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Minairons Miniatures
Spanish company. WW2 and Spanish Civil War
wargames  miniatures  vehicles  tanks  1/72  20mm  15mm  28mm 
march 2014 by Zardoz
Sally 4th
We are based in the UK... we supply wargames terrain worldwide with free postage available to all destinations. Check our Postage Rates. We have standard and tracked options available to all destinations. When ordering, ensure you go through our check out process, which gives you an option to select postage rate before taking Paypal option. Sally 4th laser cut wargames terrain for
28mm, 15mm & 10mm miniature wargames. Check out our New Releases, 28mm Model Castles & Siege Equipment.
buildings  terrain  bases  magnetic  10mm  15mm  20mm  28mm  medieval  ancients  modern  ww2 
december 2013 by Zardoz
Wargame, Giochi di Ruolo, Modellismo, Carte collezionabili, Board game, Role Playing, Usato
wargames  miniatures  15mm  28mm  resin  medieval  ancients  buildings  terrain  shopping  Italy 
may 2013 by Zardoz
Warning Order
Warning Order is the official online magazine of the WFHGS wargaming club. It is a free, full color online publication that can be downloaded in PDF format simply by clicking on the issue icons.
wargames  wargameClubs  journals  modern  15mm 
june 2012 by Zardoz
Acheson Creations
25/28mm terrain across a wide set of periods incl scifi/fantasy. Mainly buildings. 15mm too.
wargames  terrain  buildings  28mm  shopping  ancients  napoleonics  colonial  blackpowder  scifi  modern  ww2  ww1  15mm  20mm 
january 2012 by Zardoz
Escenografia Épsilon
Spanish terrain supplier. Expensive postage.
shopping  resin  buildings  28mm  15mm  10mm  terrain  wargames 
january 2012 by Zardoz
Tactical Terrains
15mm 28mm buildings and ruins. German supplier.
wargames  28mm  15mm  buildings  terrain 
december 2011 by Zardoz
FoG Wiki & Calendar HomePage
Wiki for FoG, army lists, rules tutorials, links to fig manfr.
wargames  rules  tutorials  reference  meta  ancients  oob  medieval  blackpowder  15mm  colourschemes  militaryhistory 
august 2011 by Zardoz
15mm Renaissance Supplier Directory
15mm Renaissance Figure Suppliers. With pics.
metal  meta  blackpowder  15mm  miniatures  wargames 
august 2011 by Zardoz
The Ancients Photo Directory - Home
Consolidated pics pages for 15mm ancients painted, from various manfr
meta  ancients  15mm  miniatures  wargames 
august 2011 by Zardoz
15mm Ancients Supplier Directory
Master list of 15mm ancients manufacturers with pics.
metal  ancients  15mm  miniatures  wargames 
august 2011 by Zardoz
Dom's Decals
15mm decals plusother stuff,
15mm  1/300  aircraft  vehicles  decals 
june 2011 by Zardoz
Skytrex- Home
Decals: 20mm WW2, 15mm, 1/300
wargames  miniatures  ww2  decals  vehicles  tanks  naval  ships  terrain  15mm 
june 2011 by Zardoz
Frontline Wargaming
No figs. Vehicles, terrain, objets d'battlefield
terrain  ww2  15mm  20mm  28mm  vehicles  tanks  aircraft  buildings  modern  objets_d'battlefield 
may 2011 by Zardoz
GameCraft Miniatures
Terrain and buildings only. No "Miniatures" as such.
terrain  15mm  ww2  6mm  buildings  20mm  1/72 
april 2011 by Zardoz
I-94 Enterprises Home
*Excellent* decals selection esp for 6mm. Storage boxes. Other odds 'n' ends.
decals  miniatures  shopping  6mm  15mm  20mm  accessories  aircraft  rules 
february 2011 by Zardoz
Scale Creep Miniatures
sellers, not manufacturers

6mm - no 20th century.
20mm Italy 1848 then WW2.
25mm wide range. Expensive.
miniatures  shopping  6mm  15mm  20mm  25mm  naval  aircraft  accessories  terrain  rules  ww2  ancients  roman  darkAge  blackpowder  napoleonics  ww1  modern  colonial 
february 2011 by Zardoz
Total Battle Miniatures
Terrain and buildings in various scales and periods. Expensive. Roads, rivers, buildings.
28mm  terrain  buildings  wargames  6mm  shopping  darkAge  ww2  modern  ancients  15mm 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Welcome to Navwar - NAVWAR
Mainly ships with some 15mm metal figs. Rules and assorted books. No 6mm anymore (?).
naval  miniatures  ww2  15mm  wargames  ships  rules  bookshop  shopping  1/1200  ancients  napoleonics  modern  metal 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Miniature Building Authority
Terrain and buildings in a variety of scales. Expensive.
25mm  28mm  15mm  modelmaking  shopping  resin  buildings  ww2  terrain  accessories  blackPowder  medieval 
january 2011 by Zardoz
RitterKrieg, 1/285th 6mm WWII Miniature Wargaming and Painting Microarmor
WW2 only. Pics of painted up models from GHQ. Useful general tutorials on painting etc at 6mm scale.
6mm  ww2  wargames  rules  15mm  vehicles  tutorials  colourschemes 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Miniatures for role games
Spanish metal figs - interesting 15mm ancients sets.
15mm  28mm  metal  miniatures  fantasy  roman  shopping  ancients 
january 2011 by Zardoz
Foxhole Terrain - Home
15mm resin terrain, naval. Small scale producer
wargames  terrain  15mm  naval  buildings 
december 2010 by Zardoz
Little Big Men Studios
Decals and flags 28, 15, 10mm only. Shield patterns.

All < c20
wargames  decals  flags  napoleonics  28mm  15mm  10mm  ancients  roman  blackpowder  medieval  LIR 
december 2010 by Zardoz
Combat Miniatures 20th Centuary 20mm - Stonewall Figures - 20mm Figures the 20th centuary
Historical buildings, terrain modules as well as roads and river sections. 15mm figures from biblical to WWII. In 20mm we carry the finest WWII and modern warfare figures produced by Figures, Armour and Artillery. Additional to this we carry artillery and vehicles that have been overlooked by other companies which brings realism to wargaming. One of our newest lines is Fantissum Miniatures, a 15mm, Napoleonic range of top quality, competitively priced and superior to many of the ranges available today. Their exciting new releases are constantly enhancing our catalogue. Stonewall Figures also carry Testudo. Their 15mm range covers the Punic wars and the 30 Years War/ECW war. The design and sculpture of the work is truly spectacular with personality packs that are individually and automatically interesting. Their 28mm figures follow in the same footsteps as their 15mm counterparts.
wargames  miniatures  15mm  20mm  28mm  metal  vehicles  terrain  shopping 
november 2010 by Zardoz
Najewitz Modellbau
Resin terrain and buildings
28mm  terrain  ww2  15mm  6mm  buildings  resin  ww1 
november 2010 by Zardoz
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