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4 oz organic milk
2 fruits
greek yog
4 sc whey
1 sc creatine
9 days ago
What I say to people who are looking for a job — Greg Kamradt
“Greg, I don’t know what I want to do”
Ok, no problem. Make a list of the top 30 specific activities you’re interested in, yes 30.

“Building things” isn’t an activity. “Building furniture” or “Building a web app” is an activity.

Rank them in order of most interesting to least interesting (prioritization).

One by one, spend a week on the top 6 items learning everything you can about the topic.

Google, “[this activity I like] for dummies” and learn for a week.

Hint: If you can’t get through the whole week, you probably didn’t like it that much.

After each week of an activity, rank it 1-10 on how much you still like it.

Take the top 3 you still like and then do those for 2 more weeks.

Goal: Find what gives you energy. Following your energy (not a specific task) is the key to finding what you’re stoked on.
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4 weeks ago
47dltm839y211.png (1200×7109)
Good protein smoothie recipes. Apple one looks best
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7 weeks ago
Tim Ferriss: Why you should throw out your five-year plan
"I like pushing myself to the limit and pushing the envelope, and in my mind that is not really compatible with a reliable long-term plan," says Ferriss. "I generally treat my life as six-month projects and two-week experiments of various types. Then I take the most attractive door that pops up, and rinse and repeat."
10 weeks ago
Absolute Success is Luck. Relative Success is Hard Work.
As Nassim Taleb wrote in Fooled by Randomness, “Mild success can be explainable by skills and labor. Wild success is attributable to variance.”
10 weeks ago
The world wants you to be vanilla
People get uncomfortable when you are not vanilla. This pressure is often framed in the form of questions, masquerading as curiosity, when in reality it is usually rooted in fear, doubt, or a reluctance to look in the mirror.
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11 weeks ago
Global Compounding Pharmacy Market - Increasing Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Spending to Boost Growth | Technavio | Business Wire
The Americas dominated the global compounding pharmacy market in 2017, accounting for a market share of over 63%
11 weeks ago
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Good list of habits to build
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11 weeks ago
The Decision Matrix: How to Prioritize What Matters
Consequential and irreversible decisions are the ones that you really need to focus on. All of the time I saved from using this matrix didn’t allow me to sip drinks on the beach. Rather, I invested it in the most important decisions, the ones I couldn’t justify delegating. I also had another rule that proved helpful: unless the decision needed to be made on the spot, as some operational decisions do, I would take a 30-minute walk first.

The key to successfully employing this in practice was to make sure everyone was on same page with the terms of consequential and reversible. At first, people checked with me but later, as the terms became clear, they just started deciding.

While the total volume of decisions we made as a team didn’t change, how they were allocated within the team changed. I estimate that I was personally making 75% fewer decisions. But the real kicker was that the quality of all the decisions we made improved dramatically. People started feeling connected to their work again, productivity improved, and sick days (a proxy for how engaged people were) dropped.
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11 weeks ago
Predicting the Future with Bayes’s Theorem
t looked at how we should adjust our estimates of probabilities when we encounter new data that influence a situation.
11 weeks ago
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Transaction costs
Maintenance costs
Additional spending (more space = more furniture)
Lack of mobility
Lack of diversification
Opportunity cost (e.g., could you make more elsewhere?)

That's just to start

As always, buying can make sense, but run the numbers
11 weeks ago
5 Common Mistakes That Cause The 12 Week Year to Fail
Write a compelling vision of your ideal future that you’re working towards.
Plan what strategies and actions will move you closer to that future.
Create habits to make taking regular action as easy as possible.
Measure your execution to keep yourself on track.
12 weeks ago
Change Your Story, Change Your Life
Recognize the voice in your head. It doesn’t matter where it is coming from (your parents, a teacher, an abusive spouse); just recognize that it is happening.
Jot down what the voice is saying.It might be something like:
“You’re too young.”
“You’re too old.”
“You’re uneducated.”
“You’re over-educated.”
“You don’t have enough experience.”
“You don’t have the right experience.”
This could be literally anything. Listen carefully and write it down word-for-word.

