Desperate But Not Serious
Stiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he's not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear.
Stiles  Sterek  Derek  Pornstars  TA  College  TeenWolf 
august 2012
A Look Of Wild Living
Since the whole mess with Gerard, Stiles has been running on a drunk-dizzy burst of fear adrenaline. Like he’s courting death.
Stiles  Derek  Sterek  Spanking  Werewolf  Dub!Con  TeenWolf 
august 2012
Love and Immigration (the only things almost as inescapable as death and taxes)
After traveling the world as a legal US citizen, Gabe never expected to wake up with a letter from the INS with his name on it. After a discovery that filing errors from when he became a naturalized citizen have left Gabe once again under illegal status, he is faced with 'up to' 90 days in INS detention while they sort it all out. However, a rash decision at a self-thrown 'going to jail' party leads to Gabe in a situation he never expected to find himself in: Married to his best friend.
GabeSaporta  PeteWentz  Gabe/Pete  Parenthood  FakeRelationship  FriendsToLovers 
august 2012
The Heart of Lonesome Sky
When Brendon Urie arrives at Rusty Creek, a ranch town so small the saloon doesn't even have a name, all he knows is that the man he was sent to marry was named Spencer Smith. At first glance, Brendon can't understand why a man as handsome and well established as Spencer Smith would need a mail-order groom when he should have been able to get any eligible man or woman in Rusty Creek. Through awkwardness, acceptance, and eventually belonging, Brendon has a chance to eventually learn the heart of the man who brought him to Lonesome Sky ranch.
SpencerSmith  BrendonUrie  RyanRoss  RayToro  GabeSaporta  PeteWentz  PatrickStump  TravieMcCoy  Spencer/Brendon  Cowboy!AU  MailOrderSpouse 
august 2012
A Hero or a Grinder
Gerard and Mikey are his friends, and they’re good guys. Some of the best he’s known, ever, and it’s stressful as hell on the road sometimes. If they need a little comfort, Frank’s not gonna judge.
incest  FrankIero  GerardWay  MikeyWay  Frank/Mikey  Gerard/Frank  Gerard/Mikey  Gerard/Frank/Mikey  Van!Fic  Drug!Use  Threesome 
august 2012
What What(In The Butt)
Mikeyway, tragically, has never been fingered.
MikeyWay  RayToro  Mikey/Ray  Fisting  Fingering  Kink 
june 2012
I Know A Thing About Contrition ('Cause I've Got Enough To Spare)
Frank's trying to move on from what happened between Gerard and Ryan, he really is. It doesn't help that Ryan is constantly popping up in conversation -- or that Frank's new best friend just happens to be Ryan's boyfriend. Frank knows he can't tell Brendon what happened, he knows it wasn't even Ryan's (or Gerard's) fault, but it doesn't stop it hurting, no matter how much he tries to forget about it. Frank just wants things to be normal, but when you're dating a werewolf, can anything really be that normal?
FrankIero  GerardWay  WerewolfBigBang  Unread 
june 2012
Fair Market Value
Slave!AU. Ryan is a marked slave bought by Brendon...
Brendon/Spencer/Ryan  BrendonUrie  SpencerSmith  RyanRoss  Slave!AU 
may 2012
Pan Goes A Courting
Once upon a time there was a lonely trickster god named Pan who fell out of an apple tree and in love...
PatrickStump  PeteWentz  Pan!AU  FOB  Fairies  Crack 
april 2012
Kris Allen - Monster - Las Vegas 4-21-2012 - YouTube
Just me or is Monster getting exponentially awesomer every time performs it live? & it was already my fave.
