Aeon Essays -- The civic drama of Socrates trial by Josiah Ober
'The trial of Socrates was not a show trial. The jury’s vote was close, and Plato’s version of his speech gives reason to suspect that, if Socrates had delivered a different, more ordinary defence speech, playing to the jurors’ sympathies, he could have changed enough votes to win his case. But, both Plato’s and Xenophon’s reports make it clear that Socrates did not deliver an ordinary defence speech. Rather than appeal to the jurors’ sympathies, he challenged them. With unsettling metaphors and logical demonstrations, he made it clear that he opposed democracy and would never abandon his mission of public philosophising. Xenophon implies that Socrates chose that sort of speech as a method of jury-assisted suicide: he was, according to Xenophon, tired of life and allowed the Athenians to end it for him. But Plato’s version is, I think much more convincing. -- Plato thought that Socrates remained, to the end, motivated by his deep sense of civic commitment. He couldn’t keep silent, nor could he offer a pandering defence that would undercut the value of a life spent helping others see their own good, by radically changing their priorities. In this view, Socrates remained obligated to public life to the very end. His defence speech was a final, very public, attempt to awaken his fellow Athenians. Socrates’ ‘defence’ was a last, best sting. Along with his refusal to break the law by fleeing his mandated punishment, it was also a final act of civic duty. We can unpack that duty as courage, respect and engagement. -- Socrates’ defence speech was an act of profound civic courage, the same sort of courage that led Athenian soldiers to die in defence of their country. It was an act of civic respect that recognised the jurors as adults who might benefit from a logical argument. And, for all its seeming intellectual arrogance, it was an act of civic solidarity – an assertion that Socrates the philosopher was also Socrates the Athenian citizen who owed an account of his actions to his fellow citizens. Far from a simple drama pitting democracy against intellectual freedom, the trial of Socrates is a deep drama of civic engagement, tragic in its outcome, but at the same time revealing that democracy makes space for acts of profound heroism.' -- Comment: Brian Jones: 'As a seeker of truth as he was, Socrates death by democracy was his way to prove his point with the eyes of history as the juror.'
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb -- How To Legally Own Another Person
'...Slave ownership by companies has traditionally taken very curious forms. The best slave is someone you overpay and who know it, terrified of losing his status. Multinational companies created the expat category, a sort of diplomat with a higher standard of living representing the firm far away and running its business there. A bank in New York sends a married employee with his family to a foreign location, say a tropical county with cheap labor, with perks and privileges such as country club membership, a driver, a nice company villa with a gardener, a yearly trip back home with the family in first class, and keep him there for a few years, enough to be addicted. He earns much more than the “locals”, in a hierarchy reminiscent of colonial days. He builds a social life with other expats. He progressively wants to stay in the location much longer but he is far from headquarters and has no idea of his minute-to-minute standing in the firm except through signals. Eventually, like a diplomat, he begs for another location when time comes for a reshuffle. Returning to the home office means loss of perks, having to revert to the unchanged base salary, and the person is now a total slave –a return to lower middle class life in the suburbs of New York City taking the commuter train, perhaps, god forbid, a bus, and eating a sandwich for lunch! The person is terrified when the big boss snubs him. Ninety five percent of the employee’s mind will be on company politics… which is exactly what the company wants. The big boss in the board room will have a supporter in the event of some intrigue. -- All large corporations had employees with expat status and, in spite of its costs, it was an extremely effective strategy. Why? Because the further from headquarters an employee is located, the more autonomous his unit, the more you want him to be a slave so he does nothing strange on his own. -- There is a category of employees who aren’t slaves, but these represent a very small proportion of the pool. You can identify them at the following: they don’t give a f*** about their reputation, at least not their corporate reputation. -- One type is the salesperson whose resignation would cause the loss of business, and, what’s worse, he can benefit a competitor by take some of the firm’s client there. Salespeople had a tension with the firm as the firm tried to dissociate accounts from them by depersonalizing the relationship with the clients, usually unsuccessfully: people like people and they drop the business when they get some generic and polite person trying to get on the phone in place of the warm and often exuberant salesperson-friend. The other one was the trader about whom only one thing mattered: the profits and losses, or P/L. Firms had a love-hate with these two types as they were unruly – traders and salespeople were only manageable when they were unprofitable, in which case they weren’t wanted. -- Traders who made money, I realized, could get so disruptive that they needed to be kept away from the rest of the employees. That’s the price you pay by associating people to a specific P/L, turning individuals into profit centers, meaning no other criterion mattered. -- Risk takers can be socially unpredictable people. Freedom is always associated with risk taking, whether it led to it or came from it. You take risks, you feel part of history. And risk takers take risks because it is in their nature to be wild animals. -- Note the linguistic dimension – and why, in addition to sartorial considerations, traders needed to be put away from the rest of nonfree, nonrisktaking people. My days, nobody cursed in public except for gang members and those who wanted to signal that they were not slaves: traders cursed like sailors and I have kept the habit of strategic foul language, used only outside of my writings and family life.[4] Those who use foul language on social networks (such as Twitter) are sending an expensive signal that they are free –and, ironically, competent. You don’t signal competence if you don’t take risks for it –there are few such low risk strategies. So cursing today is a status symbol, just as oligarchs in Moscow wear blue jeans at special events to signal their power. Even in banks, traders were shown to customers on tours of the firm as you would with animals in a zoo and the site of a trader cursing on a phone while in a shouting match with a broker is something that was part of the scenery. -- ... Take for now the following: What matters isn’t what a person has or doesn’t have; it is what he or she are afraid of losing...'
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb -- The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority
'...The two asymmetric rules were are as follows. First, if a non Muslim man under the rule of Islam marries a Muslim woman, he needs to convert to Islam –and if either parents of a child happens to be Muslim, the child will be Muslim[3]. Second, becoming Muslim is irreversible, as apostasy is the heaviest crime under the religion, sanctioned by the death penalty. The famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, born Mikhael Demetri Shalhoub, was of Lebanese Christian origins. He converted to Islam to marry a famous Egyptian actress and had to change his name to an Arabic one. He later divorced, but did not revert to the faith of his ancestors. -- Under these two asymmetric rules, one can do simple simulations and see how a small Islamic group occupying Christian (Coptic) Egypt can lead, over the centuries, to the Copts becoming a tiny minority. All one needs is a small rate of interfaith marriages. Likewise, one can see how Judaism doesn’t spread and tends to stay in the minority, as the religion has opposite rules: the mother is required to be Jewish, causing interfaith marriages to leave the community. An even stronger asymmetry than that of Judaism explains the depletion in the Near East of three Gnostic faiths: the Druze, the Ezidi, and the Mandeans (Gnostic religions are those with mysteries and knowledge that is typically accessible to only a minority of elders, with the rest of the members in the dark about the details of the faith). Unlike Islam that requires either parents to be Muslim, and Judaism that asks for at least the mother to have the faith, these three religions require both parents to be of the faith, otherwise the person says toodaloo to the community. -- Egypt has a flat terrain. The distribution of the population presents homogeneous mixtures there, which permits renormalization (i.e. allows the asymmetric rule to prevail) –we saw earlier in the chapter that for Kosher rules to work, one needed Jews to be somewhat spread out across the country. But in places such as Lebanon, Galilee, and Northern Syria, with mountainous terrain, Christians and other Non Sunni Muslims remained concentrated. Christians not being exposed to Muslims, experienced no intermarriage. -- Egypt’s Copts suffered from another problem: the irreversibility of Islamic conversions. Many Copts during Islamic rule converted to Islam when it was merely an administrative procedure, something that helps one land a job or handle a problem that requires Islamic jurisprudence. One do not have to really believe in it since Islam doesn’t conflict markedly with Orthodox Christianity. Little by little a Christian or Jewish family bearing the marrano-style conversion becomes truly converted, as, a couple of generations later, the descendants forget the arrangement of their ancestors. -- So all Islam did was out-stubborn Christianity, which itself won thanks to its own stubbornness. For, before Islam, the original spread of Christianity in the Roman empire can be largely seen due to… the blinding intolerance of Christians, their unconditional, aggressive and proselyting recalcitrance. Roman pagans were initially tolerant of Christians, as the tradition was to share gods with other members of the empire. But they wondered why these Nazarenes didn’t want to give and take gods and offer that Jesus fellow to the Roman pantheon in exchange for some other gods. What, our gods aren’t good enough for them? But Christians were intolerant of Roman paganism. The “persecutions” of the Christians had vastly more to do with the intolerance of the Christians for the pantheon and local gods, than the reverse. What we read is history written by the Christian side, not the Greco-Roman one.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: The Dangers Of Being Dutiful
'We associate being dutiful with being safe – that’s how it worked at school. But once we are in the big world, too much of a concern for duty can be our downfall.'
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The New Yorker -- Can Reading Make You Happier?
'Keith Oatley, a novelist and emeritus professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto, has for many years run a research group interested in the psychology of fiction. “We have started to show how identification with fictional characters occurs, how literary art can improve social abilities, how it can move us emotionally, and can prompt changes of selfhood,” he wrote in his 2011 book, “Such Stuff as Dreams: The Psychology of Fiction.” “Fiction is a kind of simulation, one that runs not on computers but on minds: a simulation of selves in their interactions with others in the social world…based in experience, and involving being able to think of possible futures.” This idea echoes a long-held belief among both writers and readers that books are the best kinds of friends; they give us a chance to rehearse for interactions with others in the world, without doing any lasting damage. In his 1905 essay “On Reading,” Marcel Proust puts it nicely: “With books there is no forced sociability. If we pass the evening with those friends—books—it’s because we really want to. When we leave them, we do so with regret and, when we have left them, there are none of those thoughts that spoil friendship: ‘What did they think of us?’—‘Did we make a mistake and say something tactless?’—‘Did they like us?’—nor is there the anxiety of being forgotten because of displacement by someone else.” -- George Eliot, who is rumored to have overcome her grief at losing her life partner through a program of guided reading with a young man who went on to become her husband, believed that “art is the nearest thing to life; it is a mode of amplifying experience and extending our contact with our fellow-men beyond the bounds of our personal lot.”'
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Aeon Essays -- What favourite childhood books reveal about the psyche by Adam Gidwitz
'Sigmund Freud said a lot of crazy things, but one of his most compelling insights was that the mind is like the city of Rome. Each age has its own architecture, its own monuments, built on top of those from the previous ages. But instead of knocking down those monuments to an older time and replacing them, the mind preserves each landmark. Some, like the Colosseum, are more obvious, while others are hidden in the shadows of Palatine Hill. Even more completely than Rome, each adult keeps the landscape of her childhood intact. If you want to understand that childhood landscape, the foundations on which a person’s life is built, ask her what her favourite books were as a child. -- ... I have a close friend whose favourite book as a child was The Runaway Bunny (1942) by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd. Its first page reads: Once there was a little bunny who wanted to run away. So he said to his mother: ‘I am running away.’ -- ‘If you run away,’ said his mother, ‘I will run after you. For you are my little bunny.’ -- On each subsequent page, the little bunny fantasises about different ways in which he could transform himself and escape his mother. But, like a game of rock-paper-scissors, for each transformation the bunny proposes, his mother has a counter. ‘If you run after me… I will become a fish in a trout stream and I will swim away from you.’ ‘If you become a fish in a trout stream,’ says his mother, ‘I will become a fisherman and fish for you.’ -- On and on this game goes, until ultimately the bunny proposes turning into a little boy and running into a house. ‘If you become a little boy and run into a house… I will become your mother and catch you in my arms and hug you.’ At which point the bunny replies: ‘Aw shucks… I might just as well stay where I am and be your little bunny.’ -- I never thought much about the meaning of The Runaway Bunny until I learned that it was my friend’s absolute, bar-none, ask-for-it-every-night favourite book as a child– at which point I burst out laughing. No book could suit him more. Where his mother was concerned, he was always a rebel. Once, when he was sent to his room as a young boy, he stood at the top of the stairs and shouted at his mother: ‘I have a penis and you don’t!’ As a young adolescent, well before he was legally allowed to drive, he ‘borrowed’ his parents’ car in the middle of the night and drove from the suburbs into New York City. -- On a recent Mother’s Day, he gave his mother a card that said: ‘I don’t have to give you anything because I know you’ll always love me.’ His mother burst into grateful tears. Whatever you think of that card as a Mother’s Day gift (had I been his mother, I would have been tempted to slap him), the mother-son relationship in The Runaway Bunny describes the dynamic between my friend and his mother pretty well. The book is a map, incomplete of course, of his relationship with his mother for years. -- ... When a child asks for the same book three hundred times, she is telling her parents what she needs to learn, what she needs to come to terms with. Adults do the same thing. Books are psychologists, using imagination therapy to elicit secrets that their readers did not know they kept.'
