Anonymous Conservative -- ISIS Willing To Crossdress To Escape
'"ISIS fighters have dressed up as woman and caked their faces in makeup in a bid to avoid being caught by Iraqi authorities after losing their stronghold in Mosul. -- One militant was pictured trying to disguise himself with bright red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, mascara and foundation – but he didn’t bother to shave his face. -- The man had plucked his eyebrows, added beauty spots just under his eyes and put on a headscarf to try to fly under the radar. -- But he kept his moustache and goatee, making it easy for Iraqi forces to spot him." -- Says something about Iraqi women that when he wanted to pass for one, he left the beard, but shaved the unibrow. Looks like a little IQ issue going on too… -- I know, in time of war you do anything to survive. But even so, I see our SEALs fighting to the death on a hill in Afghanistan, and Marines diving on handgrenades, and the Alamo. But none of them were as brutal to prisoners as these Islamist radicals, nor would they target the women and children. Then of course there is the homosexual pedophilia. There is something different about these radical Islamist characters. -- Of course, were Obama in office, I could see the LBGTQ crowd trying to have ROE’s rewritten to protect the transvestites as a sign of solidarity. After all, if Bradley Manning can walk free, why are we killing these gender-confused jihadis?'
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5 hours ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Sweden Migrants Start Crime Early
'Think of the rabbits, kicking the kids out as early as they can to fend for themselves: "...The identities of the children were not disclosed, but Swedish authorities have previously raised concern about around 800 teenagers from North African countries sleeping rough in the country, according to figures from a police report from 2015." -- Here you have nine year olds out grabbing the free resources of the leftist sheep. A K-parent would never let their child endure such risk, but these aren’t K-strategists. -- Also notice, crime, because those who perform it target the vulnerable and helpless, and do anything they can to avoid consequences, is an r-strategy for acquiring free resources with minimal investment of energy. Notice the rabbit mother utilizing her kids to provision herself by parasitizing some poor K-strategist: ... When the Apocalypse comes, these kids aren’t going to be getting provisioned by parents, and at the same time the state’s support of them will be cut dramatically. That is a formula for violent rampaging gangs of kids, joining together for strength and safety. -- United by Islam, they will be lot of fun, at least until the population grows accustomed to relieving amygdala angst with violence.'
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5 hours ago
Breitbart -- Ann Coulter: Pretty White Australian Girls' Lives Matter
'...There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world, amounting to a quarter of the world’s population, controlling 50 countries. The English-speaking world is about a fifth that size and constitutes a dwindling majority in about a half-dozen countries. But, somehow, no matter how the story is written, Muslims always get to play the victim, and Anglo-Saxons are cast as the aggressors. -- That’s why a Somali cop’s fatal shooting of a pajama-clad Good Samaritan has gone directly into the “Be Nice to Muslims!” file, rather than the “Why Are All These Somalis Here?” file. (Answer: Because of an earlier mistake with excessive Scandinavian immigration.) -- I can’t help noticing that it was precisely the “Be Nice to Muslims!” dictate that put this Somali nincompoop on the police force in the first place. -- Among Noor’s evident errors the night he killed Justine: 1) Shooting from the passenger seat, the bullet whizzing inches past his partner’s face, through the driver’s side window; 2) Not turning his bodycam on when responding to a 911 call; 3) Shooting to kill because he heard a loud noise; 4) Believing that white women in America pose a threat to a policeman. -- A few of the Weather Underground ladies were accomplices to cop-killings, 40 years ago, but even they weren’t lone white women cop-killers. -- According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, women of any race committed about 10 percent of all murders from 1980 to 2008, and black people committed a majority of all murders. Other than a small child, it’s difficult to think of a demographic that poses less of a threat to a policeman in America than a 40-year-old white woman. -- Noor’s African-American neighbor, Chris Miller, said he was shocked when he heard about Damond’s shooting — until he found out it was Noor. Miller told The Daily Telegraph (Australia) that his Somali neighbor was quick to anger and was always going off on women and children. “He is extremely nervous,” Miller said, “a little jumpy … he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off.” -- Sounds perfect for a police officer! -- May we see Officer Noor’s cadet exam? His training reports? Does anyone believe there is the slightest possibility that Noor was not rushed through the Police Academy so that the nice people of Minneapolis could feel good about themselves for having a real Somali on the police force? -- Minnesota’s importation of these stone-age people is a completely self-inflicted wound. It’s as if the state decided to inject itself with Hepatitis C. Hey, you know what? We’re too white and pure. Everyone tie a vein off and give yourself a shot of hep C. We could learn from that! -- With Somalis, you get all the social pathologies of Muslims and the American underclass rolled into one package. There’s the terrorism and pederasty — but also the criminality and joblessness! -- At least with taxpayer-draining Mexican illegals, you can say, yes, but they provide the rich with such cheap labor! Someone, somewhere in America, gets a benefit. There is absolutely no benefit to the more than 100,000 Somalis brought in by Minnesota, except to feed the Scandinavian ethnomasochism, expressed as arrogant self-regard.'
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5 hours ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Class Warfare
'The balance between financial resources and the ability to successfully reproduce the next generation is incredibly well known and understood. Stefan Molyneux discusses the connection between intelligence and wealth, contrasted with the various tactics used to acquire resources via coercive means.' -- "The free market is like an extinction-level event for the dumb genes. And like all genetic sets, they fight back...So what do they do? They say, 'Well, what we need, you see, is democracy.' Now what democracy does is it no longer differentiates between smart people and dumb people when it comes to influencing state policy. It raises the sexual market value of dumb people by creating an agency of force that takes resources from smart people and transfers them to dumb people."
intelligence  evolution  ideology  class  subversion  democracy  statism  egalitarianism  marxism  socialism  parasitism  StefanMolyneux 
20 hours ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Student Loan Debt INCREASES 457% Since 2003
"This whole idea that people who are smart go to college and then they graduate from college and they're making a lot more money; so if we want people to make more money, all we have to do is send them to college...Going to college won't make you any smarter...Being drafted onto the basketball team doesn't make you tall." -- Post hoc ergo propter hoc
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20 hours ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Strong Propaganda Makes Good Slaves
'With many young children herded into government schools at an incredibly young age – how do they know if they have been propagandized or told the truth? Stefan Molyneux explains how strong propaganda makes good slaves and why many people are unwitting tools for the ruling political class.' -- It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. ~ Voltaire
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21 hours ago
YouTube -- National Geographic: World's Smart Cities: San Diego
'National Geographic Channel features San Diego as the only U.S. city in its acclaimed documentary series "World's Smart Cities". San Diego was chosen for its strong technology sector, local innovators, green practices, smart public planning and an unparalleled quality of life. Other selection factors included San Diego's size of population, demographics/cultural diversity, livability, economy and business climate, educational institutions, leadership and strong sense of community.'
cities  energy  biofuel  algae  oil 
Breitbart -- Venezuela Rewards Soldiers Brutality with Toilet Paper
'Pictures have emerged of the Venezuelan military presenting soldiers with toilet paper rolls in what appears to be a reward for their loyalty. -- The military was reportedly rewarding the soldiers for a “great job” in the past few days as they continue to use brutality, such as water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas to contain continued mass protests against the socialist government. -- Soldiers were pictured shaking hands with a superior, who handed them a package that included toilet paper, toothpaste, and sanitary wipes. -- The soldiers were likely grateful to receive the packages given Venezuela’s total economic collapse that has led to chronic shortages of sanitary products such as toilet paper and toothpaste, as well as other basic resources such as food, medicine, and electricity. -- Inflation is expected to rise to 1500 percent by the end of the year, while the Venezuelan Bolivar has lost 99.9 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar since 2010.'
venezuela  socialism  sarcasticapology 
Anonymous Conservative -- Matt Bracken On The Machinery Behind The Migrant Invasion
'...this has all the earmarks of a narcissist fucking everyone else up so they can feel better about their own circumstances. Fill Europe with these migrants, and then sit back and enjoy everyone’s suffering. But still, the investments in ships, fuel to run them, staff to man them, medics, ponchos, boats, infrastructure, governmental bribing, and so on does seem a little expensive just for a narcissist fantasy of seeing all of Europe destroyed. -- One thought I have had – Soros made a fortune betting against the pound, and then crashing it. We all know the Euro is going down, and the European economy is going to collapse. What are the chances Soros has some sort of financial bet that the Euro and the EU are going down, and he is simply trying to win the bet by taking it all down as soon as he can? Makes you want to get a look at the Cuckservatives’ investment portfolios. -- If so, then all of this would simply be an investor looking to make an investment successful, and all of the investments in ships, pamphlets, infrastructure, and so on would be economically sensible. -- If it ever comes out that Soros-like billionaire investors are just trying to destroy Europe to make a buck, it will make the useful idiots of the left look quite stupid. If we had enterprising reporters these days, you would think they would uncover these financial positions, and expose them and the motivations behind the migrant invasion. -- It will eventually come out, and make Soros and his ilk among the most wanted people in the world after the Muslims have been expelled. Nuremburg will look like a birthday party compared to what will be done to everyone involved in this.' -- It's just good business, Jack.
europe  migration  welfare  collapse  privateering  GeorgeSoros 
Paul Craig Roberts -- Trump Is Being Moved Aside So That Conflict with Russia Can Proceed
'What is the Congress up to with their stupid bill that imposes more sanctions and removes the power of President Trump to rescind the sanctions that President Obama imposed? -- Congress is doing two things. One is that Congress is serving their campaign contributors in the military/security complex by being tougher with Russia, thus keeping the orchestrated threat alive so that Americans denied health care don’t start looking at the massive military/security budget as a place to find money for health care. -- The other is to put President Trump in a box. If Trump vetos this encroachment on presidential power, Congress and the presstitute media will present the veto as absolute proof that Trump is a Russian agent and is protecting Russia with his veto. If Trump does not veto the bill, Trump will have thrown in his hand and accepted that he cannot reduce the dangerous tensions with Russia. -- In other words, the bill is a lose-lose for Trump. Yet Republicans are supporting the bill, thus undermining their president. -- ... As far as I can tell, there is no one in Trump’s government who is loyal to Trump or who is willing to back Trump’s effort to stop provoking the Russians and to cease serving as Israel’s military force in the Middle East. As far as I can tell not only the Democratic Party but also the Republican Party supports the left-wing’s view that Trump’s election was illegitimate, because he was elected by the votes of illegitimate people—“the deplorables” to use Hillary’s term. -- Who are “the deplorables?” They are the remnants of the American working class. They are the people whose jobs were sent overseas to Asia by the global US corporations in order to enrich their shareholders and executives via higher profits from lower labor costs. They are the people who in order to stay afloat had to rely on debt in place of the missing income and whose debt is now so high that they have no disposable income. A huge proportion of the American population is incapable of raising a measly $400 without having to sell personal possessions. -- In other words, they are refugees from a destroyed American middle class. -- Trump stood up for them against the rich who ruined them, and now the rich are going to ruin Trump. -- It will teach a lesson. Henceforth in the United States no one will dare to stick up for the American people. America is not for Americans any more than the world is for the peoples of the world. America and the world are for the One Percent. No one else. Russia, China, and Iran are in the way, and, thus, they are on Washington’s hit list.'
