The Blackdragon Blog -- The 12 Steps To Safely Have Kids With A Woman
'#8. DNA test the baby the instant it comes out of that vag. As soon as that baby is born, you need to have a DNA sample taken, securely packaged, and securely sipped to a recognized DNA test lab to ensure that you are indeed the father. “Securely packaged” and “securely shipped” are important, because in some states / provinces you need to prove secure transport to the DNA lab for the paternity test to be legally valid. Again, do your research before all of this so on the big day you’re ready to go. -- I’ve already discussed the reason for this at length in my books and past blog posts, but the summary is that if you wait two or three years to paternity test your kids and then find out they’re not yours, you’re screwed. The government isn’t going to care, and you’ll have to pay child support for kids that are not yours for the next 18 years or you’ll go to prison. Isn’t that nice? I’m so glad we live in such a fair, left-wing world. -- To prevent this, you need to paternity test that baby as soon as it’s born and before you sign the birth certificate. Do NOT sign that birth certificate until the test results come back showing that you’re the father. Do NOT let her, her family, or your family pressure you into signing the birth certificate before then. Are THEY going to pay child support if you’re not the father? Screw them. Be smart. -- There might be some scenarios where the doctors or whomever say you have to sign the birth certificate right then and there. I’m no attorney so I can’t advise you here. I’m simply telling you that signing that birth certificate before you know you’re the father is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded pistol. Don’t do it. -- If your response to all of this is, “I don’t have to check the baby’s DNA. She wasn’t fucking any other guys nine months ago,” then you’re a pussy, you have oneitis, you’re not thinking clearly, and I can’t help you. Google search the statistics on the number of babies born to men who are not the biological fathers. I think you’ll be shocked. -- No matter how much you love her or trust her, get the paternity test done as soon as the baby is born. If you’re worried about her reaction, tell her way in advance (before you get her pregnant even) you’re going to do this so it won’t be a surprise to her. Don’t be stupid. -- #10. If you come back as not the father, you have a decision to make...' -- Comment: CSR: '...Germany and France have effectively banned parenting tests, you can’t do it without the mother’s or court’s explicit permission or you’ll face a €5000 fine and 6 months in Germany and €15000 and a year of prison in France. The real parental fraud ratios must be truly scary if they try to hide the shit under the carpet like this. -- There’s no way in hell I’ll expose myself to raise a kid that’s supposed to be mine but it’s not. -- For people that don’t know how this stuff works with women: -- Women don’t like paternity tests not because all of them are horrible beings that want to cheat on you with some Chad’s sperm. They want you to pass the “ultimate confidence test”. If you’re so utterly idiot as to rely on trust rather than fact that she hasn’t cheated, then you’re signaling her that you blindy trust her no matter what, so she owns your ass completely. She is a woman and of course she knows that the paternity test is the correct thing to do in a man’s position but she doesn’t want you to do it because it prevents you to perform the confidence “stress test”. -- Telling her that you want the paternity test and that it’s non negotiable means that you are not stupid, that you are and will always be on guard, prepared and aware and that your trust on her will never be absolute, which is exactly what she will do with you during the entire length of the relationship. Of course because she’s a woman, the very same action is fine if she does it and it’s nuclear war if you do it...'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Sexual Non-Liberation
'We pride ourselves on living in a sexually liberated age. But we haven't in fact begun to know how to face up to, or discuss, our true sexual natures.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Pessimism for Lovers
'We’re used to thinking of pessimism as the enemy of good things, but when it comes to relationships, it can be a vital ingredient in keeping a couple together.'
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The Book of Life -- Love-as-Generosity
'...Of course, it’s much much harder to remain grown-up around another adult whose inner child is on display than it is being with an actual child. That’s because we can see that a child is a child. We adults have a far harder time than necessary because we are in the unfortunate position of looking like adults and therefore are always forgetting that we are not, despite the visual evidence, entirely grown-up within. -- Naturally, the insight can’t all be one way. A capacity for benevolence to the inner child of a partner has to be linked to a recognition that we will have a similar need to be viewed in this benevolent way at other points. We can take it in turns. We can summon up the energy to be charitable to the inner three-year-old of the other – in part because we know that soon enough we are going to need them to do the same for us. -- The accurate, corrective reimagining of the inner lives of others is a piece of empathetic reflection we constantly need to perform with ourselves and with others. We need to imagine the turmoil, disappointment, worry and sheer confusion in people who may outwardly appear merely aggressive. Our lover may be six foot one and holding down adult employment, but their behaviour may still sometimes be poignantly retrogressive. When they behave badly, what they don’t, but should perhaps say is: ‘Deep inside, I remain an infant, and right now I need you to be my parent. I need you correctly to guess what is truly ailing me, as people did when I was a baby, when my ideas of love were first formed’. -- We are so alive to the idea that it’s patronising to be thought of as younger than we are; we forget that it is also, at times, the greatest privilege for someone to look beyond our adult self in order to engage with – and forgive – the disappointed, furious, inarticulate or wounded child within. -- ... At the heart of the idea of love-as-generosity is a capacity for imagination. Our personalities are often deceptive. We may be broken and in need of kindness, but our fragility and vulnerability is frequently hidden behind robust, assertive and angry outer characteristics. To know how to love is to make a mental leap outside of the available evidence; it is to imagine what cannot immediately be seen. We guess the other is anxious, not mean; is scared, not demented. -- ... It may be gratifying to be admired, but it is something much more profound and closer to the essence of love to be forgiven and understood in our less impressive moments, when we are unable to muster any of our virtues and cannot help but appear as wretched to the world. We know we will finally have tasted love when it is our vulnerability, fear, worry and sorrow that is what inspires a kindly response. -- A significant consequence of this shift in focus from love-as-admiration to love-as-generosity is that the question of who we might get together with can grow a little less fraught. We have become notoriously tricky on this point, in part because of our technology. We hold out – often for longer than is wise – for what we call ‘the right person’, someone endowed with an exemplary range of virtues and accomplishments. We grow impatient with, and fire our existing partners in what we think of as a loving search for a greater degree of perfection. -- But love-as-generosity doesn’t depend on so slender, vulnerable a base as does love-as-admiration. It accepts that what should be decisive in love is not the degree of perfection two people can bring to one another but the degree of imagination present in their assessment of each other’s frailties...'
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The Book of Life -- Politeness
'...The Polite and the Frank person behave differently chiefly because they see the world in highly divergent ways. These are some of the key ideological issues that separate them: #Original Goodness vs. Natural Sin: Frank people believe in the importance of expressing themselves honestly principally because they trust that what they happen to think and feel will always prove to be fundamentally acceptable to the world. -- ... The Frank person taps into just this child-like optimism in their own uninhibited approach to themselves. Their trust in their basic purity erodes the rationale for editing or self-censorship. They can believe that everything about them will more or less prove fine, whatever they happen to say or do. -- The Polite Person, by contrast, proceeds under a catastrophic suspicion of themselves and their impulses. They sense that a great deal of what they feel and want really isn’t very nice. They are indelibly in touch with their darker desires and can sense their fleeting wishes to hurt or humiliate certain people. They know they are sometimes a bit revolting and cannot forget the extent to which they may be offensive and frightening to others. They therefore set out on a deliberate strategy to protect others from what they know is within them. It isn’t lying as such. They merely understand that being ‘themselves’ is a treat they must take enormous pains to spare everyone else from experiencing – especially anyone they claim to care about. -- Paradoxically, the polite person who is pessimistic about their own nature, doesn’t in fact end up behaving horribly with anyone. So aware are they of their own dislikable sides, they nimbly minimise their impact upon the world. It is their extraordinary suspicion of themselves that helps them be – in everyday life – uncommonly friendly, trustworthy and kind. -- ... #Self-Certainty vs. Self-Doubt: The Frank person has a high degree of confidence as to their ability to judge relatively quickly and for the very long-term what is right and wrong about a given situation. They feel they can tell who has behaved well or badly or what the appropriate course of action should be around a dilemma. This is what gives them the confidence to get angry with what strikes them (immediately) as rank stupidity, or to blow up bridges with people they’ve become vexed with, or to state a disagreement emphatically and to call another person stupid, monstrous or a liar to their face. Once they have said something, they know they can’t take it back but they don’t really want to. Part of their frankness is based on the notion that they can understand at speed the merits of any situation, the character of others and the true nature of their own commitments. -- The Polite person is much more unsure on all these fronts. They are conscious that what they feel strongly about today might not be what they end up thinking next week. They recognise that ideas that sound very strange or misguided to them can be attempts to state – in garbled forms – concepts that are genuinely important to other people and that they themselves may come around to with time. They see their own minds as having great capacities for error and as being subject to imperceptible moods which will mislead them – and so are keen not to make statements that can’t be taken back or to make enemies of people they might decide are in fact worthy of respect down the line. -- The Polite Person will be drawn to deploying softening, tentative language and holding back on criticism wherever possible. They will suggest that an idea might be not quite right. They will say that a project is attractive but that it could be interesting to look at alternatives as well. They will consider that an intellectual opponent may well have a point. They aren’t just lying or dodging tough decisions. Their behaviour is symptomatic of a nuanced and intelligent belief that few ideas are totally without merit, no proposals are one hundred percent wrong and almost no one is entirely foolish. They work with a conception of the world in which good and bad are deviously entangled and in which bits of the truth are always showing up in unfamiliar guises in unexpected people. Their politeness is a logical, careful response to the complexity they identify in themselves and in the world...'
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'...So, where do we stand? The answer is that we are closer to nuclear annihilation than ever before. I know of what I speak. I held the highest security clearances. I was a member of a secret committee that enabled President Reagan to end the Cold War. -- The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can possibly do to avoid the nuclear war that the crazed American neoconservatives are bringing to humanity. For his efforts in behalf of planet Earth he is demonized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year. For simply stating facts, I am described by the presstitutes as “an apologist for Putin.” -- The endless lies about Russia have convinced the Russian media that Washington is mobilizing its NATO vassals for an attack on Russia. Read the transcripts to this Russian media broadcast. ["There is absolutely no denying that the NATO block is preparing for war against us.”] https://vimeo.com/174777588 -- If you aren’t scared after absorbing this Russian news broadcast, you are stupid beyond belief. The message is clear: the West has declared war on Russia but is trying to keep Russia off guard by denying it. -- The video of the Russian news broadcast also shows the dismissive way the Russian media was treated at the recent NATO conference in Poland. The non-entity representatives of the non-entity countries of Latvia, which has been ruthlessly looted by the West, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland, and the Ukraine representative either refuse to speak to the Russian media or use the interview to repeat Washington’s false accusations against Russia. These imbeciles insulting Russia are representatives of countries that Russia could destroy in a few minutes. If these idiots think Washington could save them, they are as stupid as the Polish colonels who thought that the British guarantee in March 1939 meant anything and could save Poland from the rash action of sticking Poland’s fingers in Hitler’s eye. This Polish stupidity provoked by the stupid British set off World War II with the British and French declaration of war against Germany, thus consigning Poland to Soviet rule for a half century. Some guarantee! The imbecile Chamberlain who wanted peace started WWII with Britain’s worthless “guarantee.” -- Does it make you feel safe that the arrogant warmongering imbeciles in Washington have convinced a nuclear power the equal of the United States that America is going to attack? -- Moreover, Russia is a nuclear power allied with another nuclear power, China, which has had enough of Washington’s imbecilic provocations. Are you willing for “your” government to lead your future into nuclear war with two nuclear powers?'
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: An Honest Conversation About Hypergamy
'Question: "I've listened to a few shows where Stefan talks about hypergamy and understand why it's part of our social fabric. As a woman, I'm wondering if hypergamy is rationally or scientifically correlated to feelings of sexual desire and arousal. Does a man with more money, education, and status elicit a stronger sexual desire from a woman that lasts past the initial lust phase?”'
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JudgyBitch -- Commanding right and forbidding wrong – why feminists and SJWs love Islam
'...The practice of commanding right and forbidding wrong is central to Islam – essentially, it gives Muslims not only permission, but demands that Muslims police other Muslims, down to their most intimate, private actions. A devout Muslim who does not drink alcohol has religious permission to walk around slapping pints of beer out of other people’s hands, and that is exactly what they are doing! In the UK, Sweden, Belgium – they’re called Sharia Patrols, and the Muslim enforcers believe they have an absolute right to decide for other people, especially other Muslims, what they are allowed to drink or wear or think or do or say. -- Gee, does that sound familiar? -- There is another tyrannical, totalitarian ideology on the market that also believes in their right to command right and forbid wrong. The enforcers insist on their right to tell others how to sit, how to speak, when to speak, what words they are allowed to use, what to wear, what to eat, what movies to watch, what books to read, what games to play and which jobs they are permitted to work. -- Feminists and Muslims both love to command right and forbid wrong. This is the central philosophy that unites them. Both feminists and Muslims want the right to police everyone, and to impose their totalitarian ideals on the entire population of the earth. Muslims wage jihad, feminists want to #KillAllMen. Islam and the Cult of the Vagina are both fundamentalist religious death cults. -- ... I have about as much optimism over the reformation of feminism as I have about the reformation of Islam: it’s not going to happen. Our only choice is to simply eradicate the ideologies from our own soil. Neither Islam nor feminism must be allowed to colonize another inch of the West. Both must be dug out of the cultural landscape, and we must steadfastly resist their return. Or, we could try an arranged marriage between them. The interest seems to be there. Feminism appears to have the naiveté of a six year old child when it comes to Islam, and that’s rather poetic, isn’t it? Let feminism be a child bride to Islam. They deserve one other.'
