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july 2011
Brigade Uniform Plates
Colour plates of uniforms by regiment and nationality. 7 euro each.
napoleonics  uniforms  colourschemes  shopping  armies  prussians 
june 2011
Uniform evolution
Mostly unfinished. Extensive material for Prussia, but. Including regimental flags. Not French.
oob  militaryhistory  napoleonics  wargames  colourschemes  uniforms  prussians  flags 
june 2011
The Napoleon Series
Esoteric and lacking colour illustrations.
reference  europe  France  napoleonics  wargames  militaryhistory  oob  uniforms 
june 2011
Orangoo Spell Check - Online spell checking
The most useable online spellchecker - no cr@ppy dialogs.
reference  cloud  editor 
june 2011
Offensive Miniatures catalogue
Limited 28mm Napoleonic: - British, Pre-Bardin French, Polish.
shopping  metal  napoleonics  28mm  miniatures  wargames 
june 2011
Calpe Miniatures
Catalogue in Google Docs.
28mm Napoleonic wargames figures.
colourschemes  uniforms  metal  prussians  napoleonics  28mm  miniatures  wargames 
june 2011
Dom's Decals
15mm decals plusother stuff,
15mm  1/300  aircraft  vehicles  decals 
june 2011
20mm ww2 generic vehicle sheets.
wargames  decals  ww2 
june 2011
Skytrex- Home
Decals: 20mm WW2, 15mm, 1/300
wargames  miniatures  ww2  decals  vehicles  tanks  naval  ships  terrain  15mm 
june 2011
Armoured warfare history up to dub dub 2.
wargames  reference  ww2  vehicles  tanks  militaryhistory  ww1  oob  colourschemes 
june 2011
Histofig Empire - Uniforms
Useful view of Napoleonic armies. Includes some uniform pics. French site
napoleonics  blackpowder  uniforms  oob  militaryhistory  armies  reference 
june 2011
Get Sorted Australia
Modular timber cupboards and shelves Bunnings. For making tall/thin storage cabinets.
storage  kitchen  garage  local  oz  home  renovations 
june 2011
Pomroy Productions
Historical naval *and* sci-fi decals!
wargames  naval  scifi  decals 
june 2011
Panzer General is reborn!
Panzer General updated for modern windows boxes.
wargames  pcgames  ww2 
may 2011
Different Color Mixer Software
Colour to its colour space coordinates and back again. Also mixing colours from primaries.
paints  colour  software  colourcharts  colourpicker  opensource 
may 2011
Artrage 2 Features
Artists' software. Useful for exploring colour spaces and painting style.
colour  software  paints 
may 2011
Paint program useful for mixing colours in a colourspace.
opensource  paints  software  colour 
may 2011
Frontline Wargaming
No figs. Vehicles, terrain, objets d'battlefield
terrain  ww2  15mm  20mm  28mm  vehicles  tanks  aircraft  buildings  modern  objets_d'battlefield 
may 2011
Models for Sale (UK)
20mm plastic figs - comprehensive range. Competitive with ebay.
miniatures  wargames  hobbyshop  plastic  shopping 
may 2011
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