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Is it maintained?
Check the activity of open source projects
opensource  tools  online  statistics  issues 
10 weeks ago by VoxPelli
Browser Media Support
If you want to know what media formats and codecs your current browser can play
reference  tools  online  browser  video  codec 
august 2018 by VoxPelli
My Browser - Easy to digest browser details to help you with QA and tech support
When you land on the site, some tests are run on your browser. The tests are against data that any website can gather, but it displays the data in a format that’s easy to read. The hope is that the data will give developers some useful information about a user’s browser if they are struggling to track a bug down.
browser  support  tools  online  debug  enduser 
july 2018 by VoxPelli
Peer to peer file sharing on local network
p2p  file  tools  online  webrtc  sharing 
july 2018 by VoxPelli
Polyfill service
Polyfill.io reads the User-Agent header of each request and returns polyfills that are suitable for the requesting browser.
polyfill  service  online  tools  hosting 
may 2018 by VoxPelli
Optimize animated GIF
Perfect for converting a gif into something that Slack accepts!
gif  tools  online  optimization  5 
may 2018 by VoxPelli
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple
Teach your app to
hear music.
Build, train, and ship custom
deep learning models using
a simple visual interface.
Watch Tour Join Beta
visualisation  bigdata  visual  online  visualization  ai  machinelearning  tools 
may 2018 by VoxPelli
Boxy SVG
Browser based SVG editor
webapp  svg  tools  online 
march 2018 by VoxPelli
Winning on Mobile
Use our Speed Scorecard to see how your site stacks up to the competition.
google  mobile  performance  webdesign  tools  reference  online 
february 2018 by VoxPelli
We block fraud, avert scams, prevent harassment and secure the accounts of your users.
span  security  saas  tools  online  api 
january 2018 by VoxPelli
The community platform for the future.

The internet was built for communities.

But, as the web has changed and improved radically, community software has hardly improved since the heyday of messageboards and IRC.

Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last.
chat  community  discussion  tools  messaging  online 
december 2017 by VoxPelli
RSS Generator - FetchRSS
First of all it's an online RSS feed generator.
This service allows you to create RSS feed out of almost any web page. Your only task is to provide us with target URL and point on desired blocks in our visual RSS builder.

Scraping / Scraper
generator  rss  tools  online  crawling  scraping 
december 2017 by VoxPelli
Faster builds. Smarter automation.

Automate your team’s software development processes, from testing through to delivery, no matter the language, environment or toolchain.
build  ci  development  devops  tools  online 
november 2017 by VoxPelli
NameQL - Find a great name
Type to find a great name with available .com
domain  tools  online 
november 2017 by VoxPelli
Notist. Your speaking portfolio.
Your speaking portfolio.

You host your code on GitHub, your photos on Instagram, and your workouts on Strava. Your speaking gigs? They go on Notist. (Hey, welcome!)
portfolio  speaking  presentation  online  tools 
october 2017 by VoxPelli
FOSSA - Effortlessly comply with open source licenses
Continuously scan and comply with open source licenses
without slowing down development
legal  development  license  opensource  ci  service  online  tools 
may 2017 by VoxPelli
Resin.io brings the benefits of Linux containers to the IoT. Develop iteratively, deploy safely, and manage at scale.
deployment  docker  internet-of-things  raspberrypi  service  online 
april 2017 by VoxPelli
Video Post Production Collaboration Software | Frame.io
Video review and collaboration, solved.
Frame.io brings together the diverse set of participants in the video creation process
design  collaboration  online  tools 
april 2017 by VoxPelli
Level up your programming skills

By passing predefined unit tests
online  learning  programming  tools  test 
march 2017 by VoxPelli
F5Bot - Get an email when you're mentioned online!
F5Bot is a free service that emails you when your selected keywords are mentioned on Hacker News, Lobsters, or (parts of) Reddit. Use it to monitor your brand, your projects, or just topics you're interested in.
email  service  tools  online  monitoring  social 
march 2017 by VoxPelli
Automatic audio post production web service for podcasts, broadcasters, radio shows, movies, screencasts and more
audio  tools  podcast  editing  online 
march 2017 by VoxPelli
Shape Shifter
Online tool to create morphing SVG:s
svg  animation  tools  online 
march 2017 by VoxPelli
OSS Metrics
Get most out of open source
Measure, Learn, Grow, Hire

Building open source products is challenging, but you are in unique position: you have data generated by your users. It's time to leverage its power.

