Evolution Counseling -- Start Living For The Loved One Who Has Passed Away
'When a loved one passes away most people respond by sinking into despair and hopelessness for a while. But some never really come back from the abyss, they remain disconnected from people and the world for the rest of their lives, and this is due to a fundamental error in thinking that, if challenged and corrected, can set the stage for a healthier answer to the problem of coping with the death of a loved one. -- This error in thinking starts with the belief that existing indefinitely in a state of mourning honors the person who has passed away and later coalesces into the fixed idea that the emotional and psychological pain around the loss are all that’s left of their loved one and if the emotional and psychological pain are shrugged off the essence of that person will disappear, there will be nothing left. -- So people remain in a state of despair, isolation, and disconnection out of the flawed premise that saying goodbye and moving on is tantamount to causing their loved one to die a second time, that it would be inflicting a sort of final death. They wear their pain and suffering as a badge of honor to keep their beloved alive.'
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3 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- When Clients Wait Until The Last Minute Of A Session To Say Something Important
'Novice therapists are often blindsided and distressed when clients who spend most of the session avoiding any serious discussion suddenly drop explosive material with just a couple minutes to go. -- While this behavior is usually not consciously malicious, it is usually all about control. Sometimes it’s simply that they’re afraid and aren’t ready to feel exposed for a full hour. More often what clients are doing is putting their therapists in a double bind, an unwanted situation where both responses seem bad. Therapists can either choose to extend the session, thereby breaking established norms, or they can send clients on their way and be forced to deal with a black cloud of uncertainty and doubt hanging over them until the next meeting. Regardless of the content, therapists will wonder if they missed an opportunity to explore something really important that could help create some movement. -- What more experienced therapists know is that there’s a third option, and this option is to understand the meaning of the behavior and then share this meaning with their clients, in effect taking the discussion away from the manifest content and to the underlying process.'
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3 days ago
The Book of Life -- The Importance of Books
'...The great writers build bridges to people we might otherwise have dismissed as unfeasibly strange or unsympathetic. They cut through to the common core of experience. By selection and emphasis, they reveal the important things we share. They show us where to look. -- They help us to feel. Often we want to be good, we want to care, we want to feel warmly and tenderly – but can’t. It seems there is no suitable receptacle in our ordinary lives into which our emotions can vent themselves. Our relationships are too compromised and fraught. It can feel too risky to be very nice to someone who might not reciprocate. So we don’t do much feeling; we freeze over. But then – in the pages of a story – we meet someone, perhaps she is very beautiful, tender, sensitive, young and dying; and we weep for her and all the cruelty and injustice of the world. And we come away, not devastated, but refreshed. Our emotional muscles are exercised and their strength rendered newly available for our lives. -- Not all books necessarily contain the simplifications we happen to need. We are often not in the right place to make use of the knowledge a book has to offer. The task of linking the right book to the right person at the right time hasn’t yet received the attention it deserves: newspapers and friends recommend books to us because they work for them, without quite thinking through why they might also work for us. But when we happen to come across the ideal book for us we are presented with an extraordinarily clearer, more lucid, better organised account of our own concerns and experiences: for a time at least our minds become less clouded and our hearts become more accurately sensitive. Through books’ benign simplification, we become a little better at being who we always really were.'
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3 days ago
The Book of Life -- Why We Need to Create a Home
'...Our homes will not necessarily be the most attractive or sumptuous environments we could spend time in. There are always hotels or public spaces that would be a good deal more impressive. But after we have been travelling a long while, after too many nights in hotel rooms or on the beds of friends, we typically feel a powerful ache to return to our own furnishings, an ache that has little to do with material comfort per se. We need to get home to remember who we are. -- Our homes have a memorialising function, and what they are helping us to remember is, strangely enough, ourselves. We can see this need to anchor identity in matter in the history of religion. Humans have from the earliest days expended enormous care and creativity on building homes for their gods. They haven’t felt that their gods could live just anywhere, out in the wild or as it were in hotels, they have believed that they needed special places, temple-homes, where their specific characters could be stabilised through art and architecture. -- ... The Greeks took such care over Athena’s temple-home because they understood the human mind. They knew that, without architecture, we struggle to remember what we care about – and more broadly who we are. To be told in words that Athena represented grace and balance wasn’t going to be enough on its own. There needed to be a house to bring the idea forcefully and continuously to consciousness. -- Without there being anything grandiose or supernatural in idea, our homes are also temples. It’s just that they are temples to us. We’re not expecting to be worshipped; but we are trying to make a place that – like a temple – adequately embodies our spiritual values and merits. -- Creating a home is frequently such a demanding process because it requires us to find our way to objects that can correctly convey our identities. We may have to go to enormous efforts to track down what we deem to be the ‘right’ objects for particular functions, rejecting hundreds of alternatives that would – in a material sense – have been perfectly serviceable, in the name of those we believe can faithfully communicate the right message about who we are. -- ... The quest to build a home is connected up with a need to stabilise and organise our complex selves. It’s not enough to know who we are in our own minds. We need something more tangible, material and sensuous to pin down the diverse and intermittent aspects of our identities. We need to rely on a certain kinds of cutlery, bookshelves, laundry cupboards and armchairs to align us with who we are and seek to be. We are not vaunting ourselves; we’re trying to gather our identities in one receptacle, preserving ourselves from erosion and dispersal. Home means the place where our soul feels that it has found its proper physical container, where, everyday, the objects we live amongst quietly remind us of our most authentic commitments and loves.'
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3 days ago
The New York Times -- Seeking to Reproduce Without a Romantic Partnership
'...Mr. Weil believes this type of parenting arrangement is completely logical. -- “When you think about the concept of the village, and how the village was part of child rearing for so many cultures for so many thousands of years, it makes total sense,” he said. “The idea that two people — let alone one person — would do it without the village is really nutty.” -- But Elizabeth Marquardt, director of the Center for Marriage and Families at the Institute for American Values, a nonpartisan advocacy group in New York, vehemently disagrees. “It’s a terrible idea, deliberately consigning a child to be raised in two different worlds, with parents who did not even attempt to form a loving bond with one another,” she wrote in an e-mail. “As children of divorce will tell you, it’s very difficult to grow up in two different worlds, with your parents each pursuing separate love lives that can be increasingly complex over the course of a childhood.” -- Others say she is missing the point that parenting partnerships actually spare a child the future pain of divorce. “Certainly, from a research standpoint, I don’t think having a romantic relationship is necessary to have a good co-parenting relationship,” said Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan, an associate professor in the Ohio State University department of human sciences. “Research shows that if parents can have a warm, cooperative, co-parenting relationship, then that’s going to be positive for the child’s development.” -- These types of partnerships also encourage people to strategize on a philosophy of child rearing ahead of time, which many traditional couples don’t do. -- “That level of thoughtfulness really benefits kids — these are people who have thought about how do I want to raise a child, whom do I want to raise a child with — that can only be good for children,” said Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of Family Equality Council, a national advocacy organization. “We should all think that hard about how we are going to have our kids and what we’re going to do once they’re in the world. If everybody gave that kind of thought to having children, we’d probably have better outcomes.”'
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3 days ago
Aeon Ideas -- We need a contract for co-parenting, not just for marriage by Laurie Shrage
'... Although children benefit greatly from having the ongoing support of several adults as they grow up, they don’t necessarily need this nurturing from people who commit to marriage. Their parents simply need to cooperate effectively, to respect the relationship the other has with the children, and to contribute in comparable ways to caregiving and family finances. In the United Kingdom, parents who are unmarried, separated, remarried or step-parents can already enter into a ‘parental responsibility agreement’ that aims to establish the terms of shared custody of the children. This includes obligations to keep co-parents informed about a child’s basic wellbeing, and to assist with providing housing, schooling, medical care and other costs. -- However, I think that we need to take the notion of official co-parenting a step further – to include parents who might never intend to marry or live together, or who don’t wish to enter into an emotionally intimate relationship. In the US, organisations such as Family By Design and Modamily have sprung up to help single adults find a suitable co-parent for forming a family ‘minus the couple’, as a New York Times article put it. But without the state’s legal recognition, co-parents must draw up their own agreements. -- ... one’s rights as a parent, and the relationship with one’s children, shouldn’t be contingent on the ups and downs of one’s love life. Co-parenting as friends, or at least as collaborators, is good for children, adults, and society. -- ... An official contract would help to safeguard parents’ basic entitlements, such as the right to be involved in the lives of one’s children and to appropriate forms of child support from each co-parent. If and when cooperation among the co-parents breaks down, the existence of an agreement can guide courts or mediators in negotiating new agreements for shared parental responsibility. -- The process of formalising one’s status as a parent would also encourage people to think through and communicate their expectations right from the start. When we cross the threshold to parenthood, surely it’s sensible for society to nudge parents to reflect on and discuss who will make career sacrifices to be at home with the children, how the children will divide their time if the parents have separate households, and how important decisions will be made that affect a child’s future. -- Of course, it can be hard to know precisely what to expect in advance of something as momentous as having a child, and the contract doesn’t have to lay it all down in detail. But the point is that future decisions would take place in the context of a formal commitment and a public declaration about the primacy of the co-parenting relationship in one’s life. Such an agreement would also provide an incentive for parents to work things out to their mutual benefit – in part because they know that ending the arrangement has tangible consequences. -- In short, one’s rights as a parent, and the relationship with one’s children, shouldn’t be contingent on the ups and downs of one’s love life. Co-parenting as friends, or at least as collaborators, is good for children, adults, and society.' -- Comment: Vicki Larson: 'I have written extensively about parenting marriages and parenting prenups, including a chapter in the book I co-wrote, “The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels.” Love-based marriage is not necessarily the best model in which to raise children; love often leads to conflict, and we know from numerous studies that conflict is harmful to children not divorce. In addition, there were many more people in children’s lives helping to raise them; now, however, we believe the nuclear family is best except it’s not. It’s isolating and stressful for parents, and damaging for children; we actually need to create a society of modern-day alloparents because it takes a village to raise kids. So, yes, we need parenting contracts, yes we need renewable marital contracts and yes we need collaborative childrearing, what I call carenting. Society has changed; our policies need to catch up to the way people are creating families today.'
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3 days ago
The New Fem -- Fatboob Orbiters and Their Female Delusions
'It’s become increasingly appalling and embarrassing to witness the ever widening gap of naive and inexperienced orbiters who are blinded by female “beauty” and allow their very existence to be shrouded in their silly and boobish misconceptions concerning female temperament. -- We’ve crossed a mass threshold of sorts of concerted ignorance among modern males that I’ve never before witnessed in the span of my entire lifetime. When I was young even the most repulsive shut-in losers knew more about female nature than the tribe of fatboob incel cabbage people we have now roaming the dark corners of the internet battling female nature in unified misery. -- Perhaps it has to do with the technological advancement of Western civilization sequestering these masses of loner schlubs into video and porn isolation unable to socialize with their peers dooming them to delusion and decay. Nonetheless I have never in my entire life seen so many celibate men who have absolutely zero concept of what women are truly like behind closed doors. -- What’s more, it’s disturbing that these men are democratically adjoined in white knighthood humiliation in ways that are detrimental to Western civilization as a whole. They have become an immutable stalwart of sociopathic enablers reigning in our destruction, determined to haplessly help it along–as though they have something to gain from watching it go up in flames. It’s disturbing to realize these men want it all to come crashing down because at the very crux of it, vying for scraps and low-hanging fruit is the only chance they’ll ever have to compete for women in Western society. -- Beta to Omega white knighthood has to be reined in at all costs–they are a head on the hydra of feminism and must be crushed at will and with extreme prejudice. We can no longer afford to have these rabbit people poisoning men’s souls with their sense of envy cloaked in injustice. The only way to get rid of them is to bury them alive and suffocate them with the truth...'
