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Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles"
As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there's a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a "filter bubble" and don't get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy.
filter  bubble  privacy  2011  TED  social_network  exploitation  misuse  personalization  censorship  manipulation  spying  surveillance  bias 
september 2011 by Vacilando
Row between Wikileaks and Guardian over security breach
A row has broken out between Wikileaks and one of the newspapers it collaborated with to leak US diplomatic cables. The whistle-blowing group said unredacted versions of the 251,000 diplomatic cables had been leaked on the internet. Wikileaks blamed the disclosure on the Guardian newspaper and said it had started legal action against the paper. The newspaper has strongly denied the claims, blaming a "security breach". In a short statement on Twitter, Wikileaks said: "A Guardian journalist has, in a previously undetected act of gross negligence or malice... disclosed top secret decryption passwords to the entire, unredacted, Wikileaks Cablegate archive.
Wikileaks  privacy  security  Guardian  newspaper  leak  whistleblower  password  20110901 
september 2011 by Vacilando
Tube and train commuters caught on camera
There are over 12 thousand CCTV cameras on the London Underground system, monitoring the movements of millions of passengers every single day. But some commuters are also doing their own electronic reconnaissance.
underground  London  public_transport  photography  surveillance  20110825  privacy 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Inside Europe's biggest Hasidic community
North London's Hasidic Jewish community is an intensely private world, where marriage is an integral rite of passage, strict rules must be adhered to and faith is taken seriously.
Jewish  community  London  religion  privacy  media  20110518 
may 2011 by Vacilando
'Twitter messages not private' rules PCC
Material that is published on Twitter should be considered public and can be published.
Twitter  privacy  public  message  law  20110208 
march 2011 by Vacilando
Open Sourcing My Genetic Data
I published all of my known genetic data as open source and released all my rights to the data. I’m proud to be the first person in the world to commit my genetic data into a decentralized source control system under a public domain license. The initial reactions that I received when I told some of my friends that I was going to do this was a combination of shock and skepticism.
genetics  information  open_source  genome  personal  privacy  DNA  health  identity  20110212  philosophy 
february 2011 by Vacilando
Freedom Box is the name we give to a personal server running a free software operating system, with free applications designed to create and preserve personal privacy. Freedom Box software is particularly tailored to run in "plug servers," which are compact computers that are no larger than power adapters for electronic appliances. Located in people's homes or offices such inexpensive servers can provide privacy in normal life, and safe communications for people seeking to preserve their freedom in oppressive regimes.
freedom  freedom_of_speech  Internet  server  software  open_source  privacy  distributed_computing  security  2011  politics 
february 2011 by Vacilando
Web images to get expiration date
German researchers have created software called X-Pire that gives images an expiration date by tagging them with an encrypted key.
image  privacy  expiration  photography  social_network  Internet  embarrassment  20110120 
february 2011 by Vacilando
Facebook: Should parents 'friend' their children?
When Facebook was entirely dominated by people under the age of 25, things were simple. But now an important social question has arisen - should you "friend" your child, or accept a parent as a "friend"?
Facebook  friend  social_network  20101210  culture  parenting  privacy  child 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Privacy project uses cryptography to reduce shared info
A project that could radically reduce the amount of personal information we share in our dealings has been revealed by IBM researchers.
privacy  cryptography  identification  20101209 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Social gets personal as new network limits friends
Path arrived at the idea of limiting users to a network of 50 people following research done by Oxford University Professor of Evolutionary Psychology Robin Dunbar. He espoused that 150 is the maximum number of social relationships that the human brain can sustain at a given time and that 50 is roughly the outer boundary of our personal networks. Facebook's approach and that of other social networks from Bebo to MySpace and Google Buzz is at odds with that thinking.
social_network  friend  Facebook  social  number  Dunbar  psychology  20101119  privacy 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Israeli army uses Facebook to expose draft dodgers
The Israeli army has come up with a novel way of exposing women who lie about their religious background in order to avoid military service. It is using the social networking site Facebook to check up on them. More than 1,000 women have been tracked down after they falsely claimed they were exempt from the draft because they were Orthodox Jews.
women  Israel  army  military  social_network  Facebook  privacy  spying  espionage  surveillance  20101124  big_brother 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Identity fraud now costs £1.9bn, says fraud authority
Fraudsters obtain more than £1,000 from every identity they steal, official figures suggest.
identity  privacy  toread 
december 2010 by Vacilando
US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis
The cables published today reveal how the US uses its embassies as part of a global espionage network, with diplomats tasked to obtain not just information from the people they meet, but personal details, such as frequent flyer numbers, credit card details and even DNA material.
