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Prolific dev in privacy/security
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july 2018
How to stop using deferReadiness and advanceReadiness in Ember · Home of @hussfelt
application route dependant on service promise, interesting interaction.
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july 2017
CSS: centering things
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
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february 2017
Secure Secure Shell
e passive collection and key recovery later. The server and the client will end up with a shared sec
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june 2016
So Your Start-Up Will Sell Insurance? - Insurance Thought Leadership
The second type of MGA is a “quasi-carrier,” set up through a fronting program. In this scenario, an insurance carrier (the fronting partner) offers the MGA access to its regulatory licenses and capital reserves to meet the statutory requirements for selling insurance. In exchange, the fronting partner will often take a fee (percentage of premium) and very little (or no) share of the insurance risk. The MGA often has full responsibility for product design and pricing and looks and feels like a carrier. It underwrites, quotes, binds and services policies up to a specific amount of written authority. These MGAs are often set up when a startup wants to control as much of the insurance experience as possible but doesn’t have the time or capital to establish itself as an admitted carrier.
may 2016
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