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: CrossTalk: Wave of terror
"What we've already said on this programme is almost never ever said in Western media; the word 'Wahhabism' is not even mentioned, it's just 'Islam'."
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: Next leak will lead to arrest of Hillary Clinton – Assange
'While many are blaming Russia for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) email leak, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says there is no evidence to suggest that the DNC was hacked by the Russian government. Furthermore, Assange claims the next leak will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton. RT correspondent Laura Smith has the report from London.'
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: CrossTalk on Trump: Siberian Candidate?
'Who would have thought Russia and Vladimir Putin would play such an important role in the American presidential election? The media treadmill claims Trump is under Putin’s spell. And Hillary Clinton blames the Russian president for still another scandal. Russia is a one-size-fits-all political tool.' -- Goldstein was delivering his usual venomous attack upon the doctrines of the Party – an attack so exaggerated and perverse that a child should have been able to see through it, and yet just plausible enough to fill one with an alarmed feeling that other people, less level-headed than oneself, might be taken in by it. He was abusing Big Brother, he was denouncing the dictatorship of the Party, he was demanding the immediate conclusion of peace with Eurasia, he was advocating freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, freedom of assembly, freedom of thought, he was crying hysterically that the revolution had been betrayed – and all this in rapid polysyllabic speech which was a sort of parody of the habitual style of the orators of the Party, and even contained Newspeak words: more Newspeak words, indeed, than any Party member would normally use in real life. And all the while, lest one should be in any doubt as to the reality which Goldstein’s specious claptrap covered, behind his head on the telescreen there marched the endless columns of the Eurasian army – row after row of solid-looking men with expressionless Asiatic faces, who swam up to the surface of the screen and vanished, to be replaced by others exactly similar. The dull rhythmic tramp of the soldiers’ boots formed the background to Goldstein’s bleating voice. ~ George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four
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2 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Russian Hackers Also Hacked The Clinton Foundation
'...I always thought that Putin intervened in Syria to both stop the traitors of the west from creating instability, and end the Islamic migrant invasion resulting from that instability. Putin no more wants an Islamized Europe with radical Muslims controlling nukes right next door, than he wants war with the US and China. -- My guess is Russia believes that the Islamist invasion will be the defining element of a major global conflict. Russia can face that Islamist threat by itself, or it can face it in a world with a friendly President Trump who recognizes the dangers of Islam, and who is willing to stand with the strong leader of Russia against it. -- Obviously Putin has chosen to cast his die with the new Right and it’s charismatic new leader. -- Increasingly I realize that even as Putin strongly pursues the interests of Russia throughout the world, he is doing good. It is a sad testament to how evil the leadership of the west presently is, that even as Russia seeks to win against us, it is helping Europe and the US more than our own leaders.'
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2 days ago
The Daily Bell -- All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars: Horrible to Watch How False French World War Begins
'...The cold-blooded banking community now fomenting this next war shows no sign of reducing the violence. The banking community through its (truly insane) monopoly central banking system has created a global depression and now needs a war to distract people and to create ever-closer globalism. -- As we wrote recently, these terror attacks are part of program – a kind of neo-Gladio promotion. Eventually, sooner or later, it will succeed not just in whipping up France but also the agitated and repressed Algerian population in France that is being manipulated into violence by Western forces. -- Conclusion: Even the alternative ‘Net media is not covering these events properly, blaming “Islam” for what is obviously a manipulated conflict. It has happened in the past century at least two times before and engulfed the world with madness and flames. If it happens a third time, people who do not speak out and explain what is really going on will have only themselves to blame.'
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2 days ago
News Limited -- Elanora Heights Public School bans clapping in favour of ‘silent cheering’
'CLAPPING has been banned at a Sydney primary school which has introduced “silent cheering”, “pulling excited faces” and “punching the air” to respect students who are “sensitive to noise”. -- The school now only allows its pupils “to conduct a silent cheer” when prompted by teachers and says the practice “reduces fidgeting”. -- Elanora Heights Public School, which is on Sydney’s northern beaches, announced its new “silent cheer” policy in its latest school newsletter. -- The latest example of a political correctness outbreak in Australian schools, which have banned hugging, singing Christmas carols, celebrating Australia Day and singing the word “black” in the nursery rhyme “baa baa black sheep”. -- The ban on clapping at Elanora Heights Primary School emerged on the same day that an exclusive girls school banned teachers from calling “ladies” or “women” in favour of “gender-neutral” terms.'
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3 days ago
New English Review -- Bachelorhood And Its Discontents
'ONE ENDURING MYTH holds that the bachelor is an expert on the female sex, a legend encouraged by Mencken when he said that “Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn’t they’d be married too.” To my knowledge there has never been a study that sought to determine why men remain bachelors, though the most reluctant among them seem to possess one common trait: a deep and abiding cynicism toward the fairer sex. Not that the bachelor is completely immune to female charms and wiles; he simply has a greater resistance than the average guy, combined perhaps with a more profound dread of connubial bliss. It is a cynicism borne of endless reports of ruined marriages and bitter dissolutions. Of the 50 percent of couples that successfully weather the storms of holy matrimony, a mere 38 percent allow that their marriages are happy ones. Yet for all this doom and gloom the happily unmarried man is not opposed to love. Far from it. More likely he idealizes love more than his married counterpart. “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing,” notes Goethe. “A confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.” Today's relationship gurus warn that marriage must be treated not unlike a job. "When you bring the work strategies that you use in the workplace at home, you can be really successful," says one marriage expert, which brings to mind the words of Robert Burton—that marriage is the last and best cure of romantic love. -- And why shouldn’t the bachelor be as cynical as a roomful of reporters? His male friends are forever praising his great fortune. "Is it generally known that bachelors privately receive encouragement and approbation from married men?" asks Ade. Much, however, remains unsaid. The bachelor's married friends seldom speak of their troubles, though their eyes betray a deep-rooted sorrow and a tragic lonesomeness, not least due to an unfilled desire for male companionship. “If you are afraid of loneliness,” warned Chekhov, “don't marry."'
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6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Is Hillary Having Seizures, Due To Amygdala Insufficiency?
'...So how could Trump use this? There are two major ways, the white hat methods, and the black hat methods. White hat would be to simply focus on triggering her amygdala in debate. These stimuli would be out-grouping, violations of expectation, splitting focus (carving the attentional pie), denigrations of stature, boxing in to prevent a response, uncomfortable physical contact, invasion of space, uncomfortable eye contact, still facing, slamming a table that both are sitting at for emphasis unexpectedly, uncomfortable imagery such as mortal salience, relative inferiority, envy, and unfairness (like Obama unfairly taking her ability to easily win the Presidency), conflict stimuli such as aggressive and demeaning body language, presentation of sad, fearful, or angering thoughts, talking quickly and sharply, use of hand gestures while speaking to distract attention, and so on. -- These will all light up and load the amygdala under the already stressful milieu of a debate. Trigger her enough consistently, and box her in so she cannot relieve the stress with an outburst, and you would stand a good chance of triggering bizarre neurological symptoms that you could exploit, to argue she is unfit for office. -- The black hat methods to trigger her amygdala would be more along the lines of stuff Roger Stone would do. This would involve organizing the audience to take pictures with smart phones at unexpected times, just as Hillary looked at them, to hit her with sudden and unnerving flashes of light. Knowing Stone, he would probably alter the cameras with flash strobes that were fifty or a hundred times as bright and more focused, to really hit the unexpected and extreme buttons. Sudden and unexpected sharp outbursts of organized applause and cheering could also hit the loud noise and surprise buttons. Weird movements in the crowd, explicit hand gestures, uncomfortable eye contact and still facing by the audience, and other things done by the crowd that are designed to split Hillary’s focus as she is trying to concentrate, would also trigger and overload her amygdala. Few things can trigger the amygdala of a focused person like splitting their focus with some seemingly meaningless stimulus as they try to concentrate on something they see as important. -- However all of that would probably be superfluous anyway. Hillary is a leftist with a severely atrophied amygdala, that may have been damaged even further by a stroke, heading into a Presidential contest against a candidate who is a master of the amygdala trigger. -- I really see no way this can end well for her. Hospitalization due to mental breakdown is at least a 50-50 possibility before November comes around, especially given how she has to bottle up the rage-aholic inside, and pretend to be happy all the time. -- What a great time to be into politics.'
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6 days ago
Breitbart -- Top Cardinal: Islam Wants To Dominate The World
'A senior cardinal has said there is “no question that Islam wants to govern the world” and the only way to save Western civilisation is to return it to its Christian roots. -- Cardinal Raymond Burke said that while Muslims were “lovely people”, their religion teaches that it should dominate the state, and any country with a Muslim majority must submit to Islamic law. -- Speaking to Religion News Service, the American cardinal criticised Christian leaders who “simply think that Islam is a religion like the Catholic faith or the Jewish faith.” -- “That simply is not objectively the case,” he claimed. -- “When they become a majority in any country then they have the religious obligation to govern that country,” the cardinal added. “If that’s what the citizens of a nation want, well, then, they should just allow this to go on. But if that’s not what they want, then they have to find a way to deal with it.” -- He also said that areas of France and Belgium have become “no-go zones” that are effectively “little Muslim states”. -- When asked how the West should respond to increasing Islamisation, Cardinal Burke said: “I think the appropriate response is to be firm about the Christian origin of our own nation, and certainly in Europe, and the Christian foundations of the government, and to fortify those.” -- “We have to say no, our country is not free to become a Muslim state,” he added. -- The cardinal was speaking ahead of the publication of his book Hope For The World: To Unite All Things In Christ, which takes the form of an extended interview. -- The Catholic Herald quotes the cardinal as saying in the book: “Islam is a religion that, according to its own interpretation, must also become the State. The Koran, and the authentic interpretations of it given by various experts in Koranic law, is destined to govern the world. -- “In reality, there is no place for other religions, even though they may be tolerated, as long as Islam has not succeeded in establishing its sovereignty over the nations and over the world.”'
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6 days ago
BBC iPlayer -- Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake
'The film attempts to explain several complex and interconnected narratives. One of the narratives is how past governments, including Russia and the West, with their continued, largely failing, interventions in Afghanistan, keep repeating such failures, without properly understanding the country's cultural background or its past political history and societal structure. -- It also outlines the US's alliance with Saudi Arabia, especially the former's agreement to buy Saudi oil, for control of a key energy supplier during the cold-war era, with Saudi Arabia gaining wealth and security in return, with agreement withstanding provided it was allowed to continue its violent and fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, Wahhabism, uninhibited from external influence. This in turn has fed like a feedback loop back into the many troubles the world faces with regards to various militant Islamic forces spanning the 1970s to present day; be they the Mujahideen, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and into IS.' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitter_Lake_(film)
history  afghanistan  russia  america  empire  petrodollar  conquest  war  documentaries  AdamCurtis 
6 days ago
The Book of Life -- Self-Love
'...Afflicted by a lack self-love, romantic relationships become almost impossible, for one of the central requirements of a capacity to accept the love of another turns out to be a confident degree of affection for ourselves, built up over the years, largely in childhood. We need a legacy of feeling that we in some basic way deserve love in order not to respond obtusely to affections granted to us by prospective adult partners. Without a decent amount of self-love, the kindness of another will always strike us as misguided or fake, even as strangely insulting, for it suggests that they haven’t even begun to understand us, so different are our relative assessments of what we happen to deserve. We end up self-destructively – though unconsciously – disappointing the intolerable, unfamiliar love that has been offered to us by someone who clearly has no clue who we are. -- For the most part, it just feels more normal and therefore oddly more comfortable to be disliked or ignored. We seek out partners who will do us the favour of not thinking any better of us than we think of ourselves. The contempt isn’t necessarily pleasant, but at least it feels familiar, and in some ways right. If we are not modestly but genuinely convinced of our own lovability, receiving affection will just simply feel like being bestowed a prize for an accomplishment that we don’t never earned. People unfortunate enough to fall in love with self-hating types must brace themselves for the recriminations due to all false flatterers. We will know there must be something wrong with anyone who has the bad taste to get enthusiastic about someone like us. -- Without the sufficient ballast of self-love, we will go on to reject positive treatment across a range of areas: offers of friendship, of professional promotions and of praise will all set alarm bells ringing. We will blunder in interviews, sabotage our work opportunities and grow strange and rude around possible new friends – in attempts to bring our outer reality back into line with our inner assessments. -- The root of extreme stress is usually not purely the fear that one might fail. Rather it is the incendiary thought of what failure will mean: that we deserve to be ridiculed and abandoned. When the threat of that emotional catastrophe is lifted, one is better placed to get on and cope with the practical tasks before us.'
psychology  shame  narcissism  falseself  trueself  selfesteem 
6 days ago
The Book of Life -- Can There Be a Good Kind of Cheating?
