Anonymous Conservative -- A French Academic Proposes Giving French Muslims Their Own State
'Out-grops cannot exist in peace in close proximity. -- The problem when you have two opposed groups facing off is that those groups have a baseline of amygdala that motivates hostility at all times. That baseline amygdala needs relief. Relief comes from feeling that the other group has endured some cost. But amygdalae tend to adapt their perceptions to normalize any relief – something they do with pleasures much more readily than they do with hostilities. -- So if group A and group B are in contact, they will always feel hostility for each other, and that will always provoke aggression, until it is relieved by some sort of acting out. If group A hits group B, it will feel better, and that will attenuate the hatred somewhat. But it doesn’t last. Even if Group B takes the hit, as the West is increasingly shown itself willing to do (due to increased resources and pleasure deadening amygdala, producing increased r and less baseline amygdala-angst), group A’s angst will naturally rise as they adapt to see the relief as normal, and they will hit again to seek another bout of relief above the new normal baseline. -- These things tend to inevitably seek a balance of amygdala on each side, before forcing the two sides to war. Eventually group B will reach the point where it will have sufficient amygdala from the endured attacks to hit back. Eventually it will have to, or group A will just keep hitting until it has destroyed or taken over group B entirely. -- Behind all of it is resource availability. If the resources are high, amygdalae can be deadened some and these things can fester. But when the resources plummet, they conflagrate. Clearly even French academics now are realizing the Muslims will never assimilate, itself a sign of increasing amygdalae. -- For now, satiated French amygdalae are trying to find a way forward that doesn’t involve Holocaust 2.0, The Muslim Edition. But let resources plummet, and the Muslims will quickly be scapegoated for all the sins of the Western elites, in addition to their own rapes, robberies, and murders. And once the French treat the Muslims as enemies, the Muslims will rapidly reciprocate. -- At that point, it will become clear where those antiquated notions of borders and citizenships came from. It will also become clear why Europe was a Christian nation that frowned on other religions in the past. It wasn’t to discriminate against other religions, so much as to avoid the mass bloodshed that allowing other religions to gain a foothold would produce. -- It is kind of funny. We view the ideas of no borders and welcomed foreigners as insane while the left would feel the same way about the old times of Christian dominance and assiduous discrimination against outsiders. But the human brain is smarter than us, and the truth is the left’s strategy is probably a good way to avoid mortality and conflict in times of high resources. The only problem is the left has no idea that resources are about to constrict, and that when they do you will need to behave differently.'
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19 hours ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Are Sexual Mores Changing?
'...There does seem to be a shift. I understand some see mere vagaries of political expediencies of the moment. But contrast it with Kennedy and Dodd, and Clinton raping Juanita, and OJ killing Nicole. It seems to me there has been some increased triggerability of amygdala which is now driving actions to seek punishment of men who do these things. -- The initial K-shifts are subtle and not apparent. Is this the first hint of a shift toward men being expected to behave more gentlemanly? We will know if we see a follow-on shaming of cock-caroseling, single mothering, career-whoring, and bitchy feminist attacks on masculinity. -- The bottom line is, let a few more women get socked in the chops for trying to compete as equals with men, and I could quickly see a masculine man capable of violence hanging on their arm being the next female status symbol. And just like that the decline begins the ascendance, and the greater the decline, the faster the ascendance. -- At first it will probably be viewed like a elite protective service detail with benefits by the feminist bimbos who begin to seek out masculine men, but once a few women lionize it and declare it a desirable object of competition, that will ignite the female competitive instincts. Once there is a competition for masculine men, expect the women competing to try and use femininity and pleasantness to gain an edge and win the competition and get what they want. All of a sudden even the most ball-busting feminists try to be nice to stay in the game. -- Men, seeing the change will then try to bulk up and develop martial skills, and just like that you will have combat-capable masculine men being sought by sweet feminine women for long lasting, loyal relationships. Let the violence on the subway get bad enough, and all the career girls who want to go to work alone now will suddenly see being able to stay home and raise children as desirable, and that will be the next competition among them. Once that piece of the puzzle falls into place, you are right back to the 1950’s.'
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19 hours ago
The Daily Bell -- The Real Reason the Media Pushes “Sexual Liberation”
'Individual freedom terrifies those in power. But it is an innate desire that cannot be suppressed. Therefore the media attempts to replace the drive for personal liberation with sexual liberation. -- It is a carnal animalistic type of “freedom” that those in power want you to focus on. They promote a temporary feeling, a fleeting pleasure. Individual freedom is about building your future. Sexual freedom is about living in the moment. -- Living in the moment is not always a bad thing. But doing something in the moment that puts your future at risk is problematic. What the media calls sexual freedom really means sluttiness. And that is a threat to your health, your emotional well-being, and your future happiness. -- I talked about this before, when analyzing an article which claimed women under the Socialist Soviet regime had better sex lives. Living in a socialist hell, I’m not surprised sex was the only outlet for freedom, the only escape from the dreariness of daily poverty and oppression. That was the only type of “freedom” women could enjoy. It was crumbs of freedom thrown out to distract from the true loss of every other type of liberty. -- ... History helps the media promote sex as liberation. They can point to actual sexual repression in the past. In America, women have long battled the “good housewife” stereotypes. Women were arrested in the early 1900’s for bathing suits which showed too much skin. Women in parts of the Muslim world are still seen as property. The first American settlers exiled teenage boys for masturbating. It was illegal in Great Britain to be homosexual until 1967! -- So yes, there was and still is some need for sexual liberation. Everyone should have the freedom to behave in whatever consensual sexual way they desire. -- Everyone should also have the freedom to ruin their lives on hard drugs. But that doesn’t mean doing the drugs is an expression of freedom. Having the choice is the freedom.'
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19 hours ago
News.com -- What is a ‘Soy Boy’? Meaning of insult explained
'A NEW internet movement has started flooding social media with claims that soy intake is to blame for feminine or physically weak men in society.' -- Internet Hate Machine https://youtu.be/FTSvLKY7HEk
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19 hours ago
Twitter -- Julian Assange @JulianAssange: Women, I will let you in on a male secret...
'Women, I will let you in on a male secret. Men know that constantly self-proclaiming male 'feminists' are often predatory sleaze bags. They are intensely disliked by other men because of their manipulative qualities and not, in general, because they are viewed to be sex traitors.'
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19 hours ago
BuzzFeed -- Meet The People Who Listen to Podcasts Crazy-Fast
'...according to behavioral neuroscientist Stephen Porges, because recordings played at higher speeds are at a higher pitch, they are actually easier to hear. Low-frequency noises, like street noise, vacuum cleaners, or airplanes, get in the way of our understanding of people talking; by playing podcasts at a higher speed, the listener is creating a greater acoustic differentiation between the words and lower-frequency background noises. According to Porges, the muscles in the middle ear help to dampen low-frequency sound so we can hear speech more clearly — but if we don't exercise those muscles (by, say, not having much human interaction), then they don't work as well. Thus, listening to things at a higher frequency, and speed, could be helpful.'
20 hours ago
On Topshop by Brendan O'Neill
'...We live in strange times. It is considered perfectly reasonable, and in fact progressive, to create ‘Safe Spaces’ on campus for 20-year-old adults who want to hide away from mere speech. Yet anyone who suggests the Topshop changing rooms should be for girls alone – and many of them really are girls, aged 13, 14, 15 – will be shot down as a vile, trashy transphobe. Some adults demand, and are granted, protection from the ideas of Maryam Namazie or Julie Bindel or Linda Bellos, on the basis that these women’s speech is akin to violence and could literally, for real, damage these adults’ feeling of safety. And yet those same adults, most of whom are trans-sympathetic, will rail against you if you suggest that young girls, who might be shy and self-conscious, deserve a space in which they can try on clothes together. Grown-ups deserve a safe space from speech, but under-16s don’t deserve a safe space in which to undress: how extraordinary. -- Ideological ‘safe spaces’ for adults are ridiculous and patronising. But you know what? Teenage girls need safe spaces. Whether it’s the changing room or the bathroom, they need a space in which they can chat, feel comfortable, apply make-up, gawp at themselves, do and redo their hair, without having some bloke – and that includes a ‘they’ in a dress – wandering about. This is not to say trans people are predators. Trans-sceptical feminists have focused rather too much on the threat posted by trans-women to born women, as if everyone with a penis is given to violent or disruptive behaviour. They risk undermining the important questions they’re asking about gender-fluidity and its impact on women’s standing in society by crossing the line into moral panic. No, it is simply to say that girls need private spaces in which they can feel at ease, especially when it comes to trying on clothes, going to the loo, showering, etc. That one of the most popular campaigns of recent years has been the right of male people to use female changing spaces feels disturbing. -- In a sense, the Alabanza case is just another typical Twitter-fit that too many people have caved in to – par for the course in the 21st-century, right? But it also feels more important than that. It feels symbolic of the relativistic rot afflicting Western society. Because if we cannot even say ‘No’ to men who want to go into the Topshop changing rooms, then who can we say no to? If we will not even say the Topshop changing rooms are a specific place for a specific kind of person, then perhaps there are no public or moral lines we are willing to hold anymore? If a man is allowed to go into a space where girls under the age of 16 are taking off their clothes, then all bets are off. Society has officially lost the ability to say: ‘Back off. This space isn’t for you.’ -- ... The Topshop controversy sums up the problem with trans activism today. This presents itself as a liberatory campaign on a par with the women’s movement or the gay-rights movement, but in truth it looks increasingly like an intemperate demand for permanent identity-validation. And nothing – not even the right of young girls to hang out together – can be permitted to stand in the way of this crusade for self-validation. ‘I am a woman’, they say, ‘and any person or thing or changing room that says I am not a woman must be destroyed’. The world and everyone in it must mould themselves around an infinitesimally small identity, which strikes me as crazy.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Why Old Friends Matter
'We all have people in our lives that we’d never start a friendship with today if we met them for the first time – but that nevertheless matter immensely to us. An essay on the importance of old friends.' -- "These friends function as conduits to earlier versions of ourselves that are inaccessible day-to-day but who contain hugely important insights."
