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Forging a Swiss Lens: 3 Ways Zurich Changed My View of Silicon Valley
Must-read: "Forging a Swiss Lens: 3 Ways Zurich Changed My View of Silicon Valley" —
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january 2018 by WimLeers
Washington Monthly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

Meanwhile, the Remain campaign was making an appeal to reason. Leave’s crude, emotional message would have been turbocharged by sharing far more than Remain’s. I did not see it at the time, but the users most likely to respond to Leave’s messages were probably less wealthy and therefore cheaper for the advertiser to target: the price of Facebook (and Google) ads is determined by auction, and the cost of targeting more upscale consumers gets bid up higher by actual businesses trying to sell them things. As a consequence, Facebook was a much cheaper and more effective platform for Leave in terms of cost per user reached. And filter bubbles would ensure that people on the Leave side would rarely have their questionable beliefs challenged. Facebook’s model may have had the power to reshape an entire continent.

An expert in persuasive technology, he described the techniques that tech platforms use to create addiction and the ways they exploit that addiction to increase profits. He called it “brain hacking.”

Thanks to the U.S. government’s laissez-faire approach to regulation, the internet platforms were able to pursue business strategies that would not have been allowed in prior decades. No one stopped them from using free products to centralize the internet and then replace its core functions. No one stopped them from siphoning off the profits of content creators. No one stopped them from gathering data on every aspect of every user’s internet life. No one stopped them from amassing market share not seen since the days of Standard Oil. No one stopped them from running massive social and psychological experiments on their users. No one demanded that they police their platforms. It has been a sweet deal.
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january 2018 by WimLeers
Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear

There are industry observers talking about the need for AIs to have a sense of ethics, and some have proposed that we ensure that any superintelligent AIs we create be “friendly,” meaning that their goals are aligned with human goals. I find these suggestions ironic given that we as a society have failed to teach corporations a sense of ethics, that we did nothing to ensure that Facebook’s and Amazon’s goals were aligned with the public good. But I shouldn’t be surprised; the question of how to create friendly AI is simply more fun to think about than the problem of industry regulation, just as imagining what you’d do during the zombie apocalypse is more fun than thinking about how to mitigate global warming.

What I’m far more concerned about is the concentration of power in Google, Facebook, and Amazon. They’ve achieved a level of market dominance that is profoundly anticompetitive, but because they operate in a way that doesn’t raise prices for consumers, they don’t meet the traditional criteria for monopolies and so they avoid antitrust scrutiny from the government. We don’t need to worry about Google’s DeepMind research division, we need to worry about the fact that it’s almost impossible to run a business online without using Google’s services.
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december 2017 by WimLeers
A Swede Returns to Silicon Valley from China
RT : A Swedish entrepreneur picks Beijing over Silicon Valley for founding a company:
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august 2016 by WimLeers
My Year in Startup Hell at Hubspot
RT @RafRamakers: A troubling example of pseudo innovation: #startups starting out as a sales operation instead of a great invention
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april 2016 by WimLeers
Voor Silicon Valley is democratie de grootste vijand van vooruitgang
Democratische politiek bestaat niet omdat problemen opgelost moeten worden, maar omdat voor sommige problemen geen duurzame oplossing bestaat. Die nuance is belangrijk.
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november 2014 by WimLeers
The Real Pirates Of Silicon Valley? | TechCrunch
Must-read: "The Real Pirates Of Silicon Valley? | TechCrunch" —
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november 2011 by WimLeers
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