'...Cheating may also be helpful in reducing the ill-temper, the wistfulness that can come from a sense that there must be beautiful astonishing alternatives out there which our commitments have arbitrarily cut us off from. An affair puts our vagabond romantic imaginations usefully to the test; it challenges our unfair, sentimental suspicions that the pain and melancholy we sometimes feel is specifically the fault of our partner, rather than a general feature of existence. -- An affair is likely to teach us that really everyone is rather tricky from close up. Life with a new person would be equally, but just differently, very hard. It’s a case of working out what variety of suffering we’re best suited to. We stand to remember that we surrendered our freedom for very sound reasons, because we wisely realised that we had found someone who was – in the end – as good as any decent human can ever be expected to be. -- So incensed is our culture at the idea of cheating, it doesn’t give us much detailed knowledge of quite why it might be so wrong. We may need to try out being bad for a time, if only to know first hand, in an authentic way, why trying to be good is really very important.'
psychology  relationships  infidelity  securityvsnovelty 
6 days ago
YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: The Challenge of Being Close
'Getting close to another human isn’t the trouble free process we might imagine. It’s worth understanding just how frightening closeness can be.'
psychology  attachment  relationships 
6 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- Armageddon Approaches
'The Western pubic doesn’t know it, but Washington and its European vassals are convincing Russia that they are preparing to attack. Eric Zuesse reports on a German newspaper leak of a Bundeswehr decision to declare Russia to be an enemy nation of Germany. http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/06/09/germany-preparing-for-war-against-russia.html
This is the interpretation that some Russian politicians themselves have put on the NATO military bases that Washington is establishing on Russia’s borders. -- Washington might intend the military buildup as pressure on President Putin to reduce Russian opposition to Washington’s unilateralism. However, it reminds some outspoken Russians such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Hitler’s troops on Russia’s border in 1941. -- Zhirinovsky is the founder and leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party and a vice chairman of the Russian parliament. In a confrontation with the editor of a German newspaper, Zhirinovsky tells him that German troops again on Russia’s border will provoke a preventive strike after which nothing will remain of German and NATO troops. “The more NATO soldiers in your territory, the faster you are going to die. To the last man. Remove NATO from your territory!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQm8L8d8uDc -- ... Putin has made it clear that Russia will not accept US missile bases in Poland and Romania. He has informed Washington and the imbecilic Polish and Romanian governments. However, as Putin observed, “they don’t hear.” -- The inability to hear means that Washington’s arrogance has made Washington too stupid to take seriously Putin’s warning. If Washington persists, it will provoke the preventive strike that Zhirinovsky told the German editor the Merkel regime was inviting. -- Americans need to wake up to the dangerous situation that Washington has created, but I doubt they will. Most wars happen without the public’s knowledge until they happen. The main function of the American left-wing is to serve as a bogyman with which to scare conservatives about the country’s loss of morals, and the main function of conservatives is to create fear and hysteria about immigrants, Muslims, and Russians. There is no sign that Congress is aware of approaching Armageddon, and the media consists of propaganda. -- I and a few others try to alert people to the real threats that they face, but our voices are not loud enough. Not even Vladimir Putin’s voice is loud enough. It looks like the West won’t hear until “there remains nothing at all of the German and NATO troops,” and of Poland and Romania and the rest of us.'
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7 days ago
YouTube -- Mike Maloney: REVOLUTION: The Risk/Reward Ratio
'Nearly two years ago, Mike predicted Venezuela would be racked by hyperinflation. Now, inflation there is on pace to hit 1,600% very soon and keep rising.'
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7 days ago
Share The Rents -- Adam Smith is turning in his grave by Fred Harrison
'BREXIT, according to the Adam Smith Institute, is the chance for Britain to zero-rate the corporation tax. -- Retiring the tax would “reboot Britain”, according to Madsen Pirie, the president of the London-based think-tank that claims to honour the Scottish moral philosopher. In fact, the Adam Smith Institute brings disrepute on the name of the author of The Wealth of Nations (1776). -- Smith’s canons on taxation lead inexorably to the proposal that, if economic growth is the issue, government should fund public services out of the flow of rents. By all means scrap a tax on profits – or wages – Smith would say; but do so by substituting a charge on rent. -- But Mr Pirie is blind to that major fiscal insight offered by his hero. The consequences for post-Brexit Britain, if the government listened to the Adam Smith Institute, would be yet further disaster. For Pirie not only wants to abolish the corporation tax; he also wants to get rid of the capital gains tax. And the income tax should be flattened by reducing the top rate. -- This is supposed to “make the UK a very attractive location for world businesses, and drive a real boost to economic growth”. -- Some would profit from such a strategy, such as the owners of high-end properties who would sell their homes to foreign oligarchs who want to invest their money in “safe havens”. But for most people in the UK, the reduction of taxes would be matched by a boom in the price of land. House prices would surge through the roof – accelerating the trend towards the top of the current property cycle and a date with mass unemployment, home repossessions, the break-up of families, psychological stress and the other manifestations of poverty. -- Why would this happen? The reduction in taxes does not mean more money in people’s pockets. Because of the special characteristics of land, owners can jack up their asking prices. Nice, for existing home-owners. A tragedy for those who, even today, cannot afford to buy or even rent the shelter they need. -- Adam Smith would turn in his grave, if he knew what was being said in his name.'
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7 days ago
Aeon Videos -- Elders: What family means to the world’s longest-married couple after 88 years together
'Kartari Chand, aged 101, and Karam Chand, 109, have the world’s longest known marriage. After 88 years together, their relationship and their family – including eight children, 26 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren – remain at the heart of their shared happiness. Kartari and Karam married in India before moving to the north of England in 1969, where the rest of the Chand family still holds Sikh values dear, including the belief that one’s parents come before all else but God. Charming and touching, the UK director Glen Milner’s Elders is a cheerful portrait of family, immigration, love and mutual support.'
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7 days ago
JudgyBitch -- If you don’t want to do the work of marriage, get a job.
'....I don’t think of my role as a wife and mother in terms of market value, but in terms of long-term strategic planning and obligations, perhaps there is an argument to make that I have a ‘job’, in the traditional sense. And I can get fired. Or quit. -- Let’s deal with quitting first. If I ‘quit’ my job as a wife and mother by filing for divorce, why on earth would anyone expect my husband to keep paying me? That’s crazy. Even if I have a really good reason for quitting, that still shouldn’t oblige him to pay for me forever. Again, why? If I have a really good reason for quitting my job at WalMart – I’ll get a lump sum payment and be told to move on with my life. If I quit because ‘I’m not happy or fulfilled working at Walmart’, well, too bad. Under no circumstances would anyone say Walmart has to pay me for the rest of my life. -- The more interesting case is getting fired. If it’s my husband who files for divorce, he’s essentially firing me from my job as a full time wife and mother. People generally get fired for either doing a really crappy job, or not doing their job at all. If you’re not doing your job, or doing a really poor job, why on earth should your employer be required to continue to pay you? -- I can see a lot of women getting very squeamish at understanding the basic power dynamic between husbands and stay at home wives, but that squeamishness derives from our cultural unwillingness to suggest women have obligations to men, of any kind. I am very fortunate to have the job I do – and that job comes with responsibilities, duties, obligations and deliverables, just like any other job. Food, sex, clean clothes, a reasonably clean house, comfort, support, love, understanding, happy and polite children, a martini at the end of the day. -- I do these things for a number of reasons. First, they make me happy. The job category that delivers the most happiness for women is being a housewife. Sorry, feminists. No other group of women love their jobs more than wives and mothers. Second, this job makes my husband and family very happy, too. We don’t spend our mornings and evenings screaming at each other over whose turn it is to microwave pizza or pick up the socks under the bed. And third, I do these things because I don’t want to get fired. I have a pretty sweet gig here, and I’d like to keep it, at least for the time being. I can see going to work when the kids are older, but for right now? Not so much. I love my life!'
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7 days ago
YouTube -- Computing Forever: #Brexit: Richard Dawkins Loses His Objectivity
It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it. ~ Upton Sinclair
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7 days ago
The Daily Bell -- Musk Hypes New Master Plan to Support Increasingly Ambitious Promises
'...Anyway, the article doesn’t get into Musk’s government funding. Most mainstream articles on the “most important entrepreneur since Steve Jobs” don’t. -- And here, in a single quote, is the reason why Musk has such avid followers and, increasingly, determined detractors: "In his new master plan, Musk said, “We must at some point achieve a sustainable energy economy or we will run out of fossil fuels to burn and civilization will collapse. … The faster we achieve sustainability, the better.”" -- Good Lord. There’s plenty of energy in the world. Civilization is more likely to collapse from fedgov wars and overspending than a lack of “fossil” fuels – which are probably in part geological anyway. -- Musk wants to achieve sustainability for the world (in part by traveling to Mars) but he might want to achieve it for his own companies first. -- If by some chance you are interested in investing in a Musk production, please understand that he has started very few of his ventures, not even Tesla. -- His primary business method seems to be to find companies favored by US federal government policies. He then buys the companies, or invests in them, and approaches fedgov for money. -- As an entrepreneurial tactic, it’s reprehensible. As practical matter it seems to have worked for him thus far. -- But as we pointed out in our previous article, Musk may finally be reaching the end of his ability to survive on PR and government resources. -- His business, at least some of them, are so big that they will actually have to rise and fall on the revenue they produce. And the stock market will stay up only for so long. -- There are increasing elements of an obvious “hustle” about Musk’s various endeavors. People are starting to notice. When the stock market finally collapses, Musk will face significant challenges.'
7 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Trump is Converting Democrats
'...One facet of narcissists is an awareness that they are trying to get away with something they shouldn’t be doing. In interpersonal relationships, narcissists are trying to screw over all the people they have relationships with. -- When you know one, this won’t register on your radar, because the screwing over they are doing is so often entirely superfluous, and utterly pointless. They will screw you, seemingly just to do it, and even when it hurts them. You, considering the narcissist a friend or even just an associate, wouldn’t imagine acting that way, so you won’t see it being done to you. Your mantra would be, “Why would they do that? It would make no sense.” -- The narcissist, constantly stalked by a paralyzing insecurity and inferiority, and innately programmed to engage in such betraying behavior, will hardly believe their good luck in getting away with it so easily each time they do it. As they contemplate it, it will produce a resultant perception that you must be astonishingly stupid to not see it. -- That will trigger a wave of relief that could approach euphoria, since it will immediately negate their inferiority and insecurity complexes entirely. Viewed from their perspective, they can’t imagine how you would be so stupid, so they must be brilliant by comparison. Their clear, undeniable evidence is your cluelessness. -- This does come with a catch for the narcissist, and that is their utter terror and shame in being recognized by you. If you expose the narcissist’s treachery and begin to extract retribution, rather than hardening the narcissist’s hatred for you and driving them to screw you over more, it will usually elicit total capitulation. That will bring desperate attempts to repair the damage to the relationship, using extravagant entreaties of good will, gratuitous displays of adulation, and even outright bribery. It will make no sense to you again, because if you hated someone enough to screw them over behind their back, and they caught you, your response would be to double your efforts to really screw them now that the war was open, and they were trying to screw you. -- I suspect that same dynamic is at play here. If we encountered a forceful personality for the left on par with Donald, and he was destroying our movement, we would fight. It is in our nature. The harder that personality pressed, the more we would fight back. -- But leftists are like narcissists. They know they are doing things they shouldn’t be doing – things that would enrage the public. As with a narcissist, the prospect of force and retribution will cow them immediately, and they will immediately move to appease their opposition to avoid any aggressive conflict. I have often marveled at how liberals exhibit an almost Stockholm-syndrome-like tendency to bow before force, be it criminal savages, Muslims, terrorists, or any violent enemy of the nation.'
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9 days ago
YouTube -- Twitter Bans Milo Yiannopoulos #FreeMilo | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux -
"To Jack [Dorsey], black people don't have autonomy but they are pets for the 'liberals' and Social Justice Warriors, and they have to protect their little pets, and that's what Jack did here."
