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Elspethdixon & Seanchai: Reassembled (1-7/?)
Summary: The long-delayed conclusion to Resurrection-verse. Registration is long gone, several people are back from the dead, and Steve and Tony have put their lives and their team back together. Mostly. One long-time Avenger is still missing. Now she’s back, and Chthon has come with her.
IronMan  CaptainAmerica  fanfic  Avengers  resurrection'verse  **  -long.fic  author:elspethdixon  author:seanchai  Incomplete 
august 2011 by Vascarl
brilligspoons: As Long As You've Got Stars in Your Eyes
Summary: She toys with the idea of seducing Erik again for about a week before deciding it’d be too much work. She hadn’t liked it all that much the first time around anyway.
X-Men  fanfic  asexuality!fic  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  Complete 
august 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: Asking Only Loyalty (1/7)
Prompt: Erik seemed to be conflicted about what to do with the missiles until Charles said "they're only following orders", and that triggered his anger. How would things have been different if Charles hadn't said that? Charles successfully talks Erik down and they all leave together.
X-Men  fanfic  au  *goodfic  Complete 
august 2011 by Vascarl
Just Another Anon: Enervate
Prompt: Charles had an abusive childhood (like in the comics, but worse) and when he finally got away, he repressed everything behind mental walls, to the point he doesn't really remember anything about it. After the events of the movie, his mental state deteriorates, and those walls come down.
-midlength.fic  Complete  X-Men  fanfic  hurt(and/or)comfort 
august 2011 by Vascarl
takadainmate: Nowhere But Here
Scroll down

Summary: H/C. Set during the movie, at some point during the mutant-finding mission.
X-Men  fanfic  sick!fic  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  Complete 
august 2011 by Vascarl
Direct Current
Summary: The paperwork is infuriatingly immune to Charles's particular brand of persuasion.
AN: Written for kink bingo for the 'sensation play' square.
X-Men  fanfic  touch!fic  *goodfic  -short.fic  Complete 
august 2011 by Vascarl
derryderrydown: A Family Tradition
Prompt: I don't know, I think it'd be funny if Steve finds out about safe sex and really takes the whole "think about your past partners" and "the secret to any safe relationship is communication" thing to heart.


CaptainAmerica  IronMan  fanfic  Marvel  crack  *goodfic  -short.fic  Complete 
august 2011 by Vascarl
you're bigger on the inside (1/6)
Prompt: The Tardis/Charles Xavier (seriously!)

She’s a very old sentient/telepath time travel ship & he is the most powerful telepath on Earth. It’s love at the first mind contact!
X-Men  DoctorWho  fanfic  crossover  -comment.fic  Complete 
july 2011 by Vascarl
your head caught in a waking dream (1-12d/?)
Prompt: Soon after Charles meets Raven, his parents/guardians/whatever find out he is hearing voices and have him taken to a mental institution. Charles is fine when he goes in, but being surrounded by people with mental illness is rough for a telepath. By the time Raven manages to breaks him out, Charles is far from fine. I want telepathic Charles in complete denial of his powers because he is so certain it's all in his head, and Raven trying to help him with varying degrees of success.
toread  X-Men  fanfic  au  **  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: and these, from atoms (1-23/?)
the fic has nothing to do with the prompt, regardless it is a wonderful post movie fic and it deals with things most others don't.

“You’re dreaming. Go to sleep, Charles.”
X-Men  fanfic  simple.prompt=exceptional.fill  future!fic  *goodfic  Incomplete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: Never too late to be who you might have been (1-11/?)
Prompt: Set between the first and second X-Men movies. Something happens, and for whatever reason Erik and Charles become young again, looking just like they did in First Class. They also only remember everything that happened up to the age they are, so they don't know that they are now enemies.

Anyways, I'd like for the rest of the X-Men to try and desperately find a cure and being weirded out at the fact that their now young Professor is being all lovey-dovey with the enemy. I'd also love it if some of the X-Men notice just how pretty young!Charles looks, and once Erik realize how many people are wanting to get into his man's pants, he get extremely possessive.
X-Men  fanfic  future!fic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: Lemon Twist (1/4)
Prompt: So there are tons of prompts for Erik's nightmares waking him at night. But Charles is a telepath, so he has to have seen some pretty scary things. And he sleeps sometime, right? He can't be in complete control all the time.