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Ribbonfarm -- Speak Weirdness to Truth
A puzzle, in roughly the sense described by Sarah in Puzzle Theory, is something of a game you play with yourself within a finite universe of discourse that you get to determine. The rules can be logical and rational or weird and silly, but you get to decide. ...puzzles are things created by puzzle designers. -- Mysteries, on the other hand, are phenomena that emerge from processes that, to the best of our knowledge, aren’t the result of intelligent design. They cause weirdness to leak into our abstractions as a side-effect of their normal unfolding, not by design. We’re not that important. The universe doesn’t owe us puzzles with satisfying solutions. Your god doesn’t live here. -- The universe is not a puzzle, it’s a mystery. -- The difference is this: in a puzzle, you make up rules, or have someone make rules up for you to enjoy. The fun of puzzling is the fun of controlled, bounded play. Finite-game fun. In a mystery, it is unclear whether there are rules, and if so, where they come from, and whether troubleshooting weirdness in order to grok them will generate clear outcomes in finite time. If it is fun at all, it is infinite-game fun. I have my doubts about whether fun is the right word, given that weirdness, with its indeterminate emotional texture, dominates the proceedings. The origin of rules you already grok is just another mystery. -- ... In this universe, there is no such thing as the last meditative insight, the last psychotic break, the completely mapped universe of ideas and feelings, or the perfect Ayahuasca cleanse. It’s bugs and crashes all the way down. Speaking weirdness to truth means accepting that there is always a non-zero probability of crashing terminally into insanity, and deciding that that’s an acceptable cost for generative living. Speaking weirdness to truth means choosing life.'
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Kalzumeus Software -- Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice
'Don’t call yourself a programmer: “Programmer” sounds like “anomalously high-cost peon who types some mumbo-jumbo into some other mumbo-jumbo.” If you call yourself a programmer, someone is already working on a way to get you fired. Instead, describe yourself by what you have accomplished for previously employers vis-a-vis increasing revenues or reducing costs. If you have not had the opportunity to do this yet, describe things which suggest you have the ability to increase revenue or reduce costs, or ideas to do so. -- A good engineer has a track record of — repeat after me — increasing revenue or decreasing costs. -- Businesses do things for irrational and political reasons all the time (see below), but in the main they converge on doing things which increase revenue or reduce costs. Status in well-run businesses generally is awarded to people who successfully take credit for doing one of these things. (That can, but does not necessarily, entail actually doing them.) The person who has decided to bring on one more engineer is not doing it because they love having a geek around the room, they are doing it because adding the geek allows them to complete a project (or projects) which will add revenue or decrease costs. Producing beautiful software is not a goal. Solving complex technical problems is not a goal. Writing bug-free code is not a goal. Using sexy programming languages is not a goal. Add revenue. Reduce costs. Those are your only goals. -- Peter Drucker — you haven’t heard of him, but he is a prophet among people who sign checks — came up with the terms Profit Center and Cost Center. Profit Centers are the part of an organization that bring in the bacon: partners at law firms, sales at enterprise software companies, “masters of the universe” on Wall Street, etc etc. Cost Centers are, well, everybody else. You really want to be attached to Profit Centers because it will bring you higher wages, more respect, and greater opportunities for everything of value to you. It isn’t hard: a bright high schooler, given a paragraph-long description of a business, can usually identify where the Profit Center is. If you want to work there, work for that. If you can’t, either a) work elsewhere or b) engineer your transfer after joining the company. -- Engineers in particular are usually very highly paid Cost Centers, which sets MBA’s optimization antennae to twitching. This is what brings us wonderful ideas like outsourcing, which is “Let’s replace really expensive Cost Centers who do some magic which we kinda need but don’t really care about with less expensive Cost Centers in a lower wage country”. (Quick sidenote: You can absolutely ignore outsourcing as a career threat if you read the rest of this guide.) Nobody ever outsources Profit Centers.'
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What A Programmer Does (PDF)
'A programmer does not primarily write code; rather he primarily writes to another programmer about his problem solution.'
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YouTube -- TEDTalks: Vanessa Ruiz: The spellbinding art of human anatomy
'Vanessa Ruiz takes us on an illustrated journey of human anatomical art over the centuries, sharing captivating images that bring this visual science -- and the contemporary artists inspired by it -- to life. "Anatomical art has the power to reach far beyond the pages of a medical textbook," she says, "connecting our innermost selves with our bodies through art."'
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Michael Hudson -- Celebrating the One Percent: Is Inequality Really Good for the Economy?
'To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone complains about inequality, but nobody does anything about it. -- What they do is to use “inequality” as a takeoff point to project their own views on how to make society more prosperous and at the same time more equal. These views largely depend on whether they view the One Percent as innovative, smart and creative, making wealth by helping the rest of society – or whether, as the great classical economists wrote, the wealthiest layer of the population consist of rentiers, making their income and wealth off the 99 Percent as idle landlords, monopolists and predatory bankers. -- Economic statistics show fairly worldwide trends in inequality. After peaking in the 1920s, the reforms of the Great Depression helped make income distribution more equitable and stable until 1980. Then, in the wake of Thatcherism in Britain and Reaganomics in the United States, inequality really took off. And it took off largely by the financial sector (especially as interest rates retreated from their high of 20 percent in 1980, creating the greatest bond market boom in history). Real estate and industry were financialized, that is, debt leveraged. -- Inequality increased steadily until the global financial crash of 2008. Since then, as bankers and bondholders were saved instead of the economy, the top One Percent have pulled even more sharply ahead of the rest of the economy. Meanwhile, the bottom 25 percent of the economy has seen its net worth and relative income deteriorate. -- Needless to say, the wealthy have their own public relations agents, backed by the usual phalange of academic useful idiots. Indeed, mainstream economics has become a celebration of the wealthy rentier class for a century now, and as inequality is sharply widening today, celebrators of the One Percent have found a pressing need for their services. -- ...Deaton did cite “rent seekers” – but in the sense that his predecessor Nobel prizewinner Buchanan did, locating rent seeking within government, not real estate, monopolies such as pharmaceuticals and information technology, health insurance, cable companies and high finance. So any blame for poverty falls on either the government or on the debtors, renters, unemployed and not-wellborn – the main victims of today’s rentier economy. -- ...An even more blatant denial of rent-seeking is a new book by one of the founders of Bain Capital (Mitt Romney’s firm), Edward Conard, The Upside of Inequality attacking the “demagogues” and “propagandists” who claim that the winnings of the One Percent are largely unearned. Curiously, he does not include Adam Smith, David Ricardo or John Stuart Mill as such “propagandists.” Yet that is what classical free market economics was all about: freeing economies from the unearned rental income and rising land prices that landlords make “in their sleep,” as John Stuart Mill put it. This propaganda book thus misrepresents the program that the major founders of economics urged: public ownership or collection of land rent, natural resource rent, and pubic operation of natural monopolies, headed by the financial sector. -- For Conard, the reason for the soaring wealth of the One Percent is not financial, real estate or other monopolistic rent seeking, but the wonders of the information economy. It is Josef Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” of less productive technology, by hard working and dedicated innovators whose creativity raises the level of everyone. So the wealth of the One Percent is a measure of society’s forward march, not a predatory overhead extracted from the economy at large.'
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Books & ideas -- Elinor Ostrom: Fighting the Tragedy of the Commons
'PROPERTY RIGHTS: Both Ronald Coase and Elinor Ostrom were concerned with the manner in which property rights affect the allocation of resources. To illustrate the differences in their approaches, consider the following simple example. An author who values peace and quiet lives in an apartment building. His neighbors are a group of young college students who enjoy parties with loud music. They own the rights to their apartment and the author owns the rights to his. But neither has a property right over the amount of noise that flows between the apartments. The level of tranquility that these two apartments share is a common good. In this situation, it is quite possible that the level of noise will reach levels that are inefficient, in the sense that a reduction in noise will benefit the author to a far greater degree than it will inconvenience the students. But how could such a reduction be brought about? -- For Coase, the problem arose because of poorly defined property rights over the level of noise. If the judicial system were to clearly assign the right to one or other party, then efficient allocation would arise through negotiation. If the author had the right to choose the level of noise, the students would pay for permission to party, to the extent that their gains from doing so exceeded the costs imposed on the author. If the students had the right, the author would pay them to lower the noise level, to the extent that their losses from doing so were less than his gains. Coase pointed out that as far as resource allocation was concerned, it did not matter who was given the property right in such situations, provided that it was clearly defined and the costs of making transactions was negligible. This has come to be called the Coase Theorem. -- Ostrom’s approach to such situations was quite different. She understood that in many environments the external imposition of usage rights was infeasible or undesirable. Yet, individuals with access to shared resources could reach tolerably efficient allocations through social norms backed by the implicit threat of decentralized sanctions. They could develop formal rules or rely on informal ones, thus engaging in what she called self-governance. The author and the students, for instance, could reach an agreement that was acceptable to both parties, guided by shared norms, and enforced by the possibility that other neighbors would punish violations. Attempts by an external authority to interfere with this process could result in a breakdown of local rules and norms, with counter-productive effects [1]. -- The conventional wisdom at the time was that such informal collective ownership of resources would lead to disaster. In an influential paper published in 1968, the American ecologist Garret Hardin argued that when multiple users had access to the same valuable resource, the result would be a “tragedy of the commons” to which no technological solution could be found. Using the example of grazing lands to illustrate, Hardin argued that each herder would keep adding cattle to his stock as long as it remained privately profitable, neglecting the costs of this activity on others sharing the commons. The consequence would be depletion and eventual destruction of the pasture. Only through division of the land into private lots, or regulation by the state could the tragedy be averted. -- It is in large measure through the painstaking research of Elinor Ostrom that this is no longer a consensus view.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Sweden Is Burning, Still
'...The migrant crisis seemed like a good way to try and subjugate Europeans using a proxy army of Muslim migrants who were designed to subjugate, and then be subjugated by the elites. But all I think it will do is inspire the K-strategy everywhere migrants land, imbue the locals with utter hatred and contempt for the Eurocrat elites, and prepare the Europeans to seize power from their elites when the Apocalypse finally hits. -- When the time comes, and Europeans are tempted to stand up to the elites and fight over the destruction they have caused, that decision will be made much easier if they have already made it before, in deciding to fight off the Muslim mobs. It is looking like they will have much experience playing that game, by the time the Apocalypse hits. -- This migrant surge really seems like a miscalculation all around by the elites.'
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21 hours ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Democrats Import People To Kill Us, Then Demand We Disarm
'It is a clever little scheme: "It’s impossible to talk about protecting the homeland from terrorists without addressing gun control laws, one New York Democrat said on Wednesday. -- During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing titled “Stopping the next attack: How to keep our city streets from becoming the battleground,” Rep. Brian Higgins said American streets already are a battleground where people are 3,000 times more likely to be killed by an American with a gun than by a terrorist. -- “You can’t with any credibility hold a hearing with the topic ‘stopping the next attack, how to keep our cities from becoming battlegrounds,’ without fundamentally addressing what most people on this panel agree with and that is very commonsensical gun safety measures,” Higgins said.' -- r-strategists are designed to get K-strategists killed. It is their ultimate goal as K-selection approaches, to thin the herd, and free up loose resources so r-selection can go on. -- Today we see them import Muslim terrorists, try to disarm Americans, and then hogtie Law Enforcement by demanding there never be any profiling.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Right-Wing, Anti-Immigrant Splintering Accelerates Throughout Europe And The World
'...Already the fires are beginning to burn. All that is left is for the gasoline of r/K Selection Theory to be thrown on these flames, driving the wolves to out-group the rabbits, and see them as not just mistaken, but evil. Then, add a little economic Apocalypse, and you will see a massively different world. -- Resource availability and r/K Selection Theory are the drivers of everything you see around you, and nowhere in history will that be made more clear than now, as resources contract and we see the effects.'
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: Crosstalk: The Media's Syria
'Conflicting narratives and competing agendas – this is the tragedy of the Syrian conflict. Western media coverage is focused on forcing political outcomes. In the process, the truth is often overlooked and even denied. Another casualty of war.'