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2 days ago
YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Art is Advertising for What We Really Need
'Advertising beautifully alerts us to the desirability lots of things we probably don't need that much of in our lives. For its part, art also alerts us to the beauty and charm of bits of the world: but it tends to be the bits that we really do need for a fulfilled life.'
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2 days ago
The Book of Life -- Why Truly Sociable People Hate Parties
'...Parties have become synonymous with sociability because of certain underlying ideas about what true social connection might require and entail. We assume that sociability naturally springs up when lots of people are put together in a room, that it means speaking a lot and notably cheerfully about things that have been happening in our lives, that it depends on a jokey manner and – ideally – on the possession of a few entertaining anecdotes, often involving striking coincidences. -- But such assumptions sidestep two sizeable objections. Firstly, true sociability – that is a real connection between two people – is almost never built up via anything cheerful. It is the result of making ourselves vulnerable before another person, by revealing some of is broken, lost, confused, lonely and in pain within us. We build genuine connections when we dare to exchange thoughts that might leave us open to humiliation and judgement; we make real friends through sharing in an uncensored and frank way a little of the agony and confusion of being alive. -- ... We think of a ‘good host’ as someone who makes sure there is enough wine and, at a pinch, ensures people know each other’s names. But in the profound sense, a good host is someone who creates the conditions in which strangers can start to feel safe about being sad and desperate together. -- Parties as they are currently structured constitute a clever ruse by a sharp minority, perhaps only ten per cent of humanity, to persuade the rest of us that we have been provided with the social contact we crave. But, in truth, it takes a sharply insular and misanthropic person to feel that what goes on in an average party really counts as anything like the requisite encounter with one’s fellow human animal. If we have a lingering horror of parties, we should be generous towards our hunches. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like other people, rather that we have too ambitious a conception of social contact to put up with what is on offer at most parties. The mark of a truly sociable person might, in many situations, simply be a strong desire to stay at home.'
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2 days ago
Evolution Counseling -- The Decision To Grow Is Also The Decision To Die
'...The decision to stagnate is rationalized on various plausible grounds but the real reason is existential anxiety, the real reason is the threat of symbolic death that rears its ugly head any time the old and familiar might be traded for the new and unknown. -- What we have to understand if we want to gain empathy for those struggling to make important changes in their lives is that the decision to grow is also the decision to die. We’re not talking about the physical death of the biological system, but rather the symbolic death of the psychic system. For us humans the threat of physical death and the threat of symbolic death cue off the exact same painful existential anxiety. This anxiety stops us in our tracks without us necessarily knowing how or why. -- ... The way to get the ball rolling on our growth and self-actualization is to first bring that hidden existential anxiety into conscious awareness and then look deeply into how the looming prospect of symbolic death has interfered with our quality of life over the years. The existential reality is that every moment of human life is a moment of birth and a moment of death. This is unavoidable even when we do everything we can to try to make our lives stay the same. -- It’s not our truest, deepest Selves telling us to stagnate but rather our false egos telling us to stagnate in a desperate effort to survive, to remain intact, just a little bit longer. Human growth means allowing our true Selves to be born, but like we said this also means allowing our false selves to die off. Birth and death are inextricably bound. Whether we’re talking about the physical realm or the symbolic realm you can’t have one without the other, they’re like two sides of the same coin.'
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2 days ago
YouTube -- Rebel Media: John Cardillo: What Chicago black-on-black crime stats REALLY show
'John Cardillo of TheRebel.media reports on the homicide increase in Chicago and the left's insistence on branding those who discuss it racist...' -- Facts are racist!
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2 days ago
Europeancivilwar.com -- Abu Dhabi: German Mosques Too Radical
'"Sheikh Nahjan Mubarak al Nahjan, the minister for tolerance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has said that inadequate surveillance of mosques has led to Islamist terrorism in Germany. -- “You can’t just leave a mosque open and allow anyone to go there and to preach. You need to have licences,” said al Nahjan in an interview with DPA. -- He added that the problem existed in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, arguing that Muslims were becoming radicalized in mosques where the authorities were not exerting strong enough control. -- “We have always offered our help, we have always said we would train people,” said al Nahjan, adding that no European country had ever accepted the offer. -- In the authoritarian UAE, mosques are comprehensively controlled by the authorities. The tiny oil-rich Gulf state claims that the extensive powers it has given to its secret services have allowed it to prevent terror attacks by radical organizations such as Isis. -- “We also think that something needs to change in Europe,” said al Nahjan. He said that European states had good intentions in allowing “these people” to set up their own mosques, but argued it was necessary that people have training in Islam and a licence before they are allowed to preach. -- “After all no one is allowed to simply go into a church in Europe and preach.”' -- Sadly at this point, it seems Islamic terrorism and the growth of Salafism in Germany will only stop when the population finally becomes majority Muslim and a government like that of the UAE takes charge.'
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2 days ago
Breitbart -- Report: Twitter to Start Sanctioning Users for Their Offline Behavior
'Twitter will start sanctioning users for their offline behavior starting Saturday, according to a report. -- According to the Verge, “What’s new is that Twitter now plans to do at least some monitoring of verified users’ offline behavior as well, to determine whether it is consistent with its rules.” -- “If it isn’t, users can lose their [verification] badges. And so a hypothetical verified user who tweeted nothing but pictures of kittens but organized Nazi rallies for a living could now retain his tweeting privileges, but lose his verification badge,” they explained.'
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2 days ago
YouTube -- TED: Zeynep Tufekci: We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads
'We're building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says technosociologist Zeynep Tufecki. In an eye-opening talk, she details how the same algorithms companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon use to get you to click on ads are also used to organize your access to political and social information. And the machines aren't even the real threat. What we need to understand is how the powerful might use AI to control us – and what we can do in response.' -- "As a public, and as citizens, we no longer know if we're seeing the same information – or what anyone else is seeing. And without a common base of information, little by little, public debate is becoming impossible."
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2 days ago
The Spectator -- Questioning gender fluidity is the new blasphemy by Brendan O'Neill
'...We are cultivating a new generation that will expect its every instinct to be instantly respected, and worse that the social infrastructure, from bathrooms to uniform policies, should mould themselves around their instincts. It’s so bizarre: we don’t trust kids to walk past chicken shops or read difficult literature, but we think it’s cool for them to choose their sex. -- Well, ‘we’ don’t. ‘They’ do — the new trans-friendly rulers of society and policers of public discussion. More of us need to blaspheme against their eccentric strictures. Let me make this as clear as possible: trans adults should enjoy the same rights as every other adult, and by the same token, their ideas, their beliefs, their faith, should be subjected to the same levels of criticism and even ridicule as everybody else’s. People have rights; their ideologies do not.'
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2 days ago
Breitbart -- Apple Diversity Chief 'Steps Down' After Saying White People Can Be Diverse
'During a summit in Colombia, Young Smith, a black woman, claimed she likes to focus “on everyone” and that “diversity goes beyond race, gender, and sexual orientation.” -- “There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” Young Smith declared, sparking controversy. “Diversity is the human experience… I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.” -- Young Smith later apologized, claiming her comments “were not representative of how I think about diversity or how Apple sees it.” -- “For that, I’m sorry,” she proclaimed following the incident. “More importantly, I want to assure you Apple’s view and our dedication to diversity has not changed.”' -- How many fingers, Winston?
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2 days ago
Spiked -- Podcast: ‘We’re all bored of this Pestminster witch-hunt’
'...Claire Fox on the problem with sanctifying transgenderism.' -- "It's the one issue that has pathologized dissent."
transgenderism  illiberalism  crimestop 
3 days ago
'...The only reason Democrats want a never-ending stream of Third World immigrants is because they know immigrants will help them win elections, allowing The New York Times to write self-congratulatory editorials like this one last week: "Virginia Rejects Your Hateful Politics, Mr. Trump." -- Well, technically, millions of Third-Worlders living in Virginia rejected Trump's "hateful politics." But guess what? They also rejected John McCain's pusillanimous politics and Mitt Romney's soft-spoken politics. -- They were brought in to vote for the Democrats. That's the real job immigrants are doing that Americans just won't do.'
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3 days ago
Silicon Valley thinks it invented roommates. They call it 'co-living' by Arwa Mahdawi
'...Now, to be fair, co-living isn’t just living with a bunch of roommates. No, it’s rich millennials living with a bunch of roommates in a fancy building in a recently gentrified part of town. -- The co-living space is also full of cool amenities like yoga classes and micro-brew coffee bars, meaning you can minimise unnecessary interactions with the outside world. In startup speak, this is what is called “community”. -- The Collective, for example, a co-working space in London, describes co-living as “a way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle”. -- By “convenient” they mean anonymous people on minimum wage clean up after you. And by “fulfilling”, they mean you can sit in a communal lounge staring at your phone surrounded by other people from the same socioeconomic bracket staring at their phones. -- But I shouldn’t hate on millennial tech types too much. It has to be said, after all, that they are incredibly innovative. Not only did they invent roommates, you see, but they’ve also invented a whole heap of other amazing things which you may have thought already existed. -- Earlier this year, for instance, the ridesharing start-up Lyft launched Shuttle, which allows you to “Ride for a low fixed fare along convenient routes, with no surprise stops”. The Shuttle website helpfully describes exactly how to use this revolutionary new service: “Walk to stop. Hop in. Hop out. Walk to destination.” -- As was quickly pointed out by numerous people this is basically a “bus”. Just, you know, without the poor people. -- Another thing those tireless tech brains have recently invented is “vending machines”. You probably remember Bodega, the startup which recently caused a great deal of controversy for its vision to rid neighbourhoods of their local convenience stores and replace them with vending machines. -- Except they’re not just vending machines, guys! They’re smart-store kiosks powered by AI that you can operate via your phone! ...'
