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White Chocolate and Ginger Ice Cream
The best home made ice cream I have ever made! And that's just texture, the flavour is also subtle and awesome.
cooking  recipe:Icecream  made  *** 
november 2015 by Vascarl
The Theory of Narrative Causality (1/5)
Prompt: Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author.
Sherlock  fandom  SherlockHolmes  fanfic  au  fandom_wank  RPS  meta-fic  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
merlinkinkmeme: Pairing Pendragon/Merlin (1/3)
"Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta." This is gloriously meta and adorable, even for people not in Merlin fandom.
Merlin  fandom  fanfic  future!fic  touch!fic  meta-fic  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
sherlockbbc_fic (aramuin): Shadows on the Wall (1-24/I am clearly not a ninja)
Prompt: John came back from Afghanistan psychic.

It starts as a whisper during basic training, a little internal voice that chips in just before he makes a decision.
Sherlock  fanfic  abilities  psychic  head-canon  ***  -comment.fic  Complete 
september 2010 by Vascarl
Australia's health 2010 (AIHW)
Australia's health 2010 is the 12th biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It's the nation's premier source of statistics and informed commentary on: determinants of health and keys to prevention; diseases and injury; how health varies across population groups; health across the life stages; health services, expenditure and workforce; the health sector's performance.
Uni  *** 
september 2010 by Vascarl
seperis: War Games (master post)
Summary: Sequel to You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While). The Federation and the Romulan Empire have been on the verge of war for what sometimes feels like forever; this is the place where what passes for peace might end.
StarTrek:Reboot  author:seperis  fanfic  ***  -long.fic  smart!Kirk  Complete 
february 2010 by Vascarl
mithrigil: No Such Place (1/5)
Summary: Not the King Arthur story you think it is.
Description: I love that it warns for "too many names with not enough vowels"
AxisPowersHetalia  ArthurianLegends  fanfic  crossover  -long.fic  ***  author:mithrigil 
december 2009 by Vascarl
hetalia_kink (anon): 'Neath the Southern Cross (1/5)
Description: (third response) this fic is awesome, it's the type of fic you didn't know you needed until you read it. All the characterisations are spot on and the history is a bonus. This fic is a must read.
***  AxisPowersHetalia  axis.Australia  axis.England  fanfic  au  -comment.fic 
september 2009 by Vascarl
littlemute: the great depression
Description: A companion piece to Conceit and Inception: 1929. Quote:
a symbol of everything that's ending
***  AllHeEver'verse  AxisPowersHetalia  axis.America  axis.Canada  fanart 
august 2009 by Vascarl
Lynn Flewelling: By The River
Summary:The first meeting of Seregil and Miccum. Quote: Blood on your hands, but you can't even make a dishonest living.
***  -midlength.fic  Nightrunner  OriginalWorks 
july 2009 by Vascarl
formerlydf: l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux, Chris/Zach
warning(s): ...Unlawful possession of physical manifestations of metaphorical constructs. Mentions of Disney.
summary: Zach can handle someone metaphorically leaving their heart in his hands; he's never had to contemplate what he would do if someone left their metaphorical heart literally in his hands.
***  -midlength.fic  StarTrek:Reboot  au  fanfic  RPS 
july 2009 by Vascarl
Goblin Cat KC : Bad Places (1/19)
"Do we still have to kill each other?" Description: I read this years ago and it's somethign I keep comeing back to, and it's still awesome.
NinjaTurtles  fanfic  -long.fic  *** 
july 2009 by Vascarl
dsudis: Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive (1/8)
Summary: "When we don't die young and violently, we die weird. Well, or all three, case in point."
***  -long.fic  Torchwood  fanfic  mpreg 
june 2009 by Vascarl
puzzlebleuink: The City of Towers
Summary: Wherein there are wishes, waits, and journeys. (Salim/Ifrit)
***  -long.fic  AmericanGods  fanfic  fanart  fic&fanart 
june 2009 by Vascarl
classics-geek: sealed by a fragile touch (1/2)
Summary: “He’s not leaving Bones behind on some godforsaken desert planet with nothing but the dead for company.” Time moves on, wherever you are, but the question is, how fast? Description: Bones gets left behind on some planet, stuck in a time dilation field. For the crew, it's been a week to figure out how to get him back; for Bones, it's been 7 months. Bloody heartbreaking.But.So.Damn.Good!
***  StarTrek:Reboot  fanfic 
june 2009 by Vascarl
hollywoodgrrl: Prelude to War (0.30)
Description: This is a 30 second trailer for the three-part finale of Doctor Who Series 3. It was created for Challenge #1 over at vortexchallenge.
