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Not Only Fine Feathers, H/D
The War went on for eight long years. Now, in the aftermath, a caged, mistreated, and completely inhuman Veela has been discovered. Harry is the only person it will tolerate... You can guess the rest, can't you?
slightangst  Ron/Hermione  hermione  nothuman  postseries  postseri  firsttime  firstkiss  Veela!Draco  Harry/Draco  HarryPotter  fantasyfruitbat  from delicious
february 2012 by adafrog
Of Pixie Dust and Clapping Your Hands
Sure,he defeated Voldemort at 16. Sure he can play Quidditch. And sure,he can blow up a cauldron in Potions with the best of them. But when he wakes the first day of his seventh year to a startling surprise,Harry Potter realizes he doesn't do normal HP/SS
mated  cute  humor  fairy!Harry  nothuman  Ron/Hermione  ron/h  firstkiss  EighthYear  postseries  Harry/Severus  HarryPotter  point-of-tears  from delicious
january 2012 by adafrog
Serpens Armarum Chapter 1: The Beginning, a harry potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Harry has an unusual reaction to Basilisk that will shake the Wizarding World to its very core. AU MagicalCreatureHarry, ManipulativeDumbledore, preslash
Evandar  HarryPotter  AU  creature!fic  nothuman  evil!Dumbledore  OMC  family  evil!Ron  evil!Hermione  Harry/OMC  basilisk!Harry  action  series  from delicious
november 2011 by adafrog
A Time Of Miracles
Draco has requested a miracle for Christmas, and Harry will need a miracle if he is to deliver.
enchanted_jae  HarryPotter  harry/draco  established-relationship  werewolf!Draco  slightangst  marriageproposal  hurt/comfort  nothuman  sick/comfort  from delicious
october 2011 by adafrog
To Be or Nott
omething or someone is turning the students of Hogwarts into magical creatures (or at least half-bloods). But not all the students. Except for the first one, Nott, all have some sort of connection to Harry Potter. Nott lays claim to Draco, who is only mildly interested. But when Harry Potter himself is affected and brought into the special ward for these students, Draco flies at him, only to be brought down by a 'Stupefy' from an alert teacher.
HarryPotter  V_Gin  Harry/Draco  nothuman  AU  animaltransformation  phoenix!Harry  elf!Draco  cuddling  firstkiss  firsttime  comfort  from delicious
april 2011 by adafrog
Serpent Tales by Snivelly
Harry has come into a magical inheritance but he doesn't realize it. Unbeknownst to Harry, the first person who kisses him automatically becomes his mate.
Snivelly  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  developing-relationship  established-relationship  bonded  firstkiss  slightangst  captured  AU  nothuman  Hermione  RonWeasley  Dumbledore  mated  Scitalis!Harry  long  Voldemort  firstlove  marriage  marriageproposal  from delicious
april 2011 by adafrog
Harry Potter and the Twist of Life Chapter 1: unexpected occurence, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Harry descovers a father and a heritage he never even dreamed of. Now relying on his own choices he shall deside the fate of a world. Creature Harry Slash HPDM
DaggersBloodPain  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  AU  nothuman  slightangst  abuse  firstkiss  firsttime  bonded  mated  Mpreg  Snape  Voldemort  evil!Dumbledore  demon!Harry  angel!Harry  demon!Draco  Veela!Draco  long  from delicious
april 2011 by adafrog
As if its only purpose was to make Harry drown, the sound poured into all of his senses, enveloping him completely. 
Maayan  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  preslash  nothuman  firstkiss  Siren!Draco  singing  cute  from delicious
april 2011 by adafrog
At Childhood's End -- Team Fanon
When Harry comes across a fallen branch of an elder tree and accidentally bonds with it, his life changes beyond his wildest imaginings.
mahoganyhandle  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  postseries  AU  Luna/Blaise  Blaise  nothuman  bonded  action  wandmaker!Harry  captured  captured!Draco  from delicious
april 2011 by adafrog
Beren's Fanfic/Art - Gold Tinted Spectacles - Chapter Listing
Harry is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for someting, and to his confusion it seems to have something to do with Draco Malfoy. 
