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Phobos-Grunt Mars probe loses its way just after launch
Russian engineers are fighting to save the country's latest mission to Mars. The Phobos-Grunt probe launched successfully but then failed to fire the engine to put it on the correct path to the Red Planet. Russian space agency officials say the craft is currently stuck in an Earth orbit and that engineers have two weeks to correct the fault before the probe's batteries run out.
Phobos  moon  Russia  Mars  sample  probe  orbit  20111109 
november 2011 by Vacilando
New light shed on 1991 anti-Gorbachev coup
It is 20 years since the attempted coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. It failed, but new BBC interviews underline how fragile his hold on power had become - and how quickly and informally the eventual decision to disband the USSR was taken.
coup  Mikhail_Gorbachev  Boris_Yeltsin  USSR  Russia  revolution  20110817 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Kim Jong-il in talks with Russia's Dmitry Medvedev
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il has held rare talks with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Pyongyang's nuclear programme and economic co-operation.
North_Korea  Kim_Jong-il  train  Russia  nuclear_proliferation  pipeline 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Russian Progress space freighter lost
An unmanned freighter launched to the International Space Station (ISS) has been lost. The Russian space agency said the Progress M-12M cargo ship was not placed in the correct orbit by its rocket and fell back to Earth. The vessel was carrying three tonnes of supplies for the ISS astronauts.
Russia  space_travel  cargo  ISS  20110824 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Giant space scope RadioAstron reaches orbit
RadioAstron, a Russian radio telescope intended to be the biggest radio telescope in space, has started touring the Earth for the first time. Once operational, the 3.8 tonne "space eye" could help focus in on many remote places of the Universe. The device will travel in an elliptical orbit that at its furthest reaches almost as far as the Moon.
space_telescope  astronomy  radio  Russia  orbit  20110719 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Armenia migration: The villages of women left behind
In many rural areas of the former Soviet Union, poverty and unemployment are forcing people to leave. But in Armenia it is men who are going, leaving whole villages almost entirely populated by women.
Russia  Armenia  unemployment  migration  20110810 
august 2011 by Vacilando
Moscow blast: Russia's Domodedovo airport rocked
Moscow's Domodedovo airport, the busiest in Russia's capital, has been rocked by an explosion that has reportedly killed 31 people.
airport  bomb  Russia  Moscow  20110124  terrorism 
january 2011 by Vacilando
Russian man pleads not guilty to global spam scheme
Oleg Nikolaenko is charged with running a global network of more than 500,000 virus-infected personal computers, in violation of a US anti-spam law.
Russia  SPAM  20101204 
december 2010 by Vacilando
How do you survive in the coldest place on Earth?
In Siberia, the winter temperature can drop to -60C, making it one of the coldest places to live in the world. In the first of our series on extremes, Adam Mynott finds out how the people of Oymyakon district cope with everyday life under such extraordinary conditions.
Siberia  Russia  Oymyakon  hot  cold  20101201 
december 2010 by Vacilando
Wikileaks cables: key issues
The controversial whistle-blowing site Wilileaks has released a cache of 250,000 secret messages sent by US diplomatic staff. Here are some of the key issues the documents reveal, as reported by the New York Times and Guardian newspapers.
WikiLeaks  whistleblower  leak  secret  embassy  spying  20101128  USA  Pakistan  hacking  nuclear_proliferation  China  Iran  invasion  Saudi_Arabia  biometric  United_Nations  North_Korea  Guantanamo_Bay  Belgium  Italy  UK  Russia  Zimbabwe 
november 2010 by Vacilando
Gorbachev: Nato victory in Afghanistan impossible
The former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned Nato that victory in Afghanistan is impossible. Mr Gorbachev said that the US had no alternative but to withdraw its forces if it wanted to avoid another Vietnam.
NATO  Mikhail_Gorbachev  USSR  Russia  Afghanistan  invasion  20101027  history  democracy  victory 
october 2010 by Vacilando
Race to launch Moon landing probe
A modern-day space race to land an unmanned probe on the Moon is emerging between Russia and India on one side and China on the other.
Moon  robot  Russia  India  China  20100813  water  probe 
september 2010 by Vacilando
Spies swapped by US and Russia at Vienna airport
Washington has announced the successful completion of its biggest spy swap with Russia since the Cold War.
spying  USA  Russia  20100709 
september 2010 by Vacilando
The ancient art of hidden writing
The arrest of 10 alleged spies in the United States has thrust the ancient practice of steganography into the limelight. Several of the suspects are accused of using the method to conceal data being transmitted from the US to Russia.