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Paul Craig Roberts -- Finally The Russians Have Caught On That Negotiation With Washington Is Pointless
'If the dumbshit Western peoples and the corrupt EU, UK, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian political puppets don’t wake up ASAP, war will be upon us, a war that cannot be won. -- The criminal neoconservatives must immediately be removed from power in Washington before the insane fools start World War 3. The CIA and the Pentagon must be put under tight constraints. And Donald Trump needs a massive trustworthy security guard. The European governments need to immediately disband the NATO alliance. Life on the planet is at stake. -- No more provocations from Washington. Period. The insanity must stop. Now. http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/09/lavrov-makes-history-ceasefires-were.html -- 'Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov made history today at the UN's meeting of the Security Council, declaring that future unilateral pauses couched as 'ceasefire agreements' are off the table. He has skillfully referred to the mounting factual evidence of the US's continued flagrant violations on any number of points of agreement over the course of this conflict. -- These include primarily the violations of the ceasefire itself, in conjunction with officially leaked elements of the 'secret text' of the recent ceasefire which evidence that the US has been unable to reign in a number of groups signing onto previous ceasefires, let alone those groups the US claims to be moderates but did not sign onto the ceasefire, both of which continue to work closely with either ISIS or Jabat Al-Nusra. Russia has no doubt pointed out successfully that several of these groups are fictional entities, and are but operational synonyms of Al-Nusra (formerly called Al-Qaeda of the Levant), itself. -- The impossible to ignore context here naturally is the ceasefire ending US joint attack alongside ISIS upon the Syrian Arab Army position at Deir ez-Zor which was sustained and lasted over an hour, despite calls from the Russian coordinating hotline which existed pursuant to standing agreements on deconfliction. -- The other defining circumstances included the response of the US State Department at the emergency session of the UN Security Council a few nights ago, in particular the behaviour and callously undiplomatic remarks of representative Power, and the US's following attempts to blame Russia for the attack on the Red Crescent aid convoy several days later, which increasingly appears as the result of either Al-Nusra militants on the ground or a US predator drone attack using an incendiary device. -- Analysts and activists have long debated the utility of the ceasefire agreements. It had been noted, at times passionately, that the ceasefires were observed unilaterally by Russia and had the effect of allowing the US backed terrorist groups, whether organized under the 'moderate' banner or not, to rearm and regroup. Aid convoys had long been used as a backdoor to smuggle in needed dual-use basic supplies for repairing weapons, such as nuts, bolts, wiring - and even munitions and new weapons. It had long been documented that first aid and medicines intended for affected civilian populations generally wound up used by terrorist fighting groups inside of occupied parts of Aleppo. -- Now this chapter comes to end, and it is revealed that Russia understood clearly all along that this was precisely the case. What was needed was a pretext, a consensus building show-and-tell to the Security Council which provides Russia and its allies on the Security Council and in the international community that 'we tried Ceasefires - and this is what happened.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Obama Produces A Breakdown In The Chain Of Command
'The best in the military are beginning to question whether they have to carry out treasonous orders: “Nobody believes in it. You’re like, ‘**** this,’” a former Green Beret says of America’s covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian militias. “Everyone on the ground knows they are jihadis. No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort, and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘**** it, who cares?’” “I don’t want to be responsible for Nusra guys saying they were trained by Americans,” the Green Beret added. A second Special Forces soldier commented that one Syrian militia they had trained recently crossed the border from Jordan on what had been pitched as a large-scale shaping operation that would change the course of the war. Watching the battle on a monitor while a drone flew overhead, “We literally watched them, with 30 guys in their force, run away from three or four ISIS guys.” -- Pretty astonishing. Wolves, led by a rabbit, openly telling his machinery to go fuck itself. Liberals would be wise to consider this when thinking they will turn the government’s war fighters on conservative Americans. K-strategists loathe r-strategist liberals. Personally I feel vastly more kinship with Vladimir Putin than I do the Cuckservatives who are so bent on acquiescing to every demand of the leftist establishment. Putin will always choose Russians over non-Russians. Even if he is an opponent, he is still a patriot. -- I don’t blame the Special Forces guys for making that call. Anyone with intelligence can see Obama is trying to train up enemies of America who will one day kill American servicemen, probably just so the elites in some cabal can get their hands on Assad’s oil, or build a pipeline across his land. Or create the chaos needed to flood Islamic migrants out into Western Civilization. -- As the decline continues, and the elites begin to serve their interests more than those of America, these choices will come faster and faster – to serve the mechanism of America, or serve the ideals. -- It is yet one more painful series of choices which a fortuitously timed collapse may save us all from.'
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2 days ago
YouTube -- Keiser Report: Hippies vs Hipsters (E970)
'Max and Stacy warn hipsters, “Don’t let the hippie man keep you down.” As the intergenerational baton is passed to a bigger voting bloc called ‘Millennial’, they look at the economic consequences to all the Ponzi and pyramid schemes which worked well for the Boomers.'
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2 days ago
The Intercept -- WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer) by Glenn Greenwald
'...Whatever else may be true, one’s loyalty to U.S. government officials has to be slavish in the extreme in order to consider oneself a journalist while simultaneously advocating the criminalization of transparency, leaks, sources, and public debates. But that’s not new: There has long been in the U.S. a large group that ought to call itself U.S. Journalists Against Transparency: journalists whose loyalty lies far more with the U.S. government than with the ostensible objectives of their own profession, and thus routinely take the side of those keeping official secrets rather than those who reveal them, even to the point of wanting to see sources imprisoned. -- But what makes today’s Washington Post editorial so remarkable, such a tour de force, is that the editors are literally calling for the criminal prosecution of one of the most important sources in their own newspaper’s history. Having basked in the glory of awards and accolades, and benefited from untold millions of clicks, the editorial page editors of the Post now want to see the source who enabled all of that be put in an American cage and branded a felon. That is warped beyond anything that can be described.' -- "I mean you know what I'm sayin', you can do some shit and be like what the fuck but hey, jus', never on no Sunday, man." https://youtu.be/MB4m-eO8XLg "I mean no shame them niggas, y'feel me?!" https://youtu.be/NzvfWEXU-tc
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3 days ago
Breitbart -- FULL TEXT: 'How To Destroy The Alt Right' By MILO
'...The Left has demonized and censored people who speak about taboo issues respectfully and seriously. NYU didn’t let James Watson speak last week and say what you want about Jared Taylor, he’s certainly has a respectful and serious tone. So if you’re going to get ostracized for having un-PC views no matter how you present them, why not be an asshole about it? -- To stop the mayhem, the establishment needs to do one very simple thing: stop punishing people for jokes. Stop punishing people for ideas. And stop other people from doing so as well. The bigger of a taboo you make something, the more attractive it is for young pranksters. -- I’m going to read out a quote from early alt-right intellectual, the Jewish entrepreneur and writer Curtis Yarvin: “If you spend 75 years building a pseudo-religion around anything – an ethnic group, a plaster saint, sexual chastity or the Flying Spaghetti Monster – don’t be surprised when clever 19-year-olds discover that insulting it is now the funniest fucking thing in the world. Because it is” -- The establishment has done exactly that. They’ve built a religion around left-wing identity politics, complete with blasphemous words and excommunication. And, surprise surprise, shattering those quasi-religious taboos has become hilarious for a huge section of the youth. -- ... Leftists will insist that racism underpins national pride, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most members of the alt-right, even the serious ones, will agree that they want everyone to have national pride, not just western countries. -- And they’re right — the instinct for belonging, for a sense of common identity, is universal. The global elite’s foolish quest to suppress this instinct is one of the reasons why the alt right, as well as the populist nationalist right, have gained so much ground so quickly. -- Millennials have grasped an issue that the globalists have been ignoring for a long time: that immigrants should come to America from hellholes to better their family, not to turn America into the hellholes they fled from. -- If there’s one thing that fuels anti-establishment sensibilities of all kinds, it’s the idea that the truth is being suppressed. -- Sometimes the alt-right gets accused of flirting with conspiracy theories. Sometimes they do, mostly with a nod and a wink. But other times they are right to be suspicious. -- Straight white men have been lied to and lied about in this country for decades, whether it’s the wage gap myth or the hysterical witch hunts and kangaroo courts on campuses that police sexual misunderstandings between horny teenagers. -- The politically correct establishment suppresses the facts. -- Just look at the way the media behaves after a terrorist attack. Witness the desperation with which they avoid mentioning the name and backgrounds of the attackers, who are nearly universally Islamic. That’s if they can be bothered to interrupt an Obama speech to cover terrorist attacks in the first place. -- America just suffered three terror attacks in 12 hours this weekend. Hillary couldn’t decide if it was a bombing, Bill de Blasio wouldn’t call it terrorism, and no one other than right-wingers were willing to label it “Islam.” Once again, everyone but the right look ridiculous. -- Meanwhile, these are the same people who call white men racists and rapists without any evidence. -- The people who are triggered by Pepe continually deny the reality of Islam. In their warped reality, Islamic terror is not necessarily bigotry, but animal memes are. -- And, of course there are those truths that are increasingly impossible to ignore. Like the fact that all cultures are not equal. Some are homophobic, anti-semitic. Some, as the German city of Cologne and the English town of Rotherham tragically found out, are rape cultures. And unlike college fraternities, it’s actually real this time. -- I am of course referring to the fact of Muslim culture, which as it stands today is utterly incompatible with western liberal values. It amazes me that so many otherwise-sound libertarians and conservatives fail to grasp this simple fact, or brand it racist. -- If you want to preserve capitalism, it’s probably unwise to let a million hardline bolsheviks into your communities. -- Likewise, if you want to preserve what the Left claims are the best things about western culture — tolerance, women’s rights, gay rights, religious freedom — it’s time to close the door on Muslim immigration. There is no gray area. -- Everyone’s heard the old cliche: when you attempt to suppress something, you drive it underground. Well it’s true. But it’s even worse when you drive talented, skilled people underground. Because then they find each other. And they start building a rebel army. Everyone fired from their jobs, or suspended from their university, or kicked off social media becomes another soldier in their ranks. The alt-right is a cultural rebel army. -- You’ve all heard of the overton window — the range of acceptable ideas, words, and thoughts in society. It’s the window that leftists try to narrow, and cultural libertarians try to expand. I posit that there is a second window — the underton window, shall we say, constituting the range of unacceptable ideas, words, and thoughts on society. As the overton window narrows, the underton window broadens. And when the underton window gets bigger than the overton window — well, it’s time for polite society to panic. Because when that happens, polite society starts to get outnumbered. They’re outnumbered now. -- The good news is, the alt-right in its broadest definition isn’t in fact to any degree traditional white nationalists. Those guys are in there, along with intellectuals naturally drawn to taboo subjects, but the American Renaissance types, the Richard Spencers of the world, consider much of the alt-right as it exists today to be “unserious”. -- A huge proportion of the alt-right today are Millennials, ranging from teenagers up to the younger members of Generation X. Primarily white, but also consisting of increasing numbers of minorities. Jews fed up with the pro-Islam attitudes of elites. Asians who are now being penalized by affirmative action. Black groups like the Hoteps, fed up with Black Lives Matter. -- These aren’t white nationalists — they’re drawn to the alt-right because of the hypocrisies of identity politics, and by the joy breaking the rigid taboos of the establishment.'
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3 days ago
Breitbart -- Germany: Nearly 40 Per Cent of Under Fives Now 'Migrant Background'
'Following the release of figures which reveal almost four in ten children under five have foreign roots, Michael Paulwitz says the demographic change will be the death of Germany’s welfare state. -- The journalist and historian predicts that “hard struggles” over resources will take place when ethnic Germans are a minority, and that native Germans “will inevitably lose out”. -- Mr Paulwitz’ article follows the release on Friday of official figures from the Federal Statistics Office. While they show 21 per cent of the total population currently have a migrant background he notes that such people are disproportionately represented in the younger age cohorts. -- One in three people aged under 18 who are resident in Germany have foreign roots, and the number jumps to 36 per cent among people under five. -- This, he ominously points out, “allows one to appreciate where [Germany] is headed”. Mr Paulwitz points to the demographics of Berlin, where people with a migration background comprise 30 per cent of residents. -- ... The historian writes that “one does not need much imagination to imagine how profoundly the population picture will change within the next two decades”. -- He calls attention to the fact that in this timeframe many current pensioners will die and that the, mainly German lineage, cohort of 45 to 65 year olds — those “at the peak of their working lives” with regards to paying taxes — will have withdrawn from the workforce. -- The demographic statistics for this year also show that people with foreign roots are twice as likely to be unemployed than Germans and are significantly more likely to have been educated to only a lower secondary school level, or have no education background at all. -- Mr Paulwitz writes: “The social and redistributive state as we know it will no longer be affordable at its present level when the population is no longer dominated by ethnic Germans, and is a multicultural population mix.” ... He contends that these demographic trends can only increase as, “through family reunification, this number [1.6 million] is expected to at least double if not multiply”. -- Furthermore he observes there is an “inexhaustible supply” of Arabs and Africans who want to move to Germany. The historian typifies them as “second, third and fourth sons” of families, who are “demanding” but “lack the education or drive to create their own wealth”. -- Taking all of this into account, Mr Paulwitz diagnoses a grim future for Germany and its native population. He forecasts “hard struggles over resources will be the result” and contends that ethnic Germans are “pacified” and “ageing”. -- Considering the huge number of people with foreign roots already present, their far higher fertility rate and no sign of an end to the country’s policy of importing hundreds of thousands of migrants a year, Mr Paulwitz says indigenous Germans “will inevitably lose out”. He also foresees that “the sexual assaults, a result of the surplus men imported, will increase”.'