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4 days ago
YouTube -- VPRO Backlight Documentary: The Chinese Bubble
'Don't let the glittering towers, luxury houses and neon skylines fool you. While China has undergone a profound economic transformation in recent decades, the flashy facade of wealth hides a much more complicated reality which is currently being experienced by the country's non-elite classes. The Chinese Bubble, a documentary produced by the VPRO Backlight series, explores this conundrum through personal portraits and insightful analysis. -- The country's current economic model has only deepened the imbalance between the rich and the poor. Early on in the film, we meet Li Jie, a young taxi driver who transports many of Beijing's richest inhabitants. Sadly, Jie feels that the Chinese dream they epitomize will forever remain out of his reach. The driver works himself ragged, but he can't afford even the most rudimentary life of comfort. He exposes a new custom among the area's rich; they buy up new apartments and leave them vacant until the market rises and they can maximize their profits. Angered by an inability to afford his own suitable housing, the driver pulls his taxi to the side of the road and snaps photos of these empty properties. These pictures almost serve as his form of forensic evidence. -- A majority of the wealth in China is generated through real estate. We learn that 70% of properties in Shanghai are sold to either repeat customers or wealthy buyers who don't even live in the country. The wealth generated by these deals never trickles down to the hard-working impoverished citizens who need it the most. -- The film features an interview with Wang Jianlin, the richest real estate tycoon in China, who proclaims that economic prosperity is available to everyone in the country. This assertion is intercut by scenes of Feng Lun, a construction worker who toils daily on the perilous scaffolding of Jianlin's tallest developments, but struggles to support his wife and children on a meager wage. -- China's development has quadrupled over the past decade, yet the country's per capita income remains lower than most industrialized nations in the world. According to one of the film's interview subjects, this is unlikely to improve as long as China's political leaders continue to behave like "Wall Street traders." The Chinese Bubble shows us the tragic human costs of this growing disparity.'
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4 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- What Obama Means By “The Russian Threat”
'What does Obama mean when he alleges Moscow “continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.” -- He does not mean that Russia is a threat in the ordinary meaning of the word. To understand what Obama means by threat, it is necessary to understand what is the foreign policy of the United States. The foreign policy of the US is to establish American hegemony over the world. -- Russia and China are large countries determined to remain sovereign and not fall under Washington’s vassalage. As Russia and China are immune from American invasion and have the capability to destroy the entirety of the United States with nuclear weapons, both countries are capable of standing up to Washington when Washington’s pursuit of hegemony conflicts with their national interests. -- In other words, both Russia and China are constraints on US unilateralism. This is what Obama means when he says Russia is a threat to the foreign policy of the US.'
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4 days ago
The Intercept -- The Deep State Goes to War With President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer by Glenn Greenwald
'...Their most valuable instrument is the U.S. media, much of which reflexively reveres, serves, believes, and sides with hidden intelligence officials. And Democrats, still reeling from their unexpected and traumatic election loss, as well as a systemic collapse of their party, seemingly divorced further and further from reason with each passing day, are willing — eager — to embrace any claim, cheer any tactic, align with any villain, regardless of how unsupported, tawdry, and damaging those behaviors might be. -- The serious dangers posed by a Trump presidency are numerous and manifest. There is a wide array of legitimate and effective tactics for combating those threats: from bipartisan congressional coalitions and constitutional legal challenges to citizen uprisings and sustained and aggressive civil disobedience. All of those strategies have periodically proven themselves effective in times of political crisis or authoritarian overreach. -- But cheering for the CIA and its shadowy allies to unilaterally subvert the U.S. election and impose its own policy dictates on the elected president is both warped and self-destructive. Empowering the very entities that have produced the most shameful atrocities and systemic deceit over the last six decades is desperation of the worst kind. Demanding that evidence-free, anonymous assertions be instantly venerated as Truth — despite emanating from the very precincts designed to propagandize and lie — is an assault on journalism, democracy, and basic human rationality. And casually branding domestic adversaries who refuse to go along as traitors and disloyal foreign operatives is morally bankrupt and certain to backfire on those doing it. -- Beyond all that, there is no bigger favor that Trump opponents can do for him than attacking him with such lowly, shabby, obvious shams, recruiting large media outlets to lead the way. When it comes time to expose actual Trump corruption and criminality, who is going to believe the people and institutions who have demonstrated they are willing to endorse any assertions no matter how factually baseless, who deploy any journalistic tactic no matter how unreliable and removed from basic means of ensuring accuracy? ...'
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4 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- The Establishment Is Trying To Steal The Presidency From Trump
'...Reuters reports that 2,700 US troops accompanied by tanks are moving across Poland toward the Russian border. Col. Christopher Norrie, commander of the 3rd Armoured Brigade Combat Team, declared: “The main goal of our mission is deterrence and prevention of threats.” Apparently, the colonel is not sufficiently bright to realize that far from preventing threats, the force he is leading presents as a threat. And to no less a military power than Russia. -- What is the point of this miniscule force? It woud not constitute a threat to Russia if it were 100 times larger, perhaps even one thousand times larger. Remember, Hitler invaded Russia against an unprepared Stalin with the largest and best military force the world had ever seen in the largest military operation in human history. The German invasion force was comprised of 3,800,000 troops, 600,000 motorized vehicles, 3,350 tanks, 7,200 artillery pieces, and 2,770 aircraft. The Red Army, despite its officer corps having been purged by Stalin, ate up this magnificient force and won the war against Germany. -- Compared to Stalin’s Russia, Putin’s Russia is prepared. NATO is not capable of assemblying a large enough force to invade Russia. So what is the point of the 2,700 US troops moving across Poland toward Russia? -- The answer is to keep alive the Western propaganda that Russia is a threat and to make it as difficult as possible for Trump to normalize relations with Russia. It is extraordinary that the US military is conducting this provocative exercise that contradicts the policy of the incoming president. The US military, the CIA, and their whores in the US media are undemocratically pursuing their own agenda independently of the policy of the president-elect. According to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, US intelligence officials have even warned the Israeli government not to share intelligence information with the Trump administration, because Putin has “leverages of pressure” over Trump and Trump will leak the information to Russia and Iran. http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.764711 -- We can see how the military/security complex’s sabotage of Trump’s policy works. Constant accusations have forced Trump to say that possibly the Russians were involved in a hacking that never occured, neither by Russia nor anyone else. Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Tillerson, has to declare Russia to be a threat in his confirmation hearing in order to be confirmed. Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Mattis, has had to say in his confirmation hearing that the US needs to be prepared to confront Russia militarily, adding that there are few areas in which the US can cooperate with Russia which he says is trying to break NATO. -- We could dismiss Trump’s admission as throwing a bone to the CIA so they can feel vindicated and get off his back, and the statements by Tillerson and Mattis could be dismissed as what has to be said in order to be confirmed. Nevertheless, these statements from Trump’s top appointments are being used as confirmations that everyone except Trump, even Trump’s own government, realize that Russia is a threat.'
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4 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- Obama The War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children
'Obama is the first president to keep the US at war for the entirety of his eight-year regime. During 2016 alone the US dropped 26,171 bombs on wedding parties, funerals, kid’s soccer games, hospitals, schools, people in their homes and walking their streets, and farmers tilling their fields in seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2017/01/05/bombs-dropped-in-2016/ -- What does the administration have to show for eight years of illegal military interventions in seven countries, none of which comprised a danger to the US and against none of which the US has declared war? Terrorism was created by US invasions, no wars have been won, and the Middle East has been consumed in chaos and destruction. Worldwide hatred of the United States has risen to a record high. The US is now the most despised country on earth. -- The only purposes of these crimes is to enrich the armaments industry and to advance the insane neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony. A tiny handful of despicable people have been able to destroy the reputation of the United States and murder millions of peoples, sending waves of war refugees to the US and Europe. -- We call these “wars,” but they are not. They are invasions, largely from the air, but in Afghanistan and Iraq from troops on the ground. The invasions by air and land are entirely based on blatant, transparent lies. The “justifications” for the invasions have changed a dozen times. -- The questions are: If Trump becomes president, will Washington’s massive crimes against humanity continue? If so, will the rest of the world continue to tolerate Washington’s extraordinary evil?'
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4 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: WaPo begs people to stop saying 'fake news' after they started it all
'Only a few weeks after telling everyone to be wary of 'fake news' – and then being caught propagating fake news egregiously themselves – the Washington Post is now telling people to stop using the term, fake news!'
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4 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: ‘Cyberwar’? Internet goes hysterical after C-SPAN livestream interrupted by RT feed
'Conspiracy theories went viral after C-SPAN’s regular footage was replaced by RT’s news feed for 10 minutes, switching from their live coverage of proceedings in the House of Representatives on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).' -- "We've reached the point where coincidences are impossible, nothing is random, evil Russian spies and propaganda are always to blame."
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4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- British Patriotism Surges
'"PATRIOTISM has boomed in the UK with many Britons considering themselves English over British, a new poll has revealed. The statistics released by YouGov revealed the amount of people describing themselves as English rather than British has risen by five per cent since 2015, now amounting to whopping 19 per cent of Britons." -- This is the beginning of splintering. It will not be long before in-grouping with the English will turn into out-grouping of the migrants – and everybody else who isn’t English. -- Again, the real collapse conditions are not even close to what we are experiencing now, yet still we are seeing the shift. When the real collapse hits, the most hardened right today will look like the wishy/washy left of that future. I would not be surprised to find today’s desire to passively hoard our own resources will become an uncontrollable urge to raid and take the resources of others over the smallest slights.'
rkselectiontheory  UK  conquest  illberalism  backlash  patriotism 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Hungary Swears In Border Hunters
'Private citizens, deputized and armed to catch migrants: "The new recruits will support Hungarian police officers and soldiers in border protection, and will be equipped with pistols with live ammunition, pepper spray, batons, handcuffs and protective kit. Hungarian police were looking to recruit 3,000 of the ‘border hunters’ who will reinforce up to 10,000 police and soldiers." -- You can watch r and K unfold in areas with sparser resource distribution, and know it is how it will play out as the leading edge of the K-shifts moves into the wealthier areas. As the Apocalypse closes is, this is how the entirety of Europe will deal with its borders. But resources have to fall short to remodel brains and make it happen. -- What is funny is how when living in an r-environment, such actions seem extraordinary, yet when living in K, it is just how things are. The most fascinating aspect of r/K is how resource availability warps your sense of the normal, and your logical processing, without you ever even knowing. Your perception of right and wrong just changes. -- When the Apocalypse hits, we will all see a very different, much more violent and callous world than we would prefer today, and it will make just as much sense as anything we think is reasonable right now.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  conquest  backlash  collapse 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- How Does K-selection Promote Pair Bonding?