beren-writes  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  developing-relationship  established-relationship  AU  nothuman  bonded  action  slightangst  NarcissaMalfoy  inlaws  Dumbledore  RonWeasley  Hermione  Hecatemus!Harry  long  cuddling  protective!Draco  from delicious
march 2011 by adafrog
Beren's Fanfic/Art - Fic: Reformation 01/05 (Corruption Sequence Pt 4), HP, Harry/Draco, NC17/18
Voldemort has captured Harry and for his own twisted reasons has chosen not to kill him outright. Revenge in the Dark Lord's mind requires a fate worse than death and Harry is about to find out what that is.
beren-writes  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  AU  nothuman  series  action  slightangst  Hermione  RonWeasley  NevilleLongbottom  jealous!Harry  vampire!HarryPotter  incubus!Harry  werewolf!Harry  firsttime  firstkiss  firstlove  NarcissaMalfoy  Dumbledore  from delicious
march 2011 by adafrog
Draco has to claim Harry to save him; but can the Gryffindor Hero ever love the Slytherin Vampire, and will it work out even if he does?
SoftlySweetly  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  vampires  vampire!Draco  bonded  telepathy  Mpreg  baby!  action  long  slightangst  captured  movingin  marriage  Ron/Hermione  Snape  GinnyWeasley  cuddling  firstkiss  firsttime  powerplay  spanking  nothuman  from delicious
march 2011 by adafrog
Black Truth Chapter 1: Family Heirloom, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
And, with bated breath, Draco traced the silver line down one more step in the family tree. Draco Lucius Malfoy... the third full blooded Veriae in the Malfoy family... and future life mate of Harry Potter. 
InferiorBeing  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  developing-relationship  established-relationship  long  firstkiss  firsttime  marriage  marriageproposal  action  slightangst  nothuman  Ron/Hermione  family  LuciousMalfoy  Remus  Snape  movingin  Veriae!Draco  from delicious
march 2011 by adafrog
Desperate Measures Chapter 1: Prologue, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Harry may be a half-Veela, but there was no such thing as a destined mate. If somebody wanted him, they would have to prove their worthiness. And Draco's chances don't look so good when Harry guts him at the welcoming feast… HPDM, mpreg
vvc  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  AU  Mpreg  baby!  long  inlaws  courting  firstkiss  firsttime  marriage  bonded  movingin  apocafic  Hermione  nothuman  Veela!Harry  Veela!Draco  cuddling  protective!Draco  Harry/Neville-friendship  evil!Ron  futurefic  from delicious
march 2011 by adafrog
DragonKin Chapter 1: Harry Potter is Missing!, a Harry Potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net
AU. During the summer between Harry's 5th and 6th year, an ancestor of Harry's discovers the last of the line has been mistreated and decides it's time to intercede.
Fyreheart  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  dragons  Veela!Draco  AU  slightangst  bonded  nothuman  preslash  movingin  NevilleLongbottom  cuddling  inlaws  family  long  from delicious
march 2011 by adafrog
See What?
ATTENTION: Changes have been made, old CH32 is now CH27. HP/DM creature fic. Sixth year ends & summer begins, things are discovered, things have changed, just what is a Draekon, what is the Founders Law? Dudley is in this? Very Bad!Mione, but Bad!Wheezie?<br />
Characters: Draco, Fred, George, Harry, Luna, Neville, Other, Remus, Sirius, Severus, Dudley, Harry/Draco, Severus/Remus, Fred/George/Other
Lil_nezumi  HarryPotter  Harry/Draco  remus/severus  evil!Hermione  nothuman  dragons  wip  firsttime  firstkiss  Dudley  long  movingin  marriage  bonded  slightangst  action  from delicious
february 2011 by adafrog
All the Girls Out On the Stoop, Steve/Danny, NC-17.
Summary: Danny's Veela genes have never been a problem before now. Now? They're a problem.<br />
<br />
A/N: Danny's brother in this fic is an OC, not a spoiler, and therefore will get jossed sooner or later.
mirabella  H5O  Steve/Danny  firsttime  firstkiss  nc-17  blowjob  Kono  Chin  crack  humor  nothuman  Veela!Danny  family  oblivious!Danny  from delicious
january 2011 by adafrog
total silliness
as a fill for carmanne 's pintofest luau prompt ("crack"), and also kind of for dante_s_hell's prompt too ("kisses".