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3 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- AfD’s Frauke Petry Ridicules Merkel’s Low r-strategist Rearing Urge
'K’s are driven to rear, r’s not so much: "“I have four children, Merkel has none,” said Petry in an interview with stern. “Kids help you see beyond your own periphery. And that’s what Merkel doesn’t do…” ..." -- People know these things are connected. The aging hippies with no kids, the moderate-sized conservative family. The embrace of massive numbers of immigrants, the desire to limit immigration – they all fit predetermined models in our mind, and make sense. Petry sees Merkel’s behavior, and recognizes some tie to not understanding the desire to protect one’s own family and give them every opportunity to win in competition. What she needs is simply to grasp the five fundamental behavioral elements of r/K Selection Theory. -- If there were no birth control, liberals would exhibit the perfect r-selected rabbit reproductive strategy, and together, the promiscuity, mixed with the lack of a desire to rear would produce lots of kids, kicked out at the earliest possible opportunity, so more mating could produce more kids. In the natural environment it evolved in, it worked perfect. It was only the way birth control and abortion allowed the sex drive free reign, with zero need to invest in parenting that it ran into trouble. Not surprisingly, the left in Germany supports abortion, while Petry’s party doesn’t even understand why these people want to kill the babies they should want to rear. -- r/K will eventually go global, because everywhere I look, everybody is already at the edge of discovering it themselves. All they need is to see the spark, and it will burn across the political landscape like wildfire.'
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3 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- China’s Real Estate Market Likened To Tulip Fever
'There are so many cracks in the foundation, it is impossible to guess where the collapse will begin: "Housing in major cities in China has seen price hikes over the last year that resemble the famous Dutch “Tulip Fever” bubble of 1637, according to new research by economic consultancy firm Longview Economics. -- “I think what’s going on in China is troubling … some of the valuations there are really quite extraordinary,” Chris Watling, the CEO of Longview Economics, told CNBC Thursday. “We’ve double checked these numbers about seven times, because I found them quite hard to believe.” -- “Housing in some of the tier 1 cities is more expensive than it is in London, which I think itself is on a bubble, Watling added. “The (stock) market exploded to the upside and then crashed dramatically. That money had to go somewhere, so it washed around the system … so a lot of it has gone into housing.” The analysis suggests that the typical home in Shenzhen costs approximately $800,000. Watling said that the house-income ratio in Shenzhen is now running at 70 times, compared to around 16 times in somewhere like London."'
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3 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Venezuelans Eating Garbage
'A real case study in what awaits us all in the next decade or two: "A new study finds Venezuela on the brink of famine, with an alarming fifteen percent of citizens saying they can only feed themselves with “food waste discarded by commercial establishments,” while nearly half say they have had to take time off work to search for food..." -- Dead animals, garbage, and strange foods that would normally be ignored, are all suddenly on the menu, because the idiots of the political left couldn’t understand that this is the predictable result of implementing hardcore leftism. -- Notice how the deterioration in the quality of food will mix with the diminished immunity produced by stress and malnutrition. Initially, people will begin getting sick. The pathogens they pick up from the disgusting food they are eating will spread from one to another and will grow stronger with each subsequent infectee. -- Bacteria aren’t that bad – so long as antibiotics are freely available, but the viruses you will see come out of the dead animals scavenged in third world areas could be problematic. -- Nevertheless, with reduced disgust, and inability to respond appropriately to threat, expect the pandemic Apocalypse to clean out the liberals in our populations – and it will not be accidental. -- r-strategist Liberals are the grasshoppers of the human race. They are made to bloom in the glut and ease. When the hardship comes, their bodies will litter the streets like leaves as humanity enters the winter of its existence.'
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3 days ago
Reuters -- Russia says U.S. drone was in area where U.N. convoy was struck in Syria
'MOSCOW, Sept 21 (Reuters) - The Russian Defence Ministry said on Wednesday that a U.S. Predator drone was in the area where a U.N. aid convoy was partially destroyed in Syria on Monday and had appeared on the scene minutes before the incident. -- Repeating denials of Russian involvement in the episode, Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the ministry, said Western allegations that Moscow was responsible were an attempt to distract attention from the U.S.-led coalition's bombing of Syrian soldiers near Deir al-Zor airport on Saturday.'
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3 days ago
GrrrGraphics / Ben Garrison -- Johnny Allah Seed
'Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. There’s plenty of evidence to support that statement. He stepfather was a Muslim in Indonesia, where young Barry received his Islamic religious training. He once said that the sweetest sound he knew was the Muslim call to prayer. He can speak Arabic without an accent. He’s never missed a chance to promote Islam to the American people. In once instance he claimed “Islam has always been part of America.” He probably said that because Thomas Jefferson owned a Koran. Jefferson obtained the book so that he could better understand the behavior of Muslims in order to defeat the Barbary pirates. Obama failed to mention that fact. -- Obama loves Islam so much that he can’t bear to say ‘radical Islam.’ He’s planted the seeds of future terrorism by promoting an open border policy that has allowed ISIS to gain a strong foothold in America. The Excuse Maker in Chief even made a speech in which he claimed he’d never say the words ‘radical Islam.’ His head is firmly planted in the Saudi sand. -- If Hillary is elected she’ll continue Obama’s policies. She wants to bring in even more Muslim refugees. She greatly admires Merkel and wants to follow in her footsteps. Why are these so-called ‘leaders’ doing this? Because they think it will be easier to usher in their globalism if they can first break down western civilization. Violence and fragmentation inevitably results when countries are flooded with too much diversity too quickly. When people are preoccupied with conflict while also trying to make a living, it’s more difficult for them to unite against the tyranny being inflicted upon them. -- Most of these ‘refugees,’ like most Muslims living in America right now, want Sharia Law–not our Constitution. That suits Hillary just fine. She doesn’t follow the Constitution anyway. Besides, she’s accepted $25 million from the Saudis and will support their interests. She doesn’t seem to care about the mistreatment of gays and women there, yet Hillary the liar and hypocrite still claims to be a supporter of women’s issues. Her friend and operative Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim brotherhood and terrorism, yet there are rumors Hillary will make Huma the new Secretary of State. -- Obama and Hillary share the same Islamic vision for America. It’s time to show both of these traitorous, lying frauds the door. -- These two Alinsky-ites have done their best to destroy America and replace it with world government. They need to be swept into the dustbin of history. It’s time to arrest Hillary for her crimes. Hearing a judge pronouncing her ‘guilty!’ would truly be among the sweetest sounds.'
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3 days ago
The Intellectual Yet Idiot by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
'What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for. -- ... The IYI pathologizes others for doing things he doesn’t understand without ever realizing it is his understanding that may be limited. He thinks people should act according to their best interests and he knows their interests, particularly if they are “red necks” or English non-crisp-vowel class who voted for Brexit. When plebeians do something that makes sense to them, but not to him, the IYI uses the term “uneducated”. What we generally call participation in the political process, he calls by two distinct designations: “democracy” when it fits the IYI, and “populism” when the plebeians dare voting in a way that contradicts his preferences. While rich people believe in one tax dollar one vote, more humanistic ones in one man one vote, Monsanto in one lobbyist one vote, the IYI believes in one Ivy League degree one-vote, with some equivalence for foreign elite schools and PhDs as these are needed in the club.'
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4 days ago
JudgyBitch -- #WhiteGenocide is not a thing
'...The most intelligent, progressive, accomplished and evolved societies the planet has ever produced are refusing to have children. We are dying. Not from genocide. From suicide. It’s tempting to lay the blame for that at women’s feet, but men are accountable here, too. Feminism was the ideology that laid the framework for this mass suicide to happen, for certain. A group of bitter, angry, high testosterone women decided to convince other women that a life filled with children and caretaking and homemaking responsibilities was slavery. They sold naïve women on the myth that labor market participation would be so much more fulfilling. -- What do women do in the labor market? They cook, clean, organize, serve, and care for the sick, elderly and young. -- They’re housewives, only now they do it for money, for strangers, while their own families suffer. -- It’s madness. -- And women have never been more miserable, but instead of returning en masse to marriage and the home, women are doubling down, refusing to have children and miring themselves deeper in misery. The happiest women in the world are the Dutch, who do not work or only work part time. The most fulfilled women in the world are conservative women with four or more children. No occupation can match satisfaction rates like being a wife and mother to many children. -- Men have allowed this to happen. By attempting appease the irrational and utterly contradictory demands of women, men have aided and abetted suicide. Given the freedom to make choices that will deliver maximum happiness, women make precisely the choices that make them miserable. -- ... The massive movement of migrants into Europe is happening because the native population is in dramatic decline and big money still needs slaves. If the native population isn’t going to produce the consumers and producers global business interests demand, then the globalists will import much more fertile citizens. Which is precisely what is happening. Calling it #WhiteGenocide is deeply disingenuous, though, and cowardly. -- White women are refusing to have children. White men are allowing this to happen. What are the solutions? We could go full on Handmaid’s Tale, and Germany just might do that. Or we could begin with some sensible restrictions on abortion, incentivize the most intelligent and educated citizens to have children and lots of them, and restore the legitimacy of being a wife and mother. I’m open to suggestions.'
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4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- More Venezuelan K-selection
'...Notice how they quote mothers and the pictures have females in them, but nowhere do you see fathers. If there is a major depression, and then the US government begins to break up at the same time, you will see this in the inner cities among the welfare moms who have ten kids by nine different fathers. As we see it unfold, it appears simple child starvation is even more of a selective pressure culling single mom’ing, than the lack of a protective father figure. -- I didn’t like animals starving. When I was a kid, a deer starved outside the front porch one winter. I found the body, and it was incredibly sad to me. He had apparently snuggled up against the foundation of the house, to try and get a little warmth, before he let go. I thought about him a lot that weekend, and wished I had been able to grab him up, drag him inside, and get some carrots or something in him. -- I briefly thought about putting out deer food, but deep down I realized you could never stop the starvation. If you put out 100lbs of deer food each week, deer would learn to come to your house, and soon there would be thousands, and they’d begin starving in larger numbers. Put out 1000lbs each week, and soon you’d have tens of thousands, and so on. Even if you stayed ahead of them with food, sooner or later you would see disease rip through the dense population, and kill almost all of them. -- I realized a fundamental point. In being kind, one deer passing in the night could have turned into tens of thousands, all due to interventions designed to help. Mother nature will not be denied her due, and if you try, she will return and take interest on her debt. -- Venezuela tried to deny mother nature. They had resources, they had investment, they had infrastructure, and they had to try and eradicate that last little bit of unhappiness, by guaranteeing everyone perfect happiness and complete wealth. Now mother nature has returned, and she will make what would have happened had Venezuela stayed capitalistic look like paradise, which in this world, it really was. -- You can balance K-selection. Nobody has to die. But if you insist on trying to completely thwart mother nature by pushing things completely r-selected, you will end up with complete K-selection, and people will die. It would be nice if leftists could only realize this before people began dying.'
rkselectiontheory  venezuela  socialism  welfare  collapse 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Random Jihad Syndrome In Bavaria – Knife In Back From Bicylist
'This is a new one: "Aschaffenburg: “Southern-looking” bicycle rider thrusts knife into back of pedestrian” -- Friday morning around 8:30 a 33-year-old pedestrian had a knife thrust into his back by a passing bicyclist. The victim was able to call the police himself, saying he felt something like a heavy blow to his back, and that he was in a lot of pain. At the scene, the ambulance people realized that there was a knife stuck in the man’s back...' -- If you can’t bring Europe to the Mideast, bring the Mideast to Europe. I’ll bet the girl’s bicycle was even stolen from some little girl somewhere. -- Talk about a wake-up call. You’re walking along, a bicyclist passes by and “Wham!” You have a K-Bar sticking out of your back, and the bicyclist is off and away, never to be seen again. -- When the Apocalypse hits, and this becomes more common, the rabbits will realize why nations traditionally had borders, and only allowed individuals of like disposition to reside within them. This is why the third world remains the third world when technology and foreign aid is so ubiquitous. Statistically, there are jus too many imbecilic savages which crop up within their populations. -- The only question will be, after the cleansing, will the populace realize why the punishment for treason by countrymen was traditionally death.'
rkselectiontheory  conquest  europe 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Non-Binary Gender Boy On BBC
'...Notice, there are downsides to each gender that could be seen as negative. Women lack the force and power to physically subdue enemies, meaning they have to adapt to a certain level of powerlessness. Men are expected to be self-reliant, meaning they must endure a certain amount of threat and hardship as they traverse life. -- ... My own belief is that characters like Bruce Jenner derive a relaxation of anxiety by slipping into the role of a woman who is beyond conflict, because she is a woman. When he adopts that role, a small conflict detecting section of his brain shuts off, and he feels relaxed and safe. As a man, he feels a need to be defensive, and that is what is freaking him out. -- In his head he thinks he feels better as a woman because he was meant to be a woman, but it is really just tripping some neural circuits that shut off the little part of the brain that produces cognitive discomfort. That may be why so many transgenders who go the full surgical route are ultimately disappointed – their problems had nothing to do with gender. They were simply hacking perceptions of conflict, or some other amygdala-stimulant, inside the amygdala. Having done that by playing female, they had gotten as much relief as they could, so the additional step of surgery just created more amygdala angst about something else. -- There is probably an additional element of the reversal of sexual dimorphism and sex-specific behaviors that is inherent to the switch between r and K-selection, but I would view it mostly through the prism of amygdala for simplicity. These things wouldn’t happen if you had grown up fending off Hordes and seeing friends killed in battle. -- Humans were made to be molded by stress, hardship and violence, in a world where you fought to survive. Once all of that was removed from the environment, brains began to malform, and the varieties of misery, unhappiness, and insanity that resulted know no bounds.'
