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12 days ago
14 Surprising Facts About Pastors
By definition, a pastor is one who “shepherds his flock.” You know this means he preaches, officiates weddings and probably has meetings in his office to explain some theological question; but what is the role of pastor really like? Here are 14 surprising facts you may not know about pastors:
Church  Ministry 
24 days ago
Here are links to what I’ve written about creationism, which I believe to be a critical pillar to thinking consistently in a Christian fashion. When you understand the depth of God’s involvement with the world, both in creating it with the specific features it has and in overseeing history for the purpose of reconciling all things to Himself, God’s immanence comes into very sharp focus.
Science  Creationism  Philosophy 
24 days ago
Is Baptism by Submersion Mandated by the Bible? | Veritas Dei Lux Mea Est (God's Truth Is My Light)
The goal of the following analysis is to test Dr. MacArthur’s assertion that baptism in the New Testament always points to full immersion. I am not convinced it does.
april 2018
is a portmanteau of two words "federation" and "universe"
It is a common, widely acknowledged name for federated social networks running on free open software on a myriad of servers across the world. Historically, this term has included only microblogging platfoms supporting a set of protocols called OStatus. This didn't do justice to a large set of macroblogging social networks that share same values and are reasonably popular. With the appearance of a new standard protocol called ActivityPub that will soon be supported by most federated networks it makes no sense to further divide the federated world into "OStatus" and "non-OStatus" projects. This WIKI unites all interoperable federated social networks under one term "Fediverse".
march 2018
How spamgourmet works

If you give your email address to everyone, you are bound to receive spam emails, and you won't know where they came from. Wouldn't it be convenient to give a different email address to every business or web site, while getting all your email as before? Wouldn't it be easiest to assume the address will be given to spammers, and have it work as a spam blocker by shutting off automatically unless you decide otherwise?

That's exactly what spamgourmet offers! There is nothing to install on your computer, and once you're set up, it's likely you won't ever have to come back here. This is what makes spamgourmet one of the most convenient and effective anti-spam tools available.
november 2017
The Point: Who Would You Save?
But most importantly, this scenario isn’t analogous at all to the way unborn human beings are actually killed these days. They don’t die in tragic accidents; they’re intentionally killed by doctors and pharmacists, in the name of reproductive freedom. All Tomlinson’s scenario proves is the fogginess of pro-choice thinking.
november 2017
No, Saving A Child Instead Of Embryos Does Not Negate Pro-Life Position
Making a difficult practical decision between saving one life or another (or many others), does not in any way negate the sanctity of either life.
november 2017
lifeissues.net | Embryos and Five-Year-Olds: Whom to Rescue
Clear thinking by Professor Robert P. George on embryos and five-year-olds »

'Errors and bad arguments abound on Twitter; it is simply impossible to respond to all of them.

'Yet when the errors and bad arguments concern the value of unborn human lives, and when those errors and arguments have, apparently, been so rhetorically persuasive as to generate many thousands of retweets, then perhaps they should be addressed.'
november 2017
Can Logic Help Us Improve Discussion of Creation Care?
We’ve posted a 4-page “Summary of Major Concepts, Principles and Functions of Logic” that you can use as a checklist and memory aid as you study logic.
september 2017
Worldwide Center of Mathematics
The Worldwide Center of Mathematics (Center of Math), focused solely on math, is a new kind of academic resource provider sharing affordable and free math resources with learners in classrooms, on couches and everywhere else mathematics is considered and consumed.
academics  Education 
september 2017
Papers by Alvin Plantinga
This is a collection of philosophical papers by Alvin Plantinga. Eventually, I hope to make it complete.
Philosophy  Theology 
july 2017
Refuting flat earth - creation.com
It perplexes us to see that belief in a “flat earth” is gaining traction, despite being thoroughly debunked for thousands of years. This idea was almost non-existent until recently, yet this particular branch of pseudoscience is making inroads. It’s notable that the article The Flat Earth Myth, busting the myth that the church taught a flat earth, written as recently as 2013, did not receive any negative comments from flat-earth believers. Why? Because there were hardly any people back then who believed it! Rather, readers were grateful to see that the church had never taught this nonsense. Several honest atheists have even slammed people from their own side who have pushed a bad pseudo-history that accuses the church of teaching a flat earth.1
may 2017
Southern Heritage 411 - True History
Often today, history is rewritten to satisfy "Political Correctness." We feel this is an injustice, and attempt to counter this by providing a more realistic account of the War For Southern Independence. Below are links which contain FACTS, not politically correct rhetoric.
april 2017
Theodore P. Letis Resources
NOTE: This is not the "official" web site of Dr. Letis; however, this web page has become the most thorough listing of Dr. Letis' materials on the Internet. I have attempted to honor his work and memory. The presence of any materials, links, or resources on this page in no way indicated any type of endorcement by Dr. Letis to other materials on this web site. The resources on this page are provided for research and information purposes only and are not to be distributed without express permission of Theodore P. Letis (this comment was approved by him when he was alive and I have taken every effort to receive permission from publishers to host additional resources here). Special thanks to Susan Letis for giving permission to host additional resources on this web page. This web site is not responsible for changes that may take place to other web sites. Resources are being provided which are felt to be beneficial in this area of study - textual criticism - and are not necessarily fully endorsed by the management of this web site. Send any beneficial Bible translation links or resources to orders@holywordcafe.com for evaluation. This page updates every now and then, so check back. If you have additional resources to add to this collection, please send them to me. Enjoy. Thanks!
april 2017
Quotation from Jay Adams regarding public criticism of public teaching and the misuse of Matthew 18.15 in that regard.
Theology  Ecclesiology 
april 2017
BMR Calculator
The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator estimates your basal metabolic rate—the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment, and in a post-absorptive state (meaning that the digestive system is inactive, which requires about 12 hours of fasting). This calculator is based on the Mifflin - St Jeor equation.
january 2017
Computer Science from the Bottom Up
In a nutshell, what you are reading is intended to be a shop class for computer science.
december 2016
Crypto 101
Crypto 101 is an introductory course on cryptography, freely available for programmers of all ages and skill levels.
december 2016
Music Theory
An Education from First Principles