'Women don’t feel safe: "The number of Swedes claiming to have been sexually assaulted has risen by 70 per cent in two years, with more than 13 per cent of women reporting to be too fearful to go out in the evening. In 2014, just 1 per cent of Swedes said they had been sexually attacked, jumping to 1.7 per cent of the population in 2015 – equivalent to about 129,000 people." -- ... It is easy to be a proud feminist when men always treat you decently, and you always feel safe in a peaceful, conflict-averse, r-selected society. But as the savages take over, and suddenly women are left to protect themselves, having a loyal man who would sacrifice himself to protect his girl will seem like a good idea. And men don’t sacrifice themselves for bitchy feminists. -- Until these Swedish girls figure that out, there will be no girls night out. Either they will find their own Todd Palins and Donald Trumps to woo with sweetness, or they will become veritable encyclopedias of the minutia regarding modern TV shows. On the bright side, there will probably be a marked reduction in the problem of homeless cats which require shelter housing. -- Of course that also means that the metrosexual Gavin Newsoms and Jerry Seinfelds of Sweden will begin to be seen as much less attractive compared to real men like Palin and Trump. That is called natural selection shifting toward K-selection. -- You can see here, in real life and real time, how the onset of the lawless environs produced by the desperation of K-selection changes the sexual preferences and alters the sexual dimorphism of the species. Manly women and girly men will give way to charming, sweet women, and manly men, all out of necessity.'
rkselectiontheory  men  women  civilization  panarchy 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- More Indices Of The Psychological K-shift - Big Government Is The Threat
'"Americans have consistently been more concerned about big government than big business and big labor since Gallup first asked this question in 1965." -- The desire for freedom is the desire to compete. The desire for big government is the desire for a parental-like entity to prevent competition. It is the difference between a child-like psychology unable to cope with a harsh world, and an adult psychology ready to compete freely without supervision in a harsh world. -- As K-approaches, people will grow irritable. They will find obstacles to simply following the instinct to survive unbearable. That means government interfering in their life will be incredibly irritating. If they ever find out the full scope, watch out. -- At the very moment the government will run out of money, and require real sacrifice from the people to maintain operations, the people will be remolded psychologically to find it repellent. A not unlikely outcome will be a dissolution through neglect, ala the Soviet collapse, followed by a reestablishment of a union like the early US through limited treaties between the various states.'
rkselectiontheory  statism  collapse  phyles  panarchy 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Rabbits Look For Free Resources To Create Utopia
'...The biggest threat humanity could face would be a fully automated post-scarcity. Once machines make everything we need, and nobody needs to do anything but eat, sleep, and mate, that is all that humans will evolve to do. The explosion of rabbits and the atrophy of amygdalae will be beyond measure. -- The key at that point will be for humans to have the ability to flee the planet. If K-strategists are trapped on the planet, they will be subsumed in a tsunami of rabbits that will multiply far faster than even the most diligent killer K-population could eradicate them. -- If however, the K-strategist can escape into the universe, you will see a vibrant K-society arise in space, as the planet descends into the most horrific dystopia of unmotivated stoners and hedonists, all maintaining and expressing their vestigial rabbit urges to betray, backstab, virtue signal, narcissistic-attention-whore, bully, compete for victim status, and seek violent outsiders to oppress their enemies. -- It is interesting that even though they are undoubtedly unaware of where their urges lead, there are already rabbits seeking to put the pieces in place to create that exact world. It is what they are working toward, and claiming should be enacted today, even before we are ready for it. -- Rabbits are robots programmed to destroy civilization.'
rkselectiontheory  soma  utopia  dystopia  bravenewworld 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Now The CIA Alleges There Are Multiple Donald Trump Sex Tapes
'...The idea that Donald Trump went to Russia with top level security, and then fell into the trap of making a sex tape with prostitutes for Russian intelligence is laughable. His security would never have let him enter a hotel room without briefing him on the risks. -- And yet, here are our intelligence agencies, every day, trying to float such ridiculous stories designed to damage the one President who might actually reverse this nation’s decline into a collapse. -- Trump is not the type of guy to take this lying down. Clearly there is going to be a major housecleaning in the intelligence services. The first step Trump appears to be taking is to push as many people out into the field overseas as possible. It is a brilliant move. -- Taking a population with risk-averse rabbits, and telling them that they will have to endure risk will be the quickest way to force the rabbits to remove themselves from the population.'
rkselectiontheory  minitrue  minipax 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Civil War Appears More Likely - The Intelligence Agencies vs Trump
'...These are the leftists Obama has installed in the intelligence apparatus. To them, they are the ones who will be running things, and Trump is merely a speed bump they need to navigate, to maintain their control of the nation. This is the Deep State, and it is all liberals and cucks at the top, working together as a seamless machine to control the nation. -- This is a microcosm of a bigger issue we will see arise in America. r and K cannot get along. r’s are designed to betray with pre-emptive appeasement, K’s are designed to in-group against out-groups for competition. r’s want success punished, K-s want success rewarded. r’s want everyone controlled to assuage amygdala, K’s want everyone free, to assuage amygdala. -- What each wants to see enacted is an amygdala irritant to the other, and as time goes on, the level of irritation each produces in the other is only going to increase. As that graph trends up, so too does the potential for conflict – and both graphs have no limit on how high they may rise. -- I do not think bipartisanship is possible going forward. Until the K-shift of the Apocalypse takes hold and the entire populace is K-ified to the point that leftism is effectively removed from the picture, we will be a fractured nation, composed of two segments that increasingly cannot tolerate the presence of each other. Rabbits need ever more rabbitry just as wolves cannot tolerate any more rabbitry. As that fracture grows, we will see ever crazier behavior on each side, designed to destroy the other.'
rkselectiontheory  minipax  subversion  neoconservatism  perpetualwar 
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Spiked -- Why liberals are now falling for fake news
Brendan O'Neill: "The Western liberal media is almost on a suicide mission at the moment. It's so desperate to get one over on Trump, it feels so disorientated by the events 2016 – first by Brexit and then by Trump and by various things that happened in Europe – it feels so disorientated by that and feels so much that its own world view and its own outlook is under attack from ordinary people, that it's becoming increasingly desperate and isolated and unhinged and wanting to lash out – and in the process it's starting to believe conspiracy theories... [The] Western media elite and [the] Western liberal political class [has] utterly lost the plot and is destroying the values it tells us Trump will destroy."
rkselectiontheory  falseconsciousness  elitism  goodthink  minitrue  journalism  snark  hysteria 
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Spiked -- Watersportsgate: Who’s post-truth now? by Brendan O’Neill
'...For months now, these people have been fretting over ‘fake news’, warning we live in a ‘post-truth’ era, sneering at the little people for buying into the lies of any demagogue that promises them a simpler, more immigrant-free life. And yet now these same people are publishing and sharing and snarking over a document that is utterly unverified, its source unknown, its claims unproven, and its tales about as tall as you can get. The dodgiest of dossiers. But it’s okay to push this fantastical ‘news’, these rumours, because their target is Trump, and we all hate Trump, right? -- ... One story in particular has caught Twitter’s and the media’s attention: the claim that Trump hates the Obamas so much that he travelled to a Moscow hotel they once stayed in and hired Muscovite prostitutes to urinate on their actual bed. All while being filmed by Russian intelligence, who had put cameras in the room, and who then blackmailed Trump and basically said to him: ‘Do as we say and wreck America for us or your anti-Obama piss party with hookers will be revealed.’ If you believe this, you’ll believe anything. -- It’s being called Watersportsgate. Of course it is. And this rumour – remember, the source of the rumour is unknown, its documenter unnamed – taps beautifully into the liberal-left’s increasingly conspiracy-theory idea that Trump is in essence a Manchurian Candidate, a puppet of Putin, doing his master’s bidding. And now we know why the president-elect is so dutifully poisoning America on behalf of Evil Russia: it’s at least partly because Russia has the anti-Obama piss prostitute film. This is how out-of-control the pro-Hillary, pro-EU set feels now, how unhinged they have become – that they will engage in a leftish rehash of 1950s McCarthyism, pushing the notion that Russia controls Trump, and hugging every dossier, whatever its lack of veracity, that confirms their view that they didn’t lose, that the EU didn’t fail or Hillary wasn’t rubbish, but rather that wicked foreigners, blackmailers from beyond the Black Sea, invaded our computers and minds and souls and screwed up everything. -- ... We now have a situation where mainstream media outlets call on Facebook to punish people who post links to stories that say ‘Hillary’s advisers operated a paedophile ring in a pizza restaurant’ while simultaneously spreading stories that say ‘Trump travelled to Moscow so he could get prostitutes to piss on Michelle Obama’s pillow’. But it’s only ‘fake news’ when other people do it, right? This is really serious. Objectivity is gone, truth and veracity now take a very far second place to partisanship. On all sides. Right now, many are allowing their hatred of Trump to win out over their commitment to fact-gathering and to being sceptical of intelligence agencies seeking to set the political agenda – witness the demands that the FBI/CIA do more to expose Trump’s alleged Russia links. In their increasingly desperate efforts to prevent Trump from undermining Western liberal values, Western liberals are destroying those values all by themselves.' -- Rabbits gonna rabbit
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Spiked -- NHS: The State Religion by Tim Black
'...the NHS is always seemingly in crisis. In the autumn, for example, it was revealed that hospitals in England had ran up a record deficit of £2.2 billion, which is some going given it recorded a funding surplus of £546million in 2012-13. Before that, there was a ‘crisis’ in accident and emergency wards over the shortage of emergency doctors. Before that there was the junior doctors dispute which, we were told, was set to plunge the NHS into ‘crisis’. And so on. -- The perpetual re-emergence of the NHS’s crisis narrative testifies, in part, to deep-seated problems. This is a huge, monolithic organisation – the fifth largest employer in the world – which, thanks to the aim-setting nature of management, has routinised carelessness, manifest in the myriad tales of care-home abuse and patient maltreatment, in the pursuit of hitting targets; a huge, monolithic organisation that has expanded, hectoring and nannying, into the realm of individuals’ lifestyles, all in the name of public health; a huge, monolithic organisation that, with its expansion, makes ever greater claim on the public purse. And all this expansion, all this increasing of demand, is happening at a time when government spending on the NHS, although it is continuing to rise, is doing so at a declining rate. -- Yet here’s the odd thing about the perpetual crisis in the NHS: no matter how severe the problems, no matter how poor the service provision, no matter how intolerable the current set-up, the much-publicised crisis never provokes an interrogation of the nature of the NHS. The NHS is always there to be saved, never criticised. Every time patients are left unseen on trolleys in a hospital corridor, or the ill and the injured are left untreated in an understaffed emergency room, the causes are always located outside the NHS, usually at Tory headquarters, where, according to lefty legend, Hayek-reading, privatisation-hungry Thatcherites are dreaming up ever-more convoluted ways to ‘destroy the NHS’. The NHS’s problems are always someone else’s fault. There is never anything wrong with the NHS itself. -- That the NHS is seemingly beyond criticism is hardly surprising. After all, as this weekend’s Observer put it, ‘it is much more than a provider of healthcare – it is a cherished national institution’. And as such, it is no longer to be questioned or improved like any other public-service provider; it is beyond criticism. Indeed, it’s a moral symbol; a ‘source of national pride’; a manifestation of British virtue.' -- ...the valorisation of the NHS, indeed its sacralisation, and the reason why it’s so resistant to criticism, touches on something else, too – namely the changed relationship between the state and civil society. -- That is, the NHS, this most sacred of secular cows, has become just about the only way for the state to establish a meaningful relationship between itself and its citizens. It provides the state with its moral purpose, and citizens with an idea not of the Good Life, but of the Healthy Life. It allows the state to relate itself to us not as citizens so much as patients, apparently with an ever-expanding set of biological and increasingly mental needs. Through the idea of the NHS, the state can connect to us as our carer, our protector, our alcohol-averse, anxiety-assuaging healthy-lifestyle guru, ‘from cradle to grave’. No wonder, to quote one champion of the NHS, ‘the strength of [our] attachment to the NHS… reflects its presence on some of the most important days of our lives’. Because, almost like God himself, the NHS really does aspire to be present in our lives, guiding us through according to the disguised moral imperatives of health and wellbeing. -- This transformed relationship between state and citizen, given form in the NHS, doesn’t only reduce the citizen to little more than a biological entity to be preserved and protected; it also damages the NHS by transforming it from a health-service provider, there to treat us when we are ill, or pregnant, or injured, into the means by which the state connects with, and mediates, our lives. This is why the NHS seems to get bigger and bigger. Because it is informed by the state’s urge to connect with us, by turning more and more of us into patients, into those who need treatment, care and guidance. Not for nothing did UK prime minister Theresa May, the supposed scourge of the NHS, announce plans this week to expand the NHS’s mental-health provision for young people...' -- The Handbook of Human Ownership – A Manual for New Tax Farmers: https://youtu.be/k67_imEHTPE
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Spiked -- Gender quotas are an insult to women by Ella Whelan
'...The attempt to force parties to be nicer to women and train them and push them to the front means women being judged and elevated entirely according to their gender, rather than their ideas and ability. -- ...why obsess over equal representation in parliament at all? The idea that women need to see other women in parliament in order to feel engaged and valued is just insulting. So too is the idea that increasing the number of women in parliament will make politics ‘better’ somehow, as if all women have certain consensual qualities — that erases women’s individuality, and their ideologies. -- ...These new proposals are an insult to free-thinking women. The WEC is presenting women as less capable than men, and its supporters are complicit in this portrayal of women as weak, feeble, lacking aspiration, needing encouragement. The best way to encourage women to get into politics is to make politics more interesting – not just for women, but for everyone. The WEP talks about a ‘dearth’ of women in politics, but the real dearth is in ideas. In the end, parties can apply all the lipstick they like, but without big ideas for how to make life better and freer for women and men, they’re not going to attract more women.'
