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Models for Sale (UK)
20mm plastic figs - comprehensive range. Competitive with ebay.
miniatures  wargames  hobbyshop  plastic  shopping 
may 2011 by Zardoz
War and Peace Games
Oz hobby shop/wargames supplier. Army Painter reseller.
wargames  modelmaking  terrain  bases  28mm  shopping  Oz  bookshop  rules  ancients  darkAge  medieval  acw  ecw  ww1  ww2  scifi  plastic  metal 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Valiant Miniatures
Hard plastic 20mm figure sets. No individual figs. Interesting!
20mm  miniatures  plastic  shopping  wargames  ww2 
october 2010 by Zardoz
Perry Miniatures
Plastic and metal 28mm supplier - extensive range across eras
miniatures  28mm  plastic  metal  wargames  prussians 
september 2010 by Zardoz
The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd
Mainly a reseller, but makes 20 and 28mm plastic figs too.
miniatures  wargames  vehicles  shopping  28mm  20mm  ww2  plastic  resin  decals  15mm  manufacturer 
september 2010 by Zardoz

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