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Software synthesizer based on additive synthesis
synthesizer  audio  music  tools  4k  demoscene 
8 weeks ago by Z303
A tool for keyframe animation & fragment shader management for 64k executables.
tools  demoscene  programming 
september 2018 by Z303
Atari ST source code repository
A large repository of Atari ST (and family) source code
atari  st  demoscene  programming  source  68000 
june 2018 by Z303
is a sync-tracker, a tool for synchronising music and visuals in demoscene productions. It consists of a GUI editor (using Qt), and an ANSI C library that can either communicate with the editor over a network socket, or play back an exported data-set.
demoscene  tool  c 
december 2017 by Z303
is a demoscene framework – or call it engine – which aims are to ease demoscene productions development. Those aims must be reached in terms of the demo itself but also in terms of tools written to make the demo. spectra features both sides of such a making process. The idea is to provide a robust library that can be used to build end-user binaries as well as demo tools for editing process for instance.
demoscene  rust  computergraphics 
september 2017 by Z303
github group to archive code, tools and info on making demoscene 1kb / 4kb / 8kb intros
tools  demoscene  programming 
august 2016 by Z303
Graphics and FPL
A blog about graphics, demoscene, functional programming languages and some other IT materials.
demoscene  fp  blog 
may 2016 by Z303
Anatole Duprat
Demo making, Raytracing, Shaders, Graphic Coding, WebGL
demoscene  webgl  computergraphics  raytracing 
march 2016 by Z303
Amiga assembler and hardware coding
amiga  assembler  68000  demoscene 
october 2015 by Z303
The Commodore 64 Scene Database
c64  database  demoscene 
february 2015 by Z303
Atari ST Menu Disks
Atari  ST  games  demoscene 
january 2015 by Z303
a demoparty in Boston
demoparty  Boston  usa  demoscene 
july 2014 by Z303
Moppi Demopaja
is a demo authoring tool. It has a interface similar to the popular 2D animation tools such as Macromedia Flash and Adobe After Effects.
demoscene  programming 
december 2013 by Z303
is a web radio dedicated to amiga & tracker music culture streaming various styles of computer electronic music from the demoscene & computer art.
amiga  8bit  music  retro  tracker  demoscene 
may 2013 by Z303
Amstrad CPC Demoscene News
Amstrad  CPC  Demoscene  News  8bit 
may 2012 by Z303
Timur Lenk and Fistpig source code
Spaceballs and Ephidrena demo sourcecode on Github
amiga  sourcecode  demoscene  spaceballs  Ephidrena 
april 2012 by Z303
is a modular software synthesizer package intended to easily produce music for 4k intros. It consists of a VSTi plugin + example songs/instruments as well as an example C++ project showing how to include it in your code.
music  vst  synth  demoscene  library  c++ 
april 2012 by Z303
We Are Back
HTML5 remakes of old cracktros
demoscene  html5  javascript  cracktro 
december 2011 by Z303
Streams Keygen Music Directly to Your Web Browser!
chiptunes  mp3  music  demoscene  via:emargee 
september 2011 by Z303
is a site for everyone participating in or enjoying real-time graphics, visual arts, motion graphics and the demoscene. Often adduced as the reason or motivation for expending effort toward a seemingly useless goal, the point being that the accomplished goal is a hack. As Louis Armstrong once said when asked to explain jazz: “Man, if you gotta ask you’ll never know.”
blog  demoscene  computergraphics 
august 2011 by Z303
Digitale Kultur e.V
Association to support the demoscene
demoscene  culture 
august 2011 by Z303
A webportal providing information on the demoscene.
demoscene  resources 
july 2011 by Z303
DemoJS demoparty 2011
is a french demoparty focused on web technologies (JavaScript, Canvas, SVG, Audio)
js  javascript  demoscene  via:geeks3d 
june 2011 by Z303
C64 Codebase Wiki
A wiki containing all kinds of articles related to C64 coding. There is a vast array of source codes, tutorials, manuals, notes on clever tricks and hardware quirks and so on
c64  programming  demoscene  wiki 
december 2010 by Z303
Code 4k Intro Demo
A blog about coding 4k to 64k intros.
4k  blog  demoscene  development  programming  tricks  tips 
august 2010 by Z303
Conspiracy's content creation tools used from 2004 to 2006.
demoscene  tools 
june 2010 by Z303
Nerve demo system
A system for creating small (64k and even 4k) demos. Nerve will (ab)use Maya for all modeling and Buzz for audio composing.
demoscene  tools  4k  64k 
june 2010 by Z303
The making of Candystall
Or, How to Win Assembly Using a Bucketload of Cubes
4k  demo  howto  demoscene 
may 2010 by Z303
Demoscene Research
scientific material concerning the demo culture
demoscene  research  culture 
may 2010 by Z303
is a web radio dedicated to amiga & tracker music culture streaming various styles of computer electronic music from the demoscene & computer art subculture.
demoscene  amiga  mod  music  radio 
march 2010 by Z303
Retro Remakes
lovingly hand crafted remakes of classic scene cracktros from the past
cracktros  retro  remakes  demoscene  amiga  intros 
december 2009 by Z303
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