women  victimhood  agencyvspatiency 
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Vessel News -- German Court Gives Muslims Who Tried To Burn Down Synagogue Suspended Sentences, Says Attack Was A "Justified Expression Of Criticism Of Israel’s Policies"
'‘A German regional court in the city of Wuppertal affirmed a lower court decision last Friday stating that a violent attempt to burn the city’s synagogue by three men in 2014 was a justified expression of criticism of Israel’s policies." -- Meet the new Germany, same as the old Germany. This ruling is the apotheosis of Islamopandering. Would a German court say that the attempted torching of a mosque was a justified criticism of jihad terror attacks? Of course not. Nor should it. But this ruling shows how desperate German authorities are to appease their rapidly growing and increasingly aggressive Muslim population.'
europe  germay  conquest  politicalcorrectness 
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Ben Garrison / GrrrGraphics -- Europe, the Globalist Edition
'Cuckistan' -- '...Ostensibly the ‘immigrants’ were brought into Europe to boost the economy and do the work that the citizens wouldn’t do. (Sound familiar?) Instead, they were put on the dole. They got free stuff while out-breeding the locals. They brought their lower IQs and aggressive religion with them. Far too many refuse to assimilate. Why should they? Islam tells them that they are superior. Today, Mohammed is one of the top names for newborn boys. Sharia courts are springing up unopposed. Western civilization is treated with disdain. Women are raped and the police look the other way due to political correctness. -- Why are we seeing this self-immolation by the west? Because lefty loons and George Soros want it. They want to tear down western civilization in order to easily usher in globalism to Europe and America. We are beginning to see some push back. The Brexit vote and the election of Trump signaled that citizens have had enough, but there is much more to be done. Soros needs to be arrested. Merkel needs to be thrown out of office. Mass immigration needs to end. -- I want the countries in Europe to keep their identities, languages and cultures. I don’t want to visit Turkey in Germany, Somalia in Italy or Syria in France. If I wanted to go to Saudi Arabia, I would. I don’t want to see their oppression when I go to Europe. If we want to help the populace of the third world, fine. But keep them in their own countries while doing it. We don’t need to import them and their problems to the west.'
europe  fabianism  conquest  warbrides  politicalcorrectness 
4 days ago
Ben Garrison / GrrrGraphics -- Mainstream Mediasaurus
'They once ruled the earth! -- In some corners it’s crudely referred to as “Piss Gate.” It’s a disgusting and completely fictional event that led to the latest desperation exhibited by the mainstream media, who passed the story along as ’news.’ When it comes to attacking Trump, they respect no boundary. They have no shame. They are no longer journalists. They don’t bother to do research or basic fact checking. If some prurient rumor affects Trump negatively then they go with it, no questions asked. They have no sense of balance, fairness or decency. Trump was right to castigate CNN. They have degenerated into a fake news outlet. They are shrill shills for their globalist, collectivist masters. -- The mainstream media are owned by a handful of global corporations. They are used to having the narrative locked up. They consider themselves owners of the ‘final say.’ They think of themselves as ‘authorities’ when it comes to the truth. They’ve grown accustomed to scripting the news in order to control and brainwash the populace. The people have now awakened thanks to alternative media sources available on the Internet. The elite can’t stand the fact that an outsider, a populist, was elected president and have now revealed themselves for what they are — purveyors of fake news.'
journalism  minitrue  rkselectiontheory  apocalypse 
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Childhood Emotional Neglect -- Your Search For Meaning and Purpose
'You are looking for something very real that is missing. You are looking for something that you have probably never considered. Something real, biological and actually very present. You are searching for your own feelings.'
psychology  meaning  emotions  neglect  schizoid 
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: How to Travel in your Mind
'There is a huge emphasis on having new experiences; but very little emphasis on revisiting them in memory. We would be wiser (and happier) if we learnt to travel more concertedly around the good memories we already have.' -- "Part of the reason we feel the need for so many new experiences may simply be that we're bad at absorbing the ones we've had." -- Nuance vs novelty
psychology  memory  boredom 
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StarTribune.com -- A new disorder is plaguing teenagers: Sleep texting
'...We tend to think of sleep in finite terms: You’re either fully awake or fully asleep. But it’s not that simple, said Dr. Andrew Stiehm, a sleep medicine specialist with Allina Health. It’s possible for the part of the brain that controls motor skills to wake up, while the part of the brain that governs memory and judgment may remain asleep. That’s why some people can perform rote movements – such as walking, talking, texting or even driving – while they’re sleeping. Dr. Gerald Rosen, medical director of the pediatric sleep disorders program at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, considers sleep texting an automatic response, similar to how a mother responds to a baby crying in the middle of the night. “If you’re a mother, you awaken to the sound of your child crying. Even if it’s not a loud noise, it will trigger an awakening,” he said. “That’s essentially what’s happening with lots of kids with their phones.” But Rosen sees sleep texting as a symptom of a larger problem: young peoples’ overreliance on cellphones. “For them, the cellphone is a life link,” he said, “and this is central to how they view the world.”'
texting  ambientintimacy  tethered 
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Aeon Videos -- ‘Space junk’ is a calamity in the making and a threat to anyone venturing off Earth
'‘Space junk’ – including defunct satellites, rocket fragments and even a spatula that escaped the clutches of the astronaut Piers Sellers – has been an inescapable byproduct of space exploration, with only a few negative consequences so far. But with some 200 million objects bigger than a millimetre in size orbiting the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour, every astronaut knows that they are, in Sellers’s words, ‘playing the odds’.'
universe  kipple  documentaries 
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Aeon Essays -- What the childless fathers of existentialism teach real dads by John Kaag
'Many philosophers steer clear of child-rearing because of the sheer difficulty of parenting well. ‘Raising children is an uncertain thing,’ the pre-Socratic philosopher Democritus tells us. ‘Success is reached only after a life of battle and worry.’ Many philosophers – many people – are not well-equipped for this battle. Some know it, and opt out. In our culture, it is tempting to interpret avoiding parenting as a refusal to be appropriately responsible. While there is nothing particularly wrong about this interpretation, it exerts a type of pressure that leads many to become horrible parents. Many adults become parents as a matter of course, rather than as an active choice, despite the fact that they might not be wholly prepared or willing. -- 'Art thou a man entitled to desire a child?’ Nietzsche asks in his childlessness in Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883-91). ‘Art thou the victorious one, the self-conqueror, the ruler of thy passions, the master of thy virtues? Thus do I ask thee.’ For many people, including Nietzsche, reticence and refusal is the most appropriate response to such difficult questions. In the Republic, Socrates comments that the reluctant ruler is the only one who should lead the polis, and the same might go for parenting: only those who fear and tremble in the face of fatherhood are worthy of assuming its infinite responsibility. Perhaps being scared and running away just means that you are paying attention. -- ... Arthur Schopenhauer, arguably the first existentialist philosopher, suggests that one should adjust his expectations about life or, in this case, life with children. It is best to view it, in Schopenhauer’s words ‘as an unprofitable episode, disturbing the blessed calm of non-existence’. This is not to say that one should hate parenting or think that children don’t do their share in making it bearable or even enjoyable. It’s to suggest that parenting, like the rest of life, is ‘a task to be done’, in Schopenhauer’s words. It is the very difficult journey of negotiating freedom such that, when each of us is delivered to our unceremonious end, there isn’t the nagging sense that one hasn’t lived. When we say that we want our children to be happy and safe, what we should mean is this – that they have grown up to make free decisions that are meaningful and that they are willing to stake their lives on them.'
philosophy  stocisim  pessimism  parenting  fatherhood  responsibility 
10 days ago
JoNova -- Richard Lindzen: Axe climate science funding. Groupthink has destroyed intellectual foundations.
'Richard Lindzen: "The field is cluttered with entrenched figures who must toe the established line, he said, pointing to a recent congressional report that found the Obama administration got a top Department of Energy scientist fired and generally intimidated the staff to conform with its politicized position on climate change. -- “Remember this was a tiny field, a backwater, and then suddenly you increased the funding to billions and everyone got into it,” Lindzen said. “Even in 1990 no one at MIT called themselves a ‘climate scientist,’ and then all of a sudden everyone was. They only entered it because of the bucks; they realized it was a gravy train. You have to get it back to the people who only care about the science.” -- ... Science will only be healthy if there is competition from non-government funded research though private philanthropy (thank you to all you philanthropists out there who keep us going!). -- To earn tax dollars, scientists must propose falsifiable ideas and be willing to debate in public against their most ardent critics. Their datasets and work emails need to be publicly available. -- Those who break tenets of science by waffling on about “consensus” science should be disqualified henceforth and immediately, and not be allowed in the classroom either.'
forcedmemes  globalwarming  statism  corruption  consensus  duckspeak  RichardLindzen 
10 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Anti-Surveillance Clothing Confuses Face Recognition
'When the revolution begins, people will be printing out stickers with their license plate numbers and sticking them on delivery trucks, putting stickers with pictures of their faces on taxis, and wearing white see-through balaclavas and sunglasses everywhere. I could even see everyone settling down on a standard outfit, like a red hoodie and blue jeans, so when they hit the street, they disappear into a sea of identical individuals in white balaclavas, red hoodies, and blue jeans. Assuming you had the battery out of your cell phone, and your credit cards and IDs were in a foil faraday wrapping in your pocket, and you were not somehow “tagged,” it would make following you quite difficult. -- And you thought everyone dressed the same and shaved their head in the future because they were trying to be a seamless part of the collective. In reality, they were all trying to lose their surveillance coverage.'
rkselectiontheory  surveillance  facialrecognition  countermeasures  scramblesuit 
10 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- 1000 Man Mob Runs Amuck On New Years Eve In Germany
'..."At New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dortmund a mob of more than 1,000 men chanted ‘Allahu Akhbar’, launched fireworks at police, and set fire to a historic church. -- Already by 7 pm a man was hospitalised with first-degree burns to his face and hands after fireworks were hurled at a group of homeless people outside the city’s main train station. More than two dozen people were injured at festivities in Dortmund, some seriously. -- The events of the night were described as “quiet” by police in a statement, and as “normal” by a spokesman for the city government." -- This is why the countries the refugees are fleeing from are such violent shitholes. Their people are violent and thuggish by their nature. That the European leaders would purposely import people from violent countries, and expect them to be peaceful is beyond comprehension. -- It is unbelievable Europe is now facing perhaps one of the most violent and brutal civil wars any people have ever faced, and the leaders are too stupid to be able to see what is blatantly obvious to even idiots. It will be a continent-wide, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, house to house war, it is totally avoidable, and it is practically being created purposefully. -- Even more amazingly, the leftists doing this have no idea how they are going to utterly destroy the leftism they so dearly cherish. -- Despite what may very well be millions of deaths that this will produce, the stupidity producing the civil war that is coming will be the most memorable aspect in the history books.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  conquest 
11 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Germany To Make Migrants Immune To Deportation If They Witness Right Wing Hate
'Talk mean to a migrant, and the migrant, as well as any other migrant who saw it, can stay in your country: "MIGRANTS who suffer or witness “right-wing” hate crimes will be immune from deportation under proposals put forward by the federal German state of Brandenburg… -- Supporters of the move argue new arrivals are uniquely vulnerable without support networks in Germany and deportation could make their lives harder. -- The regional parliament also agreed “to ask the regional government to make sure that victims of right-wing violent crimes are offered the possibility of being issued with residence permits and tolerances”."
rkselectiontheory  europe  germany  conquest  victimhood  predation  stockholmsyndrome 
11 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Nobody Cares If They Are Called Racist Anymore, Now That Racist Implies Anti-Muslim-Migrant
'...This will be traumatic to the rabbits. I think it is somehow related to the stillface expression’s effect in an amygdala hijack. If you are a psychology that cannot compete, and all you have is the hope of being able to make your opponent surrender through the application of social pressure, then seeing them ignore social pressure must be very traumatic.'