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4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Sweden Sees Surge In Fraud And Sexual Offenses
'...The r-strategy is a search for free resources. Much of crime is a shortcut to free resources, and the most r crimes will be those which minimize risk and maximize reward to the greatest degree. -- An r-strategist’s ideal world is one where they just pick limitless free resources up off the ground. To that end, burglary, where one enters an empty house and picks up valuables to carry out with you, fraud, where you trick someone into handing you free resources to carry away, and other forms of non-confrontational enrichment are probably the most r. Of course sexual assaults, where an individual cannot control their sexual urges and forces themselves on others, is merely an outgrowth of the high sex drive that is designed to produce the promiscuity of the r-strategy’s mating behavior. -- As this site has shown quite often, there is much evidence to indicate that r-strategists were first borne of those individuals who fled the violence of K-selection in search of nearby lands with freer resource availability and less conflict. The high carriage of long-form DRD4 alleles that predisposes to liberal ideology is also found in migrants, and the novelty seeking that provokes migration is also high in leftists. -- If a society imports a large number of migrants, it will be importing a large number of r-strategists, and it can expect those r-strategists to engage in a high number of r-selected crimes, and exhibit a low degree of those stress-tolerant, industrious, protective, selfless psychologies that are the foundation of great civilizations. -- On the bright side, the same r-psychologies which are the problem now will be, for the most part, programmed to flee at the first signs of violence when the unrest comes. However the violent who drive them away will need to present no weakness, and give no impression they will be easily frightened into offering an easy victory. -- It is too late for this turn of the cycle. The coming war between r and K, foreign and domestic, and evil and good in now inevitable. But I hope this information, laid bare right next to the real world examples of it in action, may make it better for the next turn of the cycle.'
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4 days ago
Spiked -- Men are not a different species by Patrick West
'We are in the midst of a moral panic. And not just any old moral panic – a traditional reactionary one directed at paedophiles, immigrants, skinheads, mods and rockers or Teddy Boys. No, this is a proper ‘progressive’ moral panic, as embodied by the Pestminster witch-hunt. This moral panic is about men, and the belief that there is an existential problem with males as a whole. Masculinity has now become pathologised, and sexism today has become transformed into a modern-day evil: invisible, intangible, omnipotent. -- For decades we learned to appreciate that while your sex might influence the way you act and think, it doesn’t define you. Environment is just as important in shaping who you are, both in how culture interprets the differences between men and women, and through other factors unrelated to your sex. More importantly, human beings are not hostages to biology: we can think for ourselves. We may not be able to escape nature or rewrite how we were nurtured, but we are not condemned by either. My genitals, chromosomes, hormones or ‘male brain’ aren’t writing these words – I am. -- Yet gender determinism is curiously back in fashion (as is racial determinism, with the rhetoric about the ‘problem with whiteness’). It has become normal to talk of ‘men’ as a problematic category, as if all ‘men’ are potential or actual sexual predators, as if we are a coherent category of automatons, confined by those inverted commas. When Caitlin Moran concluded her Times column on Saturday speaking about ‘the problem of men’, she summed up a mainstream sentiment. It’s astonishing that it needs saying these days that this is no different to talking about the ‘problem of women’ or the problem of ‘the blacks’. -- It should baffle us that gender determinism has magically returned, but it is the logical consequence of identity politics, which has held sway ever since the appeal of class began to wither in the 1960s. If you are going to obsess about gender (or race), as has been the norm, making it the foundation of your very essence will follow. This is the logic of political trends, and fashion in general: they always veer to the extreme. Just as once skirts got shorter, flares wider, hair longer and now hipster beards bigger, political trends always get more outlandish. -- Any person who talks about the ‘problem of men’ implicitly condemns their own father and any brother or son they might have. To talk in such hostile, blanket terms of ‘men’ exposes the inhumanity of gender determinism. All of us have or have had a male and female biological parent; misandry is as irrational as misogyny.'
illiberalism  feminism  threatnarrative  scapegoating  hysteria 
4 days ago
YouTube -- Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Soy Boys
'Is soy food turning men into massive pussies?' -- Look at this fucking vegan hipster
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  hipsters  testosterone  estrogen  satire 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- White Man Transracially and Transexually Identifies As Filipino Woman
'...All of this bizarreness we are seeing is due to us having brains which are designed to endure brief periods of horror, where an amygdala is forced to focus on external stimuli, interspersed within longer periods of peaceful relaxation. Now we are in a period which has removed those short periods of horror, replacing everything with short periods of extreme pleasure, interspersed with what then becomes long periods of boredom and dissatisfaction. -- Because most people’s brains are not designed for this, they are literally breaking down like a misprogrammed computer that locks up and can’t perform its functions. -- Ironically, the upcoming economic and societal collapse may actually make people’s brains function better, by making the environment far less hospitable. You can’t get more counterintuitive than that.'
rkselectiontheory  dopamine  soma 
4 days ago
CNBC -- Homeownership doesn't build wealth, study finds
'...researchers in the study claim the old adage of "throwing your money away on rent," doesn't hold up. That is because it assumes that the extra money a renter saves by not owning a home and not saving for a downpayment is simply spent on goods or services and not invested. -- "When you assume that those monies are reinvested at a rate of return, renting, on average, wins in terms of wealth creation," Johnson said. "Of course, many renters will not reinvest those monies and will instead use them for consumer goods, which is the least desirable option in terms of building wealth." -- In other words, the rent argument only works if the renter invests the rental savings rather than consuming it. -- ... When you consider that many Americans are not invested in the stock market, "the forced savings of a monthly mortgage is a key reason why housing has served as an engine of growth for the middle class over the last 50 years," Richardson added.' -- 37 Bogus Arguments About Housing http://patrick.net/post/1282722/2015-07-11-37-bogus-arguments-about-housing
economics  rent  rentseeking  malinvestment  investing 
4 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Floating Cities Being Floated
'...truth be told, we don’t need new cities, we need a frontier. The problem with mankind today is we lack a frontier, beyond government reach. I think the frontiers are good because they mold man into a model designed to function without fitting in or being constrained. Conformity is an intellectual killer, because I think it bleeds into every facet of a people’s psychology and thought processes. -- Picture one group of people who live in total freedom with no rules, and another group who are told what to do every moment of their lives. Pit them against each other in a creative competition, and I do not think there is any question who would win. -- Spreading out into space will be the final evolution of mankind, favoring a more libertarian, individualistic, combat-capable but conflict-avoidant strategy.'
rkselectiontheory  libertarianism  individualism 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- SJWs Fight To Hold Onto Control Of NFL
'...There is no better way to devolve an organization into acrimony, backstabbing, and failure than to let the ideology of inclusiveness get it’s foot in the door. It seems counterintuitive, until you factor in that humans are designed to do one thing – defeat each other. There’s only two ways that can happen – men join together loyally and have it out with similar men, or men stab their confederates in the back, erode their own group’s performance, and then ally with the enemy as it sails to victory. -- If the NFL were a tribe, look at how the SJWs would have eroded its effectiveness, and destroyed its ability to function as a unit. All it is waiting on is a competing group to swoop in and take all its stuff. And all the while the SJWs have maintained their plausible deniability. “We are just trying to make things better!”'
rkselectiontheory  subversion  LYAHF 
5 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- On the Left And Toxic Masculinity
'It’s no secret – the left hates masculine men ... The left is trying to push the Overton Window to the r-selected side as far as they can by attaching such a dramatic descriptor to the idea of masculinity as “toxic.” There was a time when masculine was a positive descriptor. So the left attaches the word “toxic” to it in people’s minds, and while it doesn’t affect everyone initially, it does begin to attach some negativity into the idea. That is how the dialog is changed, without anyone knowing it. But to shift the Overton Widow, you have to be extreme in pushing it as far as you can, to get as many percentage points of change in polls of the entire populace as possible. A moderate push won’t change the percentage points in polls. -- When you have an idea that leftists are repelled by, like r/K Theory, which describes everything they do and why they do it, you can take their extreme attempts to mold the battlefield of public opinion, and use those extreme attacks as evidence for the very idea they hate the most – the truth of r/K Theory. Once you enter that logic loop, it is tough for the leftist to act without reinforcing the very idea they revile. You see where that leads. -- #They attack masculinity – point out that it supports r/K Theory. -- #They want to ban guns – point out it r/K Theory explains why. -- #They attack Police/Military/family/marriage/patriotism/K-morals – point out it is predicted by r/K Theory. -- #They sexualize children – point out that is the r-selected rabbit’s early mating urge. -- #They support foreigners over Americans – point out that is what r/K Theory describes. -- Whatever tactical move the leftists make, whatever attack they launch that requires extremeness to work, using it to support r/K Theory is a strategy that turns their actions to advance themselves into something which is very emotionally negative to them. It is a perfect amygdala hijack as well. -- Again, until r/K Theory is known everywhere, the battle will continue as it is. Once r/K is everywhere, leftists will be quite constrained in their ability to act out in support of their noxious ideology. Every move they make will either foster support for r/K Theory by demonstrating its tenets to the public and denigrate their ideology in the eyes of the masses, or their moves will need to be tempered, and thus rendered less effective in supporting leftism. r/K Theory is the ultimate win-win.'
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Breitbart -- Sweden: ‘It Doesn’t Matter if Rapists Are Migrants, Only that They’re Men’
'Sweden’s justice minister has rejected a proposal by the Moderate party to record the ethnic backgrounds of sex attackers saying the only thing that matters is that they are men. -- ... Johansson rejected the request saying: “Sweden’s earlier figures and numerous international studies all show much the same thing. Minority groups are often overrepresented in crime statistics, but when controlling for socioeconomic factors this [the overrepresentation of minority groups] disappears almost entirely.”' -- Because socioeconomic factors
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Breitbart -- Macron Blames France for the Rise of Islamic Radicalisation
'French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed France for the rise of Islamism and said the Republic was not good enough for “youths”, as he outlined a series of social programmes for the country’s migrant-dominated, low-income neighbourhoods. -- ... “This radicalisation happened because the Republic gave up,” Macron told the crowd in Tourcoing. “And we allowed, in too many cities, too many districts, representatives of a distortion of a religion who are full of hate and disenfranchisement to provide solutions that the Republic no longer gives.” -- The former Socialist party member pledged to “restore” the French Republic, because, “I cannot ask a young person to believe in the Republic when it is not up to par.”'
