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Missing Transition
For the prompt: can be any time period, but at some point, they transition from friends to longterm boyfriends/committed dating, and that announce it over dinner. however, no one believes them and thinks they're joking because there's no change in public behavior, minimum to no pda, things of that nature. but that changes the day someone walks in on them at the office/in the dorm/at mark's house.

//The story of Mark and Waldo from the moment they first met until they move into a house together as a couple, told from the point of view of all the main characters.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:innusiq  length:20.000-35.000 
july 2013 by Wordflake
No Big Deal
Mark is not jealous of Wardo's boyfriends, okay? He's happy for Wardo and he would never try to undermine his relationships. He has no idea how Ethan ended up on a No Fly list. Or why the FBI decided to interrogate Jake about his suspicious emails. Or who hijacked the computers at Sam's place of work so that all the screens featured a nude Sam during a frat hazing. No idea.

(or: the one where denial ain't just a river in Egypt.)
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author.fairy_tale_echo  length:10.000-20.000 
may 2013 by Wordflake
Addendum on Setting Appropriate Boundaries
(Sequel to "Best Practices in Workplace Relationships") Eduardo is still trying to work out where the edges of this thing should be. Mark isn't always much help in figuring that out.

//“You want someone to pretend to listen. That’s your- that’s seriously the most you’re hoping for out of this? You don’t think you maybe deserve to have someone hanging off your every word? You don’t think that you deserve someone who takes your things seriously? Because I’m trying, Wardo, but you act like it’s not even-.”

Eduardo steps back across the living room. “Maybe I don’t want- I don’t want to push.”
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:blackeyedgirl  length:5000-10.000  sequel 
may 2013 by Wordflake
Best Practices in Workplace Relationships
Someone is sitting at the desk outside his office.Mark comes to stand by the desk. “Do I know you?”He is given a quietly appraising look. The man stands and offers Mark his hand. “Eduardo Saverin. You’re supposed to be interviewing me.”

Written for a prompt at the kinkmeme: They meet when Mark's already a billionaire and Eduardo is his new personal assistant.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:blackeyedgirl  length:20.000-35.000 
may 2013 by Wordflake
Facebook Shares fill
Fill for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt: Mark wants Eduardo to forgive him, but even though Eduardo says he's not mad at Mark anymore, he also says that he's realized that Facebook will always be more important to Mark than he is, and he's not willing to go back to that kind of relationship. So Mark gives Eduardo half of his Facebook shares.

//People are not actually programs. He can't take them apart and examine them line by line until they make perfect sense. In fact, Mark is convinced that people actually make less sense the more you get to know them -- unlike code, which lays itself out on the screen with everything right there on the surface, people have things they keep hidden.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:lynn  length:10.000-20.000 
april 2013 by Wordflake
the other side (is always greener)
Canon compliant AU: When he's sent to infiltrate human society in order to protect his people, Eduardo meets Mark for the second time, and his instantaneous attachment might cost him everything.

//Wardo is a merman. A surprisingly angsty and realistic fic, great world-building.

'His skin, his true skin, half human and half scales, is not the reds and golds and greens of his family, but blue, blue and white and silver. He wants to laugh or scream or slink down to the ocean where he can slip away from it all, but it lodges in his throat and threatens to stay there, choking him slowly.

"Damn it, Mark," Eduardo says. "Damn it."'
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:fuzzy_paint  length:35.000-50.000  *creature!fic  *merman 
december 2012 by Wordflake
Boy Falls From the Sky
In which Divya Narendra is an evil mastermind, Sean Parker seems like a supervillain and Eduardo can't go to Palo Alto because he's too busy in New York being Spiderman.
fandom:the_social_network  fandom:the_amazing_spiderman  fanfiction  pairing:mark/eduardo  rating:PG-13  author:lc2l  length:20.000-35.000  crossover 
december 2012 by Wordflake
Draw Me A Map
"Hey, I'll write." The thousands of miles, both literal and figurative, Mark and Eduardo travel and the countless postcards and letters they write over five years as they grow up and towards each other. How do you get yourself back to a place you haven't been yet? "Don't you ever just want to go?"

//No,” Chris says, genially. “Postcards and letters from all over the world and you, apparently, sending him meaningful emails, and you keep them all together and freak out if other people touch them and…Wardo, of course. Totally, exactly what I thought would happen next with you two crazy kids.”
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:fairy_tale_echo  length:10.000-20.000  *travel!fic 
october 2012 by Wordflake
We Wander Through Difference
Mark never expected to fall in love with the cashier at his neighborhood Safeway, but life seems to have other plans.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:speakfictions  length:10.000-20.000 
october 2012 by Wordflake
we've got the dreamers' disease
AU. In which Mark and Eduardo are BFFs in high school, Mark has a gigantic, horrible, soul-eating crush on Eduardo, Eduardo has issues, and Sean comes in and blows everything up (not literally).
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:thedeadparrot  length:10.000-20.000  AU  *highschool/college/university 
october 2012 by Wordflake
Cryptography For Beginners
A few years after the depositions, Mark sends Eduardo an e-mail. Now Eduardo just needs to figure out what it says.