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9 days ago
JudgyBitch -- #FreeMilo Twitter Faggot @Jack suspends the Dangerous Faggot @Nero
'...Theories are swirling that Milo drew the straw that broke the camel’s back on account of his feud with Ghostbusters meatpuppet Leslie Jones, who didn’t appreciate Milo not liking her retarded feminist film. The film, according to Milo was driven largely by spite and had few, if any, redeeming qualities. -- Chief Faggot Jack Dorsey at Twitter took up issue with the Dangerous Faggot and suspended his account. -- Is this the death knell for Twitter? -- If Milo calls for all users to reject Twitter, will that cripple the platform, leaving feminists and ISIS followers to compete for victimhood status? -- Who knows? And quite frankly, who cares?'
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9 days ago
Melanie Phillips -- The feminisation of education
'...During the 1980s, moreover, one project followed another to get girls into studying maths, science and technology. -- But it wasn't sexism that was keeping girls away from such subjects – it was their choice. For time and again it has been shown that wherever they have the opportunity, boys gravitate naturally to mechanical sciences and girls to discursive or domestic subjects. -- Clearly, if any prejudice existed it would be right to address it. But this was not prejudice. It was rather that boys and girls behaved in different ways. This was never an issue in single sex schools. But once co-educational schools became the norm, the differences became striking - and feminism assumed that to be different meant inferiority and discrimination. -- This was not only wrong in itself. It was also disastrous for boys. For rather than men being masters of the universe as feminists contend, their sense of what they are is fragile. Unless their particular male characteristics are acknowledged and supported, they start sliding downhill and some go off the rails altogether. -- In school, boys find girls intrinsically threatening, a fact generally masked at the top of the ability range but in often violent evidence at the bottom. Girls mature earlier than boys, so unless boys are exceptionally able they tend to be outclassed by girls. And if they don't dominate, they tend to give up or drop out. -- Because doing well in school involves no manual or physical activity but requires instead sitting quietly, reading and writing, the most vulnerable boys view learning as feminine and uncool. And being feminine is their deepest dread. -- This is because men's sense of their masculinity is far more vulnerable than women's sense of their femininity. Biology reminds girls what they are every month. Boys, by contrast, need to prove their identity and role, particularly among those with poor prospects and few confidence-boosting attributes. -- But rather than celebrating male characteristics, society tells boys at every turn that its values have turned female, and that if boys want any place in it they must do so too. -- Thus, male characteristics are derided. Warfare is said to be obscene. Authority is oppressive. Chivalry is a joke. Competition creates losers - taboo in education, where everyone must be a winner. Stoicism is despised; instead, tears must flow and hearts be worn on sleeves at all times. -- Men, however, define masculinity by being different from women. So this unisex culture has resulted in two things. More men are driven into stereotypical macho behaviour to prove their masculinity. And they simply withdraw from any sphere which becomes identified with women. -- Because girls' success is now such a regular feature of the league table carnival, disadvantaged boys identify school failure with being macho and worthwhile. So more give up or drop out. -- It is not good for either sex to be placed at a disadvantage by the other. The aim must be to make opportunity as fair as possible. But that cannot be done by confusing equality of opportunity with identical experience, the fundamental error of our age. -- Boys and girls are different. It would be far better if they were educated in single-sex schools. Neither sex is well served by co-education. Neither sex benefits from coercion by the educational gender police.'
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10 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Locals in France express their disgust where Nice attacker was killed
'Passersby dropped debris and spat on the spot where Bastille Day attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was gunned down by police, on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.'
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11 days ago
JudgyBitch -- Mean girls: no one hates women like other women
'...The very beautiful, very desirable, very physically fit Mathers went to her gym in Los Angeles and took a picture of a naked woman (without consent, obviously), cropped it into a photo with herself, her mouth covered in horror and captioned it ‘If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either’. That’s a lot of effort just to ridicule a woman who looks, if not Playboy model perfect, reasonably fit and athletic. -- Why did Mathers do this? -- ... Evolutionary psychologists have a slightly different explanation: women are engaged in sexual competition to secure the best possible mates, and they have two main strategies for achieving their goals: self-promotion and competitor derogation. A woman can draw specific attention to her femininity and promote her desirability as a partner, or she can rip apart the women around her. Mathers is clearly a fan of doing both. The best way to attack other women is to focus on their appearance, age and character – competitors are old, ugly and promiscuous. Indeed, if you get a whole lot of people, say on Twitter, insisting you are an ugly old whore, you can be quite certain that other women have marked you as a competitor and are feeling rather threatened. -- Mathers may very well get arrested for posting that image on Snapchat. She has lost her radio job and is banned from all locations of her gym. She has deleted both her Instagram and her Twitter accounts, and by all appearances seems to be deeply contrite. Not for being a nasty, vicious pit viper, of course, but for getting caught. She only meant, you see, to send that picture to a friend, so they could snipe over the unsuspecting woman privately. As if that somehow makes it better or more acceptable. -- Mathers is a nasty person, but I still feel a certain degree to sympathy for her, because in addition to be a nasty person, she’s just doing what women have been doing since the dawn of time! I’d be willing to bet that Mathers is in complete shock at the reaction. After all, 100% of women aggress against peers they perceive as ‘sexy’, so Mather is hardly alone in her nastiness. -- Mather ran afoul of the girl code by targeting a non-sexy peer. The woman in the gym is not a competitor for Dani. Dani is simply engaging in sadism. We tend not to like sadism as a species. Competition we’re fine with, even very brutal competition. But not sadism. If Mathers had posted a naked image of, say a porn star, like Mercedez Carrera and invited us to react with horror, her motivations would have been pretty clear, and Carrerra would have then beaten Mathers down hard, while we all stood around and cheered. -- Mathers went after a soft target. And got slapped down hard. Mostly by other women.'
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11 days ago
Spiked -- The trials of a sixth-form Brexiteer by Tanya Kekic, Sixth-form student
'...When a friend and I outed ourselves as Leavers, the reaction among our peers and teachers was disgust, mixed with shock and horror, that a young person could possibly support Brexit. During the debates we had at school, it became clear that Remainers think that anyone who supports Brexit is a bigoted Little Englander. The contempt shown by my teachers for those who dared to have a different opinion to them was bad enough, but the real ugliness was only unleashed when their worst nightmare came true and Britain voted to leave the EU. There were tears, and there were recriminations. -- As they had scarcely met anyone supporting Brexit, they could not understand how this had happened. Their only explanation was that the electorate was misguided, brainwashed, uneducated and motivated only by their hatred of immigrants. They were not at all embarrassed by their disdain for ordinary people. In fact, teachers and pupils openly said that democracy is a sham, that we need ‘experts’ to make the big decisions and that idiot Leavers should not have been able to vote in the first place. I’ve not been around long, but I have never seen anything like it. I knew this kind of loathing of the ‘masses’ existed, but in the past it had been disguised. -- The same low opinion of people is shown by my teachers’ and classmates’ rejection of freedom of speech on the grounds that, firstly, the public are too uneducated to hear dangerous views, and, secondly, the public are too weak and vulnerable to hear something that might offend them. Over the past year my freedom-loving friend and I have had ongoing debates at school about whether there should be a limit to freedom of expression. We have not yet found a teacher who believes in unfettered freedom of speech. -- The most shocking encounters have been with our philosophy teacher. First of all, she declared that she completely disagrees with freedom of speech and the very idea of a free press. (I am not kidding.) Secondly, she became hysterical when we said that no religion, including Islam, should be above mockery or criticism (this was after we were shown a video ridiculing Christianity). She told us to ‘get out’ of the classroom, while whining that we can’t criticise the prophet Muhammad because it says not to in the Koran. We heard from another teacher that apparently we have ‘extreme’ views. (As far as I know, we haven’t yet been reported to Prevent.)'
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11 days ago
Breitbart -- Muslims The Real Victims Of The Nice Terror Attack, BBC Explains by James Delingpole
'...In a way that BBC reporter I mentioned above has done us all a favour: he has gone to the scene of one of Islamist terror’s worst recent atrocities (in the West at any rate), with the bodies barely cold, and captured verbatim the all-too-typical Muslim response: victimhood; buck-passing; fatalism. -- Hence the frustrated tone of Douglas Murray’s concluding paragraph: "Here is a different suggestion: do everything you can to stop people called Mohammed committing mass slaughter in Europe on a bi-monthly basis. Get the hatred out of the mosques and the books, get the bigotry out of the community and the slightest tolerance of it identified as a major part of the problem. Of course most Muslims can’t do anything themselves to stop somebody like last night’s attacker carrying out such a deed, but they can at least have the decency to look like they’re taking part in the kind of criticism and introspection the rest of us would take part in if someone sharing even a jot of our identity had carried out such an attack." -- He’s right. I’ve experienced it for myself on a 2014 debate programme on BBC Three – laughably called Free Speech – where my fellow panelists were: a Muslim Conservative MP; a trendy gay Muslim; a groovy young female feminist Muslim to whose Afghan parents Britain had most generously given asylum. In many parts of the Umma, one of them would be executed by being pushed from a high building, one would be behind a veil and gagged from venturing a public opinion, and one definitely wouldn’t be a politician. Yet all three of them, when asked about the “Islamist” problem, insisted that it had nothing to do with Islam but rather that it was the product of “Islamophobia” and “foreign policy.” Neither the audience nor the presenters challenged this lie. I was the only person to do so. -- So it’s really no wonder that atrocities like the one in Nice continue to proliferate. As far as the majority of the Muslim community is concerned it’s just not their responsibility. And they are buoyed in this view by organisations like the BBC and CNN and the liberal media generally – not forgetting the wankerati and all those useful idiots on Facebook – who reassure them: “No it really isn’t your fault. It’s all just a perversion of your wonderful peace-loving religion. And if anyone suggests otherwise we’ll send the police round to arrest them…”'
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11 days ago
Breitbart -- Germany's Secret Islamic Horror: How Blind Elites Are Destroying A Once-Great Nation
'...Accusations of racism and far-right politics were instantly dished out by the government. In other words, Germany’s elected representatives have begun to punish Germans attempting to protect themselves because the government won’t do its job. Again, the media has been complicit in spreading the party line. -- Perhaps as a result, trust in the press is at an all-time low, only comparable to the Weimar era. 60 per cent of Germans have little to no trust in the media while the remaining 40 per cent only have a moderate amount of confidence in them. -- One in five of Germans believe that the media deliberately lies about events to push left-wing political agendas and calls the media Lügenpresse, meaning “printer of lies.” Lügenpresse is a term that reaches back to 1848 and was used by the public extensively before the First and Second World Wars. -- Asylum centers in Germany are being treated as lawless zones by the Police, who either do not have the ability to deal with them or have lost the willingness to act. Should your phone be stolen and located in an asylum center, the police will refuse to process the crime and not even try to retrieve it. -- The tide is turning quickly: Internet comments that once openly called for violence when rapes occurred have become more subtle and patient, yet twice as numerous and far more determined. Rage is slowly being replaced by cold wrath, not primarily at the refugees or Muslims in Germany, but at the established parties and especially Merkel for her perceived betrayal. -- Refugee volunteers are burning out and end up being utterly disillusioned after their first-hand experiences. One stopped his volunteer work and had his worldview changed completely, going so far to say that “things that I used to believe were right-wing propaganda and lies are simply reality.” -- Crowds of Germans booing establishment politicians like Justice Minister Heiko Maas and the president Joachim Gauck, who was greeted with chants of “traitor” until he fled the stage, are becoming commonplace. Politicians are being chased out of town by angry Germans — a remarkable sight in a country with a modern reputation for placidity. -- Only recently has the media and the establishment been struck with the realisation that they can’t stop the AfD any more. There was a time where the public could have been appeased. But now the AfD is set to become a major player. -- Britain’s exit from the EU will only make the establishment’s problems worse as Merkel will have to try and pull every string to keep the EU together and the Euro afloat while chorus of raging voices tears her party apart from within. -- Germany likely will be one of the last countries to leave the euro and therefore it will receive the full financial fall-out as the currency becomes worthless, dealing what is sure to be a death blow to Germany’s economy and overburdened social services.'