Evaluate whether this story is empowering. Is it enabling you to accomplish the outcomes you want or is it preventing you from doing so? Be honest. (Sometimes, people are addicted to their problems and the stories that create them.)
Write down a different story. I’m not talking about a bunch of positive thinking mumbo jumbo. I am talking about telling yourself the truth. And often, this is simply a matter of shifting your perspective.
Start telling yourself the new story. Every time your inner narrator begins telling the old yarn, stop him. Say, “No! That’s baloney. Here’s the truth.” Then repeat your new story.
12 weeks ago
How do you deal with stress - General Discussion / Personal Development - FS Learning Community
Work less, spend more time with your family, and schedule more time that is only for you for…walking, a hobby, reading, whatever. For example, Sunday is my stress reliever. I get an early workout, spend the day reading at the library or my office, and then cap it off with a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs and
wine at my favorite restaurant. All alone. I hope I can do it for the rest of my life (But my girlfriend owns my ass on Saturday’s).

Everyone is different, though…you just have to find what works for you. A business partner of mine started working out a lot during a stressful period to relieve stress - and then he got shingles! So exercise may not be a great stress reliever for him.


This is a very pertinent question these days.
First and foremost, to be honest, we have to accept that stress is here to stay. The expectation to be completely rid of stress is actually way more stressful than the life situation. Like they say, life is always going to be a series of problems to be solved.

I would like to share a few pointers here:

Whenever, I feel stressed, I try to take things slowly and be aware of the bodily sensations. As @Angel has brilliantly pointed out here.
Meditation and exercise definitely help, but one has to be very patient with them. You have to make sure that you are meditating correctly (by learning from and getting constant feedback from a competent teacher) and choose an exercise that suits you and rejuvenates you (personally I like running and basic yoga postures which ground me)
Also clutter and unimportant things need to be removed from life. Because most of the time, the mind is stressed because it is not being able to focus in the present moment. More the no. of things the mind is involved in at a certain point of time, more stressed it is likely to be. So removing clutter definitely helps a lot.
Structure in the day also helps a lot. eg: routine times for going to bed, waking up, exercising etc.
Most of the times, we have to deal with situations globally, i.e. trying to find a “big fix” to a solution. But many times, even a local solution like “being aware of the moment” helps quite a lot.

Hope this helps.
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12 weeks ago
OUTLIER Slim Dungarees
A 21st century take on jeans, made from the most ruggedly comfortable tech fabric around. There’s no denim in here. No cotton to suck up sweat and rain and clam up your life. No cotton to stay cold for hours as it barely dries. No cotton to blowout after a month or two of cycling. The original jeans were a technical pant made for miners. To make a truly 21st century jean we needed to avoid the world of denim fetishists and find the best possible material to take the five pocket pant back to its performance roots.
12 weeks ago
The hidden benefits of renting (over buying) | RadReads
Liquidity, optionality, low stress are all key advantages of renting
12 weeks ago
Utah, Kyle Whittingham and the science behind bulking up a ‘moldable frame’ – The Athletic
“If your meal is two steaks, half a plate worth of mashed potatoes, you have a bowl of a salad and you want two cookies with that? Go for it,” Moore said. “Eighty percent of your meal is really balanced and then you have the two cookies — that’s 20 percent for your soul.”

An example of an average day that Moore might lay out for a player:

Breakfast: Six eggs, three pieces of whole wheat toast with jam, one apple, one banana, one glass of water
Morning snack: Sandwich, two glasses of chocolate milk, one fruit cup
Lunch: One 10 ounce-steak, two or three baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and cheese, one cup of asparagus, one piece of fruit, two glasses of water
Pre-workout snack: One peanut butter and jelly sandwich, one fruit cup
Post-workout snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Two tuna salad sandwiches, one handful of chips, one side salad, one bowl of pineapple, two glasses of water
Evening snack: Sandwich, one serving of fruit
Pre-bedtime protein: Two glasses of whole milk
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september 2018
Malcolm Gladwell: We Should All Be Disagreeable | Opinion | OZY
Now, by being disagreeable, Gladwell — and the psychological research literature he is drawing from — doesn’t mean being obnoxious. Rather, someone who is disagreeable is someone who does not require the approval of others to do what they believe is right. And it’s obviously a trait that resides on a spectrum across the population. “If you don’t care one iota what your peers think of you, you are essentially a sociopath,” says Gladwell. “But it is also a precondition for doing things that are extraordinary.”
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september 2018
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
Years ago, Ben Casnocha mentioned an idea to me that I haven't been able to shake: The people who are most likely to change our minds are the ones we agree with on 98 percent of topics.
september 2018
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