I want fic were Charles is the one with the nightmares, and Erik has to bring him out and comfort him. Maybe when he sleeps, Charles can tap into random minds. Or maybe he just remembers people he's touched.

He can't be composed all the time, now, can he? Help me out, anon!
X-Men  fanfic  sleeping/dreaming  touch!fic  **  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink:Accountant Wizard (1-4/?)
Prompt: In "Even Hand", Marcone says that it's easy to find pushers and pimps, but a decent accountant is invaluable.

So... freelance forensic accountant Harry, who Marcone really wants to put on retainer?
dresdenfiles  fanfic  au  Incomplete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: My Little Pony xover crack: Elements of Harmony
Prompt: I have no excuse or explanation, but I have shame. Have some Dresden Files/My Little Pony crossover crack prompts!

lite!crack - Everything is somewhere in the NeverNever, right? So why not the land of them ponies? Rainbow ponies! unicorns! pegasus! pegacorns! You can go old skool and have flutter ponies! sea ponies! (and a baby dragon named Spike). Queen Celestia has a job for her cousin's Winter Knight...

crackity!crack - "Harry, why is there a talking pony in your office?"
dresdenfiles  MyLittlePony  fanfic  crossover  crack  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: Waking up in all the wrong places (1/8)
Prompt: They keep waking up sprawled around each other. They don't even sleep in the same room.
X-Men  fanfic  touch!fic  **  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: Try, Try Again (1/9)
Prompt: Erik is forced to repeat that day until he stops being an asshole.

( It's 12:01, the clock on the wall informs him as he rubs at his gritty eyes, trying to shake the feeling of sand between his fingers.)
X-Men  fanfic  begin.again(and.remember)  **  -midlength.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
1stclass_kink: Response (1/5)
Prompt: Charles and Erik have to attend a black tie event (to spy on an evil dude, maybe) together. Before they leave, the others mention to Charles that Erik looks dapper as fuck, and Charles is all "mhmm didn't really notice," and the others are like, "uh-huh denial is not just a river in egypt" and he's all like "wut."

But Erik's tux is tailored to his body, and throughout the night, Charles is unable to resist stealing glances. Maybe they end up having sex? Maybe they end up making out in the backseat of the car like teenagers on prom night? Have fun with it!
X-Men  fanfic  **  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Mu
Prompt: For some reason (and I'm guessing Lea), Mouse gets turned into a human. I'd like to see how this plays out, how his interactions with Harry and everyone else translate from canine. Is he as tall as Harry? Does he still lick his wizard when he's saying hello? What happens if they run into someone that poses a threat?
dresdenfiles  fanfic  abilities  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: A Human Conceit (1/1)
Prompt: Someone, preferably not Harry, maybe Kincaid or Gard, informs Marcone, "Consent is a vanilla mortal issue."
DresdenFiles  fanfic  -comment.fic  Complete  consent  consider.this 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Harry Dresden, Interim Mob Boss (1/8)
Prompt: John Marcone gets severely injured and is in a coma. While he is incapacitated gang wars erupt all over Chicago as gangs fight over who will succeed Gentleman Johnny. Harry, angry and fed up, puts down the uprising HARD. When John wakes up Harry hands Chicago over to him once more. Previous established relationship appreciated.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic: untitled FILL (1/3)
Sherlock assumes that what he feels for John is friendship
After all, he's never had a real friend before.

For all Sherlock knows, this is what having a friend is like: craving his praise, preening and showing off, finding excuses to touch him, wanting to borrow his things, getting irrationally touchy and jealous at the least provocation, thinking of his face as you drift off to sleep...
Sherlock  fanfic  asexuality!fic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  -short.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
The Theory of Narrative Causality (1/5)
Prompt: Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author.
Sherlock  fandom  SherlockHolmes  fanfic  au  fandom_wank  RPS  meta-fic  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
manic intent: Crosshairs
Summary: A murderer is getting rid of the signatories who have come to Chicago to sign Gentleman Johnny Marcone into the Accords.