With our platform, you can monitor the health of your projects, built strong relationships with the community, improve hiring process and find qualified leads.
statistics  stats  opensource  growth  tools  online  projects  nonprofit 
december 2016 by VoxPelli
Kill the newsletter!
Convert newsletters into RSS feeds.
email  newsletter  rss  tools  online 
december 2016 by VoxPelli
Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
Simple, beautiful scheduling.

Say goodbye to email tag for scheduling appointments, interviews, calls, demos and much more.
calendar  meetings  tools  online  5  organizing 
november 2016 by VoxPelli
Find a cool name for your product
generator  product  project  name  tools  online 
october 2016 by VoxPelli
distribute() (pronounced 'do distribute') is a new
tools  game  online  gamedev  marketing 
october 2016 by VoxPelli
Website Traffic
Get insights for any website or app
statistics  metrics  online  tools 
september 2016 by VoxPelli
Observatory by Mozilla
Observatory by Mozilla is a project designed to help developers, system administrators, and security professionals configure their sites safely and securely.
security  tools  online 
august 2016 by VoxPelli
StackPath | Home
Owners of Cloak and MaxCDN
security  online  vpn  saas  cdn  tools 
july 2016 by VoxPelli
Content collaboration platform – GatherContent
Manage all of your content in one place

Meet your all-in-one content production and workflow platform.
content  tools  writing  online  saas  api  wysiwyg  planning 
july 2016 by VoxPelli
Figure out complexity hotspots in the blink of an eye from a couple of very simple charts. They'll help you understand the architecture of the project & make it easier to keep it under control.
php  linting  tools  online  visualization 
may 2016 by VoxPelli
Rollbar - Error Tracking Software for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, more
Put errors in their place

Full-stack error tracking for all apps in any language
exceptions  javascript  monitoring  tools  online  errors  logging 
may 2016 by VoxPelli
JavaScript Error Tracking from TrackJS
Fix Your JavaScript
Track Error Context. Actually Fix Bugs.
javascript  monitoring  errors  logging  tools  online 
may 2016 by VoxPelli
See what your users see.

FullStory lets your company easily record, replay, search, and analyze each user's actual experience with your website. Think of it as your team's super-searchable DVR for all customer interactions.
saas  usermanagement  tools  webdesign  online  analytics 
march 2016 by VoxPelli
A spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain.

An estimation tools.
online  free  tools  business  planning 
march 2016 by VoxPelli
Wercker - From code to containers
From code to containers
Build apps faster. Release often. Automate all the things.
ci  saas  tools  online  deployment  docker 
march 2016 by VoxPelli
Imagga - powerful image recognition APIs for automated categorization & tagging
Imagga is an Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service providing Image Tagging APIs for developers & businesses to build scalable, image intensive cloud apps.
api  image  saas  tools  online 
february 2016 by VoxPelli
Migadu: World's easiest email hosting
Get all your email domains under a single admin. Open addresses in seconds, for all your projects, startup ideas, blogs, family members...
email  tools  online  service  hosted  europe 
february 2016 by VoxPelli
The Easy Way To Sell Your Creations Online - SendOwl
Sell More Digital Products With SendOwl

The only ecommerce platform that cares about conversion rates, ease of use, and owls
ecommerce  butik  online  tools  business 
february 2016 by VoxPelli
archive  wordpress  online  tools  drupal 
january 2016 by VoxPelli
Squash Reports
Squash Reports keep your team in touch every day
slack  tools  team  online  collaboration  service  bot  agile 
january 2016 by VoxPelli
Wit — Natural Language for Developers
We... turn speech or text into actionable data
Your users give us voice or text, you get back structured data. It's that simple

Facbeook owned
language  api  service  online  bot  nlp  facebook  conversational  chat 
january 2016 by VoxPelli
Issue Stats
Analyze and compare how long it takes for Github issues to be closed.
github  issues  tools  online  analytics  opensource 
january 2016 by VoxPelli
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