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Spiked -- Why the middle classes love Jezza by Neil Davenport
'...Since the counterculture of the 1960s, a strain of leftist radicalism has eschewed working-class politics in favour of woolly green thinking, animal-rights concerns, and a celebration of identity over economic matters. Central to this outlook was a jaundiced view of the mass of ordinary people. With their tabloids, consumerist desires and traditional norms, they were considered as much of a problem as the ruling class. Where once this anti-masses sentiment was confined to fringe anarchist and green movements, it has in recent years become dominant among radicals more broadly, the Labour Party and the wider British establishment. -- Far from Corbyn being a radical threat to Middle England, he represents Middle England. He hates McDonald’s and smoking in pubs, but loves Glastonbury, vegetarianism and pedal power. He is also a big champion of the poor and needy, a key hallmark of the middle class’s self-righteous identity. Blair may have embraced some ethical middle-class beliefs, but Corbyn goes much further and is all the more popular for it. No doubt he also appeals to fiftysomething leftists nostalgic for a return to ‘real’ Labour values, but his main constituency is well-to-do public professionals with the DAB set permanently to Radio 4. In other words, he appeals to a social strata that does well from the way society is currently organised and which is quietly keen to preserve existing class structures. -- Far from Labour being a vehicle to advance working-class demands, it is now an organisation that flatters the ‘caring’ middle classes. Corbyn’s Labour has become the means through which the middle class can attempt to civilise vulgar capitalist society, while Labour’s old supporters are tolerated only as recipients of welfarism or nannying advice on lifestyle choices or racial etiquette. Corbyn’s popularity does not derive from a demand for full-blooded state socialism, but from his ability to express the middle-class consensus. For decades now, the British establishment has flattered and amplified sandal-wearing fringe politics to the extent that it has become the dominant outlook in political circles. Corbyn has been a consistent and authentic exponent of such ethical concerns and, with the working classes dormant as a political force, his time has come.' -- Fake the folk
politics  faggotry  socialism  middleclass  complianceprofessionals 
The Mission -- This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit by Tobias Rose-Stockwell
'People prefer to click, comment, and share the things that make them feel good — and stories that confirm beliefs feel good. -- ... The News Feed Editor has literally changed the way news is written. It has become the number one driver of traffic to news sites globally, and that has shifted the behavior of content creators. To get a story picked up by the News Feed Editor, news producers (and human editors) have changed their strategies to stay relevant and stem losses. To do this, many news organizations have adopted a traffic-at-all-costs mentality, pushing for more engagement at the expense of what we would traditionally call editorial accuracy. -- ... Emotional responses are one of the most prominent ways to gauge the value of a post, and the easiest things for the News Feed Editor to map, measure, and provide more of. These are emotional hijacks — based on affective engagement. -- The News Feed tends to prioritize content with these affective emotional hacks — they lead to more clicks, likes, shares, and comments. As content producers compete for this type of affective engagement, this battle for attention creates what tech ethicist Tristan Harris has called “a race to the bottom of the brain stem.”'
internet  socialmedia  attention  journalism  algorithms 
Global Guerrillas -- Journal: AI Facial Recognition, Troll Shock Troops, and Online Polarization
'...Princeton University: What led to the US political factionalization? One of the big reasons is that the US news media lost its ability to set the context for the news (the facts). Traditionally, this context was set through the emotional and moral conjugation of the facts. For example, "the President's statement" is transformed through emotional conjugation into "the President's outrageous statement". The advent of social networking formally ended the media's monopoly on setting the emotional context for the news (although the division began earlier with Fox, Drudge, etc.). The US emotional context is now deeply divided. Here's a Princeton study that mapped the use of emotional/moral words online (pic below http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451576d69e201b8d2996beb970c-500wi). It showed the US is deeply divided, by the emotional and moral context that frames the news (a far more interesting finding that blaming "fake news"). It also shows there is little crossover between the two groups, likely due to the way social networking self-reinforces the context and controls the people within it. What? People don't just read/hear the news anymore – they retweet it, like it, add emotionally conjugated commentary to it, and pressure their friends with it now.'
rkselectiontheory  retribalization  discourse  moralfag  echochamber 
Anonymous Conservative -- Degeneracy, From The Mamas And The Pepes
'Another Mamas and Pepes classic: https://youtu.be/PpAzU06e1A0 -- There is one shot in that video of a little boy standing right in front of a naked man, grimacing as he presumably looks at the man’s genitalia, probably in some place like San Francisco during a parade or street festival. -- I looked on it with horror, as I pondered how far our society has degenerated, all due to free resource availability.'
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Spiked -- The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics by Brendan O’Neill
'Britain is going full Orwell. The Tory government is proposing to include in the Gender Recognition Bill the ‘right’ to alter the sex on one’s birth certificate. So if a 32-year-old man decides that he is in fact a woman, he could be able to go to the General Register Office and insist that the word ‘Boy’ be erased from his birth certificate and replaced with the word ‘Girl’, or ‘Female’. Even though he was not a girl when that certificate was drawn up. Even though the midwife who declared ‘It’s a boy!’ when he was born, and the birth registrar who later wrote the word ‘Boy’ or ‘Male’ on his birth certificate, were telling the truth. That truth, that publicly recorded truth, that national truth, would be replaced with a lie. We’ve entered Ministry of Truth territory. The memory hole is real. -- ... We must accept that the person with a penis and a birth certificate that says ‘Boy’ is a woman. We must accept the lie. Like Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four, beavering away at the past-altering Ministry of Truth, we are made to lie. Trans agitators’ greatest accomplishment has been the institutionalisation of lying. -- ...the worst thing is the green light the government is giving to memory-holing, to the erasure of publicly recorded facts. To okay the rewriting of birth certificates is to nurture a new Orwellian era in which past events can be altered upon the whim of contemporary prejudice or hysteria. Just as Big Brother sanctions the shoving of inconvenient historical documents into a memory hole and their replacement with ‘improved’ versions of history – so that ‘the lie passed into history and became truth’ – so the Tories are proposing a system in which key documents, the very registry of life in Britain, could be edited. Forever. A document that once told us a boy was born on 18 August 1985 would now tell us a girl was born on that day. It would lie to us, and to future generations. Shouldn’t this concern us, this official approval of misinformation? -- The authoritarian implications of the government-backed trans agenda are chilling. People should be free to identify as anything they like – male, female, black, white, rabbit, handsome, clever, the Second Coming, Napoleon Bonaparte. Whatever. But the rest of us should be free to say: ‘You are not that thing you claim to be. But good luck to you.’ The problem with the gender-recognition tyranny is that it doesn’t only say ‘identify however you please’ – it also cajoles public institutions, and by extension the public at large, to accept an individual’s self-identification. And it cannot be long before we will face punishment for refusing to do so.' -- The past is whatever the records and the memories agree upon. And since the Party is in full control of all records and in equally full control of the minds of its members, it follows that the past is whatever the Party chooses to make it. It also follows that though the past is alterable, it never has been altered in any specific instance. For when it has been recreated in whatever shape is needed at the moment, then this new version is the past, and no different past can ever have existed. This holds good even when, as often happens, the same event has to be altered out of recognition several times in the course of a year. At all times the Party is in possession of absolute truth, and clearly the absolute can never have been different from what it is now. It will be seen that the control of the past depends above all on the training of memory. To make sure that all written records agree with the orthodoxy of the moment is merely a mechanical act. But it is also necessary to remember that events happened in the desired manner. And if it is necessary to rearrange one's memories or to tamper with written records, then it is necessary to forget that one has done so. The trick of doing this can be learned like any other mental technique. It is learned by the majority of Party members, and certainly by all who are intelligent as well as orthodox. In Oldspeak it is called, quite frankly, 'reality control'. In Newspeak it is called doublethink, though doublethink comprises much else as well.
transgenderism  illiberalism  minitrue  recdep  memoryhole  retcon  newspeak  1984 
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Objective Ethics In 15 Minutes | Universally Preferable Behaviour (UPB)
"Can you argue against Universally Preferable Behaviour without invoking Universally Preferable Behaviour?"
philosophy  morality  argumentation  performativecontradiction  UPB  StefanMolyneux 
2 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: The Real History of The Crusades
'Were the Crusades an unprovoked act of aggression on behalf of bloodthirsty Christians? Did the First Crusade mark the beginning of close to a millennium of hostility between Christianity and Islam, or did the conflict begin centuries earlier? Stefan Molyneux is joined by Dr. Duke Pesta to discuss the truth about the Crusades!'
history  europe  conquest  empire  religion 
2 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- How Do Jihadis Fit Into r/K?
'...There is a strange replicative nature to the world, where patterns that seem similar keep popping up in different areas, as if they are so integral to the underlying model’s structure that they span numerous parts of the universe and keep emerging. -- As an example, in nature lots of different models of organisms emerge randomly through random mutation. Then reality and Darwin select from them to find the optimal form of organism. This happens at the microscopic-level too, where proteins and biochemical pathways undergo selection, producing the macro-effects you see. -- Strangely it happens in the ephemeral world of ideas as well. In the case of Islam, the world carved r and K into the primitive organisms which inhabit it. Humans eventually grew thoughtful, and then threw around ideas, the fittest of which could be transmitted and spread, and these ideas then began their own sort of Darwinian evolution. Those which worked persisted, those which did not failed and died. -- I think Islam has risen to prominence because it is a very powerful “Operating System” for the r-strategist organisms, allowing them to exploit niches which would otherwise escape them. -- The r-strategy has a curious failure to exploit one of its strengths. Periodically r-strategists multiply in numbers wildly. This gives them immense numerical advantage. Yet inherent to the r-strategy is cowardice and betrayal, which holds the strategy back from exploiting that advantage at times. -- Islam is a sort of hack of the r-strategist brain, which tries to imbue the most powerful aspects of the K-psychology – in-grouping, fearlessness, willingness to die, and dedication to a cause bigger than the individual, into the prolific r-strategists. It allows you to try and create an army, which though composed of r-strategists, will have numerical advantage, and K-strategist traits. -- Normally r-strategists would avoid all of those K-traits like willingness to die, or commitment to an outside cause. But Islam teaches that the path to free resources is to exhibit all of that in service to Allah. In Islam if you die killing others, you immediately land in Paradise, with all of the r-strategist motivators – lots of sexy virgins, unlimited pleasures, and no more worries to trouble your amygdala because you will instantly have high social status as a martyr. -- Now suddenly you have reams of r-strategists reprogrammed to exhibit K-traits, and perform K-behavior in war. -- If you crack the hood on the individuals, you still find the r-strategist mindset. They are promiscuously raping girls and even young boys, their computers are filled with porn so lacking in sexual selectiveness it features bestiality and torture, they are cowards when caught individually, their amygdalae are so screwed up they are torturing animals and people, and K-strategists who encounter them instinctually feel they are sub-human. -- But the r-strategist Islamists will fight to the death, because they believe, perhaps out of necessity to quiet an unusually rabbity amygdala, that they can escape everything and land in that grassy field of free resource availability and limitless dopamine, if they just die in battle. -- Now it doesn’t apply to everyone in Islam. You can have K-Muslims going about their way waging war, and fighting for their homeland. r and K are everywhere. But if it were just them, the world would be a lot calmer and more civilized. Instead, arrayed all around them are masses of troubled young men with bizarre sexual tastes, proclivities to torture, and little moral decency, who are willing to strap bombs to themselves, just in the hope they can blow up some women and children and find themselves rewarded by Allah with the r-selected rabbit paradise.'
