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Wikileaks: India's Mayawati 'sent jet to collect shoes'
The chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state sent an empty private jet to get a pair of sandals from Mumbai, leaked US diplomatic cables say.
Wikileaks  shoe  airplane  poverty  20110905 
september 2011 by Vacilando
Row between Wikileaks and Guardian over security breach
A row has broken out between Wikileaks and one of the newspapers it collaborated with to leak US diplomatic cables. The whistle-blowing group said unredacted versions of the 251,000 diplomatic cables had been leaked on the internet. Wikileaks blamed the disclosure on the Guardian newspaper and said it had started legal action against the paper. The newspaper has strongly denied the claims, blaming a "security breach". In a short statement on Twitter, Wikileaks said: "A Guardian journalist has, in a previously undetected act of gross negligence or malice... disclosed top secret decryption passwords to the entire, unredacted, Wikileaks Cablegate archive.
Wikileaks  privacy  security  Guardian  newspaper  leak  whistleblower  password  20110901 
september 2011 by Vacilando
Hackers call for PayPal boycott
Two high profile hacker groups have called on their followers to boycott PayPal over its continued refusal to handle donations to Wikileaks.
activism  hacking  hacktivist  PayPal  Wikileaks  donation  politics  20110727 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Banking Blockade
For six months now, five major US financial institutions, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union and the Bank of America have tried to economically strangle WikiLeaks as a result of political pressure from Washington. The attack has blocked over 90% of the non-profit organization’s donations, costing some $15M in lost revenue. The attack is entirely outside of any due process or rule of law. In fact, in the only formal review to occur, the US Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy C. Geithner found, on January 12, that there were no lawful grounds to add WikiLeaks to a financial blockade.
Wikileaks  bank  credit_card  blockade  PayPal  Visa  20110628 
july 2011 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Many at Guantanamo 'not dangerous'
Files obtained by the website Wikileaks have revealed that the US believed many of those held at Guantanamo Bay were innocent or only low-level operatives.
Wikileaks  Guantanamo_Bay  War_On_Terror  20110425  prison 
april 2011 by Vacilando
Clinton calls for internet freedom after Egypt uprising
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned repressive governments not to restrict internet freedom, saying such efforts will ultimately fail.
USA  freedom_of_speech  Internet  Wikileaks  20110215 
february 2011 by Vacilando
WikiLeaks cables: millions in overseas aid to Africa was embezzled
The true scale of the theft of overseas aid money by corrupt foreign regimes is disclosed in leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph. Tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been pocketed by their ministers and officials, much of it used to buy luxury goods.
WikiLeaks  Africa  development_aid  theft  embezzlement  20110205 
february 2011 by Vacilando
CIA to examine impact of files recently released by WikiLeaks
The CIA has launched a task force to assess the impact of the exposure of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables and military files by WikiLeaks.

Officially, the panel is called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But at CIA headquarters, it's mainly known by its all-too-apt acronym: W.T.F.
20101222  CIA  WikiLeaks  WTF 
december 2010 by Vacilando
UK training Bangladesh 'death squad'
British officials in Bangladesh have confirmed Wikileaks reports that the UK is training a police force in the country accused of being a death squad.
police  Bangladesh  WikiLeaks  UK  20101222  killing  violence  torture  crime  human_rights 
december 2010 by Vacilando
'Cyber war will hit all web users'
The conflict between Wikileaks supporters and the companies withdrawing their services from the whistle-blowing website has been dubbed a "cyber war". Activists have targeted firms such as PayPal, Mastercard and Visa for their opposition to the site's publication of thousands of secret US diplomatic messages. But there are fears the online battle could lead to everyday internet use becoming much more heavily regulated.
WikiLeaks  hacking  activism  freedom  Internet  net_neutrality  20101210  security 
december 2010 by Vacilando
US State Department: 'Assange must return stolen cables'
US State Department spokesperson PJ Crowley has called for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to return the leaked US embassy cables, claiming they are "stolen property".