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11 days ago
Michael Hudson -- US NATO pressures EU support
'Michael Hudson says that the US-led confrontational approach of NATO with Russia is driving European countries to consider disbanding or leaving the military alliance due to increased security risks' -- HUDSON: '... One of Russia’s leading military strategists said, here’s what the problem is: NATO wants to move bombers and atomic weapons right up to the border of Russia. That means that if they launch a missile over us, we have only a few seconds to retaliate. President Putin a little while ago had given a speech saying that Russia doesn’t really have a land army. In fact, today, no country in the world – in the Northern Hemisphere, at least – has a land army that can invade anywhere. -- Try to imagine America being invaded by Canada, or by Mexico on its borders. You can’t imagine it. Impossible. No democracy can afford a land army anymore because the costs are so high that the costs of mounting a land war will just impoverish the economy. -- As a matter of fact, what NATO is trying to do is to goad Russia into building up an army so the US can undercut its economy by diverting more and more resources away from the economy towards the military. Russia’s not falling for it. Putin said that Russia has no intention of mounting a land army. It is unthinkable that it could even want to invade the Baltics or Poland. -- But Putin did say that Russia has one means of retaliation. That’s atomic bombs. Atomic weapons are basically defensive. They’re saying that they don’t need an army anymore. Nor does any country need an army if they have an atomic weapon, because if you attack them, they can wipe you out. And they’ll be wiped out, too, but no nation is going to be able to conquer them. No country, really, can conquer any other country in today’s world. That means that Russia can’t conquer Europe by invading and occupying it. -- In effect, Putin and the Russian leaders have said, look, if an American plane goes a little bit off into Russian territory, like ships often try to provoke things, they don’t know whether it’s an atomic attack at all. Russia can’t take a risk. If there’s a little bit of a movement against them, they’re going to launch the hydrogen bombs, and there goes Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Brussels. That’s why you’re having all of these warnings. -- Europe seems increasingly terrified that Obama is going to destabilize Eurasia. Even more terrified of Hillary getting in, who’s indicated she’s going to appoint a superhawk, the Cheney protege Michele Flournoy, as Secretary of Defense, and appoint Victoria Nuland as Secretary of State. -- I’ve been in Germany twice in the last two months, and they’re really worried that somehow America is telling Europe, let’s you and Russia fight. And basically it’s a crisis.' -- '...There’s no need for NATO now that there’s no threat of any military invasion anymore. Remember after World War II, NATO was put up when there was an idea that European countries should never go to war with each other again. There will never be war between France, Germany, Italy. That’s been solved. There’s no way in which European countries will go to war. -- The second thing was, what if Russia would re-invade like it did when it fought against Hitler? Well, there’s no danger of Russia invading anymore. In fact, in 1990, when the Soviet Union broke up, the Ukraine passed a resolution that it wanted to remain neutral and benefit from its neutral buffer pivot between Russia and Europe. The United States then put $5 billion into Ukraine, and spurred a nationalist-ethnic revolution. It took the United States 20 years to turn that around and break up this neutrality. -- The U.S. strategy is to prevent neutrality. Europe’s economic interest is to achieve neutrality with Russia, and have economic unity so that there’s little chance of any confrontation with Russia as there is among the European countries themselves.'
history  geopolitics  america  empire  perpetualwar  war  europe  puppetry  russia  MichaelHudson  ukraine 
11 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Turning Up In Refugees
'...Making out with lefty-skanks and feminists, letting #BlackLivesMatters protesters corn-hole you to cleanse yourself of white privilege, eating strange raw foods harvested and prepared by Obama-immigrants, shaking hands with Democrats – any of the behaviors lefties routinely engage in which require reduced levels of disgust will put you at increased risk of exposure. -- The treatment of MDR TB can actually be so harsh that many people abandon it, because having the TB is preferable to the side effects of the treatment. Enduring the trials of treatment for the good of society is not something infected lefty rabbits are going to be lining up to do voluntarily. Even today in the US, people have been forcibly quarantined, where they were made to take their medications every day for MDR TB. -- If this becomes widespread, liberals are going to conceal their illness, and spread it as much as possible so nobody else can benefit from “Good-Health-Privilege.” In their minds, they will do this to responsible K-strategists “for fairness.” -- And that is assuming the money is there for treatments, which by the Apocalypse, it may not be. Look for a return of the leper colony concept, not because it is nice, or intelligent, but simply because it will be the only way to keep the uninfected relatively safe. In K-selection humans become practical above all else.'
rkselectiontheory  migration  disease  zombies  conquest 
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Breitbart -- LISTEN: Breitbart's Kassam Destroys Pro-Shariah Muslim American On Sean Hannity Show
'Challenging the caller, Mr. Kassam said: “Omar, it’s Raheem. I’d like to speak to you directly if I may. You say you believe in sharia law, and one must assume you believe in the implementation of sharia law in the country in which you live. -- “So tell the listeners to this show, do you believe that the punishment for adultery should be death? Do you believe that the punishment for apostasy should be death? Do you believe that voting is shirk [the Islamic sin of idolatry, therefore haram] and that no Muslim should take part? Do you believe in female genital mutilation? Do you believe in gender inequality? Do you believe that rape is not a felony? Do you believe that honour killings are alright? -- “Tell everyone listening to this nationally syndicated show just exactly what you believe”. -- When the caller started disputing the individual points of sharia law, saying there wasn’t a single book of law that all Muslims worldwide agreed on, Mr. Kassam retorted: “Omar, you are now saying you can pick and choose what sharia law is, is that right?”. -- Show host Sean Hannity and guests Mr. Kassam and activist Pamella Geller extracted a confession that caller Omar from New Jersey didn’t believe in condemning homosexuals and adulterers to death — and therefore actual sharia law. -- The Breitbart London editor pointed out that the ostensibly pro-Sharia caller was in fact an apostate, and would be facing the death penalty in many countries where Sharia law is in force. He said: “It boils down to this… Islam preaches death for apostasy. For a lot of Muslims in the world, I am an apostate. Omar, should I be killed?”. -- When the caller answered in the negative, Raheem stated simply: “then you don’t beleive in sharia law, my friend. I’m afraid you’re just misled”. -- Laying out the damage creeping sharia has already done to other non-Islamic countries including the United Kingdom Mr. Kassam said: “I see it every single day. I see it in our Sharia-compliant courts, I see it in Rotherham where white girls are groomed and raped and there is no police comeback… you are seeing a jihad, one of the core tenets of sharia being waged last night in Nice”. -- Speaking on the events in Nice, in which 84 revellers were killed in a deadly Islamist vehicle attack and the failure of Western governments to react in any meaningful way, Mr. Kassam lamented: “You have a French President, you had a British Prime Minister, you have a new British prime minister, all of these people are doing exactly the same thing time and time again. -- “What happens is one of these attacks happens, they come out and say ‘this is nothing to do with Islam’, [but then] we find out the person has been screaming ‘Allahu Akhbar’, and that they have been getting these tactics from ISIS magazines”. -- Mr. Kassam continued: “They’re not willing to get a grip on this because that means they’d have to abandon the whole raison d’être behind the European Union. Open borders, which is free movement of people, which is ‘we’re all nice fluffy liberals, won’t you just love us’. Unfortunately, it is leading to death and blood on our streets.'
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Breitbart -- France ‘Suppressed News’ Of Islamic State Torture In Paris
'The French government has been accused of covering up the barbaric torture of victims of the Islamic State (IS) attacks on Paris in November. -- A government committee has heard testimony, suggesting terrorists gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths in the Bataclan Theater, where 60–100 concertgoers were taken hostage and 89 died. -- Critics claim the information was deliberately “suppressed” to minimise outrage in the wake of the attacks. Prosecutors, however, argued reports are “a rumour”, claiming that no knives were found at the scene and shrapnel could have caused the injuries. -- “Bodies have not been presented to families because there were beheading people there, the murdered people, people who have been disembowelled. There are women who had their genitals stabbed”, an investigator told the committee. -- ... Despite the alleged censorship, two days after the attack, on the 15th of November 2015, some of the rumours of torture did make it out into the press. -- Mariesha Payne and her best friend, Christine Tudhope, survived the shooting by hiding in the basement for three hours. While there, they heard screams of victims. -- “We knew people were being tortured in the theatre because we heard people screaming, but they were not being shot and these were singular screams,” she told the Daily Mail. -- Adding: “When we escaped, a man trapped on the level where it happened said to us the terrorists were stabbing people in the stomach. We were told they were throwing explosives at people. It was a horrendous ordeal”.'
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Breitbart -- 'Radical Islam': Obama Won't Say the Words, and Has No Answer
'...Western liberals have trouble accepting that something may be at work here beyond economics, even though there is ample evidence that radical Islam’s appeal has little to do with poverty. The terrorists who slaughtered more than 20 people in a café in Dhaka, Bangladesh early this month were sons of that country’s elite, educated in the best schools and with the world at their feet. -- It is difficult for the left, which has all but ruled God out of contemporary moral life, to understand that religion could be a motivating force. (Ironically, the left has its own form of religion, in the form of millenarian protest movements like Occupy and Black Lives Matter, which seek to disrupt the state and yet, eventually, to use the state’s power to transform society.) -- Human beings facing a spiritual void are susceptible to extremist appeals. And the problem is not new. It pre-dates radical Islam by at least a generation. -- During World War II, George Orwell wrote a review of Mein Kampf in the hope of understanding what motivated the Nazi regime. He observed: "Whereas Socialism, and even capitalism in a more grudging way, have said to people “I offer you a good time,” Hitler has said to them “I offer you struggle, danger and death,” and as a result a whole nation flings itself at his feet. Perhaps later on they will get sick of it and change their minds, as at the end of the last war. After a few years of slaughter and starvation “Greatest happiness of the greatest number” is a good slogan, but at this moment “Better an end with horror than a horror without end” is a winner. Now that we are fighting against the man who coined it, we ought not to underrate its emotional appeal." -- Obama’s appeal to “a better vision of development and economic progress” has the same hollow ring as the failed progressive slogans of the early 20th century — perhaps because Obama does not believe in that vision of “development and economic progress” himself. After all, he spends far more energy and time attacking the inequality that attends economic progress to believe that “development” is, by itself, a compelling political proposition. -- What the west needs is a bigger cause around which to rally, in order to resist and eventually crush radical Islam. The roots of that cause are in our classical liberties, which are closely entwined with the Judeo-Christian values that are our cultural inheritance (even for those who rail against those values). -- The task of a supposedly great orator like Obama is to identify a more compelling vision than the “end with horror” that radical Islam proposes. That vision has to offer more than the humdrum happiness of a welfare check or even a job.' -- http://psychohistory.com/books/the-origins-of-war-in-child-abuse/
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Psychology Today -- Vagus Nerve Stimulation Dramatically Reduces Inflammation
'In 1921, a German physiologist named Otto Loewi discovered that stimulating the vagus nerve caused a reduction in heart rate by triggering the release of a substance he coined Vagusstoff (German for "Vagus Substance”). The “vagus substance” was later identified as acetylcholine and became the first neurotransmitter ever identified by scientists. -- Vagusstoff (acetylcholine) is like a tranquilizer that you can self-administer simply by taking a few deep breaths with long exhales. Consciously tapping into the power of your vagus nerve can create a state of inner-calm while taming your inflammation reflex. -- The vagus nerve is the prime component of the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates the “rest-and-digest” or “tend-and-befriend” responses. On the flip side, to maintain homeostasis, the sympathetic nervous system drives the “fight-or-flight” response. -- Healthy vagal tone is indicated by a slight increase of heart rate when you inhale, and a decrease of heart rate when you exhale. Deep diaphragmatic breathing—with a long, slow exhale—is key to stimulating the vagus nerve and slowing heart rate and blood pressure, especially in times of performance anxiety. -- A higher vagal tone index is linked to physical and psychological well-being. Conversely, a low vagal tone index is associated with inflammation, depression, negative moods, loneliness, heart attacks, and stroke. -- A 2010 study, “How Positive Emotions Build Physical Health: Perceived Positive Social Connections Account for the Upward Spiral Between Positive Emotions and Vagal Tone,” was published in Psychological Science. For this research, Barbara Fredrickson and Bethany Kok of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill honed in on the vagus nerve and discovered that a high vagal tone index was part of a feedback loop between positive emotions, physical health, and positive social connections. -- Their research suggests that positive emotions, robust social connections, and physical health influence one another in a self-sustaining upward spiral dynamic and feedback loop that scientists are just beginning to understand. -- For this experiment, Frederickson and Kok used a Loving-Kindness Meditation (LKM) technique to help participants become better at self-generating positive emotions. However, they also found that simply reflecting on positive social connections and working to improve close-knit human bonds also caused improvements in vagal tone.'