rkselectiontheory  conquest  dopamine  * 
2 days ago
YouTube -- Black Pigeon Speaks: #DefendEurope: The Far Left's Attempt to Silence REALITY
Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. ~ Mark Twain
marxism  illiberalism  usefulidiot 
2 days ago
The Daily Bell -- Child Abuse: The Difference Between Gender Identity and Sex Change in Children
'Adults should be able to identify as any gender they want. Modern science means they can even change their physical characteristics and take hormones, which will mimic the opposite sex. -- I may not understand it, but it doesn’t affect me, so I should have no say in how another adult lives his, her, or its life. -- Bathroom policies should be decided by business owners. If a public school has a bathroom policy you don’t like, pull your kids out. Public school is a terrible thing for children anyway. -- But there is a dangerous cultural meme that kids can choose to change their sex. Children should not be indoctrinated into believing they should get a sex change before they hit puberty. -- If your little boy acts like a little girl, please continue to love and support him. Let him identify as whatever gender he wants, but do not plant the idea in his mind that he can become the opposite sex. -- Once you are an adult who can understand consequences, go right ahead and play Mr. Potato Head with your body parts. -- But children are being brainwashed into thinking it is normal to get a sex change. Children have rights and deserve some degree of autonomy. The parents’ job is to protect their children and do what is in the child’s best interest. -- A four-year-old doesn’t know what transgender is. A four-year-old can cross-dress, act feminine or masculine, and even express the desire to be the opposite sex. But parents should not take this as a sign that their child is transgender. -- .. Because of the increase in media exposure, and indoctrination at schools, kids are becoming confused. In Great Britain, there has been a marked increase in kids seeking help with their gender identity. "A total of 165 children aged ten and under were referred to the clinic last year, compared with 36 in the year of 2012 to 2013. And last year 2,016 young people aged between three and 18 attended gender identity clinics, while just 314 did from 2012 to 2013." -- Statistics suggest “as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.” -- So when kids are referred to clinics, if they were simply counseled through a tough time, that would be a good thing. But the clinics take it much further. "Those referred under a psycho-social assessment for six months by a clinician, which is followed by an action plan involving counselling and, sometimes, a physical intervention. -- Children who have began puberty can be prescribed a course of hormone blockers to suppress the changes associated with adult development. -- And those aged 16 and over can be given cross-sex hormones, giving them the physical characteristics of the opposite sex." -- Is it Child Abuse? Let’s quickly run through the difference between gender and sex. -- Sex is a biological trait. There is male and female, and some rare medically identifiable physical disorders. -- Gender is a social construction which generally corresponds to a particular sex. -- There are some kids who really do identify as the opposite gender, and will act accordingly. They should be loved and accepted, but they should not be given hormones and surgery. Since gender is basically made up anyway, they can act like the opposite gender without having to pretend they are the opposite sex. -- Before some reasonable age at which a human is capable of making permanently life changing decisions, it is child abuse to give them sex change drugs and surgery. -- It is not child abuse, in my opinion, to allow a child to act like whatever gender they want. Allowing a boy to wear a dress if he chooses is not child abuse. Allowing a boy to get sex reassignment surgery is child abuse. -- You cannot even legally get a tattoo in the U.S.A. before age 18. The government says you are not responsible enough to drink alcohol until you are 21. But the media tells us that 10-year-olds can make a permanent, life changing decision. A four-year-old in Australia was given sex reassignment surgery! -- " The American College of Pediatricians urges healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality. -- 1. Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of male and female, respectively – not genetic markers of a disorder." -- ... The Tangled Web of Leftism -- What happened to the mantra that you are perfect just the way you are? -- We live in a society that tells unhealthy obese people that they shouldn’t be “body shamed” into losing weight. -- But if you don’t feel comfortable with your natural biological sex, that is something worth changing? -- Teach kids to act how they honestly want to act. If that means a boy wears a dress and a girl cuts her hair short, so be it! You can choose a “gender” without trying to change your sex. "No one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender (an awareness and sense of oneself as male or female) is a sociological and psychological concept; not an objective biological one. No one is born with an awareness of themselves as male or female; this awareness develops over time and, like all developmental processes, may be derailed by a child’s subjective perceptions, relationships, and adverse experiences from infancy forward." -- What does it even mean for a boy to “feel like a girl” anyway? This is a huge contradiction of the left. Gender is a social construct, but somehow you can feel like the “opposite”? Since gender is a social construct, who is to say what qualities correspond to which sex? -- The extreme leftists have gotten their message mixed up. They say correctly that you can choose a gender, but then advocate “choosing” a biological sex to correspond. This, of course, is impossible. You can only mimic the opposite sex, not actually become it. -- Kids need love, support, and a guiding positive influence who is open-minded enough to discuss complex issues. They do not need drugs, hormones, and surgery based on their gender identity.' -- Divide... divide, divide. Conquer.
marxism  transgenderism  statism  predation  abuse  childhood 
2 days ago
YouTube -- Lionel Nation: No More Boys and Girls But "Scholars": Minnesota Adopts Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners
'"When students are referred to by the wrong pronoun by peers or school staff, students may feel intimidated, threatened, harassed or bullied," the toolkit states.' -- "There's no "boys and girls" anymore...Everyone is just something special."
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  shame  narcissism  unwarrantedselfimportance  transgenderism  victimhood  illiberalism  newspeak  1984 
3 days ago
HuffPost -- Powerful Photo Shows That Women Aren't The Only Ones Who Get Periods
'...Clemmer, who works as a menstrual health activist, told HuffPost that they decided to stage the photo after the backlash to The Adventures of Toni the Tampon: A Period Coloring Book a coloring book they created to introduce kids of all genders to the human experience of menstruation. -- “I remember sharing for the first time with a friend of mine that I wasn’t able to wear my binder that day because I was on my period and my boobs had swelled up so much that it made it hard to breathe,” Clemmer told HuffPost. “We had been friends for awhile and she’s a feminist activist, but when I realized that not even she had considered what it was like for people like me to experience bleeding on a (ir)regular basis I knew that I had to go public with my story to help shift the mindset around tying periods to womanhood and femininity. Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate.” -- While Clemmer told HuffPost that a significant portion of the reaction to their photo has been rooted in transphobia, they’ve seen people who have broadened their own understanding of transgender menstrual experience and learned from the photo.' -- Powerless victim shows that the Mafia aren't the only ones who threaten you with a shakedown
transgenderism  victimhood  power  defamation  extortion  grifting 
3 days ago
Campus Reform -- Scholars blast profs for telling students speech is 'violence'
'...the two scholars suggest that telling students speech can be violence could lead them to anticipate violence everywhere they look. -- “If students are repeatedly told that numerical disparities are proof of systemic discrimination, and a clumsy or insensitive question is an act of aggression (a “microaggression”), and words are sometimes acts of violence that will shorten your life, then it begins to make sense that they would worry about their safety, chronically, even within some of America’s most welcoming and protective institutions,” Lukianoff and Haidt assert, pointing to already-growing concerns about student mental health“ -- “It tells the members of a generation already beset by anxiety and depression that the world is a far more violent and threatening place than it really is,” the two remark. “It tells them that words, ideas, and speakers can literally kill them.” -- Meanwhile, Haidt and Lukianoff note that colleges have already seen the consequences of promoting such a notion, pointing to recent events at the University of California, Berkeley, where students responded to speech they deemed offensive or objectionable with force. -- Indeed, after masked protesters sparred with people on campus the day of Yiannopoulos’ talk, the riot was subsequently defended by students and alumni in a series of op-eds called “Violence as self-defense,” which was published in the school newspaper, including features such as “Check your privilege when speaking of protests” and “Violence helped ensure the safety of students.” -- “The conflation of words with violence is not a new or progressive idea invented on college campuses in the last two years,” Lukianoff and Haidt remark ruefully. “It is an ancient and regressive idea. Americans should all be troubled that it is becoming popular again – especially on college campuses, where it least belongs.”' -- When I hear the word "triggered" I reach for my gun.
victimhood  threatnarrative  morallicensing  exceptionalism  illiberalism 
3 days ago
Revisionist History Podcast -- Season 2: Episode 6: The King of Tears
'Revisionist History goes to Nashville to talk with Bobby Braddock, who has written more sad songs than almost anyone else. What is it about music that makes us cry? And what sets country music apart?'
