Butternut Squash Pasta
sage, brown butter, squash, parmesan, you can add bacon and onion
recipe  pasta  easy-meal 
8 days ago
Haven - the OG cabin fic
"There's a storm on the way," Fraser said, "but I won't be long. Diefenbaker and I will be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail. With dinner, if our luck holds out."
due-south  fic 
november 2017
You and Me and 10,000 Wars
Sam pines and writes stem cell speeches. The tone matches the show perfectly.
josh/sam  west-wing  fic 
november 2017
coco's stucky rec list
random assortment of steve/bucky from when i was diving in post-cap 2
stucky  cap  rec-list  fic 
september 2017
eggmuffin: highlight of my low life
It starts as a joke Eggsy makes about needing a sugar daddy and evolves from there. Hot, funny, and great. 10/10 would let randy old guys buy me winged shoes on Instagram again.
harry/eggsy  fic  via:pru 
september 2017
weatherfront: inception masterlist
author of that rly fun arthur/eames vampire/goatherd au
masterlist  fic  inception 
september 2017
maybe77: for you the war is over (ww2 arthur/eames au)
Historical AU. Eames is an RAF pilot shot down in German-occupied France during World War II; Arthur is the French resistance fighter who finds him. There is a happy ending.
inception  fic 
september 2017
kay taylor rea's assorted reclists
lots to read through, hasn't been updated since dec 2016
rec-list  multifandom 
september 2017
cap due-south easy-meal fic gen harry/eggsy hp inception josh/sam masterlist multifandom pasta rec-list recipe remus/sirius stucky torchwood via:pru west-wing

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