inspired by ZQ Sucks to get out the pen again- sorry for the lay-it-on-the-bed-and-take-a-pic quality. maybe someday i'll scan it. :)
zjofieros  startrek  RPS  fanart  nothuman  cat!Chris  cat!Zach  cute  kiss  sweet 
august 2010 by adafrog
Werewolf Jim is trapped all alone in a crashed shuttle.
elfsausage  startrek  JamesTKirk  mccoy  Gaila  NurseChapel  Chekov  cuddling  AU  stranded  werewolf!Kirk  nothuman  hurt/comfort 
july 2010 by adafrog
A Christmas to Remember. (or All I Want for Christmas is You.)
After the bloody mess Nero caused, and while the Enterprise was grounded, the Christmas leave happens. After finding out that his Captain Spock would spend Christmas alone, First Officer Tiberius drags Spock along with him to his mother's. Written for [info]ksadvent2009. :D
renuki  startrek  AU  kirk/spock  nothuman  romulan!Kirk  vulcan!Kirk  christmas  family  firstkiss  cute  fluff  presents 
june 2010 by adafrog
Untitled (For Now) Primeval Story
An unexpected friend helps Stephen out of that fateful room full of predators.
gwyns-fics  Primeval  AU  Nick/Stephen  developing-relationship  series  nothuman  werewolves  firstkiss 
may 2010 by adafrog
Tony's half Feline (sentient cat-person), and he's in heat. Gibbs comes to the rescue.
anonymous  NCIS  AU  gibbs/dinozzo  firstkiss  firsttime  Abby  nothuman  cat!Tony 
march 2010 by adafrog
liviapenn: SGA: Just as required, without excess
Rodney doesn't like surprises. He likes solutions, known quantities, the steadying embrace of routine. He'd never worn a uniform before coming to Atlantis, but he finds that he likes it fine. He likes cats because of the way they always come running when they hear the can opener. He likes predictability. Hell, he likes airplane food.
liviapenn  SGA  John/Rodney-friendship  nothuman  Furling!JohnSheppard 
june 2009 by adafrog
mcsmooch: The Ways of Earthlings, by lamardeuse
Rodney's friendship with John Sheppard had to be the oddest relationship he'd ever had, with the possible exception of the one he'd had with his mother. But then considering that John hailed from a small planet somewhere near Betelgeuse and was actually a man-eating lizard underneath his ridiculously attractive (fake) exterior, the oddness was kind of inevitable.
lamardeuse  SGA  V  crossover  AU  nothuman  lizard!JohnSheppard  John/Rodney  firstkiss  kiss 
april 2009 by adafrog
mcsmooch: Squishy Things by Nny
Knievel rocked back on his tires consideringly.

"Y'know, I think your squishy's right," he drawled after a moment. "Pretty sure you won."
villainny  SGA  crack  John/Rodney  nothuman  humor 
april 2009 by adafrog
mcsmooch: Supernatural (PG13)
John is a veela in the spirit of Harry Potter. (Sorry, JKR.) Rodney is a daemon, not necessarily in the sense of "evil spirit," but a spirit that has access to arcane knowledge and can be summoned by a magician to provide instruction in the sciences and secret arts.
aesc  SGA  John/Rodney  firstkiss  firsttime  nothuman  Veela!John 
january 2009 by adafrog
pants to match - SGA Snapshot: Temp Ama McKay-Sheppard
Rough, rough, wow, really rough Once Upon A Furry Octopus/And They Lived Happily Ever After-verse snippet.
skoosiepants  SGA  AU  John/Rodney  kids  series  octopus  humor  nothuman 
october 2008 by adafrog
Rodney the Cranky Turtle - Badfic Summary Challenge: An Aesthetic Solitary Thing
"When Rodney starts exhibiting strange symptoms, Dr. Beckett discovers something odd about his genetic makeup. Now Rodney must find a mate -- before his alien side chooses for him. Warnings: wingfic, tentacles (NC-17).
eliade  SGA  John/Rodney  developing-relationship  ElizabethWeir  CarsonBeckett  alien!Rodney  nothuman 
may 2008 by adafrog
Random Scribblings - SGA: Sheppard and the Sex God (McShep)
Rodney's been keeping a secret about his past. John finds out. Sex ensues.
sirkate  bard_mercutio  SGA  John/Rodney  firstkiss  firsttime  nothuman 
january 2008 by adafrog

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