from twitter_favs
april 2012
Forget About The Dirty Looks
It's 2006, and MCR are embarking on a major UK and European summer tour. They're touring with bands they've never worked with before, and as the only majority-submissive band on the tour, MCR are in for a rough time. Between Frank's on-stage antics, Gerard's urge to challenge social norms, the headlining band's douchebaggery, and the tabloid press, things get interesting fast. The band is family, though, and they look out for each other in spite of personal danger, bad publicity, and uncomfortable personal revelations
GerardWay  FrankIero  BobBryar  MikeyWay  RayToro  BrianSchechter  Gerard/Brian  Ray/Bob  BDSM 
april 2012
A Stitch Away From Making it (A Scar Away From Falling Apart)
Patrick rolled over in bed, cursing fucking Pete Wentz to hell and back and fumbling for his phone, and he swore to God if goddamn Trohman didn’t stop setting his goddamn ringtone to Mr. Big Stuff he was going to fucking shove his goddamn body off one of the hairpin curves of Old Topanga Canyon Boulevard that Pete liked to take at fifty mph on Saturday nights.
Author:Femmequixotic  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:MCR  Pete/Patrick  Pete/OFC  Frank/Mikey  Gerard/Patrick  SexTape  Misunderstanding  Fic  Complete  >10k  via:jstong 
april 2012
The Sweet Spot
"Responsibility" should be Spencer Smith's middle name (except it's James). After all, not many people would sacrifice their lives to run the family bakery and raise their twin sisters. But now the girls are grown, and Spencer has to learn to put his own needs first! And Brendon, the Sweet Spot's newest regular, might just be what Spencer's looking for. But will Brendon's past get in the way of their present?
harlequin  SpencerSmith  BrendonUrie  Spencer/Brendon  AU  Bandom  P!atD 
april 2012
1D primer #4
And again...more about them
primer  1D  babyfandom 
april 2012
1D primer #3
Again...more about them... presh face boys that need a good slashing
primer  1D  babyfandom 
april 2012
1D Primer #2
More about One Direction...
primer  1D  babyfandom 
april 2012
1D primer #1
Everything you want to know about One Direction...
primer  1D  babyfandom 
april 2012
Frank's a Vampire...Well Sorta
In a world where vampirism is a semi-common infectious blood disease instead of a demonic curse, how do the boys of MCR react when Frank Iero contracts the virus??
Author:Anywhat  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard  Vamipire  Misunderstanding  Fic  Complete  >5k  via:jstong 
april 2012
Mind Over Matter
Pete laughs, but Mikey can tell he’s nervous.

“Fine,” he says. “Do something psychic. Levitate my TV or some shit.”

“It’s not like that,” Gerard pipes up indignantly. “That’s telekinesis, asshole.”
Author:Cardstock  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:MCR  Pete/Mikey  Gerard/Mikey  Pete/Mikey/Gerard  Kink:Incest  Kink:Bondage  Kink:Threesome  Telepathy  Warnings:Incest  Fic  Complete  <5K  via:jstong 
april 2012
Roll Me In Designer Sheets
His phone rang, the smooth sounds of Motown horns seducing him into answering. He never knew when it was going to ring, no schedule, but it was always late at night. And somehow, it always seemed to ring right on cue. Patrick leaned over and flipped the phone open. Dropping his voice down to his lowest register was second nature by now. “Hey.”
Author:Mwestbelle  Fandom:FOB  Pete/Patrick  PhoneSex  SugarDaddy  Fic  Complete  <5k  via:jstong 
april 2012
Fucking Bassists
Summary: Patrick hates bassists. Sort of. Fine, maybe not really. Not like, a lot. Whatever.
Author:Celtic_cookie  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:FOB  Mikey/Patrick  Pete  Fic  Complete  <5k  via:jstong 
april 2012
And Weather In the Heart Alike
The first time Bob ever sees Trish, he can't actually see her at first. He's twenty, home from school for Thanksgiving, and his buddy Kyle drags him out to a club to see some band that sucks.
Author:Carleton97  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:FOB  Bob/Patrick  Genderswap  Fic  Complete  >15k  via:jstong  rpf:bandom 
april 2012
For All the Broken, Listen Here
Mikey sounds unsure when he says, "Frank, I need a favor," like he can't tell if he really needs the favor, or not. Frank suspects it's more a case of him not knowing whether he'll get the favor or not. Which is utterly fucking preposterous, so far as Frank is concerned.