Prompt: I want a magic-using Marcone. I don't care if he's a small practitioner, a warlock (though I don't think he'd be, but he might), a rogue White Council wizard (who maybe obeys the Laws, but doesn't agree with them on the other 90% of their conduct or something), a mafia don who wields magic as much as guns, whatever.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  abilities  **  -long.fic  author:manic_intent  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (Akelios): Lost in a Life (1/10)
Prompt: The punishment for wizards who use magic to kill humans or other wizards is not death, but eternal slavery. After Harry kills Justin the Council binds his magic and his free-will with an unbreakable collar and sells him as a slave.

John Marcone is rising fast into power in Chicago underground. He has just found out about the supernatural and wants to be prepared against it, too. He has the money and the connections, and he's in search of a wizard who will be loyal to him. What better way to assure loyalty than having a slave bound to him.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
merlinkinkmeme: Pairing Pendragon/Merlin (1/3)
"Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta." This is gloriously meta and adorable, even for people not in Merlin fandom.
Merlin  fandom  fanfic  future!fic  touch!fic  meta-fic  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (grenegome): Marcone/Dresden crack (1/2)
Prompt: Marcone, being the great stalker that he is, discovers how Dresden is constantly buying porn and immediately does research as to what kind of porn Dresden buys. He thinks Dresden wants something kinkier in the bedroom based on the products bought. He even makes a list, starting with bondage, moving through crossdressing, and ending with whips. Oh, and Dresden apparently wants to be dramatically swept away somewhere. Cue Dresden being confused, a little terrified, and a little turned on.
*goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete  crack  DresdenFiles  fanfic 
june 2011 by Vascarl
valtyr: Horn and Ivory
Summary: Steve's not sure what's real anymore. (Inception fusion.)
CaptainAmerica  IronMan  inception  fanfic  crossover  Marvel  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  author:valtyr  Complete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (LuciaZephyr): the crust of the meaning (1/8)
Prompt: Harry can't speak (ducttape/curse/injury) but Marcone knows him so well, that he can almost read his mind (correctly interpret gestures/guess).
DresdenFiles  fanfic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  author:LuciaZephyr  Complete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (kjollar): Never Let Go (1-4/nothing epic, I hope)
Prompt: Marcone saves Harry's life but is mortally wounded in the process.

Harry refuses to let him go.

Harry's magic ends up binding Marcone's life to Harry. Permanently. Now Marcone can/will only die when/if Harry dies. Of course, there may have been some confusion when someone actually succeeds in "killing" Marcone and he shows up again later--and he's all better.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  abilities  soulbonding  *goodfic  -comment.fic  author:kjollar  Incomplete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic: Crack Mini!Fill
Comment: "Yes, sic TVTropes on the murderer, Benedict, you'll incapacitate the bastard for hours."
Sherlock  fanfic  crack  tvtropes  -short.fic  Complete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic: two fills
Fill 1: I am a smoke fire (1a-b/?)
Fill 2: Theory and Practice (1/5)

Prompt: Sherlock/His Dark Materials crossover.

Sherlock/Watson + daemons with maybe Sherlock touching Watson's daemon as an experiment and Watson being all, "sdkjgndfkjgn" over it.
Sherlock  HisDarkMaterials  fanfic  crossover 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (grenegome ): Mini Fill
Prompt: ...Based on "Even Hand", Marcone doesn't really have much confidence in himself when it comes to kids. Harry thinks it's cute. Marcone goes into denial.

Write a scene where Marcone is forced to interact with kids or babies. He gets all nervous and awkward cause he doesn't know how to handle them and they're so small and delicate and where is Hendricks? I need his advice.

Harry is amused and teaches him how to properly hold a baby...
DresdenFiles  fanfic  fluff  -short.fic  Complete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Suppositions (1-8/?)
Prompt: After giant magical throw-down (author's choice if they want to write it or not) Injured!Harry has just enough magic/lucidity to cast a spell to take him somewhere where he will be safe and able to recover.

His magic? Drops him at Marcone's feet.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: fuck-or-offend-a-supernatural-superpower
Prompt: So the Baron of Chicago inadvertently does some small favor for Mab, and Mab decides to repay him by - *ahem* - allowing him the use of her Knight (ifyouknowwhatImean).