USA  WikiLeaks  Julian_Assange  theft  20101208  journalism  leak  whistleblower  embarrassment  embassy  politics  freedom_of_speech 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Anonymous hacktivists say Wikileaks war to continue
A member of the Anonymous group of hackers, which has been targeting firms it sees as being anti-Wikileaks has said the campaign is not over.
activism  revenge  hacking  WikiLeaks  anonymity  20101209 
december 2010 by Vacilando
China leadership 'orchestrated Google hacking'
Senior Chinese figures were behind the hacking of Google earlier this year which forced the search engine to quit the country, leaked US cables suggest.
Google  China  hacking  WikiLeaks  Internet  20101204  politics 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks' struggle to stay online
For rolling news outlets Wikileaks has been a dream come true with thousands of US embassy cables dribbling out titbits of sensitive information and providing new headlines on a daily and even hourly basis. But for the US government, the revelations are less welcome.
WikiLeaks  uncomfortable  truth  journalism  leak  whistleblower  20101207  Julian_Assange  clampdown 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Inside the website's Stockholm 'bunker'
The whistle-blowing website works off servers stored deep below ground in Stockholm, in a former nuclear bunker.
WikiLeaks  server  Sweden  bunker  20101209  nuclear 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Anonymous Wikileaks attackers 'easy' to find says study
Working out who carried out web attacks in support of Wikileaks would be easy.
anonymity  DDoS  WikiLeaks  revenge  tracking  20101213 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Openleaks: Wikileaks defectors launch alternative site
Former Wikileaks members are launching a whistle-blowing site after criticising the running of the original. Wikileaks has published a series of secret documents including cables between US and foreign ministries.
OpenLeaks  WikiLeaks  popular  leak  whistleblower  responsibility  20101213  copycat 
december 2010 by Vacilando
A world after Wikileaks
Napster was neutered by court action in the US, but its failure inspired peer-to-peer services that were far harder to control. The sharing of music is now unstoppable, and Wikileaks and the organisations that come after it will ensure that the same is now true of secrets.
WikiLeaks  Napster  democracy  freedom_of_speech  freedom  secrecy  politics  Julian_Assange  leak  journalism  whistleblower  20101216 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks' Julian Assange tells of 'smear campaign'
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said attempts to extradite him to Sweden over sexual assault allegations are part of a "smear" campaign.
Julian_Assange  WikiLeaks  propaganda  smear  20101217  USA  extradition 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Bank of America stops handling Wikileaks payments
Bank of America has stopped handling payments for whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, joining several other major financial institutions. It said it acted because "Wikileaks may be engaged in activities that are... inconsistent with our internal policies for processing payments". In response, Wikileaks urged its supporters to stop doing business with the bank - one of the world's largest.
WikiLeaks  smear  whistleblower  leak  politics  bank  20101218 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks' Julian Assange 'fears extradition to US'
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he is worried about an attempt to extradite him to the United States.
WikiLeaks  Julian_Assange  extradition  USA  Sweden  UK  politics  20101217 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is granted bail
The founder of whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been granted conditional bail by a judge.
Julian_Assange  WikiLeaks  bail  prison  20101216 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks on Cuba: Fidel Castro 'nearly died'
Cuban leader Fidel Castro came close to death in 2006, according to the latest secret US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks. Mr Castro almost died after suffering a perforated intestine during an internal flight, unnamed sources told US diplomats in Havana.
Fidel_Castro  Cuba  WikiLeaks  20101216 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks 'hacked ahead of secret US document release'
Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks says it has come under attack from a computer-hacking operation, ahead of a release of secret US documents.
WikiLeaks  hacking  DDoS  attack  20101128 
december 2010 by Vacilando
U.S. Air Force blocks NYT, Guardian over WikiLeaks
The U.S. Air Force has blocked employees from visiting media websites carrying leaked WikiLeaks documents, including The New York Times and the Guardian
WikiLeaks  censorship  USA  military  army  Guardian  New_York_Times  freedom_of_speech  20101214 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Operation Payback’s next DDoS target: Fax machines
This latest campaign by the Anonymous group is analogous to the distributed denial of service attacks it has been carrying out against websites over the past week. In essence, this has turned into a DDoS attack against fax machines.
WikiLeaks  hacking  DDoS  fax  20101213 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to make new bail bid
Journalist John Pilger, who like Ms Khan had offered to pay a surety to secure Mr Assange's release on bail, told the BBC. "I spoke to Julian Assange in Wandsworth Prison and he told me they put him in solitary confinement in a punishment block. This is ridiculous."