Music Theory has never been kind to beginners. Cryptic notation, complicated maths, and an unintuitive vocabulary make sure of it.

Yet the truth is that most musicians aren't looking for a PhD in Music Theory. They want to improvise; not be chained to their tabs. They want to compose and they want to make sense of the music they love.

This site is an attempt to teach you just enough essential music theory to take you from a tab-reader to a music creator!
Music  Education 
october 2016
Inside OmniGraffle
Learning OmniGraffle, network diagram, charting workflow, etc.
Apps  Applications 
october 2016
What Does It Mean To Be Presbyterian? « The Reformed Reader
Reformed theology - introduction to Reformed theology, piety, and practice.
Theology  Ecclesiology 
may 2016
What cold showers and exercise have in common /  Getting Stronger
Effects of cold and certain forms of exercise on brown fat (BAT) production and metabolism
may 2016
Math 101: A reading list for lifelong learners
Ready to level up your working knowledge of math? Here’s what to read now — and next.
april 2016
A Perverted Gospel
The Romanizing Tendency Of The Mercersburg Theology
march 2016
Let's throw away our throwaway culture
BuyMeOnce USA finds and promotes products that don't break the bank, don't break the planet... that don't break at all! 
We also challenge manufacturers to break their habits and build stuff that really lasts – we know they can. 
march 2016
The Final Version Perfected (FVP) - Blog - Get Everything Done
This is an amended version of the instructions for the Final Version (FV) time management system. It contains an improved algorithm and a new question.
february 2016
Install Dell OpenManage on CentOS 6.x | m d3velopment
The Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on is a great (and free) Dell hardware monitoring and management system available for Windows and RedHat Linux. It can also be installed on CentOS 6.0 (32bit and 64bit) using the following process:
Linux  CLI 
january 2016
Should you get month-to-month phone insurance? - CNET
That extra $10 per month cost is probably not be worth it.

Extended warranty information.
iphone  Finances 
january 2016
Read Scripture Reading Plan | The Bible Project
Downloadable / printable PDFs of 20 minute / day reading plan. Very well done!
december 2015
Soundiiz - Convert and import your playlists
Transfer your playlists from one streaming platform to another
Entertainment  Music 
december 2015
Was Calvin A Homosexual Convict? | The Heidelblog
The republication, on the internet, of these old, scurrilous, long-discredited, stories about Calvin the Reformers presents an opportunity to learn again the value of developing one’s critical faculties and historical acumen. The irony is that, with the rise of the internet, the need for the critical reading of texts has never been greater and the need comes when, perhaps, our ability to exercise such faculties has never been so diminished.
december 2015
The Crisis of British Protestantism by Hunter Powell
Review by Ryan McGraw of book on Presbyterian ecclesiology debates of the Westminster Assembly
Church  Theology 
december 2015
Let's Encrypt
Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority: It’s free, automated, and open. (SSL, TLS, HTTPS)
november 2015
Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease : Scientific Reports
Here, we provide evidence that tissue from the central nervous system (CNS) of AD patients contain fungal cells and hyphae.
Science  Health 
october 2015
xkcd: Password Strength
Excellent explanation of password complexity
october 2015
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