//Eduardo hasn't spoken to, e-mailed or even looked at Mark since the settlement two years ago, and he's perfectly happy to keep it that way. The second thing he notices is that the subject of the e-mail is ciphertext, and the body of the e-mail is just an incomprehensible sequence of numbers:

10038259 10038205 10038263 10051970 10052049 10052045 10052048 10052048 10052059 9984929 9985000 9984934 9985004 9984929 10038162 10038164 10038146 10038153 10038209 10038144 10038159 10038209 9984992 9985010 9985010 9985001 9985006 9985005 9984996 9984943 9985752 9985681 9985752 9985684 9985687 9985678 9985693 9985752 9985665 9985687 9985677 9985750
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:thedeadparrot  length:10.000-20.000 
october 2012 by Wordflake
Eduardo marries Mark to avoid getting deported. Five years later, he wants a divorce. Mark is not okay with this.

//"We're not supposed to," Mark says. "Why would we ever get divorced?"

Chris and Dustin both stare at him silently. Mark stares back.

"This situation," Dustin says, "just got a whole lot more complicated."
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:abriata  length:20.000-35.000  *pretended/accidental_relationship/marriage 
september 2012 by Wordflake
just the memory of your face
Mark wakes up in bed with a husband he doesn't remember and a life he can't imagine having.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:hapakitsune  length:10.000-20.000  *amnesia 
september 2012 by Wordflake
Shaped Like a Question Mark
TSN librarian AU! Where Eduardo is a children's librarian and Mark is an information specialist brought in to revamp the catalogue. And along the way there are books! misunderstandings! online reference! romance!

//And because he can't resist, he says, "Hey Mr. Librarian, I looked at all the books but I think I'd rather check you out instead."

Eduardo buries his face in Mark's shoulder and snorts. "Worst line ever. What are you going to ask next, if you can renew me indefinitely? If you can Dewey my Decimal? If you can speed up my circulation?"
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:jibrailis  length:20.000-35.000  AU 
september 2012 by Wordflake
It Hurts To Become
The one where Mark is blind and Eduardo loves him. Facebook happens along the way.

//He thinks that it’s beautiful, that Mark gets to know him like this, furtively building a picture of Eduardo like Eduardo’s answers are pieces of code and Mark is trying to program him just right, to adjust the image until it shines clean and true.

Eduardo thinks that maybe Mark knows him better than anyone else, and wishes he had the capacity for lack of visual judgment without being blind.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:myownremedy  length:20.000-35.000  *disability!fic 
september 2012 by Wordflake
Face Like A Blessing
It seems right, that Eduardo is the first face of Facebook, covered in binary and coded in with loving care.

Or, the AU where Mark makes Eduardo's face (instead of Al Pacino's) the Facebook's logo in a grand gesture, and Eduardo doesn't know.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:myownremedy  length:2000-5000 
september 2012 by Wordflake
with pressure and time
Mark and Eduardo are just friends, no really. (Shut up, Dustin. And you too, Sean.)
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG  author:ellot  length:5000-10.000 
july 2012 by Wordflake
pictures of success
Coupley Harvard-era pictures are completely misonstrued by a meddling press, and suddenly, at Sean Parker's insistence, Mark and Eduardo are Facebook's New Gay Power Couple. Eduardo's just a little too good at pretending to be the best boyfriend ever, though.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:oflights  length:10.000-20.000  *pretended/accidental_relationship/marriage 
june 2012 by Wordflake
And knowledge and tears and chance
The night that Eduardo returns to Palo Alto, his girlfriend does worse than set a little fire: Christy nearly kills Eduardo. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing standing between him and Mark.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:hope_calaris  length:20.000-35.000 
june 2012 by Wordflake
watch the lights go wild
Five people the press thought Mark was dating, plus one person he actually was. Or: Mark was born to ruin Chris Hughes' life.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:oflights  length:5000-10.000  *five_things 
june 2012 by Wordflake
Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper)
For the prompt: Eduardo & Mark have to attend some kind of shareholder's/young-and-a-billionaire's meeting in Vegas/Vermont/Illinois. One thing leads to another and they WAKE UP MARRIED. A quicky divorce/annulment would be easy if not for the fact that Mark drunkenly changed his facebook status to MARRIED TO EDUARDO SAVERIN.

Or, Mark and Eduardo get drunkenly married. Chaos ensues.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:hapakitsune  length:50.000-100.000  *pretended/accidental_relationship/marriage 
june 2012 by Wordflake
Just Gonna Get My Feet Wet Until I Drown
Good thing he hadn’t tried too hard to picture Mark Z., because after Sean’s hyper, condescending reminder about how important this client was, he wouldn’t have imagined this guy staring him down, not blinking, for the world.

