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sherlockbbc_fic (pennies_4_eyes): The Fine Art of Misdirection (1/11)
Prompt: Sherlock/John fantasy AU. Not vampires and werewolves please--more along the lines of John has a Gift for healing, or both are magicians, etc.
Sherlock  au  fanfic  abilities  empathy  healing  -comment.fic  author:pennies_4_eyes  Complete  ** 
november 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Empathic John (1-4/?)
So... I'm not sure if it's been prompted yet, but I think we need the obligatory empath!John fills. I'm not sure what the plot would be, but I'm lacking and that's my headcanon for Watson's superpower if he had any. Go wild, go fun, go angsty (not too angsty, though), doesn't matter. I just need some empath skills for John~
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  empathy  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Blood from a Stone (1/10)
Prompt: A witch that Sherlock pissed off puts a curse on him, so that he empathizes heavily with the person standing closest.

Not only does the curse make him know what the person feels, which would be a boon to a detective, but he feels it as well, which is very distracting.

Bonus points: Sherlock starts choking up when talking to a family member of some victim, and Scotland Yard having a collective question mark dangling over their head.
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  empathy  **  -comment.fic  simple.prompt=exceptional.fill  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl

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