rkselectiontheory  culture 
3 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- On Relative Superiority And The Migrant Invasion
'...What we are going to do is a hypothetical theory post on the worst case scenario – the elites have planned the Muslim invasion well enough that Europe will be lost in some measure at some point. I do not personally think it is the case, but I also do not believe anybody has ever seen this degree of r, mixed with an economic system set up with the control to avoid a collapse and foster economic irresponsibility as effectively as this one. -- ... Everywhere I look at the migrant invasion, I see this principle of relative superiority in action. The Muslims are pretending they will always be nice and happy, and appreciative of their European hosts. Even where they abandon the façade, the r-strategist rabbits lie, cover up, and ignore the evidence, and use everyone’s conflict-avoidant natures to continue the influx. -- This is, to my eye, clearly the first phase of a special operation designed to attain relative superiority over the European people using superior Muslim numbers, using their own naiveté and r-strategist conditioning to lull them into apathy, before the initiation of contact. Given the history of Muslims, in every instance where their populations multiplied sufficiently in close proximity to a different population, violent subjugation is unavoidable. From the perspective of r/K Theory, the initiation of conflict should be seen as being triggered by the economic collapse. -- So to my eye, the question is, to wait and allow the Muslims to possibly one day attain relative superiority through superior numbers and positioning, or to initiate contact as early as possible, and let the conflict play out before they have attained such relative superiority over European forces. It is literally the question of to win or lose your homeland, and whether your descendants will live as Muslim slaves or free people. As some have noted, Europeans will either serve as slave labor erecting minarets for Muslims, or appreciatively erect statues of Anders Breivik himself, of their own volition. -- There are only two ways to win such a battle. Recognize it in the covert phase, recognize it is unavoidable, expose it, and initiate contact early while your forces still hold a position of relative superiority. Or recognize it, and covertly realign your forces so you will have relative superiority when the conflict begins. -- Now there are several factors not accounted for in this analysis. One, Europeans will be fighting on their home turf, with nowhere to fall back to. The Muslims will have their countries to flee home to – but only if the conflict begins before they have become first generation European Muslims. That is a huge advantage for Europe, but it means each Muslim baby born into European society that grows to fighting age will be a loss of this advantage. Even Muslim women will suicide bomb. -- The second factor is these Muslims are r-strategist migrants. When fighting began in their homeland, they beat feet halfway across the globe to get away from it. The generals who assembled this army did not send their genetic A-team. If a new conflict begins in Europe, I would expect all of the migrants to have a genetic r-strategist tendency to flee the conflict and danger in search of free resources anywhere else. -- Those will buy Europe time, but the point of relative superiority through numerical superiority is approaching even if it is far off. Those who say Europe could never be conquered may not be seeing that the relative superiority metric is a simple mathematic metric, the graph lines are presently not in the native’s favor, and given the elite’s ability to forestall the Apocalypse, none of us really know how far off contact is. -- ... As I say, you cannot fight the tides of r/K Selection. So long as the free resources are flowing, the Anders Breivik option is not going to work, as we have seen. It is a dead end. -- The elites have shown an astonishing capability for prolonging the r-selection. In 1980, we should have had one decline to re-Kify us, and there probably should have been at least a couple since then. They have managed to prevent all of those course corrections, and that has left us in the present state, where our nations not only allow the invasion by violent low IQ rapist foreigners, they invite them, subsidize their journeys, and run cover for them after arrival, even as these savages slowly accrue relative superiority over us. -- ... These are dark times. People call it Europe’s suicide, but it is really the attempted murder of apathetic real Europeans, by fake Europeans. We all know where it is heading. The question is whether that realization can hit everyone’s amygdala the way their own actual murder would, even although their amygdala has not yet experienced it, and is not yet practiced at producing that emotional realization.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  centralbanking  statism  decadence  collapse  conquest  migration  fabianism  subversion  politicalcorrectness  LYAHF  war 
3 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- The Psychology Of Rabbits
'"...“Get out the water, you gonna die,” yells one, while another yells, “ain’t nobody fixing to help you, you dumb (expletive).” As Dunn disappears under the water, one of the teens says, “Oh, he just died.” -- Investigators say none of the teens — all between 14 and 16 years old — called 911 to report Dunn’s drowning or tried to help the man." -- ...While watching a nature show recently, a lone wolf was trying to take down a caribou in a large herd. I immediately felt myself in the caribou’s position, and sympathized with its plight. The wolf ran at the herd, and it scattered, like water flowing away from a high point. The wolf ran until it locked in on one caribou and caught a piece of its hock. It hung on, and the long struggle began as the wolf tried to slowly move his hold up on the caribou as the caribou tried to catch him with a kick from his rear leg, a struggle which the caribou would ultimately lose. -- But in between the start of the struggle and the end, hundreds, if not thousands of caribou watched from the distance, as their compatriot fell, got up, ran, kicked with its hind legs at the wolf, fell, got up, kicked some more, spun around, and all the while the wolf slowly worked up to its neck, seeking the carotid and the jugular. -- As I envisioned myself as the caribou, I couldn’t help but think of Bill Whittle’s example of r and K, where if he was a K-antelope and somebody attacked his herd, he would have organized a team to gather and fight back. At any time, fifteen or twenty Caribou could have run up and impaled the wolf on their antlers, while the wolf was occupied with his victim. They could have bit the wolf’s back legs, and probably severed tendons. They could have kicked it with their hind legs and broken its ribs. Hundreds could have run up and stomped it to death. But not a one cared. It didn’t anger them, and they felt no kinship or empathy with the victim. -- The last shot, after the caribou had fallen and died, was of the herd running away, flowing up and over a hill like a stream of water. Their friend was dead, and it was clear none of them cared. They were on to the next pasture, hundreds of individuals, each one alone, who only felt fear for their own well being and nothing else. -- You see all of this in human r-strategists, from the lack of care for those in their own herd, to the demand that nobody attack the predators who are preying on their own. My own belief is the r-strategist is programmed to support the predator, because without predation K-selection would take over, and the r-selected psychology would disappear at the hands of the K-strategists in their midst. The predator actually protects their psychology, by eliminating their real enemy the K-strategist. -- r and K are almost supernatural spirits, battling to determine the very nature of the beings they occupy. One faces its enemies directly, and battles them to their face as it loves and protects its own, while the other is truly the offspring of the father of lies, and like him seeks nothing but the suffering of everyone – even of its own. -- Here, these kids had absolutely no care for anyone. They were amused by the suffering, terror, and death of their own. They are no different from all the leftists who dismiss the rapes of innocent young girls in Europe by the migrant crime squad, or the criminal advocates who dismiss the pain and suffering of the victims of crime. Their psychology will never bring anything of value to civilization, or create any of the greatness they parasitize to survive.'
rkselectiontheory  evolution  ideology  socialism  conservatism 
3 days ago
Breitbart -- Conservatives to Allow Men to Self-Identify As Women Legally With no Medical Checks
'The Conservative Party has backed plans to allow people to legally change their gender quickly and simply, without the need see a doctor. -- Men will be able to declare themselves women and have their birth certificates altered – and vice versa – with the process “streamlined” so it can be done quickly, reports The Sunday Times. -- Plans for the so-called Gender Recognition Bill, which will be subject to a consultation process, include proposals to “de-medicalise” transgenderism and end the requirement to be diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” before changing gender. -- Currently, people who do not identify as their biological sex need to obtain a diagnosis and live as the opposite gender for two years before full legal recognition. -- The Department for Education will also allocate £3m for “anti-homophobic and transphobic programmes” and require all schools, including faith schools, to teach children about transgenderism in relationships and sex education. -- The changes could pave the way for legal challenges around questions such as who can access women’s changing rooms, lavatories, and even sports teams.' -- All aboard the female victimhood train!
UK  transgenderism  victimhood 
3 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- Midlife Crisis Explained
'The midlife crisis is, at bottom, the dawning realization of individual mortality. It might manifest as an “emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence” but this emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence always occurs against the backdrop of death. It’s the unsettling feeling Rollo May put so succinctly – that it turns out life is not a never-ending upward spiral of bigger and better things. -- The wave of life grows at first, then it crests, and finally it breaks upon the shore to dissolve back into the ocean where it formed. In youth we all know at the theoretical level that we’ll one day die but we don’t feel this reality in our bones. We ride the upward momentum of the ever-growing wave and we feel good, we feel that life with all its myriad possibilities is laid out before us and we’ll have the chance to experience it all, to be everything we want to be, to do everything we want to do. Death is real for other people but not for us. Death is not personal. The folly of youth is the belief in personal immortality, the belief that we’ll remain young and unchanged forever. -- But the drum of time beats a steady rhythm onwards, with or without our say so, and before we know it, seemingly in the blink of an eye, we’ve got more years under our belts than we might have in front of us. -- ...the midlife crisis is an opportunity, just as all crises are opportunities. It can be used as motivation to take honest stock of the current life situation and to make the difficult changes now in order to insure that the remaining time allotted is used in a way that furthers rather than hinders self-actualization. The decision can be made to ‘trivialize the trivialities’ as Irvin Yalom likes to put it, to reprioritize life in order to put the really important things first and let the trivialities taking up so much psychic space fall by the wayside. Time cannot be stopped, mortality cannot be avoided, but how the allotted time is used is entirely up to us. The midlife crisis is a chance to change course and start using the remaining time in a productive way that aids rather than hinders self-actualization, in a way that makes us and others really happy, in a way that reduces suffering in the world. When we make these important changes the specter of death doesn’t go away but some of the terror does.'
psychology  existentialism  death  terrormanagementtheory  individuation 
4 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- A Good Apology Requires A Concrete Plan To Change Behavior
'...As long as the long-term behavior remains unchanged we can look at never apologizing and constantly apologizing as simply two different strategies to accomplish the same end, which is to get environmental conditions back to ‘normal’. Never apologizing hopes that ignoring the ‘problem’ will make it go away. Constantly apologizing hopes that saying some words will make the ‘problem’ go away. But in both of these cases the ‘problem’ is not really felt to be the destructive behavior as such but rather the aversive, unwanted response to this behavior from friends, family members, coworkers, or others in the external environment. -- So whether an apology is forthcoming or not, when the behavioral pattern remains basically unchanged personal responsibility has not been taken. A good apology requires a concrete plan to change behavior as well as the wherewithal to follow through with the plan. Otherwise that apology is really just an attempt to clear the way for more of the same old destructive behaviors.'
psychology  responsibility  forgiveness  boundaries 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Black New York Rabbit Rages At Proud White Women
'...In a K-society, men seek to cede to women, who are themselves prone to cede to men, all out of protectiveness on the part of men and the politeness of women. It results from a model of psychology where men protect women in the family, while women accept their role as the protected, and are designed to be pleasant to facilitate long term monogamous relationships. -- In r-selection though, women are designed to mate promiscuously and raise the offspring alone. As a result, all provision and protection duties are their’s, and they are designed for this. In r-selection females tend to be bigger, more muscular, and more aggressive. -- It is funny to see a rabbit man giving voice to his inner cuck, as he is run off the side walk by big, ball-busting feminist r-selected rabbit women, who do little more than scoff at his patheity. -- Notice the larger model though. Those ball busting women will declare they have every right to dress sluttily and walk through areas like Muslim No-Go zones, where they will be raped. In r-selection the women will end up selecting for the least sexually constrained males. -- The irony is, the cuck who wrote this is suffering because he is not quite r-selected enough, in that he does not have the requisite flash and sexual abandon to either run natural game or rape. He is actually the noble starting point of a slide into a reproductive strategy that in its final form will be much more degenerate and uncivilized.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Free Speech Equals Violence
'In the NY Times of all places: "Last week the NY Times published a piece titled “When is Speech Violence?” which purported to show that speech can have real world health consequences. If words can cause stress, and if prolonged stress can cause physical harm, then it seems that speech — at least certain types of speech — can be a form of violence. But which types?" -- It brings up an interesting aspect of rabbitry. Right now Conservatives are feeling a lot of stress, because they know the migrant hordes are bad, our national finances are in ruins, and an economic Apocalypse is on the way to touch off violence and anarchy. We know all of this could be attenuated somewhat if our societies would accept some hardship now, but the left seems hell bent on flooring the accelerator and taking off into the Apocalypse at full speed. -- When the Apocalypse hits and K-strategists find themselves living in the K-selected environment they are designed for, I suspect their stress levels will plummet and their health will improve, in ways they would never believe. Want to feel like Superman? Watch leftists running for their lives every night on the evening news, and everyone agree how stupid leftist ideals are. -- Liberals meanwhile will experience stress unlike anything caused by Milo or Vox Day today. At the very moment when their lives will be on the line as the savages go on the offensive in the cities, liberals will become chronically sick, and unable to face any of it.'