USA  Russia  spying  steganography  encryption  communication  Catholic_Church  20100702 
july 2010 by Vacilando
Volunteers begin Mars500 isolation
Six would-be cosmonauts have entered a sealed facility where they will spend 18 months with no windows and only e-mail contact with the outside world. The men are taking part in the Mars500 project, which aims to simulate a mission to Mars.
Mars  space_travel  prison  seclusion  20100603  Russia 
june 2010 by Vacilando
Russia forces storm oil tanker seized by Somali pirates
The crew was under safe cover inaccessible to the pirates and that the lives and health of the sailors was not threatened by anything.
pirate  Russia  oil_tanker  ship  military  safe_room  20100506 
may 2010 by Vacilando
Russian appeal of 'weather control'
Either there's a special machine that spits out silver iodide, dry ice or cement into the clouds, or a hatch opens and a guy with a shovel seeds the clouds manually.
cloud  snow  meteorology  weather  drought  20100326  Russia  rain 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Glonass: Has Russia's sat-nav system come of age?
But Glonass is also vital for national security, he added, so that America does not deliberately alter or blur Russia's GPS signal - for instance, during a military conflict. One of the times such allegations surfaced was during the Russia-Georgia war in August 2008.
Russia  GPS  navigation  military  competition  20100402 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash
President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia. Polish and Russian officials said no-one survived after the plane apparently hit trees as it approached Smolensk airport in thick fog. Russian media reports said the pilots ignored advice from air traffic control to divert to another airport. Poland's army chief, central bank governor, MPs and leading historians were among more than 80 passengers.
Poland  airplane  crash  president  Russia  20100410  fog  tree 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Possibly Staged Pics Fueled Georgian Propaganda Push
Did major international media, including wire services Reuters and The Associated Press, clumsily help spread pro-Georgian propaganda during the recent war with Russia?
Georgia  Russia  propaganda  war  photography  false  20080905 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Teenage widow 'was Moscow metro bomber' - police
Russian authorities say they are almost certain that one of the suicide bombers who attacked the Moscow Metro on Monday was a 17-year-old girl from Dagestan.
Moscow  metro  terrorism  bomb  Russia  Dagestan  Chechnya  suicide  20100402 
april 2010 by Vacilando
Russian maths genius Perelman urged to take $1m prize
Russian maths genius Grigory Perelman, who declined a prestigious international award four years ago, is under new pressure to accept a prize.
mathematics  genius  Russia  Grigory_Perelman  20100324 
march 2010 by Vacilando
Spaceman: Riding the strangest rocket in the world
It's a curious beast, there's no doubt about that. A Dnepr launchesThe Dnepr rocket that will carry Europe's ice explorer Cryosat into orbit next month is quite unlike most satellite launch systems. But then most satellite launchers did not start out as nuclear missiles.
space  lauch  rocket  nuclear  Russia  20100319 
march 2010 by Vacilando
Russia farmer convicted of planting landmines in field
A Russian farmer has been convicted of planting landmines around his field to ward off trespassers.
20100212  mine  farming  Russia 
february 2010 by Vacilando
BBC News - Sweden wants explanation on Baltic nuclear 'dumping'
The Russian military allegedly dumped nuclear waste into the Baltic Sea in the early 1990s.
radioactive  Baltic_Sea  Sweden  Russia  Latvia  20100205 
february 2010 by Vacilando
Russia's 'YouTube policeman' Dymovsky accused of fraud
Alexei Dymovsky, who became widely known after speaking out on video-sharing site YouTube in November, has been charged with fraud and corruption. Mr Dymovsky, from southern Russia, had already been fired from his job. He had earlier said the authorities wanted to silence him and get revenge for what he had done. In the video, he spoke out about corruption and illegal activities within the police force in his home town, saying he could no longer tolerate being told to arrest innocent people to meet monthly targets.
20100122  Russia  police  corruption  YouTube 
january 2010 by Vacilando
Russia 'plans to stop asteroid'
The head of Russia's federal space agency has said it will work to divert an asteroid which will make several passes near the Earth from 2029.
