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LHC results put supersymmetry theory 'on the spot'
Results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have all but killed the simplest version of an enticing theory of sub-atomic physics. Researchers failed to find evidence of so-called "supersymmetric" particles, which many physicists had hoped would plug holes in the current theory. Theorists working in the field have told BBC News that they may have to come up with a completely new idea.
LHC  supersymmetry  theory  particle  physics  nuclear  20110827 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Swede admits home-made atom experiment was 'crazy'
Swedish man who tried to set up a nuclear reactor in his kitchen at home has admitted his plan was "crazy". Richard Handl said he had just been "curious" and wanted to see if he would be able to split an atom.
Sweden  nuclear  energy  DIY  incredible  radioactive  20110804 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Neutrino particle 'flips to all flavours'
Neutrinos are among the fundamental building blocks of matter. They swarm all about us. The Sun, for example, releases them in huge quantities when it fuses hydrogen to make helium - the raw nuclear process at its core. They are, however, very difficult to study because they interact so weakly with normal matter. Hence, their nickname - "ghost particles".

Nonetheless, scientists have been able to discern three flavours - electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos, and tau neutrinos. Previous research has characterised two forms of oscillations. The T2K experiment has now seen hints for a third transformation - that of a muon neutrino turning into an electron neutrino.
neutrino  particle  physics  nuclear  cosmology  antimatter  universe  Big_Bang  20110615 
july 2011 by Vacilando
Japan pensioners volunteer to tackle nuclear crisis
A group of more than 200 Japanese pensioners are volunteering to tackle the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power station. The Skilled Veterans Corps, as they call themselves, is made up of retired engineers and other professionals, all over the age of 60. They say they should be facing the dangers of radiation, not the young.
Japan  earthquake  nuclear  energy  tsunami  cooling  20110531  retirement  cancer  radiation 
may 2011 by Vacilando
It's ironic that after all the years of fearing #nuclear North Korea it is #Japan that is irradiating the whole world...
nuclear  japan  from_twitter 
april 2011 by Vacilando
'Fukushima nuclear plant' radiation found at UK sites
Low levels of radioactive iodine believed to be from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have been detected in Glasgow and Oxfordshire.
UK  radioactive  iodide  Glasgow  Scotland  nuclear  energy  20110329 
april 2011 by Vacilando
Fleeing the hell of Japan has too high a price
As of last night there were hundreds of spare seats on Qantas and Jetstar flights leaving Narita International Airport over the next three days but the cheapest one-way fare was $938, ranging up to $9504.
20110318  Japan  disaster  evacuation  earthquake  tsunami  nuclear  airplane  travel  profiteering 
march 2011 by Vacilando
Japan steps up moves to cool stricken nuclear reactors
Japan says it is stepping up efforts to cool overheating fuel at the tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Army helicopters dumped tonnes of water to try to prevent a meltdown of fuel rods. Water cannon are set to join the operation on the ground and it is hoped electricity will be restored soon.
Japan  nuclear  energy  electricity  cooling  helicopter  radiation  20110317 
march 2011 by Vacilando
Japan earthquake: Meltdown alert at Fukushima reactor
Technicians are battling to stabilise a third reactor at a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear plant, which has been rocked by a second blast in three days.
Japan  20110314  nuclear  power  energy  explosion  cooling  earthquake 
march 2011 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Inside the website's Stockholm 'bunker'
The whistle-blowing website works off servers stored deep below ground in Stockholm, in a former nuclear bunker.
WikiLeaks  server  Sweden  bunker  20101209  nuclear 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Mars 'hopper' may run on nuclear decay and Martian CO2
Nuclear decay-driven machines could gather gases from the atmosphere of Mars, giving future robotic missions leaps of a kilometre, researchers say. A design concept in Proceedings of the Royal Society A outlines an approach to compress CO2 and liquefy it. The liquid would then be heated much as in a standard rocket, expanding violently into a gas to propel exploratory craft great distances.
carbon_dioxide  Mars  probe  lander  robot  transport  nuclear  energy  20101117  fuel 
december 2010 by Vacilando
US presidential nuclear codes 'lost for months'
The codes used by the president to launch a nuclear strike were mislaid for months during the Clinton administration, the former highest-ranking US officer has said.