rkselectiontheory  illiberalism  snark 
11 days ago
YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio/[Alison Tieman/Typhonblue]: How SJWs' shameful secret will defeat them
"...Before the internet we had real life interactions to mediate our desire for ideological purity. We might be a liberal but there's always an uncle Bart who is a staunch Republican. When the Republicans won after how ever many administrations of Democrats, people got feisty but you didn't have the media and academia promoting the idea that one side of the debate was sub-human. In previous generations not only did our public social interactions mediate our politics, people who were truly different were far away; we could go our life without talking to a Russian Communist or a Radical Muslim. Social media can simultaneously create the most purified social consensus in history. Enclaves of people who think in absolute lockstep, who have been subject to waves of purging heretics that doesn't actually require getting off your ass and shooting anyone in the head. You can take part in a forum with hundreds of thousands of people who think exactly as you do, and yet a click away is a forum with hundreds of thousands of people who think in exactly the opposite way. Because simultaneous with being able to create the most rarefied, concentrated and purified puritanism around our beliefs, we're forced into constant potential conflict with people who have fundamental disagreements with us. Meaning not only are these hives of puritanism in a constant state of purging themselves of heretics that have the ability or will to think different, they can also believe themselves to be under constant threat of being overrun by the impure heathens... Puritans have responded predictably with blocked lists, walled gardens, and attempts to nuke the biodiversity of the internet so that they don't have to deal with the filthy thoughts of people who disagree. The conditions we're seeing on the internet are perfect for rise of a new breed of puritan: the puritan who has survived waves of purges, the puritan who cannot conceive of a single thought outside of social consensus, the puritan who feels herself under constant threat of being made impure because the vandals are only one click from her sanctum. People don't just decide to pick up guns and start shooting their neighbours one day. Atrocity always starts with puritan rage. The pure is threatened, the damsel has to be avenged. And the internet is the breeding ground for the purest of puritan rage. If these super puritans get into positions of power, there will be purges, they will burn society to the ground to destroy all the invisible bananas. They will take out the human race. And now super puritanism has infested one of the U.S.'s political parties: 'Wronged woman' rhetoric is war propaganda. It's the kind of stuff directed at an enemy tribe before you genocide them." -- "Your puritan desire to eradicate impurity, whatever you decide to call purity or impurity, will lead you to do monstrous things. The desire for purity is at the root of all atrocity...whatever word you use for sin, your need to eradicate it will lead you to become the devil that you fight."
internet  socialmedia  discourse  consensus  goodthink  echochamber  illiberalism  threatnarrative  exceptionalism  scapegoating  joycamp  1984  * 
11 days ago
YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio/[Alison Tieman/Typhonblue]: Why SJWs are smarter than you
"...Thalt shalt not touch the banana. Further, thalt shalt not ask why thou cannot touch the banana." -- "So what is a [group]-fearing, banana-loving, chimp to do with a desire that cannot be satiated in any socially acceptable way? He channels it into disgust...using this kind of sour grapes thinking, the chimp can avoid seeing his submission to social consensus around the banana as submission but as his own choice to avoid something that is obviously disgusting... Over time the edifice of disgust creates its own ecology and we encounter a new breed of chimp: the puritan. The puritan has a fetish for purging herself and society of filth. She sees the world in black and white, in pure scapegoats and pure victims, and attempts to eradicate the impure by identifying all of the impurities. Interestingly enough, the puritan uses her own desire to eradicate sin, the instant she feels desire she throws a red flag on it and turns it into disgust. Now our cage of chimps doesn't just have an unquestionable assumption, it has the beginnings of a church around that unquestionable assumption, a hierarchy of puritan chimps who can explain why bananas are impure, sinful and gross, and can explain why liking bananas makes us all sexist. And in defining sin, they've also defined salvation." -- "Welcome to disgust-based morality..." -- "The puritan thinks so quickly because she has no distractions from her conclusion. And her conclusion is always that you disagree because you are [impure]."
psychology  disgust  ideology  morality  consensus  groupthink  dogma  bellyfeel  slavespeak  illiberalism  feminism  threatnarrative  victimhood  morallicensing  scapegoating  Nietzsche  * 
11 days ago
YouTube -- Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Depression
'Why does popular culture glorify and fetishize depression? It's now a form of virtue signaling to constantly drone on about how depressed you are on social media.' -- "We've been indoctrinated that everybody has a right to happiness. No you don't. Happiness is earned by the way you live your life. If you make bad life choices, you become dissatisfied life, you become depressed..."
psychology  rkselectiontheory  faggotry  decadence  entitlement  learnedhelplessness  depression  soma  bravenewworld 
11 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: 'Clinton email leak done by insider, not Russia' - frmr UK diplomat & whistleblower
'The US Intelligence Community has accused Russia and Vladimir Putin personally of meddling in last year's US presidential election, through hacking and propaganda. Craig Murray, a former UK diplomat and whistleblower joins RT to discuss this issue.' -- '@WikiLeaks: US government's declassified "Russian hacking" report has the curious disclaimer that it is based on watching TV and reading tweets.'
america  empire  minitrue  minipax  twominuteshate  russia 
11 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday CrossTalk: Targeting Russia
'Allegations and even more allegations: weeks after Donald Trump won the presidency the outgoing administration and some in the intelligence community, and of course the mainstream media accuse Russia of hacking the election – but where is the evidence?' -- "For the most part, American journalism has been filled with careerists who live vicariously through the powerful people that they cover, and they ignore the greater power that the press has which is to cut those powerful people down to size. And until you get the skepticism that we no longer have in the media, they're going to take whatever the CIA – of all agencies – tells them about Russian hacking and other matters."
journalism  minitrue  statism  elitism  complianceprofessionals  duckspeak 
11 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- NYTimes Uses Fake News Headline to Report Trump’s Meeting With CIA
'NYTimes email report on Trump’s briefing with CIA: “Donald Trump, after an intelligence briefing, conceded that Russia was among the possible culprits in the hacking of the D.N.C.” -- Contrast this Fake News Headline from the CIA asset known as the NYTimes with what Trump actually said: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-06/trump-confirms-no-effect-outcome-election-following-intelligence-briefing [Zero Hedge: Trump Confirms "No Effect On The Outcome Of The Election" Following Intelligence Briefing -- Trump: "While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines..." -- The mainstream media is very disappointed...]'
journalism  minitrue  minipax 
11 days ago
Twitter -- Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet
'The intelligence community has produced a report saying it is highly confident that the intelligence community is correct.'
minipax  war  perpetualwar 
11 days ago
The Onion -- Report: No One Currently Thinking About You
'A comprehensive report issued Thursday has revealed that not a single one of the 7.5 billion inhabitants of earth is thinking about you right now. “An analysis of the evidence definitively shows that absolutely no one anywhere is giving any thought whatsoever to your life, your work, your well-being, your opinions, or your feelings,” the report read in part, before going on to state that of the scores of human beings who have visually registered your presence over the past several hours or the many thousands you have crossed paths with during your lifetime, precisely zero of them are actively thinking about you as a person or considering anything even remotely related to your individual existence. “Whatever words you may have spoken today and whatever tasks you may have accomplished—no one is thinking about any of that. No one has noticed what you’re wearing, either, or how well or poorly groomed you are. You might, of course, be thinking about yourself, but you are most certainly the only being in the entire expanse of the universe currently doing that.” In addition to concluding that no one is thinking about you at present, the report also found that you have not crossed anyone’s mind for quite some time and that nobody is expected to think about you at any point in the foreseeable future.'
TheOnion  existentialism  aloneness  abyss  freedom  separationanxiety  satire 
12 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- The Coup Against Truth
'...For several years Russia and her president have experienced endless demonization. The Russians know that Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia (done while Putin was at the Beijing Olympics) was a Washington provocation. The Russians know that Washington’s coup in Ukraine (done while Putin was at the Sochi Olympics) was a provocation aimed at seizing Russia’s Black Sea naval base in Crimea and cutting Russia off from the Mediterranean. The Russians know that Washington knows that the charges that Russia hacked Hillary’s emails and the US presidential election are lies. The Russians know that the “Russian threat” created by Washington is a lie along with all of its permutations, such as an impending Russian invasion of Poland and the Baltics. The Russians understand that US ABM bases on Russia’s borders are provocations, as are NATO military exercises on Russia’s borders and in the Black Sea. You can add to this list on your own. -- The lies are ubiquitous, have grown more absurd, and are now institutionalized in the US government in the CIA, executive branch agencies, and among many US senators and representatives. That these lies are validated by endless media repetitions throughout the Western world are viewed by Russia as indications that Western populations are being prepared for a military attack on Russia. Putin has warned publicly on many occasions that the Western propaganda is dangerously destabilizing. Yet, as he also notes, no one hears his warnings. -- Washington is so intent on its anti-Russian propaganda that Congress has passed, and Obama has signed, an intelligence bill that contains a section, Title V, that authorizes active measures to counter purveyors of false news. These purveyors are alternative media websites, such as this one, that challenge the official lies. The truthful alternative media is accused of being under Russian influence. Last summer a website shrouded in secrecy was created that recently posted a list of 200 websites alleged to be under Russian influence, either directly or indirectly. The Washington Post irresponsibly published a long article endorsing the fake news of 200 websites working for the Russian government. -- In other words, the suppression of the truth is the last defense of the corrupt American ruling establishment. During the last 24 years three Washington regimes have murdered millions of peoples in nine or more countries along with US civil liberty. To cover up these vast crimes, unparalleled in history, the presstitutes have lied, slandered, and libeled. -- And the Washington criminal regime holds itself up to the world as the indispensable protector of democracy, human rights, truth, and justice. As the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said recently, what makes America exceptional is the use of might in the service of evil.'
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Spiked -- Russia-bashing: the world’s most dangerous blame game by Tim Black
'...today’s Western elites seem to want to believe it. They want to see the hand of Putin in every challenge they face, every problem they confront, and increasingly every setback they endure. The specific problems differ, but the elite refrain is the same: it’s not our failure. It’s not our fault. It’s Russia that’s to blame. It’s Russia that is the demiurge of world affairs, the power behind the aspirants to assorted thrones, the ignition for the world’s conflagration, the threat to what should be an otherwise orderly world ruled over by the great and good. -- ...more often than not, the demonisation of Russia, its Western construction as an imperial aggressor, results in offensive moves, from the build-up of NATO forces in the Baltic to ever more onerous economic and political sanctions. -- Western elites are playing a hugely dangerous, destabilising game. If they demonise a nation, if they constantly suggest that it’s behind the world’s problems, if they ramp up military and economic aggression against it, then there’s a chance that nation will become in reality what it is in their nightmares: a mortal enemy. Senator John McCain called the alleged Russian cyberhack an ‘act of war’. At this stage, it’s pretty clear who the real warmongers are.'
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Spiked -- What can we learn from the Chicago Facebook kidnapping? by Brendan O’Neill
'...That the attackers broadcast their foul deeds is striking. It points to an increasingly warped reality-TV culture, where exposure — of the self, of one’s failings, of one’s virtues, of everything — counts for all. Young people in particular live every part of their lives in the virtual glare: their social lives, their personal lives, and now perhaps their violent lives. There have been live-streamed suicides, and now we have a live-streamed assault. In our tell-all culture it seems nothing can be done privately anymore — even crime. -- That the protagonists made no effort to cover their faces suggests they may have considered their behaviour cool, even good. There was a warped political streak to the attack. They shouted ‘Fuck Trump’ and ‘Fuck white people’. This might suggest that being anti-Trump has become so right-on, and being against ‘white privilege’ so PC, that these attackers thought of themselves as doing decent work. We don’t know, of course, but the self-publicity and anti-white nature of the attack makes it something worth discussing. -- But many aren’t discussing it. It hasn’t caused a Twitterstorm, certainly not among the Twitterati, that leftish, right-thinking set that usually sets the agenda on Twitter. This is revealing. Just imagine if a group of men filmed themselves attacking a woman while saying ‘Fuck Hillary’ and ‘Fuck women’ — it would be global news, for weeks. It would be held up as evidence of the West’s entrenched misogyny and of ‘Hillary hate’. But a group of blacks attacking a white while saying ‘Fuck Trump’ is not proof of anything, it seems. There’s a double standard.'