Up to the author whether Harry comes pre-prepared with faerie aphrodisiacs, as is the exact level of dub-connyness involved, and what Marcone's attitude towards the whole thing is.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  future!fic  Complete  dubcon 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: A haunting in Iowa City (meta discussion), Oakland's Angel (fic) (1/2)
Prompt: ...when people come into their power, they stop being able to use computers. And this usually reaches the critical point when they have to give up the internet when they're around their late teens or early twenties, which means there's a whole cadre of magically talented women who were just getting into fandom when suddenly, their only source for fic became the 'zine archive at UI (which obviously has a secret 'zine-lending service just for practitioners who can't go online). So everyone from Elaine to Molly to Georgia to Ivy to Luccio (who is asking for her trainees, not herself, clearly) to Lara to Lily and Maeve are begging him to handle this ghost personally, because the safety of the zine archive is really, really important if he cares about preserving the emotional stability of magic-practicing women all over the Midwest.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  meta  fandom  *goodfic  Complete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Error in judgement (1/5)
Prompt: Let's assume Morgan has a heart. He's saddled with post-Justin Harry, however grudgingly. Maybe as a live-in parole officer, or the Council comes down a bit more on Harry's side of the story this time? Whichever way, he becomes Harry's mentor/protector/father figure instead of McCoy. Let's see someone make this work!

Breaking the Mould (1-3/?)
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  *goodfic  -comment.fic  author:kjollar  Complete  Incomplete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Pet Me, Damnit (1/1)
Prompt: Inspired by the line: You have to admit, Harry's life would have been simpler as a dog
a few prompts up.

Harry really is a dog. In fact, he's Marcone's dog. And when Marcone got tangled up with the hexenwolf and the other werewolves? Someone (Lea, another fae, or Terra) turned him human, and he gets stuck that way.

Now Harry has to learn how to act human after being a dog all his life.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  abilities  dogs  -comment.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
iseult_variante: the gods might offer gifts
Summary: Dean remembers the week that Sammy came down with the croup, remembers Czernobog and the Zorya.
Supernatural  AmericanGods  fanfic  crossover  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
satoru_13: Red Poppy
Summary: Who Australia is to America – and who America is to him.
AxisPowersHetalia  fanfic  axis.Australia  axis.America  -short.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
prof_pangaea: Sub Rosa
Summary: "One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve. The truly beautiful and noble puts its lover, as it were, at an infinite distance, while it attends him more strongly than ever." -- Henry David Thoreau
SherlockHolmes  fic&fanart  fanfic  fanart  **  -long.comic  -midlength.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: A Kind of Wild Justice (1/3)
Prompt: After yet another disastrous meeting with the White Council, Dresden has had enough. He goes to have a meeting with Baron Marcone as Warden Dresden. After all, if children of Chicago are being murdered, surely the Baron would like to know what the Council is doing and why. It would be a lovely courtesy of the Warden to extend to the Baron to give him an update on this.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  future!fic  -comment.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink LuciaZephyr: comment fill (1/6)
Prompt: Hundreds of Wyldfae in Chicago work for Harry in an emergency and many are sworn to his home guard. The Wyldfae decide to Choose, not for Summer or Winter, but for Harry and make him Wyldfae King. Harry receives Power along with the status and meets Baron Marcone, Mab and Titania on even footing for the first time. What does this meeting look like?
DresdenFiles  fanfic  future!fic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  author:LuciaZephyr  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Step to Step, Hand in Hand
Prompt: Toot-Toot and the Za-Lord's Guard watching over Maggie post Changes.

A/N: Because someone deserves a happy ending.
*goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete  DresdenFiles  fanfic  fluff  future!fic 
april 2011 by Vascarl
kjollar: My (not so) Imaginary Friend (1-6/?)
Prompt: Harry and John have, for as long as they can remember, had a telepathic connection between them--more like a conversation than reading all of each other's thoughts, and they can conceal things from each other, which they do especially to protect each other/keep the other's opinion of them from getting bad. They have no idea who they're talking to in their heads. Something close to canon, please?
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  abilities  telepathy  -comment.fic  author:kjollar  Incomplete  parts 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink:The Repurcussions of Being Twitchy
Prompt: Dresden actually gets hurt due to one of Marcone's guys screwing up. Marcone's response.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  outsidePOV  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Rejoice in Thy Labor: (1-3/?)
Prompt: Michael/Harry. Proven Guilty, AU

