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We Built A Broken Internet. Now We Need To Burn It To The Ground.

When we refuse to let our own children use the fruits of our labor while still cashing the checks we’re earning by addicting other people’s children — all the while rending our garments over “what’s happening to kids today!” — we need to burn all our work down.
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april 2019 by WimLeers
Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’
Must-read: "Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’" —
capitalism  web  internet  petersunde  inequality  mustread 
december 2015 by WimLeers
How Wealthy People Protect Their Money
Must-read: "How Wealthy People Protect Their Money" —
inequality  mustread  economics  taxes  evil  epicfail  aw 
october 2015 by WimLeers
A debtors’ prison in Mississippi
Must-read: "A debtors’ prison in Mississippi" —
usa  epicfail  inequality  mustread 
october 2015 by WimLeers
Finland, Home of the $103,000 Speeding Ticket
@BenWeyts Beste Minister van Mobiliteit, de Finnen hebben een fairder systeem voor verkeersboetes:
Ook in België? :)
finland  inequality  transportation  society 
march 2015 by WimLeers
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