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Spiked -- The narcissism of foreign aid by Ella Whelan
'It's now entirely about making Westerners feel good. -- ...sending aid isn’t really about helping the Third World - it’s about massaging Western governments’ self-image. Just as middle-class young people go on gap years to developing countries to help the little people and burnish their CVs, so the UK government spends money abroad to prove its moral worth on the global stage. Sure, giving millions to Pakistani aid programmes won’t better a Karachi family’s life in the long term, but at least it gives guilty Western politicos some brownie points. -- What’s more, pro-aid politicians are deeply hypocritical. They often wax lyrical about how they want to end suffering in developing countries, yet they do everything they can to slow real development. If the government was serious about lifting people out of poverty, it would support industrialisation and mass economic growth, rather than attending international conferences on environmentalism aimed at curbing developing nations’ use of fossil fuels. If it was honestly interested in alleviating world hunger, it would consider cancelling the international debt (or even the growing interest on the original debt) owed by poorer countries. MPs support the idea that Something Must Be Done in the abstract, but, in the end, none of them is actually serious about giving developing countries the freedom to achieve the same standard of living as we enjoy in the West.'
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The Book of Life -- Aphorisms on Confidence
'...Hesitation is grounded in a sense of risk, a sense that a new move presents us with appalling dangers. But our inaction is not in itself cost free, for in the wings, out of regular conscious awareness, there is something arguably far more frightening still than failure: the tragedy of wasting our lives. -- We too easily ignore the most stupid yet deepest fact about our existence: that it will end. The brutal fact of our mortality seems so implausible, we live in practical terms like immortals, as if we will always have the opportunity to address our stifled longings – one day… -- By stressing the dangers of failure, we underrate the seriousness of the dangers lurking within passivity. In comparison with the horror of our final exit, the pains and troubles of our bolder moves and riskier ventures do not, in the end, seem so terrifying. We should learn to frighten ourselves a bit more in the area around mortality to be less scared in all others.'
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The Future Primaeval -- Rules for Brotherhood
'Men and women are different. These differences are significant to the function of social groups. There are many examples of social groups, especially in politics and hobbies, ruined and derailed by inter-sexual drama. Purposeful groups should therefore adopt rules to eliminate sociosexual drama and improve group cohesion. -- Here is a set of rules that we use in our groups for this purpose: #Brotherhood. The group shall be composed exclusively of men. #No Ex-Girlfriends. No man in the group shall be in contact with any member's ex girlfriend. #Monoandry. No man in the group shall flirt with another's girlfriend, nor allow any flirting between girlfriends and any other man. #Monogyny. No man in the group shall pursue multiple women at the same time or in quick succession, especially not to the exclusion of the other men in the group. -- To us "enlightened" modern folk, such rules sound archaic, bizzare, and positively illiberal. Why should we be so controlling? Why can't we just let it all be cool, man? But to nearly everyone else in history, they are so obvious as to not be worth mentioning. It turns out that everyone else is right on this one, and the modern liberal is wrong; there are very good reasons to enforce rules like these in male-dominated groups. Let's explore the details: ... -- Unfortunately, these rules are much discouraged these days, and may become illegal at some point, as the cohesive male groups they form are difficult for the modern state to control politically. Male groups are not inherently a defection against the rest of society, but they only really fit within an organically ordered society in which the interests of the state are aligned with the interests of the people, because they tend to become locally more powerful than the far-away state. The state no longer understands how to organically align everyone's interests under ordered leadership, so it is opposed to powerful intermediate groups like brotherhoods. This is, incidentally, exactly why these rules seem extreme to the modern mind; everything truly dangerous to state power eventually has public perception turned against it by the media allies of the state.'
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YouTube -- Black Pigeon Speaks: Cologne One Year On: Germany Embraces Sharia
"Germany is a cautionary tale of public masochistic altruism and a nation state that sees virtue signalling as more important than the safety of its citizens."
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The Blackdragon Blog -- I Officially Disavow and Repudiate Rapey PUA
'...I have been forced to make a public statement like this for legal reasons as a public provider of dating and relationship advice. -- I really wish I didn’t have to make a statement like this, but regardless, everything I’m about to say I believe with 100% conviction. -- Over the last three years or so, there has been a disturbing amount of cases regarding PUAs, or men somehow associated with PUA, who are either defending rape, recommending rape, teaching techniques that are equivalent to sexual assault, and in some recent cases, actually committing and being found guilty of rape...' http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/california-pick-artist-who-raped-woman-blogged-about-it-jailed-8-years-1596379
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Anonymous Conservative -- California Legalizes Child Prostitution
'"Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right. -- SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution." -- ... There is no political theorem which would could possibly explain, let alone predict that an embrace of child sex would accompany the decline. Only r/K Theory can allow one to fully understand the changes which accompany the lives of civilizations, and the forces which are producing them. -- r-selection is what our population is working toward. This is courtesy of free resource availability eliciting dopamine releases in our brains in such quantity that our amygdalae are being shut off, and atrophying. Part of this process is, in the most r-individuals, an erosion of all sexual boundaries, reduction in sexual selectiveness, and a drive to mate with younger mates – and it is growing in the populace. -- This is a process, so for now we are just tolerating this, but given enough time, those who oppose it would end up risking incarceration by a society which would fully embrace the r-selected reproductive strategy as their “human right.” -- The last boundary will be individuals withholding consent. I expect that at some point all the liberal fatties and uggos will demand the right to mate with whatever high-value mates they desire – and any high-value attractive person who withholds consent will be the one who risks state sanctioned punishment for their evil denial of the rabbit’s right to boink them. -- Eventually in this process, even rape will be legalized, and rabbits will justify it in their mind with a rage at the pretty attractive people, and all the unfair advantages they enjoy due to their good genetic luck.'
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18 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Fury over The Guardian's falsely re-writing transcript of Assange interview
'Journalist Glenn Greenwald has accused his former employer, The Guardian, of falsifying the words of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a report about the interview he gave to La Repubblica. For more on this, Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at NYU, joins RT America's Ashlee Banks.'
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18 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Is the CIA weaponizing the concepts ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘fake news?’
'The term ‘conspiracy theory’ found a replacement in 2016 with the concept of fake news. But both have been weaponized to distort the views of alternative platforms and foreign media, according to legal and media analyst Lionel, of LionelMedia, who joins us to talk about the history and social role of these terms.' -- Poisoning the well
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Breitbart -- Migrants Angry with Sweden Expected 'Own House', Girlfriend
'Migrants dissatisfied with the quality of life provided for them by Swedish taxpayers are increasingly speaking out, with one Syrian even accusing Swedes of wanting to kill him and his fellow ‘refugees’. -- “You have made our lives miserable”, Syrian Mohammad Jumaa wrote in an opinion piece published by Sweden’s public broadcaster Thursday. Blasting how he and other migrants have waited a year but have yet to be provided with “a good and natural life”, which includes a well-paid job, he laments: “We are people, not animals that only need to eat and sleep!” ... Waiting “is the same as dying”, and it “leads to a lot of stress” and “a lot of bad feelings”, the Syrian explained. Adding that most migrants feel the same way, Mohammed begs Swedes to show care for him and his cohorts, and to see them as “human beings and not just animals or numbers”. -- His fellow Syrian, Mahmoud, made a similar appeal for compassion in an interview broadcast Tuesday. “I want a house”, he told Swedish Radio, bemoaning having to live in an apartment, which he said hampered his chances of finding a girlfriend. -- Presenter Katarina Gunnarsson notes that the Syrian’s room, paid for by taxpayers “looks like a hotel room”, but Mahmoud said he had higher expectations of life in Sweden. -- “I had very high hopes of getting my own private house. And then they give me this apartment. It’s like a refugee camp. What is the difference?” the former Damascus resident complained. -- “I’m 25 years old and have not had a girlfriend before. I’m still a virgin. I’m looking for a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife. But this is impossible, how can I be able to have a life in this room?” he added.'
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18 days ago
ClubOrlov -- Is Obama a Russian Agent?
'Sometimes a case looks weak because there is no “smoking gun”—no obvious, direct evidence of conspiracy, malfeasance or evil intent—but once you tally up all the evidence it forms a coherent and damning picture. And so it is with the Obama administration vis à vis Russia: by feigning hostile intent it did everything possible to further Russia’s agenda. And although it is always possible to claim that all of Obama’s failures stem from mere incompetence, at some point this claim begins to ring hollow; how can he possibly be so utterly competent… at being incompetent? Perhaps he just used incompetence as a veil to cover his true intent, which was always to bolster Russia while rendering the US maximally irrelevant in world affairs. Let’s examine Obama’s major foreign policy initiatives from this angle. -- Perhaps the greatest achievement of his eight years has been the destruction of Libya. Under the false pretense of a humanitarian intervention what was once the most prosperous and stable country in the entire North Africa has been reduced to a rubble-strewn haven for Islamic terrorists and a transit point for economic migrants streaming into the European Union. This had the effect of pushing Russia and China together, prompting them to start voting against the US together as a block in the UN Security Council. In a single blow, Obama assured an important element of his legacy as a Russian agent: no longer will the US be able to further its agenda through this very important international body. -- Next, Obama presided over the violent overthrow of the constitutional government in the Ukraine and the installation of an American puppet regime there. When Crimea then voted to rejoin Russia, Obama imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation. These moves may seem like they were designed to hurt Russia, but let’s look at the results instead of the intentions. First, Russia regained control of an important, strategic region. Second, the sanctions and the countersanctions allowed Russia to concentrate on import replacement, building up the domestic economy. This was especially impressive in agriculture, and Russia now earns more export revenue from foodstuffs than from weapons. Third, the severing of economic ties with the Ukraine allowed Russia to eliminate a major economic competitor. Fourth, over a million Ukrainians decided to move to Russia, either temporarily or permanently, giving Russia a major demographic boost and giving it access to a pool of Russian-speaking skilled labor. (Most Ukrainians are barely distinguishable from the general Russian population.) Fifth, whereas before the Ukraine was in a position to extort concessions from Russia by playing games with the natural gas pipelines that lead from Russia to the European Union, now Russia’s hands have been untied, resulting in new pipeline deals with Turkey and Germany. In effect, Russia reaped all the benefits from the Ukrainian stalemate, while the US gained an unsavory, embarrassing dependent. -- Obama’s next “achievement” was in carefully shepherding the Syrian conflict into a cul de sac. (Some insist on calling it a civil war, although virtually all of the fighting there has between the entire Syrian nation and foreign-funded outside mercenaries). To this end, Obama deployed an array of tactics. He simultaneously supported, armed, trained and fought various terrorist groups, making a joke of the usual US technique of using “terrorism by proxy.” He made ridiculous claims that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own people, which immediately reminded everyone of similarly hollow claims about Saddam’s WMDs while offering Russia a legitimate role to play in resolving the Syrian conflict. He made endless promises to separate “moderate opposition” from dyed-in-the-wool terrorists, but repeatedly failed to do so, thus giving the Russians ample scope to take care of the situation as they saw fit. He negotiated several cease fires, then violated them. -- There have been other achievements as well. By constantly talking up the nonexistent “Russian threat” and scaremongering about “Russian aggression” and “Russian invasion” (of which no evidence existed), and by holding futile military exercises in Eastern Europe and especially in the geopolitically irrelevant Baltics, Obama managed to deprive NATO of any residual legitimacy it once might have had, turning it into a sad joke. -- But perhaps Obama’s most significant service on behalf of the Russian nation was in throwing the election to Donald Trump. This he did by throwing his support behind the ridiculously inept and corrupt Hillary Clinton. She outspent Trump by a factor of two, but apparently no amount of money could buy her the presidency. As a result of Obama’s steadfast efforts, the US will now have a Russia-friendly president who is eager to make deals with Russia, but will have to do so from a significantly weakened negotiating position.'