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  psychology  men  women 
4 days ago
Breitbart -- 80 Per Cent Of Swedish Police Consider Quitting Due To Danger
'The criminal situation in Sweden may be heading for an even worse turn as a new report has shown that the vast majority of the Swedish police force is so unhappy they are looking into other careers. Sweden has been rocked by increasing levels of criminality from sex attacks at music festivals, hand grenade attacks and violence toward the police in areas populated mostly by migrants. -- The report states that up to three Swedish police quit every day as they feel the government isn’t giving them the tools to tackle the epidemic of criminality Norwegian broadcaster NRK reports. ... -- Swedish police have accounted for a total of 14 no-go areas in which they rarely venture outside of their heavily fortified police stations for fear of being attacked by locals. -- The Swedish government has claimed that using the word “crisis” is a step too far and have promised more funding to recruit more officers. Sergeant Larsson isn’t convinced the government, who have a dubious history of trying cover up migrant crime, is really trying to tackle the root of the problem warning, “If they choose not to make a real commitment now, it’s going to end in disaster.”'
europe  sweden  conquest 
4 days ago
Spiked -- Trashing the white trash: Hillary and the new bigotry
'When Clinton and others hurl words like ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’, it is an attempt to shame others into silence. Maybe they won’t change people’s minds – certainly throwing out these accusations is a form of denunciation, not an opening to debate – but they hope to drive opposing views out of the public realm, as people fear the consequences of publicly disagreeing. This seemed to be an effective strategy in the case of sex-same marriage, where opponents were effectively labelled as bigots. -- When it comes to Trump, it appears that the Clinton approach is to hope to make people embarrassed to appear to side with him, to fear being branded ‘deplorable’. In that regard, it is interesting to see how many have proudly embraced the ‘deplorable’ label. Go online and you can buy a range of merchandise: ‘T-shirts, key chains, car decals, buttons, pendants, coffee mugs and even a deplorable pocket watch.’ Outside a Trump rally, a supporter holds up a sign saying ‘Deplorable Lives Matter’.'
politics  shamingtactics  blowback 
4 days ago
YouTube -- Milo Yiannopoulos: Milo to Protestor: "Fuck Your Feelings"
'Immediately after explaining how authoritarians hate humor, an authoritarian throws a fit about my humor. Triggering can happen at any age!'
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- France Dictates Where Migrants Land
'...It is a shame. That town had a nice little castle to attract tourists, make holidays fun, and bring in cash to the community. That castle will be destroyed by the time they get rid of those migrants. -- Notice, if you are rolling in cash and sitting in your hot tub in your massive yacht, with a bevy of bikini’d babes soaking around you and some fine liquor, when you get this news, you might just shrug. That is r-selection. -- If there is no food, your family is starving, you are about to be evicted, and you just lost some loved ones to violence by Muslim scumbags who were trying to rob them, it would be relieving to gather the mob, light the torches, and storm the government offices that issued the edict, to deal with this shit once and for all. -- One mindset can’t see the future, and only measures instant effects, which are neglible. The other mindset is so haunted by the future consequences, that until action is taken to stop future adversity, the people’s amygdalae can’t get a moment’s rest. -- Once you get to that point, all amygdala is off, and it is not at all unlikely somebody is getting killed, and those government offices are getting doused in kerosene on your way out and set aflame. -- More and more I am thinking that populations are always mostly K in preferences. What determines if they go liberal or conservative is how much the K’s care, and it is that which is driven by amygdala. I am pretty sure if Trump supporters became violent like jihadists, the rest of the nation would give them the special considerations commonly afforded Muslims. They are only hated for their reasonableness in times of r. -- Obviously governments today are working very hard to create conditions under which everyone is going to care very strongly.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  migration  backlash  vigilantism 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- AfD Leader Frauke Petry’s Care Set On Fire
'...leftists (and Cuckservatives) are importing hostile foreigners as a proxy force to subdue the K-strategists within their nations, whom they are programmed to view as their real enemy. In Germany, the left does nothing about Islamic migrants who hate gays, rape women, or engage in all manner of crime. But they are launching attacks on their real enemy. -- Frauke Petry, has now see her car set alight – a typical form of leftist attack that eschews direct confrontation, and tries to score an easy win without any risk or danger. Even when acting out against an enemy in conflict, r-strategists look for the free resources. -- The mistake the left makes is that these are K-stimuli. If I look out the window and see my neighbor’s car alight, my amygdala comes online. I begin to look for threat, and focus on it when I see it. I begin to become more K. -- Even as the left tries to hold back the tide of K, they actually speed its approach. You cannot fight r or K. When they come, they come. -- And have no doubt, K is coming.'
rkselectiontheory  europe  germany 
6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Trump Unleashes Another Amygdala Dogwhistle
'..."‘I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm, right?’ he asked his baying crowd of supporters at a rally in Miami. -- He went on: ‘Take their guns away, she doesn’t want guns. Let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away. Okay, it would be very dangerous.’" -- I see the logical argument and think, “Yeah, Hillary really is a hypocrite.” Extrapolating how my K-brain would think in Hillary’s position, I would imagine myself seeing the same logic and thinking, “How dare he highlight my hypocrisy!” -- But that is not what a liberal brain takes from the comment. A liberal brain’s amygdala scans that statement for imagery, and what it sees flash through it is Hillary, her security disarmed, being set upon by armed militia members who throw her to the ground, kick her in the stomach, punch her teeth out, and then put an AR-15 muzzle to her head and pull the trigger, blasting blood and brain matter all over the ground under her as her body falls limp and lifeless. -- Suddenly, the liberal only see’s Donald’s statement as dangerous talk designed to get Hillary assassinated. It doesn’t matter that her Secret Service are never going to disarm, and her security will never be compromised. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t what Donald said. It doesn’t matter that such an image was conjured entirely in the liberal mind, and had nothing to do with what Donald was saying. That image is the dogwhistle – the twig-snapping danger sign that their amygdala is programmed to look for, and focus them on. Their brain began flash-scanning a multitude of images related to what Donald said, and when that image flashed through their amygdala the warning sirens went off, it was everybody to battle stations, and they entered point and shriek mode reflexively. -- You can say one thing, and a different message pops up in the liberal’s head because of that mechanism, just as in this case. Here, Donald is exploiting it to make liberals look stupid and weak. Donald points out hypocrisy, every normal person will see the hypocrisy argument, and then the normies will see Hillary suddenly freak out over being assassinated, seemingly for no logical reason, which makes her look weak, fearful, and somewhat mentally damaged in addition.'
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6 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: On Contact: Refugee Trafficking with Janet Napoleoni
'On this week’s episode of On Contact Chris Hedges tracks the evolution of the kidnapping industry in the Middle East post-9/11 with Loretta Napoleoni, author of Merchants of Men: How Jihadists and ISIS Turned Kidnapping and Refugee Trafficking into a Multibillion-dollar Business. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the Islamic State's involvement in the lucrative business of trafficking migrants fleeing from war torn lands.' -- "...Let's not forget this is an area destabilized after the Cold War so there's nothing else to do; you either become a criminal, a jihadist, or you become a refugee. This is nothing else." -- "...Some hostages are worth more dead than alive...Because they wanted to lure the US into this conflict...because that would justify their presence so they would become the people who are defending the local population against the bombing that is coming from the Western coalition – which is exactly what has happened."
war  america  empire  racketerring  LorettaNapoleoni 
7 days ago
Paul Craig Roberts -- Russia Has No Partners In The West
'...Russia caught Washington off guard in September 2015 when the Russian Air Force was sent to bomb ISIS positions in Syria, thus enabling the Syrian Army to regain the initiative. Russia had the war against ISIS won, but pulled out unexpectedly before the job was done. This allowed the US or its agents to resupply ISIS, which renewed the attack. -- So Russia had to return to Syria. In the interval Washington had inserted itself. Now the Russian air attacks on ISIS are more complicated, as is the sky over Syria. Russia notifies Washington of its planned attacks on ISIS, and Washington warns ISIS and perhaps Turkey which shot down a Russian plane. Nevertheless, the Syrian Army gained ground. -- But each time victory was stymied by “peace talks” or a “cease fire,” during which the US supported forces would regroup. Consequently, a war that Russia and Syria could have already won continues, and with a new element. Now Washington has directly attacked the Syrian army. -- The US military claims it thought it was striking ISIS. Think about that a minute. The US claims to be a military superpower. It spies on the entire world, even on the personal emails and cell phone calls of its European vassals. Yet, somehow all this spy power failed to differentiate a known Syrian Army position from ISIS. If we believe that, we must conclude that the US is militarily incompetent. -- This is what has happened: Priot to the current “cease fire,” the Russians could attack the US-supported jihadists, but the US could not attack Syrian forces directly, only through its jihadist proxies. The US has used the “cease fire” to create a precedent for US direct attacks on the Syrian Army. -- The Russians, who almost had the war won, have shifted their focus to “peace talks” and “cease fires” that the US has used to introduce Washington’s direct participation into the conflict. -- It is a mystery that the Russian government believes Washington and Moscow have any common interest in the outcome in Syria. Washington’s interest is to remove Assad and put Syria into the chaos that rules in Libya and Iraq. Russia’s interest is to stabalize Syria as a bulwark against the spread of jihadism. It is extraordinary that the Russian government is so misinformed that it thinks Moscow and Washington have a common interest in fighting terrorism, when terrorism is Washington’s weapon for destabilizing the Middle East. -- How can the Russian memory be so short. Washington promised Gorbachev that if he permitted the reunification of Germany, NATO would not move one inch to the East. But the Clinton regime placed NATO on Russia’s border. -- The George W. Bush regime violated the ABM Treaty by pulling out of it, and the Obama regime is putting missile bases on Russia’s border. -- The neoconservatives deep-sixed no first use of nuclear weapons and elevated them to pre-emptive first strike in US war doctrine. -- The Obama regime overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed a US puppet government in a former constituent part of Russia. The puppet government launched a war against the Russian populations in Ukraine, causing secession movements that Washington has mischaracterized as “Russian invasion and annexation.” -- Yet, the Russian government thinks Washington is a “partner” with whom it has common interests. Go figure.' -- RussiaToday: US-led coalition aircraft strike Syrian army positions, kill 62 soldiers – military https://youtu.be/wI9vi3Siuzo / RussiaToday: ‘Unbelievable that US strike on Syrian army was mistake' – fmr MI5 agent https://youtu.be/kqwwNELdiJA
history  america  empire  war  perpetualwar  russia 
7 days ago
RealClearPolitics -- Obama: I Will Consider It An Insult To My Legacy If You Do Not Vote; Want to Give Me A Good Send Off? Go Vote
'"My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot," President Obama said Saturday night. "And there is one candidate who will advance those things. And there is another candidate who's defining principal, the central theme of his candidacy is opposition to all that we have done." -- "There's no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter," Obama said. "It all matters. And after we have achieved historic turnout in 2008 and 2012, especially in the African-American community, I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down it's guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good send off? Go vote!"' -- Yes Massa! Whatever you say Massa!