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BBC News -- Head teacher apologises over 'racial discrimination' letter (2013)
'A head teacher has apologised for sending parents a letter saying a "racial discrimination" note would be added to their child's education record if they did not go on a religious trip. -- Pupils from Littleton Green Community School, Cannock, were expected to go to Staffordshire University to "learn about different cultures". -- A letter to parents said it was a "statutory requirement". -- But the school has now asked parents to "disregard a section" of the letter.'
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: SLOW MOTION SUICIDE
'While in the past, the old would encourage the young to make sacrifices for the survival of society, now sacrifices are required by the old for society to survive economically. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the slow motion suicide of the looming pension and debt crisis which many simply choose to ignore at their own peril.' -- "Everyone is acting rationally according to the rules of the game, but the rules of the game are so irrational that it's utterly unsustainable."
economics  incentives  statism  debt  greatestdepression  intergenerationalwarfare  StefanMolyneux 
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: Poland: Nationalism Rising | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux
'Over the weekend, Tommy Robinson was in Warsaw, Poland to attend the country's Independence Day march - a celebration of Poland's 99 years of independence from Russia. While the mainstream media claimed that 60,000 far-right Nazis took to the streets preaching racism and division, the reality of the march was much different. Tommy Robinson joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss his firsthand experience in Poland, the mainstream media’s distortion of the independence celebration, the suffering of communism producing a gratitude for freedom and the state of the European Union.' -- "The idea that in England you could stand there and cheer for England and wave your flag and feel that that may be dangerous is a truly unprecedented phenomena in history."
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The Rational Male -- The Creep – Part 2
'...Creepiness is a feeling women get from men who lack the social skills to ‘just get it’ that they are or aren’t into them. What this distills down to on a root level is women’s presuming that men should know better than to approach them when they are beneath their Hypergamous attraction floor. It is the criminalization of men not understanding how they fit into women’s sexual strategies. ... The more men resist the social intents of Hypergamy, the more it will become necessary to legislate men to comply with it. -- Feminine-primary social doctrine is an extension of women’s Hypergamy. -- Any deviation from this is on the part of men is met with a cultural reprisal designed to convince or coerce men to accept their inevitable role in providing those entitlements to women. When those social contingencies fail, or become played out, the Feminine Imperative then appeals to legal legislation to mandate men’s compliance to what amounts to women’s social entitlement to optimized Hypergamy. -- We’re rapidly reaching this peak Hypergamous state. ...the narrative of masculinity has shifted. There is no more “toxic” masculinity – it’s masculinity on-whole that is toxic. As Open Hypergamy becomes more institutionalized and made a societal norm by the Feminine Imperative, and as more men become Red Pill aware (by effort or consequences) because of it, the more necessary it will become for a feminine-primary social order to legislate and mandate men comply with it. -- ... We live in a new era where marriage has become disincentivized for men by the risks of capital loss in divorce that overwhelmingly favors women with cash & prizes. Now add to this the increasing ego entitlements of women to high value men. As the prospect of marriage looks less and less like a good deal for men wanting to protect themselves there comes a need for women to create ways to bypass the requirement for marriage to access men’s capital. Enter the era of increasingly more nebulous, acrimonious, accusations of sexual harassment or assault and de facto believability of women’s testimony. Exit the era of frivolous divorce (okay maybe not entirely) and enter the era of more easily accessible capital via frivolous sexual assault lawsuits.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Kathy Griffen Amygdala Hijacked – Goes Lights Out In Dublin
'...Outgrouping. And violation of expectation. “Hey, let me say this weird crazy thing, and you’ll all think I am super cool and love me!” Response? “You cunt! Let’s string this bitch up by her nipples!” Amygdala bang! She is a good example because you can almost see the amygdala in her eyes, even at rest. This is High Rabbitry 101. -- As someone who is not at all social, it is curious to me how this develops, and I find the entire trait just fascinating. This is a personality who needs to feel that everyone around them loves them. Simply getting booed by a rowdy Irish crowd, most of whom were probably “spirited,” due to some spirits, is enough to traumatize her to the point she suddenly feels her body shutting down. How does that happen? -- Did she, throughout her life, become somehow accustomed to adulation? Did she become sensitized to ostracization? Why is the idea of everyone supporting her so important to her brain function? Why doesn’t her copious wealth make her not give a damn? Clearly she knew that nobody was going to get violent, and she was in no danger. How does it shock the amygdala so badly as to shut off the entire brain? Could there even be an evolutionary purpose, like an opossum playing possum to avoid violence? Is this a designed feature, and not a bug? -- Most amusingly, the shutdown is something she recognizes enough that she can feel it coming, and say to her boyfriend, “Quick, come catch me, my body is shutting down again!” And he knows what is happening, so he is ready to run up there and drag her off the stage like some ill-tempered Ragedy-Ann doll in a fugue state. -- Then a little while passes backstage, her brain comes back online, she pops back up and runs back out on stage to say a quick goodbye, and she’s off into the night as if nothing happened. The next day she is tweeting how crazy the show was, and making jokes about it.'
rkselectiontheory  narcissism  psychology 
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YouTube -- Paul Joseph Watson: Transracial Weirdo Claims He's a Filipino Woman
'This is the bed progressives made with "everything is a social construct". Time to lie in it.'
6 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- 60,000 Nationalists March In Poland
'..."Demonstrators with faces covered chanted “Pure Poland, white Poland!” and “Refugees get out!”. A banner hung over a bridge that read: “Pray for Islamic Holocaust.”" -- It is undoubtedly growing, which makes me think that beneath the surface we are heading toward the economic collapse quickly. -- If I was Muslim, I would be wargaming an exit from Europe to somewhere safe, because when the K-strategy takes over Europeans, they can become exceedingly thorough in eradicating whatever group they set their sights on. As pathetic and acquiescing as white Europeans appear now, once they are in K-mode, if you are an enemy they will create assembly line processes to kill you and dispose of your bodies as quickly and efficiently as possible. They’ve done it before, and they will do it again, and given the Muslims would appear to clearly be the next big enemy, they will be the first target.'
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Anonymous Conservative -- Roy Moore’s Lead Holds
'...Notice how leftists can lie like this, and still feel as if they are being moral. To a leftist, as an r-strategist, the world is supposed to give them everything they want. When they lie, cheat, or steal, they are not committing any sort of sin that creates an unfair or unnatural advantage. Rather, they are just acting to return the world to the natural, fair state it should be in where they get everything they want. They are designed for that world, they expect that world, and only that world is seen by them as moral and just.'
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Breitbart -- Cross-Dressing 'Queer Role Models' Read to Toddlers to Stop 'Hate Crimes'
'...Speaking to BBC London Radio, the nurseries boss said exposing infants to men dressed as women is beneficial for society “because children are very open until about three” -- “At three they begin to absorb all the ‘isms’ that adults have developed very effectively,” she argued. -- But critics have warned that the rush to inundate young children with information on “transgender” issues could have negative long-term consequences, with leading child psychotherapist Dilys Daws — co-author of Finding Your Way With Your Baby — saying she fears the sessions could sow the seeds of confusion. -- “There’s this idea that’s sweeping the country that being transgender is an ‘ordinary situation’. It’s getting so much publicity that it’s getting children thinking that they might be transgender, when it otherwise wouldn’t have occurred to them,” she told the Mail. -- In The Times, veteran journalist Janice Turner said children in Britain are being “sacrificed” to appease the transgender lobby, pointing to the huge rise in children attending clinics for “gender identity issues”. -- “If there was a 1,000 per cent rise in six years in any other field,” she cites a doctor as saying, “there would be a major inquiry. Instead no one asks why.”'
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YouTube -- Paul Joseph Watson: The New Sexual Puritans
'How the sex abuse scandal is being hijacked to demonize all men.' -- The Tyranny of Female Hypoagency https://youtu.be/KBgcjtE0xrE
victimhood  feminism  hysteria  illiberalism  threatnarrative  scapegoating 
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Breitbart -- I Know Why So Many Angry Women Have Blue Hair
'On the face of it, “Why do so many angry women seem to have blue hair?” doesn’t seem like one of the most pressing issues of our time. Yet the more you think about it, and the more time you spend on the internet, the more you realise how much it matters.'
women  feminism  satire 
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Anonymous Conservative -- Heartiste On Sexual Dimorphism-Related Sexual Preferences
'He sums up the study he cites thusly: "The more masculine the man, the greater his desire for feminine women. The less masculine the man, the greater his tolerance (if not desire) for masculine women." -- ...Since rabbit women raise the promiscuously borne spawn of Mystery-like Alphas alone, they need to be stronger, manly, and more aggressive. Meanwhile the r-men become flashy to attract mates for short duration relationships, and effete to facilitate conflict avoidance and to avoid being killed. -- Again, homosexuality is likely just a periodic accidental overshoot of that model, where masculine r-selected, ball-busting feminist SJW females prefer feminine features in their beta/leftist SJW boy toys – to the point they one day realize that even the SJW Mystery-like males are not feminine enough, and they switch over to outright female partners. -- Likewise, those leftist, r-selected, SJW males prefer more and more masculine, ball-busting females, until one day they desire such masculinity that they make the jump to having sex with outright males. It doesn’t happen everywhere, so the overall advantage of the moderated r-strategy, where feminine men promiscuously mate with masculine females who raise the twisted clutches of rabbit offspring alone keeps the strategy alive even when the accidental overshoots here and there fail to reproduce. -- My guess is this overshooting arose because humans have a history of shifting from such numbing levels of massive resource availability, favoring the r-strategy, to such brutal, ruthless K-selected wars and depopulations when things turned harsh. Instead of gradually developing a precise reproductive strategy that was perfectly adapted to a constant environmental condition, we adapted an adaptability. That ability to shift from r to K and back again meant a shifting reproductive strategy that could periodically overshoot the mark in a small number of cases.'
rkselectiontheory  evolution  sexuality 
9 days ago
Daily Mail Online -- Teacher suspended for praising pupil using wrong gender
'Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, who teaches maths at a state secondary school in Oxfordshire, said ‘Well done girls’ to the teenager and a friend when he spotted them working hard. -- He apologised when corrected by the pupil, but six weeks later he was suspended from teaching after the pupil’s mother lodged a complaint. -- Following an investigation, he has been summoned to a formal disciplinary hearing this week to face misconduct charges for ‘misgendering’.'