//Eduardo is a high-class call boy and Mark is one of his many clients.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  rating:NC-17  author:justbreathe80  length:20.000-35.000  AU  *prostitution/escort 
june 2012 by Wordflake
pieces from my heart
mark gets drunk, watches the video of the depositions, and comes to some startling realizations. featuring dustin moskovitz (whose awesomeness cannot be overstated) and chris hughes (like a boss). a little bit of angst, a little bit of fluff, and a whole lot of ridiculous.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG  author:indecentexposed  length:10.000-20.000 
may 2012 by Wordflake
be more like the man you were made to be
For the prompt: Groundhog Day AU! Where Mark has to relive a day (the last day of the lawsuit, the day Eduardo arrives from NY, etc) over and over again until he ~learns
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:PG-13  author:gdgdbaby  length:5000-10.000  *groundhog_day 
may 2012 by Wordflake
almost, finally, finally
(Sequel to "these things get louder") The first year of Mark and Eduardo's long-distance romance, featuring PDAs in formal wear, revelations about cookies, drama over Facebook info updates, and realizations that absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder quite so much as it makes the heart grow frustrated.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:fledmusic  length:20.000-35.000  sequel 
may 2012 by Wordflake
In the Details
So he has Eduardo now, and maybe Eduardo has learned to not expect too much of him, but Mark—Mark doesn’t want to be that. He wants to see the details, he wants to know how to—how to keep this. He wants to know Eduardo as thoroughly and instinctively as he does Facebook, because he has both again, and this time he will make it work.

So Mark learns the details.

//Mark missed the fact that Eduardo loved Facebook but he loved it because Mark loved it, because it was theirs, together; he didn’t love it less than Mark did, but he didn’t love it for its inherent nature, for the things it meant. He loved Facebook and he loved Mark, and Mark fucking missed it, missed that Eduardo did not have it within him to separate the two from each other, couldn’t even imagine it; and what that meant is that Mark thought he could break Eduardo from Facebook and still keep the Eduardo who put his fingers in Mark’s hair and said his name softly, and he didn’t know that that wasn’t allowed. He didn’t see it. He missed it.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:grim_lupine  length:10.000-20.000 
may 2012 by Wordflake
What You See Is What You Get
“Mark’s vaguely amused as he watches Eduardo nest. That’s what it has to be. Mark’s seen bears less maternal than this guy.” Mark and Eduardo adopt a litter of orphaned kittens. Angst and pseudo domestication ensues.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:a_jejune_star  length:10.000-20.000 
may 2012 by Wordflake
these things get louder
//“Mom,” he said, “are you...uhh, I guess there’s no other way of putting this, do you think that Eduardo and I were, like, together?”

She paused. “Is that not the case?”

What. What. What. “Umm, no, it’s- no, that wasn’t. We weren’t.”
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:R  author:fledmusic  length:10.000-20.000 
may 2012 by Wordflake
sweet on you
BAKERY AU. Mark is Mark, Eduardo owns a bakery/café near the Facebook offices. Mark does not have time to have a thing for him, but he totally, totally does. Sadly for Mark's continued enjoyment of a harassment-free existence, Dustin is still Dustin and is entirely devoted to his causes of a) getting Mark laid, b) acquiring all the gossip, and c) acquiring all the baked goods he can. Featuring novelty shaped cookies, frosting in places frosting should never be, and ~feelings~.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:moogle62  AU  length:50.000-100.000  *coffee_shop/bakery!AU 
may 2012 by Wordflake
Every King Has His Throne Part
For the prompt: Eduardo likes to sit under the desk by Mark's feet when Mark codes. Mark thinks it is weird for a while but grows to like Eduardo being there.

//They don’t see how Mark is when Eduardo is tired. After he slumps into Mark’s room and sags against the closed door. Sometimes Mark will shut his laptop down if Eduardo doesn’t immediately sit in his place next to Mark. If Eduardo sits on the bed, shoulders heavy with expectations and failure and doesn’t say anything, Mark will spin around in his desk chair.
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:robpat  length:10.000-20.000 
may 2012 by Wordflake
Maze (you got me running through)
Boarding School AU. "Mark doesn't really notice him at first, maybe because Eduardo makes a point out of not being noticed, or maybe because Mark isn't the most observant guy, but within a week he finds his eyes drawn to Eduardo's face with unnerving regularity. It's almost like last year, when his eyes kept getting stuck on Erica's jawline, but it's different too, inexplicable, and Mark doesn't like things he can't explain."
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:jeyhawk  length:20.000-35.000  AU 
may 2012 by Wordflake
Relationship Status: It was always about you
College AU. The one where Eduardo works at the campus coffee shop and Mark doesn't understand the concept of love at first sight. Coffee, code, Facebook and love (not necessarily in that order).
fandom:the_social_network  pairing:mark/eduardo  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  AU  length:10.000-20.000  author:jeyhawk 
may 2012 by Wordflake

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