During the battle in Proven Guilty, Charity dies. Molly's feeling guilty, the kids are parentless, Michael is devastated, and Harry steps in.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  *goodfic  -comment.fic  parts  Incomplete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: AU to Changes FILL (1-11/23)
Prompt: "You should have come to me... Instead of that Faerie Queen. ... You should have been mine"

AU where Harry sells himself to Marcone instead of Mab. I want to see what happens when the immediate crisis situations in Changes are resolved: Harry and Maggie are both healthy and safe from the Red Court, which may or may not have been exterminated. Harry belongs to Marcone now - what happens and how does he deal with it? Hoping for both serious exploration of the issues and smut.
**  -comment.fic  au  DresdenFiles  fanfic  parts  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
the_ragnarok: Allowed
Summary: It's like there's an Eames-shaped hole in Arthur's defenses.
inception  fanfic  asexuality!fic  -midlength.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Custodes dormiens nunquam titillandus
Prompt: Marcone is taking meetings all day at his desk. He has no desire to leave his desk. Why?

Different anon: i kind of imagine harry's napping on marcone's thigh under the desk - head on thigh, marcone's hand in his hair, but uh, that's probably not what you're going for *hides*
*goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete  Incomplete  DresdenFiles  fanfic 
april 2011 by Vascarl
cagedwriter61: The Sensual Ace
Summary: In which John finds out the real reason Sherlock does cocaine and agrees to become a substitute.
Sherlock  fanfic  asexuality!fic  touch!fic  *goodfic  -short.fic  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: fill (1/1)
Prompt: Bob giving Marcone the "Hurt him and I'll haunt you to the ends of the Nevernever for the rest of your life".

Come on, have Bob threaten the Mafia Overlord.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
LuciaZephyr: the false dichotomy of strength or weakness
Summary: Good help was hard to find, especially in my field of work. The realms of supernatural, criminal and legitimate business, and real estate did not overlap as often as one would hope, given how lucrative such synergistic activities were. There was a reason my employees were paid so well and had the best health coverage in the nation. They were the most valuable resource I had.

Some, admittedly, were more valuable than others. And, to my eternal dismay, as someone's value increased, so did their penchant for giving me headaches.

Harry Dresden was irreplaceably valuable.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  Matter.of.Chicago'verse  -midlength.fic  author:LuciaZephyr  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
sam_storyteller: Keep Calm And Carry Crowbars
Summary: Someone stole billions of dollars in art from Vincent Adler. Neal didn't do it, but he's about to find out who did.
whitecollar  fanfic  future!fic  meta  author:copperbadge  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
irisbleufic: Major Failings
Summary: Sometimes, ineffability takes things a step too far.
GoodOmens  fanfic  *goodfic  -short.fic  author:irisbleufic  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Marcone's Real Identity (three fills)
Prompt: John Marcone used to be...Dean Winchester.

*runs and hides from her own insanity*
DresdenFiles  Supernatural  fanfic  crossover  -comment.fic  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (cobweb_diamond): HDM crossover (1-17/?)
Prompt: The Dresden Files/His Dark Materials fusion

I'm a little leery about requesting this. There are so many ways that having a tangible representation of one's soul could go wrong in this 'verse.* How much of an impact would the existence of daemons have on Harry's world?
...Would having a daemon make Harry more willing to face the things that have happened to him? Or would he just not acknowledge her like he does most things, a la his avoidance of mirrors?

Description: There is some great meta, before the fill, about how this would work in universe. The fic itself is good, but a little au: the author hasn't read the books.
DresdenFiles  HisDarkMaterials  crossover  fanfic  -comment.fic  -midlength.fic  Incomplete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
LuciaZephyr: Other things the road to hell is paved with (1/24)
Read up to chapter ten, save eleven and onwards until you have read book three.

