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Good protein smoothie recipes. Apple one looks best
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october 2018 by abemaingi
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Good list of habits to build
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september 2018 by abemaingi
Utah, Kyle Whittingham and the science behind bulking up a ‘moldable frame’ – The Athletic
“If your meal is two steaks, half a plate worth of mashed potatoes, you have a bowl of a salad and you want two cookies with that? Go for it,” Moore said. “Eighty percent of your meal is really balanced and then you have the two cookies — that’s 20 percent for your soul.”

An example of an average day that Moore might lay out for a player:

Breakfast: Six eggs, three pieces of whole wheat toast with jam, one apple, one banana, one glass of water
Morning snack: Sandwich, two glasses of chocolate milk, one fruit cup
Lunch: One 10 ounce-steak, two or three baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and cheese, one cup of asparagus, one piece of fruit, two glasses of water
Pre-workout snack: One peanut butter and jelly sandwich, one fruit cup
Post-workout snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Two tuna salad sandwiches, one handful of chips, one side salad, one bowl of pineapple, two glasses of water
Evening snack: Sandwich, one serving of fruit
Pre-bedtime protein: Two glasses of whole milk
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september 2018 by abemaingi
4-Minute NO-Equipment Belly Fat Destroyer Circuit - YouTube
1. Punisher Squats (20 seconds of bodyweight squats + 10 second hold at the bottom of the squat)
2. Beginner or Intermediate -- Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)
Advanced -- Total Body Extensions (30 seconds)
Hardcore -- Burpees (30 seconds)
3. Punisher Squats - Round 2
4. Pushups (30 seconds) -- choose the most challenging variation for you
5. Punisher Squats -- Round 3
6. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)
7. Punisher Squats -- Round 4
8. Punisher X with the TBX (20 seconds of total body extensions + 10 second punisher squat hold)
june 2018 by abemaingi
How to get ripped (and hate your life) in 10 minutes or less
Start the treadmill and walk slowly for 2 minutes.
Increase the treadmill speed to 8.5 mph and the incline to 12% while standing on the sides of the treadmill.
As soon as it’s up to speed, sprint for 20 seconds.
At the end of the 20 seconds, jump back on the side of the belt and rest for 10 seconds. (Grab the handrails.)
Repeat 10 times.
Drop the speed and the incline and walk slowly for another 2 minutes.
Once you get past the “I’m gonna eat shit as soon as I step onto a moving treadmill” fear, you’ll be fine. Just hold on to the rails, get your feet moving and then let go.
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may 2018 by abemaingi
How to Work Out 12 Times a Week and Still Lead a Semi-Normal Life | GQ
JS: All of my workouts during the week are early. I usually take a 6:15 A.M. class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday is lower body, Wednesday is core, and Friday is conditioning. Tuesday and Thursday, I'm at Equinox by 6:30, where I do a total-body lifting session that consists of two “push” exercises; two pulls; shoulders; arms; core; and jump rope. On Saturday I take a 9:45 A.M. total-body workout class, and Sunday I’m back at Equinox around 10. The other workouts I do are at the rink. I usually play hockey two nights a week in a league.

I’ve mastered the whole pack-my-bag-in-the-morning-and-go thing. If there’s one piece of advice I can offer to guys who want to try this, it’s to find a good gym bag.
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march 2018 by abemaingi
How LeBron James fixed his back and is on track to play all 82 games - NBA
James is known to personally spend seven figures a year caring for his body, and Raimon is part of that tab. So are personal chefs and masseuses. He also gets private treatments with liquid nitrogen to help reduce inflammation. James' home facilities rival those of professional teams. In his home in Akron, James has a fully outfitted workout gym, hot and cold tubs and a hyperbaric chamber.

Ultimately, even with all the support, James feels like taking care of his body has been a personal journey he has had to figure out largely by feel and by mixing work with experimentation. The rewards he is seeing his season -- saying himself that he's aging like fine wine -- have allowed him to pause to evaluate the ongoing process.
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march 2018 by abemaingi
How a Top-Flight Trainer Discovered the Most Important Exercise Every Athlete Should Do
Also known as the “trap-bar” deadlift, it gets its name from the hexagonal-shaped bar the lifter steps into, effectively allowing him to center himself over the weights (see above). Unlike a traditional straight-bar deadlift, a lift using the uniquely shaped hex-bar takes pressure off the lifter’s spine, lower back, and hamstrings. Also, because of the more balanced range of motion, out of every lift in the gym, it’s the one on which your body can lift the most weight. (Yes, even more than a squat.) Because the hex bar is so efficient, every rep utilizes 90% of skeletal muscle.