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20 days ago
Truth Revolt -- Woman Has Random Sex to Cope with Trump Victory
'On this week's edition of NY Mag's "Sex Diaries," which "asks anonymous city dwellers to record a week in their sex lives," an embittered millennial describes having random sex to cope with Donald Trump's election victory. -- An unflinching descent into nihilism, the woman, billed as "a 28-year-old health technologist managing online dating and recent political sadness," posts about various sexual encounters throughout a seven-day period involving her roommate Toby and random guys on Tinder, as well as her own miserable outlook on the state of political affairs. -- She's everything that Sex & the City promoted in young women: narcissism, immodesty, and unabashed promiscuity. Notice the flippant way she speaks about hooking up with her roommate Toby, despite him having a girlfriend in "some Southern red state": "I’m surprised to find myself thoroughly enjoying this — it’s our first time hooking up," she says of the encounter. "What makes this scandalous is that he has a girlfriend in some Southern red state, where he’ll be moving back to in three days." -- This quickly becomes a pattern for her as the more she feels depressed and hopeless about the world under Trump, the more she just wants to escape in meaningless sex. -- "The only time my mind stops racing with the rapidly encroaching state of worldwide disarray is during great sex," she says. " My strategy to fulfill my sexual self when everything else sucks is compartmentalization. Everyone serves a set of purposes, and a well-balanced carnal-cardiovascular regimen is essential in maintaining mental and physical health in times of disarray."'
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20 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Social Media Implicated In Mall Violence
'... All are bad situations, even if you are armed – and especially if the gangs are armed. -- Right now, food is everywhere and the savages do this for fun. -- Imagine if there was no food. Imagine if welfare disappeared. Imagine if the economic system collapsed and currency became essentially worthless, so you could not exchange value easily. -- Everybody is starving, when word goes out to these savages on social media that the Kwikimart on Main Street just got a shipment of food. Imagine if these savages weren’t doing this on a lark, but were doing this as a mission. Imagine if instead of showing up to fight with their fists, they were showing up with guns to kill. Imagine if that fate awaited every store that got a shipment of food. How many would stay in business? -- Imagine being a white person, in that store, shopping with some form of value in your pockets, when the mobs came swarming in like locusts, and saw you with what you were going to use to purchase food. Imagine enemy gangs, like the Bloods and the Crips showing up at the same time, and deciding to fight it out right there. Most such stores prevent exfiltration through back exits, for fear shoplifters would escape with stolen merchandise. If the gangs swarm in, the only way out passes directly through the mob. -- You can see how racial in-grouping will start quickly, and communities will segregate. When confronted with such a threat, people will do anything that holds even the slightest promise of alleviating the threat. As each race in-groups against the other, resentments will build, and that will produce even greater in-grouping. -- We have never seen real K-selection. In truth, we have never seen an economic collapse combined with violent organized street gangs and copious weapons availability, all in close proximity to peaceful communities of responsible people. That will be an Apocalypse.'
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20 days ago
Daily Mail -- They open their homes to adopt – then find they’ve taken on youngsters who wreck their family. Why do we continue to BETRAY loving parents, asks CAROL SARLER
'... Two generations ago, a typical case would have involved a teenage girl who had ‘got herself in trouble’. -- She would have bloomed with health but, not wanting an abortion and fearful for the future, she would have ‘given up’ her equally healthy child. -- Today, the babies ‘given up’ are too few to count. A teen mum nowadays tends either to opt for abortion, or keeps her child; shame is a thing of the past and she knows she will receive State support. -- This means that the current pool, from which around 5,000 children a year are adopted in England alone, have been taken from birth parents not fit to care for them. -- The children being adopted now are the offspring of our drunks, our derelicts, our damaged and our junkies. -- And the result is an untold scandal, blighting the lives of thousands of well-meaning families. -- ... Sophie and her husband Tom — both teachers in leafy suburbs of London — had no idea of the difficulties Katya might face. As Sophie says: ‘There weren’t any signs from the medical profession. Although there was a caveat: “We don’t know about long-term effects of the in-utero experience.” That’s their get-out clause, isn’t it?’ -- In other words, the drugs Katya’s mother was thought to be taking when she was pregnant may have had a devastating effect on the foetus, but the doctors simply said they didn’t know how that would play out as the child was growing up. -- ... Burnell says: ‘I’ve heard it a lot, and I don’t think parents have been told the full story. I don’t think social workers fully understand the impact that past significant harm will have. They think good parenting is the solution to bad parenting.’ -- They think that if you love the children enough it will heal them? ‘Yes,’ he agrees. ‘But you don’t take the abuse out of a child by taking the child out of the abuse.’'
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21 days ago
Europeancivilwar.com -- Ethno-Masochism Is Not A ‘Fringe’ Position
'There are some people on the left who are actually pretty reasonable when it comes to issues of Western Civilization, the clash of civilizations question, European-Suicidalism, etc. They recognize that mass-Muslim immigration is creating a terrible, terrible situation in Europe, and they reject the policies of people like Angela Merkel, dismissing her insane drive to Islamize Germany as either a) blindness to reality, or b) an unfortunate and somewhat tragic excess of zeal in the realm of humanitarianism and human rights. -- Despite this however, these individuals are usually highly reluctant to label such beliefs as anything more than those of a ‘kooky fringe’. They think that ‘white self-hatred” and what we would call ‘ethno-masochism’ or “European-Suicidalism” is confined to perhaps 1-5% of the population. -- It makes sense for them to view the world this way, for if they didn’t, and they acknowledged that these ideas are the pillars the modern Left is built upon, they would be labeling themselves as part of them. They are too logical to do this, but still harbor too much inherent distrust and animus of anything ‘right-wing’ to admit that the left has in effect left them behind. -- ...[what] those who are ‘partially awakened’ on the left still do not realize is to just what extent such thinking [whites neither deserve welfare nor protection] now controls the policies of Western Governments. -- Lawrence Murray has an excellent article on this on Atlantic Centurion. In it he describes the utter and complete normalization within Western societies’ since the 1960’s of the idea of governments “forcibly and permanently displacing [their White majorities] in the name of utopian goals.” -- Murray is talking about America, but in Europe this program of “minoritization” (to steal a word from his article) has become even more pronounced, and is being accomplished in a quicker and more violent manner. -- Beyond just these demographic results however, are the millions of individual acts of violence and suffering that result. These include the thousands of elderly Europeans beaten and robbed by immigrants every year; the 1400 little girls raped and tortured by Muslims in Rotherham, yet ignored in the 2015 UK Election; the hundreds of thousands just like them across the UK and Europe who are raped and enslaved every year; the thousands of Europeans killed in terrorist attacks; the countless European schoolchildren assaulted daily by Muslim classmates who are told by their teachers they are not allowed to fight back; and an infinitely ongoing list of victims that are the end results of such forces...'
rkselectiontheory  europe  pathologicalaltruism  politicalcorrectness  conquest  fabianism  subversion  LYAHF 
21 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Deficient Amygdalae Cannot Perceive Threat - Lefties Marching To Aleppo
'http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/12/24/lefties-marching-aleppo-stop-war/ ... Notice how often liberals assert there is no objective truth. Nobody is right or wrong, nothing can be judged, all humans are equally smart, and capable, and moral, etc, etc, etc. -- If you are logical and can see and judge honestly, it is tempting to think this is just liberals trying to lend some measure of support for their untenable positions. But they may just be honestly explaining how they see the world – indecipherable and impossible to understand. -- Here you have leftists who are actually going to march straight into the center of ISIS’s territory. They even say they don’t know where to protest here, because they have no idea who is running things. -- These are psychologies which have never actually had to endure adverse consequences for bad decisions, and as a result they will walk right into an area where people are routinely having their heads sawn off, being burned alive, and killed in every way imaginable – and they don’t see anything wrong with that. -- This is the reason the entire world is set to burn to the ground. These morons have no idea what is going on, who is responsible, or what will happen – and yet they are hell-bent on getting in there and dictating events themselves, even though they have no ability to predict what will cause an adverse outcome.'
rkselectiontheory  unwarrantedselfimportance  pathologicalaltruism 
21 days ago
Breitbart -- Police Hunt Gang of Migrants After Homeless Man Set Alight on Christmas Day
'...German media have linked the attempted murder of the sleeping homeless man with another recent brutal attack by migrants on the subway which went viral after security camera footage was leaked on the internet. Showing a group of men approach a young woman from behind as she descends the stairs, a strong kick sends her flying to the bottom. -- The woman was later admitted to hospital for a broken arm. -- Under normal circumstances it can take weeks, if not months for security footage to be released to the public through official channels in Germany — and as Breitbart London reported in December, Berlin police seemed more interested in catching the police insider who released the footage illegally than the attacker himself.'
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22 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Why Is The Left Attracted To Islam?
'...Leftism is a brain program, designed to make the organism survive and reproduce most effectively under conditions of r-selection and resource glut. As r-strategists, leftists are programmed to migrate to areas of free resource availability. In studies migrators have high carriage of the leftism-predisposing gene DRD4 7r. -- This psychological design has imbued them with a suite of behavioral drives, from novelty seeking, to migratory urges to travel, to lack of disgust, to a desire to curry favor with out-groups such as the natives where they are migrating to. Also they evolved an urge to turn the out-group against other in-group members, as a competitive strategy to defeat any fellow r-strategists who migrated to the new land in search of free resources with them. -- As time went on, and r-strategists found themselves born in lands of essentially limitless wealth, I believe these urges were corrupted. These r-strategists were not about to migrate, but they still had a desire to be surrounded by out-groups, and a desire to turn the out-groups against fellow in-group members. So if the r-strategist does not want to migrate to Mohammed, bring Mohammed to the r-strategist. -- Today, in wealthy lands, instead of migrating to the foreign out-groups, r-strategists are programmed to import the foreign out-groups, because they are programmed to want to be around them. To the extent that r-strategists are programmed to desire turning out-groups against fellow in-group members as a competitive strategy, a violent, hostile out-group like Islam just feels like the perfect group to import.'
rkselectiontheory  conquest  illiberalism  subversion  LYAHF 
22 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Women Beginning To Reject Motherhood
'...As the r-strategy rises, the drive of women to rear children will diminish. As that shift occurs in either direction, women will see their brains spontaneously rewire to either love or reject everything about their babies. In a study, conservative women actually preferred the smell of babies to the smell of coffee, while liberal women preferred the smell of coffee to the smell of babies. This is all very deeply wired in the brain. -- These are women who are programmed by the resource glut to be repulsed by their children. They will rear them, but in a state of nature, as soon as that child could be kicked out they would be, allowing the mother to begin mating again, and producing another offspring. This is what is meant by diminishing the investment in rearing, so one can maximize their investment in mating.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence  psychohistory 
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Spiked -- The year education went explicitly political by Joanna Williams
'After Brexit and Trump, academia’s bias became crystal clear. -- 2016 was the year some schools and universities finally felt able to come clean about their mission. For years, the Fairtrade fortnights, walk-to-school Wednesdays, anti-bullying weeks and sex-and-relationships classes have sat alongside SATs tests, league tables and learning outcomes. The instrumentalism of teaching students how to pass exams, or demonstrate a few generic employability skills, has been tempered by a seemingly nicer promotion of values. This year, in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, and the Brexit vote, discussion about the need for education to socialise children into a certain view of the world, to inculcate a particular political outlook, and to rectify the prejudices picked up at home, has become far more explicit. -- In the US, graduates were less likely to have voted for Trump; in the UK, they were more likely to have backed Remain in the EU referendum... -- Many involved in education were able, finally, to share openly their belief that what students know is less important than the political views they hold, and the values they espouse. -- In 2016, the prioritising of values over knowledge has played out in campaigns to ‘decolonise’ the curriculum. Students are taught to judge the merit of works of literature or philosophy by the skin colour of the author. By this logic, anything written by a white man is only worth reading to expose the inherent racism and misogyny in the text. This year, promoting tolerance has meant eradicating the past through movements like Rhodes Must Fall at Oxford University and the removal of plaques to long-dead Belgian kings from Queen Mary University in London. Promoting tolerance has meant banning tabloid newspapers, preventing controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at his old school, and banning pro-life societies. This is a tolerance that demands that everyone step in line, and think the same way. -- Academia’s response to the Brexit vote, and the election of Trump, shows just how ugly this taught-tolerance can be. Prejudices against the majority of voters have been starkly displayed. One academic labelled Leave voters as being driven by ‘primitive emotions’; another described them as ‘uncertain, nostalgic, uncomfortable and bewildered’. To others, they are ‘dumb’, ‘misled’, ‘uninformed’. On US campuses, Trump voters were described as racist, sexist and xenophobic. This barely concealed contempt for the general public has led to people saying, out loud, that voting should come with an intelligence test. -- ... That education can only be conceived of as serving a social function became apparent in this year’s ongoing grammar-school debate. The good thing about grammar schools is that they employ teachers who are evangelical subject specialists, and who usually have high expectations that pupils will master a knowledge-rich curriculum. Every child deserves this. Yet, on both sides, grammar schools have been presented exclusively in instrumental terms – either they are needed to promote social mobility for disadvantaged children, or they are to be banned in the interests of social cohesion.'