7 days ago
Breitbart -- Media Reacts as Trump Calls Hillary to Lead by Example, Disarm Bodyguards
'During a September 16 speech in Miami, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sent the media into a tailspin by demanding Hillary Clinton lead by example on gun control and disarm her bodyguards. -- The Hill reported Trump saying Hillary Clinton’s guards should be disarmed, and we’ll “see what happens to her.” His point was clear — Clinton could then relate to tens of millions of Americans who fear what life would be like if their families were denied the firearms they rely on to keep themselves safe. -- But many outlets and/or news personalities did not get it...'
hypocrisy  politics  exceptionalism 
7 days ago
Progress.org -- Does a Tax on Land Imply Not Owning the Land? by Fred Foldvary
'Some critics of land-value taxation say that if one has to pay a property tax, then one is in effect renting the land from the state, rather than really owning it. -- First of all, both the opponents and the advocates, of tapping rent for public revenue, are often unclear in their language. Ownership is a bundle of rights, and the two basic bundles are possession and yield. With a land-value tax, the title holder owns a conditional right of possession. He has the rights of control and transfer conditional on paying the community rent. In contrast, a tenant renting from a landlord only has a leasehold estate, rights specified in the lease, the landlord having the rights of transfer and of ultimate control. A land-value tax does not imply that the title holder does not own the land, but only that one does not own the rent of the land. -- Since policy analysis has to generalize, if one does not own land because of a tax, then one does not own one’s labor if one’s wages are taxed. Any tax implies incomplete ownership of what is taxed, so unless one opposes all taxation, whatever tax one favors implies that one does not fully own that item. -- Geoist ethics postulate that the morally proper owners of the land rent are the members of the relevant community, in equal shares. Therefore the pure public collection of the rent for distribution to the community is not a renting from the state but a payment to the proper owners. If one is renting, then it is from the community members. -- Now suppose there is no tax in a voluntary libertarian society. The homeowners wants to benefit from public services such as streets, security, fire protection, parks, transit, and utilities. In today’s statist world, taxation pays for these civic goods, and since only a portion of the taxes come from land rent, in effect the landowner is subsidized. -- In an anarchist world, landowners would have to directly pay for civic goods and services. They would belong to homeowners’ associations, condominiums, and other contractual communities, in order to benefit from streets and other civic goods. If you own a unit in a condominium association and pay monthly assessments or dues, are you renting the unit from the association? Perhaps indeed you are renting the common elements. Then any periodic payment is a rental. But it makes more sense to think of this relationship as a utility fee, just as paying for electricity does not imply that one is renting the utility from the provider. Who owns the water that comes out of the tap? The homeowner owns that water, not the water company. -- Some people think that if one borrows funds from a bank to buy a house, one does not really own the house; the bank owns it. But the title holder has rights of possession, conditional on paying the mortgage. So the concept of renting rather than owning due to the loan is semantical, rather than a question of substance. -- In all countries, no private title holder [owns] all the rights to land. Government imposes restrictions such as zoning; it taxes the property, and may even take the land by asset forfeiture. When one buys real estate, one knows that all the governments that have jurisdiction will be your senior partners. -- Therefore those who complain that paying a tax on land implies that one is renting the land are engaging in semantics, and are also not confronting the basic moral question, who is the proper owner of the benefits from the land that nobody created? Even if the title holder is the proper owner, he will have to, from his land rent, periodically pay those who provide the public goods that service the land, and will thus be unable to avoid being a renter. The proposition that paying a land tax implies being a renter is therefore both true and false, and irrelevant to policy.'
economics  geoism  land  rent  FredFoldvary 
7 days ago
Center for a Stateless Society -- Contract Feudalism by Kevin Carson
'[The nursery tale] just accepted, as a matter of course, that one person was in a position to “contribute” capital to the production process, while another for some mysterious reason needed the means of production and the labor-fund that were so graciously “provided.” -- ... The means of production, during the centuries of the capitalist epoch, have been concentrated in a few hands by one of the greatest robberies in human history. The peasants of Britain were deprived of customary property rights in the land, by enclosures and other state sanctioned theft, and driven into the factories like cattle. And the factory owners benefited, in addition, from near-totalitarian social controls on the movement and free association of labor; this legal regime included the Combination Acts, the Riot Act, and the law of settlements (the latter amounting to an internal passport system). -- By the way: if you think the above passages are just Marxoid rhetoric, bear in mind that the ruling class literature of the early industrial revolution was full of complaints about just how hard it was to get workers into the factories: not only were the lower classes not flocking into the factories of their own free will, but the owning classes used a great deal of energy thinking up ways to force them to do so. Employers of the day engaged in very frank talk, as frank as that of any Marxist, on the need to keep working people destitute and deprive them of independent access to the means of production, in order to get them to work hard enough and cheaply enough. -- Albert Nock, surely nobody’s idea of a Marxist, dismissed the bourgeois nursery-tale with typical Nockian contempt: "The horrors of England’s industrial life in the last century furnish a standing brief for addicts of positive intervention. Child-labour and woman-labour in the mills and mines; Coketown and Mr. Bounderby; starvation wages; killing hours; vile and hazardous conditions of labour; coffin ships officered by ruffians — all these are glibly charged off by reformers and publicists to a regime of rugged individualism, unrestrained competition, and laissez-faire. This is an absurdity on its face, for no such regime ever existed in England. They were due to the State’s primary intervention whereby the population of England was expropriated from the land; due to the State’s removal of the land from competition with industry for labour. Nor did the factory system and the “industrial revolution” have the least thing to do with creating those hordes of miserable beings. When the factory system came in, those hordes were already there, expropriated, and they went into the mills for whatever Mr. Gradgrind and Mr. Plugson of Undershot would give them, because they had no choice but to beg, steal or starve. Their misery and degradation did not lie at the door of individualism; they lay nowhere but at the door of the State. Adam Smith’s economics are not the economics of individualism; they are the economics of landowners and mill-owners. Our zealots of positive intervention would do well to read the history of the Enclosures Acts and the work of the Hammonds, and see what they can make of them.[11]"'
history  statism  land  landlordism  "capitalism"  parasitism  chokepoints 
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Evolution Counseling -- All You Need To Do Is Give Your Best
'...from our existential point of view to consider yourself successful in your chosen endeavor all you need to do is give your very best, to hold nothing back, to commit fully to working hard and developing your skills in order to try to make the desired external outcome come to pass. -- You can’t control everything, there are many factors completely independent of your engagement with your chosen endeavor, but what you can control is your own level of commitment, your own effort, your own resilience in the face of perceived failure.' -- I can't go on. I'll go on. ~ Samuel Beckett
psychology  perseverance  commitment 
7 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- Vested Emotional Interest
'...Those whose personality structures are defined by artificially inflated traits, skills, and insights, who see themselves as basically enlightened while the rest of the world sees them for the struggling people they are, get caught in a vicious cycle. They know deep down that their idealized self-image is a lie and therefore seek constant confirmation that it’s not a lie from the very people who know it is, which places even more strain on already strained relationships. -- When we know something to be true in our bones, when our traits, skills, or insights are based in reality rather than on irrational emotional needs, we don’t feel the same compulsion to make those around us agree with this truth. Of course it’s preferable that they do agree but their agreement or lack thereof doesn’t change the objective truth of the situation and at some level we know this. With the idealized self-image and the various stories people tell themselves and others to try to maintain and reinforce this image there is a powerful felt compulsion to make the world agree with the lie since external agreement pushes away that creeping internal doubt.'
psychology  philosophy  irrationality  truebelieversyndrome  grandiosity  terrormanagementtheory 
7 days ago
Personality Type in Depth -- The Ugly Duckling
'...The Ugly Duckling lands on the moor and runs into wild ducks. “What sort of duck are you?” they ask him. “He bowed to them, and was as polite as he could be, but he did not reply to their question” (Andersen, 1844). Being polite but not really responding would be a typical reaction for an INFJ to make when entering a group, especially one comprised of those who seem “wild,” such as those whose typology exhibits dominant extraverted sensing (Thomson, 1998, p. 246). -- After two days, he meets two wild geese who invite him to join them. But as the goslings fly up in the air, hunters shoot them, and hunting dogs splash into the water to find their bodies. The Ugly Duckling is terrified and hides his head under his wings: A large terrible dog passed quite near him. … He thrust his nose close to the duckling, showing his sharp teeth, and then “splash, splash,” he went into the water without touching him. “Oh,” sighed the duckling, “how thankful I am for being so ugly; even a dog will not bite me.” And so he lay quite still. (Andersen, 1844) -- In this moment, the duckling begins to appreciate that there is something in his “ugliness” that acts as a protection against harm. This signals a slight shift in perspective, one that brings with it a sense that there is something worthwhile in the quality that makes one “different.” This scene speaks to the INFJ experience of engaging with the “dog eat dog” world and realizing that there is a value in what has been devalued; INFJs sometimes equate this realization with a sense of being protected by unseen forces. When INFJs share their experiences of their early twenties, it is not uncommon to hear them speak about narrow escapes, close calls, and moments of grace that pulled them back from harm. From such moments, an awareness of the values of the “differentness” comes into focus and can set INFJs onto a path of attending more closely to ways to structure their life journey in harmony with a clearer sense of intuitive gnosis and their feeling, thinking, and sensing functions. -- ... From the perspective of the INFJ subtype, the image of the duckling seeing the swans evokes the moment when INFJs learn that there are others like them in the world; it has a significant impact on self esteem. “Having proof in the form of scientific research that it’s okay to be different was a powerful force that reduced guilt, shame, and other negative views people had developed of themselves,” wrote Laney (2002) in The Introvert Advantage (p. 13). -- However, the duckling will have to endure a frigid winter before he experiences the healing insight triggered by the sighting of the swans. The pond freezes over, and despite his frantic paddling, the duckling becomes frozen in the ice. From the perspective of the INFJ subtype, the image of getting stuck in ice reflects experiences in which the type is unable to connect with the phenomenological world through the extraverted feeling function. The visceral experience is one of being frozen, unable to move or to speak and barely able to breathe. Sometimes this happens when the INFJ is placed in stressful social situations and seems to “clam up” and people ask, “Cat got your tongue?” It can happen when the INFJ is overwhelmed by an emergency (extraverted sensing) and gets feedback that he appears very calm and doesn’t seem “upset” by the situation. On the contrary, the internal experience is not calmness but a quickening of energy, such as the image of the duckling paddling as hard as he can under the surface to keep from getting frozen. And, just like the duckling, the INFJ subtype can end up exhausted and “lay still and helpless, frozen fast in the ice” (Andersen, 1844).'
psychology  mythology  personality  INFJ 
7 days ago
YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: How to Help Those We Love
'Loving someone isn’t enough to guarantee we will know how to care for them. For this, we need to learn to understand the distinctive way in which they need our love to manifest itself in order for it to feel real to them.'
psychology  relationships  listening 
7 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- One In Five Corporate Workers May Be Psychopaths
'...Interestingly, it used to be believed they felt no fear, but it turns out they appear to feel fear, but not be able to recognize threats: "Neuroscientists have long attributed this behaviour to a general lack of fear – but according to a new study, psychopaths might not be as fearless as once thought. -- Researchers have found that these individuals may actually experience this emotion, but fall short in their ability to recognize and respond to threats." -- So their amygdala appears to not develop the pathways which tell them “don’t do that.” However the pathways which say, “bad things are about to happen” remain, at least in most cases. I knew one guy who I believe was a pure psychopath growing up. My impression of him at the time was that he simply did not look for future consequences, which at the time I attributed to him being kind of stupid. -- It makes you wonder if the manipulative aspect to the psychopath is a result of not seeing how that will affect future relationships. If you can’t recognize that manipulating someone will destroy the relationship, and you have no ability to see any other consequence, you become a machine that is capable of anything in pursuit of a goal. Probably why they thrive in corporate America. -- It also raises the question of whether leaders who insist on importing millions of Muslims into their nations would test positive for this exact same trait. The only other option is they know exactly what their actions will lead to.'
rkselectiontheory  psychopathy  psychology 
7 days ago
Freedomain Radio -- #3399: Health At Any Size? - Call In Show - August 31 2016 (MP3)
"Women have left the home, and that has huge effects on just about everything within society. It's one of these giant, almost silent, neutron bombs that went off in society, the effects of which we're still trying to parse out and unravel. So when women left the home to go and work, two major things happened: (1) neighbourhoods collapsed – there are neighbourhoods anymore, and that has a huge effect on childrens' activities; (2) processed food replaced home-cooked food – because time, who has time? ... Neighbourhoods have vanished and with that vanishing has vanished a safe, secure, collective area for where children can play. And this had more effects on obesity than many other factors, and it has a huge effect on the development of empathy: unstructured play...kids have to figure out how to negotiate, they have to figure out who is going to play what, who is going to be 'it', what games they're going to play; they have to figure out how to negotiate with different levels of ability and different heights and different genders – there's a lot of negotiation – the whole point of play is help kids figure out how to negotiate, and that doesn't happen when you take your kids to a structured area."
