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BlueInput for Android is a HID Bluetooth driver. HID stands for Human Input Device, meaning you can use Blueinput for Android to connect a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse to your Android device.
android  bluetooth  HID 
june 2011
ProFont for Windows, for Macintosh, for Linux
ProFont is a small bitmap font which is absolutely great for programming.
programming  fonts  typography 
january 2011
Brother Baba Budan - Specialty Coffee - Melbourne Cafe
Brother Baba Budan is a small cafe located in the central business district of Melbourne. Our aim is to improve coffee quality from Origin to Cup. We are focussed on specialty coffee and have a particular interest in Single Origin beans. We are active at Origin with farmers, members of several Specialty coffee organizations and the Cup of Excellence program.
melbourne  check-out  café 
september 2010
Humans are not automatically strategic - Less Wrong
Why do most of us, most of the time, choose to "pursue our goals" through routes that are far less effective than the routes we could find if we tried?
rationality  goals  productivity 
september 2010
Debugging with Zend Studio (Eclipse) | CodeIgniter Forums
Solution to: The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.
codeigniter  debugging  debug  zend  delicious 
september 2010
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