rkselectiontheory  faggotry 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Dogwalker Attacked By Somalian Who Felt Dogs Are Unclean
'"...The 18-year-old Somali asserted, “The animals are unclean,” Ingrid recalled, stating that her attacker then “grabbed me, spun me around and scratched me” until both women fell to the floor. -- It took the efforts of three men to manage to pull the asylum seeker away from the Austrian dog owner, who told Krone the assault left her unable to feel her legs. -- Staff at Wilhelminen Hospital had to operate twice on Ingrid who — her knee smashed in the attack — required an artificial knee to be surgically implanted." -- Imagine what will happen to the socialized medical systems, which are already overtaxed, when the economic collapse eliminates funding on one side, and the migrant violence increases demand on the other. -- This lasts now because we endure the frustration of coping with it to abide by the laws, rather than following our instincts. We do that because in r-selection, everyone’s amygdala sees more threat in dealing with it than there is in just hoping it doesn’t come for us. -- When r turns to K and somebody is going to die, everyone’s amygdalae change as well, and dealing with the threat becomes safer than not dealing with the threat. At that point, adding to the calculation and forcing the shift is the fact that a lot of people are killing, and as the system is overwhelmed, then in a practical sense, the rules no longer apply anyway. -- The shift over to K will happen quickly when the amygdala change mixes with the fact the system is being overwhelmed and disabled as well. Add in Cops perhaps joining the resistance because they don’t want Muslim gangs raping their daughters and robbing and murdering their families, and Europe will be a Muslim bloodbath.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  conquest 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Merkel Won't Limit Refugees At All
'...I’ve noticed two broad classes of people as I go through life. They are r and K, but they are even more than that. One type wants those around them to be happy. They help where they can, they lift up their friends, and they are constantly looking for ways to increase the overall happiness. And more often than not, they don’t actively solicit help from others, preferring to solve problems themselves. -- The other kind of person solicits help wherever they can. They never offer to help others unless there is an angle for them, and they seem to view happiness not as a state of being, but as a relative measure. To that end, they will act to reduce the happiness of others wherever they can, but they will always try to do it in such a way as to maintain plausible deniability about their motives. Ironically, I suspect that because they feel good soliciting help from others and taking time from their lives, they often end up in leadership roles, whereas the first type tends to not become leaders. -- ... As I look out on these migration-obsessed assholes, more and more I see that psychology, changing the world so nobody else can enjoy true happiness, while maintaining their plausible deniability as empaths who simply care too much for their fellow man.'
rkselectiontheory  narcissism  psychology 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Canadian K-strategists Contribute To Family of Soldier Killed By Terrorist Who Canada Paid Off
'...The faggy, rabbity, Canadian PM won’t even comment on it, having slipped the money to the terrorist quietly without letting anyone know. But Canadian K-strategists recognize, he is not their own, while Chris Speer’s wife and kids are. -- The lawsuit seeking seizure of the payout, to satisfy a judgment against the terrorist in an American court, is proceeding although there are rumors the payout has been legally sheltered in some fashion since it was issued. Whether that can be undone is unknown, but at the least they can make it difficult for him to access any money. -- Notice how precarious the ties that bind r and K are. If ever r/K Theory catches on (and it will), expect it to open a major fissure in our species, and change the nature of all future wars. Once r/K Theory is taught, the battles between r and K will be the dominant forms of warfare on the planet, and the nature of our species will change accordingly. Once the K’s see r and K, the rabbits will not be able to hide among us anymore.'
rkselectiontheory  ideology  apocalypse 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Psychiatry Professors Ask That Trump's Presidency Be Ended By Congress
'...man only unites when the world turns harsh, and the rabbits are either killed off, or converted by necessity to K-strategists. Only K-selection kills off all but one phenotype, and unites the population in one form. When free resources hit, the high long-form DRD4 carriers go r, while the rest of the population remains K. Because r-selection only overtakes K-strategists slowly through out-reproducing them, r-selection will allow two forms of human to exist simultaneously, while at the same time allowing them to diverge as the r-strategists go ever more r under conditions of free resources and diminished competitive threat. -- Right now, we have had free resources for long enough to produce some pretty serious r-strategists, and as they continue to go ever more r, the movie they see, filtered through the context of their r-selected instincts appears more and more different than the movie being seen by our K-strategists. From who are the heroes, to who are the villains, to the plots, to whether they are tragedies or adventures, everything is different. -- It is possible this phenomenon may be what differentiates periods of regular war from periods of civil war. Regular wars would seem to be the province of nations that are mostly united, probably during periods of high K and limited resources. Civil wars may be the result of periods of peak r, when the splits in the population are so massive that there can be no reconciling them, because they are so wide neither side can even agree on what reality is. -- And all of that ignores the fact that periods of peak r may be punctuated by the massive importations of foreigners in the hopes of one side that the migrants will kill the other. After Europe ejects the Muslims, I do not see how there isn’t a massive rebellion against the leftists and elites.'
rkselectiontheory  civilization  panarchy  war 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Begala Wants To Blow Up Russian Intelligence Agencies
'...Notice the rabbit wants “us” to blow up the Russian Intelligence services. All I can think of is, “Who is this “us” you speak of kemosabe?” -- You can see how rabbits instinctually see all violence in the context of others doing it for them. -- What is interesting is the rabbits are beginning to realize their war on the K-strategy is now a war on their own K-strategists, and Russia. Since Russia realized it is good for Russia if the radical Islamists don’t control the European intelligence services and the European nuclear arsenals, the rabbits have felt the pushback, and begun launching salvos ay Putin themselves. It speaks to a slightly more conscious, and slightly less instinctual nature to their perceptions. They are purposely betraying their own, and growing consciously frustrated by Putin’s resistance to that. So they don’t reflexively align with any out-group. It must be an out-group that will destroy their own K-strategists. -- Their problem is the K-strategists are increasingly viewing the rabbits as the enemy. If tomorrow Begala and all his rabbit friends were to be Polonium’ed by Putin, and there were two candidates in the next election, one who cared and one who did not, I would gladly vote for the one who did not. As far as I am concerned, Putin is at worst a comrade in the war against the Islamization of Europe, and the rabbits are our enemy. -- We on the right are beginning to realize the rabbits are not only among our enemies, they are our main enemy in the r vs K war that has always been the primary war in our species, but which is only now on the verge of being openly recognized. If Russia wants at the rabbits who are threatening them, it is not our problem. If the rabbits want protection, let them move to Muslim countries in search of it, and let them take their migrant friends with them.'
rkselectiontheory  subversion  LYAHF 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: I'm Sorry Reality Offends You (TFM 420)
'That moment when you see the rule of law being destroyed, but you are forced to apologize to those destroying it because women can vote.' -- "It's not just that women vote themselves men's money, they vote themselves the family courts system...it's not just about money, it's about power. It's ultimately about money: Why do women want to try men in family court rather than a criminal court? Because they want their money. And they're going to lie, cheat, and steal to get it and they don't want these pesky things like evidence and justice getting in the way."
men  women  emotionalism  feminism  statism  gynocentrism 
5 days ago
Breitbart -- MALLOCH: The Tragedy of the European Family
'Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children; German chancellor Angela Merkel has no children. British prime minister, Theresa May has no children; Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children; Holland’s, prime minister, Mark Rutte, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel, and Scotland’s, first minster, Nicola Sturgeon — all have no children. -- The list goes on…Latvia’s childless president is Raimonds Vējonis, Lithuania’s childless president is Dalia Grybauskaitė and Romania’s childless president is Klaus Werner Iohannis. And, Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission too, has no children and is family-less. -- So to put it rather bluntly: a grossly disproportionate number of the people making serious decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal sibling, child or grandchildren’s interests at stake in that future. They are not part of a family and have come to see all their attention focused on one dominant and all-powerful social unit to which they pay obeisance and give their complete and devoted attention: The State. -- ... In the western world, the traditional family continues to crumble and unravel — anyone who defends past tradition (300,000 years of pre-recorded oral and actual history) is ridiculed and rejected as we give up hope and resign in despair to a future without family or its attendant values. Speaking up for the family has almost no constituency and makes one look nostalgic at best and retrograde at worst. Is something larger at stake? Yes, family decline is undermining civilisation itself. -- ...why is an ascendant statist/globalist political culture so hostile to the family? -- The crisis of the family is not simply a result of changed sexual mores or feminist ideology, while they contribute to it. It has far deeper roots. -- The family has lost its social significance because to the State, the family is a threat. As a precursor and basic unit of life it preceded the state and always balanced its interests. -- But in the last fifty years, the welfare state has done everything in its power to break it up. Dividing families, encouraging divorce, supporting abortion, coercing fatherlessness, and building dependencies, the state has not idly watched in the demise of the family structure: it has been the active and primary cause of its very plight. -- As one pundit put it, “the State became master of the family; the result is that the family is now truly the agent, the slave, and the handmaiden of the State.” -- ... Loving life means realising and multiplying the gift of life. The place where that takes place is the family. Aristotle himself taught that family represents nature in its clearest manifestation. He said, “The family is the basic cell of all human society, the primary association of human beings.” -- Europe today needs to turn away from its golden idol of statism which is killing the family and embrace a wiser set of norms, part and parcel of its past, where its leaders again hold high the value of the human family, before it is too late and disappears for good.'
europe  demographics  family  statism  welfare 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Lauren Southern: PATREON BANNED MY ACCOUNT??
The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. ~ John Gilmore
internet  chokepoints  politicalcorrectness  illiberalism  minitrue 
5 days ago
girlwriteswhat comments
'...I've heard lots of young women say they want a baby because they want someone who'll love them unconditionally. -- Of course, for the first 4 to 6 years, a child doesn't even have empathy, let alone compassion. It's an emotional black hole of selfish demand (unless you abuse or neglect the fuck out of it, in which case it remains a black hole, but stops making demands, but won't ever be capable of giving anyone anything). -- If you're lucky and you do your job right, the unconditional love for mom part of things might happen when the kid's 35 and has kids of their own. It's only at that point that most kids realize for themselves that having children is a burden as well as a joy, and that the burdens are all day every day, and the joys are often seldom and deferred.'
psychology  parenting  parentification 
5 days ago
YouTube -- My Own Worst Enemy: #022 Maternal OCD: Striving to be Supermum (Dr. Fiona Challacombe)
'What causes maternal OCD? Is it down to hormonal changes, living in risk averse society, or the evolutionary desire to keep our children safe from harm? In today's episode, Dr. Fiona Challacombe joins us to discuss the nature and content of the obsessions and compulsions in Maternal OCD. We explore why maternal OCD is given such little attention compared to other mental health issues, whether or not this condition has long term ramifications for the children of parents with OCD, and most importantly how to seek treatment.'
psychology  parenting 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: In Women We Trust (TFM 420)
'Child Maltreatment 2015 (latest year) https://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/cb/cm2015.pdf -- Page 75/248, Table 4–5 Child Fatalities by Relationship to Their Perpetrators, 2015 -- The top 5 abusers of children are (in order of percentage) #Biological Mother Alone (26.7%) #Biological Mother & Father Together (22.3%) #Nonparents (All) (18.7%) #Biological Father Alone (14.7%) #Biological Mother & Nonparent Together (10.5%)'
psychohistory  childhood  abuse  women  violence 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: TFM Show: Social Security is a Sacred Promise?