USA  code  nuclear  war  20101021 
october 2010 by Vacilando
Iran 'has proof US kidnapped missing scientist'
Iran has handed over new documents proving one of its nuclear scientists was abducted by the US, Tehran says. The evidence, the contents of which have not been disclosed, has reportedly been given to the Swiss embassy, which represents US interests in Iran.
nuclear  science  USA  kidnapping  Iran  20100704 
july 2010 by Vacilando
Iran nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'flees US captors'
A man who says he is an Iranian nuclear scientist claims to have escaped after being abducted by US agents.
Iran  CIA  escape  nuclear  abduction  20100629 
july 2010 by Vacilando
Nuclear powers set for Pakistan showdown
A row is looming between Beijing and Washington over China's proposed sale of two nuclear power-generating reactors to Pakistan.
nuclear  energy  Pakistan  USA  China  20100620 
june 2010 by Vacilando
Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons
Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official documentary evidence of the state's possession of nuclear weapons.
South_Africa  Israel  nuclear_proliferation  apartheid  business  military  nuclear  weapon  20100524 
june 2010 by Vacilando
Summit agrees to protect nuclear stocks 'in four years'
Today we are declaring that nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security.
politics  nuclear_proliferation  plutonium  nuclear  weapon  terrorism  20100413 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Israeli PM Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled a visit to the US where he was to attend a summit on nuclear security, Israeli officials say. Mr Netanyahu made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's presumed nuclear arsenal, the officials said. ... Israel has never confirmed or denied that it possesses atomic weapons. ... According to Israeli officials, Turkey and Egypt are planning to call on Israel to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
nuclear  weapon  Israel  proliferation  NPT  20100409  USA 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Spaceman: Riding the strangest rocket in the world
It's a curious beast, there's no doubt about that. A Dnepr launchesThe Dnepr rocket that will carry Europe's ice explorer Cryosat into orbit next month is quite unlike most satellite launch systems. But then most satellite launchers did not start out as nuclear missiles.
space  lauch  rocket  nuclear  Russia  20100319 
march 2010 by Vacilando
US to build two new nuclear power stations
President Barack Obama has announced more than $8bn (£5bn) of federal loan guarantees to begin building the first US nuclear power stations for 30 years.
20100216  nuclear  energy  USA 
february 2010 by Vacilando
Scientists plan to ignite tiny man-made star
Its goal is to generate temperatures of more than 100 million degrees Celsius and pressures billions of times higher than those found anywhere else on earth, from a speck of fuel little bigger than a pinhead. If successful, the experiment will mark the first step towards building a practical nuclear fusion power station and a source of almost limitless energy.
20081227  star  energy  nuclear  fusion 
february 2010 by Vacilando
Laser fusion test results raise energy hopes
A major hurdle to producing fusion energy using lasers has been swept aside, results in a new report show. The controlled fusion of atoms - creating conditions like those in our Sun - has long been touted as a possible revolutionary energy source. However, there have been doubts about the use of powerful lasers for fusion energy because the "plasma" they create could interrupt the fusion.
laser  energy  physics  nuclear  fusion  20100128  ignition 
february 2010 by Vacilando
India nuclear plant leak under investigation
Indian officials are investigating the leak of a radioactive substance into drinking water at an atomic power plant in the south of the country.
radioactive  water  India  nuclear  totag 
december 2009 by Vacilando
New UK nuclear stations unlikely to be on time
A Newsnight investigation suggests that UK government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations to fill the energy gap by 2020 are wildly optimistic.
nuclear  energy  UK  toread  20091125 
december 2009 by Vacilando
U.N. Official Says Iran Inquiry Is at ‘a Dead End’
The director general of the United Nations nuclear watchdog declared in unusually blunt language on Thursday that Iran had stonewalled investigators about evidence that the country had worked on nuclear weapons design, and that his efforts to reveal the truth had “effectively reached a dead end.”
20091126  Iran  nuclear  United_Nations 
november 2009 by Vacilando
Particle beams injected into LHC
An LHC spokesperson said this was the first time particle beams had been inside the LHC since it was shut down late in September 2008.
