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dresden_kink: Mu
Prompt: For some reason (and I'm guessing Lea), Mouse gets turned into a human. I'd like to see how this plays out, how his interactions with Harry and everyone else translate from canine. Is he as tall as Harry? Does he still lick his wizard when he's saying hello? What happens if they run into someone that poses a threat?
dresdenfiles  fanfic  abilities  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
manic intent: Crosshairs
Summary: A murderer is getting rid of the signatories who have come to Chicago to sign Gentleman Johnny Marcone into the Accords.

Prompt: I want a magic-using Marcone. I don't care if he's a small practitioner, a warlock (though I don't think he'd be, but he might), a rogue White Council wizard (who maybe obeys the Laws, but doesn't agree with them on the other 90% of their conduct or something), a mafia don who wields magic as much as guns, whatever.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  abilities  **  -long.fic  author:manic_intent  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink (kjollar): Never Let Go (1-4/nothing epic, I hope)
Prompt: Marcone saves Harry's life but is mortally wounded in the process.

Harry refuses to let him go.

Harry's magic ends up binding Marcone's life to Harry. Permanently. Now Marcone can/will only die when/if Harry dies. Of course, there may have been some confusion when someone actually succeeds in "killing" Marcone and he shows up again later--and he's all better.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  abilities  soulbonding  *goodfic  -comment.fic  author:kjollar  Incomplete 
may 2011 by Vascarl
dresden_kink: Pet Me, Damnit (1/1)
Prompt: Inspired by the line: You have to admit, Harry's life would have been simpler as a dog
a few prompts up.

Harry really is a dog. In fact, he's Marcone's dog. And when Marcone got tangled up with the hexenwolf and the other werewolves? Someone (Lea, another fae, or Terra) turned him human, and he gets stuck that way.

Now Harry has to learn how to act human after being a dog all his life.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  abilities  dogs  -comment.fic  Complete 
april 2011 by Vascarl
kjollar: My (not so) Imaginary Friend (1-6/?)
Prompt: Harry and John have, for as long as they can remember, had a telepathic connection between them--more like a conversation than reading all of each other's thoughts, and they can conceal things from each other, which they do especially to protect each other/keep the other's opinion of them from getting bad. They have no idea who they're talking to in their heads. Something close to canon, please?
DresdenFiles  fanfic  au  abilities  telepathy  -comment.fic  author:kjollar  Incomplete  parts 
april 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (prettybirdy979): Have You Seen the Ghost of John (1-3/?)
Prompt: John died in Afghanistan. He's a (very corporeal) ghost. No one knows, especially not Sherlock. Certainly not Jim.

But he always feels uneasy around Molly in the morgue...
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  ghost  *goodfic  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
december 2010 by Vascarl
etothepii: they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too)
Summary: In Afghanistan, the supplies tell him when they're running low, and the cars always, always tell him when strangers have touched them, and John gets known as having a knack (paranoia, his men call it, but he's never missed a single car bomb) for keeping his men safe.
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  psychic  *goodfic  -short.fic  author:etothepii  Complete 
november 2010 by Vascarl
etothepii: Show Me How to Stop Running (1/2)
Summary: John gets turned into a werewolf during Afghanistan, and it sucks, but then he moves in with another werewolf, and it gets better.

Description: There seem to be a lot of werewolf fics in this fandom, but I trust this author and this is a good fic.
Sherlock  au  fanfic  abilities  werewolf  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  author:etothepii  Complete 
november 2010 by Vascarl
Gehayi: Afterlife
Summary: Harry Dresden is a ghost with several problems--a vengeful necromancer, a missing corpse, a human sacrifice, a dark ritual and an enslaved spirit who's caught in the middle. Takes place post-Season 1/ post-Grave Peril.
DresdenFiles  fanfic  abilities  ghost  *goodfic  -midlength.fic  Complete 
november 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (pennies_4_eyes): The Fine Art of Misdirection (1/11)
Prompt: Sherlock/John fantasy AU. Not vampires and werewolves please--more along the lines of John has a Gift for healing, or both are magicians, etc.
Sherlock  au  fanfic  abilities  empathy  healing  -comment.fic  author:pennies_4_eyes  Complete  ** 
november 2010 by Vascarl
etothepii: It Feels like Home when I'm With You (1/2)
Summary: John still gets nightmares about Afghanistan. That's the worst part of it all, he thinks -- he still has dreams about sand and drowning to death in his own blood. But they're more memory than nightmare.

Prompt: Before he went to Afghanistan, John lived in 221b Baker Street. When he died in Afghanistan, John's spirit returned to 221b Baker Street. He's been haunting the place for a while before someone by the name of Sherlock Holmes moves in and starts changing things, and that just won't do.
Sherlock  au  fanfic  abilities  ghost  **  -long.fic  author:etothepii  Complete 
november 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic: John's Midnight Garden (1/21)
Prompt: John starts meeting ickle Sherlock in his dreams.

Quote: “Science has gaps,” Sherlock says, shrugging. “It happened, so it must be possible. The how is irrelevant really.”

“Honestly?” John stares at him. “You don’t care how it happened? I would have thought it would be too big a puzzle for you to ignore.”