'Each generation of seniors demands you throw some other generation under the bus, but not them.'
welfare  ponzi  intergenerationalwarfare 
5 days ago
Breitbart -- Efforts to Educate Migrants Stall as Just Three Per Cent Want to Try Learning
'...Recent migrants to Sweden are largely unemployed and constitute a large section of the total number of people out of work. By 2018 Swedish authorities believe that 60 percent of all the migrants in Sweden will be unemployed. The report, by the Swedish Public Employment Service, also noted that the migrant unemployment rate was three times that of native Swedes. -- In June of 2016, Sweden’s state-owned broadcaster SVT revealed that only 494 migrants of the 163,000 who had recently arrived had found meaningful work. -- The problem of integrating migrants into the labour force is also a big problem in Germany where few migrants manage to join the workforce. Some economists have said that mass migration will ultimately harm long-term economic growth rather than help it grow. -- Some migrants in Germany have managed to find work, but integration has also presented other problems. Recently a Syrian migrant who found work as a hairdresser and was hailed as a “model of integration,” was arrested after trying to stab his 64-year-old female boss to death over an alleged work dispute.'
europe  welfare  pathologicalaltruism 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: $$$ EVERYBODY HAS A PRICE $$$
'While many people accept the value of the Internet in disseminating important information, Stefan Molyneux looks at the overlooked value of the price system and the negative impact that distorting it has on the world overall.'
economics  prices  opportunitycosts  markets  socialism  pricefixing  StefanMolyneux 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: THE FRIEND ZONE
'Was there such a thing as the friend zone before the existence of the welfare state? Stefan Molyneux looks at the perverse incentives that have invaded the dating market with the rise of the welfare state and how they have served to destabilize society.' -- "You can be friend-zoned because the woman is getting her resources from the state. And therefore she can pursue silly, sentimental, hormone-based lusts for fast-talking bad boys because she's guaranteed to get those resources if the relationship doesn't work out." -- "When the demand for virtue diminishes, the supply of immortality goes through the roof."
men  women  statism  welfare  decadence  hypergamy  StefanMolyneux 
5 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: THEY ARE EXPLOITING YOU
'Do you believe that Social Security or other entitlements will be there when you retire? If you think you can count on the government – think again! Stefan Molyneux explains the failure of social security and the strange incentives politicians face when it comes to addressing this massive problem.' -- "You want fewer children from the group that wants smaller government. You want fewer children overall. But you have promised people future benefits that require the continual production of children. So what do you do?"
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Spiked -- Why we should oppose the ASA’s gender jihad by Brendan O’Neill
'...Somehow, without people even noticing, Britain has developed a severe, Victorian-era system of censorship that controls images of sex, fun and partying in a significant area of public life: advertising. That these bans are justified in the name of clamping down on the ‘objectification’ of women only shows how much modern media feminism has in common with the stiff old Christian censorship of the past. Both fear the ‘harm’ that might be caused to society if people clap eyes on a picture of a woman wearing not very much or a man being flirtatious after a swig of Black Cow vodka. -- But, if anything, the ASA’s correction of heretical ad-makers is even worse than the blue-rinse, Bible-influenced censorship that held during much of the 20th century. It’s more thorough, more insidious. Its latest campaign represents an attempt to control not simply sexual images but the entire way in which gender is depicted and discussed. Its war on ‘portrayals which reinforce outdated and stereotypical views on gender roles’ means that virtually anything could be blacklisted. A Persil ad showing a woman picking up the families’ socks; a DIY ad showing the dad doing all the hammering and sawing; an ad showing boys playing football while a girl stares lovingly at one of them from the sidelines… all of these could be judged ‘gender-stereotypical’ and extinguished. This is a profoundly illiberal attempt to dictate how the culture and consumer sector may communicate with the masses, and how the masses should think about gender. -- And it’s all done in the name of massaging the masses’ apparently flimsy self-esteem. It’s about making sure we have the right attitudes and the right amount of self-belief. The ASA report says gender stereotypes in ads can ‘contribute to harm for adults and children’. They can ‘limit how people see themselves… and limit the life decisions they take’. This is disturbingly patronising. The notion that a young woman who sees a washing-liquid ad featuring a stressed-out mum will feel morally crushed is more insulting than any ad could ever be.'
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RussiaToday -- Renegade Inc: Something rotten in the state of Denmark?
'Whilst politicians globally extol Danish democratic virtues, very few of them talk about the pernicious effects financialization has had on the country. The Danish economy is carrying huge levels of private debt which, unless managed, could undermine their much-vaunted democracy. Is trouble looming in the democratic utopia, and how do a new crop of politicians stop the rot?' -- Professor Ole Bjerg: "The Social Democrats do not understand the dynamics of money creation by private banks, debt and land value. Denmark has the highest level of private debt to income in the world. The housing market functions as the main driver of inequality between different regions of the country and different generations."
economics  land  banking  debt  rentseeking  landlordism  malspeculation  "capitalism" 
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Why We Only Learn When We Repeat
'Our education system is based on the idea that we can learn things once, and that they’ll then stay in our minds throughout our lives. That’s far too optimistic. Our brains are like sieves. If anything is going to remain in them, we need regular reminders of what really matters. Fascinatingly, religions always understood that.'
psychology  ritual  religion 
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Evolution Counseling -- Psychic Energy And Playing A Role In Social Settings
'...Any time we try to play a role, to be someone we’re not in order to impress or appease or fit in or reduce anxiety or see ourselves in a desirable light, etc. our energy is quickly depleted, we feel ‘bad’ without being able to put our fingers on exactly why. Conversely when we are authentic, when we show our true selves, when we aren’t playing some role but are just being who we are, we’re restored, we feel ‘good’ without being able to put our fingers on exactly why. -- Many people who call themselves ‘introverts’, who leave social engagements feeling depleted, simply aren’t satisfied with the superficial aspect of many typical social encounters. They feel compelled to play a role, they feel forced to laugh at things they don’t find funny, to talk about and seem interested in banalities of all kinds. But with other close friends and family members, where they feel allowed to be themselves without censure or judgment, where the content of the conversation can go a little deeper, they don’t feel depleted afterwards to nearly the same degree as in other social settings, and in fact often leave the encounter feeling restored. -- And many people who call themselves ‘extroverts’ simply aren’t comfortable being alone in the first place because of various hidden biases around who and what they’re supposed to be. They might unconsciously equate being alone with exclusion or neediness or isolation, for example, and so they’re not engaging with solitude in the same authentic way as those who feel good about who they are as people when they’re by themselves. But if and when ‘extroverts’ can come to see a period of aloneness as solitude, as a chance to contemplate and unwind, they don’t feel depleted afterwards to nearly the same degree as when they perceive that alone time in a purely aversive light. -- So while the introversion/extroversion paradigm has a lot of value we should be equally focused on the playing a role/authenticity paradigm when we’re trying to isolate exactly what charges up the psychic batteries and what depletes them.'
psychology  personality  introversion  extraversion  masks 
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YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: TFM Show: Women Voting Rant
"...That's what the government does to men in the name of feminism: It takes what women want – which is money – it takes it from men and gives it to them. Now that women don't need men because they can use the government to get money from men, they think they're independent, they think they're strong. And now that they believe their own bullshit, they think they don't need men anymore and can shit all over them, and it's all because they can vote.' -- Democracy is just another government programme
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Fake News Industrial Complex | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux
"Amateur is the new professional or amateur is the new honest. People want live, unedited content. Even the media, they're showing their hand. They go: 'How dare James O'Keefe edit us! How dare anyone trust these edited videos by James O'Keefe!' And you're thinking, have you guys got a mirror? Take a look at it."
journalism  minitrue  internet  equiveillance  cognitivesurplus  StefanMolyneux 
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Aeon Ideas -- Before you can be with others, first learn to be alone by Jennifer Stitt
'In 1840, Edgar Allan Poe described the ‘mad energy’ of an ageing man who roved the streets of London from dusk till dawn. His excruciating despair could be temporarily relieved only by immersing himself in a tumultuous throng of city-dwellers. ‘He refuses to be alone,’ Poe wrote. He ‘is the type and the genius of deep crime … He is the man of the crowd.’ -- ... In 1961, The New Yorker commissioned Arendt to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi SS officer who helped to orchestrate the Holocaust. How could anyone, she wanted to know, perpetrate such evil? Surely only a wicked sociopath could participate in the Shoah. But Arendt was surprised by Eichmann’s lack of imagination, his consummate conventionality. She argued that while Eichmann’s actions were evil, Eichmann himself – the person – ‘was quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous. There was no sign in him of firm ideological convictions.’ She attributed his immorality – his capacity, even his eagerness, to commit crimes – to his ‘thoughtlessness’. It was his inability to stop and think that permitted Eichmann to participate in mass murder. -- Just as Poe suspected that something sinister lurked deep within the man of the crowd, Arendt recognised that: ‘A person who does not know that silent intercourse (in which we examine what we say and what we do) will not mind contradicting himself, and this means he will never be either able or willing to account for what he says or does; nor will he mind committing any crime, since he can count on its being forgotten the next moment.’ Eichmann had shunned Socratic self-reflection. He had failed to return home to himself, to a state of solitude. He had discarded the vita contemplativa, and thus he had failed to embark upon the essential question-and-answering process that would have allowed him to examine the meaning of things, to distinguish between fact and fiction, truth and falsehood, good and evil. -- ‘It is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong,’ Arendt wrote, ‘because you can remain the friend of the sufferer; who would want to be the friend of and have to live together with a murderer? Not even another murderer.’ It is not that unthinking men are monsters, that the sad sleepwalkers of the world would sooner commit murder than face themselves in solitude. What Eichmann showed Arendt was that society could function freely and democratically only if it were made up of individuals engaged in the thinking activity – an activity that required solitude. Arendt believed that ‘living together with others begins with living together with oneself’ -- .. Arendt reminds us, if we lose our capacity for solitude, our ability to be alone with ourselves, then we lose our very ability to think. We risk getting caught up in the crowd. We risk being ‘swept away’, as she put it, ‘by what everybody else does and believes in’ – no longer able, in the cage of thoughtless conformity, to distinguish ‘right from wrong, beautiful from ugly’. Solitude is not only a state of mind essential to the development of an individual’s consciousness – and conscience – but also a practice that prepares one for participation in social and political life. Before we can keep company with others, we must learn to keep company with ourselves.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Rape Isn't Rape If Your Culture Is Different
'Rape is not rape, if you are a foreigner: "A German judge has acquitted a Turkish man of rape, despite the fact that he forced a woman to have sex with him, and left her incapacitated. The judge argued that in “the mentality of the Turkish cultural circle,” what the woman “had experienced as rape” might be considered merely “wild sex.” The judge refused to convict the rapist, because “no intention is demonstrable.”" -- Again, this is about appeasing the out-group to facilitate the survival of a high-long-form-DRD4-carrying migrant. If the leftist landed among foreigners, suddenly deciding that all those rapists in the new society were perfectly decent guys, who were just misunderstood because we migrants didn’t grasp their culture, is the best way to avoid conflict and survive. -- Notice how even though they haven’t migrated, the leftist is still acting as if we have to respect foreign cultures, even when they rape and murder. We K-strategists can’t grasp this, because our attitude is foreigners should accommodate our cultural norms if they move here. We are made to have the migrants appease us. -- But as free resources expand, the leftist instincts increase in prevalence and are mistaken for a logical consensus of the population. Even though it is completely illogical, the leftist can’t tell the difference. Suddenly rape is excusable.'
rkselectiontheory  migration  socialism  pathologicalaltruism  warbrides 
12 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- How Does An r-Strategist Attack His Wife?
