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Why Foucault's work on power is more important than ever | Aeon Essays
For identifying and so deftly analysing the mechanisms of modern power, while refusing to develop it into a singular and unified theory of power’s essence, Foucault remains philosophically important. The strident philosophical skepticism in which his thought is rooted is not directed against the use of philosophy for the analysis of power. Rather, it is suspicious of the bravado behind the idea that philosophy can, and also must, reveal the hidden essence of things. What this means is that Foucault’s signature word – ‘power’ – is not the name of an essence that he has distilled but is rather an index to an entire field of analysis in which the work of philosophy must continually toil.
philosophy  cultural-dynamics  power  politics 
march 2017 by Vaguery
[1307.2748] Self-Organized Synchronization and Voltage Stability in Networks of Synchronous Machines
The integration of renewable energy sources in the course of the energy transition is accompanied by grid decentralization and fluctuating power feed-in characteristics. This raises new challenges for power system stability and design. We intend to investigate power system stability from the viewpoint of self-organized synchronization aspects. In this approach, the power grid is represented by a network of synchronous machines. We supplement the classical Kuramoto-like network model, which assumes constant voltages, with dynamical voltage equations, and thus obtain an extended version, that incorporates the coupled categories voltage stability and rotor angle synchronization. We compare disturbance scenarios in small systems simulated on the basis of both classical and extended model and we discuss resultant implications and possible applications to complex modern power grids.
self-organization  network-theory  complexology  nonlinear-dynamics  power  smart-grid  engineering-design  emergent-design  failure-modes 
july 2013 by Vaguery
Did We Nationalize Banks, Or Did They Nationalize Us? -- Seeking Alpha
"We are looking at a concentration of political power in the US banking system that we haven’t seen since the 1830s: Shades of Andrew Jackson vs. the Second Bank of the United States. We put up with a lot from our banking elite in this country, but historically we draw the line at financial power so concentrated it can confront the power of the President."
financial-crisis  public-policy  history  banking  power  consolidation  that-Santayana-quote-you-know-the-one 
july 2009 by Vaguery
First Solar and Solarfun May Defy Short-Term Weakness in Solar Sector - Seeking Alpha
"A warning from Sunpower (SPWRA) last week is a sign that big solar companies are in trouble. US solar demand will not catch up in 2 years, even with solar tax credits in place. Overall, the solar sector may have some weakness in the short term, though I remain bullish long term."
solar  power  investment  stocks  manufacturing  sustainability  energy-generation 
november 2008 by Vaguery
ICANN Tuesday | Susan Crawford blog
"ICANN recently has wanted to make a lot of changes to its standard Registrar Accreditation Agreement. It found that it was was constrained by an even earlier version of the consensus policy process idea, and has found this frustrating. So it wants the flexibility to make changes without going through a policy process, and it’s (initially) saying that although those changes can be overridden in some ways they will automatically become effective if they are *not* overridden."
ICANN  Internet  domain  registration  power  centralization  bureaucracy  contracts  licensing  law 
november 2008 by Vaguery
Network Weaving: Weaving the Electric Grid
Thinking about the network of publishing and print media distribution, as well.
networks  social-networks  physics  power  sustainability  distribution 
august 2008 by Vaguery
PdF2008 Talks: Doug Rushkoff on the New Renaissance
Please, entrepreneurial startuppy convocations of the movers-and-shakers of local human-scale community-supported life with programming and Your Very Important Book: watch and hear. Watch. Hear.
cultural-norms  social-engineering  society  power  government  local  human-scale  personal-brand  authors  writing  advice  call-to-action  community 
july 2008 by Vaguery
Cities and Ambition
"The people you find in Cambridge are not there by accident. You have to make sacrifices to live there."
economics  local  social-norms  cultural-norms  anthropology  community  demographics  geography  power 
june 2008 by Vaguery

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