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23 days ago
Spiked -- 2016: A war of words against the people by Frank Furedi
'...How did the term ‘post-truth’ acquire such a large public profile? This is not a phrase that emerged from the conversations of everyday life. Most people do not use it — at least not yet. Unlike ‘awesome’, ‘chilled out’ or ‘cool’, words whose origins are in the linguistic practices of ordinary people, ‘post-truth’ is the invention of individuals who are part of the political and cultural elites. If its use has ‘sky-rocketed’, it certainly wasn’t in pubs or the workplace that this happened. -- What is significant about ‘post-truth’ is that it is a means of designating which values are legitimate and which are not. Post-truth is not simply a descriptive or standalone word. Its usage sends a wider message, which is that everything that happened in 2016 was fundamentally flawed because it was based on false assumptions. The rhetoric of post-truth is intended to delegitimise the values and outlook of those people who dared to challenge the worldview of people in power. Having failed to win the battle of ideas directly, they manipulate language to try to undermine certain public views. -- Cultural power over language is incredibly important for the establishment, and may even help to nullify the setbacks it suffered in 2016. Significantly, this year the holders of power also devoted a lot of energy to pathologising the term populist. Populism, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as the ‘policies or principles of any of various political parties which seek to represent the interests of ordinary people’, has been awarded an entirely negative meaning by the cultural elites. The demonisation of populism has been so successful that even supporters of causes associated with ordinary people are now reluctant to defend the term. -- Yet the devaluation of the term populism strikes at the very heart of public life. When the attempt to give voice to the aspirations of the people is treated entirely negatively, then the moral status of democracy itself is called into question. And that is precisely what happened in 2016. Observers now regularly question the virtues of democratic decision-making. Though the oligarchical ambitions that fuel this critique of democracy are rarely made explicit, the language used to vilify the demos has become increasingly unrestrained.' -- Post-truth Ungood
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Reuters -- Some poor Venezuelan parents give away children amid deep crisis
'..."The parents come in crying," said Sucre welfare director Angeyeimar Gil. -- "It's very dramatic to see parents' pain when saying they can no longer look after their child," she said. "We're seeing a lot of cases of malnutrition and children that come to hospital with scabies." -- Two-thirds of 1,099 households with children in Caracas, ranging across social classes, said they were not eating enough in a survey released last week by children's' rights group Cecodap. -- In some cases, parents are simply abandoning their kids. -- Last month, a baby boy was found inside a bag in a relatively wealthy area of Caracas and a malnourished one-year-old boy was found abandoned in a cardboard box in the eastern city of Ciudad Guayana, local media reported. -- Gil said that she had helped find places in orphanages for two newborns recently abandoned by their mothers in hospitals after birth. -- There are also more cases of children begging or prostituting themselves, according to welfare workers. -- Abortion is illegal in Venezuela and contraception, including condoms, is extremely hard to find. -- Back in Carirubana, Pulgar was relieved that her child was being looked after properly by her neighbor. -- "My girl has totally changed," she said as another son clambered over her, adding that even her manner of speaking had improved. -- She said she would love to take the child back one day but does not see her situation improving. -- "This is written in the Bible. We're living the end times."' -- And if you tolerate socialism then your children will be next, will be next, will be next, will be next
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Anonymous Conservative -- Only 2.8% Of German Migrants Have Found Work
'...These are not the hardworking migrants the US attracted back in the early 1900’s,who were attracted by the promise of a nation where you could work hard, and enjoy the benefits. These are an extraordinarily rabbitized form of r-strategist who is moving to Europe purely for the welfare and ease. This is also evident in that you did not see waves of rapes in early 1920’s New York as new immigrants poured through Ellis Island. That these new migrants are Muslim too, just means you win the welfare/rape/Muslim trifecta with this group. -- My suspicion is also that if you were able to check the pedigrees of many of these migrants, you would find that the governments of their home countries were emptying out their jails, and sending the prisoners to Europe to cut their incarceration costs. I would not be surprised to find the home governments were handing out sterilized IDs before sending them on their way. -- All of this is a ticking time bomb, set to go off right as the economic Apocalypse begins.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  migration  welfare  conquest 
23 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Fake news crusade? Facebook fact checkers have financial ties to Clinton donors
'Social media giant Facebook has announced that its fight against ‘fake news’ has begun in co-operation with third-party fact checking organizations. However, as RT’s Miguel Francis-Santiago explains, there are genuine concerns about those very groups.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Why We Could Love Anyone
"What we know as the work of love is the emotional, imaginative labour that is required to peer behind an off-putting façade." -- To encounter a person creatively means to weave fantasies around him, to circle around his potential. These creative fantasies, this imaginative circumambulating of one's partner, are of the greatest importance in every human relationship. Even when they are strongly mixed with ego-oriented components, they at least serve to stimulate the other person's imagination. Everyone needs to fantasize about himself, to circle about and awaken his own potential in mythological or fairy tale form. One of the tragedies in the lives of orphanage children is that no one weaves such fantasies around them, so that frequently none are awakened in them about their own life potentials; such children may grow up to be well-behaved adults, but they are only half alive psychically. ~ Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig, Power in the Helping Professions
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The Art of Manliness -- A Call for a New Strenuous Age
'... The changing nature of work in the late 19th century not only enervated men’s physic sense of self, but also their bodies. -- Men, especially those employed in offices, seemed to be getting weaker and less hearty as their work became less and less physically demanding. Hands once calloused from pushing a plow grew soft from shuffling paper; skin that had been brown from the sun grew pale in the lamp-illuminated office; shoulders formerly firm from swinging an ax became sloped from slumping over a desk. While factory workers were more physically active than their white-collar brethren, their movements were limited to set, repetitive patterns and far more constrained than they had been on the farm. -- And both sets of employees, having traded the fields for factories, the outdoors for offices, were equally cut off from nature. Ensconced in windowless workplaces, men became disconnected from the rhythms of the weather and the changing of the seasons. -- It wasn’t just the strength of this new indoor race of men that seemed in decline, but their overall toughness as well. The implementation of indoor electricity, central heating, and indoor plumbing increasingly smoothed the roughness of Americans’ daily lives. Yet greater and greater comforts and conveniences seem to breed lesser and lesser tolerance for any kind of discomfort. As Century magazine opined in 1888, “modern civilized man is squeamish about pain to a degree which would have seemed effeminate or worse to his great-grandfather, or to the contemporary barbarian.” -- ...some observers of the late 19th century concluded that the rise of technology during the second industrial revolution had the unintended consequence of atrophying men’s moral and muscular fiber, eroding skill, weakening grit and character, and enervating their sense of causal potency — the confidence that they could make things happen for themselves. -- It was a condition that came to be called “overcivilization.” And it soon started to take a physic toll on the minds of average citizens. -- “A permanently successful peace-economy cannot be a simple pleasure-economy.” – William James, 1909 -- As men “lost touch with the tangible reality of the material world,” and became cut off from nature and “glutted with convenience,” the energy and effort of living increasingly moved away from grappling with externalities and into the interior of their heads. -- At the same time that people’s everyday lives required less and less physical exertion, their minds were taxed with more and more “brainwork.” -- Rather than wrestling with the soil, men managed abstractions. Rather than experiencing life directly, they read about it secondhand in newspapers and books. Rather than focusing on building character based on action, they worried about developing the right kind of personality based on charm. -- The result of this growing sense of disembodiment was a life that began to feel “curiously unreal.” People found themselves in a culture that seemed hollowed out, that lacked a vital gravity, and had become, as Nietzsche put it, strangely “weightless.” -- Instead of countering this sense of vaporous nonexistence in which “inner as well as outer landscapes seemed increasingly ghostlike” by reengaging with concrete action, people retreated further into their heads, descending into what contemporaries called “morbid self-consciousness.” -- With the faster pace of daily life, the increasing rate at which information was made available, and the ever-proliferating number of choices as to what to do with one’s life, each option for media consumption, leisure pursuits, and career tracks had to be weighed and cognitively masticated. Introspective self-analysis (this was a time when journaling was quite popular) seemed to hold the key to deciding how to proceed. But the only decision reached from doing all this thinking was frequently to think it over some more. As an 1896 article in Scribner’s observed, American youth had become “a generation that is more interested in questions about life than in living.” -- This “confluence of weightlessness and persistent introspection” spurred the formation of a negative feedback loop. Because life felt insubstantial, people wanted to figure out why that was, and the more they analyzed the problem, the more life seemed to evaporate into unreality. Panged by “unfulfilled longings for ‘real life’,” yet feeling incapable of acting on them, the output of such a loop was mounting anxiety. -- Mental disorders of all kinds proliferated. Occurrences of suicide and insanity went up.'
rkselectiontheory  civilization  technology  soma  anxiety  psychology 
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The Rational Male -- The Awareness
'...The bastardization of the Red Pill is something I’ve predicted for some time now. When I wrote Could a Man Have Written This? my concern then was that women would eventually appropriate and redefine ‘The Red Pill’ to serve the Feminine Imperative by bastardizing it to mean whatever best fit women’s purposes. The point in that (November, 2011) essay was that, in our feminine-primary social order, it is only women who are allowed to speak with authority about intersexual dynamics and that any man attempting to apply a measure of critical thought to those dynamics will immediately be accused of male bias and misogyny. As such, only women would be allowed to decide what aspects of the Red Pill praxeology ought to be part of the Red Pill brand. -- Naturally, I reject that notion, but it is precisely what has happened with The Red Pill Movie; a documentary that is ostensibly about the MRM. I say ostensibly because, while on the surface it seems to be about the Men’s (human) Rights Movement, the focus of the film is really on its (I presume formerly) feminist director/producer Cassie Jaye, a cutesy 29 year old whose feminine-solipsism pervades the entire documentary as well as all of the post-production promotions and interviews. -- Casie the feminist makes the entirety of the documentary not about the MRM as such, but more about her own ‘journey of self-discovery’, a common romantic theme that appeals to women’s innate solipsism. In every post screening interview about the film the story becomes primarily about her; the MRM just playing a supporting role in her ‘transformation’. This is sort of a poetic justice for the MRM who all too readily employ and endorse any and every ‘former feminist’ who’s not-a-feminist (until they become a feminist again) as part of their efforts to transform into more perfected egalitarian-equalists than the feminists they despise. -- This film is not about The Red Pill, it’s about a 29 y.o. “feminist” actress-turned-indie-fim-director and her ‘journey of self-discovery’ in which an opportunistic MRM is only too happy to play as her supporting actor.'
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YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: TFM's Guide to Sex Robots
https://campaignagainstsexrobots.org "A man is not threatened by a dildo or even a male sex robot because that male sex robot cannot replace his other functions."
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