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GEN -- Immune System Controls Brain, Shapes Social Behavior
'...The scientists presented their work July 13 in the journal Nature, in an article entitled, “Unexpected Role of Interferon-γ in Regulating Neuronal Connectivity and Social Behaviour.” The article describes how mice deficient in adaptive immunity exhibit social deficits and hyperconnectivity of fronto-cortical brain regions. -- “Associations between rodent transcriptomes from brain and cellular transcriptomes in response to T-cell-derived cytokines suggest a strong interaction between social behaviour and interferon-γ (IFN-γ)-driven responses,” wrote the article’s authors. “Concordantly, we demonstrate that inhibitory neurons respond to IFN-γ and increase GABAergic (γ-aminobutyric-acid) currents in projection neurons, suggesting that IFN-γ is a molecular link between meningeal immunity and neural circuits recruited for social behaviour.” -- The researchers also discovered, through a meta-analysis of transcriptomes, that organisms such as flies, zebrafish, mice, and rats activate interferon-γ responses when they are social. Normally, this molecule is produced by the immune system in response to bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Blocking the molecule in mice using genetic modification made regions of the brain hyperactive, causing the mice to become less social. Restoring the molecule restored the brain connectivity and behavior to normal. In a paper outlining their findings, the researchers note the immune molecule plays a "profound role in maintaining proper social function." -- "The brain and the adaptive immune system were thought to be isolated from each other, and any immune activity in the brain was perceived as sign of a pathology. And now, not only are we showing that they are closely interacting, but some of our behavior traits might have evolved because of our immune response to pathogens," explained the study’s senior author and chairman of UVA's Department of Neuroscience, Jonathan Kipnis, Ph.D. "It's crazy, but maybe we are just multicellular battlefields for two ancient forces: pathogens and the immune system. Part of our personality may actually be dictated by the immune system." -- The researchers note that a malfunctioning immune system may be responsible for "social deficits in numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders." But exactly what this might mean for autism and other specific conditions requires further investigation. It is unlikely that any one molecule will be responsible for disease or the key to a cure, the researchers believe. Instead, the causes are likely to be much more complex. But the discovery that the immune system—and possibly germs, by extension—can control our interactions raises many exciting avenues for scientists to explore, both in terms of battling neurological disorders and understanding human behavior. -- The relationship between people and pathogens, the researchers suggest, could have directly affected the development of our social behavior, allowing us to engage in the social interactions necessary for the survival of the species while developing ways for our immune systems to protect us from the diseases that accompany those interactions.'
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Aeon Videos -- Embark on an interstellar, operatic adventure with the Voyager spacecrafts
'The Voyager spacecrafts were launched by the United States in 1977 to explore our Solar System’s gas giants – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – and then interstellar space, where they’re still gathering valuable information. In addition to their mission of exploration, they’re also on a mission of communication: each craft is equipped with a ‘golden record’ featuring sounds and images of life on Earth, and information about our place in the cosmos, intended as a message to any extraterrestrial beings that might find them. Combining animation, archival photographs, videos, images, sounds and a sweeping, operatic score, Santiago Menghini’s short film Voyagers is a stunning tribute to one of humanity’s most ambitious – and idealistic – projects.'
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Aeon Essays -- How loneliness generates empathy and shapes identity by Cody Delistraty
'....There are many ways in which humans maintain – intentionally and unintentionally – states of loneliness: giving up a sense of home, creating only temporary friendships, having meaningless sex. While these actions might seem negative on the surface, they are decisions that are unconsciously related to self-preservation. The self dissolves when it is spread too thin, when it is obliged to deal with the glut of acquaintances and jobs, and all the places where one might not be alone but in which one might still feel lonely. -- Seeking isolation, searching out the existential pain of loneliness, writes Mijuskovic, is ‘a defensive device to thwart the threat of diffusion, of the self’s evaporation before the overwhelming presence of the “others” as it is assaulted by an impersonal, bureaucratic, industrialised, mechanised society or by violent and traumatic interpersonal relations’. -- Although it is distressing to ponder, what happens if everything that comprises a personage – all that one loves, hates, desires, hopes for – becomes only the distillation of other people’s feelings? What if one becomes only a weak prism, reflecting the light of those who have risked diving deeper into themselves? What happens if we do not risk loneliness ourselves? The loss of identity, surely, is a more troubling prospect than loneliness with its risks and pain and drawbacks. For who are we if we cease to be ourselves? -- I often think about loneliness, how it can be devastating, but also how it can be a space of reflection that is hard-won; a form of wisdom, a master emotion that colours all other emotions. Importantly, I now feel that without a willingness to face loneliness we forfeit our freedom. -- At my loneliest, I have strolled late at night through the less august parts of town, near Belleville and the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, turning every fibre of my being inwards so that I can feel everything, and I’ve discovered an almost infinite hope for the life outside myself. The more I shrink into myself, the larger and more possible the universe becomes.'
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Aeon Essays -- The cure for insomnia is to fall in love with sleep again by Rubin Naiman
'Like a wild thing, sleep was lured from its home in nature, and domesticated in service of industrial life. And today, like a pet, sleep is fenced in, caged or corralled. We constrict sleep with delayed bedtimes and advanced rising times policed by a mechanistic alarm clock. Would we consider setting an alarm to truncate other natural human experiences? Imagine setting an alarm to limit time spent enjoying a meal or making love. -- ... Our epic struggles with accessing deep sleep are, fundamentally, struggles with accessing deeper aspects of ourselves. As wakists, we presume that who we are is limited to our waking-world identity. Essential parts of who we are, however, are obscured by the glare of waking life. And these become more visible at night – in the deep waters of sleep and dreams. -- Deep, natural sleep threatens our wake-centric self. It makes sense that Thanatos, the Greek god of death, is the brother of Hypnos. An uneasy, archetypal relationship between sleep and death is, in fact, common in many cultures around the world. The Dalai Lama teaches that the psychospiritual experience of falling asleep is identical to that of dying. Our familiar, waking self dies in sleep. Opening to an ongoing dialogue with Hypnos – cultivating deepening awareness of sleep – teaches us that our ordinary waking self is but a limited sense of our deeper sleeping self. -- The trajectory with which we approach sleep – how we dive into bed – will impact the depth of our descent. Surrendering our waking sense of self calls for a posture of humility. Humility is the antidote to hyperarousal. It counters the arrogance that informs our medicalisation and wake-centrism. Humility is the essential missing ingredient in our failed efforts at healing the insomnia epidemic. -- Like an airplane in gradual descent from flight above the weather, coming down from hyperarousal involves negotiating a layer of turbulence. The body might vibrate, bounce and shake as the mind experiences updrafts of anxieties, of unresolved emotions and thoughts. Our challenge is to avoid reflexively re-ascending to escape this experience. Humility is about trusting that the safety of sleep resides just beyond the turbulence. -- In contrast to crashing, dropping into sleep from sheer exhaustion or knocking ourselves out with drugs or alcohol, humility is about a conscious and intentional submission to sleep, to the care of Hypnos. It’s about intentionally putting our body to bed and then willingly losing our mind – releasing our waking sense of self. -- Governed by powerful divine forces, sleep in antiquity was achieved by invoking the gods. Invocation is about opening to a benevolent mystery, requesting divine assistance or calling to a higher power through meditation, prayer or sacred ritual. It’s about opening a respectful dialogue with sleep. Whether coming from another or oneself, that most common nightly dictate ‘Go to sleep’ is a demand. By contrast, invoking sleep is about a gentler, more compassionate conversation. It’s an invitation, as if from a lover or Hypnos himself, to ‘Come to sleep’. Invoking sleep helps us fall in love with the act.'
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The Rational Male -- Sugar Babies
'...Yes, it’s just prostitution by another name. Yes, there is a pop-culture effort to normalize what would otherwise be a manipulative exploitation of men – but who cares, right? If poor Beta saps have the money, it’s only pragmatic that women legitimize the ‘pay-to-play’ model while they can capitalize on it in their prime years, right? And yes, the feminist narrative will simultaneously vilify the men resorting to being a “Sugar Daddy” while applauding the empowered women who play the game as well as they do. -- Sarcasm aside, what’s underneath this dynamic is a graphic illustration of just how women’s opportunism looks when the stigma of keeping Hypergamy concealed from men is now brought into the light and proudly embraced in a feminine-centric social order. The social effort to normalize Open Hypergamy takes another step forward when women’s effective prostitution becomes indistinguishable from ‘normal’ dating – that is dating based on common attraction or interest. -- The ‘date’-as-investment-opportunity becomes inseparable from women’s opportunistic concept of, and approach towards, love. Commodifying love and sex blurs the line between what is genuine desire and what is motivated interest. The conventional meme is that women have a difficult time separating sex from emotional investment, but the progression of Open Hypergamy – in this case the deliberate feigning of intimate interests on the part of women – puts the lie to this and reveals the true pragmatism with which women will apply their sexuality. Open Hypergamy becomes open prostitution, but this relationship becomes an accepted exchange or transaction the more comfortable women get with revealing the crueler nature of their sexual strategy. -- “You can’t tell who the hookers are anymore.” ... -- ...Hooking is dating when the only degree of separation is in the comfort women have in the transaction. The necessary compartmentalizing of feelings or emotional investment on the part of women – the ones we’ve been sold for so long as inseparable from their sexuality – are only mitigated by men they perceive as having a higher SMV than those who they view as ‘clients’. -- Money isn’t a factor in this equation of SMV; why would it be when provisioning is so easily had via dating clients ready to pay her rent or something else comparable? I’ve dug into this before, but with respect to women’s short-term sexual priorities (the Alpha Fucks side of Hypergamy) money rarely plays a role in genuine arousal; and even then it’s by order of degree in how necessitous that woman may be – or in this case, how entitled to those resources she has convinced herself she deserves. -- The larger social embrace of “Sugaring” is an extension of Open Hypergamy. So not only is there an expectation of capitalizing on a woman’s party years, but that once she’s reached the Epiphany Phase she can be relatively confident that her years of Sugaring will be socially normalized and not factor into her long-term capacity to optimize Hypergamy (see the Sandberg effect). Women’s opportunistic concept of love is informed by Hypergamy, so it feeds into the SMP valuation of her intimate transactions. -- And this dynamic isn’t just limited to younger women in their SMV peak years; women in their later phases of maturity have also found how useful apps like Tinder are in getting men to do the manual labor tasks they’d otherwise have to pay for themselves. -- Genuine femininity has become so rare in our present social order that it can now be bartered as a luxury experience for men who can afford it. So uncommon is feminine behaviors and demeanor now that men will pay a woman’s bills when they can convincingly act feminine, sweet and appreciative. It’s no surprise that married men account for the majority of Sugar Daddies; they seek what they lack in their marriages – sex, femininity, appreciation, caring, even loving conversation – an escape from wives who feel entitled to their efforts and provisioning with out reciprocation.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- New Rape Defense: I Wasn’t Listening, So I Never Heard Her Cries
'Women will need to learn that as a practical matter, with regard to rape, they can bring it on themselves now and the man will be blameless: "A woman sunbaking naked was sexually assaulted by a Kenyan migrant who attacked her as she lay on a nudist beach with a hat covering her face… She screamed and told her attacker to leave her alone." Why was the sentence so light? The rape wasn’t his fault. Why you ask? "Kimutai did not listen to the woman, Magistrate Atkins said." -- Feminists need to know that no doesn’t mean no anymore, if the man is not listening. -- This is great for me. I never listen to women anymore. When I am around them the only sound I hear is the noise Charlie Brown hears when his teachers talk to him. All I hear is, “Waahhh Weeehhh Wooohhhh wooohhh waahhh WiiiiiHHHH wiiiihhhh Wahhhh.” I had no idea that I now have a license to act like Bill Clinton and just rape whoever I want. -- Truth be told, from a game perspective, it makes perfect sense. Who listens to women? Betas and Gammas. Alphas assume that most of the shit women say is just pulling their chains. To an Alpha, a woman’s opinion is just an opportunity to playfully poke fun at her and make silly analogies in the attraction phase, and to nod yes to, in a sincere fashion while maintaining intense eye contact, in the comfort phase. Thus this legal defense is basically a way to confer rape-immunity on Alphas, while making sure every gamma and beta is still forced to beg for sex, endure the inevitable denial, and then get sent out for coffee and bagels. -- Think about it. Feminists want men to be imprisoned for wolf-whistling in Britain, but they are totally silent about this case. This is legal codification of rape-immunity for alphas, acceded to by feminists through the silence of the feminist movement. No doesn’t mean no, if you are not listening. -- This is because r-selected rabbit women secretly want to be raped by alphas who ignore their pleas for mercy. When that happens, their genes will be mixed with a bold rapist’s, and their rapist children will be more likely to forcefully impregnate numerous innocent women themselves, carrying their genes forward. That is called genetic drive. -- This leftist judge probably views being sexed up against her will by some foreign cretin who ignores her cries as a tingle-filled fantasy, so in her opinion this case was not a real crime, the same way Roman Polanski’s rape of a twelve year old wasn’t really “rape-rape”, according to Whoopi Goldberg. -- In truth, if this nude sunbather didn’t want to be raped, why did she stay, naked on the beach, when this naked migrant was chasing her around and ignoring her pleas to be left alone? What woman, naked and vulnerable, remains around a naked foreign man who is ignoring everything she says? What woman, naked and vulnerable in that situation, lays out naked, with a hat over her head so she can’t see what is going on around her? According to the Australian legal system, by her actions, she made this rape excusable...'
