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Why we’re switching Ulysses to Subscription – Building Ulysses – Medium
Ulysses-kirjoitusohjelma siirtyy tilauushinnoitteluun. Tämä malli on ainoa järkevä kehittäjien näkökulmasta, vaikka (itseni mukaanlukien) ihmiset haluavat edelleen ostaa eikä vuokrata softaa. Itse ehkä kuitenkin möisin myös vanhan version "ei tukea"-versiona niille jotka eivät halua vuokrata. Fakta kuitenkin on se, että tuotteen kehittäminen ja korjaus maksaa, eikä kukaan varmasti oleta kenenkään sitä ilmaiseksi tekevän.
business  software  ulysses  subscription  pricing  nosto 
august 2017 by Uninen
Open source business management software, powered by Django.
treeio  django  business  erp 
july 2012 by Uninen
What makes a good salesperson according to research?
What makes a good salesperson according to research and what are most important characteristics?
drsalonen  hr  business  sales  psychology  research 
july 2011 by Uninen
"Geckoboard is a hosted, real-time status board serving up the indicators that matter to you."
statistics  analytics  realtime  business  service 
april 2011 by Uninen
Six Apart and VideoEgg create SAY Media: a modern media company
Six Apart founders Ben and Mena Trott announce the death of Six Apart. Back in the day Six Apart was The Player in the blogging business. It's interesting to see how SAY Media will keep up with the competition.
blogging  business  movabletype  sixapart  saymedia  videoegg 
september 2010 by Uninen
Why software patents are a joke, literally
Interesting insights to the weird world of software patents.
business  patents  software  copyright  oracle  jamesgosling 
august 2010 by Uninen
It’s a Business Model!
Bandcamp evolves a new business model.

Didn't know that one of their artists made it to the Billboard charts only from Bandcamp sales. That's very cool.
bandcamp  business  music  billboard 
august 2010 by Uninen
Programming and politics: Hiring Developers
My personal method for hiring people is to do the interview in a bar, or go to one after a more formal interview. That way you can tell quite soon if you get along with the person you are interviewing -- in a small team that's the most important thing!
work  business  hiring 
march 2009 by Uninen
We Refuse
A great post on recession and how not to take it. Via [Lasse](http://rintakumpu.fi).
recession  business  unitinteractive  freelance  opinnion  kabinettiorg 
march 2009 by Uninen

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