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Professors protest monitoring of Harvard students | Harvard Magazine
Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) researchers had used cameras to photograph 10 classes to measure patterns of student attendance during lectures—without notifying either the professors or the students
harvard  sensors  surveillance  ethics  privacy  data 
march 2018 by WBedutech
UA Looks at 'Digital Traces' to Help Students | UANews
schools are a natural place to start this stuff -- and to accustom future citizens to it
sensors  monitoring  data  privacy  ethics  future 
march 2018 by WBedutech
Inside DC Schools: The Struggle to Develop Personalized Learning’s Independent Learners | EdSurge News
article funded by czi about use of summit platform (where are the boundaries between journalism, editorial and advertising? this article might provide some useful fodder for related discussion)
summit  edsurge  czi  ethics  facebook 
february 2018 by WBedutech
“Brand-name” teachers in Finland? | Thomas Hatch
response to NY Times article by Natasha Singer, citing Finnish experience
nytimes  brand  vendors  ethics 
september 2017 by WBedutech
Machines Learn a Biased View of Women | WIRED
COMMENT FROM ME: bias in algorithms -- if you unleash algorithms to 'learn' from today's status quo, you might just end up strengthening (and further entrenching) that status quo (and if you want to consciously change that status quo ... well, you are explicitly introducing another type of bias into the equation). technology is neither positive nor negative: nor is it neutral
bias  ai  machinelearning  ethics  data 
august 2017 by WBedutech
Guidelines for Conducting and Reporting EdTech Impact Research in U.S. K-12 Schools
Guidelines for Conducting and Reporting EdTech Impact Research in U.S. K-12 Schools
impact  evaluation  research  ethics 
august 2017 by WBedutech
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"Ethische Regeln für den automatisierten und vernetzten Fahrzeugverkehr" should there also be ethical guidelines for autonomous learning?
german  robots  selfdrivingcars  autonomousvehicles  ethics 
june 2017 by WBedutech

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