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YouTube -- Computing Forever: Where Did Generation Special Snowflake Come From?
"...They learned this from years of playing their parents off against each other to get their own way when they were children. With both parents having to go into the workplace, stay-at-home mothers in short supply, and marriage having collapsed as an institution due to good old feminism – Generation Snowflake was the generation that learned to play on their parents' guilt for having to drop them off to daycare every morning." -- "Generation Snowflake are behaving like toddlers because they never really fully grew up. And they spend the rest of their lives trying to fill the emotional void left by an absent, loving parental presence. They take this mindset into adulthood and they gravitate towards movements, ideas and ideologies that are primarily based on emotional arguments rather than intellectual discovery and cold, hard, uncompromising facts and empiricism. Because facts don't care about your feeling, these millennials reject them on the grounds of how discomforting they are." -- http://drgabormate.com/book/hold-on-to-your-kids/
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Aeon Ideas -- Girls of the global South can’t fix the world alone by Shenila Khoja-Moolji
'...This April, the World Bank pledged $2.5 billion dollars for investment in girls’ education and empowerment projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. -- Are girls really the key to societal progress? Why has the international development field converged on the figure of the girl? What kind of girlhood is desired? -- Women and girls have frequently functioned as symbols for expressing hopes and fears, a powerful shorthand for the kind of society that people want, and what they think is important. Today, development campaigns often portray girls in the global South as not only threatened by disease, terrorism, patriarchy and poverty, but also as holding the potential to resolve these problems. This combination of promise and fragility makes girls irresistible targets for reform. Girls stand in not only for their own but also their family’s, nation’s and indeed the world’s progress. -- Generally, the international development community sees rather particular ways of being a girl as healthy and modern. In short, empowered, modern girlhoods are marked by individualism and entrepreneurship, consumerism, delayed marriage and motherhood, participation in the wage-labour market, and positive public expressions of sexuality. It’s a model of girlhood most associated with the white, middle-class experience. In contrast, girls living in poverty, in rural areas or in neighbourhoods rife with violence, crime or drugs find themselves classified as ‘at-risk’, ‘backward’ or ‘failed’ girls. So are girls who prioritise the wellbeing of their faith communities and families, and who value solidarity over individualism. But, all is not lost – education, empowerment and/or leadership projects posit that failed girls can be transformed into empowered, modern girls. -- My research in Pakistan, however, highlights women and girls for whom the white, Western liberal ideal of girlhood is neither possible nor desired. These girls viewed waged work not as a ‘choice’ or a ‘right’ but as a form of compulsion, primarily because the work opportunities available to them are often contingent and highly exploitative. They called for strengthening local systems of support, including faith-based governance bodies, councils and civil society organisations. The Western international development community typically deems such institutions as patriarchal, oppressive and unaware of ‘best practices’. However, my participants found these organisations supportive, especially when public/state-sponsored social services were absent. It is these local organisations that step in when development agencies leave or are unable to sustain projects. ... '
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Freedomain Radio -- #3341: Why Leftists Hate Democracy - Call In Show - July 8 2016 (MP3)
"Politicians gain power by benefiting people, by promising them stuff. And the way that in an ideal minarchist, small-government society, the way that politicians benefit people is by staying the hell out of their way...Now, as government grows bigger and bigger, everybody gets that [politicians] are not adding the people's standard of living...So what happens is, first of all politicians stay out of your way and you get this grow in wealth. And then what happens is governments start moving that wealth around to buy votes...Politicians always have to find someone to benefit because otherwise why would you bother going to a politician? ... Politicians always got to have someone to benefit. And now they cannot benefit the poor and the middle class... Now what are the selling? Well they can't sell wealth and improvement to British people because British people – native British people – are getting poorer. So, what are they selling now to get votes? What they're selling is citizenship. That's what they're selling. And it's the same thing with the Left, the democrats in America, and it's the same thing with the Liberals in Canada, and it's all over, all over the place. What are you selling? You can't sell anything to the domestic population because they are just getting poorer and they hate your guts. But you can sell citizenship to others outside your country. That's what they're doing. Selling citizenship. That's why they say, 'Yeah, yeah; we're going to shut down immigration.' And then they get in and they don't want to do it... They want to sell citizenship because people are clamouring to get into Europe, they're clamouring to get into the United Kingdom, they're clamouring to get into America, they're clamouring to get into Canada – it's this big, giant sea of reaching arms: 'Let me in! Let me in!' And the politicians can't sell shit to the domestic population but they can go and say, 'I'll let you in but you've got to vote for me.' They're selling the carcass of freedom to the vultures from outside... Now BREXIT and other things like that, well that might cut off some of the massive flows of immigration to the United Kingdom. And so if the politicians can't sell the still meaty freedoms of the carcass called citizenship, what the hell are they going to do; they're going to have to find some way to provide something of actual value to people in the country rather than selling off the tax base to let in [migrants]... Because they have so little to offer the domestic population they have to go all over the world to people poorer than the domestic population, and offer them the carcasses and remains of the freedoms of the domestic population. That's how they are providing value, by selling off – selling off – the remnants of freedom, the scraps of liberty, that somehow managed to escape the Jackal-pecking of socialism... They have nothing to offer the domestic population. They have nothing to offer the domestic [tax] livestock who are crowded and jammed and not having kids, but they can go to really poor people and say 'We'll let you. You can feed on our captive tax livestock...' And, if countries set up their borders again, politicians are going to have to actually start providing some kind of value to the domestic population. And, how are they going to be able to do that? The only way they are going to be able to do that, the only way that they are going to be able to provide some value to the domestic population is what? Get out of the way! Go away. Let us trade. Let us build. Let us have our own charities. Let us educate our own children. Get out of the way. But do you see what's happened is, because over the past forty or fifty years so much emphasis has been placed on politicians providing value by selling off the carcass of citizenship, there as so many politicians that they're numbers will have to be significantly reduced if they can't feed off the carcass of citizenship any more... Now, does any politician want to fire himself when he can't even become a lobbyist afterwards? What's he going to do? ... Politicians as a whole, are really, really, really bad at the free market. As a whole, they're terrible. They get money, status, and power through the state. If they've got to go out and open up a pizza joint and try and win some business, it stings their vanity, it collapses their narcissism, it is emotionally eviscerating for them to have to go ask rather than demand because they're viscous verbal bullies... They view exiting government like you would view exiting a space ship with no space suit... For these people who feast on the body politic, shrinking the state feels like death to them. It feels like death."
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YouTube -- Black Pigeon Speaks: ATTACK in NICE: The CLASH of Civilizations
"Can we finally be honest? We are in the midst of a clash of civilizations, just as real and just as perilous and transformative as were the World Wars and indeed the Cold War. The only problem is one side, namely the West, is refusing to acknowledge that anything of the sort is even taking place. The dilemma the West finds itself in is it seems incapable of admitting that with the steep demographic and cultural decline it's currently undergoing, it's oldest adversary – who never really gave up at the gates of Vienna but only called a tactical truce – is moving in the fill the vacuum and is playing the West like a fiddle. With a three-pronged assault: jihad assaults that never seem to end and are only increasing year-on-year; the demographic jihad of unending migration and the setting up of cultural enclaves of every major Western city; and finally, using Western values of tolerance, acceptance and altruism – and weaponizing them with ever more demands on the host societies and their public purses..."
conquest  politicalcorrectness  altruism  predation  parasitism  migration  welfare  dysgenics 
14 days ago
YouTube -- Paul Joseph Watson: Nice Terror Attack: What They're NOT Telling You
'How many dead bodies on the streets of Europe will it take for leftists to realize that we are at war?'
conquest  politicalcorrectness  faggotry  stockholmsyndrome  cowardice 
14 days ago
Breitbart -- Enough With The Teddy Bears And Tears: It's Time To Take Our Civilization Back by Raheem Kassam
'...Our security services and our police, hamstrung by political correctness, are just as interested (or more?) in rounding up Twitter “hate speech” offenders than criminal, rapist, or terrorist migrants. Our borders are as porous as our brains. We refuse to realise that there are now literally millions of people amongst us who hate us. Who hate our way of life, and who will, one day, dominate our public life. -- But of course, such statements are dismissed as fear-mongering, alarmist, or “out of touch with reality”. As if the data doesn’t exist, or the demographics aren’t shifting quickly enough to notice. -- As if vast parts of our towns and cities haven’t become ghettos, or no-go zones, or hubs of child grooming activity, or terrorism. -- As if mosques, schools, prisons, and universities aren’t used as recruiting grounds for radicals. -- As if the blood of our countrymen hasn’t even been spilled at all. -- Instead, we will now think deeply about how we can “reach out” to these populations. How we can “co-exist” and “be tolerant” of one another. As if toleration – which is actually the permittance of what is not actually approved or desired – is a healthy aspiration for a society. -- It is as if we model our countries on the practice of bending over and “taking one for the team”, chastising those who fail to “tolerate” the most barbaric traditions of alien cultures. It is everything this cartoon – obviously branded “racist” – suggests. -- “But come on, Raheem, not all immigrants, or Muslims, are criminals, or rapists…. you’re not!” --- Yeah – and look at me. Excoriated daily by Islamists on Twitter. Why? Because I’ve integrated and I love my country. Because I refuse to believe that an Islamic caliphate is the best thing for Britain, or anywhere, quite frankly. Where is my white (or brown) knight? Where are the voices of the moderate Muslim world defending me? -- Not that I need protection, or defence, but some people aren’t as hard headed or resolved as I am. -- Thusly, the albeit minority evil amongst British Muslims is thriving because good Muslims are doing nothing. At some point, we have to question why. I’m not sure most people are ready for the answers to that one.'
europe  conquest  theocracy  politicalcorrectness  faggotry 
14 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- French Intel Chief Sees K-Shift Coming
'And this was right before an angry Muslim drove a tractor trailer through a crowd on the French version of July 4th, killing scores: "In a shockingly non-politically-correct outburst, Patrick Calvar, chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security, told members of the French parliamentary commission that thanks to the increasing frequency of sexual assaults by islamic migrants, “Extremism is growing everywhere… We are on the brink of civil war.” -- He said that the situation in France is on such a knife edge that it could just take one more major Islamist terror attack to lead to a huge right-wing backlash. -- Speaking to the leading French newspaper, Le Figaro, Mr Calvar said: “This confrontation I think it will take place. -- “Even another one or two attacks and it will happen. It therefore behooves us to anticipate and block all these groups.” -- This is an amygdala that cannot touch upon the idea that rabbitism might be bad. Muslims are killing, raping, stealing, beating, and running roughshod everywhere. They have no skills, and no ability to integrate into a first world nation. And yet the obvious solution – to stop importing them, cannot be contemplated. -- Still amygdala builds, and demands action. What the leftist rabbit focuses on is the political right, both due to innate hatred, and due to the fact that the right is pointing out the leftist’s stupidity. -- It is awful to be a K-strategist when r is ascendant. There is literally nothing you can do to stop the decline. You are just a lone voice of sanity in an ever-growing wilderness of idiocy. -- Now, we are transitioning to the other side of the process, and it is the left who is going to find out that fighting the currents of r/K is like trying to push back the tide. It cannot be done. -- There is one big difference. When we are forced to endure the slide toward r, all we need to do is keep our head down and tolerate a world of increasing promiscuity and hedonism that is awash in dopamine. If we get caught, we get nasty tweets, buried in bureaucratic red tape, and Trigglypuff will be throwing a tantrum in our vicinity. -- The left on the other hand, can easily end up being dragged from a car by an angry mob, and taken to a violent death. -- Given we are seeing this now, while awash in resources and dopamine, and considering the scale of the economic Apocalypse that is coming, what was old will be new again. I’m looking forward to it.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  conquest  apocalypse 
14 days ago
Spiked -- We need the Bastille spirit more than ever by Brendan O’Neill
'...Yesterday’s bloody assault on a Bastille Day celebration was an attack both on the real, living masses of today and also on the idea of mass politics. It was an attack on people and The People. -- It’s a reminder of how fragile are the values of freedom and democracy. It was a glimpse of the violent contempt in which some individuals and groups hold these ideals of liberty. We must never take these gains of enlightenment, these gifts of generations like the one that stormed the Bastille, for granted. They must be lived, and defended, and fought for again and again. Islamist assaults on people who have exercised their free speech in a ‘bad’ way or who publicly celebrate democracy can be seen as violent, apocalyptic expressions of a disdain for freedom and democracy among the rulers and institutions of Western society itself. In a society where you can be dragged to court for Islamophobic hate speech, the massacre at Charlie Hebdo starts to look like the militant edge to a mainstream PC censoriousness. In a Europe where the intellectual elites have turned against mass democracy, as we saw graphically in the outburst of demosphobia following the Brexit vote, attacks on ordinary people cheering the moment when ordinary people entered politics can be seen as a savage manifestation of a mainstream discomfort with mass politics. -- The role of radicals right now is to refortify these ideals within our own societies, to stand up for them against all-comers, whether intellectuals or barbarians, in order to strengthen them, give them greater meaning, and offset the attempts to undermine or destroy them. -- After Nice, we need great public and democratic vigilance, against both terrorists who despise liberty and democracy and cagey officials whose instinctive response to terror is to restrict liberty and democracy in the name of safety. We must refuse to be terrorised. To panic society or reshape it in an illiberal way, to encourage people to stay at home and dodge big, democratic gatherings, would be to do the terrorists’ dirty work for them. Our response to Nice should be to stand up, firmly and unapologetically, for the ideals that the stormers of the Bastille believed in and which Islamists and too many others today view with disdain: that people should be free; that popular opinion matters; and that society and politics should be the realm of the many, crowded on to the streets, not the few.'
conquest  terrorism  illiberalism  politicalcorrectness  rkselectiontheory 
15 days ago
TheReligionofPeace -- List of Islamic Terror Attacks 2016
'This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by TheReligionofPeace.com. During this time period, there were 1268 Islamic attacks in 50 countries, in which 11664 people were killed and 14087 injured.'