Russia  asteroid  20091231 
january 2010 by Vacilando
Russian science still 'thriving'
The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) has hit back at a letter from prominent academics warning that science in Russia is on the verge of collapse.
science  Russia  toread 
december 2009 by Vacilando
Russia plots return to Venus
Densely clouded in acid-laden mist, Venus used to be the Soviet Union's favourite target for planetary exploration.
Russia  Venus  toread 
october 2009 by Vacilando
Arctic trail blazers make history
Two German ships have become the first Western commercial vessels to navigate the Northeast Passage - a shipping route which goes from Asia to Europe around the Russian Arctic.
shipping  Russia  Arctic_Ocean  Asia  Europe  transport  toread 
october 2009 by Vacilando
Russians to dive below North Pole
Russia is sending a mini-submarine to explore the ocean floor below the North Pole and find evidence to support its claims to Arctic territory.
border  nation_state  Russia  20070724  North_Pole  Arctic_Ocean  oil  flag  time_capsule 
september 2009 by Vacilando
Gorbachev calls on Obama to carry out 'perestroika' in the U.S.
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the Obama administration in the United States needs far-reaching 'perestroika' reforms to overcome the financial crisis and restore balance in the world.
20081107  Mikhail_Gorbachev  perestroika  Russia  USA  Barack_Obama 
september 2009 by Vacilando
Czechs stuck on Russia volcano
A badly hurt Czech climber and 16 members of his party are trapped on the slopes of a volcano in Russia's far east.
20030805  climbing  Russia  Kamchatka 
july 2009 by Vacilando
Caucasus peace: A mountain to climb
The tense, mountainous Georgia-Russia border is monitored by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE), whose job it is to observe and record every movement through the mountain passes.
20041206  Caucasus  Georgia  Russia  border 
june 2009 by Vacilando
Russia mulls rocket power 'first'
Russia's next-generation manned space vehicle might be equipped with thrusters to perform a precision landing on its return to Earth. If accepted, it would be the first time that a manned vehicle relied solely on rocket engines for touchdown. Previous manned missions have landed on Earth using a parachute or, in the case of space shuttles, a pair of wings.
20090429  landing  space  Russia  rocket  parachute 
may 2009 by Vacilando
Bomb blows hole in Lenin statue
One of Russia's most famous statues of Vladimir Lenin has been bombed, leaving the Bolshevik revolutionary with a gaping hole in his rear.
20090401  Lenin  statue  Russia 
april 2009 by Vacilando
Russian hopes to cash in on ;-)
A series of punctuation marks used to convey a wink in text messages - known as an emoticon - has been trademarked in Russia, says a local businessman. Entrepreneur Oleg Teterin said the trademark for the ;-) emoticon was granted to him by Russia's federal patent agency.
20081211  Russia  trademark  copyright  emoticon  smilie 
march 2009 by Vacilando
Maths genius declines top prize
Grigory Perelman, the Russian who seems to have solved one of the hardest problems in mathematics, has declined one of the discipline's top awards. ... The Poincare Conjecture says that a three-dimensional sphere is the only enclosed three-dimensional space with no holes.
mathematics  Russia  20060822  genius 
march 2009 by Vacilando
Japan, Russia discuss islands row
What Russia calls the Southern Kurils are known in Japan as the Northern Territories.
Japan  Russia  20090218  territory  Kurils 
february 2009 by Vacilando
Passenger plane crashes in Russia
Nearly 150 people, including many children, are feared dead after a Russian airliner crashed in Siberia. The S7 Airlines Airbus was flying from Moscow when it crashed on landing at Irkutsk airport. The plane reportedly slid off the runway and hit a building.
Russia  crash  airplane  20060709  Siberia  Irkutsk 
february 2009 by Vacilando
Kabul 20 years after the Soviets
Twenty years ago this week, Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan, after nine years of occupation. Lyse Doucet was our correspondent in Kabul then and she's back in the Afghan capital now.
USA  Afghanistan  Russia  20090214  USSR  Kabul  Taliban  mujahideen 
february 2009 by Vacilando
Russians warn of Afghan parallels
As Russia marks the 20th anniversary of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, officials in Moscow are warning that US and Nato-led forces are making exactly the same mistakes as the Soviet Union made when it invaded the country in 1979.
Afghanistan  Russia  20090214  USSR  occupation  jihad 
february 2009 by Vacilando
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