sociology  obesity  childhood  play  parenting  StefanMolyneux 
7 days ago
The Rational Male -- Stalling for Time
'...Men forestalling their “adulthood” – a characterization that is entirely dependent on how well a man aligns with women’s imperatives – by dropping out, or otherwise not preparing to be a potential provider for a family a woman deems is at last necessary to her, are considered ‘kidults’ or extending their adolescent years. Professor Adam Balen in the egg freezing article says men are extending “childhood” into their 20s and 30s. -- Ironically, you’ll find the most ardent critics of extended adolescence in the writings of Man-up-and-marry-those-sluts religious male bloggers intent on virtue signaling their acceptability to women who will benefit most from their ‘manning up’ and overlooking their Party Years indiscretions. -- On the other hand, women wishing to forestall motherhood – a characterization which used to imply a woman’s entrance into adulthood – are never characterized as “extending their childhood.” Women who opt to delay marriage can always fall back on the unacceptability of ‘most men these days’ to excuse their own extension, or they are “focusing on their career.” Women can never be cast in any way other than Strong and Independent®. In fact, this is the first, default presumption we make about a never-married or never-mothered woman. -- The Daily Mail article about the truths of women’s reasoning for freezing their eggs puts the lie to this presumption. Women’s latent purpose in egg freezing is to extend fertility until their ideal Alpha man arrives in their lives. -- Then, of course the blame become circular on men – men not accepting the role that open Hypergamy expects them to already be aware of and accept wholesale makes him guilty of extending his childhood. Women then blame their spinsterhood on a lack of acceptable ‘adult’ men. -- There is never any incentive for personal insight on the part of women, not even when she’s far past her reasonably fertile years, to say nothing of her capacity to intersexually compete with her sisters for those acceptable men. Nowhere is there an afterthought that acceptable men would actively avoid her or find her unacceptable for his own long term investment.'
men  women  hypergamy 
7 days ago
Aeon Videos -- The crying game
'Can any of these four men shed tears on command? The psychology of the ‘guy cry’'
psychology  men  women  neoteny 
7 days ago
Breitbart -- Top London Uni LGBT+ Campaign: Never Call a Stranger He or She
'The LGBT+ Students’ Network at University College London (UCL) is this year running a campaign to raise awareness of gender-neutral pronouns used by transgender people. -- A page on UCL’s website introducing the campaign asserts there are people who don’t ‘identify’ as male or female and consider themselves to be “non-binary”. Stressing the apparent importance of gender pronouns to such people, the page urges readers use gender-neutral pronouns upon meeting new people so as not to ‘misgender’ anyone. -- ... The student with pink eyebrows recommends: “If you know somebody who identifies as a transgender or non-binary, take a moment to realise how long they may have spent figuring out their gender identity and the effect that you misgendering them might have on them.”'
unwarrantedselfimportance  politicalcorrectness  newspeak  victimhood  threatnarrative 
7 days ago
GrrrGraphics / Ben Garrison -- The Frog in Hillary’s Throat
'Just when we thought the presidential race couldn’t get any stranger, a cartoon frog named ‘Pepe’ has jumped into the fray. According to Hillary’s site, “important questions have been raised” because Trump’s son posted a spoof image that included his father and the frog. -- Pepe first appeared on Internet nearly 10 years ago. He was originally drawn by Matt Furie as a means to express various emotions including, “It feels good man.” From there, he evolved into a meme that was used to highlight political opinions opposed to the establishment in both major parties. Pepe represents satire and laughter and belongs to no particular ideology or party. Young Libertarians, anarchists, conservatives and centrists have all posted images of him. If anything, Pepe stands as a symbol opposed to cultural Marxism, globalism and political correctness as epitomized by the social justice warrior movement and the corrupt status quo. -- Pepe was hijacked by Hillary because she’s the very face of establishment corruption. Hillary loves to demonize her opponents. Her mainstream media operatives are losing viewers and narrative control to right-leaning, truth-telling opponents on the Internet. That’s why Hillary must turn Pepe into a deplorable white supremacist ‘alt right’ symbol to be used against Trump, whom she hopes to paint as a nut job. -- Hillary and her campaign have failed to realize how memes work. Her attacks will only make Trump and Pepe stronger and she will face even more ridicule and laughter—what young people now call ‘keks.’ -- Hillary remains deeply unpopular among most Americans. She’s a power-hungry congenital liar, a money grubber, a murderer and a corrupt to the marrow traitor. She may also be dying along with her campaign. Pepe could be the final nail in her coffin. She’s desperate and her arguments are weak—hence her resort to name calling. It won’t work. The 2016 election will be known as the year a major candidate fought against an Internet frog – and lost.'
internet  memetics  streisandeffect 
7 days ago
YouTube -- College Humor: How To Tell if You're a Basic Bitch
'If You Have These Symptoms, You Might Be a Basic Bitch.'
women  idiocracy  satire 
7 days ago
Paul Joseph Watson -- TV Ad Encourages German Women to Wear Hijabs
'Germany appears to have given up on integrating the millions of Muslim migrants pouring into the country and is instead encouraging German citizens to submit to Islam. -- A television ad currently airing in Germany invites blonde-haired, blue-eyed women to embrace “tolerance” by wearing the Muslim hijab head dress. -- The commercial begins with the text “Turkish women wear the hijab,” as a veiled woman is seen with her back to the camera. -- However, when she turns around it immediately becomes clear that the woman is a white, blonde-haired German, before she states, “Me too! It’s beautiful!” “Enjoy difference – start tolerance,” states the woman. -- The campaign is funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as well as German taxpayers, who are forced to obtain a state television license or face prison time. -- Instead of reversing its suicidal immigration policy, it appears as though Germany is now encouraging its female population to avoid the mass sex assaults committed by Muslim migrants in numerous major cities by submitting to Islam and covering themselves up. -- Holding potential rapists at arms’ length, not wearing provocative clothing, or wearing sneakers so they can run away – all advice given to German women by authorities – appears to not be working. -- With birth rates in the central European nation flatlining, as Germans become less interested in sex, the dream of Green Party leader Stefanie von Berg, who celebrated the fact that mass migration will bring an end to German majority populations in cities within a few decades, is drawing closer. -- Despite the left’s recent efforts to re-brand the hijab as a form of female empowerment, it’s actually a symbol of oppression. -- “Well-intentioned women are wearing headscarves in interfaith “solidarity.” But, to us, they stand on the wrong side of a lethal war of ideas that sexually objectifies women as vessels for honor and temptation, absolving men of personal responsibility,” writes Asra Q. Nomani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement. -- The German television ad is extremely revealing. “Tolerance” means submission. “Diversity” means the willful extinction of German culture.'
europe  germany  conquest  newspeak  slavespeak  stockholmsyndrome  warbride 
8 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Generation Z Is Most Conservative Yet
'The human race has begun to shift toward K [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3790614/They-don-t-like-drugs-gay-marriage-HATE-tattoos-Generation-Z-conservative-WW2.html]: "Teenagers born after 2000 – the so-called ‘Generation Z’ – are the most socially conservative generation since the Second World War, a new study has found. -- The youngsters surveyed had more conservative views on gay marriage, transgender rights and drugs than Baby Boomers, Generation X or Millennials." -- ...I think the last net dopamine gain was the smart phone, and it was nothing compared to the rise of the internet before it. Now, even with stable economic conditions, the net dopamine rushes (relative to the immediate past) which produce the real looniness are mostly over. Add in the mild economic shortage, and things are beginning to turn K all by themselves. Add in a real, prolonged depression, and you will be looking at K rising in the levels which produced the last World War. -- Apocalypse is rising.'
rkselectiontheory  soma  apocalypse 
8 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Merkel Hopes To Thwart Migrant Caps
'"Refugees and neo-Nazis battled it out on the streets of an east German town on Wednesday night with police fighting to save the migrants outnumbered five to one. -- But police said the asylum seekers started the confrontation – and later hurled bottles at the police trying to save them from a beating…" -- Notice the rabbit theme. They got their asses kicked by the “neo-nazi’s” (really just normal citizen patriots) so they turned on the police because they knew the cops would not fight them, and they could enjoy a free “win” over an enemy that wouldn’t fight. When things turn K, these are the characters who will seek out the elderly and children to victimize. -- K is rising. Already everybody is building walls – the same walls which they were bent on tearing down as r was ascendant. Soon, they will turn their attentions from stopping outsiders from entering, to purging the outsiders who are already among them. It will happen just as night turns to day. When the worm turns, expect the cowards of the left to shut up, lest they come to be viewed as outsiders as well. -- Of course this is the digital age, so when the worm turns, there will be a documented record of all SJWs and assorted leftist shitbags available for perusal. I would not want to be on that list as things reach peak-K.'
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8 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Venezuela Hits Full K-selection
'"The baby continued to cry, so she wrapped him in a rag, gave him water and rocked him to sleep. After several days, the crying stopped. He was no longer breathing." -- The wonders of socialism. We see it again and again, and still these idiots insist on pursuing it. -- Notice, this was a single mom. Single moms will rapidly see their genes culled from the environment in K-selection, not only due to physical inability to protect themselves and their children, but because one parent cannot get as much food as two. Notice also, her rearing drive was so weak she didn’t go out and look for something, anything for her child to eat, like a bird, or a fish, or something else. She just covered her baby up until it stopped making noise. Would Sarah Palin have done that? Here is actual K-selection in the year 2016, and here is the culling of the genes of men and women who follow low-investment single parent rearing. Here it is happening right before our eyes. -- Now imagine a world that imbues every woman with an uncontrollable desire to tie down a man, because only women programmed like that see their children survive. Imagine men holding the keys to reproduction, because women want them. Imagine women wanting the men who are the most successful. Imagine that a rejection by men being profoundly frustrating for the woman. That is what you see in K, and it is the polar opposite of what you see in r-selection, where women are programmed to joke about the uselessness of men. -- Ideology is reproductive strategy. Liberalism is the r-strategy, and conservatism is the K-strategy, and it is all conjured by the presence or absence of resource availability. -- The interesting aspect will be how quickly.'
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9 days ago
Breitbart -- Cover-Up: Lying Alarmists Rebranded 70s Global Cooling as Myth
'Everyone knows that before the global warming scare began in the 1980s, scientists were much more worried about global cooling and the coming ice age. -- At least everybody did till a cabal of lying climate alarmists – one then a senior administrator at NOAA, now a president at the World Meteorological Association – hijacked Wikipedia, published a lying paper, and rewrote history by painting the 1970s Global Cooling Scare as an urban myth. -- Now the full extent of these activists’ skullduggery has been uncovered by researcher Kenneth Richard, writing at No Tricks Zone. -- Richard shows that during the 1960s and 1970s, there was an 86 percent scientific consensus that the planet was on a cooling path. But this was airbrushed out of history so successfully that even now if you do a Google search on “70s global cooling scare” the top results claim it never really happened...'
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10 days ago
'In this powerful and timely Firewall, Bill Whittle provides shocking evidence that demolishes the central, Big Lie of Black Lives Matter and then goes on to explain why a lie that size needs to be told by people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch.' -- "If black lives matter – really mattered – to Black Lives Matter, then they would protest what is by far the primary killer of young black males in America, which is other young black males. But they don't, so they don't."
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10 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Liberals Cheat In Elections The World Over
'... Conservatives are programmed to see the fittest specimen win, no matter the contest. Liberals, as r-strategists, are merely programmed to seek free resources, at any cost, and to panic at the prospect of the competition of K-selection. No matter where you go in the world, or even the universe, you will find, noble, capable K-strategists seeking fair and honest competition, designed to sort good from bad. And alongside them, you will also find craven, deceitful r-strategists who are lying, cheating, and doing anything they can to just feather their own nests. -- It is tempting to see this as an earthly problem, but for all of time in this universe, I will bet this very issue will crop up in the evolution of every intelligent species that evolves. There will be lizard men with three eyes, smooth grey insect people, and weird blob-like creatures, all slapping their foreheads wondering why their leftist opponents are such craven scumbags. -- Take heart – it is all a play, and the very fabric of the universe is designed to favor K in the end.'
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10 days ago
Spiked -- What next: locking up Leavers?