Quote:"Will it stop?"
***  DoctorWho  fanvid 
june 2009 by Vascarl
Calapine: A Time War In Three Acts (7.30)
Description: I cannot explain just how awesome this vid. I saw it when I first came into the fandom a for soooo loooong I thought it was taken strait from canon. Even though it isn't it is still that awesome.
DoctorWho  fanvid  timewar  *** 
june 2009 by Vascarl
seperis: You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) (1/4) (longfic)
Summary: "Spock. Just say 'I don't trust Starfleet not to mess up the only captain in the fleet who I can train up to my expectations and enjoys running into danger wearing a blindfold as much as I do'." Description: An awesome long Spock POV fic that ranges from their return to earth all the way to an unusual Pon Farr. And it is awesome.
StarTrek:Reboot  fanfic  mindmeld  -long.fic  ***  author:seperis  smart!Kirk 
june 2009 by Vascarl
copperbadge: The Teory of Two Centres (1/8)
Ianto Jones woke up in a bed that wasn't his, in a flat that wasn't his, wearing clothing that definitely wasn't his.
Torchwood  author:copperbadge  fanfic  -long.fic  *** 
june 2009 by Vascarl
calicokat: Together, Yet
Summary: In a mind meld, emotions run both ways. Description: achingly poignant introspection from both Kirk and Spock Prime during the mind meld in the cave.
StarTrek:Reboot  fanfic  mindmeld  ***  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
boonies: untitled
A gen fic in which Sam and Dean end up looking after a child. Very, very cute. I would recommend anyone read it even if you don’t know anything about Supernatural.
Supernatural  fanfic  ***  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
xtricks: What Lies Within (Epilogue/14) (longfic)
(this bit links to all the other bits)It was made to read as an episode, but it ended up being epic. Well worth reading, the plot fits and everyone is in character (even the tentacle porn).
Torchwood  fanfic  -masterlist  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
trolllogicfics: Light Bending Backwards
An absolutely brilliant, mind bending fic. Involves Jack, the Doctor and the Time Agency.
DoctorWho  fanfic  ***  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
tanarian: Reach Out and Touch Someone (1/2) (longfic)
This is a fic I read a long time ago and loved that I just recently found again. The idea is that the Doctor does to Jack’s phone the same thing he did to Mather’s (universal roaming? I don’t remember) so Jack calls Ianto. Set wherever Ianto is this is a brilliant fic, and quite fun to read.
Torchwood  fanfic  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
_danny_sama: Inappropriate Goings-On in the Library of Alexandria, 48 BC, Precariously Near a Burning Torch
Description: Fanart of a half-naked Crowley and Aziraphale, making out in the Library. So pretty!
GoodOmens  fanart  *** 
june 2009 by Vascarl
syllic: Easy There (1/4) (longfic)
Rowing AU. Merlin should know better than to wish anything maliciously, really, because his wishes had a strange tendency to manifest in reality as other people’s errant, malicious thoughts did not. Merlin’s mother called it his “special gift”, and Great Uncle Gaius called it “a fascinating phenomenon”; Merlin called it “a fucking terrifying life-long encounter with what appeared to be, worries of madness aside, magic”, and all three of them called it secret.
Merlin  fanfic  -long.fic  ***  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
paperclipbitch: We're A storm in Somebody Else's Teacup (longfic)
Hugely enjoyable modern day AU, in which a league of bad guys with magic threaten the world, and the team has to save the day. Full of yearning, angst, and gorgeous character detail.
Merlin  fanfic  au  -long.fic  ***  author:LadyPaperclip  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
seperis: tintagel, (1/3) (longfic)
They would pay any price that was asked, Nimueh whispered at the end, trembling with exhaustion, desperate, pleading, anything, anything at all. Just give her this child. Give her the son he stole from her.
Merlin  fanfic  -long.fic  ***  author:seperis  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
afria: The Sacred And The Profane (1/14) (longfic)
Summary: Somewhere else the happy ending was different. AU. Aziraphale Falls, and Crowley remains.
GoodOmens  sacred&profane'verse  fanfic  -long.fic  ***  author:afrai/bravecows  Complete 
june 2009 by Vascarl
daegaer: Bright With His Splendour (1/2) (longfic)
Description: There was a war in Heaven, and others followed. (Crowley in the Great War) Quote: "I've seen Hell. It's in France."
GoodOmens  fanfic  -long.fic  author:daegaer  Complete  *** 
june 2009 by Vascarl

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