Asked about Wikileaks, Mr Pilger added: "This should be the heart of journalism. The really great stories - the ones that tell us how the world works, help us to make sense of the world - invariably come from whistle-blowers."
WikiLeaks  whistleblower  Julian_Assange  victimization  scapegoat  prison  bail  20101214  John_Pilger  leak  journalism  freedom_of_speech 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Jimmy Wales on why Wikileaks should be cautious
Type a question into a search engine and the chances are one of the top results will be from Wikipedia - an online encyclopaedia created and maintained by everyone. Its founder, Jimmy Wales, acknowledges that having millions of contributors can lead to a few inaccuracies creeping in amongst the facts. But he believes his creation will continue expanding. Already 250 million people use Wikipedia every month.
Jimmy_Wales  Wikipedia  WikiLeaks  20101119  funding  censorship  freedom_of_speech  politics  whistleblower 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks protests in Spain over Julian Assange arrest
Protests have taken place across Spain calling for the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing extradition from the UK to Sweden for alleged sexual offences.
Spain  Julian_Assange  WikiLeaks  freedom_of_speech  censorship  politics  20101212 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: UK 'feared Megrahi prison death'
The UK feared harsh action by Libya against British interests if the Lockerbie bomber died in jail, cables published by Wikileaks claim. ... The Scottish government released Megrahi in August 2009 on compassionate grounds because he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. He returned to Libya and is still alive. ... The British ambassador in Libya allegedly told a US diplomat that the Libyans could "cut us off at the knees".
Scotland  bombing  airplane  Lockerbie  Libya  cancer  politics  prison  WikiLeaks  leak  USA  UK  20101208 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Australia FM blames US, not Julian Assange
Australia's foreign minister has said the US is to blame for the release of thousands of diplomatic cables on Wikileaks, not its Australian founder, Julian Assange.
Australia  Julian_Assange  WikiLeaks  transparency  USA  secret  politics  20101208 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Amazon site unaffected by pro-Wikileaks attack
Anonymous member Coldblood told the BBC that he did not understand how firms such as Visa and Mastercard have decided that Wikileaks is illegal. "We feel that they have bowed to government pressure. They say Wikileaks broke their terms and conditions but they accept payments from groups such as the Ku Klux Klan," he told the BBC.
hacking  activism  WikiLeaks  Amazon  DDoS  PayPal  Visa  Mastercard  20101209 
december 2010 by Vacilando
I've just signed a petition to end the #WikiLeaks crackdown. Sign up @Avaaz and please RT!
wikileaks  from_twitter 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Barriers to possible US Assange prosecution
The US government will face significant legal and diplomatic hurdles if it attempts to prosecute Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in connection with the massive internet dump of secret US documents, legal scholars, defence lawyers and former prosecutors say.
WikiLeaks  Julian_Assange  leak  USA  prosecution  extradition  20101208  espionage  journalism  freedom_of_speech 
december 2010 by Vacilando
WikiLeaks supporters fight back against Swiss bank
The Swiss bank which froze the accounts of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is under electronic attack by WikiLeaks supporters. The website is being subjected to a distributed denial of service attack, rendering the site unusable by its customers and other visitors.
bank  distributed_denial_of_service  revenge  WikiLeaks  Julian_Assange  hacking  20101207  Switzerland  PayPal 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London
The founder of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been arrested by police in London.
Julian_Assange  scapegoat  witch_hunt  WikiLeaks  leak  politics  censorship  freedom_of_speech  USA  UK  Sweden  allegation  20101207  journalism 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Swiss bank freezes Julian Assange's account
In a statement on its website, PostFinance said Mr Assange had "provided false information regarding his place of residence" during the account opening process. ... In a statement on its website, PostFinance said Mr Assange had "provided false information regarding his place of residence" during the account opening process.
fabricated  WikiLeaks  Julian_Assange  witch_hunt  20101206  scapegoat  bank  Switzerland  domicile  leak  USA 
december 2010 by Vacilando
List of facilities 'vital to US security' leaked
A long list of key facilities around the world that the US describes as vital to its national security has been released by Wikileaks.
vulnerability  USA  security  leak  WikiLeaks  20101106  global  international  terrorism 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Impact of Wikileaks' US cable publications
Wikileaks are like peanuts - absolutely addictive, but in the end curiously unsatisfying. In truth, not much has emerged that had not already been leaked to the media in one form or another by US diplomats, to serve either US agendas or battles over policy in Washington. ... Some of the detail is, however, fascinating, even if it only extends what we knew already.
