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Mould Making Supplies and Model Making Products for Moulding and Casting in Melbourne. Absurd postal rates!
silicone  local  moulds  acrylic  shopping  casting  glues  modelmaking  Melbourne  putty  resin 
december 2011 by Zardoz
HobbyEasy | 1/72 Decals
Hong Kong modelmaking suppliers. Good prices. Decals and paints.

1/72 AFV: Archer Transfers only
modelmaking  decals  paints  vellejo  acrylic  shopping 
october 2011 by Zardoz
Modeling reviews,articles, tutorials. Larger scale
modelmaking  paints  acrylic  weathering  tutorials  reviews  bases  terrain  colourschemes 
october 2011 by Zardoz
BNA Model World in Australia - Your Online Scale Model Centre
Oz model-making shopping with good postage rates.
Large scale figs and vehicles only (?) nothing <= 28mm.
Extensive decal selection 20m scale.
modelmaking  shopping  oz  local  paints  acrylic  oils  accessories  tools  scifi  fantasy  terrain  buildings  decals  flags  washes  hobbyshop 
september 2011 by Zardoz
SnM Stuff
UK supplier. Good oil paint range. Good international postage.
modelmaking  paints  oils  acrylic  shopping  dice  brushes  terrain  accessories  tools  washes 
september 2011 by Zardoz
Ken Bromley Art Supplies - Discount Art Materials
UK supplier. Own-brand kolinsky sable brushes look good. Reasonable airmail rate to Oz.
modelmaking  paints  tools  accessories  shopping  brushes  acrylic  artist 
august 2011 by Zardoz
standard artists' colours in colour space
Swatches for all artists' acrylic shades, in a 2d colour circle.
colourtheory  paints  colour  acrylic 
august 2011 by Zardoz
Model paint database
Colour picker from a picture. Crossmatching of model paints. Paint search from a pixel or RGB value.
paints  acrylic  modelmaking  colourschemes  colourcharts  colourpicker 
july 2011 by Zardoz
Stanbridges Hobby Shop
Paints including Vallejo. Airbrushes and equipment.
hobbyshop  airbrush  paints  acrylic  modelmaking  tools  accessories  spraypaint  local 
february 2011 by Zardoz
eBay My World - hoard_*_bits
Reaper Master Series Paints. US Ebay seller who will ship to Oz. Cheap basing/flocking stuff.
modelmaking  paints  acrylic  shopping  reaper  terrain  bases 
february 2011 by Zardoz
Derivans MiNiS Paint Supplier
Australian acrylic paint for modelmaking
paints  artist  shopping  acrylic 
october 2010 by Zardoz

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