"Anything," Frank tells him. It's not the first time his earnestness has gotten him into trouble.
Author:Arsenic  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Mikey  Kink:D/s  Kink:Powerplay  Kink:Watersports  Kink:Aftercare  Fic  Complete  via:jstong 
april 2012
Frnk Cghing Pls Brng Smthng When U Can Also Coffee
Mikey is just trying to watch Final Destination, but Frank keeps hacking up a fucking lung on the other side of the couch -- plus it looks like he might spill the vodka. Time for an intervention.
Author:Anon  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Mikey  Frank/Jamia  Frank  Mikey  Gen  Friendship  Sickness  Hurt/Comfort  Fic  Complete  <5k  via:jstong 
april 2012
Handle With Care
In Bob's opinion the only difference between living with My Chemical Romance on a bus instead of the van was that they had more space to get dirty.
Author:Syndelar  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob  Kink:GSF  Fic  Complete  <5k  via:jstong  RayToro  MikeyWay  GerardWay  FrankIero  BobBryer  mcr 
april 2012
Will Tonight, Will it Ever Come?
Summary: Ray didn't ever lie to his band.  Not telling them he was a werewolf technically wasn't a lie.  Besides, having a werewolf in a rock band is hardly a big deal.
Author:Drandy_Fetish  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob  Kink:GSF  Warnings:Incest  Complete  has:Warnings  Fic  Were  Wolf  via:jstong  werewolves  bandslash  au  mcr  gsf 
april 2012
Semi-Logical Conclusions
The strange part about finding out that Ray was into gangbangs was that Gerard hadn't even been asking that. For awhile it had been Mikey for Ray, but now it was Gerard; no one really questioned it. They were a band.
Author:Impertinence  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob  Gerard/Ray  Frank/Ray  Bob/Ray  Mikey/Ray  Gerard/Mikey  Kink:D/s  Kink:Incest  Kink:GSF  Kink:GangBang  Fic  Complete  <5k  Warnings:Incest  via:jstong  PWP  Moresome  MCR  RayToro  MikeyWay  BobBryer  GerardWay  FrankIero 
april 2012
Rhymes With Bang Bang Sob
It was not long after this conversation (and the subsequent conversations that involved copious use of the words 'cockslut' and 'bottom Bob') that the members of My Chemical Romance (sans Bob, naturally) decided to throw Bob a surprise gangbang party.
Author:Green  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob  Kink:GSF  Kink:GangBang  Kink:Threesome  Kink:Rimming  Fic  Complete  >5k  Kink:Incest  Blowjob  Kink:Felching  Warnings:IncestH  via:jstong 
april 2012
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Mikey calls them at three in the morning to tell them to come down, there's something wrong with Gerard. Sex pollen!PWP
Author:7isis  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard  Gerard/Mikey  Gerard/Bob  Gerard/Ray  Bob/Gerard/Ray  Kink:Threesome  Kink:Fisting  Kink:MulitpleOrgasms  Kink:Incest  Warnings:Incest  SexPollen  Kink:GangBang  Fic  Complete  <5k  Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob  via:jstong 
april 2012
Interview: Gerard Way
Academy Award Nominee, Out Gay Actor Gerard Way opens up in a candid interview about his career, his struggles, and even the love of his life. – by Michaelis Tzapanoviz
Author:MrsRonWeasley  Fandom:MCR  Frank/Gerard  Gerard  AU  ArticalFic  Complete  <5k  via:jstong 
april 2012
The Paradox of Submission
Submission is filled with paradox. Pain and pleasure. Enslavement and freedom. It's a circular and connected balance between apparent opposites.
Author:Minxie  Fandom:AI  Tommy/OMC  Kink:BDSM  Kink:D/s  24/7Relationship  Kink:Bondage  Kink:Spanking  Kink:Subspace  Kink:FirstTime  Kink:Shaving  Kink:Flogging  Fic  Complete  >10k  via:jstong 
april 2012
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