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Expensive resin vehicles. Figs
miniatures  tanks  vehicles  resin  ww2 
march 2014 by Zardoz
Wargame, Giochi di Ruolo, Modellismo, Carte collezionabili, Board game, Role Playing, Usato
wargames  miniatures  15mm  28mm  resin  medieval  ancients  buildings  terrain  shopping  Italy 
may 2013 by Zardoz
OKB Grigorov Home Page
Plastic and resin detailing kits for Russian ww2 and modern equipment
modelmaking  accessories  detailing  resin  20mm  1:72  vehicles  ww2  modern 
may 2012 by Zardoz
Escenografia Épsilon
Spanish terrain supplier. Expensive postage.
shopping  resin  buildings  28mm  15mm  10mm  terrain  wargames 
january 2012 by Zardoz
Mould Making Supplies and Model Making Products for Moulding and Casting in Melbourne. Absurd postal rates!
silicone  local  moulds  acrylic  shopping  casting  glues  modelmaking  Melbourne  putty  resin 
december 2011 by Zardoz
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Secret Weapon Miniatures produces high quality, pressure cast resin bases for wargaming models and miniatures as well as a full line of weathering pigments, conversion accessories, scenic kits and photo etched brass detailing bits.
modelmaking  paints  bases  resin  accessories  terrain  buildings  objets_d'battlefield 
february 2011 by Zardoz
Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies
Airbrush and compressor shop. Iwata.
tools  resin  airbrush  shopping  casting  putty  glues  moulds 
february 2011 by Zardoz
Miniature Building Authority
Terrain and buildings in a variety of scales. Expensive.
25mm  28mm  15mm  modelmaking  shopping  resin  buildings  ww2  terrain  accessories  blackPowder  medieval 
january 2011 by Zardoz
ID works store
Fancy terrain and bases. Warhamster-ish but may be genuinely usefull for something
modelmaking  terrain  bases  shopping  resin 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Sgts Mess
20mm scenics, terrain features, plus battlefield junque
shopping  miniatures  20mm  wargames  resin  vehicles  terrain  objets_d'battlefield 
december 2010 by Zardoz
Milicast Models
Very extensive fig set - 20 mm resin. ("AB" metal figures listed but the ordering system is too hard.)

Aleran decals; see separate saved link
20mm  1/76  resin  miniatures  vehicles  decals  ww2  shopping  metal 
november 2010 by Zardoz
Chiltern Miniatures
20 mm Valiant plastics only.
28mm - Napoleonics: none.
wargames  vehicles  metal  resin  28mm  miniatures  rules  shopping 
november 2010 by Zardoz
Najewitz Modellbau
Resin terrain and buildings
28mm  terrain  ww2  15mm  6mm  buildings  resin  ww1 
november 2010 by Zardoz
Curteys Miniatures
28mm metal Asian, early medieval European.
28mm  historical  miniatures  darkAge  medieval  metal  resin  shopping  Asia 
october 2010 by Zardoz
The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd
Mainly a reseller, but makes 20 and 28mm plastic figs too.
miniatures  wargames  vehicles  shopping  28mm  20mm  ww2  plastic  resin  decals  15mm  manufacturer 
september 2010 by Zardoz
Metal Clay :: Home
Oz supplier. (Non-usurious postage; not brilliant but not outrageous!)
modelmaking  mediums  casting  accessories  tools  glues  resin  putty  shopping  oz  local 
august 2010 by Zardoz

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