'"Mr Islam, who is a migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates, had warned his wife there would ‘severe consequences’ if she did not give up her studies." -- K-strategists have been in an evolutionary war with r-strategists for a long time, and in that time we have evolved instinctual urges to kill when we see r-strategist behavior. -- Obviously wife beating is unacceptable. Yet even a wife beater who openly stands up to his wife, challenges her openly, and fights her face to face is somehow almost respectable compared to this guy. Tricking his wife into being subservient out of loyalty because he can’t tolerate even the slightest risk of a victim who fights back is so pathetic killing him would almost be putting him out of his misery. -- Notice the r-strategy, looking to destroy the happiness of others by exploiting the loyalty and trust of the victim to launch their attack without any consequences. Now look at the leftist migration activists, pretending to be patriotic, as they betray all of their own citizens by importing hostile foreign hordes. -- It is not even as if they are just importing random foreigners. They are importing the same radical Islamists we have been at war with for the last decade and a half. And that is not chance. The Roman r-strategists imported the same barbarians the Romans had been trying to hold at bay, and then insisted they be allowed to hold high office. -- These are programmed behaviors, imbued through eons of natural selection, and every time you see free resource availability, the r-strategist rabbits will rise, and you will see this exact strategy play out.'
rkselectiontheory  subversion  conquest  LYAHF 
12 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Teen Vogue Offers Anal Sex Tutorial
Because every teen should be taking it up the pooper, according to society: ... -- So, early sexualization of youth, reduced rearing investments through non-breeding sex, reduced disgust reflex, lack of protectiveness for children, reversal of sex-preferences, and increased promiscuity. This is the intellectual manifestation of an r-selected reproductive strategy. K-strategists would be horrified to think their daughters are being exposed to this, but to an r-strategist, this is wonderful. Imagine all the rabbits who will be happily having anal sex! -- None of this would have been tolerated after the Great Depression, and its climax, WWII. If you had tried to publish this in a national magazine, especially directed at young girls, you would probably have ended up in jail. Like Larry Flynt, you would probably also have been shot by some faceless assassin, as J. Edgar Hoover directed the FBI to deal with you when they had any time off from dealing with the commies. -- But back then patriotism and nationalism, freedom, morality, and loyalty were also in high regard. Every American wanted to demonstrate to other Americans that they were part of the American team. Then came the economic boom which K-strategists create, and it all began to come apart at once. -- If you don’t grasp that these are reproductive strategies, none of this can possibly be understood. This is not some ephemeral thing like a fad or a zeitgeist. It isn’t part of some greater development of man, which will one day produce a more advanced organism. It isn’t logic or reason, or even a difference in opinion or taste. -- These are cold, hard, biological switches in the brain, being flipped on and off by the environment the human machine is encountering. You encounter a harsh environment and out comes the moral, decent man, loyal to his nation, loving of his family, and desirous of success. But put that same population into an environment of free resources, and out comes a disloyal, hedonistic, neurotic which is concerned only with their own immediate ease, and prone to destroy everything created by the other model of human.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence 
12 days ago
Spiked -- Islamism is a far bigger problem than Islamophobia by Patrick West
'The liberal-left is obsessed by the spectre of Islamophobia. Whenever there is a terrorist outrage, its leading lights are always keen to move the debate on – from the problem of Islamism, the number of jihadists in this country and the incubation of so many would-be mass child-murderers in Britain – and on to the safer ground of Islamophobia. -- The fact that an anti-Islamic backlash never materialises is of little importance. Sections of the liberal-left will always invoke the phantom menace of ‘Islamophobia’ because it makes them look good. It puts them on the side of tolerance, dialogue and understanding. Rather than address the problem of extreme Islam, the BBC and the Guardian gurgle sanctimonious banalities, or else issue lofty, slanderous warnings about your average, mentally subnormal Englishman’s fragile propensity for racism. Those who want to talk about Islamism – a far greater and tangible menace to our society – risk being tarnished as racists. -- This is the problem with those on the liberal-left when it comes to race and religion. They are cowards. They are terrified of losing face by uttering socially incorrect opinions. They care foremost and utmost about their social standing and reputation. Thus they eschew any words that might imperil their beneficent public image. -- ... To be fair, with the case of the grooming gangs, social workers knew that their jobs and their livelihood were at stake. To be tainted with racism is the ultimate taboo, which can cost you your job. Would you take that risk? This is the legacy of the Macpherson report, when the BBC and the Guardian had their own febrile moral panic, when they declared that there were racist bogeymen on every street corner. All of us were suddenly potentially racist, it being ‘unconscious’ or ‘unwitting’. -- The race-obsessed politicians and opinion-formers in the media set us on this dire trajectory. They created this paranoid climate. They made race literally an unspeakable subject. No wonder we have a liberal-left today that is selfish and egotistic, terrified of being condemned by their peers.'
UK  conquest  politicalcorrectness  goodthink  denial  cowardice  illiberalism 
12 days ago
Breitbart -- Delingpole: Elon Musk, Solar Snake-Oil Salesman, Hits a New Mark...
'My top financial advice for the week: #shortTesla. -- Actually, this has been my top financial advice for some time. But it’s starting to look cannier and cannier as Elon Musk’s taxpayer-funded business empire begins to crumble and more and more people start to ask awkward questions like: “This solar snake oil you’re selling. How exactly does it work for anyone other than the guy who’s selling it?” -- In Hong Kong they’ve already wised up to this. Tesla sales have plummeted to zero after the government removed the tax breaks. -- People only buy impractical, expensive, virtue-signalling cars when heavily bribed by the government to do so. Who would have thought, eh?'
mercantilism  environmentalism  grifting 
12 days ago
The Onion -- Japanese Family Puts Aging Robot In Retirement Home
'...“It’ll be much happier here in this community where it can be around older droids that were all manufactured around the same time and that’ll have lots of things in common with it,” said Makoto Akiyama, adding that he knew the time had come after noticing the elderly automaton’s memory had deteriorated to the point where it was not even making 5 trillion calculations per second. “Plus, the servo motors in its joints have worn away, which has made walking or grasping objects with its pincers extremely painful.'
TheOnion  japan  robots  robotics  automation  population  satire 
12 days ago
Breitbart -- BBC: Schools Must Hire 70,000 Extra Non-White Teachers to Reflect Pupil Demographics
'...While it is frequently claimed that ethnic and gender diversity has a positive effect on how business and companies function, experts Alison Reynolds and David Lewis said their research found that it’s cognitive — not identity-based — diversity that improves a team’s performance. -- “Received wisdom is that the more diverse the teams in terms of age, ethnicity, and gender, the more creative and productive they are likely to be,” the pair noted earlier this year, writing in Harvard Business Review. -- “But having run the execution exercise around the world more than 100 times over the last 12 years, we have found no correlation between this type of diversity and performance." -- In their research, Reynolds and Lewis said they found “significant correlation between high cognitive diversity and high performance.” -- Explaining that cognitive diversity “has been defined as differences in perspective or information processing styles,” the pair said the phenomenon “is not predicted by factors such as gender, ethnicity, or age.”'
UK  politicalcorrectness  intelligence 
12 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- China Downsizing Its Army
'"China will downsize its 2.3 million-strong army, the world’s largest, to under one million in the biggest troop reduction in its history as part of a restructuring process, an official Chinese daily said. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will increase the numbers of other services, including navy and missile forces, the PLA Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese military, reported." -- Everybody has to know a World War is coming. China is set to get it worst of all when all of the debt it is owed is paid off in worthless inflated currency. I would have thought that right now, given what is coming, the Chinese would want to build up every part of their military for the coming storm. -- But the Chinese have a problem, in the form of hundreds of millions of single young men with no prospects of marriage and nothing to lose. When the Apocalypse hits them, they could become their own army over night, pointed right at the government. -- What is coming is so bad that everyone will do anything, at any cost, just to try and buy a little bit of time before it all comes down. When the brightest minds, with the most in-depth information consider what is coming, nobody is even able to consider trying to blunt the horror of the Apocalypse with a little sacrifice now. All they can do is panic, and try to find some way to forestall the inevitable, even if it is just for a little while longer.'
rkselectiontheory  china  triage 
13 days ago
Breitbart -- With 95% of Basic Medicine Unavailable, Venezuelans Take to the Streets
'...As part of the socialist reforms of the country’s late leader Hugo Chávez, the right to health care was enshrined in the Venezuelan constitution. However, amid the country’s economic collapse, which could see inflation rise by a staggering 1700 percent, the government has been forced to make a series of drastic cuts, meaning hundreds of thousands of people cannot access adequate health care. -- In March, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro pleaded with the United Nations to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies, blaming private companies for waging an “economic war” against the country. -- ... The chronic lack of medicine has led to a series of health issues, such as a rise in amputations of infected limbs due to a lack of antibiotics, mastectomies due to a lack of cancer treatment, as well as HIV and teen pregnancies due to the shortage of contraceptives. -- Other shortages in Venezuela include food and basic sanitary products. The Venezuelan government sets price caps on food products such as pasta, rice, and flour, but people are forced to queue for hours in hot temperatures to buy them, with latecomers missing out altogether. Products such as red meat, dairy, and fresh vegetables are now too expensive for many people to buy. -- A recent report found that over 15 percent of Venezuelans have resorted to scavenging for food, while a majority of people go to bed hungry.'
venezuela  socialism  collapse 
13 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: TFM Show: What Women Want (with HuMAN)
"Unfortunately women see themselves as a product and how much they've invested in it. And unfortunately their use by date runs out fairly quickly. But if you base your whole life on being a sex object while never admitting you were, then you have to do mental gymnastics to justify yourself. That's why there's such a good marriage between women and consumerism and marketing because they all believe the hype, they believe each other's hype, and there's this cycle/loop of believing bullshit to stay relevant. So say you're a woman who has wasted her years, you're not going to admit to yourself that my eggs are drying up, my body is sagging, I'm second-hand goods, sexually speaking. You can't compete on that level so you have to convince people that black is white and day-old bread is as good as fresh bread. Most women want it all. They want to waste what they've got, and then later on when their lottery ticket has expired – it's no longer a million dollar ticket, now it's worth one dollar – they want to sell it to you for a million dollars."
