Lessons learned from accident and near-accident experiences in traffic - ScienceDirect
Individuals who had encountered repeated near-accidents showed a DECREASE in safe driving, confirming that near-misses are booked as successes, fostering complacency.
nearmisses  accidents  mistakes  decisionmaking 
21 hours ago
2009 annual report
The beauty of the scientific method is that makes the most of reason’s social nature.
The Hard Work of Disagreeing with Those Who Are Similar to Us
On the flip side, I have very little experience with my friends and colleagues giving me feedback or pushing back against some belief I am espousing or action I am taking.
6 days ago
Why Disagreement Is More Common Than Agreement | Psychology Today
Agreement, then, is rather precious. It’s something to be sought, not just stumbled upon.
dialogue  agreement 
6 days ago
Wijnaldum exclusive: ‘Klopp gave us pre-Kiev team talk in Ronaldo pants – we were all on the floor laughing’ – The Athletic
“I had played a really bad game. A lot of times he says that when I start a game badly, it never becomes good during the game any more. And he said, in front of everyone, ‘I could see it in your eyes and in your body language — this was going to be a game like that.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa, I don’t need that in this moment.’

“But in the end, if you analyse it, he was right. He didn’t say it to break me, but to help me.
dialogue  conflict  klopp  sport 
7 days ago
Life’s Work: An Interview with George Mitchell
The challenge is not to get them to talk, because everybody will talk, but to get them to listen.
dialogue  georgemitchell  listening 
8 days ago
Forget Introvert/Extrovert. Are you Perceiving, or Judging?
Don’t confuse “perceiving” with the often positive trait of being “perceptive.” Don’t confuse “judging” with the negative connotations of being “judgmental.” Neither is necessarily good or bad, and we all have a little of both.
An extreme perceiver always wants to take in new information. An extreme judger wants to make a decision.
curiosity  dialogue 
12 days ago
The inside story of FSG’s love affair with Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox – The Athletic
“Speaking your mind and disagreeing at Liverpool isn’t just allowed,” Gordon told Klopp, who offered a pregnant pause and raised an eyebrow, in Manhattan. “It is required.”
13 days ago
The effects of categorically based expectations on minority influence: the importance of congruence. - PubMed - NCBI
The role of congruence and incongruence in diverse decision-making groups is examined by manipulating opinion agreement within and between members of different social categories.
dialogue  diversity  conflict 
13 days ago
Secure communities | National Affairs
The key prediction, that participants would evaluate pieces of art, specifically abstract art, more favorably if the artist was a conational than a national outgroup member, was supported
identity  patriotism  cultural 
14 days ago
Greta Thunberg, It's OK to Fly to New York - Bloomberg
We should feel pretty comfortable with significantly reducing carbon emissions in most major areas except air travel.
ruffian  environment 
16 days ago
“I Disrespectfully Agree”: The Differential Effects of Partisan Sorting on Social and Issue Polarization - Mason - 2015 - American Journal of Political Science - Wiley Online Library
The partisan‐ideological sorting that has occurred in recent decades has caused the nation as a whole to hold more aligned political identities, which has strengthened partisan identity and the activism, bias, and anger that result from strong identities, even though issue positions have not undergone the same degree of polarization. The result is a nation that agrees on many things but is bitterly divided nonetheless.
19 days ago
How To Fight In Love - YouTube
Alain De Botton on couples, quite useful
20 days ago
Exploration, argument and creativity
I am astounded that it has taken us around 2,400 years to realise that argument is an unsatisfactory method for exploring a subject.
20 days ago
ARGUMENT: Why do it
Arguing does not need to be stressful. If there’s one thing I want you to learn from this course, that would be it.
dialogue  arguing 
21 days ago
The forgotten part of memory
“If you wash out a few details but retain the gist, it helps you to use it in novel situations,” Richards says. “It’s entirely possible that our brain engages in a bit of controlled forgetting in order to prevent us from overfitting to our experiences.”
Memory  forgetting 
21 days ago
[no title]
Do performance ratings tell us anything?
INTERESTING  performance  talent  workplace 
21 days ago
The economic and interpersonal consequences of deflecting direct questions. - PubMed - NCBI
Direct, difficult questions (e.g., Do you have other offers? When do you plan on having children?) pose a challenge. Best way to handle it is ask a question back.
21 days ago
Arguments Help Innovation, Decision-Making - Harvey Mackay Academy
Mark Eppler, in his book “The Wright Way,” writes that the key to their intense arguments was not driven by anger but rather a commitment of free-flowing information – a valuable tool for innovation.
wrightbros  innovation  dialogue 
21 days ago
[no title]
Good overview and history of research on group conflict - used to be thought of as just negative, but increasing evidence for positive effects too. Key dynamics a) antidote groupthink b) Better info processing. Summary - Relationship conflict bad, task conflict good.
dialogue  groups  conflict 
22 days ago
Boris Johnson has learnt the lessons of Brexit vote | Comment | The Times
There are a thousand problems with a politics split between left and right. But politics institutionally divided between Leave and Remain would be far worse, because we wouldn’t be fighting about economic and social policies. We’d be fighting about the sort of people we are and believe our opponents to be. It’s one thing to think that the other side have plans that won’t work: you try to win power by persuading voters that your plans will work better for them. But if politics is a battle of values, there is no such victory to be won, no centre ground in which to compromise: just an endless angry stalemate between leaders using grievance to energise their base.
23 days ago
Warren Buffett Annual Letter Quotes - Business Insider
Hire second adviser...fee contingent on deal not going through. Harnessing confirmation bias!
dialogue  warrenbuffett 
26 days ago
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