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never seen a man with so much dimension - Anonymous
"I'd like to hoard you," Derek said.
(Derek is a dragon. Lydia organizes his library. Stiles fails to rescue her.)

-- Fusion with Patricia Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles (canon knowledge not necessary for enjoyment). It is delightful and charming.
teenwolf  enchanted.forest.chronicles  anonymous  stiles.stilinski  lydia.martin  derek.hale  derek/stiles  lydia/stiles  slash  het  pov-stiles  fusion  tw-holidays  rating:g  w[4]:1000-1999  fic  2013  recs  !to-tag 
december 2013 by acari
But It Won't Erase - Anonymous
When newly-turned werewolves start popping up in Beacon Hills, Chris Argent goes to bring Derek back to town to help clean up the mess. In cleaning up the mess, though, one last werewolf gets created. And somehow that's not even the most unexpected development in Chris's life that year.

-- Derek & Chris have an interesting tension in canon and this fic could easily be one version of their future together. Quiet fic that made me ache in places.
teenwolf  anonymous  derek.hale  chris.argent  allison.argent  chris/derek  slash  getting-together  pov-derek  pov-chris  chris-werewolf  transformation  season:3  tw-holidays  rating:pg-13  w[06]:5000-9999  fic  2013  recs  !to-tag 
december 2013 by acari
be your compass when you're lost - Anonymous
Allison brings Erica and Boyd back from the dead. With some unanticipated side effects.

-- Great character voices (especially Erica).
teenwolf  anonymous  erica.reyes  vernon.boyd  allison.argent  allison/boyd/erica  het  threesome  bonding  resurrection  season:3  pov-erica  tw-holidays  rating:mature  w[05]:2000-4999  fic  2013  recs  !to-tag 
december 2013 by acari
Tangled Webs - KouriArashi
Peter leaves Beacon Hills, and takes Stiles with him. It doesn't matter how many times Stiles manages to escape Peter, because the werewolf always finds him and won't ever let go.

-- I don't tend to rec WIPs but since there are only two more chapters to go, it feels justified. Instead of dying in the S1 finale Peter kidnaps Stiles. This is no 'sassy uncle Peter', he is a straight-up psycho and Stiles is utterly at his mercy. This fic is going to break your freaking heart as it chronicles Stiles' desperate attempts to escape while the Sheriff is turning over every stone to find his son.
teenwolf  kouriarashi  stiles.stilinski  peter.hale  sheriff.stilinski  derek.hale  scott.mccall  chris.argent  gen  pov-stiles  pov-sheriff  kidnapping  violence  self-harm  trauma  au:fork-in-the-road  au  hurt/comfort  wip  rating:mature  w[09]:30.000-491.999  fic  2013  recs  !to-tag 
june 2013 by acari
wincest_drarry - The Portrait
Harry had no idea what he would find out in Malfoy Manor. -- Gorgeous and intriguing.
harry.potter(fandom)  wincest_drarry  draco.malfoy  harry.potter  drawing  animation  art  2012  recs  !to-tag 
april 2012 by acari
lomonaaeren - The Inner Lands
Harry wants to know why Draco Malfoy is a Sidhe. And why he's heading the Sidhe delegation that's threatening the wizarding world. But most of all, he wants to know why him.
harry.potter(fandom)  lomonaaeren  harry.potter  draco.malfoy  harry/draco  slash  first-time  sidhe  not-human  magic  under.attack  seduction  rating:r  w[09]:30.000-49.999  fic  2012  recs  !to-tag 
april 2012 by acari
megyal - The More Reckless Side (The How to Court a Slytherin Remix)
Harry's intent on happiness and a bemused Draco is at the centre of his attempts. -- This is hilarious and filled with many great little character moments and observations.
harry.potter(fandom)  megyal  harry.potter  draco.malfoy  hermione.granger  ron.weasley  harry/draco  slash  8th-year  at-hogwarts  hd_remix  rating:pg  w[06]:5000-9999  fic  2012  recs  !to-tag 
march 2012 by acari
As I Call You Down
"I left a trail of fire behind me. Time going to make it right, I guess. " -- Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins
the.wire  bubbles  character-study  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
There's a darkness upon me that's flooded with light. -- *sniffles*  ensemble  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
Emily/Destruction/Nolan OT3.
revenge  emily.thorne  nolan.ross  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
Coming Home
Home is where the heart is.
quantum.leap  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
Eye of the Tiger
A Knight's Tale is both 20 years too late and nearly 700 years too early to be a 1980s sports movie. That doesn't stop it from trying. -- *laughs forever*
a.knights.tale  ensemble  festivids  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
Children's Work
children aren't as simple as we'd like to think -- This is exactly why I loved Life. And the song is so, so perfect for Dani and for Dani
life  dani.reese  charlie.crews  character-study  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
A legion of bravery, of hope, of the extraordinary. A legion of extraordinary dancers.
the.legion.of.extraordinary.dancers  dance  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
A Butterfly Dreaming
Which is the dream and who is the dreamer?
the.fall  festivids  vid  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
Let's Go to the Mall
Having fun is what it's all about!
clueless  festivids  2012  !to-tag  recs 
january 2012 by acari
anonymous [sga_kinkmeme]: McKay's a Cat Person
Ronon hit his earpiece and took a slow step into the room, still aiming the gun at Max. He was slightly out of breath, as though he'd been running. "I've got him, Sheppard. McKay's being attacked by a..." Ronon hesitated. "A little... bear."
anonymous  rodney.mckay  john.sheppard  john/rodney  slash  established.relationship  animals:cat  transformation  kink:bestiality  dub-con  ancient-tech  kink:toys  sga_kinkmeme  rating:nc-17  w[07]:10.000-19.999  fic  2011  !to-tag  recs  sga 
january 2011 by acari

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