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UtilityAPI - Business Products
they sell a software product that lets you get access to your customers' utility data - could be a good integration
solar  pv  software  dep  data 
march 2019 by aaronbeekay
Energy Toolbase | Proposal Tools for Solar PV and Energy Storage
Pretty impressive proposal tool. Is this better than doing it ourselves?
dep  solar  pv  tool  software 
march 2019 by aaronbeekay
DRP-3200-MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer
This is a pretty small (1/4U?) 3.2kW rack mount rectifier. It's only 24/48V output, but isolated.... they could be stacked ...?
dcdc  powerconversion  rectifier  dep  pv 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
High-Reliability Power Supplies
ugh, this is a really obnoxiously defense-focused presentation but should follow up on power supplies
dcdc  inverter  powersupply  powerconversion  dep  pv 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
P2 Panelboards
got excited about this series from Siemens because their installer training has these listed at 500Vdc (“Z” voltage rating in the part number) - but this doc has them at 250Vdc...? need to investigate more
panelboard  powerdistribution  distribution  ul67  dep  pv  microgrid 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
Basics of Panelbaoards
Siemens course with info on fundamental panel board specification criteria and junk, pleasantly beginner-level
dep  pv  ul  regulation  electrical  learning 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
Low Voltage Panelboards
can’t tell if they’re specifying dc ratings
ul67  pv  dep  panelboard 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
Firefighter Safety and Photovoltaic Installations Research Project
Underwriters Laboratories examined fire service concerns of photovoltaic (PV) systems. These concerns include firefighter vulnerability to electrical and casualty hazards when mitigating a fire involving photovoltaic (PV) modules systems

this looks like a fun job lol
safety  ul  regulation  pv  dep 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
UL Product Spec
all products listed to UL 1699b, PV arc fault detection
pv  afci  sensor  dep 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
Product Safety Standards Development Updates
good overview of code requirement changes and detail dives into NEC and UL for pv
pv  solar  regulation 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay
Global Solar Atlas - How it works
good source for insolation data? haven't looked through very closely
solar  insolation  modeling  pv  renewable  microgrid  data 
january 2019 by aaronbeekay

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