WikiLeaks  politics  democracy  journalism  USA  20101204 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Digital McCarthyism
It has been one long battle for WikiLeaks merely to exist on the Internet since it started publishing the U.S. diplomatic cables. The cat-and-mouse game that it has had to play to retain an accessible address in cyberspace is the result of a virulent attack launched by right-wing lawmakers in America and their supporters, and commercial entities such as Amazon, which caved in to the pressure. But more fundamentally, the WikiLeaks saga represents the acid test for free speech. With each tranche of documents published online, the world is witnessing the total loss of dominance of secretive governments over information.
WikiLeaks  journalism  freedom  20101205  censorship  leak  Internet 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks' Julian Assange to fight Swedish allegations
This particular journalist has put it out. What they are doing is criminalising him, criminalising journalistic activity.
Julian_Assange  WikiLeaks  politics  smear  extradition  Sweden  rape  allegation  20101205 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks files reveal secret US-Yemen bomb deal
President Ali Abdullah Saleh claimed raids were conducted by Yemen's military when they were in fact carried out by the US, according to the cables. The files also reveal that Mr Saleh rejected an offer to deploy US ground forces in Yemen. The US fears Yemen has become a haven for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The cables detail how Mr Saleh claimed responsibility for two US air strikes in December 2009, according to the Guardian . A few days after the second attack on 24 December, Mr Saleh told the then head of US central command, General David Petraeus: "We'll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours."
Yemen  USA  terrorism  bomb  assassination  politics  leak  WikiLeaks  lying  20101204 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks cables say Afghan President Karzai 'paranoid'
The US envoy to Kabul viewed Afghan President Hamid Karzai as "paranoid" and "weak", fresh disclosures of US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks show. In them, Karl Eikenberry says Mr Karzai has "an inability to grasp the most rudimentary principles of state-building". The cables also show deep concern about corruption in the Afghan government.
Hamid_Karzai  Afghanistan  paranoia  WikiLeaks  20101203 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Leaks expose US and UK fears over Pakistan nuclear arms
US and UK diplomats feared Pakistan's nuclear material could fall into the hands of terrorists, the latest leaked classified US diplomatic cables reveal.
Pakistan  WikiLeaks  leak  politics  nuclear_proliferation  terrorism  20101201 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Interpol issues 'red notice' for Wikileaks' Assange
Interpol has issued a "red notice" for the founder of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange. It said the Australian was wanted for questioning in Sweden over an alleged sex offence, which he has denied. The red notice does not amount to an arrest warrant. Instead, it asks people to contact the police if they have any information about his whereabouts.
WikiLeaks  censorship  smear  Julian_Assange  Interpol  politics  20101201 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Reporters Sans Frontières - Wikileaks hounded?
Reporters Without Borders condemns the blocking, cyber-attacks and political pressure being directed at, the website dedicated to the US diplomatic cables. The organization is also concerned by some of the extreme comments made by American authorities concerning WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.
journalism  freedom  WikiLeaks  censorship  international  politics  witch_hunt  20101204  from_twitter 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Has release of Wikileaks documents cost lives?
Accused Wikileaks of endangerment "without regard to the security and the sanctity of the lives your actions endanger". But is there any real evidence of this peril?
WikiLeaks  censorship  leak  politics  20101201 
december 2010 by Vacilando
PayPal cuts Wikileaks access for donations
The online payments processor, PayPal, says it has cut access for donations to the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks. PayPal said its payment service cannot be used for activities "that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity". Wikileaks' latest releases - of US diplomatic cables - has caused considerable embarrassment to the US and its allies, correspondents say.
PayPal  shame  WikiLeaks  censorship  20101204  politics 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Domain name provider forces Wikileaks offline
The website of whistle-blowing organisation Wikileaks has been shut down by the company providing it with domain name services.
