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Army Painter supplier - good airmail rates.
miniatures  wargames  shopping  rules  boardgames  scifi  fantasy  warhamster  terrain  bases  paints 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Gale Force Nine
Broad range of static grass/ grit/ undergrowth flocking sets.
terrain  shopping  wargames  boardgames  accessories  tokens  bases  tools  magnetic  paints  flocking 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Magister Militum Shop
6mm - GHQ reseller. Mainforce modern and ww2 figs.
20mm - medieval only.
miniatures  shopping  6mm  20mm  28mm  terrain  vehicles  dice  bases  boardgames 
september 2010 by Zardoz
Brookhurst Hobbies
US generalist hobby shop. Extensive range of US and UK equipment
miniatures  shopping  terrain  vehicles  6mm  15mm  28mm  hobbyshop  decals  bookshop  boardgames  ships  acw  ancients  blackPowder  darkAge  ecw  medieval  modern  napoleonics  roman  ww1  ww2  scifi  fantasy 
september 2010 by Zardoz
Great Hall Games - dice, tokens
Good US supplier of all dice in all types and sizes. Also tokens.
wargames  dice  tokens  accessories  shopping  boardgames 
september 2010 by Zardoz

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