WikiLeaks  USA  embassy  politics  scandal  20101128  espionage  privacy  intelligence_service  cablegate  from_twitter 
november 2010 by Vacilando
F.B.I. Seeks Wider Wiretap Law for Web
Under the proposal, firms would have to design systems to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages. Services based overseas would have to route communications through a server on United States soil where they could be wiretapped.
20101116  privacy  surveillance  big_brother  USA  FBI  Google  Facebook  Internet  wiretap 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Facebook and Google in data sharing spat
Facebook has responded to Google's decision to block the export of contact information from Gmail by offering users a work-around solution.
Facebook  Google  privacy  20101109 
november 2010 by Vacilando
CCTV site Internet Eyes hopes to help catch criminals
A website which pays the public to monitor live commercial CCTV footage online has been launched in Devon.
crowdsourcing  surveillance  Internet  spying  privacy  20101004 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Firesheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily
It seems like every time Facebook amends its privacy policy, the web is up in arms. The truth is, Facebook’s well publicized privacy fight is nothing compared to the vulnerability of all unsecured HTTP sites — that includes Facebook, Twitter and many of the web’s most popular destinations. Developer Eric Butler has exposed the soft underbelly of the web with his new Firefox extension, Firesheep, which will let you essentially eavesdrop on any open Wi-Fi network and capture users’ cookies. As Butler explains in his post, “As soon as anyone on the network visits an insecure website known to Firesheep, their name and photo will be displayed” in the window. All you have to do is double click on their name and open sesame, you will be able to log into that user’s site with their credentials.
Firesheep  hacking  SSL  security  privacy  cookies  20101025  wifi  Firefox 
october 2010 by Vacilando
Eric Butler - Software Developer in Seattle WA
It's extremely common for websites to protect your password by encrypting the initial login, but surprisingly uncommon for websites to encrypt everything else. This leaves the cookie (and the user) vulnerable. HTTP session hijacking (sometimes called "sidejacking") is when an attacker gets a hold of a user's cookie, allowing them to do anything the user can do on a particular website. On an open wireless network, cookies are basically shouted through the air, making these attacks extremely easy.
Firesheep  hacking  SSL  security  privacy  cookies  2010  wifi 
october 2010 by Vacilando
Web attack knows where you live
One visit to a booby-trapped website could direct attackers to a person's home, a security expert has shown.
location  router  Internet  Google  privacy  20100803 
august 2010 by Vacilando
Be careful what you tweet
Nothing said online is really private, says Bill Thompson.
privacy  social_network  Twitter  20100723 
august 2010 by Vacilando
Brain scans being misused as lie detectors, experts say
Measures are needed to stop brain scans being misused by courts, insurers and employers.
brain  scan  lie  abuse  privacy  mind_reading  20100606 
june 2010 by Vacilando
Identity cards scheme will be axed 'within 100 days'
The National Identity Card scheme will be abolished within 100 days with all cards becoming invalid.
UK  RFID  privacy  politics  identification  tracking  surveillance  nation_state  citizen  20100527 
june 2010 by Vacilando
Google Collected Data Packets from Open WiFi Networks
About 600 gigabytes of data was taken off of the Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries" and that "Google has been vacuuming up fragments of people's online activities broadcast over public Wi-Fi networks for the past four years.
wifi  Google  privacy  encryption  Google_Street_View  surveillance  20100514 
june 2010 by Vacilando
China targets online commentator anonymity
China is considering forcing its citizens to use their real names when they post comments on internet bulletin boards.