UK  newspeak  transgenderism  illiberalism  threatnarrative 
9 days ago
Breitbart -- Muslim Rape Gang Survivors: ‘Groomers Are Still Abusing Girls in Rotherham’
'...Ms. Williams told Channel 4: “You know it’s still happening. When you’re driving down town centre roads you see men in their cars with their girls and stuff.” -- When asked why the police couldn’t see that if she could, she answered: “I don’t know.” -- In May, Maggie Oliver, a former police detective who helped prosecute another Muslim grooming gang in Rochdale in 2012, wrote that offenders identified during the original investigation are still at large. -- “There are still paedophiles who we identified… who are out there right now,” the whistleblower said. “I still support many of the girls and they tell me they’ve seen them.” -- A nationwide pattern emerged after the first prosecutions in Rotherham, and then Rochdale, where a “culture of silence” and political correctness led to inaction by authorities who feared being called “racist” as the groomers were predominantly Pakistani-origin Muslims who preyed on vulnerable, white girls. -- In some cases, authorities made the victims feel that they were racists for identifying the ethnicity of their abusers, and even suggested that the underaged girls’ victimisation was a “lifestyle choice” and that they were prostitutes.'
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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: What Are Diminutives – and Why We Like Them
'A diminutive is something you stick on the end of a word to make the thing it describes sound smaller. ie. Dog goes to Doggy. Every language has them, but some have more than others. Why are we drawn to diminutives? And why is English particularly resistant to them, compared to Spanish, for example?'
9 days ago
Breitbart -- Delingpole: This Cambridge University SJW Tried to Get Me Fired Just for Reading a Book About Nazi Germany
'...I really don’t like it when people try to get me sacked for the crime of reading a history book. Not even when that history book is about Nazi Germany. Especially when that book is about Nazi Germany. -- One of the key points about Nazi Germany — as surely young Ellen would have learned at school: she’s not stupid, she did get into Cambridge remember — is that the Nazis were guilty of precisely the kind of vicious intolerance that Ellen Robertson displayed towards me on Twitter. -- The Nazis burned books. They condemned people who didn’t align with their own ideology. They judged books by their cover, not by their contents. -- Is it a generational problem here, I wonder? -- Are Ellen Robertson and her fellow snowflakes so irredeemably tainted by their postmodernist, safe space culture in which everyone who disagrees with them is basically a fascist that they are doomed never to think an intelligent thought or do an intelligent thing or contribute anything to the world except entitled, cry-bully whining? -- Because if it is, let me tell you, all you Ellen Robertsons out there, those of us of the older, wiser, more culturally broadminded, informed and enlightened generations that preceded you are not going to take your stupid, tedious, pettifogging SJW shit lying down. -- (Nor, thank heaven, is the generation just below you who — I get the encouraging impression — are as sick of your drivel as we oldsters are, and are turning to Anarcho-Capitalism and Kek-worship instead). -- Back to my serious point, though. This is not a game, Ellen Robertson. Out here in the real world, if you try to get someone fired for the mere act of tweeting about a history book they are reading — yes, even, if that book is about the Nazis — then do not expect that person to shrug his shoulders and just go: “Aaaah. How sweet. Some random comedienne thinks I’m a Nazi and wants me to lose my job.” -- We on the conservative side of the argument have read your textbook Rules for Radicals. -- We’ve read Vox Day’s equally invaluable SJWs Always Lie. -- Here’s what we’ve learned. When you attack, we fight back.'
illiberalism  snitching  1984 
9 days ago
Goop -- Why Nobody Is Exonerated From Pain and Hard Work: A Q&A with Phil Stutz & Barry Michels
'Part X is a very real enemy living inside of every human being. -- Part X is the part of you that seduces you into the exoneration fantasy. -- The question is how seriously do you take this idea of an inner enemy? Is this just an intellectual concept, or do you actually feel Part X as a cunning and devious adversary trying to sabotage you, every moment of every day? If you take it seriously — like you would if it were someone in the outside world — your instincts for self-preservation will be triggered. You’ll feel aggressive, resolved, and determined to fight back for yourself. We call this “intensity,” and it’s the precondition for fighting Part X. -- If you fight back with intensity, you feel more alive, regardless of whether you win or lose any one battle. You could lose five battles in a row with Part X, and you’ll still be ahead of the game because you fought back with intensity. This is a complete re-envisioning of what we think of as the life force. It’s not something that’s just given — you have to fight for it.' -- There is no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy. ~ Machiavelli
psychology  resistance  falseself  * 
10 days ago
The Atlantic -- The Booming Japanese Rent-a-Friend Business
'...Yuichi believes that Family Romance helps people cope with unbearable absences or perceived deficiencies in their lives. In an increasingly isolated and entitled society, the CEO predicts the exponential growth of his business and others like it, as à la carte human interaction becomes the new norm. -- #Morin: What was your very first role? #Yuichi: I had a single-mother friend, and she had a son. He was trying to enter a private school, but they denied him solely because he had no father. I wanted to challenge the unfairness of Japanese society, so I posed as his father. #Morin: Were you successful? #Yuichi: Not in that situation. But, it inspired the idea for this business. -- ... #Morin: I understand you work as a boyfriend too. Can you describe that experience? #Yuichi: Those clients are usually older ladies. It used to be primarily women in their 50s, but now there are even more women in their 30s. #Morin: Is this sexual or just platonic? #Yuichi: It’s a dating situation. It’s not about having sexual relations, although some women have expected that. Generally, the women just want to have fun with a younger man. They want to feel young again. #Morin: Why do you think these women hire you? #Yuichi: The women typically say that in a real relationship, you’re slowly building trust. It takes years to create a strong connection. For them, it’s a lot of hassle and disappointment. Imagine investing five years with someone and then they break up with you. It’s just easier to schedule two hours per week to interact with an ideal boyfriend. There’s no conflict, no jealousy, no bad habits. Everything is perfect. #Morin: You’ve been on so many fake dates—what is it like for you, in your own personal life, to go on an actual date? #Yuichi: I don’t have a real girlfriend right now. Real dating feels like work. It feels like work to care for a real person. #Morin: Do you plan on having a family someday? #Yuichi: Honestly, I’m full. I’m full of family, and I feel like it’s a lot to manage. Sometimes, a client asks me to be there in the room when she gives birth. One time, the client was a pregnant woman, and rather than ask her parents, she wanted me to be there. So, I went. Some women propose to me, and I say no, but it’s very hard for me to say no. #Morin: Why? #Yuichi: Many women say, “I want to marry you.” I say, “You’re in love with an order form. It’s not me—it’s the acting that you love.” If I married her, I’d have to keep acting. And, there are certain women who are wonderful, but the soul I have with them is not my real soul. So, I cannot and I would not. -- #Morin: What is your favorite role? #Yuichi: It doesn’t happen often, but there are cases when I have to be a groom. There are situations where parents pressure a daughter to marry—if she’s a lesbian, for example. So, they have an entire wedding, and it’s a fake wedding, except for the client’s family. The friends, and everyone else are fake. My side is all fake. Fifty fake people all pretending it’s real. The cost is 2 million yen, for everyone. -- #Morin: What do you predict for the future of your business? #Yuichi: The demand is increasing. More people, for example, want help to appear popular on social media. We had one man recently who paid a huge sum just to fly with five employees to Las Vegas and take pictures for Facebook. -- #Morin: Have you or any of your employees hired other actors for your own lives? #Yuichi: It happens. For instance, some employees hire actors to praise them in the presence of people they want to impress. Personally, when I throw speaking seminars, I often bring extras to bolster the crowd. #Morin: Is everyone in the world replaceable? #Yuichi: That’s a very good question. I’m not sure. There was one case of a man in his 60s. His wife died, and he wanted to order another copy of her. We provided that. -- #Yuichi: We have a huge variation of employees and the dedication to create an experience that surpasses reality. That’s why our motto is “more than real.” We had a case recently where a dying man wanted to see his grandchild, but it would not have been born in time. His daughter was able to rent an infant for the day. #Morin: What does it mean to be “more than real”? #Yuichi: There are less concerns. There is less misunderstanding and conflict. Our clients can expect better results. #Morin: You’re offering a more perfect form of reality? #Yuichi: More ideal. More clean.'