Summary: The one where Dresden signs the contract with Marcone
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  Matter.of.Chicago'verse  **  -long.fic  author:LuciaZephyr  Complete 
march 2011 by Vascarl
mithrigil: Never Before (1/3)

AxisPowersHetalia  fanfic  author:mithrigil  Complete 
february 2011 by Vascarl
Homestuck Request Meme (anon): Family Traditions (1/2)
D: Dave admits that his entire relationship with John was one big game of gay chicken... the night before their wedding! Such a cute, fluffy fic.
HomeStuck  fanfic  fluff  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
february 2011 by Vascarl
copperbadge: The Seven Man Con (1/3)
Summary: Neal still dreams of the big cons -- but now they have a familiar cast of characters.
whitecollar  fanfic  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  author:copperbadge  Complete 
january 2011 by Vascarl
copperbadge: Oh, What A Show (1/2)
Summary: Circus Camelot has a building it doesn't own, a trick rider who just ran off to do panto, and a serious sponsor problem. Fortunately, it also has Merlin Emrys, master illusionist, and Arthur Pendragon, prince of tumblers.
Merlin  au  fanfic  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  author:copperbadge  Complete 
january 2011 by Vascarl
etothepii: Your Moral Crisis is Stupid
Summary: Sherlock is asexual. John is not. Possibly, Sherlock should have told him this before they had sex.
Sherlock  fanfic  asexuality!fic  **  -midlength.fic  author:etothepii  Complete 
january 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): multiple fills
Prompt: Sherlock writes the little motivational messages on tampon wrappers.
Sherlock  fanfic  crack  -comment.fic  Complete 
january 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Ecclesiophobia (1/2)
Prompt: I think I have one of the most irrational fears in the world. And it seems to be a theme around here where we prompt to have our boys share these fears. So I was thinking: what if a bunch of us posted little fills of one of them sharing an irrational fear of ours?
Sherlock  fanfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
january 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (jesse_kips): Eye Opener (1/2)
Prompt: long prompt is long. Sorry.
tl;dr? After a dream about Victorian Holmes/Watson, John realises how lucky he and Sherlock are and kisses Sherlock in front of half of Scotland Yard, if only to prove that they won't be arrested this time around.
Sherlock  SherlockHolmes  fanfic  hurt(and/or)comfort  begin.again(and.remember)  -comment.fic  Complete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (bluetehanu):Those sanguine groundless hopes
Prompt: John regularly gives blood. He's serious enough about it that he's a registered donor (and has a National Blood Service card). For him, it's a part of saving lives, something he can still do even if he's not fighting now.

So, when he reaches his next blood donation date and realises he can't do it now he's had sex with Sherlock (or Mycroft, if you like), it's devastating. Would prefer something more about the impact this has on John than about his angst being cured by healing cock; I also imagine Sherlock would just ask him why he didn't lie about it, so his words wouldn't be very helpful either.
Sherlock  fanfic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
irisbleufic: The Nice Young Man Upstairs
Summary: Wherein Sherlock faces the impossibility of a case that resists solving.
Sherlock  GoodOmens  crossover  fanfic  toread  author:irisbleufic  Complete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (prettybirdy979): Have You Seen the Ghost of John (1-3/?)
Prompt: John died in Afghanistan. He's a (very corporeal) ghost. No one knows, especially not Sherlock. Certainly not Jim.

But he always feels uneasy around Molly in the morgue...
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  ghost  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Mini-fill for the Misreading
Initial prompt: Sherlock and John have fantastic frantic first time sex and afterwards they notice they both still have their socks on. Breathless giggling ensues.
Filled prompt: I keep misreading prompts. I read this as frantic time sex and cut short into thinking that every time they have sex, the travel through time.
Sherlock  SherlockHolmes  crossover  fanfic  timetravel  conversation-format  -comment.fic  Complete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Equivalent Exchange (1/8)
Prompt: Fullmetal Alchemist/Sherlock crossover.

Not, like, put-them-in-the-series but rather the basic theme plus Sherlock as we know it. I'd love it if John's one of those who doesn't need a circle, which made him useful as a 'dog of the military'.
Sherlock  FullMetalAlchemist  fanfic  -comment.fic  crossover  Complete  ** 
december 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): 5+1, Sherlock/John (1/2)
Prompt:Sherlock is asexual.

John is straight (mostly).

Five times someone's line of questioning didn't go beyond "Have you snogged/shagged?" and one time somebody (preferably Harry) actually thought to ask whether they were in love.
Sherlock  fanfic  asexuality!fic  -comment.fic  Complete  fivethings.fic 
december 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): tiny werewolf fill is...actually full of tiny werewolves
Prompt: i've got a fever and the only prescription is more werewolf!lestrade :D
Sherlock  fanfic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
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