women  hypergamy  delusion 
13 days ago
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: Rent-Seeking Feminist Lawyers (TFM 420)
'Spear’s: Declining divorce rates reveal the urgent need for legal reform: http://www.spearswms.com/declining-divorce-rates-reveal-marriage-today' -- "So here you have a lawyer arguing that the laws need to be reformed because there are all these couples that aren't married but are cohabitating, they're just boyfriend and girlfriend – but [the girlfriend is] not being protected. You're not protecting these poor vulnerable women from [the man's] financial independence. You need to make sure these men can be divorce-raped even if they're never married. So what's going to happen is right now men are walking away from marriage. But men are still having girlfriends, some of them are letting them move in. As common law marriage and defacto marriage, as those laws expand, men aren't letting women move in anymore because they're worried about being declared married by the state. If this guy gets his way, it's going to be expanded even more. It's going to get to the point where you can't even go out with a girl casually otherwise you're going to be declared married by the state. All men, men with two brain cells to rub together and assets to protect, are going to go monk. And all these women are running around like: 'Where are all the men? Why aren't they paying attention to me?'"
grifting  law  feminism  statism  predation  divorce  victimhood 
13 days ago
RT Op-Edge -- Lionel Lebron: 'Cultural incompetence': Legal defense for woman-beating migrant boggles the mind
'The New Hampshire Union Leader reported a story that has this writer, a former prosecutor and licensed trial lawyer, sufficiently befuddled and of significantly boggled mind. -- It requires rereading with a constant reference to the masthead to ensure that it is in fact not The Onion or the fake news du jour. It’s that unbelievable. So much so that it has inspired other serious accusations and a resignation as a result. It takes the time-honored craft of creative defense lawyering to new levels and is sure to enrage a public already in the throes of the most vocal debate of what constitutes perceived preferential treatment of immigrants. -- But first, the facts. -- It seems that a Congolese immigrant, Augustin Bahati, 33, escaped a Manchester, New Hampshire, prosecution on six domestic violence charges when his lawyer successfully convinced a city prosecutor his client lacked the “cultural competency” to effectively participate in our American justice system, according to court and public records reviewed by the Union Leader. You read correctly: He lacked cultural competency. -- ... It’s axiomatic that generally ignorance of the law is no defense or excuse (Ignorantia juris non excusat). Ignorance can present itself in varying shades and textures of which, I’m sure, the case for cultural nescience (or competency) can be advanced, whatever that means. Mistake of fact can in some cases be used as an affirmative defense when a reasonable mistake serves to vitiate the specific intent of a crime. But not being conversant or familiar with our cultural ways may, in fact, apply to some factual bases ... but certainly not “striking, pushing, grabbing, kicking and pulling out the hair of a woman who was 27 weeks pregnant at the time,” as this, er, gentleman was reportedly charged. Battery knows no cultural nuance or international worldview.'
america  politicalcorrectness  law 
13 days ago
YouTube -- Lional Nation: Shia LaBeouf Is the Poster Boy for the United States of Insanity
'Look, I don't know him, but he needs help. And I've known plenty who never got he help they needed because they weren't rich Hollywood types.' -- "We have a big problem in this country...Opioid constipation..."
america  idiocracy  soma 
13 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Europe's Antisemitism Rising
'"...According to the study, many European Jews feel unsafe as a direct consequence of violent antisemitism, and — as a result — one in five Jews in Sweden and the UK, one in four in Germany, and half of the Jews in France have considered emigrating. In 2015, 10,000 Western European Jews departed for a new life in Israel — the largest number leaving Europe since 1948..." -- What I would like to know is what percentage of these Jews support the importation of the Muslim hordes which are responsible for the attacks. My guess is most of them would oppose importing Muslims, especially now that they are under attack and know it. And just like in every other country, their elite rabbits dictate that the exact worst thing for them is what is going to happen, and they are helpless to stop it. -- And just like the elite rabbits, the elite-level Jews are bent on importing the Muslims too, despite knowing what it will do to their own. -- The r-strategist rabbits are everywhere, in every nationality and every religion, and they all use the same strategy. The elite Jew-rabbits are taking out the regular Jews just like the elites everywhere else are setting the stage to take out their own regular people. This is their game plan all over. They are importing low-IQ savages to deal with their own people as a way of lowering population densities and freeing up excess resources. -- The funny thing is I will bet you saw the same thing in Nazi Germany, where the elite and connected Jewish rabbits like Soros actually enjoyed helping the Nazis deal with their fellow Jews, reducing populations and leaving richer resource-filled-niches after the war. -- If things play out the way they have, the final phase of all of this will be elite rabbits at the top pitting K-strategist warriors all over the world against each other in a massive a war as they can create. The rabbits will hide while the K-strategists die by the millions, tens of millions, or maybe even hundreds of millions, given the lethality of present technology. -- If we let that happen, the next slide into r-selection after that may be unimaginable, because there will be a massive reduction in our slow-reproducing K-selected genes, with no similar reduction in the explosively-reproducing rabbit genes. The rabbits will lay low, and then explode in number like nothing we have ever seen.'
rkselectiontheory  subversion  LYAHF  europe 
13 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Fake News? Meet Fake Video
'Artificial intelligence software could generate highly realistic fake videos of former president Barack Obama using existing audio and video clips of him, a new study finds." -- On the one hand, it renders attempts at blackmail totally useless. Any video evidence will be dismissed out of hand since there will be no way to verify it. And if they can do it in video, they can do it everywhere else, from audio, to documents, to electronic footprints. So you can gather all the intelligence you want on people, but outside of its kinetic uses, it will be worthless. -- On the other hand, grasping truth from a plethora of fake evidence will require such a finely honed amygdala I am not sure it can be done. As it is, I am increasingly unable to make decisive analyses of information because I recognize that nothing is necessarily what it seems. Between fake news, lying leftists, partisan hacks in government, and the shadowy parts of government looking to manipulate events, it is difficult to tell what is real from what is Memorex. -- How can a nation ostensibly run by its citizens function, if the most intelligent citizens recognize that nothing is necessarily real, and they don’t know anything for certain?'
13 days ago
Zero Hedge -- Americans Are Living Under "Intellectual Martial Law" by James Howard Kunstler
'...An unwise political elite is one incapable of thinking clearly about their strategic situation, acting in concert, or sticking to a plan… An insecure political elite is one which has either no sufficient mechanisms of political power short of the politicization of speech and thought, or is faced by such powerful but somehow never decisively powerful enemies that they need to permanently escalate to a state of vigorous politicization of speech and thought. We can compare this state to “intellectual martial law” for its structural similarity to the physical-security equivalent. -- We’re now living under that condition of “intellectual martial law.” The consequent degradation of thinking means that the polity can’t construct a coherent consensus about what is happening to it (or devise a plan for what to do about it). This is exactly the point where the Overton Window turns into an Overton Bubble, as described by Devers. The bubble comprises ideas that are assumed to be self-evident (though they actually aren’t) and notions that are potentially destructive of society, even suicidally so. -- Here is a partial list of the current dogmas and shibboleths inside today’s Overton Bubble: #Russia hacked the election of 2016 (no evidence required). #Russia (Vladimir Putin in particular) is bent on destroying the USA. #All immigrants, legal or illegal, have equal status before the law. #National borders are inconvenient, cruel, and obsolete. #Western Civilization is a malign force in human history. #Islam is “the religion of peace,” no matter how many massacres of “infidels” are carried out in its name. #Men are a negative force in society. #White men are especially negative. #Brownie points given for behaviors under the rubric LBGTQ. #All discussion about race problems and conflicts is necessarily racist. #The hijab (head covering worn in public by some Muslim women) is a device of liberation for women. #There should be a law against using the wrong personal pronoun for people who consider themselves neither men nor women (recently passed by the Canadian parliament). #A unifying common culture is unnecessary in national life (anything goes). #Colonizing Mars is a great solution to problems on Earth. -- ... Why does the thinking class in America embrace ideas that are not necessarily, and surely not self-evidently, truthful, and even self-destructive? Because this class is dangerously insecure and perversely needs to insist on being right about its guiding dogmas and shibboleths at all costs. That is why so much of the behavior emanating from the thinking class amounts to virtue signaling — we are the good people on the side of what’s right, really we are! Of course, virtue signaling is just the new term for self-righteousness. There is also the issue of careerism. So many individuals are making a living at trafficking in, supporting, or executing policy based on these dogmas and shibboleths that they don’t dare depart from the Overton Bubble of permissible, received thought lest they sacrifice their status and incomes.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- French Migrants Lay Boobytraps For Police
'You know you’ve got cultural diversity when Punji Pits are scattered around your neighborhood: "Several testimonies and photographs have been received from the residents of the district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix. A group of young individuals dug holes 60 cm deep on average and covered them to camouflage them. Their goal ? Attract police officers in pursuit races at night to trap them. According to several consistent testimonies, these traps worthy of North American trappers contain sharp metal objects to injure police officers. Police officers alerted by the residents were sent to the scene to observe the reported facts. They have confirmed that they have spotted many pitfalls. No official information was provided by the authorities. No one has been arrested for the time being.”" -- Next up, blow guns and cannibalistic headhunter tribes. Then we’ll really be cooking. -- If you can’t bring the French Cop to Gaza, bring Gaza to the French Cop. Notice, the migrants don’t come in and immediately align with the K-selected police, to produce stability and safety for all the people. They come in, rape, thieve, and try to attack K-strategists everywhere they see them, with no thought of what the future will look like as they destroy Western Society. That is why leftist r-strategists want to import them. This is an ancient genetic war, between r and K, and the r’s are trying to kill us. -- Migrants are r-strategists, just like the leftists who import them.'
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14 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Oregon To Decriminalize Cocaine, Heroin, And Meth
'The problem rabbits have is they want utopia – where they can do anything and there is never any consequence. The problem in reality is, you can legislate that people can do anything, but in the real world, that will come with consequences that rabbits can’t deal with. If you eliminated welfare, legalized concealed carry with stand your ground, outlawed Narcan revival, and punished theft and robbery aggressively, this might work. Crime might even go down ultimately as all the rabbits removed themselves from society and the long form DRD4 were culled out of the population. -- But the rabbits can’t have any of those consequences, so instead Oregon has just made themselves the ideal destination for junkies. I would expect the flood to quickly overwhelm their social safety net and criminal justice systems, as junkie crimes designed to feed addictions take off, and the rabbits spend whatever they have to, to protect the junkies from any negative consequences. -- For the world to work in even a semi-functional way, you either need total freedom or total tyranny, and even then tyranny will be unsustainable in the long term 100% of the time. -- What is interesting is the precedent the left is setting all over. If there is any federal dictate or law they don’t like, they just declare their local government immune, or even outlaw federal enforcement, and then continue on. They are doing that because their rabbit brains feel they have no choice. To them it is that, or K-selection. -- When K-selection hits and the choice is break free or have the feds take your wealth and give it to the cities while your locals starve and die, I expect the K’s will do the exact same thing. It is nice the rabbits will have already set the precedent.'
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15 days ago
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