Let the Puritans Name the Character - FFA Post # 250 - Fail. Fandom. Anon.
Ok, I'm having a try! So these are a few comments from the thread in the last post about whether find-and-replace makes for good original fiction
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4 weeks ago
fail_fandomanon | FFA DW Post # 608: The Pastapocalypse is why I need...
I got into bandom three years ago and honestly, I wish people these days would expand from Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan, Tyler/Josh (which I don't even count as bandom) and Gabe/William.

The characterisation these days sucks. Gerard is not going to cry because someone called him a name. Frank is not a bunny on speed. Brendon is not a child. William is not a drama queen.

Why is Bert is always a villian? Because he didn't destroy Gerard's life or anything? *is lowkey in love with Bert*

Where are all of the Hush Sound fics? The Cab? Gym Class Heroes? Most people don't even know they are part of bandom (or that they even exist).

I can't count Twenty One Pilots or All Time Low as bandom (but that's because I'm traditional), but can someone tell me why they are?
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4 weeks ago
fail_fandomanon | FFA DW Post # 819 - What would you think if I showed you my id?
Come to think of it, it may be the switch away from community-based fandom that really did them in tag-wise. LJ and Dreamwidth were still going strong at that time, mailing lists were within living memory, and AO3 grew out of a model where tagging decisions were made at a fandom-wide level; you'd have one main community per fandom, or maybe a few pairing/character-centric factions in a larger fandom, and that community would establish the labelling conventions that its hundreds or even thousands of members would all use. (Which would probably also be pretty similar from one fandom to the next, because the sort of people who become community mods were mostly multi-fandom people who'd been around a while and picked up the established lingo.) So they'd probably be expecting a handful of new, unique tags per fandom, not per user or even per fic.

The main thing I think they didn't anticipate was the big shift towards hashtag/reblog based platforms like Twitter and Tumbler, where there was no community setting standards in a central space, just personal accounts completely free to do their own thing. (Delicious kind of had that capacity, but it was still a bookmarking site used to organise links to existing works that had been created in a community-consensus space, so I think AO3 saw that kind of thing happening in the "bookmarker's personal tags" feature rather than site-wide.) The other, more predictable thing they failed to anticipate is that the only reason spaces with site-wide freefrom tagging ever settle on consensus terms for things at all is because there is no synning, and everybody's got to move to using the most popular version of the tag if they want to be able to find shit. Tell people, "Nope, you don't need to check what other people are using, just go nuts with your own freeform tags and we'll figure out where they go," and they do not, in fact, ever bother to settle on a standardised consensus version.
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6 weeks ago
E-Dramazzzzz - Rumors Will Happen

She fed her personal life to the internet. She should expect a parallel response to that. Especially since she spent most of her efforts involving My Chemical Romance in her personal life, rubbing as many subtle hints into it as she could. Of course she didn't use names so she could easily slip out of the line of fire and gain public sympathy.

She destroyed the credibility of the band, made Gerard seem like a cheater, a liar, and a disgrace to his music. She wasn't clear on what she was saying and she made no effort to clear it up once the ball was rolling.

She wanted the attention and she got it. Case closed.
10 weeks ago
New Vid - parapraxes
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
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november 2017
I've got troubled thoughts - MAY CONTAIN H/C CONTENT
bandflesh sprung out of a place that was largely for fandom lurkers.
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august 2017
Unpopular bandom opinions ahoy!: untappedbeauty
I just wish more people would write Ray/either Way. Frank can go play in a threesome with Pete and Gabe or something.
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july 2017
I don't want hugely OTT internalised angst or a really issuefic-y treatment, but I do love fics where initially straight-identifying characters experience their first same-sex attraction and fumble their way through figuring out what it means for their sexual identity and whether to act on it. That kind of fic seems very out of fashion now compared to stories where it's just assumed the characters have been comfortably aware of their bisexuality for their whole adult lives. (And I completely get why people like that sort of matter-of-fact treatment and why it's a really good thing that those kinds of narratives are a lot more common now, I just wish more fics with the more old-school "WTF is this curveball my sexuality has suddenly thrown me after decades of believing I was straight?" tropes were still being written alongside side them, because those are the ones I relate to and find it interesting to see the characters work their way through.)
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june 2017
OKAY. So we were allll talkin about this in the last post but I'M NOT…: wolfshirts
Dude, I bet he's so obvious about it. EVERYBODY knows he wants Frank, yet he thinks he's being all subtle. Frank's like "I know he likes me, WHY CAN'T I KISS HIIIIM?" He tries to tell Gerard he wants to kiss him, but Gee blushes so hard he passes out.
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april 2017
[MOD] Attention Members: patrickxpeter
I know more than half of you haven't been tagging your fics and as you've noticed we haven't been harassing. It's too much of a hassle and we realize that we can't understand why you can't do as we've asked in the first place. However, no need to fuss about it now. I've wiped our tag slate utterly clean so we can get it back in order and more organized for in the future.
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april 2017
The Holly Golightly Club by fluffontop
MCR/FOB, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, Rated: R, Complete
Summary: High School AU based on the I'm Not OK video.
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april 2017
Podcast/Audio Production Credits should be voiced - usually at the end of the production.
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february 2017
eliza gone cuckoo cuckoo!~ - Rumors Will Happen
a dude drops in on LJ to tell everyone they're wrong. they tell him why he's wrong.
january 2017
remedial_mcr: Required Reading: Forgotten Fanfic Gems of 2005
Strange as it may sometimes seem to us newcomers MCR fandom on LJ didn't begin when we fell into the fandom :-) It didn't even start with the big bandom explosion of 2007. No, it's much older than that. One of the oldest MCR comms, [info]chemicalromance, has been around since September 2002 and [info]mychemicalslash, one of the oldest fanfic comms, was started in September 2004. When MCR started to become more widely popular in 2005 the fandom had a minor boom. (I remember how a few people on my own flist was all over this new thing suddenly. If they'd only forced me to actually listen to the band I wouldn't have had to wait another two years until I discovered the fandom :-)
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january 2017
fail_fandomanon | FFA DW Post # 570 - drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra
I don't see "Male Character's canonical girlfriend turns out to be an evil harpy, paving the way for Other Male Character" nearly as much as I used to.
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december 2016
art post . . . .: naadi
The Gory Spoilery Alphabetic Guide to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, A-F:
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november 2016
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