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10 days ago
Melting Asphalt -- Ads Don’t Work That Way
'Cultural imprinting is the mechanism whereby an ad, rather than trying to change our minds individually, instead changes the landscape of cultural meanings — which in turn changes how we are perceived by others when we use a product. -- Any product enjoyed or discussed in the presence of your peers is ripe for cultural imprinting. -- ...cultural imprinting relies on the principle of common knowledge. For a fact to be common knowledge among a group, it's not enough for everyone to know it. Everyone must also know that everyone else knows it — and know that they know that they know it... and so on. -- So for an ad to work by cultural imprinting, it's not enough for it to be seen by a single person, or even by many people individually. It has to be broadcast publicly, in front of a large audience. I have to see the ad, but I also have to know (or suspect) that most of my friends have seen the ad too. Thus we will expect to find imprinting ads on billboards, bus stops, subways, stadiums, and any other public location, and also in popular magazines and TV shows — in other words, in broadcast media. But we would not expect to find cultural-imprinting ads on flyers, door tags, or direct mail. Similarly, internet search ads and banner ads are inimical to cultural imprinting because the internet is so fragmented. Everyone lives in his or her own little online bubble. When I see a Google search ad, I have no idea whether the rest of my peers have seen that ad or not. -- ... If a relatively new/unknown brand of beer advertises itself as an "unpretentious fun-times party beer" during the Superbowl, you can bring that beer to your friend's barbecue later, confident that your intentions will be understood. Whereas if the same unknown brand advertised itself across 100 different TV shows, and you only saw one of them — on an obscure cooking show (say) — you'd have no idea whether your friends at the barbecue would have the same understanding of the brand image, and whether they would perceive your intentions correctly. -- ...brands carve out a relatively narrow slice of brand-identity space and occupy it for decades. And the cultural imprinting model explains why. Brands need to be relatively stable and put on a consistent "face" because they're used by consumers to send social messages, and if the brand makes too many different associations, (1) it dilutes the message that any one person might want to send, and (2) it makes people uncomfortable about associating themselves with a brand that jumps all over the place, firing different brand messages like a loose cannon. -- ... Brands build trust over time, and not just trust in the quality of their product, but trust that they won't change their brand messaging too sharply or too quickly. -- When ads work by conveying honest information, of course, we're happy to consume such ads (and the products they're marketing), because the ads are doing us a valuable service. But when an ad works by cultural imprinting, we feel we're being manipulated somehow. And we are. Before seeing the ad, the product wasn't worth very much to us, but after seeing the ad, we find ourselves wanting to buy it (and at a premium, no less). The problem is that there's no escape, no immunity, from this kind of ad. Once we see it — and know that all our peers have seen it too — it's in our rational self-interest to buy the advertised product. -- Avoiding ads doesn't help much either. Because brand images are part of the cultural landscape we inhabit, when we block ads or fast-forward through them, we're missing out on valuable cultural information, alienating ourselves from the zeitgeist. This puts us in danger of becoming outdated, unfashionable, and otherwise socially hapless. We become like the kid who wears his dad's suit to his first middle-school dance. -- Of course, haplessness isn't so bad for some people in some cultural niches, and I count myself extremely lucky to live among such a crowd. But if most of your peers are exposed to these ads, you're missing out by not watching them too.'
psychology  marketing  branding  culture  #socialization  #ubiquity  mimesis  signalling  advertising  theadvertisedlife  rhetoric  commonplace 
10 days ago
YouTube -- The Rubin Report: Stefan Molyneux on Race and IQ (Pt. 2)
"If we don't even acknowledge the problem, how are we going to solve anything? The plight of communities around the world and in the Western countries is dire. And we're currently tearing ourselves apart as a society looking for the scapegoats for these group differences. And the science is very clear about what the problem is...We are going to self-destruct as a society if we continue to have this incredible witch hunt for racism and sexism – we're just looking in the wrong place...if it's wrong, we are destroying ourselves through ignorance, and that, for the society that we have and the information technology that we have and the communications ability that we have – for us to self-destruct through ignorance of scientific facts is unprecedented in human history."
philosophy  sociology  civilization  race  intelligence  denial  reactionformation  egalitarianism  threatnarrative  racism  sexism  scapegoating  StefanMolyneux 
10 days ago
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: When Facts Don't Matter | Scott Adams and Stefan Molyneux
"The best persuaders are almost always generating an oversized amount of hate [from] the people who didn't want to be persuaded." -- "If you're moving in the right direction, that's something people are get behind. People are far more influenced by the direction of things..."
rhetoric  persuasion  propaganda  polarization  twominuteshate  StefanMolyneux 
10 days ago
YouTube -- RussiaToday: Measures aim to destroy RT America as mass media – editor-in-chief on US actions against channel
'The chair of the Russian lower house has said that the recent US order for RT to register as a foreign agent should prompt similar measures against American mass media engaged in “unconcealed interference” in Russia’s internal politics.'
america  empire  minitrue  twominuteshate  russia  war 
10 days ago
Delingpole World -- Delingpole Podcast: Anne Marie Waters, leader of the “For Britain” party.
"I think it's groupthink. They hear someone get applause for something and think that must be right. People I like, people I approve of are applauding that person for saying that. And this repeatedly builds up a play in your own mind that hasn't been thought through, it's a series of soundbytes, it's a script that they never take the time to think through – partly because they would lose their social circle if they did ... The groupthink, the social issue of being removed from your social group, is a huge, huge issue, and a big reason why people won't think this stuff through because they might come to a conclusion that gets them kicked out of their in-group."
ideology  groupthink  herd 
11 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Mark Zuckerberg Wants Your Naked Pictures
'...You wonder, could people really be this stupid? Give Facebook an entire database of their most embarrassing photos, searchable no less? -- But stop and think about the intel guys in the 90’s, as computers came online, and they tried to figure out how they could use data to unravel people’s social networks. Using phone calls were obvious. Photograph the mail and put it through OCR. Credit card bills for people who shopped together. Banking transfers, purchases on one credit card shipped to another address, school records, work records, and on and on. -- Then one guy deep in the intel machinery probably proposed creating “social media websites,” where people could upload every detail of their lives, and link themselves to their friends. All they had to do is put the idea of such a website out there and let a bunch of coders create versions of it, and then promote the one run by the most easily intimidatable/controlled guy. My guess is the 6′ 4″ 240 lb Winklevoss twins never had a chance compared to the puny, anxiety-driven Zuckerberg. -- Once that was established, I’ll bet nobody could believe how well it worked. One site, and people upload everything to it themselves. -- Once they saw that, the idea of offering to protect people against the revelations of their most embarrassing stuff, if only they will upload it first, is just a natural outgrowth of the idea.'
internet  facebook  socialnetworking  panopticon  idiocracy 
11 days ago
Breitbart -- Poland Tells Young People to 'Breed Like Rabbits' to Solve Declining Population, Rejecting Mass Migration
'...Poland’s “do it yourself” approach runs contrary to progressive concepts disseminated by left-wing media, with Time magazine promoting the “child free” life, and National Geographic suggesting the “New Europeans”, who entered the continent during the 2015 migrant crisis, are the future of Europe. -- ... Poland, which rejects mass migration and the associated rise in crime, sexual assaults, terrorism, and integration problems witnessed in Western European countries, has seen its fertility rate fall from three children per woman in 1960 to 1.3 in 2015, according to World Bank figures. -- A nation found to be less interested sex, Germany’s fertility has also dropped from 2.4 to 1.5. But the country’s response has been to import en masse migrants from the third world, a decision lauded in early 2016 as the solution to the “demographic crisis” by German media and indicating the “need for continued high levels of immigration” by the left-wing Guardian newspaper. -- Statistics across the rest of Western Europe show similar demographic shifts, with neighbouring Austria’s population growing at its highest rate because of mass migration and projections revealing Sweden’s population could rise by more than a million inhabitants within the next decade due to mass migration and migrant fertility. In the United Kingdom, 75 per cent of population growth is down to immigration, with mothers born abroad being responsible for 28 per cent of births in 2016 in England and Wales.'
europe  demographics  migration 
11 days ago
Breitbart -- 'Different Cultural Norms' – Pakistani Doctor Assaulted Student Nurse He Saw as 'Sexually Available'
'Married Pakistani doctor Imran Rauf Qureshi, 44, faces being struck off after sexually assaulting a student nurse he saw as “sexually available”, blaming different “culture norms” for his behaviour. -- Qureshi assaulted the victim, a 21-year-old Muslim described only as ‘Miss A.’, because the fact she had previous boyfriends made her seem “sexually available”, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard. -- “He described the incident being a misjudgement by him and says the culture norms are different in the UK from Pakistan where he’s from,” said Rebecca Vanstone, counsel for the General Medical Council (GMC).' -- When I hear the word 'culture', I reach for my gun.
culture  multiculturalism  predation 
11 days ago
Spiked -- A man is dead. Are the witch-hunters happy now? by Brendan O’Neill
'Carl Sargeant: a working-class politician destroyed by middle-class hysteria. -- ... To read about the treatment of Sargeant is to get a glimpse into how unhinged and even Stalinist the sex-pest panic has become. Most strikingly, Sargeant was kept in the dark about the accusations made against him and about the identity of his accusers. He was not afforded the most basic information about why he was under investigation and as a consequence had to lose, temporarily at least, his entire purpose in political life: his job as Welsh government minister and his membership of the Labour Party. This echoes the showtrials of earlier, darker eras, when ‘political deviants’ were likewise kept in the dark about the reasons for their public destruction. Not knowing what he was accused of caused Sargeant ‘huge distress and anxiety’, his family says. Indeed, shortly before his suicide, his lawyers had written to Labour officials to tell them that the shaming and sacking of Sargeant for unknown reasons was affecting his mental welfare. -- It is difficult to disagree with Sargeant’s family, who today have complained that Sargeant was not afforded ‘common courtesy, decency or natural justice’. The key line here is natural justice. The sexual-harassment hysteria is innately hostile to and even destructive of the idea of natural justice. Accusation has become enough to establish guilt. Witness the falling on to swords of MPs who have been merely accused, and accused of the most mundane kinds of behaviour, of things only the most prudish and immature of minds could consider crimes or misdemeanours. Kate Maltby complaining that Damian Green touched her knee, Jane Merrick saying Michael Fallon tried to kiss her. These pathetic accusations by actual adults have contributed to a climate in which even advances are reimagined as ‘sexual predation’ and anyone who once sent a saucy text or told an off-colour joke is instantly branded a pervert, a misogynist, on a spectrum with rapists, and unfit for public life. This is the Kafkaesque hell in which Sargeant found himself: where he didn’t know what he was accused of, but everyone felt pretty sure he was a ‘predator’, like all those other evil men.' -- The Tyranny of Female Hypoagency https://youtu.be/KBgcjtE0xrE
victimhood  feminism  threatnarrative  shamingtactics  snark  illiberalism 
12 days ago
Spiked -- ‘Pestminster’: feminism’s double standards by Ella Whelan
'Why working-class victims of real sexual abuse are ignored. -- Earlier this year, following a testimony from one woman and one girl, police uncovered a gang of rapists and child abusers in Newcastle. Seventeen men, convicted under Operation Sanctuary, were routinely raping young women, and girls as young as 14. They plied their victims with alcohol and drugs before assaulting them. -- This month, several MPs have been demoted or suspended pending investigations for allegedly touching the knees of journalists or researchers, and for making ‘lewd’ comments and texting women to ask them out for drinks. -- Which of these things got more media coverage? The rape of working-class women or the inconveniencing of middle-class women with a hand on the leg or an unwanted text? ... -- Many now talk about the need to ‘believe women’. Yet northern working-class girls weren’t believed, and many of them knew they wouldn’t be believed. The contrast in the social capital of these girls and of the journos complaining about handsy MPs is stark. So the former are forgotten, and the latter are hailed as martyrs, despite ‘suffering’ what most people would consider to be very mild creepy behaviour. It seems that for many feminists and many in the media, high-profile women being lightly touched is a bigger, more important story than working-class women being raped. -- ...contrasting these two cases helps us to understand how much feminists misuse language today. To describe well-educated professional women in the sphere of politics as ‘vulnerable’ is ridiculous. However, girls in care in the north whose abuse was ignored or overlooked really were vulnerable. Jane Merrick and Kate Maltby, journalists who have made incredibly petty accusations against MPs, aren’t brave; the northern women who persisted in bringing their serious suffering to light are brave. Sending someone a dirty text message is not ‘sexual predation’; but raping, assaulting and harassing girls as young as 14 is. -- There is a powerful class dynamic to the ‘Pestminster’ scandal. What we have here are middle-class women playing the role of victims in a very unconvincing way. But real victims, if they’re working class and northern, are quickly forgotten. It is alarming that in Britain in 2017, you will get more sympathetic coverage in the broadsheet press if you’re posh and someone touches your knee than if you’re working-class and were raped for months.'