What’s more, these are the same muscles you rely on to run, jump high, and explode upward, fighting gravity.

When he ran the numbers, Flaherty found that the Force Number calculated from a one-rep max for the hex-bar deadlift yielded the exact same correlation as the ratio derived from force-plate treadmill numbers. He also discovered that the bigger your hex-bar deadlift, the bigger your Force Number. In other words: Congrats! You’re a better athlete. (For the record, Jamaican sprinter and reigning world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, holds the highest Force Number ever recorded: 3.9.)

In 2014, Flaherty used the hex-bar deadlift to skyrocket Manziel’s combine numbers. Manziel arrived at Flaherty’s camp with a maximum hex lift of 530 pounds, a vertical leap of 27.5 inches, and a 5.09-second 40-yard dash. Weighing 201 pounds, his Force Number was 2.39. After two months of Flaherty’s deadlift program, Manziel had packed on eight pounds of muscle—and could lift 680 pounds for a Force Number of 3.2. Official combine stats recorded Manziel with a 31.5-inch vertical leap and a 4.68-se

He tells me that a good target range for the average guy is a Force Number of anywhere from 1.8 to 2.4, which is “a great place to be in terms of bone density, muscle mass, and overall relative strength, to allow them to do any activity and be at their peak.” So I’m pleased when Flaherty calculates my Force Number at 2.2, which he says is pretty good.
march 2018 by abemaingi
FREE PROGRAM for Freeloaders - abe.maingi@gmail.com - Gmail
-Ab Wheel-10-20 reps

-Bicycle Crunches-15-30 reps per side

-Lying Leg raises-8-20 reps

-Hanging Leg raises 5-10 reps

-Side Planks-20-45 seconds

-RKC weighted planks-5-10 seconds

-Incline situps-8-15 reps

-Palloff Presses-6-12 reps

-Stability ball pikes-6-12 reps
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february 2018 by abemaingi
Mastering the Deadlift - Part 1 | T Nation
7 – Footwear
"Thou shalt not deadlift in cross-trainers" is actually the first commandment in the powerlifter's bible. Rather than list all the shoes that aren't appropriate for pulling, let's just say that you have four options:

Go barefoot
Wear Chuck Taylors (Converse All-stars)
Wear wrestling shoes
Wear ballet slippers
I'm a huge proponent of Nike Frees and Reebok Travel Trainers, but I think that both of them still have too much heel lift for deadlifts.
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february 2018 by abemaingi
Fuckarounditis — LeanGains
Strength Goals: Intermediate

Bench press: body weight x 1.2 - 230.
Chin-ups or pull-ups: body weight x 1.2 or 8 reps with body weight - 1 rep with 40 lbs
Squat: body weight x 1.6 - 305
Deadlift: body weight x 2 - 380
These numbers are for a raw (no straps, belt or knee wraps) single repetition.

By “decent training routine”, I mean “not doing blatantly stupid shit” (training 5-6 days/week, 20-25 sets for chest and arms, etc.). I do not mean optimal and flawless.

Strength Goals: Advanced

Under the exact same conditions as the previous example, 3 out of 4 of the following goals should be reached within five years, along with all of the strength goals listed under “intermediate”:

Bench press: body weight x 1.5 - 285
Chin-ups or pull-ups: body weight x 1.5 or 15 reps with body weight - 1 rep with 95 lbs hanging
Squat: body weight x 2 - 380
Deadlift: body weight x 2.5 - 475
Strength Goals: Highly Advanced

Under the exact same conditions, all of the following goals should be reached within ten years. Alternatively, 3 out of 4 should be reached, and one should be “Elite”:

Bench press: body weight x 1.5, or x 1.8 (elite)
Chin-ups or pull-ups: body weight x 1.5 or 15 reps with body weight, or x 1.8 / 20 reps (elite)
Squat: body weight x 2, or x 2.4 (elite)
Deadlift: body weight x 2.5, or x 3 (elite)
“Elite” denotes one lift that is often ahead of the others. For example, people who are natural pullers (long arms) may very well hit a 3 x body weight deadlift before a 1.5 x body weight bench, and vice versa for the presser (short arms, stocky and barrel-chested) benching 1.8 x body weight but not being able to pull 2.5 x body weight in the deadlift.
december 2017 by abemaingi
What entrepreneurs get wrong about their health