LHC  nuclear  physics  20091026 
november 2009 by Vacilando
Time to Scrap the NPT
There's only one country that has ever used nuclear weapons. There's only one country that has used nuclear weapons on civilian population centers. There's only one country that has ever threatened to use nuclear weapons on non-nuclear countries. There's only one country that has over 10,000 nuclear weapons many of which are on hair-trigger alert for enemies real or imagined. There's only one country that has developed a regime of low-yield, bunker-busting, usable nuclear weapons; stating that they could be legitimately used, not to deter aggression or to stave off an imminent threat, but simply to eliminate the suspicion of weapons programs. There's only one country that justifies unprovoked aggression (preemption) in its National Security doctrine; allowing it to attack any potential rival to its global dominance. There's only one country that currently occupies a Muslim nation of 25 million people without any proof of an imminent threat, weapons-systems, or territorial aggression.
20060202  totag  nuclear  weapon  USA  arrogance 
november 2009 by Vacilando
LHC gets colder than deep space
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment has once again become one of the coldest places in the Universe. All eight sectors of the LHC have now been cooled to their operating temperature of 1.9 kelvin (-271C; -456F) - colder than deep space.
LHC  temperature  space  energy  physics  nuclear  20091016 
october 2009 by Vacilando
Tiny 'nuclear batteries' unveiled
Researchers have demonstrated a penny-sized "nuclear battery" that produces energy from the decay of radioisotopes.
20091008  battery  nuclear  energy 
october 2009 by Vacilando
E.Coli Cleans Up Nuclear Waste Cheaply, Efficiently
E. Coli does more than just make people sick — it can also be used to clean up nuclear waste, according to researchers at Birmingham University. The research team found that E. Coli bacteria effectively breaks down phytic acid (a phosphate storage material found in seeds) and releases the phosphate molecules, which bind to uranium to create a uranium phosphate precipitate. The precipitate can be harvested to recover uranium, and voila – no more nuclear waste.
20090922  nuclear  waste  bacteria 
october 2009 by Vacilando
Rehearsing the end of the world
What was once the most secret of all British government documents has been released in full. During the Cold War, civil servants used to rehearse the end of the world - what would happen if deterrence failed and nuclear war became inevitable.
20090623  nuclear  politics  UK  war  government  Cold_War 
june 2009 by Vacilando
Man-made star to unlock cosmic secrets
When the world's most powerful laser facility flicks the switch on its first full-scale experiments later this month, a tiny star will be born on Earth.
physics  laser  fusion  astronomy  nuclear  star  diamond  energy  20090522 
june 2009 by Vacilando
US 'prepared' for N Korea missile
Report that North Korea was considering launching a missile towards Hawaii.
20090618  North_Korea  nuclear  Hawaii  USA  attack 
june 2009 by Vacilando
N Korea threatens nuclear tests
North Korea has threatened to carry out nuclear missile tests unless the UN Security Council apologises for its condemnation of a recent rocket launch.
20090429  North_Korea  nuclear 
may 2009 by Vacilando
Iran in 'backroom offers' to West
Iran offered to stop attacking British troops in Iraq to try to get the West to drop objections to Tehran's uranium enrichment project, a UK official says. The disclosure by UN ambassador Sir John Sawers in a BBC documentary throws new light on backroom discussions between Iran and the West.
Iraq  Iran  nuclear  20090220  favour 
february 2009 by Vacilando
Contract award for Jupiter probe
The Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (Jimo) is part of an ambitious mission to explore the three planet-sized Jovian moons Callisto, Ganymede and Europa. Designing the spacecraft poses a significant engineering challenge given the long distances involved. Controversially, the probe is to be powered by a nuclear propulsion system. Callisto, Ganymede and Europa are thought to harbour oceans of probable water beneath an icy crust. Jimo would be the first Nasa mission using nuclear electric propulsion. It would enable the spacecraft to orbit each icy world in turn, to perform extensive investigations of their composition, history, and potential for sustaining life.
Moon  power  extraterrestrial_life  nuclear  Jupiter  20040921  probe  Callisto  Ganymede  Europa 
february 2009 by Vacilando
Nuclear subs collide in Atlantic
The submarines are equipped with sonar to detect other vessels nearby but our correspondent said it might be the case that the anti-sonar devices, meant to hide the submarines from enemies, were "too effective".
UK  Atlantic  France  collision  20090216  nuclear  submarine 
february 2009 by Vacilando

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