Artificial Intelligence Index 2018 annual report
lots of interesting data and charts here
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5 days ago
UNICEF Innovation Fund announces its largest investment round yet | UNICEF Office of Innovation 
The Innovation Fund allows UNICEF to quickly assess, fund and grow open-source solutions that can improve children’s lives. Financial and technological support is available for companies that are using technology in innovative ways to improve the world.
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7 days ago
Beginner's guide for journalists who want to understand API documentation | Poynter
Beginner's guide for journalists who want to understand API documentation
11 days ago
Is My Ed Tech Tool Making a Difference? - NewSchools Venture Fund
Is My Ed Tech Tool Making a Difference?
An Entrepreneur's Guide to Using Research to Improve Products and Measure Impact
nsvf  newschoolsventurefund  gatesfoundation  entrepreneurs  columbia  startups  research  impact  evaluation 
14 days ago
Elbert Hubbard - Wikiquote
One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.
paraphrase to make it about teachers
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18 days ago
Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 5: The Multi-Million Dollar Educational Investment in E-Book Licensing - Michael Geist
Very interesting. Part of a larger series by the (Canadian) author. What happens to licensing and access when you move from print to digital? Lots, potentially. This is a very big fight, with very big implications for the education sector.
publishing  publishers  canada  creativecommons  ip 
19 days ago
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