UK  conquest  denial  feminism  victimhood  threatnarrative 
12 days ago
Ashamed to work in Silicon Valley: how techies became the new bankers
'...All of this feeds into the perception that techies are, according to the former Facebooker, “pod people” who aren’t part of the community. -- “You wake up, get the shuttle bus, go to the bubble of campus and order food via an app when you get home. You are not a citizen, just a bizarre leech who makes money,” he explained.' -- Cover the window, please. These mountains give me no ideas. ~ The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster (1909)
hipsters  cities  archigram 
12 days ago
Center for a Stateless Society -- Antifa Activists As The Truest Defenders Of Free Speech by William Gillis
'#Deontology and the Charge of Hypocrisy: People with ethical systems focused on categorizing actions in isolation rather than on strategic pursuit of goals have a nasty tendency to drop accusations of hypocrisy: “If you’re okay with punching nazis in pursuit of a freer world then you have no capacity to object to nazis punching anarchists in pursuit of a more hierarchical world.” -- This maneuver is annoying as hell. Of course non-anarchists could use the reasoning I’m using here to justify all manner of things including exterminating anarchists if you utterly remove the core values/goals I’m following. As a consequentialist I’m not trying to set up some kind of value-independent framework of play that I think should be established universally, some kind of rules of conduct between ideologies.' -- There ought not be a universally established, value-independent framework of play *is* an attempt to establish a universal, value-independent ought to restrict a "framework of play" – i.e. the opposite ought!
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  emotionalism  threatnarrative  vanguardism  illiberalism  doublethink  contradiction  exceptionalism  hypocrisy  usefulidiot 
13 days ago
Breitbart -- Nolte: No Coincidence Pro-Rape Hollywood and Media are Anti-Gun
'...Is it any wonder, then, that Hollywood, a town ruled by left-wing men, an institution dedicated to sexual abuse and shielding those abusers, is anti-gun, would prefer their pool of victims defenseless? -- And it is not just Hollywood. There is also our national media. High-powered men work(ed) for NBC News, ABC News, NPR, Vox, the New Republic, the New York Times. Mother Jones… all accused of various forms of misconduct towards women. -- If these allegations are true, is it any wonder that the powerful men who guide these media outlets, who shape conventional wisdom within the media, would prefer an unarmed populace, would feel better knowing a woman cannot suddenly equalize a situation with a firearm? -- ... Men who rape, assault, grope, harass, or masturbate in front of women, are not driven by sexual attraction. This appalling behavior is about demeaning, degrading, humiliating, shattering, and debasing women — it is purely a power thing. -- And the last thing powerful abusers want is a victim able to immediately equalize the situation through the simple act of reaching into a purse. -- Our media and entertainment industries are infected with powerful men who contemplate a city full of helpless, unarmed women like a lion contemplates a herd of gazelle. -- There are countless reasons our Morning Joe-elites so desire a helpless population, and not a single one of those reasons has to do with stopping mass-shooters. Despite all these terrible events, not a single elite calling for more gun control can come up with a law that would have stopped even one of these massacres. In other words… -- Our elites are not in favor of gun control to stop mass-shootings, rather, they are in favor of using mass-shootings to push the gun control that will result in a more vulnerable populace that is easier to control and victimize.'
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  predation 
13 days ago
Quillette -- Intersectionality and Popper's Paradox by Sumantra Maitra
'Conservative rationalist Karl Popper wrote in The Open Society and Its Enemies that “unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance.” In a society that tolerates intolerant forces, these forces will eventually take advantage of the situation and bring about the downfall of the entire society. The philosophical foundation of this belief can trace its roots to Plato’s ideas of the republic or Machiavelli’s paradox of ruling by love or fear, and a practical example of this in action is jihadists taking advantage of human rights laws. Nothing should be absolute and without reasonable boundaries, not even freedom. In light of this, there are three observable, identifiable ways in which this latest fad of intersectionality is taking advantage of and destroying the rational enlightenment roots of Western academia from within. The approaches are, namely, infiltration, subversion, and coercion. -- ... Subversion, as the second approach, requires interdisciplinary research to dilute the core expertise of any subject, thereby giving an equal platform and standing to unscientific, dogmatic, and ideological literature alongside established scientific methods. An example would be one of Cordelia Fine or Angela Saini’s polemics now being accepted as established peer-reviewed science. -- ... Of course the silent majority of university students, professors, and taxpayers who fund these courses are not as ideologically invested as their radical colleagues. But the silent majority are also usually irrelevant, as the history of humanity illustrates. In the Soviet Union, the majority of the Russian civilians were not Stalinists nor were most of the Chinese civilians hardcore Maoist Red guards. Today in the West, intersectional departments are acting as commissars who are attempting to set the terms of the debate. They are increasingly framing opposition to their ideas as violence against their personhood. In select institutions, gullible administrators are adding fuel to the fire by actually paying students to monitor each other for micro-aggressions and other markers of ideological impurity. Rudi Dutschke would be proud. -- As Victor Davis Hanson and Roger Scruton pointed out in their books, the first casualty of radicalism is classical education. In India, where I come from, it was moderate liberals as well as imperial conservatives who wanted the British Raj to establish science colleges to promote Renaissance values in order to counter the dogma of medieval religions. Today in the West, classical education is under threat by intersectional and quasi-Marxist disciplines such as post-colonialism and gender studies which are trying to change the rules of debate by stifling viewpoints, hijacking disciplines, and peddling pseudoscientific gibberish. As Popper’s paradox predicts, the infiltration, subversion and coercion of Western academics is now occurring because the tolerance of liberal academia has enabled intolerance to flourish.'
illiberalism  marxism  socialism  fabianism  subversion  newspeak  minitrue  miniluv  1984 
14 days ago
The New Yorker -- Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies
'According to dozens of pages of documents, and seven people directly involved in the effort, the firms that Weinstein hired included Kroll, which is one of the world’s largest corporate-intelligence companies, and Black Cube, an enterprise run largely by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies. Black Cube, which has branches in Tel Aviv, London, and Paris, offers its clients the skills of operatives “highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units,” according to its literature. -- ... The explicit goal of the investigations, laid out in one contract with Black Cube, signed in July, was to stop the publication of the abuse allegations against Weinstein that eventually emerged in the New York Times and The New Yorker. Over the course of a year, Weinstein had the agencies “target,” or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories. Weinstein monitored the progress of the investigations personally. He also enlisted former employees from his film enterprises to join in the effort, collecting names and placing calls that, according to some sources who received them, felt intimidating.' -- That's how they do.
espionage  extortion 
14 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Texas Shooter Typical Of Addled Amygdalae
'...As with most mass shooters, the behavior needs to be viewed in the context of amygdala. The attack is an outburst designed to erase a stimulus the shooter cannot tolerate exposure to. In that context, the attack is an outgrowth of an amygdala that cannot tolerate adversity and uncomfortable stimuli. This is reinforced by the fact that every time such a shooter encounters resistance they flee, and when they find they cannot flee, they perform the final amygdala-shutdown move of putting a bullet through their brains. -- When you contrast this with warriors who actually rush into danger and amygdala-stimulation while embracing death, it is a striking difference. -- It would seem to highlight two planes of amygdala stimuli – that of reality and that of the conceptual. The shooter’s dominant motivator is reality. At every step, he is trying to diminishing the stimulation produced by what he sees before him, and it’s direct effect on himself. The Church people being happy irks him, so he must kill them all. The bystander who sees the shooting and who pulls his own gun is scary, so to quiet the amygdala the shooter must flee. The cops who trap him are overwhelming, so he must off himself immediately to quiet his amygdala. It is all him, and what he sees. -- The warrior’s focus is more on conceptual/theoretical amygdala, and as such it can produce drive based upon the concept of amygdala affecting others. The soldier who charges into fire to save a friend in peril, the Marine who dives on a hand grenade to save his buddies, or the fireman who runs into a burning building to save little kids. All are motivated by an almost ethereal world that exists in their heads, modeling the amygdalae of those around them, and acting freely to minimize the amygdalae of others. And once they adopt that model of cognition, all are linked and interconnected through the awareness of, and interconnected concerns of, their conceptually-linked amygdalae. From many become one, and it is all where your choose to focus your amygdala. And as your amygdala focuses on the amygdalae of others, your own amygdala drifts into the background, and disappears. -- It is interesting to me, because you begin to see a sort of spiritual interconnectedness among the higher amygdalae, while those who abide by the lower amygdala ride alone, solely focused on their own condition and their own basest urges. I find it interesting because the lower amygdala seems to not only be alone, but to on some level grasp the existence of the mass of higher amygdalae being all interconnected, and it resents them for being what they are. In a way, it resents their majesty, to the point it needs to destroy them.'