WikiLeaks  domain_name  20101203  censorship  freedom  freedom_of_speech 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has few places to hide
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had a reputation for being suspicious and paranoid even before everyone was out to get him. Everyone, in this case, is the US - where government lawyers are hoping to prosecute on espionage charges - and the European Union, where he is wanted for questioning about an allegation of rape. As of Tuesday, Mr Assange has also been liable to arrest in any of the 188 member countries of Interpol - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - in connection with the Swedish case.
paranoia  Julian_Assange  Interpol  extradition  WikiLeaks  revenge  espionage  USA  Sweden  rape  20101202 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Iran's Ahmadinejad dismisses Wikileaks cables release
Mr Ahmadinejad shrugged off the leaks at a televised news conference on Monday, saying no-one should waste time reviewing the information.

"We don't think this information was leaked," he said. "We think it was organised to be released on a regular basis and they are pursuing political goals."
Iran  Wikileaks  propaganda  USA  Arab  20101129 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Bumpy ride ahead for US diplomats
Red faces in Washington? Well yes, almost certainly, and probably in a significant number of other capitals too, not least in the Middle East where a series of leaders and senior figures in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi are quoted as urging Washington to bomb Iran's nuclear programme.
embassy  spying  WikiLeaks  20101128  politics  secret  international  USA  embarrassment  truth  reality  leak  whistleblower 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks cables: key issues
The controversial whistle-blowing site Wilileaks has released a cache of 250,000 secret messages sent by US diplomatic staff. Here are some of the key issues the documents reveal, as reported by the New York Times and Guardian newspapers.
WikiLeaks  whistleblower  leak  secret  embassy  spying  20101128  USA  Pakistan  hacking  nuclear_proliferation  China  Iran  invasion  Saudi_Arabia  biometric  United_Nations  North_Korea  Guantanamo_Bay  Belgium  Italy  UK  Russia  Zimbabwe 
november 2010 by Vacilando
US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis
The cables published today reveal how the US uses its embassies as part of a global espionage network, with diplomats tasked to obtain not just information from the people they meet, but personal details, such as frequent flyer numbers, credit card details and even DNA material.
WikiLeaks  USA  embassy  politics  scandal  20101128  espionage  privacy  intelligence_service  cablegate  from_twitter 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks releases secret US embassy cables
Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has released a new set of secret US files. This latest batch of documents - cables sent by US embassies to the state department - is bigger than past releases on Afghanistan and Iraq. It includes reports of Arab states - including the king of Saudi Arabia - urging the US to attack Iran and end its nuclear weapons programme.
WikiLeaks  leak  politics  embassy  USA  Saudi_Arabia  20101128  hacking  secret 
november 2010 by Vacilando
UN urges US and Iraq to probe Wikileaks torture claims
The US and Iraq should investigate claims of abuse contained in files published on the Wikileaks website, the UN's rights chief says.
WikiLeaks  Iraq  USA  torture  United_Nations  20101026 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks: Iraq war logs 'reveal truth about conflict'
The founder of whistleblowing website Wikileaks has defended the release of almost 400,000 classified US documents about the war in Iraq.
WikiLeaks  Iraq  war  journalism  20101023  censorship 
october 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks releases CIA 'exporter of terrorism' report
Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has published a CIA memo examining the implications of the US being perceived as an "exporter of terrorism".
WikiLeaks  USA  CIA  terrorism  state  war  invasion  20100825  War_On_Terror 
september 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks encryption use offers 'legal challenge'
A novel use of encryption by whistle-blowing website Wikileaks could "challenge the legal system for years to come," according to an influential observer of the hacking community.
WikiLeaks  cryptography  politics  insurance  file  20100819 
september 2010 by Vacilando
Bin Laden among latest Wikileaks Afghan revelations
Several files track Bin Laden, although the US has said it had received no reliable information on him "in years".
USA  invasion  Afghanistan  politics  military  censorship  WikiLeaks  war  20100727  Osama_bin_Laden  War_On_Terror 
july 2010 by Vacilando
The history of US leaks
The publication of a slew of documents relating to the war in Afghanistan represents one of the largest ever leaks, but what role has illicit information played in US politics?
USA  history  leak  politics  military  censorship  WikiLeaks  war  20100726 
july 2010 by Vacilando
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