term consequences of your actions. In this animated interview from The Atlantic, we hear Bloom’s case for why the world needs to ditch empathy.'
psychology  altruism  status 
23 days ago
Personality Junkie -- The Introvert’s Dilemma
'How will I make money? Can I make enough money practicing my passion? If not, am I willing to perform menial or mindless work for the sake of a paycheck? Will I ever find a romantic partner or be able to have children if I don’t make more money? How much of myself am I willing to give to others? What if they demand too much of my time and energy? How much am I willing to compromise? -- Together, these questions and concerns constitute the introvert’s dilemma. The dilemma centers on the degree to which introverts are willing to compromise their core introverted values and interests, including their search for self, in order to address their extraverted concerns. This dilemma engenders an inner tension which is often experienced as anxiety or indecision. It also impels introverts to reflect on their lives and consider whether they are living optimally and whether their lives are properly balanced.'
psychology  personality  introversion 
25 days ago
YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Being A Good Listener
'We hear a lot about how to speak well in public, but very little about how to learn the equally important art of listening properly to others.' http://www.thebookoflife.org/how-to-be-a-good-listener/
curiosity  listening  psychology  relationships  RTR 
26 days ago
The Daily Bell -- Predictions of a Worldwide Drought May Mean Big Profits
'Almost all scarcities publicized in the mainstream media are likely overblown propaganda of some sort. -- This latest water scarcity propaganda seems to exist as a portmanteau meme as well. -- We come to that conclusion based on the commentary that has accompanied the seven-year old Nestle report. In fact, in several articles on the subject, we’re instructed that the “refugee crisis in Syria was sparked by a water crisis.” -- The problem of Middle Eastern refugees pouring into Europe was apparently engineered by the US and Britain in concert with the EU. The idea is supposedly to destabilize European societies in order to make a “United States of Europe” easier to attain. -- As Europeans seem well aware of this manipulation, it has further diminished the credibility of EU bosses and fueled anti-EU movements in several countries. -- What to do? It seems “water scarcity” could be utilized to explain the immigration. In other words, Europeans will learn it was a lack of water rather than political calculations that caused the massive outflow of Muslims to Europe. -- Not only do we see water scarcity being used to justify Muslim immigration, we also see a re-occurrence of anti-meat propaganda. -- Now it may be that both people and animals would be better off with minimal meat-eating. But recent articles profiling the Nestle report have made sweeping assertions when exploring the environmental damage of consuming animals. Here, from the Reveal article: "Eating meat requires much more fresh water than a vegetable diet because each animal requires tons of crops like corn and soy, which require thousands of gallons of water themselves. It requires far less water if humans ate the vegetable crops directly. -- Americans eat too much meat and now the world is on a “potentially catastrophic” collision course with fate … The world simply needs to switch to a diet that’s not so meat centric." -- Water alarmism is therefore being utilized to support several elite promotions at once. The UN, for instance. regularly campaigns to lower meat consumption. -- f the water-scarcity promotion expands, it could certainly justify rising water prices and thus the “value” of water resources. In such cases, being “right” about a given scarcity promotion is less profitable than ascertaining how much money and effort is going to be committed to maintaining and strengthening it. In fact, with many of these promotions, the truth diminishes as profits expand.'
forcedmemes  malthusianism  technocracy 
26 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- The EU Prepares For The Apocalypse
'"A MILITARY police unit have carried out European Union-funded special training, ready to be deployed in the event of civil unrest or war… -- Colonel Richard Kemp claimed Brussels’ “ultimate plan” was to bring the national armies of the bloc’s 28 member states under one umbrella." -- If Apocalypse happens, there will be no external force which will stop the splintering and division of the member nations. These forces are primal, in our very DNA. The only thing some externally imposed social structure will do is drive an even more aggressive expression of the underlying urges, and make the Apocalypse even more apocalypsey. -- When people are in a foul mood and looking for something to blame for their ills, you don’t want to draw their attention – especially if you created many of those ills in the first place. Given what a full collapse will do to everyone’s amygdala, the EU would be wise to pull all of these forces back, and let the people sort their own affairs however they want.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  joycamp 
26 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Rabbits and Wolves Continue to Diverge
'The stimulus to trigger is growing ever smaller, as the punishment demanded for triggering is growing: "Both the police and the university’s Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime. ... Cosette Carleo, one of the students involved, told The College Fix in a phone interview that the hate crime under investigation is “denying transgenderism.”..." -- Again, we are seeing things which would have been too ridiculous for even the most bizarre sci-fi dystopias just twenty years ago. Yet not only does the news report these stories as normal, we read them pretty much expecting what we see. -- Bear in mind, these rabbits can’t honestly be viewed as aberrations, or defective. Rather they must be viewed as the leading edge of the new model of human our populations would evolve toward, were we to find a way to make resources more permanently free. Literally, if you developed a post-scarcity tech today, that model of human is what everyone would proceed to evolve toward, without fail. Strange people who espouse bizarrely delusional beliefs, with the specific subconscious goal of sic-ing “authority” and the mob on everyone else, while avoiding authority’s and the mob’s ire themselves. Huxley was tame compared to what reality would create. -- It is weird to think about such defectives being evolutionarily superior in some environment, but there it is.'
rkselectiontheory  victimhood  threatnarrative  LYAHF 
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"capitalism" #bandwidth #socialization * 1984 abuse activism addiction advertising advice agencyvspatiency america anarchism archetypes art attachment attention augmentationistsvsimmersionists authenticity avatars backlash banking behaviours biology bitcoin brain branding business businessmodels centralbanking centralnervoussystem childhood china climate cognitivesurplus collaboration collapse collectiveintelligence communication communities conformity consumerism content corporatism creativity criticism crowdsourcing culture data datamining death debt delusion denial design documentaries dollar economics empire entertainment europe evolution existentialism experience extensionsofman facebook fame feedback feminism finance forcedmemes freedom funny games gaming geoism globalgovernment google government greatestdepression groups groupthink hackersvsvectoralists hacking health history ideas identity ideology immunesystem incrementalism inflation information innovation interface internet irrationality journalism land landlordism law leaky learning legalese life literaryculturevsoralculture mapping marketing markets media men mercantilism mobile money morality motivation narcissism narrativeactivism narrativeenvironments narrativeobjects networks news numbers objects oligarchicalcollectivism oligarchy parasitism parenting pathocracy performance perpetualwar personality philosophy planning play politics power predation privacy productnarratives propaganda psychohistory psychology psychotherapy puppetry quotes reality realityprogramming reflexivity relationships religion rent rentseeking research retribalization rkselectiontheory roleplay sacrifice satire science search security self selfservers sexuality shame simulation slavery socialgraph socialism socialmedia socialnetworking sociology software sousveillance space statism status stefanmolyneux storytelling strategy surveillance tagging technology television temes terrorism! theadvertisedlife thegamingofeverydaylife theonion thinking tools transmedia trauma tv twitter uk victimhood violence virtuality virtualworlds visualization voluntaryism war wikileaks women work

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