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UNICEF Innovation Fund announces its largest investment round yet | UNICEF Office of Innovation 
The Innovation Fund allows UNICEF to quickly assess, fund and grow open-source solutions that can improve children’s lives. Financial and technological support is available for companies that are using technology in innovative ways to improve the world.
unicef  startups  blockchain  vr  ar 
december 2018 by WBedutech
The unbearable lightness of Blockchain. – Digital Citizenship – Medium
+1 includes 'ten anecdotes' background on Alex and his EU paper.

"There is beauty in rethinking the mundane."

He includes a place of places where stuff might happen first (e.g. small, islands)
blockchain  alexgrech 
july 2018 by WBedutech
Does Higher Education need blockchain? – Human Learning – Medium
Decentralised trust systems may well be the future but I don’t see that it solves a core problem. Namely that the main premium market for Higher Education Edtech is geared twards graduates in developed countries and that market — does not have a problem of trust in its credentials — it has a problem of credibility in its courses. People don’t know what it means to have done a MOOC/Specialization/MicroMasters in X which undermines the market system for it. Shoring up the credential is a second order problem to proving the intrinsic value of the course itself.
blockchain  credentials 
june 2018 by WBedutech
Woolf University: the Airbnb of higher education or a sheep in wolf's clothing? | Tony Bates
from a comment by Mike Sharples: "Basically, Woolf is a MOOC proposal, with badging and outsourced tutoring. All interesting ideas, being tried elsewhere, but blockchain is something of a diversion."
tonybates  blockchain  oxford 
june 2018 by WBedutech
First blockchain university promises to be the Uber for Students and AirBnB for teachers — Observatory of Educational Innovation
The project’s white paper states that for “for students, it will be the Uber of degree courses; for teachers, it will be the Airbnb of course hosting, but for both parties the use of blockchain technology will provide the contractual stability needed to complete a full course of study.” Gold, pure gold.
blockchain  hype  uber  airbnb  oxford 
april 2018 by WBedutech
BitSchool AI
"Above all, BitSchool aims to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), Location-Based Technology, and Blockchain to advance the
global education paradigm." You don't say ... (have a look at the white paper)
bitschool  blockchain 
april 2018 by WBedutech
‘Blockchain’ is meaningless - The Verge
“‘Private blockchain’ is just a confusing name for a shared database,” wrote Arvind Narayanan, an assistant computer science professor at Princeton
blockchain  theverge  definition 
april 2018 by WBedutech
Bitcoin Is Ridiculous. Blockchain Is Dangerous: Paul Ford - Bloomberg
as is almost always the case, paul ford is awesome (note his explanation of what bitcoin is, e.g., or observations like "what Bitcoin actually accomplished is the financialization of a few genuinely joyous ideas)". And: " It’s more ideology than financial instrument, and ideology is rarely a sustainable store of value. Plus, transactions are slow (everyone says they’re fixing that), and you shouldn’t have to use an aluminum smelter’s worth of power to make new currency." and the last paragraph.
bitcoin  blockchain  paulford 
march 2018 by WBedutech
The Truth About Blockchain
nice discussion of analogies with tcp/ip: "TCP/IP unlocked new economic value by dramatically lowering the cost of connections. Similarly, blockchain could dramatically reduce the cost of transactions. "
hbr  blockchain 
march 2018 by WBedutech
#1 Ad Network built on Blockchain - Unmade - What is Blockchain?
What is Blockchain?
If you don't know how Blockchain works, here's a plain English version of it.

blockchain  bitcoin 
february 2018 by WBedutech
#15 Crypto Hedge Fund - Unmade
Cryptocurrencies are inevitable in the world of blockchains. They are the incentives that make the nodes work and form the network. Without them, there would be no blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies are to blockchain as fuel is to your car.
blockchain  bitcoin 
february 2018 by WBedutech
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