China  anonymity  Internet  privacy  name  surveillance  20100511 
june 2010 by Vacilando
Animals need 'right to privacy' from wildlife films
Animals should not be seen as "fair game" for filmmakers.
animal  privacy  documentary  television  20100430 
may 2010 by Vacilando
Google chief Eric Schmidt downplays wi-fi privacy row
Eric Schmidt said that there was "no, harm, no foul", after the firm admitted that it had been collecting snippets of web activity from people's wi-fi.
wifi  privacy  Google  Google_Street_View  surveillance  20100518 
may 2010 by Vacilando
Google admits wi-fi data collection blunder
Google has admitted that for the past three years it has wrongly collected information people have sent over unencrypted wi-fi networks.
WiFi  wireless  encryption  Google  snooping  surveillance  spying  Google_Street_View  20100515  mapping  privacy 
may 2010 by Vacilando
The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network.
Diaspora  Facebook  privacy  open_source  distributed  social_network 
may 2010 by Vacilando
The anti-Facebook
Can the supremacy of Facebook, as the world's biggest social network rapidly heading towards 500 million users, ever be truly challenged at this stage?
20100512  Facebook  privacy  open_source 
may 2010 by Vacilando
Exploring the network without guesswork
Twitter and Facebook give Iran's secret services a superb platform for gathering intelligence.
intelligence_service  surveillance  Iran  Facebook  Twitter  social_network  privacy  20100510 
may 2010 by Vacilando
Google even knows what you're thinking
The tool, called GoogleSharing, is a Firefox add-on that mixes the requests of many different users together, such that Google is not capable of telling what is coming from whom.
Google  surveillance  anonymity  privacy  tracking  20100423 
may 2010 by Vacilando
US tech coalition calls for new online privacy law
The coalition has recommended that a warrant be required before internet providers must hand over the online information - just as a warrant is required for a physical search of a suspect's computer or filing cabinets.
privacy  Internet  USA  surveillance  big_brother  20100331 
may 2010 by Vacilando
Google rolls out privacy reset for Buzz social network
Google has said that it will begin to roll out a privacy reset for its controversial social network Buzz.
Google_Buzz  privacy  20100405 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Digital Due Process
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) was a forward-looking statute when enacted in 1986. It specified standards for law enforcement access to electronic communications and associated data, affording important privacy protections to subscribers of emerging wireless and Internet technologies. Technology has advanced dramatically since 1986, and ECPA has been outpaced. The statute has not undergone a significant revision since it was enacted in 1986 - light years ago in Internet time. As a result, ECPA is a patchwork of confusing standards that have been interpreted inconsistently by the courts, creating uncertainty for both service providers and law enforcement agencies. ECPA can no longer be applied in a clear and consistent way, and, consequently, the vast amount of personal information generated by today’s digital communication services may no longer be adequately protected.
USA  privacy  Internet  surveillance  law 
march 2010 by Vacilando
Mobile that allows bosses to snoop on staff developed
It works by analysing the movement of accelerometers, found in many handsets. Activities such as walking, climbing stairs or even cleaning can be identified, the researchers say.
surveillance  big_brother  company  Japan  privacy  tracking  20100310  toread 
march 2010 by Vacilando
HSBC admits huge Swiss bank data theft
About 24,000 clients of HSBC's private banking operation in Switzerland had personal details stolen by a former employee, the company has admitted.
bank  Switzerland  privacy  theft  20100311 
march 2010 by Vacilando
US school accused of web spying
Parents in the US have accused a school of spying on children by remotely activating webcams on laptops.
surveillance  big_brother  school  privacy  webcam  spying  laptop  20100219 
march 2010 by Vacilando
PleaseRobMe website reveals dangers of social networks
A website called PleaseRobMe claims to reveal the location of empty homes based on what people post online.
privacy  Twitter  location  surveillance  crime  social_network  20100218 
march 2010 by Vacilando
Tor: anonymity online
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis.
Tor  security  privacy  Internet  software  free  proxy  anonymity 
march 2010 by Vacilando
Google. No Configuration Needed
Sometimes features that don't require configuration have side-effects that might affect your user experience or your privacy. Gmail clutters the contact list and makes it difficult to manage, Gmail Chat automatically determines your friends using basic heuristics, while Google Buzz starts to share your public photos and favorite blog posts with the people automatically added to Gmail's chat list. A clever service might save you time, but it shouldn't make important decisions for you.
20100217  intrusion  annoyance  Google  privacy  freedom  manipulation  surveillance  advertisement 
february 2010 by Vacilando
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