'The point of this list is not to convince anyone that they are in mortal danger or that Muslims are innately dangerous people (they are not, of course). Rather it is to point out that Islam is different. No other religion inspires the sort of terrorism that the "Religion of Peace" produces. It should be acceptable to question and critique the teachings, particularly those that are supremacist in nature.'

'We also hope that this list offers moral perspective against so-called "Islamophobia" and other complaints from Muslim identity groups that are petty by comparison. Who knows - perhaps one day these groups will decide to take the sort of action expected of those who truly believe that it is wrong to kill in the name of their religion.'
conquest  terrorism 
15 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: An Honest Conversation About Race | Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux
'For years and years, many have proclaimed a desire for an honest conversation about race, but fiercely object when such a discussion is attempted. Stefan Molyneux is joined by Jared Taylor for a discussion about racial tensions around the world and “The Color of Crime,” which is an incredibly well-researched report on differences in crime rates by race, bias in the justice system, and interracial crime statistics.' -- "...compared to Islam, which is probably the most powerful religion in the world today, 'egalitarian' liberalism is probably the second most powerful religion. When people are absorbed by this idea they cease to think in terms of facts, the facts don't matter; they can ignore the facts, or if they discover the facts they're perfectly happy to suppress them...All of these people are trained to hate themselves..white people love to feel good about themselves by feeling bad about being white. This is a source of great virtue, self-exaltation for them...I don't understand why a dominant people, really at the height of its powers, has suddenly decided to that they don't really deserve to exist. They were at the apex of civilization and now we've decided they something fundamentally wrong with us, and if we just glimmer away and disappear that will somehow be a benefit to the entire rest of the world. I don't know where this self-hating, self-loathing mentality could possibly have come from. I sometimes wonder if there's something genetically defective in white people. And you can make the argument that if white people do not take the steps necessary to survive, nature doesn't care, nature is brutal; in nature's terms, whites do not deserve to survive if they are unwilling to take the steps that will ensure their survival." -- "...The Attack cultures makes the Guilt cultures feel bad which is why when you yell 'Racism!' at a white person, they feel bad. And what that does is it makes people want to yell 'Racism!' more because when white people feel bad they hand over resources to feel better."
evolution  race  intelligence  marxism  predation  rkselectiontheory  StefanMolyneux 
15 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Liberal Amygdalae Are At The Breaking Point Across The World
'...When ISIS or the Taliban blow up some ancient piece of artwork because its presence irritates them, they are heathens and savages. But if someone the liberal physically fears, does the exact same thing, it is perfectly understandable. Obviously it shows you how docile and manageable the left will become once the Apocalypse hits. Once in a more constant state of fear, the liberals will not stand up to anyone, and they will tell you that anything you do is perfectly acceptable. -- Until then, we have among the most neurotic and mentally-ill cowards imaginable, demanding to dictate everyone’s most minor thoughts, in a desperate effort to not see their own amygdalae triggered by ever more insignificant stimuli.'
rkselectiontheory  illiberalism  cowardice 
15 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Robot Bombs – The Clash Of r and K
'A good example of how the clash between r and K changes once violence is involved: "A hotly-contested decision by law enforcement to use a drone robot to blow up a U.S. citizen, who allegedly carried out the murders of five police officers in Dallas, just got exponentially more controversial—because, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, the “whole idea was improvised in about 15 to 20 minutes.” -- ... There was a time when if an officer had proposed driving 1lb of C4 up to a suspect and blowing it up, he would have made everyone laugh uproariously. Now, in these times, this could become a go-to response -- I’ll be the first to say that my own feeling is there should be some sort of limitation on law enforcement blowing up civilians with robots. But I have to also recognize that such an emotional response when so much was at stake in that moment, is a vestige of my r-upbringing. Indeed, the very conversation over such a mortally salient issue is a luxury which can only exist when times are r. -- When things turn K, psychologies change, and abstract ideals and values will give way to the banally practical wherever death is involved. Was the perp possibly going to kill civilians? Did he say he had bombs planted which he might detonate at any moment? If he poses a threat of death, then you blow him up. If r-minded people complain later, you ignore them, because practically there is little they can do in times of K. -- In times of r, rabbits can tie a K-strategist up in red tape and bureaucracy for eons as they fight for the out-group, but in times of K, as we are seeing now, there will be little practical resistance on the rabbit’s bureaucracy front wherever and out-group threatens death. -- Now, the rules K’s apply to their in-groups, and the ruthless practicality they apply to threatening out-groups are both excellent from a K’s perspective. The problem lies in where r and K begin to blend together. When r’s gain the ability to tell K’s to use ruthless practicality on the in-group, or when they tie us up in rules when dealing with a threatening out-group, nothing but trouble is to come. -- Until then, the #BlackLivesMatter protester blows up real good.'
rkselectiontheory  security 
15 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Police Begin To In-group And Stand Up To #BlackLivesMatters
'...You can only kick the guys who protect you so far, before they tell you to go fuck yourself. If you begin threatening their families, then everyone is going to turn on you. -- If the Police turn on Obama, and begin to let the savages run wild in black communities, that will quickly create a rift in the black vote between the smart blacks who are tolerating #BlackLivesMatters, and the imbeciles who make up the movement. -- When the smart blacks can’t walk in their own neighborhoods without fear of being brained, and it is because of Obama agitating this phony movement based on criminal savages who deserved to be shot, the smart blacks could easily be demotivated to vote, or even choose to vote for Trump to restore law and order. -- Obama sees the danger. Watch the left begin the press the brakes on #BlackLivesMatters in the coming months.'
rkselectiontheory  victimhood  predation  backlash 
15 days ago
Breitbart -- Charles Barkley: 'We've Got to Do Better,' Black People 'Need the Cops'
'“We need the cops, especially in the black community. We as black people, we’ve got to do better. We never get mad when black people kill each other, which that always has bothered me,” Barkley said. -- Barkley admitted that the officers may have “panicked” and that there can be racism from both sides, but he maintained that there is not the same outrage when there is black on black violence as when there is an African-American killed by a white police officer. -- “We don’t have near the outrage we do when a white cop kills somebody,” he continued. “Dan, I’ve been black my whole life. Most black people I know killed are killed by other black people, and I’ve never understood why there’s not this moral outrage the way we treat each other as black people.”'
psychohistory  violence  agencyvspatiency 
16 days ago
Breitbart -- The Inherent Violence of Grievance Culture
'...Grievance is the organizing principle of modern liberalism, the coin of the realm. As gay Americans discovered from the media and political reaction after an ISIS jihadi committed mass murder in Orlando, there is a hierarchy of victimhood in the liberal mind, and at the moment, Islam ranks higher than homosexuality. -- Every aspect of society is subjected to political calculations weighted heavily with grievance variables. The quest for “social justice” is all about treating some people unfairly, to punish them for their “privileges,” and transfer wealth and power to the “deserving.” Vast power and wealth accrue to those who define variables like “privileged” and “deserving,” as they skim billions of dollars off the top of the social justice machine for “administrative costs.” -- Grievance has become the only pure source of moral authority in our culture. For the most part, achievement is denigrated, and actively punished. Hard work is for suckers. Religious authority is considered null and void. Traditional morality has been bulldozed. Designated victims, and those who claim to be “fighting” for them, are the new secular saints, and they can get away with almost anything. -- Every attempt to hold them accountable is dismissed as an oppressive assault on the righteously aggrieved. Their excesses are excused, because the powerless must get loud and rowdy, in order to combat oppressive society and draw attention to their plight. Often these excesses are blamed on society, portraying the aggrieved as hapless puppets of capitalism, imperialism, racism, or sexism. The filthy-rich capitalist pig is the true perpetrator of his own mugging. -- Grievance culture distills a potent, highly addictive brew of righteousness that’s easy to become violently drunk on. Social media mobs are a fascinating case study, as they go comically over the top in their seething outrage at minor transgressions. You can watch them stoke the flames of each other’s righteous fury in real-time. Never has a mob been easier to join. The cost in time and money to sign up for each crusade is nearly zero. -- The media is easily bamboozled into thinking these Twitter warriors are a mighty host of committed activists, when in reality most of them are banging out “Is So-and-So Fired Yet?” tweets while simultaneously playing online games, downvoting music they dislike, and crabbing about lousy episodes of popular TV shows on blog forums. -- On the streets, grievance culture sours easily into violence, because violence is justified by the messages of powerlessness, oppression, and unfair privilege pumped into the heads of demonstrators. They’ve been quite literally told they were robbed. It’s no crime to steal back their entitlements and birthrights from thieves. -- This mindset is commonly found among actual thieves, who have a habit of justifying their crimes by saying they felt entitled to take money or goods from targets who had wronged them somehow. Many perpetrators insist their victims personally transgressed against them. Others say society itself has exploited them. Sometimes they reassure themselves that the victims are rich, probably unfairly rich, and won’t miss a little of their lucre. Even crimes as minor as office workers stealing desk supplies from their corporate employers follow this basic grievance formula – “I deserve a little extra something because of the way this lousy company treats me!”'
rkselectiontheory  marxism  victimhood 
16 days ago
Breitbart -- Black Cop Explodes 'Black Lives Matter,' Racist Police Myths
'"...As time went by in my law enforcement career, I quickly began to realize something. I remember the countless times I stood 2 inches from a young black man, around my age, laying on his back, gasping for air as blood filled his lungs. I remember them bleeding profusely with the unforgettable smell of deoxygenated dark red blood in the air, as it leaked from the bullet holes in his body on to the hot sidewalk on a summer day. I remember the countless family members who attacked me, spit on me, cursed me out, as I put up crime scene tape to cordon off the crime scene, yelling and screaming out of pain and anger at the sight of their loved ones taking their last breath. I never took it personally, I knew they were hurting. I remember the countless times I had to order new uniforms, because the ones I had on, were bloody from the blood of another black victim…of black on black crime. I remember the countless times I got back in my patrol car, distraught after having watched another black male die in front me, having to start my preliminary report something like this: Suspect- Black/ Male, Victim-Black /Male. -- I remember the countless times I canvassed the area afterwards, and asked everyone “did you see who did it”, and the popular response from the very same family members was always, “Fuck the Police, I ain’t no snitch, Im gonna take care of this myself”. This happened every single time, every single homicide, black on black, and then my realization became clearer. -- ... All of my realizations came to this conclusion. Black Lives do not matter to most black people. Only the lives that make the national news matter to them. Only the lives that are taken at the hands of cops or white people, matter. The other thousands of lives lost, the other black souls that I along with every cop, have seen taken at the hands of other blacks, do not matter. Their deaths are unnoticed, accepted as the “norm”, and swept underneath the rug by the very people who claim and post “black lives matter”."'
psychohistory  violence  agencyvspatiency 
17 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Obama lists ISIS, Russia, Brexit as top threats to world security at NATO summit
'While the US and Russia have pledged increased cooperation when it comes to battling Islamic State in Syria, President Barack Obama continues to list Russia as the second biggest threat to world security. At the recent NATO conference in Warsaw, Poland, Obama listed IS, “Russian aggression” and Brexit as the biggest threats. He also promised another 1,000 troops to boost the NATO alliance presence on the eastern front.'
oligarchicalcollectivism  perpetualwar  threatnarrative  twominuteshate  1984 
17 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: ALL LIVES MATTER | Diamond and Silk
'Diamond and Silk join Stefan Molyneux to discuss the aftermath of the Dallas Police Shooting and the recent attacks on law enforcement officers. Includes: The Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings, Black Lives Matter, the destruction of the black family, the soft tyrant of government dependence and the rise of Donald Trump.'
welfare  predation  statism 
18 days ago
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