rkselectiontheory  faggotry  illiberalism  sacrifice  altruism 
14 days ago
The Daily Bell -- How Insurance Companies Could Easily Replace Government
'Government is a big insurance company. Except you can’t shop elsewhere for insurance. And their price is super high. And they threaten you if you don’t want to pay them. And the services they deliver are sub-par for the price. And you can’t itemize your “insurance” to only include the products you need. And often just when you need them most, you find out how incompetent, corrupt, and overall ineffective they are at ensuring you against anything. -- ... And because the government really doesn’t deliver on their promise of keeping people safe and coming to their aid, people still turn to private companies. People still find it in their best interest to use some of the 50% of their income left after the government plunders the rest to purchase insurance. -- ... The insurance provider encourages behavior that should be standard from the start. But because of the false belief that the government provides overall everything insurance, people don’t protect themselves how they should. -- The more people that buy into a platinum insurance plan the more the risk is spread. That means cheaper plans. But the government makes people believe they are already covered by public services. -- This is the idea behind government “insurance.” The risk is spread so far and wide that in theory, it should cost very little to be protected. But the government doesn’t run like an insurance company. Their incentive is not to reduce costs to themselves nor the people they protect. Because they don’t have to entice customers, they can charge more than a fair market price for their protection. Because customers cannot opt out, there is no incentive to provide good service. And since they are only tasked with protecting the property, and not replacing it, they have no actual incentive to prevent loss...'
economics  incentives  monopoly  government  statism  centralplanning  moralhazard 
14 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- One In Six Americans Take Psychiatric Drugs
'"One in six U.S. adults reported taking a psychiatric drug, such as an antidepressant or a sedative, in 2013, a new study found. -- The new data comes from an analysis of the 2013 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), which gathered information on the cost and use of health care in the United States…" -- That’s about 50 million Americans who will be thrown off their hippy-dippy happy pills when the shit hits the fan and all the money goes away, leaving behind 50 million amped up depressives and psychotics, who could barely handle the real world when things were r-selected and they were hopped up on drugs. Imagine them then. 50 million SJW crack addicts who are assholes when they are high, all in the throes of withdrawal. -- It is another apocalypse supercharger, courtesy of our riches and our technology. Because of these pills, people experiencing amygdala, who would otherwise have driven us to the K-shift, medicated themselves up and delayed the onset of K-selection. But in doing it they addicted themselves, and now when the K-shift finally hits, it will be ten times worse for the delay. It is like everything else, from debt-spending to the formulation of r-selection-enforcing governmental policies. Delay K, and when it finally comes it will be much worse.'
rkselectiontheory  soma  zombies 
14 days ago
Spiked -- Who will put a brake on this Sexual Inquisition? by Brendan O’Neill
Comment: Dodgy Geezer: '...The problem is a lot deeper than you think. The problem is that the press are no longer connected to the people. They do not perform the function of vocalising the national consciousness any more – instead they compete against each other to publicise their own prejudices, and produce click-bait to try to increase their hit-rates. ... -- The traditional press are losing the fight with the bloggers, and trying to stir up sexual scandals is a well-established method of upping your readership – temporarily. We will end up with the quality papers emulating the Sunday Sport...' -- Comment: Bram: 'It is very clear that we are dealing here with a deliberately whipped up moral panic, which has as its unambiguous focus the 24/7 policing of male sexuality, a cornerstone of male sex-phobic feminism since its second and third incarnations.' -- Comment: disqus_vMQaARNhA2: '...#Rape Gentrification: A whole swathe of the lower middle class women in England closely observed the Pakistani rape gang episode and noted the way that the Anglo Saxon prole victims were portrayed in the media and processed through the government apparatus for dealing with the incident. This notably included being actively encouraged to set up self help groups and to access state funds etc. -- Of course, middle class women ( and in particular those from immigrant backgrounds), immediately recognised the potential for gaining access to the gravy train while understanding it would be difficult and dangerous to directly be seen to be taking away the public compensation that existing victims had. -- So of course, when the opportunity came to manufacture a simulacrum of the rape gang incident they were more than ready and willing to bid it up to the maximum, expecially as it was not neccessary to actually undergo a trauma like the ones suffered by the rape gang victims. -- Just as the lower middle class move into 'working class' areas drawn by their particular identity and then take them over, so these lower middle class women are gentrifying the rape scandals of the past decade. Then the orginal occupants will be invited to move out, whether they like it or not...'
UK  victimhood  feminism  sexcrime  hysteria  journalism  grifting 
14 days ago
The New York Times -- On YouTube Kids, Startling Videos Slip Past Filters
'“My initial response was anger,” said Ms. Burns, a nurse, who credits the app with helping Isaac to learn colors and letters before other boys his age. “My poor little innocent boy, he’s the sweetest thing, and then there are these horrible, horrible, evil people out there that just get their kicks off of making stuff like this to torment children.”' -- What part of parenting do you not understand?
idiocracy  victimhood  agencyvspatiency 
15 days ago
Breitbart -- Austria's Right Wing and Populist Parties Agree to Slash Migrant Benefits, Taxes in Coalition Talks
'...During the election campaign, Mr. Kurz promised to protect European “Christian culture” and control mass migration and both parties called for tax cuts for low earners and for companies. -- To make the appropriate savings, they plan to slash welfare benefits for migrants and are considering introducing a five-year residence qualification for citizens of other EU countries to be eligible for welfare payments in Austria. -- Three of Austria’s nine provinces have already cut benefits for new arrivals, saying the system was being overstretched by the massive influx of migrants. -- Austria’s new government is set to take the rotating EU Council presidency for six months from July 2018.'
europe  conquest 
16 days ago
Breitbart -- WATCH: Danish Immigration Minister's Car Runs Over Immigrant After Attempt to Assault Politician
'Footage from the incident acquired by Danish newspapers shows Støjberg’s security detail having to push back migrants as they extracted her from the building, and punches being thrown at police officers. As the minister’s car drove away from the scene, closely followed by a protection squad vehicle, a number of migrants stood in the way of the car — at least one of whom appears to have gone underneath the wheels. -- Danish media reports “several” were hit by the car, but that there were no serious injuries. -- A police spokesman speaking to Denmark’s Politiken explained: “a number of people threw themselves up over the car and in front of it”. Calling it a “dangerous situation”, another said the minister was “one bodyguard away from being in real danger”. -- Støjberg thanked her protection officers and driver for getting her out of the situation, remarking that without them it would have ended very differently and that “I would not be stood here now”. -- While the minister said she felt sympathy for those being deported, she also pointed out those at the centre were there because they had chosen not to cooperate with authorities in their removal from the country.'
europe  conquest 
16 days ago
Breitbart -- Venezuela: Teenage Girls Turn to Prostitution to Fight Starvation
'Oscar Misle, the director of the CECODAP, an organization seeking to prevent child abuse, said that approximately 45,000 young people had been forced to give up their ambitions to work as sex slaves or child prostitutes. -- ... Thousands of young women have also fled the country to sell sex at higher rates elsewhere, primarily in neighboring Colombia, leading to a huge increase in human trafficking activity. -- The growing levels of famine have also led to other extraordinary incidents of people searching for food, including cannibalism, eating stray dogs, and stealing zoo animals in order to feed themselves. -- Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro recently proposed the introduction of rabbit farming across many of the country’s major cities and has launched a campaign aiming to change people’s perception towards the animals by considering them as meat rather than animals. -- The country’s chronic lack of products has led to the term “Maduro diet,” although government officials have denied shortages exist. An annual survey on Venezuelan living conditions released in May found that nearly 75 percent of people lost an average of 19 pounds as a result of malnutrition in the past year. 82 percent of households live in poverty. -- These figures are rapidly worsening amid continued economic meltdown and skyrocketing rates of inflation. According to latest exchange rates, Venezuela’s monthly minimum wage of 97,500 bolivars is now down to $2.37, equivalent to just over one cent an hour.'
socialism  venezuela 
16 days ago
Anonymous Conservative -- Why Is Apocalypse Pandemic Unavoidable?
'They can’t even contain a bacterium for which there is a vaccine, there are antibiotics, and all you’d have to do to avoid it is not dance with dead bodies ... -- The Apocalypse will remind everyone why the modern tendency toward magnanimity in association is such a bad idea. Today it is considered a mark of modernity to freely associate with the tools, rubes, defectives, and imbeciles, making them feel as if they belong and are equals. -- But the reality is when times are hard those morons are not only going to die themselves. They will take any poor schmuck who has had the bad luck to let their fortunes become intertwined with the fortunes of such morons. That is the origin of in-grouping, borders, xenophobia, discrimination, disgust, morality, cultural norms, and the general sense that inferior people need to be kept at arm’s length.'
rkselectiontheory  disease  disgust 
16 days ago
YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Why ‘Happiness’ is a useless word – and an alternative
'We are often encouraged to believe that the goal of our lives should be happiness. But unfortunately the word happiness is misleading, in that it suggests that it might be possible to have a good life and not go through a lot of pain. We might be better off defining our purpose in terms of another word – this one drawn from Ancient Greek: Eudaimonia.'
psychology  happiness  meaning 
17 days ago
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