“Time, physics, long equations and meaningless symbols,” Sherlock tells him. “The mechanics of such things are unavoidably dull.”
*goodfic  -midlength.fic  Complete  Sherlock  abilities  fanfic  timetravel 
november 2010 by Vascarl
copperbadge: Never Leave A Trace, (1/3)
Summary: Neal Caffrey can steal souls. Peter Burke has two shadows. Everything's normal...except when it isn't.
whitecollar  au  fanfic  abilities  author:copperbadge  **  -midlength.fic  Complete 
november 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Man's Original Virtue (1/8)
Prompt: The real reason John does everything Sherlock tells him to? He can't refuse. John was cursed as a baby so that whenever he's given a command, he has to follow the orders. The curse of Obedience. (Perfect for a man in the army.) Normally, John doesn't like being ordered around, but for some reason, he doesn't mind when Sherlock does it... S/J pairing, please!
Sherlock  crossover  fanfic  abilities  **  -comment.fic  Complete  EllaEnchanted 
october 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Wanderlust (1-4/?)
Prompt: John is a dream wanderer. When he sleeps, he can jump into the dreams of other people, and they don't know he's not a natural part of the dream.
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  psychic  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
october 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): 1887 Returning (1/4)
Prompt: Psychic!Vision!John

"This has all happened before, all of it. You and Moriarty, you and me..."

What happened in Victorian London that John is determined to change in (Elizabethan?) Modern London? Alternately, what didn't happen that John is determined to see come to pass?
Sherlock  SherlockHolmes  fanfic  abilities  psychic  **  -comment.fic  Complete 
october 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Empathic John (1-4/?)
So... I'm not sure if it's been prompted yet, but I think we need the obligatory empath!John fills. I'm not sure what the plot would be, but I'm lacking and that's my headcanon for Watson's superpower if he had any. Go wild, go fun, go angsty (not too angsty, though), doesn't matter. I just need some empath skills for John~
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  empathy  -comment.fic  Incomplete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (aramuin): Shadows on the Wall (1-24/I am clearly not a ninja)
Prompt: John came back from Afghanistan psychic.

It starts as a whisper during basic training, a little internal voice that chips in just before he makes a decision.
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  psychic  head-canon  ***  -comment.fic  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): Blood from a Stone (1/10)
Prompt: A witch that Sherlock pissed off puts a curse on him, so that he empathizes heavily with the person standing closest.

Not only does the curse make him know what the person feels, which would be a boon to a detective, but he feels it as well, which is very distracting.

Bonus points: Sherlock starts choking up when talking to a family member of some victim, and Scotland Yard having a collective question mark dangling over their head.
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  empathy  **  -comment.fic  simple.prompt=exceptional.fill  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (anon): PartFill (1/3) + Sequel (1/3)
Quote: When John was five it was a game he and his mates played. If the world was different, what super power would they have? Tim wanted to fly, Mike wanted to walk through walls or be invisible. John wasn’t picky; anything would do as long as the future would leave him alone.

Prompt:John came back from Afghanistan psychic.

Near-death experience, latent ability repressed since childhood, whatever, John returns with a slowly emerging sixth sense. It's a vague thing, sometimes near-predictive dreams, or dreams of past things he shouldn't know, sometimes it's snatches of other people's thoughts or emotions, sometimes it's just that he has a bad feeling about this ;)
Sherlock  fanfic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  abilities  psychic  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic: Dead Men Telling Tales (1/2)
Prompt: Even bigger reason why John is conflicted over headshaped bodyparts in the flat? They try to talk with him.
Sherlock  fanfic  *goodfic  -comment.fic  abilities  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic: Reader (1/7)
Prompt: Telekinetic!John

(Telepathic!Sherlock optional, although a really big sensory overload would be pretty epic...)
Sherlock  au  fanfic  telepathy  *goodfic  -comment.fic  abilities  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
inception_kink (Anon): FILL (1/1)
Prompt: Arthur is immortal, Eames is not. Arthur goes through every century/generation looking for the Eames equivalent of the time but, maybe, 500 years later, he still remembers Eames vividly and realizes that he can have a hundred Eames-like lovers but none of them will ever be Eames. Not ever.
Inception  fanfic  au  -comment.fic  abilities  immortality  Complete 
august 2010 by Vascarl
lastling: i don't need another map of your head
Description: Arthur accidentally gains permanent access to everyone's thoughts. Eames helps him block it out, and occasionally lets him in.
Inception  fanfic  future!fic  **  abilities  telepathy  -midlength.fic  Complete 
august 2010 by Vascarl
mercurial_wit: Biconvex
Notes: The thought process went something like this:
Me: What delightful fun this show is!
Me: All right, how about we wait until the Merlin heist AU is finished, and then we work out a lovely OT3 fic with a plot and nice prose?
Brain: Or we could drop everything RIGHT NOW and write a fic with AU elements that is mostly comprised of snappy dialogue!
Me: -- or we could --

Description: The AU with the psy bond.
WhiteCollar  au  fanfic  abilities  biconvex'verse  -long.fic  **  author:mercurial_wit  Complete 
may 2010 by Vascarl
kinkme_merlin: WHOO NERVE DAMAGE! (1/2)
Prompt: Merlin gets hit by a spell that leaves him unable to feel anything. Arthur realises this then helps him by touching him all over until Merlin feels, and the spell is broken.

Quote: "Merlin, you need to blink." Arthur said after a moment, and Merlin did, and then forgot again. His eyes didn't feel dry and when he blinked the world went away. The forest was quiet from the fight and he couldn't feel anything, and if he closed his eyes he didn't exist.
Merlin  fanfic  abilities  -comment.fic  *goodfic  Complete 
november 2009 by Vascarl
kathkin: I Can See That You're Thinking About Having Sex With Me But I Am Not Into You
For the longest time, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world: the undercurrent of whispering voices, flashes of alien emotion and thought at random intervals. It sharpened as he got older, but he just assumed it was normal. He couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

Summary: Arthur can read minds.
Merlin  fanfic  crack  abilities  telepathy  -midlength.fic 
october 2009 by Vascarl

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