'... Of all the toxic bilge that has flown since referendum day, the calls to criminalise Leavers is the worst yet. Think about it for a second: spurned Remainers are putting pressure on the state to police debate, to lock up people for disagreeing with them. What do they think this is? The GDR? -- This is not about Farage, that poster or Vote Leave’s dodgy sums – spiked has long made clear its opposition to the more Little England aspects of the anti-EU movement. No, this is about all Leave voters being looked upon as so stupid, so vicious, that they are liable to be stirred up into a hate-fuelled fury by colourful politicians. -- Did Farage’s brusque poster constitute incitement to hatred? Of course it didn’t. To suggest otherwise is to open the door to the censorship of all anti-immigration rhetoric. If anyone is exploiting racism here, it’s the Remainers who want to use the spectre of hatred to straitjacket political discourse and clamp down on opinions they don’t like. -- But these Remoaners are only trying to exploit – albeit cackhandedly – a censorious, disdainful impulse that is nascent in hate-speech law. The idea that the public is only ever one poster, speech or bus slogan away from launching a pogrom is what underpins the idea of incitement. Incitement to hatred is, and always has been, a means of policing political viewpoints deemed too toxic for the feckless public to hear. -- You don’t have to like Farage to see that the campaign to lock him up is an outrage. And so is our legal system, which invites these feverish demands for ideas-policing, and which holds all of us in contempt.'
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10 days ago
Spiked -- Kick sex education out of schools
'Trust in kids has reached an all-time low. A recent report by the Women and Equalities Committee (WEC), a cross-party committee of MPs, calls for mandatory, age-appropriate sex-and-relationship education (SRE) for all school students. The WEC says it is responding to the ‘shocking scale of sexual harassment and sexual violence that is not being tackled effectively in English schools’. -- ... The report itself states that ‘there is insufficient data to conclusively demonstrate that sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools is a growing problem’. So, when the WEC says it is concerned about sexualisation, what it really means is that we can’t trust kids to be kids. Instead, we should be teaching children as young as four how to have ‘healthy relationships’, and what constitutes sexual abuse. -- Teaching primary-school kids to understand sexual abuse, let alone grasp or negotiate an adult relationship, is a terrible idea. Forcing SRE on kids only sends them the message that adults don’t trust them to grow up without constant intervention. What next: are we going to have lessons on how to make friends? -- Primary-school children don’t need to be taught about healthy relationships, sexual or otherwise. Children learn for themselves how to form bonds with one another, and, in the rare cases where boundaries are crossed, we take them aside and tell them off – that’s the way it’s always worked. We shouldn’t scare kids about sex and make them feel that their actions and words are always under scrutiny. We must stop panicking about whether we’re raising a generation of abusers, and let kids be kids.'
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10 days ago
NPR -- Teen Creates 'Sit With Us' App For Bullied Kids
'Natalie Hampton: "Because the way it was at my old school, I tried many times to reach out to someone, but I was rejected on many times. And you feel like you're labeling yourself as an outcast when you ask to join a table with someone you don't know. This way it's very private. It's through the phone. No one else has to know. And you know that you're not going to be rejected once you get to the table."
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10 days ago
Guardian -- 'We need human interaction': meet the LA man who walks people for a living
'A homemade scrawl across his T-shirt declared him The People Walker, low-budget, mobile advertising. “I’ve been doing walks almost every single day for the past week and I’m getting repeat clients, which is what you want.” -- A stroll with this soft-spoken, hirsute hulk seems to be what much of LA wants, judging by the response to his Facebook page and homemade flyers. -- “Need motivation to walk?” they ask from lamp posts. “Scared to walk alone at night? Don’t like walking alone at all? Don’t want people to see you walking alone and just assume you have no friends? Don’t like listening to music or podcasts but can’t walk alone in silence, forced to face thoughts of the unknown future, or your own insignificance in the ever expanding universe?” -- ... I try to listen more than talk,” he said this week, striding past handsome houses in Los Feliz, a leafy neighbourhood near Hollywood. Conversations with clients are seldom confessional, but he respects confidences. “It’s mostly surface, small-talk type stuff. But I think it’s therapeutic even if they’re not baring their souls.”'
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10 days ago
Zero Hedge -- Venezuela's "Death Spiral" - A Dozen Eggs Cost $150 As Hyperinflation Horrors Hit Socialist Utopia
'...In what some economists have been calling a "death spiral", the government's failed economic policies are at the same time causing and trying to stem a runaway inflation with price-fixing policies which, in turn, are triggering shortages. Maduro is strongly urging businesses and farmers to sell their goods at severe losses, forcing shut-downs when the cost of doing business becomes prohibitive. -- According to a recent Bloomberg report, the black market is thriving because goods are unavailable at prices fixed by the government. There are reports of ordinary people quitting inadequate-paying jobs to set up black market operations, hoping to be able to make enough to sustain life. -- A dozen eggs was last reported to cost $150, and the International Monetary Fund "predicts that inflation in Venezuela will hit 720% this year. That might be an optimistic assessment, according to some local economic analysts, who expect the rate to reach as high as 1,200%." According to a Bloomberg report from April: "In a tale that highlights the chaos of unbridled inflation, Venezuela is scrambling to print new bills fast enough to keep up with the torrid pace of price increases. Most of the cash, like nearly everything else in the oil-exporting country, is imported. And with hard currency reserves sinking to critically low levels, the central bank is doling out payments so slowly to foreign providers that they are foregoing further business. "Venezuela, in other words, is now so broke that it may not have enough money to pay for its money."'
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10 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- Narrative Therapy For Temper Tantrums
'...With narrative therapy, probably the most important idea is that the person is not the problem the problem is the problem. Narrative therapy is always and everywhere seeking to externalize the problem, to see this problem as its own entity with its own history and characteristics, not as something that defines the person but something that can be defined on its own. When we externalize the problem the person can not only understand it much better but is also put in position to activate in order to overcome that problem or at least manage it more effectively. When a problem is perceived as an inherent trait there’s little that can be done except live with it and feel bad about yourself. When a problem is perceived as an entity apart from and outside of you there’s much that can be done and there’s very little guilt or shame involved in doing it. -- The problem is the temper tantrum. We recommend that you have the conversation about that thing called the temper tantrum when the family environment is tranquil, and we recommend that you take on a lighthearted spirit, as if you were playing a game or telling an exciting story. You can start by calling the temper tantrum whatever you want, but let your child give it a new name as soon as possible. Then start using that name instead from there on out. You can say something like, “What do you want to call the fit? What do you think a good name for the fit would be?” -- We’ve already said that young children are basically powerless and feel powerless much of the time. Actually many adults, specifically from marginalized groups, feel the same way. The beauty of narrative therapy is that you’re handing power to someone who feels powerless, and you’re doing it in a healthy way. Narrative therapists aren’t interested in representing power, in being the authority figure, in diagnosing the problem and then coming up with the solution. They’re interested in being curious investigative reporters, in asking the right questions to assist their clients in defining the problem so that they can come up with the solution to it on their own. -- If you take on this same attitude when you’re talking to your children things will start improving all on their own, quite apart from how successful you are with the concrete problem in front of you, because that inherent sense of powerlessness due to the inevitable authority relationship between you and your child will lose some of its sting. -- As far as the temper tantrum goes, remember to think of it as its own entity, as its own organic organism with its own traits and characteristics, its own likes and dislikes, its own history, its own thought patterns, its own feelings, its own goals and desires, its own strengths and weaknesses, its own shape and size and color, its own typical behaviors, its own friends and enemies, its own motivations. But all of these spaces of the temper tantrum are for your child to fill in, not you. It’s your job to ask the right questions, not provide the right answers. You might have your own ideas about the makeup of the temper tantrum but when you fill in these aspects and expect your child to agree it’s just another example of a structure of power where your beliefs and worldview represent absolute reality and someone with little or no power to dissent must adhere to this version of reality or face the consequences. -- The movement we’re looking for here is for the child to get to know the temper tantrum very well, on a personal, intimate level, and then decide whether the current relationship with the temper tantrum is wanted and desirable or if something needs to change. What is the temper tantrum stopping the child from doing? What is it stopping the child from being? Is it helping or hurting other family members? Is the temper tantrum a loving guy or a big meanie? Is it a trusty old dog or a cranky old beast? -- ... you’ve got to find and celebrate those moments where your child chose a more constructive solution than resorting to going into a fit, those times where your child said, “No, you stay over there temper tantrum.” It’s guaranteed that there are countless such moments, they just aren’t out there in the air in a tangible way like completely losing control and throwing a fit is, so they fade away from awareness like smoke from a campfire. -- When you discover and then honor those instances with your child you’re positively reinforcing that alternate behavior and more importantly for this conversation you’re helping to create a new story, an alternate narrative that can be put into place, a narrative where temper tantrums play a different role in your family than they do right now. Remember to give your child space to come up with independent conclusions surrounding the temper tantrum’s characteristics and how it should be related to from here on out. -- Narrative therapy for temper tantrums is about being aware of the unequal power relationship and then actively handing the power over to your child to first name the problem, then flesh out the problem, then find concrete examples that directly contradict the dominant narrative being spun about the problem, and finally decide upon a new way of being and a new way of relating towards the problem and towards the world in general. Kids of all ages are more than capable of having these conversations. They love story telling, they love being creative, they love playing, they love making stuff up. Narrative conversations do all of that as a matter of course and what comes out of these conversations are new, healthier ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.'
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12 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- America Fatter And More Stressed Since Obama
'Not at all surprising if you know about r/K Theory: "According to the results of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, released Wednesday, the obesity rate in the U.S. increased 2.5 percentage points from 25.5 percent in 2008 to 28.0 percent in 2015." -- This is societal decline due to increasing r-selection in action. -- Free resources and amygdala atrophy accompany r-selection, and no president has worked harder to engender r-selection. -- It isn’t happening evenly. I’m sure many here are about the same BMI and stress level as when Obama started. But among the rabbits, the fat SJWs are getting fatter and fatter, and ever more shrill. I’ll bet the fat welfare queens are the same. -- At this point I just look on it as fattening pigs for slaughter. While I am not keen on eating humans myself, I do find it hard to deny that if pet food is scarce in the apocalypse, I suspect our cats and dogs won’t mind being kept well fed on the meat of SJW’s. Having a bunch of fat human hogs walking around with personalities so repulsive we won’t mind killing them to keep Fido fat and happy, can only be seen as a good thing. Food for thought. -- Is the humor at this blog really getting weird lately, or is it me?'
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12 days ago
Breitbart -- Islamic Scholar: Europe May Be Heading Toward Civil War
'Professor of political science at one of France’s most prestigious universities, Sciences Po, Gilles Kepel, claims that the current wave of Islamic terrorism in Europe is not so much a war of Western civilization against Islam, but a war within Islam itself. -- The result is an entire generation, adherents of the extremist Wahabist and Salafist movements, who want not only to take over Europe, but to eliminate more moderate Islamic opposition, reports Die Welt. -- Prof. Kepel foresees that the growing number of Muslims, who are forming what he calls the “Jihad Generation”, will likely continue to commit acts of terror in European cities. -- The goal of the terror is not to provoke political change, but rather to incite hatred toward Muslims from the rest of society, which he believes would eventually radicalise enough Muslims to the point that Europe could enter into a full-blown civil war. -- The long-term goal of the Jihad Generation is to destroy Europe through civil war and then build an Islamic society from the ashes, Prof. Kepel said. The strategy is similar to the expansion of Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, and Libya where the terrorist organisation was able to use the chaos of civil war to slowly build its forces, grow in power, and rapidly seize territory. -- While Prof. Kepel says that most Muslims do not actively participate in terrorism or with terrorist groups, he says that the growth of Salafism among young people, combined with a sense of entitlement and lack of job prospects, means that third-generation Muslims will be far more likely to join radical groups. -- Salafism as an ideology is dangerous, Prof. Kepel maintains, because it preaches that Westerners are “unbelievers” and encourages a path toward violence. -- The consequences for the unchecked growth of Salafism among young people could not only lead to civil war, but perhaps to the end of Islam in Europe, with the academic noting the rise of an extreme, nationalistic, right-wing ideology among Europeans as just as much a possibility. -- Islamic intellectuals are also not doing enough to combat the Salafist ideology, according to Prof. Kepel. The scholar stated that mainstream imams have a duty to reject Salafist teachings and while some do, he says the vast majority are silent on the issue.' -- Fundamentalism eats itself
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13 days ago
Breitbart -- Washington Post Promptly Declares Hillary's Health 'Real Issue' After Calling it 'Conspiracy'
'Chris Cillizza, an author at the Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog, abruptly changed course and admitted that concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health are “a real issue in the presidential campaign” — after spending much of the week criticizing this narrative as a “conspiracy theory.” -- On Tuesday, Cillizza concern trolled Donald Trump, saying that it would hurt his campaign to question Clinton’s health. The day after she suffered a four-minute coughing and choking episode, Cillizza’s headline blared: “Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?”'
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13 days ago
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