A health fog is the disconnect between where the mind thinks the body’s fitness level is and where the body’s fitness level truly is. His lack of flexibility, poor sleep, and poor hydration were just few of many signs that told me his body was on the defense. His body was in a catabolic state, or “breakdown mode.” This is how our body tries to get our attention when things are disconnected. Like a spouse who says, “Honey, we need to talk.”
november 2017 by abemaingi
gemulikeit comments on Will doing ab work help stomach look better even if theres a little fat left?
(Edited for simplicity) So here it is:
(1) Pick one or two movements from below (anti-extension, anti-rotation, or anti-lateral flexion). Insert it at end of your typical workout. If your workout is PPL, Monday might look like this: Chest / Tri / Anti-extension
(2) Do 3-4 sets of an exercise for each movement. Feel each rep. It should burn. If it doesn't, you're not engaging your core correctly.
(3) Allow 48 hours for your core to recover from that movement. So, for instance, the most frequent you can do anti-extensions is every other day.
Anti-extension: plank (this is a foundational workout; do this if you find the others too hard), TRX fallout, TRX Miyagi's, Cable crunch with slow eccentric (great for adding mass), Ab rollout (great if you already have a slab of meat underneath which you're trying to chisel).
Anti rotation: Landmine 180s, Pallof press, woodchops
Anti lateral flexion: briefcase carry, one arm deadlift (you can combine this with a walk), overhead pallof press (place the cable at a low position and stand far from the stack)
Notes: Someone already mentioned it here but it bears repeating: the quality of the reps is what matters, not the number. Aim for no more than 15 reps, 3-4 sets. If your back hurts during ab rollouts, "feel" your abs first, keep the tension, then rollout. Keep the reps slow and deliberate. Fight the eccentric as hard as you can. If you feel a burning sensation in your midsection down to your pubes, you're doing it right.
Here's my own progress:
Jan 2017. Approx. 9% bf, when I was just starting to experiment with this program.
May 2017. Approx. 12% bf. Close up.
If you have questions, I'll be glad to answer them.
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november 2017 by abemaingi
EricCressey.com: Trap Bar Deadlift vs. Band - YouTube
See the logo on your shirt
Make a double chin
Drive through heels
Stand tall
Put force into the ground
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october 2017 by abemaingi
The Strength Standards You Should Work Towards - TRT Revolution
-50 continuous bodyweight pushups
-12 strict chin-ups/pull-ups
-25 dips
-100 bodyweight squats (continuous)
-A double weight deadlift, or 2.5 bodyweight trap bar deadlift
-DB Front squatting 1/2 bw x 25 reps
-DB Chest Pressing bodyweight (1/2 bw in each hand)
-double bodyweight back squat
-1.5 BW front squat
-2x bodyweight stiff leg deadlift x 5 reps
-Forward walking lunges with 1/2 bodyweight for 8-10 steps each leg
-Prowler pushes with bodyweight
-incline bench press with 1.5 times bodyweight
october 2017 by abemaingi
Steve eats the exact same lunch every day (details inside). - abe.maingi@gmail.com - Gmail
Anyways, as I’m talking with Elizabeth or Claudia about how night school is going for them, they make the same meal for me without even asking:

Every dang time:

White rice (here’s why I choose white rice instead of brown).
Double chicken
A pinch of cheese
Why do I eat the same thing?

Short story: Because I’m eating for my goals.

Long story: I have this meal locked and loaded. I know that meal is perfectly calibrated for my goals. I know it has 915 calories, 50 grams of carbs, 78 grams of protein, and 48 grams of fat.

If I’m bulking up, I’ll ask for an extra scoop of rice and throw in a tortilla on the side (300 calories, 50g carbs). If I am leaning out, I’ll ask for a small scoop of rice.
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october 2017 by abemaingi
An 8-Week Program for Hypertrophy/Muscle Growth - abe.maingi@gmail.com - Gmail
-This is very simple. You will pick one exercise each workout, and do that exercise for 4 sets of 8-15 reps. For planks, you will do 4 sets of 30-45 seconds. If an exercise becomes very easy, you will perform the weighted version of it 
I hate when people make ab training out to be incredibly complicated. Your core muscles are either strong or they weak, it is generally obvious to people when their ab strength is lacking.

Your options for ab exercises are any of the following. For the static planks, hold them for 30-60 seconds. For everything else, the same rules apply as above with the rep ranges

-Side Planks
-Weighted Planks
-Rolling Planks
-Stability ball crunches
-Bent knee situps
-leg raises
-hanging leg raises
-medicine ball situps
-Russian twists
-ab wheel
-Weighted crunches
-rope crunches
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october 2017 by abemaingi

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